Lands of Lore III Quick Guide

Game Start:

1. Proceed north into the cave picking up the knapsack, knife and journal along the way.

2. Use the knife to cut through the spider web and defeat the spider lurking on other side.

3. Continue north past the spider web.

Early Morning:

1. From the front door of Gladstone Keep proceed to one of the guilds. The Cleric Guild is to the West, the Mage Guild is to the East and the Fighter Guild is just North of the Mage Guild.

2. To join Thieves Guild, just continue walking past the Fighter Guild and down the steps. Enter the sewers of Gladstone through the small gate in the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

3. To gain full membership to a guild you must complete their initiation quest. Collect a pork chop from a dead pig to complete the Cleric quest. Kill all the rats at the docks in the Gladstone Woods to complete the Fighter quest. Collect a sample of a portal in Gladstone Woods with a gem (which is given to you by Sioned, a Mage Guild member) to complete Mage quest. Just finding the Thieves Guild is good enough for full membership with them.

The Journey Begins:

1. Once you have joined a guild you should now find the Draracle. Enter the portal in the Gladstone Woods by the small volcano. This leads to Volcania. The Draracle will be found there.

2. After finding the Draracle, you must now find the Sigil. This portal will take you directly to the Draracle's Lair where the Sigil is hidden.

3. When you arrive at the Draracle's Lair you will encounter Jakel and his puppet of the Draracle. After talking to Jakel and his puppet, the real Draracle will open the door leading to the Sigil. This door is the southern one in the chamber with the puppet of the Draracle.

4. Once you have found the Sigil you must now find the five shards from the broken mirror in the Draracle's Lair. These five shards are scattered in five portal worlds.

5. Proceed to one of the two revealed portals in Gladstone Woods. One leads to Volcania and the other leads to the Frozen Wastes. I prefer to collect the missing shard in the Frozen Wastes before the one in Volcania. Please note that it doesn't matter what order you enter the portals in.

The Frozen Wastes:

1. Once you enter the Frozen Wastes, proceed directly to the White Tower.

2. At the White Tower you will encounter Jacinda. She has the shard that you need. You may either kill her the first time you meet her and collect the key which opens the door to the vault that holds the shard, or kill her after killing all the starks at which point she has the shard on her.

3. If you elect to kill her immediately (the quickest solution), you will find the vault that holds the shard in Jacinda's throne room.

4. If you decide to help her and the barbarian women first by killing all the Starks in the White Tower, you will find Jacinda waiting for you in her throne room once you have completed this task.

5. After collecting the shard you will be transported back to the Draracle's Lair.

6. After you talk to Jakel, proceed through the old caves to return to the Gladstone Woods. Go directly to the portal leading to Volcania.


1. You must defeat Morphera, the queen of the dragons, to gain the shard found in this realm.

2. You may encounter Morphera up to three times. It isn't until the last encounter at the lava lake that you'll actually be able to defeat her and gain the shard.

3. To defeat Morphera at the lava lake, you must first plug up the three lava flows into the lake. If you do not do this, she will resurrect herself each time you kill her.

4. Once you kill Morphera the shard will reveal itself. Collect the shard with the Sigil and you are once again transported back to the Draracle's Lair.

5. Proceed out of the Draracle's Lair and Caves after talking to Jakel and enter one of the two new portals that have appeared in the Gladstone Woods. In this example, I will take you through the Underworld before the Ruloi Homeworld. It doesn't matter what order you enter the two portals in.

The Underworld:

1. To gain the shard in the underworld you must defeat the Scythe Demon who has made the shard a part of itself.

2. To gain access to the attic where the Scythe Demon resides you must first wind the clock in the ballroom.

3. To get the clock key you must aid the ghost of a burn victum. First find a glass cup for holding lamp oil, then find the ghost of the burn victum. She will tell you her tale. You must break her curse. To do this, use the glass cup to drain the oil from the lamp in a room near where you find the ghost of the burn victum. You must empty the lamp before the lamp breaks and sets the room on fire.

4. If the lamp does break before you can drain the oil, then let the fire kill you and you will be resurrected automatically to try again. This cycle of events will continue until you successfully empty the lamp.

5. Once the lamp has been drained the ghost will reveal the key you need to wind the clock. Use the key to wind the clock in the ballroom until the clock breaks. This will cause an organist to appear. You must now get the organist to play music which will in turn cause the ghost dancers to dance.

6. To get the organist to play you need two things: sheet music and a bottle of wine. The sheet music is found down the hallway to the West of the front door of the house. The wine is down some stairs in the kitchen off the hallway to the East.

7. Once you have these two items, click the sheet music on the organist then the wine and then the sheet music again. The organist will now play and the dancers begin to dance.

8. The dancers will reveal the stairway that leads up to the attic.

9. To defeat the Sycthe Demon in the attic you must first wind the attic clock to the point that it breaks and then kill the demon. This will reveal the shard.

10. Once you are transported back to the Draracle's Lair, proceed to the portal leading to the Ruloi Homeworld after talking to Jakel.

The Ruloi Homeworld:

1. The key to winning this level is finding the Ruloi hand. This hand will open a hidden telepad that leads to the Ruloi Hive Mother.

2. To gain the hand, just continue killing Ruloi Warriors (the yellow Ruloi) until the hand appears. To ease your task, destroy all the regeneration pads. This will keep a Ruloi from regenerating after you have defeated one.

3. Another tip, be sure to have either a spell or item that protects you from poison (i.e. the stone bracers). This will aid you greatly in navigating the numerous pools of acid found on the homeworld.

4. Once you defeat the Ruloi Hive Mother, the shard will be revealed. Collect the shard and you will once again be returned to the Draracle's Lair. You have one last shard to collect.

5. After you talk to Jakel, proceed to the last and final portal, the Shattered Desert.

The Shattered Desert:

1. You must defeat the evil "wizard" in the cave to gain the last and final shard.

2. Make sure you have a range weapon and protection from poison before entering this realm. The range weapon is needed to defeat the evil "wizard". The poison protection keeps you from getting radiation sickness. If don't have a range weapon, don't panic, there is one to be found in the caves of the evil "wizard".

3. Proceed through the canyons until you reach the cave. You will need to jump to a platform, climb some vines and a long ladder to get to the cave entrance.

4. Once inside the cave you will need to navigate yourself through duct work, find a robot eye to open a door, destroy and stack computer monitors, smash panels to bring down a force field, and destroy "hot" wires to keep yourself from being electricuted as you cross through water.

5. Once you gain entrance into the "wizard's" throne room you must destroy it's force field generators before you can destroy the "wizard" itself.

6. Once you destroy the "wizard" the shard will be revealed to you. Unfortunately this time you will not be returned to the Draracle's Lair. You must instead escape back through the cave before the "wizard's" self destruct timer goes off.

The Final Battle:

1. Once you have escaped from the "wizard's" cave and returned to the Gladstone Woods, proceed immediately to the Draracle's Lair to confront Jakel. You have collected all the parts of the mirror, now you must seal it. Jakel has the Seal and guards it jealously.

2. After your initial encounter with Jakel, he will teleport you into a pool of water. To escape just turn 180 degrees around and climb up the rope. Do not be tempted to go up the ladder.

3. After climbing the rope you must now defeat the spectres of Jakel. Defeating them will open doors that will eventually lead to a room with a hanging bridge. Before you can cross, the bridge needs to be lowered by turning a wheel.

4. Once you cross the bridge you will enter into the final chamber. Here you will attack and defeat several monstorous Skeletal Guardians before Jakel reveals himself.

5. You must defeat Jakel to gain the Seal which will be used to close the portals.

The Big Finish:

1. Once you have defeated Jakel and gained the Seal from him, you are done. Use the Seal to seal the mirror which in turns closes all the portals and restores the lands of Gladstone.

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