Action Game by 3DO

Solution by Lu Richardson


This is a pretty boring game with lots of walking around with nothing much 
to do but fight over and over again.  Hardly worth playing - it's a pity, 
really.  One feels that with but a few enhancements it could have been 
really good.

If you started it and gave it up because you didn't know where you were 
half the time (the map being lousy and totally useless and with no compass 
to guide you) but you regret having bought the game and not finishing it, 
this is for you.

I won't be going into many details because, frankly, the game doesn't 
warrant it - but I hope that the directions I give will be sufficient. 

A word about weapons - you'll find a great variety and fancy names or price 
don't make much difference.  The best I found was the so-called Ice King's 
Club (worth 100 gp) by killing the Ice King at the Glaciers, and the 
Dwarves also had for sale a Wrathful Hammer which packed quite a wallop.  
It would be a good idea to have always with you a slashing and a bashing 
weapon and try them out on different folks.  Also, you'll be able to get a 
long range weapon called Boomer Axe which comes back to your hand after you 
throw it... if you are lucky.  Experiment with it and keep it for 
emergencies.  Much later in the game you'll be able to get a bow.  
Personally, I would use magic for distance fighting (fireballs and such) 
and not worry too much about ranged weapons.  By the way, keep checking the 
shops every time you are by, their merchandise changes.  Not that it 
matters a bit.

As to combat, try and sneak up on the nasties and land the first blow, then 
don't let up.  If there are many, run backwards and attack the nearest one 
and try not to get surrounded.  If anyone starts chucking spells at you go 
for them and ignore the others even if they land the odd blow.  Of course, 
it would be a good idea to chuck the odd fireball yourself from a safe 
distance.  I found that by aligning the character's head with the body of 
the enemy, I couldn't fail.  Well, not often.  A few minor adjustments and 
you can hit them every time.

If there is one thing I hate in any game is to have to jump from one rock 
to another to get somewhere and to fall off every time.  There are sections 
in this game in which it's as well to keep a file exclusively for saving 
every time you make a jump successfully.  Even worse, at times there are 
people chucking spells at you which throw you off balance and you have to 
reload and try again.  In these cases it is best if you eliminate anybody 
you can see around with your own spells before you even try to start 
jumping.  If caught in the middle of a series of jumps, try "C" to crouch 
and immediately follow up with, say, a fireball at the culprit.

By far the worse aspect of this game is that you don't really know where 
you are or where you are going.  Have a battle and you end up facing in the 
wrong direction and you are quite likely to go back rather than forward.  
Use the dead bodies you left behind as a clue.

Most of the vital ends to your quests will be automatic, which is a great 
relief.  In fact, the only way you will know what goes on is reading the 
Notes in the questbook every time you finish a quest.  

Finally, take my advice and find the "god mode" cheat - this game is boring 
enough without prolonging it indefinitely with frequent deaths.

And now for...

The solution:

You start in gaol.  Run around killing things and find Captain Ursan in one 
of the cells - you will automatically free him when you talk to him (press 
"Tab" while facing him) and he gives you your first quest.  Leave the gaol 
and go under the arches to the left, pulling the lever.  This opens the 
gates and you can start following the road to the Citadel.

Every time you have an encounter press "I" to see what there is to pick up 
off the dead bodies.  Using the map, try to make it to the village (check 
out the shop, don't hurt the natives) and carry on till you get on an 
airship and to the Citadel.  There is a shop here, if you can find it - but 
you really need to find the Sorceress, who will give you a job.  Back to 
the airship and to the village.

Behind a house in a corner you will see a signpost (press "Tab" to use it 
and read it) to the Catacombs.  Go there and enter them.  I'll spare you 
the details, just explore around and find two locked doors signposted to 
Duskwood and the Glaciers.  Near the first one, through another door, 
explore around till you find a room with four large chests (open those 
which can be opened) and you will see Mica's key in a sort of bookcase.  
Equip this key, go to the Duskwood door and go through.

Follow the road and keep right.  You will go through some kind of a village 
with some very nasty folks around, just keep going right and look out for 
signposts.  Eventually you will make it to Corantha.  Go in, check out the 
shops and find the walled-in Dwarf Council Chamber.  There you are told the 
Prince is missing.  Leave the Chamber and, at its outer wall, turn right 
and go into the mine.  Explore around till you come to a lava-filled room 
with two slabs, jump along and you will come to a place with a Fire 
Elemental and a lava cascade.  Kill the Elemental and climb up the wall, 
thus getting to the Prince locked up in a cell.  Talking to him seems to be 
sufficient to free him.

Back to the Council and it turns out you've got another job.  Leave 
Corantha, follow the road, turn left at the first fork, go through the 
strange village and turn right at the fork:  follow through and, at a very 
sharp bend of the road, go to the opening to your left and fight the Ogres 
to get the sceptre.  Take it to the Dwarves and you'll get the horn.

You now have to take it back to the Citadel so, from Corantha, take the 
road and at the fork keep left all the way to the Catacombs.  You will find 
new perils getting back, bear up.  The Sorceress will promptly send you off 
on another mission, anyway.  

On the way to the Catacombs (oh, not again!) a woman will give you a True 
Vision amulet.  When you get to the doors of the Catacombs you will see a 
couple of devils hovering over two guards.  Do nothing about it or you'll 
start World War 4.  Just go in and find the door to the Glaciers.

At the Glaciers, keep left until you find a round, green door.  Go through 
and look around (I mainly kept right) till you find a chamber with a 
gigantic statue.  Behind this statue you will find a sort of cave - smash 
the icicles and free the Captain.  Watch.

When left alone, find the now open gates to Duskwood.  Once there, follow 
the road and you are attacked by a Dasher - defend yourself and you'll get 
another quest.  Back the way you came to the Glaciers.  Find the green 
round door again.  You will no doubt remember the crashed airship on the 
way to freeing the Captain.  Walk along the body of the airship till you 
see a round door.  Go in and save.  

You now have the dodgy task of walking along narrow paths without falling 
off - advance cautiously and, as soon as you spot anyone ahead of you in 
the distance, let fly with the fireball spell.  Hit them sufficient times 
and they'll fall off - the alternative is that you fall off yourself if 
they hit you first.  So go on advancing with care, disposing of the 
nasties, and finally you have to jump (sigh!) to where the spell you need 
is.  Jump to it and press "Tab".  Now turn around and jump back onto the 
path, but look out because ahead of you there is yet another nasty to get 
rid of before you make it safely out of the ship.

Go to Duskwood and follow the road till you hit the barricade.  Talk to the 
Dasher in front of it and watch what happens next.  Now it's just a 
question of leaving the arboreal village (there is a shop here where you 
can buy a bow) by, say, keeping left and get back down to the ground.  

Take the scroll to the Dwarves in the Council Chamber and watch what 
happens there.  Leave Corantha and this time go right at the fork (check 
out the signpost).  At the Stronghold, fight your way to a huge wooden 
doorway - you automatically do the horn bit and the doors collapse.  Go in, 
turn to your left and go up two flight of stairs (fighting all the way) 
then find some other stairs down, two flights, then go through, up again 
till you hit a room with suits of armour all around.  Find another set of 
stairs going down and then another lot going up.  When you can go no 
further but you see a grassy courtyard below you, jump into it.  When the 
dust settles, you will recognize where you are.  Go pull the lever under 
the arches and the Stronghold's doors will open.  Outside you will see the 
"massed" forces.  Pathetic.  Ignore them and follow the road to the left.

You will meet the Airship and you will be taken to the final venue.  It's 
just a matter of going in, fighting your way upwards till you meet with the 
head nasty.  Kill him and you are done.

Sad, isn't it?



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