Star Trek: Away Team
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                    released December 8, 2002

0    Introduction


This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
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28-NOV-2002         Initial release

08-DEC-2002         Complete release, all walkthru is done


Q: Can you send me Star Trek: Away Team (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: Look on the CD.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: Can you help me get the game running?
A: That's the game publisher's job. Ask Activision.

Q: What are the control keys?
A: See page 3 of the manual. Or look in the game options under

Q: What's the latest version? Patch?
A: This game did not need any patches.

Q: Why can't _____ pick up _____?
A: Only qualified crew can pick up and use certain items.
Basically, if the guy wasn't carrying that item when the mission
started, they probably cannot pick it up later.

Q: How do I coordinate a single volley from multiple team
A: Use the pause button. Get your people lined up, then while
paused, give them each the shoot order. When you unpause, they
will shoot together.

Q: How long does stun last? How about Vulcan nerve pinch?
A: Depends on difficulty level. On easy, stun lasts about 20
seconds, and nerve pinch about 15 seconds. On normal, subtract 5

Q: How about EMP grenade on Borg?
A: 10-15 seconds I think. Again, varies depending on difficulty

Q: Why does kill takes multiple shots but stun takes only one?
A: That's the way it is in the TV shows.

1    Game Information
Note: most of these snippets are pulled from the game's official
website at and is included here for
information purposes only.


Star Trek Away Team is a team based, real time strategy. The game
uses an isometric, three-quarter perspective view which allows
the player to manipulate the team from above and feel in control
of the actions of each team member. Based on your mission, the
player will select the members of the Away Team from a group of
specialists that have different skills and items necessary to
achieve the goals of the mission. Part of the gameplay will be in
selecting the best team for the operation.

The game is a 3/4 isometric perspective, much like Baldur's Gate.
This allows the best angle to manage your squad through the

The game runs in real-time with pause capability.

There are 18 missions that will allow an entire story to develop
and unravel. The missions will take place in many different
locations around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, including
Federation, Klingon and Romulan territory.

You will be able to play the missions cooperatively with multiple
players. The Away Team will be divided amongst the available game
players, with each player controlling the actions of the Team
Member(s) they have selected.


After the Dominion War, Starfleet understands that not every
problem can be solved by Galaxy-class starships. The need for
discreet tactical incursions within enemy bases and into volatile
situations is more than ever.  A new special operations command,
with a new class of starship is needed. Crewed by a special
operations crew that can perform secret espionage,
reconnaissance, and rescue, and even sabotage, they must be able
to operate without involving the entire Starfleet, or even
official Federation presence.

The U.S.S. Incursion is the first of the new breed of special
operations starships. Equipped with a Holographic Masking System,
the Incursion can disguise itself as any starship. The ship is
crewed by seventeen men and women specially trained for the
unusual circumstances and environments they're likely to
encounter. Advised by Cmdr. Data, the crew of the Incursion is a
force unmatched by any in the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

No sooner is the force put together, though, than their first
call to arms is heard. A Klingon research base is under attack by
Romulans. This is the perfect warm-up for a crew expected to do
so much more. And they will be doing so much more...


The current minimum requirements are Pentium II 266, with 64 megs
of ram. Any video card with at least 4MB of memory will work for
the game.

The game is 2D and therefore does not require a 3D accelerator.


A demo, featuring the first two missions, is available as a 70
meg download at various websites, including the official site.

No expansion pack, editor, or any other items are known.


On the Star Trek time-line, Star Trek Away Team takes place
directly after the Dominion Wars. It is based in the Star Trek:
The Next Generation Universe (which is also shared by DS9 and

2    Crew Briefing


Your crew falls into five categories: Command (C), Engineering
(E), Medical (M), Science (S), and Tactical (T).

I will not repeat the background of the crew or their stats here.
You can read that in the manual. I'll just explain what are the
special equipment the crew may carry and you may need.

All crew carries at the minimum, the Type-II hand [phaser] and a
[tricorder]. The medical officers carry [medical tricorder]
instead of regular [tricorder]. Other crew may carry other
equipment as applicable.

2.1.1     Command Officers   Captain Marcus Refelian
Marcus' preferred weapon is [Concussion Grenade], though he's
fine with a phaser. When [holographic projector] came online, he
carries one also.   Quint Freedman
Quint has an herbal [extractor]. See equipment for details on
this item.

Quint carries an [audio decoy].   Yulana Oxila
Yulana carries [hyposprays] and can serve as emergency healer if
you can't bring a medical officer along.

Yulana carries a [Security Systems and Door (bypass)].

Yulana carries a set of [remote mines].

2.1.2     Engineering Officers
All engineers carry the [engineer tech kit].   Brexen Ijoula
The Trill carries a [transporter brig], [engineer tech kit], and
[EMP grenades].   Slovaak
Slovaak can do the [enhanced mindmeld], and has the [Vulcan nerve
pinch]. He also has the [engineer tech kit] and [EMP grenades].   Matrina Sedik
Matrina invented the [equipment enhancer] and is the only one
that carries it.

Matrina also carries the [engineer tech kit].

Matrina also has [EMP grenades] if you need some.

2.1.3     Medical Officers
Medical officers are almost all alike, except for the amount of
reloads. They all carry the [neural disruptor] and [hypospray].   Dr. Sheila Thatcher
Sheila carries fewer [neural disruptor] clips than her [hypos] (3
and 8 respectively).   Sirta D'Qua
Sirta carries more [neural disruptor] clips than [hypo] reloads
(8 to 3 respectively).   Kolanis Mikala
Kolanis carries roughly same amount of [hypo] as [neural
disruptor] clips.

2.1.4     Science Officers
All science officers have the [computer skill] (shows up as a
PADD in inventory).   Aloram Vas
Vas invented the [transporter brig] and carries one everywhere.   Ivan Verov
Ivan is the only one that can use the captured Romulan [cloaking
band] (see later).   Yraxys
This Bolian has an [Herbal Extractor] that can create [herbal
healing] or [paralysis agent]. She also carries a [security lock
and door] bypass device.   Wes Pulaski
Wes created the [audio decoy] and always carries one.

2.1.5     Tactical / Security Officers (T)
Note: in the manual, these are security officers. However, (S) is
already taken by Science. So I changed their heading to (T), for
tactical officers.

All tactical officers carries the [phaser rifle] in addition to
the regular [phaser]. Most can use other types of grenades and
mines.   Ty Mijoral
Ty is a big Bolian warrior. He usually has several [remote mines]
in his inventory along with his [sniper rifle] and [phaser rifle]
in addition to his [phaser].   Vin Asunder
Vin loves mines, but can't use the sniper rifle. You'll find him
with [concussion grenades], [prox mines], and [remote mines].   T'Andorla
T'Andorla, as a Vulcan, can do the [Vulcan nerve pinch]. She is
also good with the [sniper rifle], and carries some [prox mines].   Sinjin Kirk
Sinjin loves the [sniper rifle], and carries the most sniper ammo
by default. However, he gets no mines at all.


Commander Data - often temporarily detached to the Incursion in
order to assist the crew in their assignments. Data carries a
[tricorder] and a regular [phaser].

Ambassador Worf - what else can be say? The "Starfleet" Klingon!
He carries a Klingon [disruptor] and 2 [prox mines].


Admiral Nolotai -- Admiral's role is rather vague, but it appears
that the Incursion reports directly to him. It can be assumed
that he is CINCSPECOP of Starfleet.

[For those of you who can't read militarese, that's "commander-in-
chief of special operations"]

The Wardens --  A mysterious group that has infiltrated both
Starfleet and the Klingon Empire. What is their purpose, who are
they, and why? And how are they connected to the contagion that
the Klingons have been studying?

3    Equipment and Weapon Briefing
Note: items that "run out" has a number in the icon. When you're
out, it says "empty". If it doesn't have a "count", it can be
used infinite times (may be subject to some limitations).


3.1.1     Phaser
Standard Starfleet issue Type-II phaser can be set for stun or
kill. Note that stun only takes one shot, while kill may take
several, depending on armor and target. Stun is active for 10 to
15 seconds. Stunned target will wake up, and trigger alarm if

Phasers CAN run out of energy, though it will recharge itself
after a period of time.

By the eighth mission or so, you'll gain the ability to overload
a phaser to use as a grenade.

Everybody carries a phaser.

3.1.2     Phaser Rifle
Type-III phaser rifle has more energy capacity, does more damage,
and has more range. However, only tactical/security guys can use
it. It has both stun and kill settings as well.

Phaser rifle CAN run out of energy, though it will recharge
itself after a period of time.

It can be overloaded as well and makes a bigger explosion. It has
a longer range and does roughly twice the damage as the regular

Security/Tactical officers carry phaser rifle in addition to
regular phaser.

3.1.3     Disrupter
Both Romulans and Klingons wield hand energy weapons similar to a
Starfleet Phaser. Vulcans use a "Vulcan Phaser". They are
collectively known as disrupters. You can obtain them during a

Disruptor does NOT have a "stun" setting, and cannot be

Disruptor CAN run out of energy, though it will recharge itself
after a period of time.

You cannot carry these by default except when you're on
undercover missions (such as mission 10).

3.1.4     Sniper Rifle
Starfleet special operations weapon kills with with limited
phased particle charges. One shot  kill in with extended range
against almost any target, even Borg drones. Ammo is severely
limited, so make your shot count. Only specifically trained
security/tactical officers can carry it.

It MAY be possible to kill more than one target with a single
shot of this weapon. Once I had two guys lined up next to each
other and one shot killed both of them.

Ty Mijoral, T'Andorla, and Sinjin Kirk carry Sniper Rifles.

3.1.5     Proximity Mine
Once set, the mine will detonate when an enemy comes near. The
mines will only be triggered by hostiles. Only specifically
trained security/tactical officers can use it.

Watch out for collateral damage (i.e. being too close to the mine
when it detonates). Don't plant it too close to a target or the
mine will explode almost immediately.

The mines are quite easy to use, but cannot be thrown, and must
be PLACED. Best used on a guard's patrol route.

Watch out for violent reaction from other guards.

T'Andorla (T) and Vin Asunder (T) carry several proximity mines.
When you get [Worf] for those special missions, he has 2 more.

3.1.6     Concussion Grenade
Your basic explosive grenade, it rolls to a target and goes BOOM!
The blast radius is not that big, but big enough to take out two
or three enemies (or more) at once.

Beware that unskilled thrower will have that sphere bounce all
over the place, even back at yourselves...

You can throw only one at a time.

Marcus Refalian (C) carries the most concussion grenades.
However, Vin Asunder (T) also carries several.

3.1.7     EMP Grenade
Temporarily disables electronic systems and stuns Borg drones for
long periods. Does not work on handheld devices or security
shields.  However, they work fine on security cameras, doors,
surveillance towers, and such. They also work on doors and Borg
drones. The effects are only temporary, like 10 seconds or so.

All engineers carry several EMP grenades.

3.1.8     Remote Mine
Once placed, can be detonated by the placer from anywhere on the
map. Sends out a physical blast, as well as EMP blast. It is
useful to lure enemy away from you or for limited demolition. .

Ty Mijoral and Vin Asunder (both T) carry remote mines.

3.1.9     Neural Disrupter
Silently incapacitates the foe by severing neural passages.
(Considered a kill)  Only used by medical officers.

This is a hand-to-hand weapon... You have to be NEXT TO your
target to get it to work. Uses up one "clip" per 'shot'.

Carried by all medical personnel in addition to phasers.

3.1.10    Anti-matter Charges
Special bomb available only for two missions. Only issued to
security/tactical officers.


3.2.1     Hypospray
Restores health, enough said. Only medical officers (and Yulana)
can carry hypos.

If you finished secondary objectives, your hypospray will become
more efficient (heal more HPs)

All medical officers and Yulana (C) carry hyposprays.

3.2.2     [Herbal] Extractor
Can be used on local flora, may yield Herbal Medicine or
Paralysis Agent (Poison). Right-click on alien plant to attempt
extract. Only those plants that shows "green" (put cursor on
plant) can have extractions.

Only by mission 11 will Yraxys allow extractor to create
Paralysis Agent.

Only Quint Freedman (C) and Yraxys (S) carry the extractor.

3.2.3     Herbal Medicine
Weaker version of hypospray (about one third?), produced by
herbal extractor.

3.2.4     Paralysis Agent (Poison)
Produced by extractor. It is not available until Yraxas
researches it. It is roughly equivalent to the neural disruptor
in effect. It must be administered directly.

3.2.5     Tricorder
Analyzes an area, showing cloaked objects/enemies. Use the scan
and move the cursor over things you wish to scan.

All except medical officers carry one.

3.2.6     Medical Tricorder
Gives a more in-depth look on lifeforms. All medical officers
carry one.

3.2.7     Holographic Projector
Projects an image a short distance away, within line of sight.
Useful for distracting guards, who will then proceed to shoot at
it.  Right-click on the location to project image there.
Remember, line-of-sight!

All Command (C) personnel carry one.

3.2.8     Audio Decoy
Create an unusual sound at certain distances, and works through
walls. Useful for distracting guards and pulling them into traps.
Right-click on location and nearby guards will think the sound
came from there.

Beware on missions where you must avoid detection. Using audio
decoy here may result in a failure.

Carried by Quint Freedman (C) and Wes Pulaski (S).

3.2.9     Transporter Brig (technically it's "teleporter brig")
Get the bodies of the fallen out of the way. Set it up out of
sight (right-click to deploy), then use controller on corpses to
erase any evidence of an attack. However, you must physically
touch the body to "beam it" away.

Carried by Brexen (E) and Aloram Vas (S).

3.2.10    Cloak Band
Portable and personal cloak device, works only for a short while
and perfect for getting around guards and cameras, but be careful
because you still make noise.

Only the Ivan (S) can use this, and its energy charge is severely
limited. Use only for SHORT period of time.

3.2.11    Stasis Field Generator
Portable stasis field generator, freezes the subject in time,
limited duration. ONLY carried by Brexen (E).

3.2.12    Other equipment
You may run across other items that you may need to grab as you
encounter them. Sometimes, you will also find items on the ground
that you can grab for your use.

3.3   SKILLS

Skills are possessed by certain crew members. They are
represented by icons as well, but does not "run out".

3.3.1     Security Doors and Systems (Bypass)
Used to bypass security grids from their control terminals. Also
opens locked doors, disables security cameras from their
consoles, and so on. Carried by Yulana and Yraxys.

3.3.2     Nerve Pinch
Stuns the foe for several seconds. Slightly less effective than a
phaser stun. Can be used by Vulcans (Slovaak and T'Andorla)

3.3.3     Enhanced Mindmeld
Takes control of the foe for a short span of time. Any damage
done to the controlled will affect the controller. The controller
is also rendered immobile due to the concentration used to
maintain the link. Only Slovaak has enhanced mindmeld.

3.3.4      Computer Skill
A skill used to hack into consoles for access/info appears as a
PADD in "inventory". Carried by all science officers.

3.3.5     Terminal Repair / Engineering Tech Kit
Used to repair non-functional terminals. This is an actual
toolkit, only used by engineers. Carried by ALL engineers.

3.3.6     Equipment Enhancement
Used to temporarily increase damage and range of a weapon.
Carried only by Matrina Sedik (E). Limited use (only like 3

4    Opposition Briefing
These are listed in order of appearance.


The Romulan Centurions are armed with Romulan disruptors.

Romulans will sometimes use cloak or cloak mines. Use tricorder
to scan for them.

Romulan installations have automated scanning towers for
surveillance. However, towers do NOT recognize dead guards and
only raises alarm at unfamiliar forms (such as yourselves).

Romulan guards will recognize dead guards and declare medical
emergency. They will run in to investigate, and the body then
will be beamed away and a new guard will replace the fallen one
(and security level raised).


Wardens, a splinter faction within Starfleet, may be in collusion
with Romulans and other forces.

Until we determine what is going on, lethal force is NOT
authorized against fellow Starfleet crew unless otherwise


Klingons use disruptors, and hates cameras. They prefer guards

While Klingons are allies, lethal force is authorized as it's
impossible to know who is under the influence of the Wardens.
Still, minimize the number of kills.

4.4   BORG

Borg drones move quite slowly.

Borg drones use energy fire here. They shoot a GREEN beam that
can hurt pretty bad.

Borg Drones can adapt to energy weapon fire. A phaser works at
most 3 times. Use grenades and mines. EMP grenades can stun a
drone as well.


Yes, Vulcans are involved. They have "Vulcan Phasers", operates
the same way. They are roughly equivalent to Klingons.

5    Tactical Tips


It's the only way to coordinate simultaneous actions.


Often your objectives can change and new objectives added during
the mission. Check objectives after each "major" event to make
sure you don't miss any.


Use the minimap to help you understand where are the objectives.
Often, there is only one optimum way through the map.


Finishing those will get you extra skill and equipment upgrades
in later missions. Phasers will hit harder, hypospray will heal
better, sniper rifle gets more range, and so on.


Enemy will often have equipment, ammo, and more lying around. Get
them and use it against them if it won't cost you too much.


Despite the sound waves that appear to penetrate the walls, they
don't. You can run ALL DAY next to a wall and guards on the other
side would have NO IDEA.


It's the only way to keep track of who can see or hear what.

Sometimes, the vision cone is the only way you'll spot a "hidden"
guard that is standing close to a wall.


Sometimes you will quickly realize you brought the wrong team.
Instead of toughing it out, restart the mission and bring the
right combination this time.

Check around the map, the potential routes, and the free
equipment on the ground should give you a good idea about
who/what to bring. Don't take the "recommended" items as gospel.


One way to distract the guards permanently is to set the audio
decoy to put a sound in a place the guard cannot reach. The guard
will be "stuck" attempting to reach this sound, while you can
sneak by him/her.

Guards "stuck" that way will appear to be running constantly into
the wall. Beware that you can't really put it INSIDE a building
or outside the wall, but you can make it appear so the sound
comes FROM the wall itself.

Remember, audio decoy has a limited range, so get close enough.


Try to get the enemy to look AWAY from you as much as possible.
Walk up to them from behind, and make sounds BEYOND them, so you
"herd" them in a certain direction. Keep making sounds around the
guards until you make a "group", and then pin them ALL on the

Of course, this only applies to missions where being detected is
not an automatic failure.


Another way to exploit the audio decoy is use the decoy to lure
the victim to a prox mine. All enemy in range will RUN to sound
origin, and they go boom.

To catch a larger group, set a group of two mines, just out of
range of each other. If they run fast, one mine may get them all.
Else, do ANOTHER sound and lure the rest over the NEXT mine.


An even better choice to blow up a whole GROUP of guards is with
the remote mine. Set a remote mine, and use the audio decoy to
lure a whole GROUP of guards to it. Then BOOM! They all go down.

Even better, set the mine next to camera or piece of equipment
you need to disable.


Another way to use audio decoy is lure the enemy into your phaser
kill zone. If you have 4 or 5 members shooting at the same time,
you get instant kills.


For example, when you enter a building, right after you
accomplish a primary or secondary objective, and so on. This way,
if you screw up, you don't have to start all the way over. Also
save when you reach certain spots on the map.


Sometimes in certain areas, the enemy will beam in
reinforcements. If that is the case, use STUN setting. If you
didn't kill the existing guards, new guards will not beam in. And
you have 15-20 seconds of freedom to do what you need. Similarly,
use EMP grenades on the Borg instead of trying to kill the drones
one at a time.

When the guards wake up, alarm will be raised. Make sure you can
deal with that.


If you want to get rid of guards, kill someone, then drop a prox
mine next to the dead guy. When his buddy spots the body, he
comes running, and he goes POOF as well. Obviously, this only
works if someone else WILL spot the body.

HOWEVER: this does NOT always work, esp. in missions where you
must NOT be detected or no alarm must be raised.


Every guard has blind spots in their route or scan arc. If you
crouch, you should be able to reach those blind spots when the
scan moves away. The trick is to avoid ALL the cones when you can
only see one of them at a time, and that requires studying the
guards' routes.


Look at the noise arcs. As long as you're not TOO close you can
run behind a guard and reach targets you thought you couldn't
reach by walking or crouching.


Shooting stops you from moving. So you must be in range before
you can shoot. Phaser rifle has a slightly longer range than
regular phaser, and sniper rifle has even better range.


You can kill as many guards in front of cameras as you like.
Cameras don't care. Nor do cameras care about phasers or such
left on the ground.

However, other guards WILL see dead bodies, and raise alarm or
run toward the body and such. That's why you should hide the
bodies, unless there's no one else


One way to 'sweep' existing mines is to run toward the mine, and
when the mine registered a single "ping", immediately reverse
direction. Mines have a slight delay between trigger and
explosion. If you are fast enough, you can JUST get out of the
mine's explosion radius, and thus take no damage.

6    Walkthru
For each mission, I'll give you the background, pre-mission setup
(who to take and what to take), special notes, objectives, some
Q&A for "hints" to the mission, suggestions, then finally, the
full walkthrough.

Obviously, this is NOT the only way to play each mission. This
method works, but there may be alternate approaches.

Note: Equipment Suggested is what I suggest for your use. It's
not a part the briefing.

Note: I assume that top is "north", right is "east", and so on.

Note: You can NOT lose ANY member of your away team on ANY
mission, or the mission is an automatic failure.


Background: USS Incursion has received a mayday from a Klingon
outpost and a Klingon ship, both under attack by Romulans. USS
Incursion has engaged the holo mask and has bluffed off the
Romulan Warbird in orbit, but they will realize the trick soon.
Get down there and find out what's going on...

Max Team Members: 4

Recommended Team : n/a

Required Team : Marcus (C), Sirta (M), Ivan (S), T'Andoria (T)

Equipment Required : n/a

Equipment Recommended : n/a

Equipment Suggested : n/a

NOTE: This is the tutorial mission, so your team is preset and
cannot be changed. You don't even see the team setup screen.

Primary Objective(s):

-- Free the two Klingon researchers (2 total)

-- Get the Romulan cloaking band

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Rescue the pinned-down Klingon warriors by killing their
Romulan adversaries (3 total)

Q: Must I follow Data's advice?
A: No, but it makes your job much easier, as you'll come up
behind enemies.

Q: How do I "rescue" the Klingon warriors?
A: After you take out the Romulans near him, walk up to him and
he'll say something. After that the objective is met. Remember,
you need to do this THREE TIMES.

Q: How do I drop the forcefield?
A: Use the engineer's computer kit on the forcefield control
console next to the forcefield.

Q: Where is the cloak band?
A: Near the Romulan scout ship to the northwest.

Q: More specific please?
A: Shoot the guard that walks around just southeast of the ship.
He should drop the band. Take out the other two guards and take
the supplies there also.

Overview: This is the tutorial so it's quite easy. You can just
blaze your way through, phasers on kill. However, it is best to
follow Data's advice, as you do get a full range of weapons and
equipment to play with. Just follow the suggested path and you
can pretty much get it done.

Mission Walkthru: You start in an alcove. Start walking forward
slowly and stop at every corner. Data should lead you around most
enemies. Watch the patrol pattern, exploit it, and get close
enough to shoot them before they sound the alarm.

Feel free to use T'Andoria's sniper rifle on the lone enemy, or
just sneak close enough to shoot him directly.

If you scroll north to the edge, you'll notice a Romulan scout
ship that has breached the walls. You can bypass that section
easily, but one of your objectives is there.

Continue to follow the suggested path, and keep shooting
Romulans. Use crouch to minimize the sound cone to move around,
stop at every corner to make sure there's nobody there. Data's
path should lead you around most enemies, so you can shoot them
in the back. Follow the suggestion from Data and use concussion
grenades when applicable. Marcus is the best guy with the
grenades. Use it on a group of enemies...

WARNING: Do NOT use explosives near the forcefield. The
forcefield only holds physical objects, and does NOT protect the
scientist from explosions or phaser fire.

When you get to the Klingon scientist in the forcefield, take out
the guard, then send in Ivan and use the computer kit on the
forcefield controls (move cursor until you find a spot to use).

Repeat cleaning out Romulans and rescue the other warriors and
the remaining scientist. Once that's done, you'll be beamed up
and the mission concludes.

Post-Mission Briefing: Nice job. The Klingon scientists have been
debriefed and apparently a Federation starship did pick them up.
We will run a sensor scan for ion trail.


Background: the scientists have left and were supposedly picked
up by a Federation starship, the USS Leyte Gulf. We have followed
the ion trail to the ship, which is adrift in a unexplored
system, having suffered heavy damage. We have secretly docked in
the shuttle bay after penetrating their shield harmonics. We
believe the captain and the Klingon scientists are in the
security brig. Get in there and find out what's going on.

NOTE: Lethal force is NOT authorized.

Max Team Members: 4

Required Team : Marcus (C), Slovaak (E)

Recommended Team : Shiela (M), Wes (S)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems, Engineer Tech Kit

Equipment Optional : Hypospray, Medical Tricorder

Equipment Recommended : Audio Decoy (sends guards elsewhere)

Primary Objective(s):

-- Find out what happened to USS Leyte Gulf

-- Mind Meld with Captain Jurai (appears later)

-- Avert a Warp Core failure (appears later)

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Stun all hostile Starfleet personnel to minimize casualties

-- Find and question the Klingon researchers

Q: How do I avoid Starfleet casualties?
A: Use stun setting only. Use audio decoy to distract the guards
is one possibility.

Q: Where do I go first?
A: Look for the turbolift.

Q: I'm on the security deck. Now what?
A: Make your way into security office with all the brigs.

Q: What do I do there?
A: Have the medic scan the bodies.

Q: There's Captain Jurai! Now what?
A: Do what the medic suggests...

Q: Now what?
A: Back to the turbolift.

Q: How do I stop the warp core meltdown?
A: Find the control console next to it.

Overview: After you board the Leyte Gulf through the shuttle bay,
you will proceed to locate the Klingon scientists, probably in
security brig.

Mission Walkthru: You start in the shuttle bay. IMMEDIATELY set
all phasers (including phaser rifles) to STUN setting. This is to
prevent any "friendly fire".

There are two ways to do this: the shoot-and-scoot way, or the
decoy-and-sneak way.

The decoy-and-sneak method requires the audio decoy. Use it to
decoy the guard away, then crouch and move right by him. This
way, you don't alert any guards, and you don't have to deal with
any reinforcements.

If you prefer the shoot-and-scoot, set everybody to run. Run
until you're in range of the guy, pause, SHOOT ON STUN! You can
usually shoot the guard without suffering any damage. Then run
right by him.

Your objective is the turbolift. Once you're there, activate the
door and the team will enter.

Make your way to the brig. Get inside (take out or trick away the
guards). Have the medic scan the Klingon bodies. That satisfies
"find and question Klingon researchers".

Jurai beams into the remaining cell and kills the remaining
Klingon. Have Slovaak do the enhanced mindmeld on him through the
forcefield barrier. That satisfies the other objective.

Jurai has ordered the warp core vent closed... The warp core is
going to blow unless you can do something about it!

Get out of the room, distract or stun the guards, and move back
to the turbolift. If you came in with stun phasers blazing,
additional reinforcements may have beamed in. Use stun to gain
more time to escape.

Once you get into the turbolift, use it, and you get to the other
side of the initial level. Head east, and look for the "closed
vent" which is lower right corner (southeast). The control panel
next to it is the place you need to be. Once there, use the
engineer's tech kit on the console to reopen the vent.

Once that's done, the mission's complete.

Debriefing: Starfleet help have arrived. The crew of Leyte Gulf
is in custody. We do not understand what made them turn against
the Federation. We managed to partially decrypt some of the data
in the computer core. The ship was heading to the Romulan world
of Chetzia III. Infiltrate that planet and find out what is going


Background: The computer of USS Leyte Gulf suggests that the ship
was heading to the Romulan planet of Chetzia III. Infiltrate it
and locate any relevant data.


Max Team Members: 4

Required Team : None

Recommended Team : Yulana (C), Brexen (E), Yraxys (S), T'Andorla

Equipment Required : Computer Systems, Security Door and Locks

Equipment Optional : Hypospray, Extractor, EMP Grenades

Equipment Recommended : Prox Mine, Transporter Brig

NOTE: from now on, you must pick your own team. The Recommended
team is quite sufficient to finish the job and satisfy all
equipment requirements and suggestions. In fact, you get a couple
extras. You have TWO people with security lock bypass.

Primary Objective(s):

-- Disable remote security station(s) (2)

-- Access and download all data from the remote console

== Erase records of presence (only if seen by a tower)

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Avoid the Romulan Towers

-- Avoid detection by Romulans

-- Keep Romulan casualties to a minimum (Max kills: 2)

NOTE: You need to "bypass" both security stations using the
Security Doors and Locks (bypass) to drop the forcefield on the
secure terminal in the southeast corner of the camp.

NOTE: You would do best to avoid killing Romulans to a minimum to
keep the secondary objective. You can kill 2. If you kill a
third, you fail that secondary objective.

NOTE: Try not to be seen by the towers. The towers have regular
scan arcs, but occasionally they can surprise you by
backtracking. If you were seen, not all are lost. Just get to the
security station (either one) and use it again to erase the log.

Q: How do I get into the compound?
A: The Romulan outpost has three entrances: northwest, southwest,
and northeast.

Q: Where are the terminals?
A: Look on the minimap

Q: How many Romulans can I kill?

A: Just two, and that's really all you need.

Q: How do I take out the patrols?
A: A mine is the easiest way. You don't even need the sniper

Q: Do the towers "hear" you?
A: No, towers do not record sound, only vision. You can run past
them all you want.

You start in the northwest corner. The Romulan outpost has three
entrances: northwest, southwest, and northeast. However, all
three are patrolled, and there is a tower at southeast and
northwest that does regular surveillance sweeps.

The terminals (use the minimap if you need it) is on the south
and east sides. It's all about timing.

First, head south until you see the southwest entrance. A guard
regularly passes there. You could bypass the guard and get to the
terminal, but you need to take out the guard for later.

Hide the team behind those crates just south of the terminal.
Find an empty place and deploy the transporter brig. Once the
guard turned his back and walks back toward east, make sure the
tower is not sweeping, and drop a prox mine in his path. Then
hide behind those crates south of the terminal. When he comes
back, boom! But the sound will not travel far enough to alert
other guards if you place it right. When the tower is NOT
sweeping, send the engineer in to clean up the body while science
officer bypass the terminal.

Now go SOUTH, follow the wall of the base counter-clockwise so
you head east, then north. Crouch as you don't want to alert any
one inside with your footsteps. Once you reach the northeastern
entrance, stay back a little so that guard doesn't see you.

Now repeat the process. Put a mine right at the entrance so the
guard goes poof. Send in the engineer and clean up the body. Send
the science officer and hide behind the crates to the east of the
terminal. When the way is clear, crouch and move in and do the
terminal, then get back out.

The forcefield around that secure terminal in the southeast
corner should be down. If it's not, you didn't do one of the
terminals right.

Now you need to backtrack to the southwest entrance with the
whole team. Get the science officer ready with the computer
skill. Make sure the guard near the tower is way to the north.
When the tower is not looking, send the science officer RUNNING
in there (yes, I said RUN) and access the terminal. The
forcefield will go up, hiding you from view, and complete the

Debriefing: Commander Data was able to decrypt the files from USS
Leyte Gulf with the data you downloaded. Apparently a splinter
faction within Starfleet, known as the Wardens, have been in
regular contact with the Romulans for several months. The head of
the Wardens is apparently the new Commandant of Starfleet
Academy, Admiral Quay, who has considerable influence within
Starfleet. USS Incursion has been recalled by Admiral Nolotai to
Earth for special operations... Against Starfleet itself.


Background: USS Incursion has been recalled to Earth... You must
capture Admiral Quay without alerting the staff of Starfleet
Academy. He is our only lead into the Wardens.

NOTE: Lethal force is NOT, repeat, NOT authorized. Stun only, and
then only if you must. Avoid detection if possible.

Max Team Members: 4

Required Team : None

Recommended Team : Yulana (C), any engineer (E), any medic (M),
Ivan (S)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems, Security Door and Locks

Equipment Optional : Hypospray, EMP Grenades

Equipment Recommended : Cloaking Band

Primary Objective(s):

-- Stun and capture the renegade Admiral Quay

-- Disable security cameras

-- No Starfleet personnel may be killed (No Kills Allowed)

-- Retrieve data on new Holographic projector (appears later)

== Erase records of presence (only if caught by surveillance)

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Avoid detection by Starfleet surveillance

NOTE: Set all phasers to STUN immediately upon arrival to prevent
any accidents.

The stages in this mission are 1) infiltrate security building,
2) obtain holographic projector plans, 3) get into Admiral's room
and shoot him.

As Yulana has the bypass, she can do the security building by
herself. Have her go north, and stop on the edge of that first
building. Observe one guard to west, as he patrols the two
buildings to southwest. There is another guard on that garden
"terrace" just west of him. You need to get on that terrace. Go
up, and go southwest, and hide behind the tree just north of the
staircase. A guard there checks the staircase and that little
"passage" to the west. When he's looking the other way, go south
down the staircase, then southeast until you can hide behind that

Go around that building (south and west), and you can see the
security building. If you brought Slovaak, he'll recommend using
an EMP grenade to cook the camera. However, it is not necessary.
When the guard looks the other way and the camera on the eastern
corner of the building does as well, RUN to the entrance and
stop. Now is a good time to save.

Now get Yulana inside, walking pace. You'll see a T corridor,
you're at the bottom. There's a camera on the left end of the T,
and a guard. Your objective is the door to northeast. Avoid the
camera and get into the room without the guard noticing. Forget
the room to southeast, as the guard ENTERS that room. You can't
hide there. Just access the console with the bypass and the
cameras are disabled. Get out of the building when the guard is
not looking.

When you exit the building, Adm. Nolotai notifies you that the
plan for the holographic projector is in the science lab, in that
building just west of the Academy Main building. You need to go
get it.

Send up Ivan and his cloak band. This time, you need to go NORTH,
all the way north. Go north past the plaza with the statue
(avoiding the guard that patrols there), and stop on the edge of
that northern building. There's a guard to west. When he goes
south, RUN past him (just make sure he's far enough away) and
stop right next to the Academy admin building.

There are THREE guards nearby, patrolling the main plaza with
Zefram Cochrane's ship model in that fountain. The three guards
patrol slightly differently. One goes north-south, looks in that
patch of grass just west of the admin building, then south, then
east past the fountain. The other two look at the science lab.
The trick to get by them is to come up BEHIND them. After the
patch of grass was inspected, walk/crouch behind that guard and
get into that patch, as far in as possible. The other two guards
will not see if you are in far enough. When they walk past, walk
into the science lab and download those plans. Nobody is in the
science lab, so no need to dodge there. Save the game now. Then
get out.

If the guards get too close, just have Ivan use the cloak. Beware
that the power charge does not last long, seconds at most.

If you are fast enough, those 3 guards should still be patrolling
the plaza to the south. RUN to the main door of the admin
building, set walk, and just move in.

There are two guards... One patrols the outer ring, the other
checks both doors in the admiral's waiting room. If you're lucky,
the outer ring guy just passed by, and you have a while before
you need to retreat. Look at the pattern of the inner guy. He
moves from door to door. So as soon as he turns his back, go in
behind him, then straight into admiral's office when the guard
looks away. Confirm phaser on stun, and shoot the admiral. Voila!
Mission accomplished.

TIP: If anyone was spotted by a camera, get to first building
east of the starting point, the security building, and erase the
log. This will fail a Secondary Objective and summon more guards
(who will run around, making life harder).

Debriefing: We were not able to debrief Admiral Quay properly.
Dr. Thatcher theorizes that some sort of mind control device is
in Admiral's brain. Slovaak was able to get some information out
of Admiral Quay with a mindmeld. Apparently, the Wardens are
aware of Commander Data's investigation, and are making plans to
move against him. Admiral Nolotai had previously sent Commander
Data to Starfleet Headquarters, and can no longer locate him. You
must get Commander Data out.


Background: The Wardens are moving against Commander Data in
Starfleet Headquarters. You must rescue Commander Data. You have
authorization to use lethal force against all in your way.
Commander Data is our only chance to uncover the contagion.

NOTE: Lethal force IS authorized for this mission.

Max Team Members: 4

Required Team : None

Recommended Team : Yulana (C), any engineer (E), any medic (M),
Ivan (S)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems

Equipment Optional : Hypospray, Concussion Grenades, Security
Doors and System, Sniper Rifle

Equipment Recommended : Sonic Decoy, Proximity Mines

NOTE: Bring LOTS of proximity mines, Sonic Decoy, and a lot of
sniper rifle ammo

Primary Objective(s):

-- Rescue Commander Data before he is assassinated

-- Disable Starfleet HQ's shield generator so you can escape

-- Have Commander Data retrieve that Warden device (appears

Secondary Objective(s):

-- none

NOTE: While it sounds like you are under time pressure, you are
not. So don't charge blindly into enemy fire.

Q: Is there a time limit?
A: No there isn't. Data's assassins will wait until you're right
outside his office, as long as you don't trigger security.

Q: Where is the console that disables the camera in Data's
A: Try the north wall.

Q: Where is that Warden device?
A: As you get out the rear door, Data will tell you when you get

Q: How do I drop that forcefield?
A: There is a console next to it.

Q: Where is the console that disables the shields in the final
A: Central room, north wall.

Just make your way into the building (without triggering the
camera at the door), then inside, take out the guards one at a
time (the sniper rifle REALLY comes in handy, as does proximity
mines). Follow the only path available.

Make your way into the room where Data is. It's a huge room with
view screen and several sets of "bridge-like" chairs. As you get
close, two Wardens beam in and start shooting Data. Data has a
phaser and will fight back, but you need to get in there and
help, as you can't "heal" Data with a hypo like you can with

Access the northern console to disable the camera off to the
west. Take out the guards in your way to the rear exit.

After getting out of the building, you need to make your way
slowly toward the Starfleet Command shield control station. As
you head south from the rear exit, you come to a forcefield with
an odd device. Data said he needs it. Take out the guards near it
and drop the forcefield with the nearby console. Then send Data
in to pick it up. It's a Cranio-Necrotizer. There are some hypo-
reloads next to it. Have the medic take it.

Keep working your way to the shield control. Take out the guards
one at a time, preferably with mines, sniper rifle if you must.
You'll quickly run out of ammo though if you do that. Use
grenades if applicable.

If your presence was discovered, take out the guards and RUN.
They don't get that many reinforcements. There is only one way to
get where you need to go, so there's no way you can get lost.

Once you get there, that room is nasty, as it has a camera, and
two guys. If you are discovered, two MORE guards beam in. Unless
you have sniper rifle shots or grenades remaining, you will
attract guards. Just run really fast, take out the guards inside
the room, access the console to bypass the shield controls, and
voila, you're done.

Debriefing: Nice job, Data is now safe. However, their attack on
Data shows how powerful the Warden influence is in Starfleet.
What's worse, we are picking up signs that the Klingon Empire is
also infected by the Warden.


Pre-Briefing: You will head for Klingon homeworld, Qo'noS, and
attempt to locate Ambassador Worf. If he cannot be located,
Klingon Empire may break the peace treaty and start attacking the
Federation. Warden influence on Qo'noS must be verified.

While on the way to Qo'noS...

Background: The crew has apparently mutinied and is under control
of the Wardens. Rescue the loyal crew members locked in and
somehow regain control of the ship. Marcus starts in the
Captain's stateroom just off the bridge. Ivan ran in and inform
Marcus of the problem.

NOTE: Lethal force IS authorized for this mission.

Max Team Members: n/a, you'll find your team members as you go

Required Team : team is preset, starts with Marcus (C) and Ivan

Recommended Team : n/a

Equipment Required : n/a

Equipment Optional : n/a

Equipment Recommended : n/a

Primary Objective(s):

-- Rescue Matrina Sedik

-- Rescue Dr. Sheila Thatcher

-- Rescue T'Andorla

-- Beam into Engineering (appears later)

-- Return warp core to operation

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Don't kill any one (I mean it!)

Q: In the beginning, how do I rescue the other crew members?
A: Just head for the turbolift from the bridge.

Q: I'm on the "living quarters" level. Now what?
A: Look on the minimap for the 3 crew members you need to rescue.

Q: I found all 3, so I have 5 in my party. Now what?
A: Use the transporter console to beam onto Engineering deck.

Q: Can I stop the Borg drones?
A: No. Just wait until they're gone, then look for consoles.

Q: How do I drop the forcefield to warp core?
A: Look right of the forcefield.

Q: I'm inside. How do I fix the warp core?
A: There's only one console next to the core.

One crew member approaches the bridge. Shoot him with STUN, then
run past him into the turbolift.

Now you're on the "living quarters" deck. Just right of the
turbolift is Matrina's room. When the patrol goes past, stun him
and RUN into Matrina's room. After the dialog, select all team
members, then make sure RUN is on.

Now you need to run through that central corridor. Stun any
guards in your way. Get into sickbay. Dr. Thatcher is there. Have
her join the group and pick up the hypo reloads.

Now exit sickbay and run EAST into the transporter room, stun any
guards in the way. T'Andorla is there. Join her to the group.

Apparently Chief Engineer Brexen Ijoula has taken the Cranio-
Necrotizer from secure storage and is now near the warp core. The
core is also unstable and may blow soon.

Have Ivan access the transporter controls, and your group will be
beamed to engineering deck.

Now things get tough. You are in a storage room off the main
corridor. You need to blast your way through 6-8 guards. You
can't finesse them since your stun only lasts so long. Just run
out there, stun any one in your way. Run for engineering.  Go
east, then north.

Just as you enter engineering, the warp core is closed off by a
forcefield. Ijoula is inside with 2 guards, then TWO BORG DRONES
beamed in! They took out the guards and beamed off with Ijoula...
and the cranio-necrotizer.

Marcus then orders Sedik to get through the forcefield. Access
the panel right of the forcefield will do it (use the engineer
kit). Then to stabilize the warp core, use the console left of
the entrance to warp core (engineer kit again). And you are done.

Debriefing: Ijoula is apparently under the influence of the
Wardens...  And infected rest of the ship. The infected crew is
under sedation. However, a Borg cube has tractored the


Background: USS Incursion has been seized by a Borg cube, and
abducted Brexen Ijoula, along with Warden's cranio-necrotizer.
Destroy the 4 power nodes controlling the tractor beam with the
antimatter charges, locate Brexen, rescue her, recover the
device, and get the heck out of there!

NOTE: Your team is preset and cannot be changed. T'Andorla
carries all the antimatter charges.

Max Team Members: n/a, team is preset at 5

Required Team : Marcus (C), Ivan (S), Sedik (E), Thatcher (M),
T'Andorla (T)

Recommended Team : n/a

Equipment Required : n/a

Equipment Optional : n/a

Equipment Recommended : n/a

Primary Objective(s):

-- Drop antimatter charges at all 4 power terminals of the Borg

-- Recover Brexen Ijoula (use hypospray)

-- Recover Borg serum for analysis (appears later)

-- Recover Cranio-Necrotizer

Secondary Objective(s):

-- none

TACTICAL TIP: As long as you don't shoot too many Borg they won't
come after you. However, some of those re-wiring you need to do
to open doors will attract Borg attention. Use T'Andorla's prox
mines to take care of them, or use Marcus' concussion grenades.
EMP grenades and/or sniper rifle would work as well.

Q: The phasers only work twice or three times!
A: Use the other weapons, like concussion grenades, EMP grenades,
or sniper rifle. Prox mines would work too.

Q: How do I get the doors open?
A: Look for consoles you can repair nearby.

You start in the Borg "central yard".

Have Ivan access the nearest terminal with computer tech, and
forcefield to west drops.

Go west until you see other terminal. Use the terminal to drop
forcefield to east. There's a green "circle" Borg console that
needs to be repaired just south of that entrance. However, that
attracts Borg attention. Send rest of the team out of the way, be
ready to grenade the Borg, while sending Sedik in to work on the
terminal with the engineer kit. If the Borg responds, grenade

After the console's wired, the door to northwest opens. Send
T'Andorla there and place the first charge next to the power
node. One down, three to go.

Walk slowly back east. Ignore any Borg that attack unless they
shoot. Keep walking east until you see another console that needs
repairs. Pop a prox mine in front of the door, then everyone
retreat, and have Sedik fix the door. Two drones inside that room
will come out, and one of them will die on the prox mine. Take
care of the other (or just have Marcus grenade them). Send
T'Andorla to place the second charge. Two to go.

Head south from there and access terminal to go through
forcefields. If you hear "We are the Borg..." be ready with
grenades. EMP is fine. Just run really fast when you use it. Or
use sniper rifle (you only have 3 shots). There should be that
third one, after wiring one more console. Again, send T'Andorla
in to place the antimatter charge.

Finally, heat west through the corridor, and you'll find Brexen
Ijoula behind the forcefields. Have Ivan deactivate the
forcefield, and send Thatcher in to retrieve the Borg Serum and
the hypo reloads. Then use hypo on Brexen to wake her up. Also
retrieve the cranio-necrotizer in the upper-right corner of the

Head west to place the final antimatter charge, and Data will
beam you back onboard the Incursion. There's no need to open that
last forcefield unless you didn't place the first charge like I

Debriefing: Nice job, the ship is free. Apparently the Borg knows
about the cranio-necrotizer, and this Borg serum will counteract
its effects. The crew is cured. Starfleet has been notified, and
you resume course to Qo'noS...


Background: After surviving the Borg and the Warden mutiny, you
resume course to Qo'noS. Apparently the Wardens have captured
Worf. Rescue Worf without alerting the Klingons of your presence.

Max Team Members: 4

Required Team : Marcus (C)

Recommended Team : Yulana (C), Brexen (E), T'Andorla (T)

Equipment Required : Security Doors and Locks (bypass)

Equipment Optional : Hypospray, Sniper Rifle, Extractor,
Transporter Brig

Equipment Recommended : proximity mines

NOTE: There is no combination that satisfies all required and
optional items. As Marcus does not carry any of the suggested
items, that leaves us 3 people to carry 5 things. Of these, I
decided to go without extractor, as the plant healing agents are
quite weak. Turns out, that was the right decision, as there are
at least 2 hypo reloads available.

Primary Objective(s):

-- Rescue Ambassador Worf and keep him alive to extraction

-- Inject Worf with the Borg serum (only Marcus has it)

-- Return to insertion point for extraction

-- Do not allow the Klingons to activate the alarm system.

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Avoid being detected by the Klingons (can be difficult)

Q: How do I deactivate the laser barriers?

A: There's a purple panel next to each one. Use the security
bypass on it.

Q: How do I kill that guy on the platform?
A: Regular phasers, or a grenade at the base, or sniper rifle.

You start in the extraction zone to the southwest of the outpost.
The outpost has two entrances, north, and east. The north
entrance is heavily guarded, so it'll have to be east.

You can setup the transporter brig anywhere as long as no patrol
sees it. Crouch and head east. Those Klingons just outside the
base won't see you, so don't worry as long as you keep as close
to bottom of the screen as possible.

There's this little "shuttle pad" with one Klingon to the east,
opposite a "ramp" up to the outpost walkway, with another Klingon
there. Use the sniper rifle on both of them to gain access to the
eastern entrance. Take extra concussion grenades here, and get
rid of the bodies.

Follow the eastern wall up to eastern entrance. Watch out for one
of the guards that comes out and looks southeast. However, you
can hide behind that lamppost and then sniper him when he turns
his back. Get rid of the body.

Crouch and head up to the northeast corner. A Klingon is standing
there but if you sneak up behind him he wouldn't notice. Grenade
him if you want to. Get sniper rifle reload and more grenades.
Get rid of the body if you took him out.

Move just north of the eastern entrance. There's one more guard
that patrols ALMOST to the gate. When he turns his back, get in
there and set a prox mine in his path. Then get out of sight.
When he dies, get rid of his body. Now you're inside and have a
clear path of retreat.

There are some supplies just inside the eastern gate to north. If
you are fast, you can grab those without alerting the patrol that
moves around the northern entrance. That prox mine will come in
handy also.

Get in, and hug the southern inside wall of the outpost until you
see a bunch of guards to west and the laser barrier. Deactivate
it, and move just to the end of that building. The guards there
don't move much, but they sure look very hard. That guy on top
doesn't do much though. He doesn't call alarm when he sees his
buddies go down. So sniper the guys on your level, then have
Marcus toss a grenade just to the base of that platform. Boom! No
more guards. Make sure you don't alert the Klingon guards to the
north though, or you'll fail the secondary objective.

Sneak through, clean up the bodies, and there should be no one
between you and Worf. Deactivate the laser barrier around him,
have Marcus shoot the serum, and Worf should be up and running.

Now you just have to retrace your steps... Hug the southern wall,
and slowly go east, then north, dodging patrols, then outside,
south. Head west across the map along the bottom edge, back to
extraction point, and you're done!

Debrief: Nice job rescuing Worf. Worf believes several members of
the Klingon High Council have been affected by the Wardens.
However, he does not believe Chancellor Martok is one of them.


Background: Worf believes he can convince Martok to stop the
potential war and explain the Wardens are behind this escalation
of tensions. You will assign a team to escort Worf through the
defenses at Klingon High Council and force an audience with
Chancellor Martok.

Max Team Members: 5

Required Team : Worf (C)

Recommended Team : Aloram Vas (S), Any Medic (S), T'Andorla (T),
Wes Pulaski (S)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems

Equipment Optional : Hypospray, Concussion Grenade, Extractor,
Transporter Brig

Equipment Recommended : proximity mines, audio decoy

NOTE: This crew combo lacks Concussion grenades, but gains sniper
rifle, which is more useful. Besides, you get proximity mines.
Worf has 2 of them, and T'Andorla has 3 more. Wes' audio decoy is
extremely useful in distracting guards so you can slip through.

Primary Objective(s):

-- Get into Imperial city (deactivate forcefield at city gate)

-- Deactivate forcefield protecting council chambers

-- Get inside council chambers (Worf must be the first one in)

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Cause minimal Klingon casualties (?? kills allowed)

NOTE: I have no idea how many Klingons CAN you kill and not fail
the secondary objective. My kill number is so large I know I'm
nowhere NEAR it. I suspect the number is like 5.

Q: How do I minimize Klingon casualties?
A: Use the audio decoy to distract them.

Q: Where is the forcefield controls of the gate to the city?
A: Right next to the gate.

Q: Where is the force field controls to the council chambers?
A: Look southwest from the council chamber door. You need to go
west, then south, then east, to reach it.

Q: How do I get the controls to work?
A: There's a yellow isolinear rod next to the console. Use that
on the console.

You can get to the council chamber from south, or east, both
across the river. However, the southern side is HEAVILY guarded
(3 or more guards per bridge).

If you want to sneak and ambush, sneak across the city all the
way to the eastern wall, then go north, then west across the
eastern bridge by sneaking around the buildings.

You COULD also go in phasers blazing (on STUN). You can't run
fast enough to prevent the alarm from being raised, but you can
blast open a corridor.

You start in a cargo storage area. You need to kill that one
guard to your west to reach the gate. There's no way around it,
as he can't really be distracted far enough. If you brought
concussion grenades, use it. Else, use sniper rifle or have 2-3
guys shoot him with phasers.

Another guard is to the west next to the shuttle. He can see the
console to the gate when he scans, so be fast about it. Run your
science officer up to the console, use computer skill on it, and
voila, the gate's open. Get rid of the body while you're at it.

Now it gets tricky. There's one guy just inside that patrols that
gate, and it's difficult to get past him. Have the team walk just
south of the entrance. That guy comes to the gate, looks west,
then walks east, scan south, then walks east again and looks
east. If you start walking through the gate, then south JUST as
he finishes scanning the gate from the middle position, you can
JUST make it. Then crouch and hide behind that building in the

Watch the middle patrol and the eastern patrol, and try to make
it to the eastern wall crouched. You may need to stop in the
middle "stone formation" for cover. Two guards make a large
circle in the plaza, and one guy stands near that middle "gate"
and scans south.

Move east, then have a guy set a prox grenade or sniper rifle to
get rid of that eastern patrol. You can't get past without taking
him out, as Worf is simply TOO SLOW. And if you run, you can
attract other guards.

If you stay flat against the eastern wall, you can move north
until you get to the set of cargo pods against the wall. Send up
T'Andorla, and wait for the patrol to come, and nail him. Get rid
of the body.

More patrols up in northeast corner. Use prox mines and sniper
rifle if you want, or use audio decoy and send them chasing
ghosts. Go east, watch for multiple patrols there. Follow the
path east, then north, then west, and you're at the bridge.

Now comes the choice... Stun everybody, or kill everybody in your
way one at a time? By now, you would have racked up a pretty
impressive body count (10 or more) unless you brought audio

Near the bridge, there are THREE guards... One southeast of
bridge, one just around the corner. Again, the cargo pods offer
you cover. Send in your medic with neural disruptor, and the
transporter brig operator to get rid of the body. Just crouch and
you get reach behind him, and "oof". There's a guard on the other
side of the bridge and you'll need to time him carefully. If you
do it JUST right, you can approach the bridge, circle around that
building, and take out that guard southeast of the bridge from
behind. Then move out of the way as that bridge guard comes back.
There aren't that many guards in your way now. Take out the
bridge guard with sniper rifle or a prox mine (or just run in
shooting if you're out).

Another possibility is make a decoy sound to the north to attract
all three guards (or at least two of them), then you run past
them from the south.

Approach and look for a passage to south just east of the council
chambers. A guard is in that passage. Take him out or decoy him
to one side. By this time, you should be out of all ambush
weapons, prox mines, grenades, or sniper rifle ammo, unless you
were able to help yourself to those "guarded" caches.

If you're out, it's time to do a running battle. Run really fast,
everybody set phaser to stun, shoot any one in your way. You're
just east of the chamber door. Leave Worf near the council doors.
Send two team members run for the controls. It should have 2-3
guards, just run in there and stun all of them. Additional guards
will beam in next to the doors. Stun them before they get a shot
off. There's a yellow isolinear chip next to the control console.
Pick it up, and use it on the console, which should unlock the
door. Send Worf through the door first, then the rest of the
team. Voila! Mission accomplished!

Otherwise, use decoys heavily, like set decoy sound inside a
building (so the guard's "stuck" on the wall), then run past him
or stun him. Repeat until you get the door open, then send Worf
and rest of the team through.

Debriefing: Worf was able to meet with Martok, though Martok
insisted on meeting Worf without the Incursion crew presence. The
Incursion crew beamed back onboard, and Worf reported success in
averting an attack on the Federation. In the meanwhile, Commander
Data has reported progress in his investigation of the cranio-
necrotizer. A subspace carrier frequency was detected and it
leads to a planet... Neural 7.


Background: Commander Data's search has brought us to Neural 7, a
Federation mining colony. Last supply ship reported that the
outpost reported video comm failure. We will go in disguised as a
supply ship. Find out what's going on.

NOTE: You should get "stun grenades" upgrade to the concussion
grenade now if you've been doing all those secondary objectives.

Max Team Members: 4

Required Team : Marcus (C)

Recommended Team : Brexen (E),  Ivan (S), T'Andorla (T)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems

Equipment Optional : Sniper Rifle, EMP Grenade, Transporter Brig

Equipment Recommended : Concussion grenades

NOTE: The beginning is somewhat of a surprise.

Primary Objective(s):

-- Get the team on the planet to the temple rock

-- Get to the security station to unlock the bridge

-- Access central computer on the bridge and download the log

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Retrieve the other cranio-necrotizer

Q: What do I do with the targs? They keep coming back!
A: So stun them and run.

Q: I got to the column. Now what?
A: Use the other team. You need to get to the security console.

Q: Where do I go then?

A: Get out of the room, go north, then west. You need to access
that console just to north between the two forcefields.

Q: How do I get around the U-turn in the corridor?
A: You can hide behind those pods, or just go THROUGH that
control room.

Q: How do I get through those 2 guys and a camera?
A: EMP grenade the camera, then phaser the patrol guy from as far
away as possible from his back, as close to the column as
possible, so his body cannot be seen by the guy to the south.
Then run in there, get rid of the body, then get into the
security room.

Q: How do I get some weapons for the other two members?
A: There's a Klingon disruptor near the security office. The
Romulan disruptor you saw earlier but couldn't get to should now
be accessible.

Q: Now what?
A: Go back that first room you got into to do the console. It has
a little locked alcove, remember? Alcove with its own console is
now open.

Data has determined a good place to beam down. However, when you
arrive, the first and last member of the team was somehow in a
grassy area, with a mystical tower in the middle, while the other
two members appeared in the cargo bay as planned.

The two in grassy area I'll call team 1. Set team 1's phasers to
stun, then do the maze by going northeast, stun those "targs" as
you go. If you kill one, it disappears and a new one appears in
its place. So stun works better. Follow the path northeast, then
south, then east, then north, then west, stun a lot more targs,
until you come to the tower. As you enter the room, the wall
mysterious close in behind you, and someone mutters to you about
"the Way"...

Team 2 (the remaining 2) must get out of the room. The first
thing you need to do is get through one of those forcefields.
Exit the room and head west, not southwest. Stay in the room just
to the south of that corridor. There's a guard that will patrol
and you'll need to kill one, and get rid of the body QUICKLY.

Head north from that room, and you see this big door. When the
guards inside are not looking, go through and hide just beside
that cargo pod next to the door. The guard will not notice if you
hide close enough. When the guard turns back, access the console
on the right, and the eastern forcefield drops off.

Now you need to take out one or two guards that's patrolling
beyond that forcefield. Use whatever you got, even if you need to
take damage. Take out the guards and hide the bodies.

Note the security camera at the end. You can sneak by that part
by using those cargo pods as cover, or you can just go through
the room with one guy inside and nail him. Dodge another camera
to the north, and you're almost ready for the big challenge.

Look to the west, you see this little "plaza" with a column in
the middle, a camera to west, and two guards, one circles the
column while the other checks a console to the south. You need to
take out one of the guards (the patrolling one) away from the
camera and the other guard. When the camera is facing away (or
use an EMP grenade), nail the guard and run into that door to the
north, and shoot the guard inside. Send the science guy in to
hack the console, and voila! There are your other two team
members! They've been on the holodeck all along!

That also releases all the security doors that are previously
locked. Let Marcus take the disruptor and concussion grenade.
Have the EMP grenade be ready by the door. When the camera looks
away, go through the door, and grenade the camera, then EVERYBODY
run out and nail that remaining guard to south and hide the body.
Run west, and see that room with one guy inside? Open that door
and nail him. Get rid of the body. By now the camera should be
back online. Head inside and take the remaining weapons, mines,
and of course, the cranio-necrotizer. Make sure everybody has ONE
weapon. Use another EMP grenade to get out of there, go through
the previously locked rooms for more supplies and avoid the other
cameras. Now you're almost back to where you started. Save the
concussion grenade for the bridge.

Take out the guard patrolling there if you haven't done so. Then
move west until you're back in that room where you did a console
already. You'll notice that the little 'alcove' where you see
ANOTHER console is now accessible. Get in there without rousing
the guards and hack the console to drop the other forcefield (to

Continue west, then north, and take out another guard, then north
then northwest and take out MORE guards. Exploit their standard
patterns. Do NOT go into the room as there's no room to maneuver
inside and they get the first shot. Just go around it, and head
south and you're almost at the bridge.

Hopefully you STILL have the concussion grenade, as you'll need
it. You'll see that one guy is at the central computer console
you need at the south end of the room, while two guards circle
the perimeter inside the room. Get Marcus in there, right after
the guard pair passes. Head inside a little, then hide between
the seats until the three are close enough together for a single
grenade. Throw it, and BOOM! 3 guards gone. Get the science guy
there to hack the terminal and download the log, and we're done!

Debriefing: The information you had recovered is valuable and is
already being put to use. Romulus, the home of the Romulan
Empire, seem to be involved in the Warden threat. Starfleet has
been infiltrated and no one knows who to trust. USS Incursion
will operate autonomously from now until end of crisis.


Background: The data raided from the Warden outpost seems to
indicate that "Great Awakening" may occur among Romulans soon.
Incursion will disguise as a Warbird and investigate Warden
presence on Romulus. You will be disguised as Romulans, but it
will NOT hold under close examination.

NOTE: Yraxys should have developed the extractor improvement now
that allows it to create poison out of local plants.

Max Team Members: 4

Required Team : none

Recommended Team : Slovaak (E), Brexen (E), Ivan (S), Quint (C)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems

Equipment Optional : Transporter Brig, Enhanced Mindmeld,
Extractor, Cloaking Band

Equipment Recommended : audio decoy

Primary Objective(s):

-- Obtained coded isolinear ID chip

-- Use chip to access sub-praetor security area

-- Access data spire to download info about "The Awakening"

-- Get the team next to the base of the spire so the team can
beam out

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Do NOT allow yourself to be detected by the proximity sensors.

NOTE: If you brought an audio decoy, this one is extremely easy.

Q: Where is the ID chip?
A: Look to east-southeast, that blue chip on the ground next to
the building entrance with 2 guards.

Q: I keep getting shot by the guards after I walked up the
A: You need to keep the guards as FAR away from the stairs as
possible, as they have proximity sensors that will get you.

Q: How do I get up to the data spire? Romulans keep finding us!

A: Again, keep them away from the stairs.

You start in the northwest corner of the base. Send the guy with
the audio decoy out. The "blue chip" is to the east-southeast to
you. Use the audio decoy to "herd" the guards away from you, and
try to get them "stuck" on the walls or buildings and such. I use
Quint for this, alone. I pinned each of the guards I see on the
wall, and I go east, AROUND the building where the ID chip is,
come south, then west. Then I "herd" the guards away from me so I
have a chance to walk in there and nab the chip. Then I retrace
my footsteps back to the group.

Continue pin individual guards against the wall as you come down
the western wall, until you approach that stairway that has the
forcefield barrier to the southeast. That's the "sub-praetor
security area". Pin the guards below the stairs to the walls by
herding them together first. Then go around the stairs and nail
the OTHER guards on top to the sides so they won't be inspecting
you when you come up. You don't want those guards anywhere NEAR
you when you approach the stairs.

Once that's done, just walk up the stairs, and voila, the barrier
goes down, and you're in. Take the whole team through, and if you
have pinned the guards away from the stairs, you should be
golden. However, note the announcements that the sensors report
non-Romulan lifeforms. The guards will be using proximity
sensors. There, you get the secondary objectives... Avoid the
Romulans as far as possible.

Just walk east, then northeast between the buildings, and you'll
see the data spire. However, there are a LOT of guards both on
that platform and below. Stay as far away as possible. Send Quint
in with audio decoy, and start fixing the guards on the edges as
FAR from the central stair as possible. Also, distract the guards
to the south of the stairs and pin them onto buildings as far
south as applicable.

Now it's simple... As all the guards are pinned, you can just
walk up there. Get Ivan up to the spire to download the data,
then the rest of the team up to the spire and voila! You're out
of there!

Debriefing: Nice job. The data you downloaded suggests that
unknown nano-technology is behind the Warden's plot. The cranio-
necrotizer infects individuals, and factories appear to be
manufacturing these devices.


Background: Captain Refalian has decided to take out the
factories via demolition charges in order to prevent "The
Awakening" from taking place.

Max Team Members: 4

Required Team : Sheila (M)

Recommended Team : Wes (S), Brexen (E), and T'Andorla (T)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems, Medical Tricorder,
Antimatter Charges, Engineering Tech Kit

Equipment Optional : Transporter Brig, EMP grenade

Equipment Recommended : audio decoy, sniper rifle, prox mines


Primary Objective(s):

-- Place anti-matter charges at all four nanite distribution

-- Infiltrate the secure nanite factory sector

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Med-scan the Romulans to see if they've been infected

Q: How do I "medscan" the Romulans?
A: Just "use" the medical tricorder on any Romulan within range.

Q: How do I infiltrate the secure factory sector?
A: Open the draw bridge should do it. That means you need to make
it past that tower, and use the console to extend the bridge.

Q: Which bridge should I use?
A: I recommend the southern one. The northern one leads straight
into several guards, who are backed up by a surveillance tower.

Overview: Once you've crossed one of the bridges, place the
antimatter demo charges on ALL FOUR nanite distribution points.

You start in a little grassy area. Crouch and move north slightly
so you're hiding behind the small wall. Let Sheila scan the first
Romulan that walk by. That's the secondary objective
accomplished. Deploy the transporter brig as this is a perfect
place for it.

Now it gets tricky, as there are THREE guards on this level, and
you need to take them ALL out in order to get across one of the
bridges. I used 2 prox mines here. I setup a mine in the corner
by sneaking T'Andorla over there. Then I have Wes setup behind
cover. When the Romulan approaches that corner (which is a blind
spot not covered by the tower), I had Wes lead the Romulan right
into the mine with the audio decoy. I repeat for the second
Romulan that patrols, get rid of bodies in the meanwhile. You
could have used the sniper rifle, or maybe even regular phasers
if you can get enough team members up that far.

The third one is a little tricky. Get the entire group back
behind the initial wall, crouched. There's a corner over to the
east that's not covered by the tower camera. Go there slowly.
When the other patrol is moving there, and the tower is pointing
away, have Brexen chuck an EMP grenade at the tower. Then
everybody draw phasers and RUN toward that last patrol. You can
shoot and kill her with FOUR phasers firing in a single salvo and
the Romulan will die without ever returning fire. Get rid of the
body, and extend the bridge. Then see if you got enough room to
get across the bridge away from other patrols. Cross when ready.

Now see that elevated plaza with a surveillance tower in middle?
Go around it to west, and go south, and you'll see a guard
patrolling almost to that corner. South of that is the first
distribution tower.

Again, use a mine to set a trap for that guard, and use the audio
decoy to lure her into it. Or just have everybody standby with
phasers, and lure her into the corner and shoot her. Get rid of
the body. There is another guard to east, but he doesn't move,
just scans the grounds.

Have T'Andorla ready. Run behind the "vent" for cover. When the
stationary guard looks away, RUN to the distribution point and
set the demo charge. One down, three to go. Run back to the
group. You're far away that guard would not notice.

Now you need to figure out how to get to number two. You can just
sniper that guy scanning and go through the plaza dodging the
surveillance tower, or you can sneak back across the way you
came, which is easier. There's a guard watching the bridge now.
One possibility is use audio decoy to turn his back, then all
four blast him with phaser on kill. Get rid of the body. Make
sure the guard to east was not looking at the bridge at that

Continue east when the guard walks away. You can probably pin him
against a wall with the audio decoy if you get close enough.
Else, use the sniper rifle or a mine. Patrols over there is
pretty serious.

Head north slightly, dodge the patrols, and you're at the "park"
with the monuments. One target is to north, another to northwest.
However, there are TWO surveillance towers, and no less than
eight (maybe more) Romulans guards in the area in TIGHT patrol
patterns. It will be difficult to pick them off one at a time.

One possibility is use the audio decoy to lure one guard at a
time toward a place where your group has the firepower to take
him down in ONE salvo without triggering an alarm. You need to
save the sniper rifle ammo or mines on more important targets.
That requires a lot of patience and trial-and-error. Save after
each guard's elimination. Remember to check vision cones of both
guards and tower. Use the rocks and barriers in the park itself
to ambush the guards.

The other way is the brute-force way... Set weapons on STUN, and
go in weapons blazing, shoot each of the guards you can see. Toss
EMP grenades at each tower, and just have T'Andorla RUN and place
the charges at each node before they wake up. You have 4 phasers,
so you can stun 3-4 Romulans every 3-4 seconds. That should be
enough firepower to get you past everybody.

When T'Andorla placed the final charge, the mission ends on a
surprise note...

Debriefing: When the final charge is placed, BORG DRONES beamed
in!  They stunned the entire away team, shoot all the Romulans,
said something about our resistance to the Wardens must be
studied, and beamed the away team to the Borg cube!


Background: While the away team was on the Romulus surface
attempting to sabotage the nanite distribution nodes, a Borg cube
warped in and has tractored the Incursion. Sensors show that
drones have been sent to the surface. While the nanite factory
has been sabotaged, the Borg has captured the away team.

Dr. Thatcher is the first one to awaken. She must find a way to
rescue the rest of the away team, then figure a way out of the
Borg cube, AND free the Incursion as well...

NOTE: You are WITHOUT weapons, except for a few neural disruptor
and occasional EMP grenades, and you only find those later. Save
those for emergencies, like when a group of Borg drones attack.
Try not to let any Borg see you or hear you. These Borg shoot on

Max Team Members: n/a

Required Team : n/a (surprise mission, you start with one member
and rest will join)

Recommended Team : n/a

Equipment Required : n/a

Equipment Optional : n/a

Equipment Recommended : n/a


Primary Objective(s):

-- Disable 3 Borg power distribution nodes so you can get out.

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Rescue other three away team members

Q: How do I get out of the first forcefield?
A: Follow that patrolling Borg out.

Q: I am not a science officer! How do I access the console to
open the forcefield?
A: Just make sure the first one you approach is the one of the
science officer. It will short out by itself, then you can use
the science officer on the remaining ones.

Q: How do I revive the other officers?
A: What did Data tell you? Use the hypo!

Q: How do I get past the Borg drones?
A: Three ways: kill with neural disrupter (only works like 3
times), disable one temporarily with an EMP grenade, or run
REALLY fast and hope it doesn't kill any one (remember the
medical officer usually has a couple hypos so you can get healed
if you get out of range)

Q: Where are those power nodes?
A: Look on the map! Those are the "consoles" you need to "repair"
with an engineer.

Q: Any suggested order?
A: I would say counter-clockwise, starting with the closest one
(northwest). Rescue first, THEN power nodes.

You start with Dr. Thatcher in a cell, with a Borg just outside,
and another Borg patrolling. That Borg goes to an alcove outside.
As he approaches the forcefield, it turns off, so you can use
that to follow him out. As long as you crouch and move up JUST
outside the forcefield, he would not notice. When he's
regenerating, run past him (he wouldn't notice) and free the
science officer (his forcefield should fizzle out automatically).
Use the hypo to revive the science officer. Opposite the cell is
the engineer. Free that one as well. Avoid contact with the Borg.
If he's patrolling, stay still. Only run past when he is NOT
looking. Have the science guy grab the EMP grenade.

Now it's time to make your way west, where you'll find a little
turn south, then west away. Some Borg may block your way. Either
way for them to enter the alcove (avoid patrol zones) or deal
with them with EMP grenade (or kill). Head all the way west,
until you come to a forcefield blocking a corridor to northeast.
Inside is a forcefield blocking some goodies (more neural
disruptor ammo, an EMP grenade), and your first power node to
disable. There's a Borg inside though, and more can come from

Deal with the Borg inside and do the console, and get back out.
Heal if needed. Do NOT heal if you are 70% or better as each hypo
heals about 70% of health. Don't waste any. (On the other hand,
use it before the guy dies!)

Now run south and you'll see the second power node to southeast.
It's in sort of a dead-end. There are TWO Borg drones inside.
Save your EMP grenade for this part. Bring down the forcefield,
then EMP grenade the two Borg while the engineer runs inside and
do the console. Heal any one who got hit, and run back out. Two
down, one to go.

Fortunately, this third one is next to the last person you need
to rescue. And if you run fast, you can outrun the drones, who
can't move very fast. If you have 3 people running the Borg
drones tend to divide their fire so you may be able to run past
them (or kill them with neural disrupter shots as you run past,
if you've been saving them).

Find your way to the final place. Have the engineer stand in
front of the console, but don't start yet. Have science guy drop
the forcefield, and hide in the corner. Have medic heal the final
guy, hide in the corner. Have the final guy hide in the corner
also. Then engineer do the console, and voila! You all beam away
as that opens the door. The Borg drones enter to find an empty

Debriefing: The ship is leaving the Borg cube at warp 6, the Borg
is not in pursuit. Apparently the Borg is having a nanite civil
war, as the Warden nanites have infected the Borg as well, and
the Borg is losing. The Warden nanites appears to be an modified
version of the Borg assimilation nanoprobes. While the Borg serum
works on non-Borg, it has deleterious effects on Borg drones. So
the Borg can't cure themselves...


Background: The Romulans are involved in a civil war as the
Warden controlled faction is battling those who are free. The
Romulan Resistance movement has contacted the Incursion.
Apparently a Warden nanite factory was being built on Chetzia
III. We must revisit the planet and destroy the new nanite plant.

NOTE 1: If you've been doing your secondary objectives, you
should have received some upgrades. 1) Ivan has been able to make
the cloak band last longer and 2) Brexen was able to make a
"stasis field generator", which temporarily freezes the subject.
Only carried by Brexen.

Max Team Members: 5

Required Team : none

Recommended Team : Yraxys (S), Sinjin (T), Sheila (M), Brexen
(E), Marcus (C)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems, Security Door and Locks,
Anti-matter Charge

Equipment Optional : sniper rifle, medical tricorder, EMP
grenade, extractor

Equipment Recommended : prox grenades, extra EMP grenades,

NOTE: Yraxys (S) was chosen for extractor and Security Bypass,
Sinjin (T) for Sniper rifle and Anti-matter charge, Sheila (M)
for medical tricorder, Brexen (E) for EMP grenade. The last
guy... Pick Marcus for the concussion grenades. You need to take
out multiple enemies at the same time and this is the best way.

NOTE: You don't REALLY need extractor if you brought a lot of
hypos, but in some cases, the paralysis agent extracted from
local plants are quite useful as silent kill weapons on immobile

WARNING: cloaked mines or regular mines may be covering the
entrances, detour accordingly, or just "sweep" it by running a
guy into it and heal him afterwards.

Primary Objective(s):

-- Plant antimatter charges next to each of the 4 nanite pods

-- Access the secure terminal to recover nanite schematics in
center of camp

-- Plant fake distress call in comm system to southwest to cover

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Medical officer should scan base of each of the 4 nanite pod
for clues (WARNING: Romulans may detect the scans)

NOTE: Just kill everybody nearby the pods and no one will notice.



NOTE: extract from every plant you run across. You need both
poison/paralysis agent and the healing compound to supplement the

You start in the jungle to the northeast. There's a Romulan
patrolling to your west. Deploy your transporter brig now. Watch
out as you come close to the entrances... They are all covered by
mines. If you want, take out the Romulan to the west, but you can
bypass him and just go south, stay to the east side of the
entrance. You can JUST squeak by without triggering the mine if
you move your people ONE at a time. Hide on the north side of the
building slightly to east after you go through the entrance.

Go east a little, have Quint stop at the corner. There will be 3
Romulans to the southeast. They may patrol a bit. When their back
is turned, move out a little and drop a prox mine. Then move back
and try to attract ALL THREE with your audio decoy into the mine.
Boom! If the mine missed one of them, guess you'll just have to
use phasers. Send the entire team out running, and everybody
shoot at him. Get rid of the bodies and dodge the tower scan.
Save your EMP grenades for later.

Now you should be clear to scan and plant demo charges around the
first nanite tower to the south. Just dodge the towers and you
should be okay.

Now you need to make your way to the south (If you're lost, look
on the minimap). There's a guard in your way just south of the
tower. If you can, sneak up behind him. Else, apply massive
firepower and shoot him. Do NOT dodge to the east into the swarmp
as that "beach" is covered by mines. Move in ONE at a time, the
sniper guy first. The sniper needs to take care of one more
Romulan to the south, away from prying eyes. Sneak the rest
across one at a time.

Head south a bit, and you come to second tower to west, covered
by another tower. Use a mine to attract and kill two of them,
then shoot the third one from beyond camera's range. Then just
run the team one at a time (security guy first to plant the
charges, then the doc to get a scan done). Dodge the tower arc,
and you're ready to head north.

There is a Romulan to your east in the bushes. Ignore him as he
can't see anything.

See two Romulans to the north beyond the swarmp? You'll just pass
by that terminal where you'll need to download the nanite info.
If you have a stealth guy, send him north when both Romulans have
their back turned and KILL both with either poison or the neural
disrupter. Else, snipe them from a distance or use a grenade. Now
the way to tower 3 is clear.

Send the security guy north and plant the charges on tower 3, and
have the doctor scan tower 3. Just one tower to go. Access that
console just west of tower 3 while you're at it. That doesn't
disable the camera, but it helps open the forcefield later.

Now head west a little and take out that Romulan guard that
patrols east-west. When the camera is not looking, RUN up to the
camera and shoot the guard to the north. Hide JUST beyond the
bend to the north (maybe all the way up against the wall), but
NOT west into the swarmp. You guessed it, another mine there.

When ready, dodge the cameras and head SOUTH, just southwest of
the camera there's a building you can BARELY hide behind. Use
that building as a temp base to take out the patrols to the

You need to take out 2, then 2 more closer to the forcefield.
Have science officer do a security bypass on the console in front
of the field field, and it should go down. Run the science
officer in there and plant the fake plans while downloading the
real ones. Then EVEYBODY run out, dodge the tower, and then run
SOUTH to the transmitter.

Beware that the entrance of the transmitter is also mined. Send a
big guy in to "sweep" the mines near the entrance, so sneak by
using any one expendable with tricorder to show the way. Shoot
two guards at the transmitter, send Science officer to plant the
fake distress call, and you're done!

Debriefing: Nice job, the factory is destroyed. However, Warden
movement is gathering steam. Incursion is moving back to
Federation space in order to react to Warden movement.


Background: We have intercepted a distress call from USS Monitor,
which has suffered heavy damage. We suspect it had a battle
similar to the one on Leyte Gulf where the Warden-infected crew
is fighting with those who are not infected. We hope to secure
the vessel from Warden influence. An away team has been

Max Team Members: 5

Required Team : none

Recommended Team : Marcus (C), Matrina (E),  Wes (S), Shiela (M),
T'Andorla (T)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems, Medical Tricorder,
Engineering Tech Kit

Equipment Optional : EMP Grenade, Sniper Rifle

Equipment Recommended : sonic decoy, concussion grenades

NOTE: Marcus for grenades, Matrina for EMP grenades and
Engineering kit, Wes for sonic decoy and holographic unit, as
well as computer system skill, Shiela for medical tricorder and
finally, T'Andorla for prox mines and sniper rifle

Primary Objective(s):

-- Verify integrity of the warp core (not possible)

-- Regain control of the ship (not possible)

-- Disable main deflector dish (appears later)

-- Get off the ship by reaching engineering and turn off the
shields. (appears later)

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Scan every surviving Starfleet member for nanite infection
before they can be beamed back (total of 5)

Q: How do I turn/switch the forcefields?
A: They can't be turned off, but they can be "directed" to
another location. Have the science guy try the panel and the
forcefield should "toggle" between two configurations.

Q: What do I do?
A: Your objective, as show on the minimap, is to reach the
turbolift so you can get to engineering. That would be to the
south on the first deck.

Q: How do I scan survivors for Warden nanites?
A: Have Sheila use the medical tricorder on the guy.

Q: I am at engineering. Now what?
A: Take out those 3 drones, and see what can be "used" in the

Q: Then what?
A: Head into that other turbolift.

Q: I'm on deck 9. What do I do now?
A: Get out, go west, then south, then east along the corridor
until you get to that other turbolift to the east.

Q: I'm at the bridge. Now what?
A: Use the console.

Q: Now what?
A: Better get back to deck 9... retrace your steps, all the way
back to engineering.

Q: I made it back. Now what?
A: Have someone "use" the warp core to the south.

Your first objective is to make it to the turbolift. There are
TWO Starfleet members to rescue. Look at their locations and plan
your route accordingly.

One of the Borg will approach the room you're in. As soon as he
opens the door, shoot him with all the regular phasers. He'll

Crouch and slowly sneak out the room, and south. Use a concussion
grenade and take out the 2 approaching Borgs from south.

Only the science officer can reroute the panel on the wall to
switch forcefields. Sneak the science officer to the panel just
east of the corridor, but do NOT engage. Bring out the sniper
rifle and aim it south into the corridor. Get the rest of the
team to the west. Have Marcus grab the grenade and Sheila the
hypo reloads. Then have Sheila scan and beam out the survivor to
north. The Sniper rifle should face south. A Borg will come up to
forcefield, look, and turn around. As soon as he turns around,
have the science guy do the panel, and the sniper rifle shoot the
Borg in the back. Take out any more approaching drones. Use mines
where applicable to kill pursuers.

Now you can go south, which leads to corridor going east (then
turns south). Further down that corridor are 2 Borgs, one
patrols, the other does not. When they "merge", have Marcus toss
a grenade and cook them both.

Continue down the corridor and have T'Andorla take both prox
mines (one in each room) then have Sheila scan and beam the guy
out. Two down, three to go, but they're somewhere else.

There are three Borg drones around the turbolift. One patrols
normally, one patrols slowly, one doesn't move at all. The one
that patrols normally goes into his alcove, so if you time it
just right, you can have Sheila do him with the neural disruptor.
Then retreat out the corridor. Send in Marcus. When the other two
merge, grenade the two, and the turbolift is clear.

Now you're on engineering deck... Unfortunately, things don't
look good. There are THREE Borg drones in immediate vicinity, and
they don't 'merge' so you can take all out with a single grenade.
Two of them go into alcoves, but that doesn't give you much
margin for comfort. Deal with them, have the engineer use the
center console.

Now the bad news: the security functions have been rerouted to
the bridge, so you can't check the warp core. What's worse, the
Borg appears to be building a multiplexing beacon with the main
deflector dish. Matrina was able to reroute some of the controls
and the forcefield to the other turbolift is dropped. You'll have
to go through deck 9 on the way to the bridge.

Deck 9 is not that difficult. Use prox mines and audio decoy to
lure the Borg drones to you so you can kill them, preferably in
groups. Once you've cleared the corridors, you can save the
remaining 3 Starfleet crewmen easily. Use crouch to not disturb
the drones fixing the walls. Pick up all the ammo and mines that
you can. You will need them later.

Note a Borg-ized room with three drones inside just east of your
starting position. Two of them walk into walls, the third one
study the wall. After you clear the corridors, head into the room
next to it. You need to snipe that Borg down to the southern
intersection. HOWEVER, there's a catch... As soon as that guy
dies, those two Borg walking into walls come out and chase your
team. You may want to set a little "trap" for them... THEN snipe
that guy. Head down the corridor and get into the turbolift.

Use the turbolift and voila, you're at the bridge, except a drone
beam in JUST as you arrive. Shoot him quickly, then use the
console to the left of the bridge.

Hmmm... You've unlocked the engineering, stopped the deflector
being used as a beacon. However... the ship is powering up and
underway, shields have came on (so you're not getting off), and
the ship appears to be... heading straight into the sun. From now
on, regain control of the ship is no longer possible. Your
objective is now survival... You need to get off this tub fast.

Head back down to deck 9, gun down any Borg in your way (use
grenades and mines whenever possible, save the sniper ammo and
phaser blasts. Deck 9 is again fully populated with the Borg. Use
those EMP grenades. Stun the drones and run right by them.
Remember not to nuke the doors so you can't get away! Make your
way to the turbolift you arrived in. Use EMP grenades to nuke the
doors behind so drones can't get in is another possibility.

Get to the engineering deck. Send the science guy to use the
computer skill on the warp core, and voila, you're out.

Debriefing: The Borg has destroyed USS Monitor as if it is
cleaning an infection. It has also radioed us an offer... They
wish to meet in the Devron system about the Warden threat.


Background: Despite reservations, there really is no other
choice. Captain Refalian has agreed to a meeting with the Borg in
the Devron system. The away team will be heavily armed in case
something happens. While the Borg never "deal", the present
circumstances are far from normal.

Max Team Members: 6

Required Team : Brexen (E), Matrina (E), Ivan (S)

Recommended Team : Marcus (C), Shiela (M), T'Andorla (T)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems, Hypospray, Antimatter

Equipment Optional : EMP Grenade, Sniper Rifle

Equipment Recommended : concussion grenades, 5 remote mines (?)

Primary Objective(s):

-- Plant antimatter charges around 5 power nodes

-- Rescue Brexen after all antimatter charges have been placed.

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Destroy 5 power panels (huh? what power panels?)

Q: What are those "consoles" and the forcefields for? Description
says "Borg power node".
A: The forcefields are holding back radiation. If you use the
console the forcefields will change configuration, perhaps
trapping you and opening up more compartments to radiation. Do
NOT touch them or your team will suffer damage. Maybe a remote
mine can be used to wreck it once you're far away to flood the
compartment and kill the drones, but that's conjecture.

Q: Should I kill those regenerating (sleeping) Borg drones?
A: No. Most regenerating Borg drones will stay in regeneration
unless another drone died nearby, then they wake up and
investigate the disturbance. If you kill one, you have to deal
with all its brothers. As the Borg drones are so slow any way,
just dodge them.

Q: Where are the power nodes I need to demolish?
A: Look on the minimap.

Q: How do I drop forcefields and such? (Not the ones containing
radiation, of course)
A: There is a console or panel nearby that should do it. Look for
the nearest one.

As you land, Brexen was beamed away by the Borg. Then a drone
came to life. Apparently the Borg is having a civil war as
well... and the Borg is indeed losing. Help the Borg collective
destroy the Warden-infected Borg cube and rescue Brexen.

NOTE: the Borg drones are on "local alert" system. If you kill
one, all those regenerating nearby will wake up and attack any
one in sight. However, if you dodge beyond their patrol radius
they will not follow and will eventually go back to regeneration.
Therefore, it is to your advantage to dodge patrols instead of
killing them. You save the ammo for something else, as well as
avoid raising the alarm.

Head west a little, dodge this cripple-drone's patrol, sneak up
behind him, plant the first charge, and go northeast around the
corner where he can't see (not into the eastern corridor, but
NORTHEAST). If moving the entire group is too difficult, just
move your team in groups of 2 or 3 at a time.

Head north (just crouch and move in behind that Borg soldering
the console) and just use T'Andorla. The Borg patrolling the
power node to north has a set patrol pattern and there are blind
spots in his patrol. Exploit them, plant the antimatter charge,
and nab those grenades and a prox mine while you're at it. Return
to rest of your team.

NOTE: Basically, the drone has sort of a sideways-tee-shaped
patrol pattern. When he looks south for the second time and turns
away, get behind him and slightly to the north. When he turns
south, head to the east wall. There's a blind spot where even if
he turns around he won't see you. Then just wait until he turns
back west, drop the charge, nab the grenades, and return.

Now go southwest, back to that circling Borg, and go EAST (that
corridor I told you to avoid earlier) then south, and you're
almost where you started. Dodge the Borg drone patrol going
east/west, keep going southeast/south, and approach your THIRD
power node from the SOUTH (circle around). It's easy to dodge
that cripple drone guard as he moves very slowly. Plant the
charges and retreat.

Retrace your steps and head back to starting point again. This
time, dodge the guards and head east, then north. You need to get
through that door to north with the "panel" next to it. You need
an engineer to use that panel. Beware there are several Borg
drones inside (at least 3) and 4-7 more may approach from the
south as a reaction force. Leave some prox mines outside the door
to whittle them down.

Head east, and you come to this panel. Have the engineer use it,
and voila! Forcefield switched directions. Grab the ammo next to
the power node, and drop another antimatter charge. "Use" the
panel to disable the generator, defeat the Borg drone next to it.
Return to other side of corridor, use the panel again, and the
forcefields return to original configuration.

Now you can make your way west, south through the door, then
dodge the patrols so you can go east/northeast. Kill drones if
you must. You should have plenty of mines and grenades and even
sniper rifle ammo. Go northeast through that corridor next to
that one power node you just set the charges to. Then turn south.
Dodge that slow drone circling the column. Continue south, and
you circle around to the final power node. Use the console next
to it to drop the forcefield, then head inside to drop the
charge. There's a Borg drone inside, and more drones may be
approaching from the west. Use mines and grenades to defend, or
EMP grenades to delay. Drop the charge, use the panel next to it
to stop the power node (which opens the forcefield to Brexen's
room). Go east, back to the corridor and head north. The drones
should not chase you that far.

Now go north a bit, dodge that slow drone again, but go southwest
this time, so you can approach Brexen's location. Stop before you
go around the corner.

Have Matrina prime the EMP grenades, and have Dr. Thatcher right
behind her. Save the game now. Maybe even have the holographic
generator ready.

Generate hologram in the facing-drone's vision cone. He fires and
hits nothing. Matrina steps out, throws EMP grenade at the 2 Borg
drones, and runs back. Thatcher runs in just as the EMP grenade
explodes, disabling both drones. Thatcher uses hypo on Brexen,
and both of them run back into the corridor, along with Matrina.

Voila, Marcus ordered everyone beamed onboard, and you're done!

Debriefing: Apparently, Brexen's Trill biology has a substance
the Borg needs to synthesize the anti-Warden serum, which is why
the Borg keeps kidnapping her. During her captivity, Brexen was
temporarily joined to the collective, and was able to gleam some
information... The Borg have learned where the Warden HQ is...
It's on Vulcan, and the Borg WILL attack it soon.


Background: Thanks to Brexen, Incursion has learned the location
of a major Warden base... Vulcan. After arriving disguised as USS
Leyte Gulf, Incursion was able to locate a secret base in a
particular treacherous region of Vulcan. A large contingent of
Vulcan warriors is guarding the base. We must infiltrate the base
and attempt to stop the Wardens before the Borg launches a full-
scale assault on the planet...

NOTE: Dr. Thatcher should have informed you that they were able
to create a neural disruptor that shoots from a distance instead
of "on contact". The range is expected to be quite short, but
it's silent.

Max Team Members: 5

Required Team : none

Recommended Team : Marcus (C), Yulana (C), Ivan (S), Brexen (E),
Sinjin (T)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems, Security Door and Lock

Equipment Optional : Sniper Rifle, Transporter Brig, Hypospray,
Cloaking Band

Equipment Recommended : concussion grenades

NOTE: Cloaking band means Ivan (S) must be in. However, you need
concussion grenades. This means Marcus (C). Add Yulana (C) for
hypo and security bypass. Brexen (E) will handle transporter
brig. For the remaining guy, I pick Sinjin (T) for the 7 sniper
rifle shots. You only get 3 hypo shots, so don't get hit.

Primary Objective(s):

-- Access the main terminal to determine where are the other
Wardens in the quadrant

-- Do NOT allow any Wardens to activate the security system (the
WHITE terminals)

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Scan each pod to determine when were the nanites released

Q: How do I get out of that "hole"?
A: There are THREE guards that patrol nearby. One south, one
east, one west. You can take out one or more with sniper rifle,
then hide the bodies so you don't alert any one else.

Q: What are those white terminals?
A: Look around. They're a panel with white dots on them. Those
are the security terminals. Do NOT allow any Vulcan Wardens to
reach the terminals, or the Wardens will purge the database.

Q: What are those red terminals?
A: The RED terminals (red dots) next to each bridge control the

Q: How do I use the red terminals?
A: Use the security bypass device on it.

Q: Where do I go next?
A: Try east, across the bridge, then south.

Q: How do I take out those 2 guards at eastern bridge?
A: One grenade should do it, or 2 sniper shots. They can't see
each other unless they turn, so don't give them a chance. Hide
the bodies, of course.

Q: Now what?
A: Make your way west, take out that guard that patrols up to
that bridge, dodge the guard at the "gate" to the south (he just
scans), until you get to the other "knot" of guards, and the two
guards beyond the bridge next.

Q: How do I scan the first pod to west?
A: Get rid of all the guards all around, from the west to east.
Then you can scan in peace.

Q: Now what?
A: Make your way to the entrance, be ready to snipe the guard at
the gate.

Q: Who should go inside? There are too many guards!
A: Just Ivan and his cloak... Sneak as much as possible, use
cloak only sparingly.

Q: More specific please?
A: Try heading down the west side of the compound, engage cloak
so you can scan the pod and get around the guards. Disengage
ASAP, go down west side to south and go east when you hit the
south wall. Make it to the gate using cloak only in the last

Q: I've got Ivan up the stairs but the Vulcans start chasing me
any way!
A: Just RUN to the console and access it any way!

NOTE: Read the objective carefully. It says prevent the alarm
being raised. It doesn't say you must be undetected. So be aware
of location of every terminal, and try to get between the
terminal and the guards. The guards will be too busy shooting at
you to raise the alarm. The trick is to get rid of the body(ies)

NOTE: A guard spotting a body on the ground will run for the
nearest terminal, not investigate the body, unless he has no
nearby terminals. This makes getting rid of bodies VERY

NOTE: Possible tactic: throw EMP grenade at a terminal to disable
it may give you a couple more seconds to take out the guards.
Didn't try it, so don't know if this would work.

NOTE: Possible tactic: stun the guy, then plant a prox mine at
the nearest terminal. Then you run past. When he wakes up, he
runs for the terminal, and kills himself. If he's not in any
viewing arcs, you don't even have to hide the body.

Your main objective is to get Ivan to the main terminal. To that
end, PRESERVE cloak power as much as possible.

First part is tricky. You need to kill those three guards just
southeast of you without them attracting each other's attention.
Deploy the brig first. Do the middle one first, after the other
two have turned their backs. The sniper guy can fit just north of
the viewing arc and take out the middle guy. Have Brexen RUN out
there and get rid of the body, and run back. Get rest of the team
together to the sniper's side. The guy to east will patrol. When
he turns his back, entire team RUN out there and kill him with
regular phasers (you need to save the sniper rifle ammo).

Go to the bridge to the east. Use the red terminal to deploy the
bridge. Get the group across the bridge and head south a little.
Note the two guards holding the other bridge. Look for nearby
patrols. If they die, who will see? When that guy is out of the
earshot, grenade the two guards, then get rid of the bodies.

WARNING: you need to be VERY precise with your grenade. One
slight bit off, and you will kill only one guard, then the other
guy raises the alarm. Save before you try it.

That guard at the gate to the compound scans north periodically,
but you can "hide" behind that rock, and even at crouch, you can
make it past his vision cone. There's a guard that patrol up to
you, but you can kill him in a spot that guard to south won't
see, and you can get rid of body easy.

Now slowly make your way across that ledge, stay out of vision
cones. Two guards are on the same ledge, but they just stand on
the western part and scan. If you take one out they won't even
suspect. Then you can take out the next two from behind.

Have Ivan scan the first pod, now there's no one in your way.

Now you need to make it across the gate. Only Ivan need to go
through, but you need Brexen, Yulana, and Sinjin to take out the
guard, open the bridge, and get rid of the body. Three more
guards regularly patrol the gate. When they turn their back,
shoot the guard at the gate, and have Yulana and Brexen run over,
open the bridge, and get rid of the body. Now they can hide way
to the west or east. Send Ivan in, no cloak yet. If he just
follow the 3 guards as they turned south, he can move west, then
follow the west wall south until he gets to the pod wall.
However, that is NOT a safe spot. The guards may see you as they
come north. Crouch, engage cloak, and get in front of the pod
(southeast side). Disengage cloak as soon as you get out of the
vision cones. You need AT LEAST 45% charge remaining. Scan the
pod now, then hide behind the pod (i.e. just north of the pod).
Move as needed to dodge the patrols around.

When the chance presents itself, follow the west wall again to
the south, and hide behind that building poking through that hole
in the ground. Dodge a bit as patrols will look around and n.
There are 3 guards patrolling, and 2 guards at the "door". Run
toward the gate, engage cloak before you get in vision cone. Your
running noise will send the guards running toward you. When the
guard almost reach you, crouch, but continue up the stairs. You
should have JUST enough charge to make it half way to the
terminal. If someone starts yelling behind you, RUN to the
terminal in the corner, and access the terminal. Voila! Your
mission's done!

Debriefing: As Ivan accesses the terminal, 3 Vulcans beamed in,
phasers drawn. They urge Ivan to surrender. However, Ivan has
surprise of his own... Full security team beamed in, surrounding
the Vulcans. Then they all beamed up...


Background: The captured Vulcan leader responded to the Borg
serum treatment. He revealed the location of Warden Headquarters.
In the meanwhile, every empire in the known galaxy has broken out
in civil war, and Starfleet Command has ordered Incursion back to
Earth. It is clear that Starfleet Command has been compromised.
Incursion is heading at maximum warp to the Warden Headquarters
in an attempt to stop the Wardens... This final assault must NOT

NOTE: The base is full of nanites ready to be released. If the
team gets infected, it's all over.

Max Team Members: 5

Required Team : Slovaak (E), Ivan (S)

Recommended Team : Brexen (E), Yulana (C), Sinjin (T)

Equipment Required : Computer Systems, Enhanced Mindmeld

Equipment Optional : EMP Grenade, Vial of Borg Serum, Transporter

Equipment Recommended : sniper rifle or concussion grenades, more
EMP grenades

NOTE: Only medical officers (M) and Yulana (C) carry the Borg
serum, and they get 3 shots each.

NOTE: I picked Brexen for extra EMP grenades and transporter
brig. Yulana for the serum and 3 hypos (limited, but necesary),
and Sinjin for the sniper rifle, needed for some tough kills. The
mission CAN be done with Aloram (S), Yulana (C), and Vin (T), but
it can be quite difficult.

Primary Objective(s):

-- Turn off the containment field so you can get to the security

-- Download access code to the main Warden base from security

-- Unlock the door to the main Warden base and enter

-- Reprogram all the nanites from the main computer.

Secondary Objective(s):

-- Do NOT allow yourself to be detected by the cameras, or the
nanites will be released from the cameras

NOTE: Don't get too close to the nanite pods. If the nanite pods
release nanites, and your team is nearby, they'll be taken over
and you'll lose them. If whole team is gone, you lose. The
Vulcans near the pod control terminals (red terminals besides the
ones next/near bridges) will periodically release more nanites
when someone raised the alarm level such as spotted a dead body.

NOTE: One way to prevent more nanites from being released is to
kill the Vulcans near the red terminals.

Q: How DO I drop the bridge to the northern terminal?
A: There's a console to the east that cannot be accessed
"directly". However, with Slovaak...

Q: More specific please?
A: Use enhanced mindmeld on one of the three guards to the east
behind the wall. Use him to access the terminal to northeast,
which opens the bridge.

Q: Now what?
A: Make your way west, then south through that "bowl" area with a
hole in the middle. Don't linger in the hole or you'll take
severe damage. Approach the security terminal from the east.

Q: Then what?
A: Clean out the guards near the entrance so you can enter

Q: Why did only 4 of my 5 team members made it into the building?
A: This seems to be a "bug". Have EVERYBODY standing INSIDE the
door before you hit "use" button to enter the "interior". If only
4 (or less) made it, you'll need to load an earlier savegame.

Q: How do I drop the forcefield to the Warden master?
A: You don't need to. Read the objectives again.

Q: How do I drop the forcefield to the center "console"?
A: There's a "red" terminal to the south you need to access.
Beware of "surprises" after you do.

You start in a little "plaza". To your east is a camera, along
with a couple guards to north of that. Take out the guard that
patrols close to you. Then EMP grenade the camera, run in there,
and take out the 2 guards to north. There's a prox mine to east
next to the pod, but you can't get to it due to forcefield.
Ignore it. There's also some guards west of you behind the wall.
Just make sure they don't see you as they control the nanite
pod's release.

Your first objective is the containment field terminal in the
northeast corner. Unfortunately, the terminal needed to open the
bridge to that is behind solid wall to east... (Trust me, that's
the one)  So the only way you can get to it is... With Slovaak's
enhanced mindmeld. There's a good spot to hide all the way north
along the eastern wall, just before the chasm. Remember to dodge
the camera and the guard that looks out from there. There are
THREE guards inside the walls to east, one of them can get close
to you for you to use the mindmeld. Do it, then just RUN at the
terminal and reprogram it. Then immediately end the mindmeld or
Slovaak will take a lot of damage through that phaser fight.

Now you need to look west. There's this "gate" that opens south,
past a sunken area with a big hold in the middle, then southwest
of that are the containment fields with the security terminal.
Three guards in a group patrol that. One way to get rid of all
three at once is to plant a remote mine right at the entrance
when they're not looking (beware of that guard looking through
that "window" to the north. Then detonate it when the mine is in
the middle of the three guards. Get rid of the bodies.

There are more guards, but you can probably deal with them with
just regular phasers. Run out there and SHOOT, then duck back.

NOTE: Watch the nanite pods and nearby red terminals carefully.
If a Vulcan approaches the terminal, RUN AWAY from the pods or
your team will be lost!

Now you're ready to take care of the first terminal. Gather near
the bridge, preferably when the guards just passed you heading
east, and the camera just panned to east past the bridge. RUN up
there and shoot the guards, one outside and two inside. Send the
science officer in, the rest out, and do the terminal. Voila,
that's done.

Now that the containment is down, head south, just through the
gate. The guy to south has limited vision range and can't see
past that. When he turns his back to you, RUN up there and shoot
him from behind.

NOTE: Do NOT stay in that sunken area. It periodically spews
LAVA, which can do a world of hurt to your team.

Continue south, and shoot the other guard as well. One person
open the bridge to east (back to starting point), while the
others head west and remove the 2-3 guards inside. Hide behind
the pod so those other guards don't get too excited. Don't get
too close to the camera.

Send in engineer and science officer. Wait at just beyond the
camera arc. Have science officer EMP grenade the camera, then the
science officer run in there and grab the access codes. Voila!
The place is open.

Now it's time to clean out the area near the door. Go north from
the terminal, and clean out the Vulcans nearby. In general,
approach from their backside, and have 4 people shoot together.
You may get hit once or twice, but that's what the 3 hyposprays
are for... Clear out the area near the entrance and the pod.

Now, you need to access the red terminal next to the bridge
that'll let you through into the main lair. That camera covering
the bridge terminal has a VERY tight schedule. As soon as that
camera points west (slightly), have the science officer run in
there and the bridge comes out. Run back so the camera doesn't
release nanites.

Gather on the other side of the pod. The camera should be sweep
east. Run up to the bridge and get inside!

Now it's even MORE fun. You need to make your way from entrance,
through a long corridor with multiple cameras, into the control
room, and reprogram the computer to deactivate the nanites.

NOTE: There seem to be a bug here. For the party of 5 I got, only
4 made it into the building. The fifth member (random?) does not
appear in the "interior" playing field at all.

Take out the guard in front of you ASAP. The doors will open
automatically when you approach. While this makes it simple,
beware of cameras and such just on the other side. The initial
door to east has a camera right behind it. You may want to use a
remote mine as the camera leaves a dead zone JUST enough for
someone to run inside along the edge, and remote mine has EMP
effect as well. The remote mine will also kill the guard when he
approaches. Or just EMP grenade the camera. Another way is wait
until the camera pans east then just rush through.

To northwest you see a nanite pod, and there's a terminal just
beyond the pod. You MUST prevent the Vulcans from reaching that
terminal. Run out there, have two shoot the nearest, the other
three run LEFT of the pod and take out that guy at the terminal.
Then all shoot at that third guy to east.

Now you need to duck the camera to west at the end of the
corridor. There may be a guard there that patrols the inside a
bit. When he walks inside, and camera looks away, plant a prox
mine at the door, which will take care of him.

When the camera looks away, run inside. The bald Vulcan taunts
you about your efforts being futile. He's behind a forcefield all
the way to the east.

The computer core in the middle is where you need to go, but
there is a forcefield in front of it, and to disable it you need
to go to the SOUTHERN corner... There's a "red" terminal down
there. The camera that covers the core doesn't pan that far, so
have your group hide near the core, in a firing line. Have Ivan
"lure" the guards to you and shoot them. The camera wouldn't
care. When the camera's out of arc, have Ivan run around the
core, be ready to head to the terminal to south, but don't do the
terminal yet yet.

Have Ivan CLOAK, then do the terminal. A guard will beam in with
two prox mines just as you do the terminal. If he doesn't see
Ivan, he won't chase him. Have Ivan RUN past the mines and lure
the guard to where the rest of the team can shoot him.

Now the trick is how to "sweep" the two prox mines in front of
the core. Better save the game. When the camera looks away, run
up to the mines until you get the first "sweep". Immediately
pause and run AWAY. If you time it JUST right, both mines are
toast, and you are undamaged.

Run around the core, stay out of the camera arc, and be ready to
run in there and reprogram the core with Ivan. When that's done,
you win!

Debriefing: the Warden Master has Bendii syndrome, and the
nanites were originally an attempt to ameliorate his condition.
Instead, it turned into a "religion" of sorts, and became vastly
expanded in scope... When Ivan reprogrammed the nanites, the
Warden Master collapsed. His assistant explained how the Wardens
came about, and the Incursion has done its duty, and averted the
Wardens from taking over the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

6.19  THE END

Not a mission, merely a bit of narrative to wrap up the game...
Incursion's role will be kept secret. The Wardens' true identity
will not be revealed as well. Starfleet will claim it was a Borg
nanite attack. Incursion crew will receive top Starfleet
commendations, and some well deserved shore leave.

However, the shore leave will have to wait. Some trouble has been
detected on the Cardassian border...

[Leave the ending open for a sequel, but none are coming...]

7    Other Information


Sorry, no information, as it's nearly impossible to find this
game in stores, muchless players that still play this online.


If you enjoyed this game, try Commandos or Commandos 2: Men of
Courage. You may also want to try DS9: The Fallen.


Type 'cheater' to engage cheat mode.

After cheat mode has been engaged the following commands become

Type 'iwin' to instantly win the mission.

Type 'medic' to heal your entire team.

These seem to be the ONLY two cheatcodes in the game.


The official Strategy Guide to ST:Away Team is published by

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