Operation CWAL : Increase the speed of construction of your units and
The Gathering : Infinite mana/power
power overwhelming : god mode
there is no cow level : skip level
show me the money : 10000 of both resources
medieval man : upgrade all units without cost
something for nothing : upgrades 1 level of all weapons/armor 
whats mine is mine: gives 500 minerals
breathe deep: gives 500 Vespene gas
noglues : stops the computer from using magic
Staying alive : keeps going after level is through
game over man : makes you lose
black sheep wall : reveals entire map
war aint what it used to be: disables the re-growth of Fog of War
modify the phase variance: allows the building of all units and structures
food for thought: allows the building of units beyond the supply limit
ophelia: Master code to enable level warping
     terranX, or zergX, or protossX; where X is desired level #

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