StarCraft Strategy Guide Version 4.5

March 14, 2000

StarCraft Strategy Guide 
Written by Scott Lee
([email protected])
E-mail me with anything you can tell me about the game that isn't 
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addresses often.

Unpublished work Copyright 1999-2000 Scott Lee

StarCraft is published by Blizzard, and here I give thanks to 
Blizzard for making this great game.  Also for providing Battle 
Net, it is the best place to play StarCraft online.  Catch me 
there under the name of DaOnEnOnLee and Agent_SX under original 
StarCraft, my stats are just average, it's something like 260-60-
50 for DaOnEnOnLee, 45-10-4 for Agent_SX, I'm currently now using 
Agent_SX the most on both melee and ladder.  You are free to 
whisper me for a game anytime.  However, now I don't play that 
much anymore, but you can still find me playing sometimes here and 
there.  I don't play StarCraft: Brood Wars, I think it's not 
balanced enough, Protoss is way too powerful, Terran don't stand a 
chance against Protoss on most maps.  On Brood Wars, playing 
random is a bit too risky for me since I want to win.

This entire guide is written by me, so I should get all the credit 
for it.  So please don't take this and claim it yours.  And this 
is just a guide to help new players to get an idea on how to play 
the game.  Hopefully this guide will aid those who will spend time 
reading this.  This guide should not be sold, and if any company 
or publisher will pay for this guide, I better get the money!

If you want to use this guide for your site or something, just 
post the whole thing including my disclaimer (especially my 
disclaimer).  All though please E-Mail me first before you do.  I 
probably let you anyway.  (If I don't reply back, just go right 
ahead and post it, if I got a problem with it, I will E-mail you 
about it, and I probably won't.)

I got my copy of StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood Wars for a while, 
so I consider myself to be an above average player.  I am not 
saying that I am the greatest one ever lived, but I do okay 
against most people.  Also I'm familiar with all 3 races, and I 
just know a lot of basic things you need to know in order to 
become good.  This is my third completed Walkthrough/Guide I have 
written.  E-mail me with any problem that you may have in this 

I'm a really nice (in a way) person, so if any players who wants 
to know anything about StarCraft or about the game play can E-mail 
me, and I will help the best I can.  I can help to improve most if 
not everyone's game play since it's easier to criticize than 
actually doing it.  However, be sure to include in the email the 
race you want to use, the map you are using, the problem(s) you've 
been having playing against someone, and the most important thing, 
your Battle.Net user name.  Also please have some info on which 
one you are playing, StarCraft or Brood Wars, the game changed a 
lot between the 2 versions, so it's important.

You can find this guide in quite a few places.  Here are some of 
Game Addictions

There are another few places, mostly on friend's home sites.  I 
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when I actually find out the web addresses from them, they never 
let me know, they do, I just never remember them.

If you see this guide without my disclaimer (shown above) anywhere 
on the web, please E-mail me and let me know.

Author's Note, I have received quite a few emails requesting a 
walkthrough for the single player campaign, even though I believe 
the single player campaign is quite easy to complete, I've decided 
to put up a new section for the campaign walkthrough.

Version Histories:

Version History 4.5 Added new tricks to the trick section, these tricks 
are sent in by "Chess Freak" of [email protected].

Version History 4.4 Added new Trend section, I also redid a big part of 
this guide, you should notice quite a few changes all around the guide.

Version History 4.3 Added new Abbreviation section.

Version History 4.2 Started on Zerg campaign section, this will take me 
a while to finish.

Version History 4.1 Added new Playing experience section.

Version History 4.0 Finally finished Terran single campaign, now on to 
the Zerg campaign, this will take a while.

Version History 3.9 Added new single player campaign walkthrough.  
This is not quite finished yet, so there is a lot of work to be 
done, I will take my time.

Version History 3.8 New some new information.  Most of the new 
information comes from personal experiences.  So they got to be 
true (^_^).  I'm sharing my life story here, just kidding.  

Version History 3.7 Added new Counter section.

Version History 3.6 Added the new Protoss, Terran, Zerg section, 
and the new trick section.  These few sections still need a lot of 
work on, but I doubt these sections can be ever completed since 
people will always think up new strategies.

Version History 3.0 Correct several mistakes, added some 
information.  Thanks to all the people who sent in all the 

Version History 2.9 Added new info on various units.  My friend 
came over and helped a lot.  Thanks a lot Evilman, I still think 
I'm better than you in StarCraft.  Since we never played each 
other, you can't say anything about it since my record is better, 

Version History 2.8 Added Multi Player section. 

Version Hisotry 2.3 Added a few things, fixed some small bugs.

Version History 2.2 Added styles of play, and some small changes.

Version History 1.2 Added how to improve your game play section.

Version History 0.7 Apply some small changes, added credit and 

Version History 0.6 Change a little text, fix the mistake on 
Devour's attack name from Corrosive Venom to Corrosive Acid. 

Version History 0.5 I added Brood War units and buildings.

Version History 0.1 I just started on this today, I sure hope that 
I can finish this soon.

This FAQ is based on StarCraft Brood Wars Version 1.05 or higher. 
(Patch downloadable from or


If you are reading this guide, I assume you have the game and know 
the real basic idea of the game.  In case you don't, the game is 
you building an army, and killing your opponent(s), unless you are 
playing a trigger map, then I can't help you unless I played that 
map before.  This guide is used for players who don't use cheat, 
if you use cheat, than you really shouldn't play this game, there 
isn't much of a point then.

StarCraft's game play is very much like WarCraft's game play, 
since both WarCraft and StarCraft have similar ideas whey they are 
both created by Blizzard.  Those of you who have played WarCraft 
before will able to fit right into StarCraft.  StarCraft is more 
difficult than WarCraft; it has many more elements in the game 
other than making more troops and start bum rushing your enemy(s).  

This guide will help you in the game, but I can't promise you that 
you will always win if you follow my strategy, I can promise you, 
you will win against computers and most human player, but maybe 
not against all human players.  And you should practice against 
the computers to improve your game play, even though to me, 
computer are really idiots, and they just don't think sometimes.  
I got okay stats for StarCraft in Battle.Net, so my style is 
better than the computers at least.  This guide contains 
information for all units, but overall this guide is more based on 
strategy than plain info.

I recommend you try out different maps, and have more than one 
CPUs against you (3-4 recommended).  This will improve your game 
play, and also play against friends that are better than you, you 
can learn from them by watching how they play.  You shouldn't 
worry about combos or advanced things like that, to me (and most 
other people), those are easily countered and won't cause much 
damage while you spent a lot of money trying to pull it off.  

Also I won't be updating this guide much unless there is a major 
mistake, if there is just a small typo, I probably won't update it 
for some time.  However I will be updating during the first few 
days after the guide has been posted.  Which is before end of 
August of 1999.


Part 1: Basic Strategy
Part 2: Advance Strategy
Part 3: Terran Units, and Buildings
Part 4: Zerg Units, and Buildings
Part 5: Protoss Units, and Buildings
Part 6: Starcraft walkthrough 
Part 7: Brood Wars walkthrough
Part 8: Various hints, useful ideas on playing StarCraft
Part 9: Cheats for the game (not recommended)
Part 10: How to improve your game play
Part 11: Styles of Play
Part 12: Multi Players
Part 13: Terran strategy section
Part 14: Zerg strategy section
Part 15: Protoss strategy section
Part 16: Tricks
Part 17: Counters
Part 18: My playing experience
Part 19: Abbreviations
Part 20: Trend
Part 21: Credit

Part 1: Basic Strategy

This is more of an introduction to each race, rather than 

The basic idea is to kill your opponent(s) with your troops.  You 
have to choice of three different races, each have their own 
advantages and disadvantages.  I will start with the Protoss race, 
since they are the most popular race among the users of

Protoss has the highest technology in all three races, so they 
will last out in a long game.  The one major problem with Protoss 
are that they builds very slow, especially with their troops, and 
their lack of long range troops (Reaver's just have terrible 
speed, it's basically dead if a flyer finds it in open ground).  
Protoss have high power units, their most basic fighting unit, the 
Zealots are not just powerful early on in the game, they can be 
upgraded and be very useful in the later stage of the game.  
Protoss possess one major weakness, their buildings can be only be 
built within short the ranges of their Pylons (all buildings other 
than the Nexus).  That can really affect the speed of expending 
sometimes, and it can really slow down the your early game rush.  
But the Pylons are also used to provide PSI food supply that feed 
your troops, so you will need to build them anyway.  Another thing 
is if the Pylon is destroyed, the buildings nearby that require 
this pylon to be built will not function until you have built 
another Pylon to replace it (the building will have red letters 
"Unpowered" on it).  The best way to avoid this is to build Pylons 
by twos or more and next to each other, so if one is destroyed, 
the other one can power the buildings while you replace the Pylon.  
However, the early game, enemy will usually go for your only 
Pylon, and if that is gone, your Cannons or Gateways will be 
useless until another Pylon finishes.  One thing great about the 
Protoss building is once the building warp-in starts, the worker 
can go back to work, unlike the other two races where the worker 
has to stay at the site until the building is finished.  Protoss 
has shields and HP; their shields can be recovered in time, 
however Protoss HP will never recover other from ally's Terran 
Medic.  But Protoss shields can recover pretty fast, comparing to 
Zerg's healing, not to mention with the help of Shield Battery.

Terrans are people like us with medium technology, average troops 
and mediocre speed.  The Terran have units like our army today, 
e.g. tanks, airplanes.  Their weapons are also very much like what 
we have today, rifles, cannons, rockets, nuclear missiles, etc.  
The Terran is a below average race for a new player, but with an 
experienced player, Terran can be very dangerous.  Their Siege 
Tanks have the best range in all ground units, and it deals 70 
damage to its target and various other damages to units near by 
the explosion.  And in the hands of a pro, it can just wipe out 
your entire army before you can get close to the Tanks.  Terrans 
also have some awesome air units, and the Battle Cruisers are 
probably the best air unit anyone can have.  However, Terran has 
slow building speed, so Terran doesn't work well in a rush.  The 
Terran buildings have a great ability, the buildings are able to 
lift off and fly over to another part of the map.  Even though the 
building's movements are quite slow, they are however fast enough 
to expend in short period of time.  You should know that not all 
Terran buildings are able to lift off, only big buildings with the 
same size as the Commend Center has this ability.  Terran 
buildings catches fire if they are damaged for 2/3 of their total 
possible HP, the building will slowly burn down if it catches fire 
and have red hit points, you will need a SCV to repair the damaged 
building, or it will be burn down quite fast.  It would be easy 
for you if you keep a few SCV near your front line, also have a 
few SCV when attacking with Tanks and other Mech. units, these 
units can be repaired with your SCVs.  Terran computer is the most 
powerful, they take full effect of their ability to control multi 
units at the same time, and if you can do that, you will be one of 
the best player ever.  Terran is more flexible in building since 
they can build anywhere the map allows, unlike Zerg on Creeps and 
Protoss on Pylons.

Zerg are creatures with low technology, they fight with brutal 
force and mass numbers, and they will win no matter the sacrifice 
that needs to be made.  Their fast production speed makes them a 
great race used for rush or wave.  But the Hatchery (evolves into 
Lair, and then Hive) are the only place where the Zerg units can 
be produced (so I suggest you build 3 or 4 maybe even more later 
on when you have the extra minerals).  The Hatchery will slowly 
produce Larva that evolves into other units, and Larva that evolve 
into Drones that can mine and morph into different Zerg buildings.  
The Drone will die when evolve into any buildings (actually it 
becomes that building).  All Zerg buildings and units will slowly 
regain HP when it has been damaged, it can take a while but it is 
automatic and free.  The Zergs are very easy to use, and I suggest 
to newbs that you begin playing as Zerg, once you master this 
race, you can go on ahead to play as other races, Zerg is simple 
to use, and there isn't that many things you need to master in 
Zerg.  Zerg players should always be on the offensive side, keep 
attacking until you have won, Zergs are very hard to defend, since 
a Zealot rush can put your base back into the stone age if done 
correctly.  The early game Zergling rush will be very useful if 
you can find your opponent fast enough, if not, your Zerglings 
will fry under Zealots and Bunkers.  However, the Zergling rush 
will slow down your mineral production if you plan on something 

*Note* The only way to move your unit is using the attack key 
(unless you want them to ignore any enemy unit on the way).  When 
you are attacking the enemy's base, don't just right click, enemy 
units on the way will attack your units, they can keep attacking 
along the way until you notice it.  So press A, then select any 
ground on the enemy's base (not on a building, click anywhere near 
the building, your troop will attack all enemy it sees on the way, 
meaning everything in it's sight range).  You should only use the 
right click if you are going for a direct building, (like Barrack 
or Pylon) but remember your troops will ignore enemy attack if you 
just right click.

The most basic win is a fast rush game that overwhelms your 
opponent.  This is easily achieved by making more units than your 
opponent, and then just over powers them through out the game.  
While you are creating chaos in their base, you should be 
preparing another army in your base ready to finish off your 
opponent.  The basic idea is have all workers mine minerals only, 
get more production buildings like Barrack/Gateway/Hatchery, and 
build your fighters faster than your opponent.  If the enemy has 
some good defense, find some way to get around it, don't face it 
head on, you will not only lose all your people, you won't able to 
break through the defense.  The most basic rush idea is find your 
opponent before you attack, Zerg can use their Overlord to scout, 
but if you are using the other two races, you will have to use 
your workers or use your first basic unit(s).  

The basic Protoss building order is four Probe start to mine, 
while you are making the fifth as soon as the game starts, when 
the probe finish, you should have around enough money to make 
another Probe, make it and have the fifth Probe mine.  The sixth 
Probe should wait for 100 minerals and build a Pylon, and go into 
mining.  Then once you have 50 minerals, make another probe while 
your Pylon is still building.  The seventh Probe will make your 
Gateway and go into mining.  Then you should make another Probe 
(your eighth), and build another Gateway and Pylon while scouting 
for your opponent with this Probe or the seventh Probe.  Your 
first Gateway should finish and should start on Zealots, then you 
just make up to 10 or 12 Probes, possibly making more Gateways and 
more Pylons then go into mining.  Gas isn't that important yet, 
but you can go into it if you feel you have enough money, than a 
Forge should be built, if you got enough extra money left, get the 
upgrades and possibly get Cybernetic Core.  By the time you have 
around 6 Zealots, you should prepare your first rush, while making 
more Zealots.  Your first rush with your first group of Zealots 
will only able to break through your opponents' base at most, they 
probably won't able to finish off the job against most opponents.  
The time they all died, you should have around 8 new Zealots ready 
to go, rush with those while producing more.  This should finish 
off a Zerg opponent with no problem, unless they got around 10 
Sunkens, then you should go for their workers and avoid direct 
contact with the Sunkens.  Terran might give you some trouble if 
they have Firebats in Bunkers, but your second rush should able to 
finish them off if you go for their SCVs instead of the Bunkers.  
If you are playing against a Protoss player, then expect them to 
have a few more Zealots than you.  Then you should ignore the 
Zealots and try to stop their mineral production, and then 
concentrate on the Zealots.  Your Zealots in your base should then 
rush in (and of course, you are making more while all this is 
happening) and help out.  Zealots are very powerful, one Zealot 
can take on 2 Zerglings or 2 Marines with no problem, and a group 
of 12 can break through almost any ground defense.  Zealot takes 
awhile longer to make, but they can really finish the job with 
their high damage and HP.  If you see that Zealots aren't getting 
the job done, go into gas and build your Citadel of Adun, and 
improve Zealot speed, and also make another Forge for both Photon 
Cannons and faster ground unit upgrades.  Watch out for enemy 
flying units and cloak units (Dark Templar and Lurker), if you see 
that they have these units (you are in big trouble).  First 
protect your base, and then climb your tech tree and see if you 
can have an army (fully upgraded Carriers and 3 Arbiters would do 
it) powerful enough to break through.  If you keep rushing you 
will be just losing troops, if this is a multi exit map, try the 
other exit.  And about then, you should start expending.  Anyway, 
against some Terran opponents that build Bunkers too out from 
their main base, just ignore the Bunkers and just run past them.  
If the Marine come out the Bunker after you, than go back and 
finish them, if they don't come back, take out their Barrack or 
take out their SCVs, sometimes even better take out the Commend 
Center if you can.  6 Zealots can run pass 4 Bunkers easily if the 
path is clear enough.  And remember once the Marines exits the 
Bunker, they are no match against your Zealots with their pity 6 
damage and 40 HP.  When you have the chance go take out important 
units, like workers or HQ, remember workers provide money and gas 
for the entire base, and when the HQ is gone, the workers can't 
produce any more minerals until the HQ is replaced.  Take note 
that all HQ takes an extremely long time to build.

Zerg is a basic rush race, so they don't do very well in late 
games unless you are really good with Zerg.  Zerg units can be 
created fast and they can rush faster than any other race.  
Zerglings are hatched 2 per Larva, and that means 6 at a time with 
a full Hatchery.  Another advantage that Zerg possess is their 
Overlord (you start a game with an Overlord), they can scout for 
the enemy while you mine (however, your opponent will know where 
you are if they see your Overlord).  The basic building order is 4 
Drones mines, make Drone as soon as the game starts, and your 
Overlord should start scouting.  The fifth Drone should start to 
mine minerals, any of the mining Drone will build the Spawning 
Pool once you got the 150 minerals required.  You can morph in 
another Drone when the Spawning Pool is still building.  Then you 
just start making Zerglings, you should rush with your first six 
and hope that your opponent haven't got any kind of defense yet.  
If they got any defense, go for their workers and try to stop 
their mineral production as much as you can.  Since each worker 
cost 50 minerals, and if you kill 3 worker units, your Zerglings 
have done the job for their cheap 150 mineral cost.  Zergling rush 
is extremely risky, if you fail to take out the enemy workers, you 
will be behind in mineral production and eventually lose to a 
higher tech unit.  Zergling rush is a good way to win in small 
maps like Blood Bath, but sometimes the game will be very close 
and you should attack your Drones along with your Zerglings.  
Drones aren't the best attacker, but they however will provide 
quite a force this early on.  Once the Zergling rush starts, you 
can continue on and build extra Hatchery when you've gotten enough 
money, build the second Hatchery near your base where it can be 
protected or far away for an expansion.  While you are making more 
Zerglings and keeps rushing them (even though you know they won't 
finish off the enemy, as long as they can stall their mineral and 
technology, the sacrifices should be made), as all the fighting is 
going on, your base should be flooded with Zerglings.  Eventually 
you will kill your opponent by just sending enough Zerglings to 
his/her base.  This strategy works well against all races, however 
Zealots are powerful enough to take on 3 Zerglings by himself, so 
with the help of Probes, your Zerglings will fry!  The best way to 
avoid this is going for the Probes instead of the Zealots since 
Zerglings have better speed, six Zerglings should take out around 
5 or 6 Probes before they all die.  This should send your opponent 
back to where they start, they will have to replace all the 
Probes, and they won't have any money to make new Zealots.  Then a 
12 Zerglings should able to finish off the enemy, if not, go for 
gas and Mutalisks, they can wipe out the weakened Protoss base.  
Cloak units or flyers shouldn't be a problem, so don't go into 
Mutalisks unless your opponent has a large group of Zealots or 
some Bunkers in good choke points.  A quick Lair then Spire would 
be good and easy done, and Mutalisks can shred the Zealots or take 
out the Probes while your Zerglings finish it off after your 
flyers.  During this, your Lair should be evolved to a Hive and a 
Greater Spire should be on the way.  Then just morph your damaged 
Mutalisks to Guardians, and that's pretty much game over for your 
opponent.  Protoss Scouts and Terran Wraith shouldn't be much of a 
problem since Scourge can take care any of the flyers they might 
have without much effort.  This early cripple strategy works well, 
also your Zeaglings can stop your opponent from expending 
anywhere, you can basically take over the entire map if you have 
them pinned like this.

Terran have a weak early game rush, their Marines are weak, their 
attacks are a pitiful 6 damage, and they will die very fast under 
any kind of attack, Marines will die one on one against almost any 
other attacker.  However Firebats are extremely powerful, but they 
require Gas and Academy to be built.  Then that isn't a rush 
anymore, however I have seen players that rush with a combination 
of 8 Marines and 4 Firebats in less than 3 and half minutes.  But 
just a simple 3 Cannon or 3 Sunken block stops that kind of rush 
cold.  I would just recommend that you use another race if you are 
rushing, Terran just don't have a good early game rush unit, enemy 
Zealots and Zerglings are just faster and more powerful against 
Terran Marines.  Also if you are playing Mutiplayer with allies, 
don't rush with Firebats, because their splash damage with hurt 
your ally's troops too.  Terran can however block in/out an 
opponent easily, with Siege Tanks, Bunkers and Missile Turrets, 
not many units can get through easily.  Only Guardians, Carriers, 
Battle Cruiser's Yamato Gun, and Queen's Spawn Broodling can cause 
you any serious trouble.  However, a few Dark Swarms with 
Ultralisks, Zealots, Dark Templars, and Archons can shred your 
front line with Queens taking out all your Tanks.  Unless you have 
Firebats in Bunkers, it's pretty much over for your frontline, and 
unless you got a lot more Firebats in the background you've 
already lost that base to your enemy.  And remember that Firebats 
will only deal 4 damage to Ultralisks since they are large units.  
Stim Pack is very important here, Firebats without them are quite 
useless against units like Zealots.

Part 2: Advance Strategy

The Advance Strategy is how you are going to win a late game.  The 
idea is similar to basic strategy, kill your opponent with your 
troops.  Except this is probably no longer a ground only war, it's 
now involved with air units.  Knowing this, you should protect 
your base with both anti ground and anti air units.

Also, cloaking units comes into the game, your cloakers can deal 
some free damage, but that can go for your opponent too.  So you 
should really protect your base well, meaning just one or two 
Cannons/Spores/Turrets aren't going to cut you a break when 20 
plus Wraith with cloak attacking your mineral line.  

For Terran, have a Bunker with 4 Marines right next to your 
Commend Center, also build four Missile Turrets around your 
mineral field.  Marine and Goliath are also good at protecting 
against early worker hunters.  Especially Goliath with their 
attack range upgrade, then they will have the same range as 

Zerg is however more easier, first have 3 or more Spores and 2 
Sunken right next to your mineral line.  Hydralisks and Mutalisks 
aren't that important, but keep them there just in case.  Spores 
have 400 HP, so Wraith and Scouts aren't going to kill them that 
fast.  The Sunkens can prevent Tank and Reaver drop before they 
really hurt you.  A hot key of Hydralisk should be kept there at 
all the time, burrow them and call them out when you need them.  
Watch out when fast flyers go for your workers directly instead of 
your Spores.  Then your Hydralisks will be your best protection 
with their fast and decent attacks.

Protoss is much simple in worker protection since their Photon 
Cannon attacks both air and ground, first 2 Pylons that can 
support your cannons near your minerals.  Then build 4 or more 
cannons right next to your Nexus, if you don't feel that is safe, 
build more if you got the extra minerals to spare.  Then have some 
Dragoons and Scouts, and that is one good mineral protection, 
however a big swarm of Hydralisks and Zeaglings with a good number 
advantage can overtake that base easily.  However, 3 Reavers and a 
few High Templars can easily overturn the tide of the battle with 
their extremely high damage and their awesome range.

The Protoss most powerful late game unit is the Carrier, and a 
fully upgraded Carrier with 8 Interceptors deals 72 damages.  The 
Carrier possess 300 HP and 150 shields, they are very difficult to 
destroy (but they are also the most expensive unit in the game), 
and they takes a long time to make.  Also, the Protoss has some 
awesome magic spells and technology, they should be researched and 
put into use.  Your best bet at winning a late game is 12 Carriers 
(fully upgraded!), a few Arbiters to cloak the Carrier and a few 
Observers to detect cloak units (the Observer is useless against 
Zerg since they can't cloak any air attackers, just add another 
Carrier or Arbiter).  This will require a large amount of time, 
money and gas, and you will probably need to expend to a lot of 
other mineral spots to get gas faster.  The best way to speed up 
this is to build 4 or 5 Stargates (maybe more), and have only 
Fleet Beacon and Stargates early on, once you have your 10 or so 
Carriers, then go into Arbiter, Observers, and your upgrades.  
However I would recommend you to have a group of Zealots and 
Dragoons to rush the enemy base before you attack, so you can see 
what they have before you attack with your main forces.  You can 
also use a few Scouts to check out the enemy base but the odds are 
they will not come back.  Your base should be well defended 
through out the game, build Photon Cannons around your base, and a 
few near your buildings and Mineral fields is really important.  
Scatter Dragoons and Scouts around your base in case of transport 
drop attack.  Also Protoss Archons work well in both attacking and 
defending.  The only thing you should really watch out for are 
Terran Siege Tanks, Zerg Guardians, and Protoss Reavers, and 
against all of these units, a group of 8 Scouts with speed upgrade 
should do the job.  However, if you are doing this, you will be 
really poor if your opponent is attacking you non-stop with 
Zealots and Dragoons, the money to keep your front line Cannons 
can just drain you dry.  And with help of Reavers and Drops, you 
probably won't have the time and money for Carrier/Arbiter push.  
So when that happens, switch to more ground troops, since ground 
troops are cheaper and the attack/armor upgrades aren't that 
important.  However, Zealot walk speed and Dragoon attack range 
must be upgrades.  Scouts are just too expensive, so you should 
just get something else instead.  High Templar and Dark Templars 
are also quite good, High Templar is one of the most feared units 
for Protoss.  Their Psi Storm deals over 200 damage if the unit 
stays in the storm.  And with the cheap cost of only 75 energy, a 
High Templar can fire 3 times before drained dry.  Even then, 5 
seconds later, two drained Templars will form a powerful healthy 
Archon which splashes 30 damage without any upgrade (and with 
Shield Battery nearby, it will be very difficult to kill off the 
Archon).  Dark Templar's free cloaking is quite annoying, unless 
you have multi-detectors nearby, your opponent will just go for 
your single Science Vessel or Overlord with Scouts and then their 
Dark Templars will murder your army completely before your backup 
detector arrives.  Remember to hot key some High Templars near 
your front line, they can shred almost any incoming units with 
their Psi Storms.

Terrans have some great mid/late game units, their Siege Tanks 
have the best range in all ground units, and their damage is 
awesome, too.  Basically, 6 plus Siege Tanks in Siege mode with 4 
Bunkers and some Missile Turrets can stop almost any incoming 
ground attack.  The Terran Battle Cruisers are the best air unit 
(Carriers slow firing rate make them the second best air unit), 
their 34 upgraded damage for both air and ground make them 
trustable, and their Yamato Gun dishes out 260 damage with great 
range.  The best way to win against a computer is just build a few 
Supply Depots to block off the exit to your base.  (This don't 
work in maps that have multi exits and against Terran CPU, since 
their Siege Tanks will attack your Supply Depot, you can still 
pull it off if you get Wraith fast enough), and build Bunkers with 
Marines with Tanks in Siege Mode to back up the fire power.  The 
computers don't attack the Supply Depot, but they can't get to 
your bunker, so they just run around while you are shooting them 
down.  But watch out for Hydralisk and Dragoons, they can attack 
your bunker straight, so have a few SCVs near by to repair it as 
soon as it gets damaged.  You should get Tanks fast or your bunker 
will be crash fast, since Marines deal pitiful damage even if you 
upgraded to the max.  Once you have secured your base with Missile 
Turrets and ground units around your base, start on making 
Starports (6 or 7 recommended), however an early 4 plus Reaver 
drop on your workers can cripple you greatly.  Once your base is 
secure, go on ahead to Armory (build three since upgrades takes 
awhile, but for those of you who wants Battle Cruisers fast, and 
build the Science Facility first, then go into Armory.  Another 
thing I found out that might be useful is when a SCV is building, 
you can cancel it on the SCV and have it do something else, and 
you can come back later and finish it off with another SCV.  So 
that means you can block off your exit faster now that you don't 
have to finish off the buildings.  A 12 Battle Cruiser fleet and a 
few Science Vessels can probably take out any enemy base, but than 
Psi Storm and mass Hydralisk swarms can easily counter these 
expensive fleets.  The Science Vessel's Emp Shockwave is great 
against Protoss since it drains all energy and shield from that 
unit (make a Protoss Archon with only 10 HP, your SCV can finish 
off the Archon).  If you are fighting against Zerg, don't bring 
the Science Vessel, just bring another Battle Cruiser.  If you are 
fighting against multi enemies, repair your Battle Cruiser before 
charging into another enemy base.  While defending your base, have 
Vultures lay Spider Mines outside your base, it can act as a 
detector for an attack.  Spider mines also workers well in major 
chock points on the map, but you have to really know the map if 
you are blocking choke points.  Science Vessels are a good target 
for both Lockdown and Yamato Gun, so be sure to bring 4 or more 
when going up against a cloak happy opponent.  Remember once your 
only detector is destroyed, Wraith will shred your Battle Cruiser 
fleet and because of Cruiser's slow speed, they won't able to run 
away.  Your Comsat Scanner isn't that useful, it loses effect in 2 
or 3 seconds, your Battle Cruisers won't able to take out any more 
than 5 or 6 Wraith, the rest will just completely destroy your 
very expensive fleet.  (12 Cruisers fleet cost 4800 minerals and 
3600 gas without upgrades, and lets not mention the time and 
effort put into it.)  Tank push is also good way to go, with 
protection from other units, Tank's 11 range can drill your way to 
victory, but flyers and close-up melee attackers can really damage 
your Tanks unless proper backup is available.

Zerg have some weak late game units, their Guardians are your best 
bet at winning, protected by Scourge and Mustlisk (Devours for 
Brood Wars), they can win the game.  Another easy way to win is 
fully upgrade your Hydralisk, and rush them by the 100s.  They can 
just over whelm your opponent and since they attack both land and 
air, you can just leave everything to them and just watch as they 
tear up your opponent's base, but Reaver and Psi Storm easily 
counters those.  But remember this won't work unless you have a 
large amount of Hydralisks (above 80 recommended), and you should 
have some flyers to back up Hydralisks in case they can't finish 
it off.  They are great targets for Terran Spider mines and Siege 
Mode Tanks, Reavers works wonders on mass Hydralisk rush, I would 
recommend have an Overlord there to detect and a few Guardians to 
take out the Tanks before charging in.  And of course send a few 
Zerglings to rush to see how the enemy's base is defended first, 
Queen's Parasite is also good here.  Zerg has some great attacking 
buildings, their Sunken Colony has 400 HP and deals 40 damage, but 
unless they are built together, they won't work that well.  The 
Spores are however weaker, they only deals 15 damage, but your 
Hydralisks can patrol your base and they can take out almost any 
air unit with their cheap cost and large numbers.  Spread your 
Overlord around for cloak detection.  Also send a Zergling to a 
further exit to your base, it can be used as early warning of an 
enemy attack, and have it burrow so enemies wont know about it.  
But against the computer it might not work, since they always know 
where to scan and they have everything perfect with their 
detector.  You should build your Sunkens and Spores close 
together, if built too far apart, they won't work very well, since 
they might not all attack because they just can't move at all.  
When playing against another human player, send your Zerglings to 
all the mineral fields and have them burrow right next to the 
crystals.  If your player color is blue, it will work wonders in 
Twilight and other dark maps.  When your opponent decide to 
expend, and have all their main troops guarding their new base, 
attack their main base.  If their troops go back trying to save 
their main base, have your Zerglings attack the new base.  Both 
way you get something out of it.  Remember map control is very 
important, unless you are willing to be rushed non stop by your 
opponent, you should take good care of the map. 

*Note, an easy way to win against a Zerg computer is a Sunken 
Colony rush, this is easily accomplished by first have a Drone 
morph into a Spawning Pool, and while the Spawning Pool is still 
building.  Than have another Drone build a Creep Colony on enemy 
Zerg's Creep, upgrade the Creep Colony to Sunken and rush with 
your Zerglings, and this should be a very easy win.  This Strategy 
works for Protoss also, but their Photon Cannon only has 200 HP 
and require a Pylon and are easily killed by enemy workers.  
Photon Cannon requires a Forge and a Pylon, but one Probe can 
build multi Cannons in a matter a seconds.  However I don't 
recommend you doing this, this is for a pro player using a new 
name to rack in 10 wins, so he or she can play ladder without 
wasting any time on long boring games.

Note- I swear I see these 7 vs 1 zerg comp rush games everywhere 
on  What is the point of playing this, there isn't even any 
kind of challenge here, you just run all your workers there and 
you will win.  It doesn't really matter that you have a lot of 
wins, if you can't take on against a good human player, it means 
you suck in StarCraft.  So when playing against other people, 
don't be scared of their records, I've seen people with 200 wins 
who can't stop a simple and quite slow 6 Zerglings rush if they 
know about it coming.  One time I've saw this guy with 120 wins 
and 10 lose, he don't even protect his main mineral base, I scout 
with a Shuttle, and found nothing.  Than I dropped on him and I 
won with only 6 Reavers, non of them are even damaged.  So record 
doesn't really mean anything, so don't be a fool and ban anyone 
with a decent record.  

Personally, I got over 200 wins, and I don't think I'm that good.  
I've lost a lot of games (actually I've lost over 100 and won only 
around 500 with all my records add together), and still sometimes 
when I play 2v2 or 3v3, people would boot me because of my record.

One thing about records, sometimes people with insane records like 400 
wins and only 20 loses, but those people are actually quite weak, since 
the 400 wins came from computers, and not human players.  On the other 
hand, someone with a 30-20 record is someone who plays real games that 
are challenging, they are usually much better than people with the 
really good records.

Part 3: Terran Units and Buildings

Unit name: the unit's name, it's how you tell what it is
Unit HP: how much life it has
Unit armor: how much it can stand abuse
Unit ground attack: how much abuse it can deliver
Unit air attack: how much air abuse it delivers
Unit cost: how much it cost
Unit supply cost: how much the unit eats
Unit size: how big it is
Unit attack range: how far the abuse can go
Unit upgrade: how much improvement it has for it's abuse
Unit ability: the unit's special abuse
Unit requirement: what the unit needs to be built
Unit best usage: what the unit should be used on
Unit summary: what the unit is about (mostly attack wise)

Building name: building's name, what do you think
Building ability: what can the building do
Building HP: amount of damage the building can stand
Building cost: building's cost
Building Summary: about the building

Damage Types Very Important!  I repeat, this is very important!

Normal-Unit always deals the amount of damage after the armor.  
The most common damage type, they are quite reliable, and mostly 
seen on melee close-up attackers, or splash attackers.

Concussive-Concussive Damage does 50% damage against Medium units 
and 25% against large units.  Very bad against buildings since 
they count as large units.  This type of damage is only seen in 
Terran units.

Explosion-Unit does 50% damage against Small units and 75% against 
medium units.  Much better than Concussive since they hit 
buildings for full damage, most mid game units have this damage 
type, mostly seen on ranged attackers.

Splash-All unit within the blast suffers half or one fourth of the 
damage, however the main enemy unit will suffer the full damage.  
The best type of damage, because it attacks many units with one 
hit.  However, some Splash will also damage your units nearby 
(Siege Tanks), and all Splash type damage hurts ally's units 
within the damage range.

1. Unit name: SCV
Unit HP: 60
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Fusion Cutter, 5 (normal)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 50 minerals
Unit supply cost: 1
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 1
Unit upgrade: Infantry Armor Upgrade
Unit ability: build various buildings, mine minerals, mine gas
Unit requirement: Commend Center
Unit best usage: SCV are obvious used for mining, however they are 
also used in repairs, keep a few around with your Mech units
Unit summary: this is the worker unit for Terran, the SCV builds 
all the building for the Terran race.  The SCV also repairs any 
damaged Mech. units and buildings.  SCV's can repair one another 
if damaged.  SCV stands for something like Space Construction 
Vehicle, this counts for both organic and machine.  Both Lockdown 
and Mealstrom works on this unit.  SCVs are pretty good attackers 
compared to Probes, they have high HP, but they don't heal like 
the other workers unless you got Medics around.

Unit name: Marine
Unit HP: 40
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Gauss Rifle 6 (normal)
Unit air attack: Gauss Rifle 6
Unit cost: 50 minerals
Unit supply cost: 1
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 4/5 
Unit upgrade: attack, armor and range
Unit ability: Stim Packs, Marine takes 10 damage, but it now fires 
twice as fast, and deals a bit more damage.
Unit requirement: Barrack
Unit best usage: Marines are used in large groups against almost 
any enemy unit
Unit summary: the basic troop for the Terran race, with a Bunker, 
Marines can be very useful.  However, it's low HP and low damage 
makes them less useful later on when in small numbers.  Stim Packs 
should be put into use, since dropping with 8 Marines is useful 
and can be accomplished fast.  Marine alone is very useless, 
however together, they can more useful.  Zealots and Zerglings 
won't able to get to them in time to attack.  Marines attacks are 
quite fast, but not as fast like close up units like Zealots and 

Unit name: Firebat
Unit HP: 50
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Flame Thrower, 16 (concussive)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 50 minerals, 25 gas
Unit supply cost: 1
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 2
Unit upgrade: attack and armor
Unit ability: Stim Packs (see above for Marine's ability)
Unit requirement: Barrack, Academy 
Unit best usage: Firebats are only used early on against Zealots 
and Zerglings, their use decreases as the game progress.
Unit summary: a good unit used for protect your base, it can only 
attack ground, but it deals 16 damage without any upgrades, that 
is very good against Zerglings and Zealots rushes.  The Firebats 
also have splash damage, and that is very useful for a rush or 
going up against tightly grouped up enemies.  Keep in mind that 
Firebats will also damage your ally's troops if they are near, 
although not dealing the full 16 damage, but enough to kill ally's 
Zealots and Zerglings in time.  Firebats in Bunkers is the only 
way for Terran to stop Dark Swarm/Zergling combo.  The Firebat's 
use decrease in time because of their Concussive type damage.  But 
always keep a Firebat in a Bunker unless it's an island, since 
Marines and Ghost can't cut it against mass close up swarm 
attacks.  Stim Packed Firebats will shred Zealot swarms like a hot 
knife through butter, 12 Stimed Firebats can take out 20 Zealots 
grouped together without a problem.  Once Stim Packed, Firebats 
will basically have close to 0 recovery, they will almost keep 
firing non-stop until the effect is over.  

Unit name: Ghost
Unit HP: 45, 200 energy
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: C-10 Canister Rifle, 10 (concussive)
Unit air attack: C-10 Canister Rifle, 10 (concussive)
Unit cost: 25 minerals, 75 gas
Unit supply cost: 1
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 7
Unit upgrade: Lock Down, Cloaking, Sight Range, +50 Energy, attack 
and armor
Unit ability: Lock Down stops a Mech. unit from moving and 
attacking, Cloaking cloaks the Ghost, Nuclear Strike nukes where 
ever you point, you will lose the Nuke if the Ghost dies.
Unit requirement: Barrack, Science Facility with Covert Orps.
Unit best usage: Ghost is used for their abilities, Nuke and 
Lockdown mainly, Nukes are extremely useful in clearing a large 
Photon Cannon or Sunken Field.
Unit summary: The Ghost is a good unit to have, their low HP make 
them very easy to kill, but they have a great set of ability.  
Lockdown works only against Mech. units in Terran and Protoss, all 
Zerg units are unaffected by that, and Nuclear Strike will Nuke a 
large area for 500 damage in a 18x18 matrix area.  Overall this is 
a good unit to have even if you don't plan to using Nukes.  
Ghost's attack is rather weak, since all buildings counts as large 
units.  So meaning Ghost will only deal 25% of it's total possible 
damage.  Ghosts weren't meant to be use as a frontal attacker, but 
the Ghost's ability is what it is for.  Cloaking isn't important 
unless you are nuking, since Lockdown as about 10-11 range and 
your Ghost won't be killed that fast anyway.  Stopping enemy 
transport is great way to use Lockdown, since once the transport 
dies, the cargo goes with it.  Cloaking and attacking isn't meant 
for Ghost, since just one Siege Tank will take a Ghost 45 hits to 
kill and a healthy Hive will take a Ghost 750 hits, and during 
this time the Hive will probably heal for 600 plus, which means 
another 200 hits for the Ghost.  And that should take around 30 
minutes, possibly more, I think your Ghost will die because of old 
age by than.

Unit name: Vultures
Unit HP: 80
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Fragmentation Grenade 20 (concussive)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 75 minerals
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: medium
Unit attack range: 4
Unit upgrade: speed upgrade, spider mines, attack and armor
Unit ability: Spider Mines are mines that you plant, it deals 125 
damage when enemy steps on it, but a Dragoon or other long range 
units can shoot it down before it fires.
Unit requirement: Factory
Unit best usage: Vultures are used most as fast scouts for enemy 
expansion, Spider Mine comes in handy against ground swarms and 
Unit summary: Vulture isn't that useful other than their Spider 
Mine ability, they can't really attack and are quite useless in 
rushes.  Their good speed makes them good scouts, their 20 damage 
might look powerful, but they attacks are quite slow, and will get 
destroyed fast by enemy units.  Spider Mine will also attack 
cloaked units like Dark Templar and Ghost, but Spider Mine doesn't 
detect cloaked units.  (sent in by [email protected])  And 
basically, Vulture only has two uses, scouting and anti-Ghost 
nukes with their mines.  However Vultures can just run right pass 
Bunkers and take very little damage with their awesome speed.  
Spider Mines comes with the Vulture once it's researched, each 
Vulture has 3 mines, once the mines are used, you will need new 
Vultures to get new mines.  Once upgraded, Vultures have the best 
speed in StarCraft, but they are hard to stop when they usually 
over run the point you chose, usually into a busy Cannon field or 
Sunken field.  Vultures are quite cheap, they can be used as 
suicide units to check out your opponent's base.  However, with 
Comsat Scanner available to you, you shouldn't waste money on 

Unit name: Siege Tanks
Unit HP: 150
Unit armor: 
Unit ground attack: Arclite Cannon 20 damage (explosive)
Siege Mode Arclite Shockwave 70 damage (explosive/splash)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 150 minerals, 100 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 5, Siege Mode 11
Unit upgrade: Siege Mode, attack and armor
Unit ability: Siege Mode
Unit requirement: Factory, Machine Shop
Unit best usage: Siege Tanks are best at attacking, even if they 
are good at defense.  The Tank push one of the most important 
aspect any Terran player must know how to perform.
Unit summary: The Siege Tanks is one of the best ground unit in 
StarCraft, it has the best range when in Siege Mode (11), it has 
one of the best damage (70 without upgrade), but it is slow when 
switching from Tank mode to Siege Mode.  But this is one of the 
best ground unit you can have, with support from other close range 
units, Siege Tank is your best bet at a win.  When it is in Siege 
Mode, it can't attack units too close, so bring along a few 
Marines, Firebats, Goliaths and or Wraiths to give Siege Tanks 
close up supports.  Siege Tanks also has splash damage up to 2 
space away.  Siege Tanks next to Bunkers are awesome in your base 
protection, most opponent will try to avoid Siege Tanks when they 
are rushing (human players only), so this can be used to your 
advantage.  For opponents that relying mostly on Photon Cannons 
and Sunken Colonies, your Siege Tanks can shred those in no time.  
However practice guessing your Tank's range before changing them 
from mode to mode.  Also Siege Tanks only has around 10 sight 
range but with 11 attack range, so they can actually fire on 
targets out of their sight range.

Unit name: Goliath
Unit HP: 150
Unit armor: 1 
Unit ground attack: Twin Auto Cannon 12 (normal)
Unit air attack: Hellfire Missile Pack 20 (explosive)
Unit cost: 100 minerals, 50 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 4 ground, 6/9 air
Unit upgrade: attack, armor and air attack range
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Armory, Factory
Unit best usage: Goliaths are used as protection units, their slow 
ground attack makes them useless against mass swarm attacks.  
Goliaths are best as ground to air protection against Guardians or 
other slow moving air units.
Unit summary: this is a very good unit to have in both protecting 
your base and attacking.  Goliath have both good ground attack and 
air attack, a group of fully upgraded Goliath can easily protect 
your new expended base.  The only Weakness that the Goliath have 
is their low HP and their slow ground attack rate, but overall 
this is a good unit to have and you should have them patrol your 
base for protection.  Goliath makes great Siege Tanks escorts, and 
with SCVs repairing, your troops should break through any defense.  
Goliath have great ground to air range once upgraded, it will than 
have the same range as Guardians, and with level 3 attack, it 
deals 32 damage.  But Goliath bad ground fire recovery makes them 
useless against Zerglings or Zealot swarms.  But you got your 
Firebats in Bunkers to help out against those.  Goliath can 
replace your Missile Turrets in anti-air protection for your base, 
since they can actually move, but keep Missile Turrets for cloak 
detection.  Goliaths are extremely dumb, they will attack the 
enemy unit that fired on it, it will ignore all further attacks 
from other enemy units.  12 Goliath will die against 3 Guardians 
and 10 Zerglings, even though when in theory, the Goliath are much 
more powerful.  Goliath tends to stumble around, so you shouldn't 
get any more than 6.

Unit name: Wraith
Unit HP: 120, 200 energy
Unit armor: 0 
Unit ground attack: Burst Laser 8 (normal)
Unit air attack: Gemini Missile 20 (explosive)
Unit cost: 150 minerals, 50 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 5
Unit upgrade: attack, armor, cloaking, and +50 energy
Unit ability: Cloaking, cloak your Wraith, requires 25 energy to 
activate, and uses 1 energy per second.
Unit requirement: Starport
Unit best usage: Wraith, more a protection unit than attacking 
unit, weak ground attack.  However, Wraith are excellent worker 
hunters and air-to-air attack units with their cloaking ability.  
These are also great Overlord Hunters.
Unit summary: The Wraith is a basic air unit, it has good air 
attack, but weak ground attack.  It cloaking ability makes it a 
good unit to stop opponent's mineral production early on in the 
game, just cloak it and go into the mineral fields (does not work 
against Zerg, since their Overlord detects, but you can go 
Overlord Hunting then).  This strategy works well, but only early 
on.  Your opponent can get detectors before you get your Wraith, 
but some just people just don't.  So make them suffer for their 
mistake.  Wraith are good escorts for Siege Tanks and Drop Ships, 
their air to air attack is quite damaging and with their cloaking 
ability Wraith should last quite long.  But once detected, they 
are pretty much dead with their low HP and weak ground attack.  
Wraith are excellent Overlord hunters with their decent speed and 
air-to-air attack damage.  And you can start your hunt as soon as 
you have 6 Wraith, add more to your hot key later on.  Wraith also 
makes good Bat

Unit name: Drop Ship
Unit HP: 200
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 100 minerals, 100 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: armor
Unit ability: Load, Unload units
Unit requirement: Starport, Control Tower
Unit best usage: like it's name, the Drop Ship drops off units.  A 
decent transport, but nothing too special.
Unit summary: this is a transport ship, it has medium speed, and 
make a lot since these will die when you make drops.  Drop Ship 
has a slow building speed compare to other Transports, but it can 
be repaired fast by your SCVs. However, Drop Ship is the slowest 
transport in all three races, but it starts with one armor.  But 
just one armor won't make much of a difference since most unit's 
air-to-air attack is over 20.  These are pretty much dead once 
confronted by Scouts, Wraith, Scourge or Goliath in open ground, 
and with because the game slow reaction speed, the cargo will be 
pretty much gone for sure too.  Drop Ship has pretty bad startup 
speed, but once it makes the drop in enemy's base, 100 mineral and 
100 gas has been put to good use already.

Unit name: Science Vessel 
Unit HP: 200, 200 energy
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 100 minerals, 225 gas 
Unit supply cost: 3
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: armor, Irritate, Emp Shockwave, +50 energy
Unit ability: Defensive Matrix, Emp Shockwave, and Irritate
Unit requirement: Starport, Science Facility 
Unit best usage: the only Terran unit able to detect, their range 
and abilities are great, and is a must for any base you might 
have.  This is a must get for Brood Wars, since Lurkers, Dark 
Templars and Wraith can easily avoid Missile Turrets or just 
destroy the single Turrets with their attacks.  Science Vessel is 
also a great Overlord Hunter with Irritate, if you find a Lurker 
or Guardians, you are in luck, you just kill of an enemy units 
that cost over 200 gas with a cheap 75 energy cost from your 
Science Vessel.
Unit summary: Science Vessel is a very useful unit to have, Emp 
Shockwave drains energy from a enemy (it also drains Protoss 
Shields! And that can make a Archon have only 10 HP).  Irritate is 
a useful spell against Zerg, cast that on a unit and the unit 
begin to grow in a gas, the unit will run around and damage all 
units near him.  Defensive Matrix will add a defensive shield to a 
unit for a short period of time, the shield has 250 hit points, 
all damage assign to that unit will be reduced to 1 until shield 
runs out.  The Science Vessel is also a detector, so bring to them 
along on an attack.  Compare the Science Vessel to the other 
Detectors, the Science Vessel stands out with it's decent HP and 
good speed.  Defensive Matrix with Ghost will not work, since 
Ghost's cloak ability will not be there if he is shielded.  
Science Vessel can get killed fast in battle, so remember to bring 
more than just one.  Most people underestimate the power of 
Irritate, Irritate deals over 200 damage, which will kill 
Overlords, Guardians, Mutalisk and Lurkers.  Irritate is best on a 
Overlord patrolling near their mineral line, 1 single Irritate 
will take out the Overlord, damage the other Overlords nearby, and 
possibly scraping a few Drones before the passing of the Overlord.

Unit name: Battle Cruiser
Unit HP: 500, 200 energy
Unit armor: 3
Unit ground attack: ATA Laser 25 (normal)
Unit air attack: ATS Laser 25 (normal)
Unit cost: 400 minerals, 300 gas
Unit supply cost: 8
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 8
Unit upgrade: Yamato Gun, +50 energy, attack and armor
Unit ability: Yamato Gun, a beam attack, deals 260 damage
Unit requirement: Starport with Control Tower, Science Facility 
with Physic Lab.
Unit best usage: best in large groups, Battle Cruisers gets beaten 
down easily when out numbered by other units.  Battle Cruisers are 
extremely powerful, they take a while to get wear down, so they 
are best used in combat or base defense.  Their poor speed makes 
them terrible when need to move to a far place.
Unit summary: this is the best air unit in the game, the Battle 
Cruiser's Yamato Gun can take out a Photon Cannon in one shot, so 
these make great attackers.  Scourge doesn't work against Battle 
Cruisers unless you sent in a very large number, since one hit 
from a Battle Cruiser is just enough to kill a Scourge.  The 
biggest reason that the Battle Cruiser is the best air unit is 
because it's high firing rate, the Battle Cruiser can get in 
around 3 hits or maybe more before a Carrier can finish launching.  
(Also, Carrier's damage will be reduced to only 24 against Battle 
Cruiser's armor, if no one got any upgrades and the Carrier has 8 
Interceptors).  Battle Cruisers movements are quite slow, but they 
can scare the hell out of the opponents when in large numbers.  
And people tend to avoid direct contact with large Battle Cruiser 
fleets since their 500 HP is difficult to get rid off, not to 
mention the number of death they'll receive for their units.  Also 
most damaged Battle Cruisers will get repaired by SCVs (unless the 
owner is a complete idiot, or a really lazy person), so in matter 
of seconds they will have full 500 HP and high armor again.  And 
that means, unless you kill a Battle Cruiser before it gets away, 
the Battle Cruiser will come back at full HP in a few seconds.

Unit name: Nuclear Missile
Unit HP: 0
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: 500 (splash)
Unit air attack: 500 (splash)
Unit cost: 200 mineral, 200 gas
Unit supply cost: 8
Unit attack range: 9
Unit upgrade: none
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Missile Silo, Science Facility with Covert Orps
Unit best usage: used against a large portion of buildings, like a 
Cannon Field or Sunken Field.  
Unit summary: this is the bad boy of StarCraft, it deals 500 
damage (or 2/3 of the units total possible HP, which ever is more 
damaging), enough said right there!  This can knock out any unit 
near by and totally damage all buildings near the explosion.  It 
has a great damage range (9), and if used right, Nukes are your 
best weapon.  You use your Ghosts to launch your Nukes, and you 
can cloak your Ghost to make the job easy and fast.  However the 
Nuke will take around 10 or so seconds to be fired, and during 
that time your Ghost dies, you will not only lose your Ghost, you 
lose your Nuke too.  However, the spot the Nuke is firing will 
show a red flashing dot, so your opponent will very likely know 
where your Ghost is.  But with some protection from Battle 
Cruisers and Medic, your Ghost should finish off the job easily, 
just remember to move out fast enough so the nuke won't damage 
your Cruisers too.

Terran Buildings

Building name: Commend Center
Building cost: 400 minerals
Building ability: Build SCV, Comsat Station, Nuclear Silo
Building HP: 1500
Building Summary: The Head Quarter for Terran race, it provide 10 
supply unit for you, and it can fly like most other Terran 
Buildings.  Commend Center can easily help you expend, since 
lifting them off and flying them to the island takes a lot lesser 
time to build one.  Lifting off Commend Center and flying them off 
to islands is a great way to go in most island maps.  Commend 
Center will open up Barrack and Engineering Bay option.

Building name: Comsat Station
Building cost: 50 minerals, 50 gas
Building ability: Comsat Swipe (you scan target area) 50 energy 
per use
Building HP: 500, 200 energy
Building Summary: you will need one of these for both easy fast 
scouting and for cloaked enemy units.  The scan last for about 5 
seconds, so it's not that useful against cloak detection unless 
you have a large army stationed very close by.  Use this for 
scouting more than cloak detection, since the scan just don't last 
long enough.  Remember to scan the enemy's base to find out about 
their gaming method.

Building name: Nuclear Silo
Building cost: 50 minerals, 50 gas
Building ability: arm nuke
Building HP: 600
Building Summary: you get this if you want nukes.  Have 3 Nuclear 
Silos if you plan to use nukes since the nuke takes quite some 
time to build.  If you are playing a cheap map, try not to go into 
Nukes, since Nukes are expensive and time consuming.  Don't lift 
off a Commend Center with an armed nuke, since you will lose it 
once the building lifts off.

Building name: Supply Depot
Building cost: 100 minerals
Building ability: provide 8 supply units
Building HP: 500
Building Summary: just a boring old farm for you.

Building name: Refinery
Building cost: 100 minerals
Building ability: allow you to collect gas
Building HP: 750
Building Summary: just a boring old gas collector.

Building name: Barrack
Building cost: 150 minerals
Building ability: create Marines, Firebats, Ghosts, and Medics
Building HP: 1000
Building Summary: this is where you make all your infantry units, 
you will need more than one Barrack if you plan on making large 
numbers of infantry units.  Keep in mind that all these units have 
low HP and will die very fast against Dark Templar, Lurkers, Siege 
Tanks, Reavers, and especially Psi Storm from High Templar.  
Infantry units don't really have a good chance when going up 
against a large Battle Cruiser fleet, a Guardian swarms, or a 
Carrier fleet.  They tend to die on you before they get there to 
deal any damage.  Scatter all these units around and they can be 
more useful, when grouped together, one Psi Storm will take out 10 
or more infantry units before they move out.  Medics will 
automatically heal all units built here if damaged, but not fast 
enough against large enemy swarms or high damage units like 
Reavers.  Marine rushes are actually extremely useful, if your 
opponent is using straight Zealot/Zergling, just remember to use 
Stim Pack when you need to.  Barrack will open up the Bunker, 
Academy and Factory option.

Building name: Engineering Bay 
Building cost: 150 Minerals
Building ability: Upgrade Infantry Attack, Upgrade Infantry Armor 
Building HP: 850
Building Summary: the Engineering Bay is where you upgrade all 
your Infantry units.  The first level of upgrade doesn't have any 
requirements.  The next two levels of upgrade requires a Science 
Facility, but you will need it to build Missile Turrets anyway.  
This building should come the same time you get your Factory if 
not earlier.  This is very important against early Lurker or Dark 
Templar rush, unless you have a few Missile Turrets before the 
cloaked attackers comes, you pretty much lost the game.  Comsat 
Scanner isn't that reliable, since your opponent can easily send 
only 1 Dark Templar and you have to waste your valuable energy to 
find the cloaked killer.

Building name: Missile Turrets
Building cost: 150 minerals
Building ability: Long Bolt Missile 20 damage (explosive)
Building HP: 200
Building Summary: this is a detector as well as an air defense 
building.  Build these close together and have a few Firebats 
around cause enemies can do a 3-4 drop ship at once, and have has 
a Protoss Archon running loose in your base.  Missile Turrets will 
get damaged, so have a SCV to repair it as soon as it gets 
damaged.  Remember all Terran buildings will burn down if hit 
points are red.  Missile Turrets have a decent firing rate, but 
the Long Bolt Missiles they fire don't get to the target for half 
a second or so.  So a drop is easily accomplished when one is 
dropping with a Defensive Matrix transport.  However, units in 
Missile Turret's range will at least get hit twice if not more.  
This is a detector, the most important thing during a Brood Wars 
game, Dark Templars and Lurkers are almost always in a battle, and 
without proper cloak detection, you will lose everything.

Building name: Factory
Building cost: 150 minerals, 100 gas
Building ability: build Vulture, Siege Tanks, Goliath, add-on 
Machine Shop
Building HP: 1250
Building Summary: this is where all Terran Mech. units are built.  
This is a good building, Goliath can replace Marines in defending 
against air units with their powerful attack.  This can be built 
right after the Barrack, but don't get it too early since all 
units here are expensive compare to your infantry units.  The 
units here are more powerful then those from the Barrack, but both 
have their own use.  I recommend you to get 2 or more Factory when 
planning a Siege Tank push.  Factory will also open up the 
Starport and Armory option.

Building name: Machine Shop
Building cost: 50 mineral, 50 gas
Building ability: Vulture speed upgrade, Spider Mines, Siege Mode 
Upgrade, Goliath air attack range upgrade 
Building HP: 750
Building Summary: it's cheap so get it, beside, this is the whole 
point of getting the Factory.  All Mech. Unit's ability are 
researched here.  Siege Tank Siege Mode upgrade is the most 
important one here.  Goliath air range is only useful against air 
units, so don't get it unless you have a rather weak air defense 
system.  Vulture's abilities are quite useful, Spider Mines can 
stop most ground melee attackers with a problem, and once upgraded 
in speed, Vultures can run past almost any defense with a clear 
path ahead.  

Building name: Starport
Building cost: 150 minerals, 15 gas 
Building ability: build Wraith, Drop Ship, Science Vessel, Battle 
Cruiser, and control tower add-on
Building HP: 1300
Building Summary: this is where you get all your air units for 
Terran.  I usually get around 6 Starports or more once I have 
enough money, and all units here takes quite a long while to 
build.  Units here are a bit expensive, but they are flyers that 
can move more freely around the map.  Starport will open up the 
Science Facility building.

Building name: Control Tower
Building cost: 50 minerals, 50 gas
Building ability: Wraith Cloaking, +50 Wraith energy
Building HP: 500
Building Summary: you will need this if you plan on building any 
other flyer units other than the Wraith, also you can get the 
Wraith ability upgrades here too.  It's cheap anyway, so get it.  
The Wraith cloak ability is very important if you plan on using 
any Wraith at all.

Building name: Science Facility
Building cost: 200 minerals, 150 gas
Building ability: Emp Shockwave, Irritate, +50 Science Vessel 
energy, Covert Orps add-on, and Physic's Lab add-on
Building HP: 850
Building Summary: you really have to build this for a 20 plus 
minute game.  Get the Physic's Lab first to get Battle Cruiser, 
then get Covert Orps to use Ghosts and Nukes.  This building also 
allows you to upgrade beyond the 1 level armor and weapon.  This 
building also allows you to make Science Vessel, the only moving 
detector for Terran.  The Science Facility allows level 2 and 
level 3 upgrades for all your Terran units.

Building name: Covert Orps
Building cost: 50 minerals, 50 gas
Building ability: Lockdown research, Personal Cloaking, Ghost 
Sight, Ghost + 50 energy
Building HP: 750
Building Summary: something you need if you plan on nuking 
someone.  Get cloaking and sight range if you want to nuke.  
Lockdown and +50 energy should be researched later on, and only 
against Terran or Protoss, Lockdown doesn't work against any Zerg 
units.  The plus 50 energy isn't that important, the nuke takes a 
bit long to launch but a Ghost with 100 or so energy should be 
more than enough on almost any map.

Building name: Physic's Lab
Building cost: 50 minerals, 50 gas
Building ability: Yamato Gun, +50 Battle Cruiser energy
Building HP: 600
Building Summary: get this if you want Battle Cruisers, Battle 
Cruiser's ability are also researched here, they are quite fast, 
so don't make two.  And of course, get the gun researched first, 
then get the energy increase.  Battle Cruiser's gun ability isn't 
really that useful since they are take a bit time to aim and fire, 
but they can help you blow a big hole in almost any defense with 
their 11 range and high damage.

Building name: Armory
Building cost: 100 mineral, 50 gas
Building ability: Mech. attack, Mech. armor, air attack, air armor
Building HP: 750
Building Summary: this is where all non-organic units are 
upgraded, get 3 or more to make upgrades faster.  Remember to 
upgrade armor first if you are playing defense, upgrade attack if 
you are planning to attack.  This building is also required for 
Goliath's to be built.  Most people build their Armory after 
Science Facility, but Armory doesn't need that much tech tree, 
this can be built right after the Factory.

Brood War Units and Buildings 

Unit name: Medic
Unit HP: 60, 200 energy
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 50 minerals, 25 gas
Unit supply cost: 1
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: armor, Restoration, Optic Flare
Unit ability: Heal, heals any organic unit for 2 HP every energy 
spent, Restoration removes all status ailments, and Optic Flare 
reduce a unit's sight range to 1, given that unit the Blind 
Unit requirement: Academy, Barrack
Unit best usage: useful all around, but best with large Infantry 
Unit summary: the Medic is hard to use for human players, but the 
CPU takes full advantage of this great unit.  Medic will 
automatically heal all organic units that were damaged nearby, 
have a few of these if you are attacking with all Infantry units.  
One Medic and one Marine can kill a Sunken Colony.  Medic can only 
heal one unit at a time, so bring more than one.  Optic Flare is 
great against opponent using only 1 detector, and they won't know 
that it's blind unless they pay close attention.  Medic also heals 
ally's organic units, so all Zerg units and some Protoss units 
will get healed by your Medic.

Unit name: Valkyrie Frigate
Unit HP: 200
Unit armor: 2
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: Halo Rockets, 5 (explosive)
Unit cost: 200 minerals, 125 gas
Unit supply cost: 3
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 5
Unit upgrade: attack, and armor
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Stargate, Armory, and Control Tower
Unit best usage: decent air-to-air attacks, but Valkyrie Frigate 
isn't that useful.  Valkyrie can replace Wraith in air protection.
Unit summary: only attacks air, but still a good defensive unit, 
as well as supporting other attacking units like Siege Tanks.  The 
Valkyrie has splash damage up to 2 spaces away.  If you upgrade 
their attack up to level three, Valkyrie will deal 64 damage (8 
Halo Rockets times 8 damage).  These make great Overlord Hunters, 
12 can shred Overlords before they run away.  These also makes 
good air swarm counters, Guardians/Carriers/Battle Cruisers don't 
stand a chance against them since they splash their damage and 
have a decent 200 HP and 2 armor.  When going up against 12 
Mutalisk/Wraith/Scout worker hunters, 10 Valkyries can take out 
all of them out and take every little damage.

Part 4: Zerg Units and Buildings

Unit name: Larva
Unit HP: 25
Unit armor: 20
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 0
Unit supply cost: 0
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: 0
Unit ability: Evolve into other Zerg units
Unit requirement: Hatchery/Lair/Hive
Unit best usage: needs this little thing to start your swarm
Unit summary: this is a little bug that evolves into big bugs.  
These little things comes out pretty fast, so Zerg can make more 
workers fast than the other races.  Don't worry much about the 
Larva, they have the best armor in StarCraft and almost all 
attacks to them will be reduced to one.  These comes out pretty 
quick, about the same amount of time for a Drone to morph in.  But 
there can be only 3 Larva at a time at each Hatchery, so you need 
a few Hatcheries to pump out your swarm.

Unit name: Drone
Unit HP: 50
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Spines 5 (normal)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 50 minerals
Unit supply cost: 1
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 2
Unit upgrade: Carapace 
Unit ability: Evolve into various Buildings, mine minerals, mine 
gas, and burrow
Unit requirement: Larva
Unit best usage: worker unit, so get lots to speed up your mineral 
Unit summary: the basic worker unit for the Zerg race.  These are 
actually better attackers than the other two races since they 
almost have 2 range.  Remember to use damaged Drones to morph into 
buildings, keep the healthy ones.  A Drone that is Parasite should 
morph into something so it don't go into waste.  Burrow can save 
stranded Drones and be used later on.  If you see a large army 
coming to your new base, cancel your Drone's morph and burrow 
them, call them out later when the enemy is gone.  

Unit name: Zergling
Unit HP: 35
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Claws 5 (normal)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 50 minerals 
Unit supply cost: 1
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 1
Unit upgrade: speed, attack speed, Carapace, melee attack, 
Unit ability: burrow
Unit requirement: Spawning Pool, Larva
Unit best usage: great unit early on, even useful sometimes late 
in the game.  Great with Dark Swarm, Consume, and Defilers with 
their cheap cost and large numbers.
Unit summary: this basic ground unit for Zergs, each Larva will 
hatch into two Zerglings.  These are great for an early game rush, 
since the other two races need a Barrack or Gateway and it will 
only able to produce one or two attacker.  While you will have 6 
Zerglings.  Zerglings are quite useless later on, so don't bother 
with their upgrades unless you are planning on mass Zergling swarm 
or Dark Swarm/Zergling combo.  Remember 3 Zealots can stop your 
Zergling rush cold, you won't even able to take out a single 
Zealot.  So I say, you go for working Probes instead.  Stopping 
their mineral production is a great way to use Zerglings early on.  
But later when Lurker, Dark Templar and Firebats are available, 
they will destroy almost any Zergling swarm without any problems.  
Zerglings have really good speed, and they make great scouts early 
on if you don't want to use a Drone instead.  And because they are 
so cheap, they can be sacrificed to your Defilers and use as 
decoys to attract enemy's firepower.  And remember a group of 36 
fully upgraded Zerglings can swarm a semi-defended base and it 
would only cost you 650 bucks, and your opponent will likely lose 
around 2000 mineral and many gas if they protect the base or try 
to rescue it.  Your large swarm will very likely have a hot key of 
Zerglings left after the battle.

Unit name: Overlord
Unit HP: 200
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 100 minerals
Unit supply cost: 0
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: speed, sight, transport, Carapaceability: transport, 
detector, 8 supply units
Unit requirement: Larva
Unit best usage: used as a detector, transport, and food supply, 
so protect these.  Overlord are targets for enemy air units, so 
protect these from Overlord Hunters.
Unit summary: this is a unit for Zerg, the Overlord is a Supply 
unit, a Detector, and a Transport.  However the Overlord is not 
all that useful since all the upgrades for it takes time and 
money, but you have to get them in order to have a transport that 
moves faster than a Reaver.  Your Overlord shouldn't be cramped 
all together, since Valkyries and Corsairs can kill your Overlords 
fast if they aren't protected well.  Scatter your Overlord around, 
don't crowd them into a small section when 12 Valkyries comes in 
and you find yourself 50 controls below normal.  Overlord is an 
average Transport, they have good start-up speed once the speed 
upgrade is there.  But overall, Shuttle and Drop Ship are still 
better since they have no other use other than transporting units, 
but Overlord is also needed to detect and control.  Overlord has a 
better start-up speed in transporting, but Overlord doesn't start 
with any armor, and unless you get the speed upgrade, your 
Overlord is basically useless in moving your units.

Unit name: Hydralisk
Unit HP: 80
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Needle Spines 10 (explosive)
Unit air attack: Needle Spines 10 (explosive)
Unit cost: 75 minerals, 25 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: medium
Unit attack range: 5/6
Unit upgrade: movement, attack range, missile attack, carapace, 
Lurker Evolve
Unit ability: burrow
Unit requirement: Hydralisk Den, Larva
Unit best usage: Hydralisks are good protection units, good 
attacking units, good scouting units.  Since they are really 
cheap, you won't mind much if 12 Hydralisks deals enough damage 
when they die.  These are great all around, however, unless a 
large number advantage is present, Hydralisks gets beaten down 
Unit summary: a good defense unit as well as an offense unit, a 
group of fully upgraded Hydralisks can be quite dangerous.  Have a 
few burrow a bit further out in front of your Sunkens and Spores, 
they can pop up and do a quick kill.  These are great units since 
they are really cheap and spawns almost the same speed as a 
Marine.  A large group of Hydralisks can stop basically any large 
flyer fleet, meaning Battle Cruisers or Carrier fleet can't go up 
against large Hydralisk swarms without suffering large fleet 
damage themselves.  Hydralisks are really cheap, since spending 75 
mineral and 25 gas for a 80 HP unit dealing a decent 10 damage 
with good range and speed is a great way to invest your money.

Unit name: Multalisk
Unit HP: 120
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Glave Wurm 9 (splash)
Unit air attack: Glave Wurm 9 (splash)
Unit cost: 100 minerals, 100 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 4
Unit upgrade: attack, armor
Unit ability: evolve Guardian/Devour
Unit requirement: Spire, Larva
Unit best usage: the best worker Hunter, their splash damage is 
poor, but great on weak worker units.  These are the decent 
protection against worker Hunters or overlord hunters.  
Unit summary: a basic flyer unit for Zerg, this can be quite good 
in groups, their attack will damage another enemy unit near by 
when fired.  Mutalisks is however quite useless when alone, and 
will get killed by many other units.  The whole point of getting 
Mutalisk is evolving them into Guardians and Devours later on.  
Mutalisks are actually quite decent if you get them early enough, 
a quick Lair and a Spire won't take anymore than 6 minutes.  And 
very likely, a Protoss player won't have any more than 2 or 3 
Dragoons.  Also, Mutalisks are quite good against Marines, since 
Mutalisk's splash damage is put into good use against crowd up 
Marines.  Mutalisk's movement is quite fast, so a group of 12 will 
give you good control of the map and taking out enemy's expended 
base early on.  Mutalisk also make a good worker hunter, since a 
single Bunker with 4 Marines won't able to take out the Mutalisks 
fast enough to stop against worker hunting.

Unit name: Scourge
Unit HP: 25
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: 0
Unit air attack: Suicide 110 (normal)
Unit cost: 25 minerals, 75 gas
Unit supply cost: 1/2
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 1
Unit upgrade: attack, armor
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Spire, Larva
Unit best usage: Scourges are good against Carriers, Scouts, and 
all transports.  Their cheap cost and fast spawning make them 
useful, and also you can sent 5 Scourge and see your opponent's 
base, you won't mind since they are really cheap.  
Unit summary: Scourge is great against Carriers and other slow big 
air unit, two Scourge hatch from one Larva.  Scourge is especially 
good against Carrier since Carriers takes a bit of time to launch 
and deal damage.  Scourges can also scare away enemy Carriers, 
since Carriers will die against Scourge unless they have Arbiter.  
Scourges are also good units used to cripple your enemies air 
force, 3 Scourge kills a Scout and a Scout cost 300 minerals and 
150 gas.  Only use Scourge to cripple opponent when you have large 
amount of gas and no mineral.  If that happens, your opponent 
shouldn't have much minerals either.  Scourge have very low HP, so 
if your opponent have some fast firing ground units near by, your 
Scourge will probably die from their attacks before getting close 
enough to damage the air units.  Scourge can also be used to 
attract firepower when used to drop on a opponent, and because all 
attack buildings (Photon Cannon, Missile Turrets, and Spore 
Colony) takes at least 2 hits to kill a single Scourge.  That can 
provide you with the time to drop a Defiler and 6 Zerglings into 
your enemy's base, and Defiler can Plague/Dark Swarm to badly 
damage your opponent's base.

Unit name: Queen
Unit HP: 150
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: 0
Unit air attack: 0
Unit cost: 100 mineral, 150 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: medium
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: armor, Spawn Brooding, Ensnare, +50 energy
Unit ability: Infest Commend Center, infests a damaged Commend 
Center with HP750 or below, allowing you to make Infested Terran.  
Parasite lets you see what target unit sees. Spawn Broodling, 
destroy target unit and make two Broodling units for you.  Ensnare 
slows down target unit and units near by, Ensnare will also detect 
cloaked units.
Unit requirement: Queen's Nest, Larva
Unit best usage: Spawn Broodling is best against Terran's Siege 
Tanks, Ensnare is a must against large Battle Cruiser fleets.  
Queen is used mostly against Terran, but they are also useful 
against Protoss with Ensnare.  Parasite is great for spying.
Unit summary: A good unit to have, but the Queen is hard to use 
against a well defended base.  Use Queen against Terran base, 
since Spawn Broodling is awesome against Terran Siege Tanks when 
in Siege Mode.  Ensnare will also detect cloaked and burrowed 
units near by when fired, that includes your units.  Parasite is 
great against almost all units, use it on an expensive unit like 
Carrier or Arbiter, Battle Cruiser and Science Vessel makes good 
targets too.  However, if you Parasite a worker unit, most people 
tend to just send the worker to your base.  They won't mind a 50 
mineral lost as much as letting you see his/her base.  The 
Broodlings created by the Queen will last around 60 seconds, once 
their energy runs out, they will die automatically.  Remember 
Ensnare can actually turn the tide of a losing battle for you, if 
you Ensnare a fleet of Carriers or Battle Cruisers, your Devours 
and Scourges will have a much better chance of taking out the 

Unit name: Ultralisk
Unit HP: 400
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: Kaiser Blade 20 (normal)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 200 minerals, 200 gas
Unit supply cost: 6
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 1
Unit upgrade: speed, attack, armor
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Ultralisk Cavern, Larva
Unit best usage: Dark Swarm with Ultralisk is very powerful, but 
takes a large amount of time and money.  Ultralisk is a good 
investment if used correctly, if you don't have anything planned 
for the Ultralisk, don't get them at all.
Unit summary: good attacker, but doesn't worth the time and money 
put into it.  You should get Hydralisks instead.  It high HP 
allows it to last long, but Ultralisk can not attack air.  
Ultralisk will also shred under Siege Tanks with Bunkers.  And 
Ultralisk is too fat, so it can't burrow.  However, a fully 
upgraded Ultralisk will have awesome speed, 6 armor and 400 HP, 
and deals a good always 29 damage.  Ultralisk is great against 
Carriers, since Carriers would only deal 8 total damage against it 
when it has full armor.  Carrier's only deal 6 damage at a time 
and 6 armor means it deal only 1 damage.  Ultralisks are good with 
Dark Swarm, they make a great combo, and against Terran, Firebats 
will only deal a mere 1 damage after the armor.  So if you take 
out all the Tanks with Guardians and Queens, your Ultralisks can 
shred the base without suffering any major damage from the 
Infantry units.

Unit name: Defiler
Unit HP: 80, 200 energy
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 50 minerals, 150 gas
Unit supply cost: 3
Unit size: medium
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: Plaque, Consume, plus 50 energy, carapace
Unit ability: Dark Swarm nullify target area, best with Ultralisk 
and Zerglings with attack speed upgrade.  Plaque reduces HP of 
units in that area slowly to 1, this also works on buildings too, 
Plaque will not kill the units but you should finish them off once 
the Plaque had taken with Mutalisk since they splash damage.  
Consume sacrifice a unit to add 50 energy to Defiler, and burrow 
Unit requirement: Defiler's Mound, Larva
Unit best usage: Plague is good against any expensive units worth 
the price, Plague is great against Carrier and Battle Cruiser 
Fleet because of their slow speed.  Dark Swarm can be used during 
both defense and offense, Dark Swarm and stop Guardians and worker 
hunters for a good 60 seconds, and Dark Swarm Zergling combo is 
just the best around.  Consume will provide all the energy your 
Defilers might need.  Overall, this is a great unit and is a must 
get against all type of enemies.
Unit summary: they can be quite good in a hand of a pro, they take 
quite long to make but are quite useful.  Plaque is very useful 
against Terran, since all Terran units require a SCV or a Medic to 
heal.  Plaque is also good against Protoss, since their HP can't 
be recovered at all, but Plaque will not damage their shields.  
Dark Swarm and Zergling combo is awesome, have 5 Hatchery, 2 
Evolution Chamber upgrading Melee attack and Carapace, and have 
Defiler Dark Swarm, rush in with your Zerglings and tear up the 
place.  Consume a few Zerglings, and just have 2 or 3 Defiler will 
do the trick.  With this you won't even need much gas, and 25 
mineral Zerglings are probably the cheapest unit ever.  Plague is 
good against a Battle Cruiser fleet or Carrier fleet, their slow 
speed will likely land them right into the Plague, and Devours or 
Scourges can easily finish them off after the Plague.  And with 
Consume, your Defiler will never need to charge energy, just use a 
few Zerglings and your Defiler can Plague and Dark Swarm for a 
long time.

Unit name: Guardian
Unit HP: 150 
Unit armor: 2
Unit ground attack: Acid Spore 20 (normal)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 50 minerals, 100 gas
Unit supply cost: 4
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 10
Unit upgrade: attack, armor
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Greater Spire, Mutalisk
Unit best usage: Guardian's 9 range is their use, you use 
Guardians to break open choke points against Bunkers, Cannons, 
Sunkens, Siege Tanks and other units your Hydralisks or Zerglings 
can't reach.  Even though the Guardians are powerful, fire fast, 
and deals good damage, they should only be used as part of an 
attack, not completely the attack.  Use other units to finish off 
after the Guardians, Zerglings and Hydralisks are the ideal units.
Unit summary: the Guardians have the best air to ground range in 
StarCraft, it's heavy damage and long range makes it a good unit.  
However the Guardian can't not attack air, and it easily killed by 
Scouts, Wraiths, and other air-air units.  It's best if you have 
Guardians in large number, and have some anti-air unit defending 
your Guardians when the games are late.  Marines and other low HP 
units don't stand a chance against Guardians, Guardians will 
finish them off before they get close enough to fire back.  
Guardians aren't that good at taking out Missile Turrets or Spore 
Colony, since they tend to float a little bit and be under attack 
by the building.  Early Guardians rushes are great against almost 
any opponent, but they are hard to pull off and require a lot of 
practice.  My Guardian rush consist of 6 Guardians in 9-10 
minutes, or 12 Guardians in 11 minutes, both are quite deadly and 
will very likely wipe out your entire main base without the help 
of any other units.  Since Guardian's high gas cost, you should 
have a mass amount of minerals left, use them to units that cost 
mostly minerals, like Zerglings or Hydralisks.

*Note all Zerg buildings requires a Drone, so the building really 
requires 50 minerals more.

Building name: Hatchery
Building cost: 300 minerals
Building ability: Burrow upgrade, Lair Upgrade, produce Larva at a 
slow rate
Building HP: 1250
Building Summary: this is where the Larva required for all Zerg 
Units are produced.  Be sure to have 3 or 4 Hatchery so you can 
produce more and faster.  Hatchery only provides one supply for 
you, but it extends the creep for 8 range.  Hatchery is need for 
any expansion, and since it takes so long to build, prepare a 
decent army to protect your new base when expending.  Hatchery 
opens up Spawning Pool and Evolution Chamber.

Building name: Lair
Building cost: 150 minerals, 100 gas
Building ability: Burrow upgrade, Hive Upgrade, Overlord 
transport, sight, speed upgrade, and produce Larva at a slow rate
Building HP: 1750
Building Summary: this is where the Larva required for all Zerg 
Units are produced.  Lair only provides one supply for you.  This 
allows any level 2 upgrade for your swarm, this also opens up some 
advance buildings for you, Spire and Queens Nest to exact, Lair 
also allows the Lurker Aspect upgrade to be available.

Building name: Hive
Building cost: 200 minerals, 150 gas
Building ability: Burrow upgrade, Overlord transport, sight, speed 
upgrade, and produce Larva at a slow rate
Building HP: 2500
Building Summary: this is where the Larva required for all Zerg 
Units are produced.  Hive only provides one supply for you.  Hive 
allows all upgrades and buildings to be built, which include 
Greater Spire upgrade, Ultralisk Cavern, Defiler Mound and Nydus 
Canal, also the Zergling's Adrental Glands upgrades is opened, 

Building name: Creep Colony
Building cost: 75 minerals
Building ability: evolve into Sunken Colony, Spore Colony
Building HP: 400
Building Summary: the basic Zerg base defense building, the Creep 
Colony can't attack, but can be upgraded into Sunkens and Spores.  
Creep Colony also extends the Zerg creep for 8 ranges.  Creep 
Colony is useless unless you upgrade them to either Sunken or 
Spore, however they do extend the Creep.

Building name: Sunken Colony
Building cost: 50
Building ability: Subterranean Tentacle, 40 damage (explosive)
Building HP: 400
Building Summary: a good defense unit, build these close together 
and it will protect your base quit well.  Sunkens deal 40 damage 
and has 400 HP, it is good against any early game rush.  Sunken 
Colonies will die rather fast against Terran Siege Tanks, but have 
some Zerglings burrowed further out, so it can take out the Tanks 
when they do attack.  Sunken Colony has 400 HP, but they can't 
have any shields or protection.  Their attack speed is also quite 
slow, so 2 fully upgraded Zealot can take out a Sunken easily.  
It's 40 damage might seem big, but actually it greatly decreases 
since it's explosive damage.  That's why Zerglings can take out 
Sunkens, it will take Sunken 2 hits to kill a Zergling even when 
Zergling has only 35 HP.

Building name: Spore Colony
Building cost: 50 minerals
Building ability: Seeker Spores, 15 damage (normal)
Building HP: 400
Building Summary: the air defense building for Zerg, the Seeker 
Spores deals lower damage than the other tower's attack but it is 
also a detector (you won't really need this since you got your 
Overlords).  However, Spore Colony has a lot faster fire rate than 
Missile Turrets and Photon Cannons.  Spore Colonies are important 
to stop Wraith and other Overlord hunters or worker hunters.  They 
are also good against Terran units, since Yamato Gun doesn't kill 
the Spore Colony off, and that will give you a chance to go after 
the slow moving Battle Cruisers with Scourge or other flyers.  
Spore Colony can with stand quite some punishment since they have 
400 HP, and their damage type (normal) will help you win against 
medium size flyers like Corsairs and Mutalisks.

Building name: Extractor
Building cost: 50 minerals
Building ability: Gas collector
Building HP: 750
Building Summary: just collects gas, so nothing special here, one 
of the only Zerg buildings that doesn't require creeps to be built 

Building name: Spawning Pool
Building cost: 150 minerals
Building ability: upgrade Zergling attack speed, Zergling movement
Building HP: 750
Building Summary: this is the first building you should get.  This 
allows you to make Zerglings and Sunken Colony.  However a second 
Hatchery can also be your first building.  This is quite important 
since once this is gone, you won't able to make Zerglings or 
upgrade any Sunken until you replace it, also the Spawning Pool 
takes a bit long to finish building itself so you can actually 
squeeze in another mining Drone when it's being built.  This opens 
up the Hydralisk Den option once it's done.

Building name: Evolution Chamber
Building cost: 75 minerals
Building ability: upgrade melee attack, missile attack, carapace
Building HP: 750
Building Summary: the upgrade place for Zerg ground units, you 
should have two so you can upgrade faster.  This is really a must 
get building later on, this allows Spore Colony to be built, and 
Spores are really important to your base defense and cloak 
detection. You don't need this early on, get these later at a Lair 
or even maybe Hive stage if your opponent isn't using any cloaking 
units.  Otherwise a Dark Templar rush with Scouts taking out your 
Overlord means death for you.

Building name: Hydralisk Den
Building cost: 150 minerals, 50 gas
Building ability: upgrade Hydralisk speed, range, Lurker Aspect
Building HP: 850
Building Summary: get this if you want Hydralisks and Lurkers.  
You should only build one of these since all upgrades are rather 
fast and there are only 3 upgrades total.  First upgrade the 
Range, then the speed, the Lurker Aspect is only for Brood Wars.  
Have some Hydralisk patrol your base and have 12 of them burrow in 
front of your Sunkens and Spores, they can do quick pop up and 
destroy enemy units fast.

Building name: Spire
Building cost: 200 minerals, 100 gas
Building ability: upgrade air attack, armor, evolve into Greater 
Building HP: 600
Building Summary: this is another must get building for Zerg is 
you plan on using any air unit.  Have two Spire since the upgrade 
time is long and one will needed to be evolve into Greater Spire.  
Spire can be built right after a Lair, so an early Mutalisk rush 
can easily be done and be great to counter against mass Zealot 

Building name: Greater Spire
Building cost: 100 mineral, 150 gas
Building ability: same as Spire 
Building HP: 1000
Building Summary: this allows you to get Guardians and Devours.  A 
group of 36 Guardians and 24 Devours that are fully upgraded can 
really wipe out almost any well defended base (but watch out for 
Psi Storm and a really mass group of Valkyries).  This is how I 
win with Zerg later on, it's either this, Dark Swarm 
Zergling/Ultralisk, or 160 Hydralisks swarm, and Guardians seems 
more fun.

Building name: Queen's Nest
Building cost: 200 minerals, 200 gas
Building ability: Spawn Broodlings, Ensnare, +50 energy
Building HP: 850
Building Summary: you need this to get the Hive, you can get a few 
Queens here, but Queens are really hard to use.  Get Queens early 
so they can charge their energy.  Queen's nest allows you to 
upgrade your Lair to Hive.

Building name: Neduls Canal
Building cost: 150 minerals
Building ability: create Canal Exit on Creep
Building HP: 250
Building Summary: this is a good building to have, but only when 
you are playing against a computer and used offensively since 
human players tends to be more careful.  This building can build a 
canal exit on any Creep (Creep are the purple ground that Zerg 
requires to build on), and once the exit built, you can send any 
unit there as long as the exit remains alive.  This can be used to 
your advantage when playing against computer, build the exit near 
their mineral fields and just send a large group of Ultralisks and 
Hydralisks there.  This will badly damage your opponent and you 
will have a good chance of winning the game if you pull this off.  
But computer will very likely have some unit burrowed right there, 
and once the building starts, they will attack it, also once the 
building starts, you can't cancel.  And, once the exit or entry is 
destroyed, the other end of the exit or entry dies along with it.  
This can be both a defense or offense building, use your Queens to 
Parasite some unit there to see and use the Canal to your 
advantage when you can, do not always rely on this.

Building name: Ultralisk Cavern
Building cost: 150 mineral, 200 gas
Building ability: armor and speed
Building HP: 600
Building Summary: this give you access to Ultralisk, but I would 
rather use the money on Hydralisks.  Some people can do a Devour 
Ultralisk rush pretty good, but it's hard to pull off.  In Brood 
Wars, you can upgrade your Ultralisk's armor and movement in here.  

Building name: Defiler Mound
Building cost: 100 mineral, 100 gas
Building ability: Plaque, Consume, +50 Defiler energy
Building HP: 850
Building Summary: this is used for Defilers.  Just like Queens, 
Defiler is very hard to use.  But I have to say, Defiler is a very 
good unit.  Get Defilers early so they can charge their energy, 
but once you get the Consume upgrade, they will basically have no 
energy problem by consuming your Zerglings.

Brood War Zerg Units

Unit name: Lurker
Unit HP: 150
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: Subterranine Spines, 20 (splash)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 50 minerals, 100 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 6
Unit upgrade: attack, armor
Unit ability: burrow
Unit requirement: Hydralisk, Hydralisk Den, Lurker Aspect
Unit best usage: Lurkers are great defenders, 4 Lurkers on a choke 
point can stop any incoming ground swarm.  However, if a detector 
is available to your opponent, expect to lose all your Lurkers in 
Unit summary: a good Zerg unit, good damage, and attacks while 
burrowed (therefore, a cloak attacker).  The Spines deals good 
damage against rushing enemies (splash damage).  However Lurkers 
can only attack when burrowed, also it deals damage to your ally's 
ground units near by when attacking.  So don't have anyone else 
attacking when your Lurkers are burrowed and attacking.  The 
Lurker can't attack air and it's attack has a slow recovery rate, 
so Lurkers are more of a defense unit than a offense unit.  Also, 
Lurkers takes quite long to burrow.  Lurker is perfect against any 
kind of ground swarm attack.  However don't use Lurker at choke 
points since they will attack the enemy when you just want see the 
map.  Against people without cloak detection, your Lurkers can 
shred their base without them doing anything about it.  Also Dark 
Swarm and Lurker combo is great if you pull it off fast enough.  
Dark Swarm/Lurker can cripple an enemy easily by following up with 
Guardians if your opponent gets all melee attackers to counter 
your Lurker combo.  Against Terran, this works beyond wonders, 
since Firebat and Siege Tanks are the only units that can deal 
damage.  Siege Tanks will be all gone from Queens and Firebats 
would only deal 3 damage since they are concussive damage.  
Lurkers can actually hit a single unit many times with one hit, 
each Spine will deals 20 damage, and a Archon will get hit 3 times 
or 60 damage if the Lurker is placed on a good spot.  (I've seen a 
Ultralisk getting hit 6 times by a single Lurker, after getting 
hit by the first Spine, the Ultralisk turned and run and get hit 
by every single Spine after the first one, ended up taking 120 
damage.)  You can burrow your extra Lurkers near your mining line, 
all drops will fail against your waiting Lurkers, Lurkers are also 
good against mass Overlord Drops, all units dropped will be dead 
as soon as they are uploaded.

Unit name: Devour
Unit HP: 250 
Unit armor: 3
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: Corrosive Acid, 25 (splash)
Unit cost: 150 minerals, 50 gas
Unit supply cost: 4
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 6
Unit upgrade: attack, armor
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Greater Spire, Mutalisk
Unit best usage: great against large Fleets, since the Spore 
Counter left behind on the enemy ships can provide better damage 
dealt from your supporting units like Mutalisk and Hydralisk.  
Devour fires slow, unless you are using a large group of these 
flying skulls, one or two won't able to kill anything fast enough.  
The Spores they leave behind are able to slow the affected unit's 
weapon system, slowing it 1/8 of it's total recovery speed.  So as 
long as the Devour fires and leave behind it's Spores, it 
accomplish what it's used for.
Unit summary: good anti air unit, if the enemy unit is hit by the 
Devour, it will slow down in attacking speed.  But since the 
Devour attacks are quite slow, it is best to have them in large 
groups.  Their slow attack rate makes them quite useless against 
fast attacker like Wraith, Scout, Corsair, and Mutalisk, but when 
in large numbers like 20 plus, they can be quite useful.  Also the 
Devour can't attack ground, so just one Marine can kill your 
Devour.  Always have Guardians before Devours when attacking, 
since you can use Scourge to defend your Guardians and Devour 
takes a lot more resources and time.  Devour also splash poison 
spore when attacking, enemy unit will slow down in attacking 
depending on how many spore it has.  These spores will go away 
slowly in a few minutes, you can tell by clicking the unit or just 
by the purple stuff on the unit.  Spore Counters also adds damage 
received for current unit, every extra spore the unit has, the 
unit takes one extra damage every time.  Think Devour and 
Corsairs/Valkyires.  Devour also leaves Spore Counters on cloaked 
units near by like Wraith.  (Thanks to [email protected] 
for some of the information on the Devour.)

*Note, Devour splash only Poison Spores, it doesn't splash any 
damage.  On a side note here, have you ever tried fighting two 
Devours under the effect of Ensnare with level 3 armor and level 0 
attack, it took years for these two to get killed.  Any unit can't 
have any more than 9 Spore Counters.  Devour doesn't make good 
Overlord hunters unless you have 12 or more, since Devour has the 
slowest attack speed in StarCraft, and if it's been Ensnared and 
have 9 Spore Counters, I think they will attack around once every 
minute or so.

Part 5: Protoss Units and Buildings

Unit name: Probe
Unit HP: 20/20
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Particle Beam 5 (normal)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 50 minerals
Unit supply cost: 1
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 2
Unit upgrade: armor and Protoss shield
Unit ability: warp in various buildings, collect minerals and gas
Unit requirement: Nexus
Unit best usage: the worker for Protoss, these are very weak 
attackers (probably the weakest in the game), but you won't have 
anything else you can use against early Zergling rush.
Unit summary: your basic worker unit.  Probes smaller size makes 
them better in mineral collection than Drones and SCVs.  Protoss 
Probes have a good ability, when they build a building, instead of 
waiting there like the other two races, it can return to work once 
the building starts.  Probes are terrible at attacking, they won't 
be much help against Zerglings rushes or Zealots rushes.  Probes 
are also extremely weak against explosive damage even if they are 
small units, their 20 shields takes up full damage and units like 
Dragoons can easily take out working Probes with very few able to 

Unit name: Zealot
Unit HP: 80/80
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: PSI Blades 16 (normal)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 100 minerals
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 1
Unit upgrade: speed, attack, Protoss shield and armor
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Gateway
Unit best usage: Zealots are powerful units, they are good early 
on and later in the game.  They deal high damage, they can take 
quite some punishment before going down, and they are useful 
through out the game.  Their best use is for attacking hard 
frontal assaults with their high damage and HP.  Once Zealots have 
level 3 upgrades, they will able to tear apart Marines and 
Zerglings in 2 hits instead of 3.  Zealot's power simply can't be 
matched early, so use them wisely.
Unit summary: your basic fighting unit for Protoss, great damage 
and HP.  Zealots have terrible speed, and enemy Marines can 
actually do hit and run against Zealots.  But with upgraded speed 
later on, Zealot will have almost the same speed as Zerglings.  
Zealots have great damage, 3 hits kills a Marine or Zerglings 
without upgrade, so an early on 5 or 6 Zealot rush will be great 
if it's under 3 minutes.  Zealots takes a bit longer to make 
comparing to Zerglings and Marines, but they have over 4 times the 
HP than those two units and also deals 3 times the damage.  
Zealots suffers a bit more damage, since their speed is horrible, 
but with a number advantage, you can expect your Zealots to tear 
apart any enemy unit.

Unit name: Dragoon
Unit HP: 80/100
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: Phase Disrupter 20 (explosive)
Unit air attack: Phase Disrupter 20 (explosive)
Unit cost: 100 mineral, 50 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 5/6
Unit upgrade: attack range, attack, Protoss shield and armor
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Gateway, Cybernetic Core
Unit best usage: good protection units, weak attackers.  Dragoon's 
attacks are quite slow, but they are excellent Battle 
Cruiser/Guardian killers on open ground.  Dragoons are also good 
against close up attackers if a clear number advantage is present.
Unit summary: attack both air and ground, however Dragoons attacks 
are very slow.  So have these in large groups, Dragoons make very 
good anti air unit with their heavy damage.  Once you get their 
range upgrade, Dragoons gets a lot more useful.  However, Dragoons 
can get killed fast by attacker like Zerglings and Zealots with 
their melee attacks.  Dragoons' explosive attack isn't useful on 
small units, but they are good Battle Cruiser and Carrier killers 
when have a decent number advantage.  2 Dragoons easily kills a 
single Carrier or Battle Cruiser with their powerful attack, best 
if you've gotten some attack/armor upgrades.  A group of 30 plus 
can easily overpower any large flyer fleets, and with help from 
your Scouts and Psi Storms, you should able to take out any large 
fleets without any problem.  Dragoon suffers from the same problem 
as Goliath, they will act dumb once they get hit from a long range 
unit, e.g. Tanks or Guardians, but mass number of Dragoons still 
works better than Goliath swarms.  Dragoon swarms will fail 
against a big Sunken field, Sunkens will deal 40! Damage against 
Dragoons and easily kill the big robot.

Unit name: High Templar
Unit HP: 40/40
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 50 minerals, 150 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: Psionic Storm, Hallucination, armor, Protoss shield, 
plus 50 energy, 
Unit ability: Psionic Storm deals heavy damage (127 damage I 
think) on target 3 by 3 area.  Hallucination makes two clone of 
target unit, the clones will not able to deal any to enemy unit 
damage but will still attack.  The clone will die when the power 
runs out on it's stats, also the clone suffers the double the 
damage dealt to it.  Any Two High Templars can transform into one 
Unit requirement: Templar Archive, Gateway
Unit best usage: Psi Storm can stop any kind of rush cold in it's 
steps.  High Templars is a must get against any opponent.  Watch 
out since opponents often target the High Templars directly to 
avoid multi Psi Storms.  Also, Emp Shockwave will end all Psi 
Storm cold in it's tracks.
Unit summary: the best for Protoss race, Psionic Storm is very 
useful against slow enemy that are together, or large number of 
enemies attempting to swarm into your base.  Badly damaged High 
Templar can transform into a semi healthy Archon with full 
shields.  Hallucination can scare away enemy by pretending you 
have a large number of Carriers or make fake units to take damage 
for your real unit.  (I scared the heck out of one person by 
Hallucination 50 something fake Carriers, I said I will kill him 
with 100 Carriers, I sent all my fake things there, that guy got 
scared and he quit).  Psi Storm is one of the most useful spells 
in StarCraft, since they can instantly kill a 100 plus HP unit if 
it don't move out the way.  With 5 High Templars storming one 
spot, it can kill just about any unit in the storm.  Learn how to 
hot key your High Templars, so they can storm faster.  10 High 
Templars with some Cannons can protect your base against all Zerg 
attacks, and most Terran, Protoss attacks.  Guardian's worst 
nightmare is Psi Storm, 2 Storm and all the Guardians go bye bye.  
Battle Cruiser and Carrier fleet also takes up big damage from Psi 
Storm.  Mutalisk and Wraith fleets will die instantly if they stay 
within the thunder storm.  However, most people now are actually 
smart enough to move out of the storm when it hits, those units 
will only suffer around 60 damage.  

Unit name: Protoss Archon
Unit HP: 350/10
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Psionic Shockwave 30 (splash)
Unit air attack: Psionic Shockwave 30 (splash)
Unit cost: 2 High Templar 
Unit supply cost: 4
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 3
Unit upgrade: attack, Protoss shield and armor
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Gateway, Templar Archive, 2 High Templars 
Unit best usage: Archon is a very expensive unit in gas, but if 
you have a lot of extra gas, than use it on Archons.  Archon can 
take a lot of punishment and is easily healed by Shield Battery 
nearby.  These are excellent attackers against mass Zergling 
swarm, Zealot swarm or Firebat swarm.  Archons are also useful 
when used during Recall and Drops since they take quite some time 
to kill. 
Unit summary: Archon is one of the most powerful ground unit in 
StarCraft, enough said right there.  These can really kick some 
behind, drop these with a Reaver and you can just watch the two 
tear up the enemy's base from the in side.  Also Archons have 
slash damage, however the splash range is only 1 space, but its 
still splash.  Archon warp in is quite fast, so drained High 
Templars can merge and be in the fight in no time.  However, once 
the Archon warp-in starts, you can't cancel it.  Archons with 
ally's Defiler Dark Swarm is one of the most powerful, and very 
easily accomplished combo in the book.  Archon isn't meant to used 
for a mass number advantage, just a few Archon along with your 
Zealots is good enough, 12 Archon is pretty useless since only 3 
or 4 will be hitting, half of the 12 Archons will be dead before 
they get close enough to deal damage.

Unit name: Shuttle
Unit HP: 60/80
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 200 minerals
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: speed, Protoss shield and armor
Unit ability: load, unload
Unit requirement: Robotic Facility
Unit best usage: Shuttles are good transports once they have their 
speed upgrade, but they have low HP and is easily killed, so have 
some protections nearby.
Unit summary: an expensive transport, but with good speed once 
upgraded.  Shuttle is the fastest transport once upgraded, but it 
has a bit of start up and slow down.  When it actually starts 
moving, than it's fast.  You will need these for both expending 
and moving your slow units like Reavers and High Templars.

Unit name: Reaver
Unit HP: 80/100
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Scarab 100 (splash)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 200 mineral, 100 gas 
Unit supply cost: 4
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 10
Unit upgrade: Scarab Capacity, Scarab damage, Protoss shield and 
Unit ability: build Scarab
Unit best usage: The Reaver is the best unit used to Drop or 
Recall, a pair of Reavers can take out all the mining workers with 
just a few Scarabs.
Unit requirement: Robotic Facility, Robotic Supporting Bay
Unit summary: a good anti ground unit, great damage, but need 
Scarab to fire.  Each Scarab is 15 minerals, but they don't take 
long to build.  Reaver probably has the slowest speed in 
StarCraft, so use Shuttles and do the all famous Reaver drop.  
Reaver also attacks quite slow, but it deals great damage.  Also 
Reavers have almost 3 space splash damage, probably more than a 
Tank.  Reaver's have great range, so taking out Bunkers and 
Sunkens is their best use.  However, unlike the Siege Tank, Reaver 
can only fire on units with the same elevation and a clear path 
between the two units.  Scarab can't fire across water or 
mountains or cliffs, so the Reaver is not that useful when 
fighting over a ledge, water or ramps.  There is a real drawback 
of using a Reaver, the Scarab will float around if a building or a 
unit is in the way, it takes a long time for the Scarab to move 
pass that building or unit and deal damage.  During this time, the 
Reaver doesn't fire again and retain it's full cool down time.  
Reavers deal the highest damage next to Nukes and Infested Terran 

Unit name: Observer
Unit HP: 20/40
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 25 mineral, 75 gas
Unit supply cost: 1
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: sight, speed, Protoss shield and armor
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Observatory
Unit best usage: since the Observer is cloaked all the time, they 
are the best spies in the game.  Once you sneaked one into your 
opponent's base, the odds are they won't know it.  Their detection 
ability and 11 sight range once upgraded can show you the entire 
screen they are on, so the Observer is an excellent units, 
especially in Brood Wars against Lurkers and Dark Templars.
Unit summary: a good scouting unit, the Observer is always 
cloaked, and if you hide it in the corner, it will be very hard 
for human enemy to see, put them rite next to the minerals if your 
color is blue, best next to a gas site.  Observer is a bit slow 
moving, but once speed upgraded, they can scout a lot more faster.  
Remember to keep a few Observers in all your bases, since they get 
killed a bit fast with their low HP.  If you got a extra hot key, 
than use it on the Observer, since it's bit hard to see even for 
you when a lot of your units are moving around.  These makes 
excellent spy on your opponent's base, if you aren't able to sneak 
one into his base, or just over look part of his base is good 
enough.  Have these spies spread all over the map, and you will 
have excellent map control and you will able to take out any 
expansion your opponents might have.

Unit name: Scout
Unit HP: 100/150
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Dual Photon Blaster 8 (normal)
Unit air attack: Anti-Matter Missile 28 (explosive)
Unit cost: 300 minerals, 150 gas
Unit supply cost: 3
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 5
Unit upgrade: speed, sight, attack, Protoss shield and armor
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Stargate
Unit best usage: Scouts are hunter units, they can take quite a 
beating before passing away, and with Shield Battery, you can keep 
your Scout fleets healthy.  Scouts have excellent speed once 
upgraded, and with 11 sight range once upgraded, you can easily 
check for any possible enemy expansion easily and still able to 
get back fast enough to protect your bases nearby.
Unit summary: this is a very expensive flying unit compare to 
Mutalisk and Wraith.  Scout has a lot of useful upgrades and in 
large groups, these can really kill.  I don't use Carriers a lot, 
I rather use Scout since Carrier is slow and is a good target for 
Scourges.  And Scouts can scout, their fast speed is one of their 
main advantages, you can just do a few hits and run.  With 36 
Scouts, you can rule the air, there is nothing that can go up 
against a high number of Scouts, other than Psionic Storm, Plague 
or air splash units.  Carriers and Battle Cruisers can't go up 
against Scouts since you will be outnumbering them with 3 to one.  
However, because of Scout's high price, losing a fleet is a real 
setback to your economy.

Unit name: Carrier
Unit HP: 150/300
Unit armor: 4
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 350 minerals, 250 gas
Unit supply cost: 8
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 9
Unit upgrade: Carrier Capacity, attack, Protoss shield, and armor 
Unit ability: build Interceptors 
Unit requirement: Stargate, Fleet Beacon
Unit best usage: Carrier is a good decent unit, but since the 
Interceptors aren't useful against units with high armor, they 
aren't as good in attacking as they are made out to be.  Carriers 
make good defending unit with Photon Cannon blocking off, and some 
Shield Battery to keep the Carriers healthy.  Carriers are okay 
attackers, but it's impossible to avoid Psi Storm, Ensnare, 
Plague, Lockdown, Spore Counters, and especially Scourge.
Unit summary: the biggest unit for the Protoss race, very 
powerful, but attacks quite slow.  These will crack from Scourge, 
Wraith and Scout.  But with Arbiters, these can really kill.  
Carrier itself doesn't have a weapon, but it can build 
Interceptors to attack.  Also Carrier cost just a bit too much, 
350 minerals and 250 gas to start off, 200 more minerals later for 
Interceptors, that comes up to 550 mineral and 250 gas.  And I 
would rather get 2 Scouts instead, but Carrier is still a very 
good unit, and if your money allows you to build them, I would 
recommend you to get some Carriers.

Unit name: Interceptor	
Unit HP: 40/40
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Phase Cannon 6 (normal)
Unit air attack: Phase Cannon 6 (normal)
Unit cost: 25 minerals
Unit supply cost: 0
Unit size: small
Unit attack range: 9
Unit upgrade: Air attack, armor, Plasma Shield
Unit ability: none
Unit requirement: Carrier
Unit best usage: must get with Carriers.
Unit summary: Interceptors are small units within the Carrier.  
Interceptors can be destroyed like all other units.  When the 
Carrier is destroyed, all Interceptors for that Carrier will be 
destroyed, too.  However, Interceptor can be rebuild when 
destroyed.  Interceptors are built fast, but you still need time, 
since a Carrier with 1 or 2 Interceptor is really useless.

Unit name: Arbiter
Unit HP: 150/200
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: Phase Disrupter Cannon 10 (explosive)
Unit air attack: Phase Disrupter Cannon 10 (explosive)
Unit cost: 100 mineral, 350 gas
Unit supply cost: 4
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 5
Unit upgrade: Recall, Stasis Field, plus 50 energy, attack, 
Protoss shield and armor
Unit ability: Recall let you select a small section of the map and 
warp all units within the section warp next to the Arbiter.  
Stasis Field will freeze a group of units, these units will not 
deal any damage, as will as receiving any damage.  Stasis Field 
will also affect up to 2 spaces away from target unit.
Unit requirement: Stargate, Arbiter Tribunal
Unit best usage: Arbiter's ability to cloak all nearby units is 
what the Arbiter is used for.  Arbiter's ability is also quite 
useful, but the cloaking ability alone is good enough.  But, while 
you are at it, get the abilities for the Arbiter, Arbiter's cost 
is just way too much, and you should make use of the ones you've 
already made.
Unit summary: the Arbiter will cloak all units near by controlled 
by you, the cloaking range is about 4.  This is a very useful unit 
for both defending and attacking.  Recall is prefect for a sneak 
in attack when used correctly, Stasis Field is useful for 
attacking and defending.  Have a few Arbiters follow your 
attacking unit, this works well with Carriers and Reavers.  
Arbiter is quite annoying when it's cloaking big Carrier fleets, 
so remember to go for the Arbiter to stop the cloaking or just 
have a detector nearby.

Protoss buildings

Building name: Nexus
Building cost: 400 minerals
Building ability: make Probes
Building HP: 750/750 
Building Summary: the HQ for Protoss units.  Nexus is the weakest 
HQ out of the three races, since Terran Commend Center provide 10 
supply while Nexus provide 9, not to mention the ability to lift 
off.  Zerg Hatchery will eventually evolve into Lair and than 
Hive, Hive has 2500 HP compare to Nexus 1500 and only 750 
recoverable.  This opens up Gateway and Forge.

Building name: Pylon
Building cost: 100 minerals
Building ability: provide 8 Psi for Protoss unit
Building HP: 300/300
Building Summary: you have to build a lot of these, and remember 
if this gets destroyed, all buildings that are powered by this one 
will not function.  So build 2 Pylons together, and if one gets 
destroyed the other one will still power the buildings until you 
replaces it.

Building name: Gateway
Building cost: 150 minerals
Building ability: build Zealot, Dragoon, High Templar, Dark 
Building HP: 500/500
Building Summary: the place where Protoss makes their basic ground 
units.  Get more than one if you are planning to rush.  Gateway 
opens up Cybernetic Core and Shield Battery.

Building name: Forge
Building cost: 150 minerals
Building ability: upgrade ground attack, ground armor, and Plasma 
Building HP: 550/550
Building Summary: get this so you can have Photon Cannons.  Also 
the upgrades are good for a ground attack, the Plasma Shields are 
also quite useful since their buildings can also benefit from it.

Building name: Photon Cannon
Building cost: 150 minerals
Building ability: STA Photon Cannon 20 damage, STS Photon Cannon 
20 damage
Building HP: 100/100
Building Summary: a good defense unit, this will detect, attack 
both air and ground for good damage, so surround your base with 
these and only Reavers, Carriers, Guardians, and Siege Tanks have 
better range than this.  And all of those can be countered easily 
by 12 Scouts or 12 Zealots with speed upgrade.

Building name: Cybernetic Core 
Building cost: 200 Minerals
Building ability: upgrade air attack, air armor, upgrade Dragoon 
attack range
Building HP: 500/500
Building Summary: get two to make upgrades faster.  This upgrades 
all your air units and also your Dragoons attack range.  You need 
to build this to wrap in any advance buildings.  The Dragoon 
attack range is quite important if you plan on using any Dragoons 
to attack and defend.  This allows level 2 and level 3 Plasma 
Shield upgrades.  Cybernetics Core opens up Robotics Facility, 
Stargate and Citadel of Adun. 

Building name: Shield Battery 
Building cost: 100 minerals 200 energy
Building ability: charge shields 200 energy
Building HP: 200/200
Building Summary: not really useful since Protoss Shields recover 
quite fast.  The battery will charge target Protoss unit's Shield.  
This is only good for Archons and units with high Shields.  A Dark 
Archon after Mind Control will need a Shield Battery to recharge.  
Scouts can also take advantage of Shield Battery to recharge their 
shield.  Shield Battery is an excellent counter against Emp 
Shockwave if your units are close enough to your base.

Building name: Robotic Facility
Building cost: 200minerals, 200 gas
Building ability: make Shuttles, Reavers, Observers
Building HP: 500/500
Building Summary: where you make some unit with special ability.  
This isn't always needed, but all units built here are very 
useful.  Especially Reaver to take out enemy towers, Observer to 
detect against a cloak happy opponent.  Robotic Facility opens up 
the Robotics Supporting Bay and Observatory.

Building name: Stargate
Building cost: 150 minerals, 150 gas
Building ability: make Scouts, Carriers, Arbiter, and Corsair
Building HP: 600/600
Building Summary: this is where all the flying units are made for 
Protoss, you should get 4 or 5 Stargates when playing a long game, 
all units here takings awhile to make.  All units made here a 
quite expensive, but they all have their use.  Stargate allows 
Fleet Beacon to be built.  With a Templar Archive, you will also 
able to build Arbiter Tribunal.

Building name: Citadel of Adun
Building cost: 150 minerals, 100 gas 
Building ability: upgrade Zealot speed.
Building HP: 450/450
Building Summary: you need this if you are planning on doing 
Zealot rush, the upgrade increase Zealots walking speed greatly.  
This is also needed for Templar Archive.  This is a real useful 
building, since Zealots is an important aspect for your Protoss 
army all the time.

Building name: Robotics Supporting Bay
Building cost: 200 minerals, 200 gas
Building ability: Reaver damage, Reaver Capacity, Shuttle speed 
Building HP: 450/450
Building Summary: this is for Shuttle and Reaver upgrades.  None 
of these are really important, get this later in the game unless 
you are trying to pull of some kind of drop.  Reavers are very 
powerful units against ground attacks, but because of Reaver's 
high price, you don't always need it.

Building name: Fleet Beacon
Building cost: 300 minerals, 200 gas
Building ability: upgrade scouts sight, scout speed, Carrier 
capacity, Disruption Web, plus 50 Corsair energy
Building HP: 500/500
Building Summary: here you can upgrade your Scout's movement and 
sight, also you can upgrade your Carrier's capacity to 8 (you 
really should get this if you are planning on using Carriers).  In 
Brood Wars, you also upgrade your Corsair's ability.  This also 
allows all level 2 and level 3 air unit upgrades.

Building name: Templar Archive
Building cost: 200 minerals, 200 gas
Building ability: Psionic Storm, Hallucination, +50 energy High 
Templar, Mind Control, Maelstrom, +50 energy Dark Archon
Building HP: 500/500
Building Summary: all Templar and Dark Archon spell upgrades.  
Psionic Storm is the most important upgrade here.  Mind Control is 
also quite useful, it can actually turn a tide of a battle.  This 
allows all level 2 and level 3 ground unit upgrades.  This will 
also allow you to make Arbiter Tribunal, but you still need a 
Stargate, too.

Building name: Observatory
Building cost: 50 mineral, 100 gas
Building ability: upgrade Observer sight range, speed 
Building HP: 250/250
Building Summary: You can get this for Observers and Observer's 
upgrades.  This isn't that important unless your opponent is a 
real cloaker freak.  However, get this just in case of any cloak 
units during your attack.  This is a must in any Brood War game 
against Protoss or Zerg, since Lurker and Dark Templar are always 
in those bases, Terran's Wraith will also appear in most mid-late 

Building name: Arbiter Tribunal
Building cost: 200 mineral, 150 gas
Building ability: Recall upgrade, Stasis Field upgrade, +50 energy
Building HP: 500/500
Building Summary: this is the last building you should build when 
using Protoss, most games you won't need this since this building 
has a lot of requirements.  The Arbiter, it takes the longest to 
make (160), but however Arbiter can cloak all near by unit 
controlled by you, so it is very useful with Carriers and Reavers.  
This building takes a lot of time to get, it isn't useful unless a 
game is over 20 minutes, this is the highest of the Protoss tech 
tree, don't always go for this unless you have to.

Brood War Protoss units 

Unit name: Dark Templar
Unit HP: 40/60
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: Warp Blade 40 (normal)
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 125 mineral, 100 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: medium
Unit attack range: 1
Unit upgrade: attack, armor, Protoss Shield
Unit ability: Dark Archon Merge
Unit requirement: Templar Archive, Gateway 
Unit best usage: Dark Templars are assassin units, they are best 
early up when detectors isn't available yet.  They deal very high 
ground damage, but they aren't that good in attacking because they 
are quite slow.  Use them as surprise attackers rather than 
frontal assault, but including a few Dark Templars in attacking 
will always be nice, since they are good just for their powerful 
40 normal ground damage.
Unit summary: the Dark Templar is always cloaked, this is a very 
good unit against Terran, since their only Detectors are Missile 
Turrets, and you can easily avoid them.  Their strong attack make 
them good in defending against ground rush, however they can not 
attack air, so have Dragoon defending.  Also Dark Templar attacks 
are quite slow, so when going up against high numbers of enemies, 
they become less useful.  Remember that Dark Templars are an 
assassin unit, they work with the element of surprise.  However if 
you rush 40 fully upgraded Dark Templars, they will have some 
rather good results.  Dark Templars will suffer a lot from Lurkers 
with Overlord, or if you are attacking with Zealots and Dragoons, 
the splash damage will kill off your low HP Dark Templars.

Unit name: Dark Archon
Unit HP: 200/25
Unit armor: 0
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: none
Unit cost: 2 Dark Templar
Unit supply cost: 4
Unit size: large
Unit attack range: 0
Unit upgrade: Mind Control, Maelstrom, plus 50 energy, Protoss 
shield and armor
Unit ability: Mind Control allows you to take control of target 
unit, so it is possible to control all three races at the same 
time after taking an enemy worker.  Mind Control takes a lot of 
energy and drains Dark Archon's Shield empty, so have a Shield 
Battery when you are using Dark Archons.  Maelstrom freezes a 
group of organic units, make it very easy for you to kill, but 
Maelstrom only last for about 5 seconds tops.  Feed Back will 
drain all energy from a unit and deal that much damage to that 
unit equal to the amount of energy drained to it.
Unit requirement: 2 Dark Templar
Unit best usage: Dark Archon is a good units to have, it's ability 
is decent all around.  But this is a hard and expensive unit to 
use, so use at your own risk.
Unit summary: a good unit, hard to use for human player.  Only use 
Mind Control on something that is worth the heavy price, like a 
Battle Cruiser, Carrier, or Arbiter.  An enemy worker will allow 
you to build a new race, but it's rather useless since the time 
and money required for it.  However, Arbiters and Battle Cruiser 
with Scouts and Guardian does sound good.  Maelstrom is quite 
useful against Zerg, all Zerg units are affected by it, but 
because Maelstrom doesn't last very long, you should keep your 
troops nearby when using Maelstrom (or use it when all your units 
are not organic).  Feedback is excellent against Science Vessel, 
Queens, Defilers, with their energy are be used against them.  But 
you have to be quick or those units will be under full protection 
because of their high costs.  While we are on the price, note that 
Dark Archon is a very expensive unit, 200 mineral and 250 gas, not 
to mention the time, upgrades, and requirements for it.  
Protecting your Dark Archon is important, or your opponents will 
intentionally go for your Dark Archons if a path presents itself. 

Unit name: Corsair
Unit HP: 80/100
Unit armor: 1
Unit ground attack: none
Unit air attack: Neutron Flare 5 (splash)
Unit cost: 150 mineral, 100 gas
Unit supply cost: 2
Unit size: medium
Unit attack range: 4
Unit upgrade: Disruption Web, plus 50 energy, attack, Protoss 
shield and armor
Unit ability: Disruption Web, freeze all ground units including 
building's weapon system within the web, this will stop all attack 
from the spot, however units can move out of the web and attack 
Unit requirement: Stargate, Fleet Beacon
Unit best usage: Corsairs are good air-to-air attackers with their 
splash damage against Mutalisk or other low armor flyers.  Their 
Web can help you sneak in Drops and Recalls without taking too 
much damage to your Shuttle/Arbiter.  Disruption Web can allow you 
to bypass mass Spore Colony or Missile Turrets block outs, making 
way for your Shuttle or Arbiter to get across easily.
Unit summary: Corsair only attacks air, even though their attack 
is only 5 damage, their attack is very fast, and it's splash 
damage.  Corsair can get in around 20 plus attacks for Devour's 
one.  Remember to use the Web wisely, this way you can get past 
the Cannons and Spores easily.  

Part 6: Starcraft walkthrough  (Spoilers included!)

I didn't really get any serious trouble going through the single 
player campaign, but I didn't play the campaign until I spent 
weeks playing on  I was able to stand up to 3 or 4 
comps in melee when I started playing the campaign, so the 
campaign was easy for me.  However, I still died a few times 
during the campaign.  I have received quite a few emails about 
problems in single player campaign, so now I will put up two 
sections dedicated to the single player campaign.

Keys of the Campaign




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:

Additional Note: (might not always apply)

Terran campaign

Tutorial: Boot Camp

Terran Campaign: Rebel Yell

In the decade since the end of the Guild Wars, the oppressed 
Terran Confederacy has stood unchallenged in its supremacy over 
colonial space.

All of that changed four days ago when a large alien fleet emerged 
from warp-space and laid waste to the unsuspecting Confederate 
colony of Chau Sara.

The Confederacy, fear the alien fleet's next target will be the 
colony of Mar Sara, has sent you to intervene.  Acting as 
Magistrate, you are to safeguard the colonists and keep their 
state of panic from escalating any further.


Office of the Colonial Magistrate 
Mar Sara Colony
2:25 SCT, 12/12/2499

"Welcome to Mar Sara, Magistrate.  The equipment demonstration you 
requested is prepared and may be initiated at your convenience.
Simply select start to begin the demonstration.  You may skip the 
demonstration by selecting skip tutorial.  

Whenever you feel ready, you may select start.

Anytime is fine.

You're okay to go.

Magistrate, are you all right?"

End of Briefing.
End of Briefing. (really)

Objectives: Build 3 Supply Depots
            Build a Refinery
            Gather 100 Vespene Gas
            "Skip Tutorial"

Campaign information: You start with 1 SCV, 16 Marines, 1 Commend 
Center, and 1 Supply Depot.  The Zerg has a total of 16 Zerglings, 
they will not attack you unless you go into their sight range.  
Your advisor will tell you about each unit and building whenever 
you select them.  

Difficulty level 0.

Completing the mission: simply make 10 SCVs from your Commend 
Center, and just collect the required minerals and gas.  Build the 
Refinery whenever you feel you are ready.  You can add in the 
additional Supply Depot whenever you need to, everything here is 
just an introduction for you.

Terran Campaign

1. Wasteland

Office of Colonial Magistrate
Colony of Mar Sara.

"Adjutant online.  Good evening, Magistrate, I'll fill you in on 
what's been happening: Confederate traffic has increased 
substantially within the system due to the recent Protoss 
destruction of Chau Sara colony.  The Confederates have tightened 
the security of all outlying systems, and it's likely that this 
colony will be locked down as well.  An encrypted Confederate 
transmission came for you while you were at dinner.  Replaying 

Greeting Magistrate, I'm General Edmund Duke of the Confederate 
Security forces, Alpha Squadron.  The Confederacy has quarantined 
this entire planet, we will proceed with the lockdown in 48 hours.  
You're to relocate the core colonists to the outlying wasteland.  
Now I know there won't be any problems with these new 

Transmission has ended.  I have contacted the local marshal James 
Raynor.  Raynor has agreed to meet your personnel en route and 
escort them to the new wasteland site.

End of Briefing.

Objectives:  Find Raynor.
             Build a Barracks.
             Train 10 Marines.

Campaign information: you start with 5 Marines and 5 SCVs.  Raynor 
is a Vulture, you will find him after you crossed the bridge, and 
he is between two cliffs.  A Commend Center and a Supply Depot is 
further down, located near the middle and bottom.  There are total 
of 23 Zerglings.  A possible expansion will be available to you to 
your middle left, but you can simply get all the minerals you need 
with your first base.  The Zerglings again will not attack you 
until you get in their sight range.  Also, all the Zerglings are 
forced to stay in one spot, you can simply hit once and run, the 
Zerglings will only chase you if you are still in their sight 
range.  On a side note here, James Raynor is quite similar to 
James West (Will Smith) in Wild Wild West, think the movie riped 
off StarCraft?

Difficulty level: 1

Added Objective: Raynor must survive.

Completing the mission: get your SCVs to mine, make a few more 
SCVs, build your Barrack and Supply Depot once you have the money.  
Start to train your Marines as soon as your Barrack finishes.  
Raynor can be used to kill off all the Zerglings, his Spider Mines 
can be used as traps for the enemy Zerglings, but you can simply 
charge him in and let him kill all the Zerglings by himself.  You 
can always repair Raynor with your SCV, for a small price that is.  
Again, this is another easy mission, you shouldn't have too much 
trouble here.

Terran Campaign 

2. Backwater Station

Office of Colonial Magistrate
Mar Sara Colony

Receiving incoming transmission.  Com-link established:
Hey what sup man, yer (not finished yet)

Objectives: Eradicate the alien infestation.
            Raynor must survive.

Campaign information: you start with Raynor (Vulture), 2 SCVs, 4 
Marines, 1 Commend Center, 1 Barrack and 2 Supply Depot.  There is 
a base to your top, and it will stay neutral until you have 
rescued it.  The base will be under your control as soon as you 
searched it (meaning having your troops in the base.)  There are 
48 Zerglings, and 9 Hydralisk spread out on the map.  There also a 
few Creep Colony around the place, they will not do anything as of 
now.  There is a possible expansion to the bottom right, but you 
have to go through quite a few Zerglings/Hydralisk before getting 
to it.  Every few minutes, the computer controlled Zerg will 
attack your base with a few Zerglings, but the attacks are quite 
rare, not to mention quite easy to defend with Raynor alone.

Difficulty level: 2

Completing the mission: start off by producing SCVs and start 
mining.  Have Raynor attack and kill the Zerglings nearby, Raynor 
can scout for you, remember to repair Raynor whenever you need to.  
Proceed to build up a 10 plus Marines army, move them up the ramp 
to your north (top) and kill off the 5 Zerglings and 1 Creep 
Colony.  Rescue the empty base and you will receive the following: 
5 Firebats, 2 SCVs, 1 Academy, 2 Barrack, 1 Commend Center, and 3 
Bunkers.  First off, start mining as if you haven't done so 
already, and get the two upgrades at the Academy, both the Stim 
Pack and the U-320 Shells.  Get 2 or 3 hot keys of infantry units 
and start attacking to your top right.  Once you've destroyed the 
Infested Commend Center there you'll win.  You can also build an 
Engineering Bay and upgrade your infantry weapon/armor if you 
want.  Include Raynor in your army, he is a very powerful attacker 
in this state of the game, especially against Zerglings and 
Hydralisks.  If Raynor's HP fall below 100, move him back to your 
base and repair him.

3. Desperate Alliance

Office of Colonial Magistrate
Mar Sara Colony


Objectives: Survive for 30 minutes

Campaign information: this will be your first hard mission.  You 
start off with 1 Barrack, 3 SCV, 3 Vulture, 2 Bunker, 16 Marines, 
1 Engineering Bay, 1 Academy, 3 Supply Depot, and 3 Missile 
Turrets.  I will not list the number of enemies this time, since 
now the Zerg will have a mining base and they will able to 
reproduce as normal, unless you are able to destroy their Hatchery 
and all their Drones.  The Advisor will teach you how to repair at 
the start of the game (as if you haven't learn how to yet.)

Difficulty level: 4

Completing the mission: First off, this isn't an open attack/kill 
mission, this is a defense mission.  As long as you survive the 30 
minutes you win, first off stick your Marines into the Bunkers and 
repair both the Bunker and the Vulture to your right.  Keep 
producing Marines and protect your mineral line with 2 Bunkers of 
Marines or a few Missile Turrets, whichever one you prefer.  Build 
additional Bunkers to both of the exits to your base, so get 
around 3 Bunkers of 11 Marines and 1 Firebat on each side.  
Research the Spider Mine ability for your Vulture and have them 
lay the mines outside the base.  The Zerg will attack you with 
mostly Zergling/Hydralisk combinations.  Also, the Zerg will 
attack with Mutalisks on your mineral line in around 15-20 
minutes, be sure to protect yourself against that.  When the 30 
minutes is almost over, the Zerg will have a final attack, they 
will swarm in with 30 plus Zerglings, 15 Hydralisk, and 10 
Mutalisks (or with whatever units they have left at this point).  
You can simply defend against that for 30 seconds, if not, lift 
off all your buildings and fly them to a corner, you will be alive 
long enough to receive the win when the Drop Ships arrive.  Also, 
in the beginning of the game, lift off your Commend Center and 
land it close to the mining line, it will speed up your mineral 
production.  There will be a big attack in 18 minutes or so (12:00 
left on your clock), which consists of 15 Zerglings and 8 
Hydralisk on your lower right side.  The worker hunter Mutalisks 
will follow the Zergling/Hydralisk attack very soon.  Overall this 
is still an easy mission, if you still have problems, try this, 
save up 1500 minerals and build 10 Barracks, after building them, 
lift them off to the corner of the map.  There is no way the Zerg 
can kill off 10 1000HP buildings in less than a minute.

4. Jacobs Installation

Former Office of Colonial Magistrate
Mar Sara Colony
3 Hours later


Objectives: Retrieve Data discs from Confederate network.
            Raynor must survive.

Campaign information: you start off with Raynor as a Marine (very 
powerful Marine), 4 Firebats, and 7 Marines.  These troops will be 
all the fighters you can have in this stage, you will not able to 
train anyone or anything at all.  So it is best to avoid frontal 
attacks if you can help it.

Difficulty level: 5

Completing the mission: The only hard part for this stage is 
Raynor getting killed, and because he will get attacked by the 
enemies if he is up ahead, so you should stick him in the middle.  
What you do is grab a Firebat or Marine and stick him in front of 
Raynor, so if the enemy starts attacking, they will be hitting the 
Firebat/Marine instead of Raynor.  Also, when in tight quarters, 
use your Stim Pack for Raynor and for the cheap cost of 10 HP you 
can actually save the rest of your troops.  Save the game if you 
want, this mission is more luck than skills.  However, if you are 
a good Marine rusher, you will find this mission a breeze.  The 
enemy has a large army, but you can avoid most of them if you 
follow my route.

Here are the correct directions and some useful information.  Go 
straight up and cross the gate, there will be a hallway after the 
open gate.  There is a door to the left further down which leads 
to some Civilian and SCV killing on your part.  There is a hidden 
trap Gun at the end of the hallway, kill it normally.  There is a 
hallway that leads to the right' go down there and kill off a 
Marine on top of a set of stairs.  The beacon further down is a 
transporter, the transporter will lead to another room, kill off 
the Marine and Civilians in there and find another Beacon close to 
the one you can in from.  That beacon will activate the cameras 
and show you the Beacon and the place where you get the Data 
Discs.  Exit from the transporter and head to the place where the 
hidden gun was.  Further north will be 2 yellow color doors, 
instead of entering those, head to the left side and go up a door 
down there.  Kill off the units in that room and head up the 
stairs.  Keep going up, across a door and you will reach an 
intersection.  One intersection will lead to the right, and one 
will lead down, take the one leading right if you want to avoid 
combat.  Shortly, you will be at another intersection, a door 
leading downwards, a hallway leading right, and another hallway 
leading up.  First take the door and kill off the Marine inside, 
and step on the Beacon and it will shut off the hidden guns in 
this level.  Than take the hall up, it will lead a to battle 
against 2 Firebats, then some Zerglings, battle them if you want 
to, it's optional.  But proceed to the right once you are done 
with the door with the beacon.  Further to the right are 3 
Civilians, then 2 Marines, and finally a stairway leading down and 
left.  Go down the stairs but keep close to the right side of the 
wall, if you get too close to the left side, 2 Vultures will 
attack you.  Stay on the right side and go up the stairs, kill the 
2 Marines there and step into the Beacon transporter, there is 
another hidden gun on the ramp if you haven't close the switch.  
Your troops will be transported to another room, exit the room to 
your bottom left and kill the 3 Marines.  Head down, there is a 
hidden gun on the way, when you reach the door, enter it and 
battle against 2 Firebats, 1 Ghost, 2 Marines.  Kill off 
everything and step on the Beacon, it will give you the Data Discs 
and you completed the mission.

5. Revolution 

Secret Staging Area
Second Moon of Antiga Prime


Objectives: Bring Kerrigan to Antigan Commend Center.
            Defend the Antigan Rebels.
            Raynor and Kerrigan must survive.

Campaign information: You start off with Raynor as a Vulture and 8 
Marines. This map is an island map, and you will have you first 
encounter with special energy abilities and flying units.  The 
enemy's main base is located on the bottom left, but you will have 
to rescue the Antigans before you can have a base of operation.  
Once you've established your base, your enemy will attack you with 
mostly Marines/Firebats, 1 Bunker with 4 Marines will be more than 
enough to defend against them.  They will attack from the top 
left(your Starport) so be sure to defend against that.  Raynor's 
Spider Mines can be used to defend against that attack, but I 
would just stick a Bunker with 4 Marines there just to be safe.  
Otherwise, they will mostly attack from the ramp near your Commend 
Center.  Be sure to stick Kerrigan into one of those Bunkers near 
your Commend Center, she is a great defender against small 
infantry units.

Difficulty level: 3

Completing the mission: First you have to find Kerrigan, she is 
located just south of you, and she will join you as you find her.  
Across the bridge will be a Marine and 3 Missile Turrets, kill 
them and keep proceeding.  The Vulture up ahead can be taken cared 
off with Kerrigan's Lockdown, the Wraith further up can be 
Lockdown as well, remember to kill those units off before the 
Lockdown wears off after 30 plus seconds.  Once you have killed 
off those units, keep going east and you will find yourself 
blocked off by enemy Bunkers and Missile Turrets.  First off, 
Cloak Kerrigan and sneak her into the base, it's okay that she get 
hit a few times by the Marines.  Once inside the purple base, head 
for the Commend Center and step into the Beacon.  The Antigans 
forces (purple) will then join you and kill off all the 
Confederate units, except a Bunker and a Missile Turret.  Leave 
Raynor and your Marines outside the base, since you can pick them 
up later.  Start mining on your base, build up on Marines and 
stick them the Bunkers.  Don't worry about enemy cloaked units, 
there won't be any in this mission.  Get a Control Tower on the 
Starport you've gotten from the Antigans, after the Control Tower, 
build a Drop Ship and start making Wraith.  When your Drop Ship 
finishes, have it pick up Raynor and the Marines and just leave 
them in your base.  Get a few extra Starports to speed up the 
process.  Get the Cloaking Field and Apollo Reactor ability on the 
Control Tower as soon as you can.  Get an army of 12 Wraith with a 
good amount of energy stored already, and a few Drop Ships with 
Marines inside will also be nice, another Drop with a few SCVs 
repairing will be good, too.  The best way to win is first use the 
cloaked Wraith and destroy the enemy Commend Center to the bottom 
middle/right, take out units like Goliath, Wraith, Marines, etc, 
but don't go too far left since the Missile Turrets will detect 
you.  Once you have cleared out the right side, drop 12 Marines 
and 4 SCVs there.  Use the SCV to build Bunkers and repair any of 
the Wraith.  Build additional Barracks there and keep making 
Bunkers to push your way into the enemy's base.  You only need 8 
Marines, since you can just exit the Marines on the Bunker and 
stick them into another Bunker close to enemy's base. Or you can 
simply drop 6 Drop Ships full of Marines into their base and over 
whelm them, both works fine.  There is an expansion to your lower 
right, you have 2 Barracks there and you can expand there to get 
more minerals. Remember to build a lot of SCVs in your first base, 
have 15 plus SCVs on minerals alone.

6. Norad II

Secret Staging Area
Antiga Prime


Objectives: Protect Battlecruiser Norad II.
            Bring Raynor and 2 drop ships to Norad II.

Hidden Objective: Raynor must survive.

Campaign information: You start off with Raynor as a Vulture, 2 
SCVs, 1 Firebat, and 2 Marines.  Your first base will be to your 
left, there are possible expansions at the middle left, top right, 
and you can also take the Zerg's base at top/middle left, and 
middle/top right.  This mission is not a search and kill mission, 
this is a rescue mission, so you do not have to kill off the Zergs 
to win.  The Zerg will attack you with various units, ranging from 
Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Mutalisks, also Queens will cast 
Ensnare on your units if the Queen have energy.  Quick Note, 
Ensnare slows down affected unit's weapon system and movement.

Difficulty level: 5

Completing the mission: As you head west to rescue the base, you 
will be ambush by 2 burrowed Hydralisk and 3 burrowed Zerglings, 
just kill them and take the Terran base.  The Terran consists of 
the following: 1 Commend Center, 3 Bunkers, 1 Barracks, 6 Supply 
Depot, 1 Goliath, 2 Marines, and 1 Engineering Bay.  Start making 
SCVs and try to go into gas earlier than usual, best if you make 
the Refinery on your fourth SCV.  Repair the damaged Bunker and 
Engineering Bay, and if a few minutes, Norad II will be attacked 
by a few Zerg units.  You then will have a damaged Norad II, 3 
Goliath, 2 Bunkers, 6 Marines, and 2 SCVs, you must keep all those 
units alive at all costs.  The 2 SCVs can repair the Bunker, 
Goliath, and Norad II, if they aren't repairing, hid them in the 
Bunkers.  To repair Norad II, you need to have gas, and that's why 
I told you to get gas early on.  With the help of SCVs repairing, 
you will able to keep Norad II alive for quite some time.  The 
Zerg will attack you a lot this mission, however the attacks are 
quite pitiful with small groups of Hydralisks/Zerglings, 1 Bunker 
with 1 Firebat and 3 Marines will take care of that.

Norad II is heavy defend by the Zerg, over 20 Spore Colony and 10 
Sunken Colony are preventing you from entering.  However, the 
backside of the Norad II is wide open, you can simply sneak the 
Drop Ships in from behind.  First make the Drop Ships and put 
Raynor inside one of them.  In order to go backdoor, you will have 
to go up on top left and go along the top boarder.  The top right 
have a few Mutalisks and Hydralisk, take care of them with Wraith 
or Marines.  Then the Zerg base to the top middle right will be 
the problem.  Use your Wraith as suicide units, attack 8 Wraith to 
the base with Cloaking Field on.  The Zerg will be forced to 
protect their base.  Right than, just fly your Drop Ships by, and 
you can avoid the Drop Ships getting hit by Scourge or Mutalisks.  
Once you flew over, go straight down the right side boarder, once 
you are near the Noard II, upload Raynor and you will win.  Save 
before you attempt this, there is a slight chance of you getting 
hit by 2 Scourges on patrol if you are unlucky.

7. Trump Card

Secret Staging Area
Antiga Prime Colony


Objectives: Bring Psi Emitter to enemy base.
            Kerrigan must survive.

Campaign information: You start with Kerrigan as a Ghost, 1 SCV 
with the Psi Emitter, 11 Marines, 1 Science Vessel, 2 Vultures, 
and 4 SCVs.  You will also have these buildings, 1 Starport with 
Control Tower, 1 Science Facility, 1 Commend Center, 1 Factory, 2 
Barracks, 4 Missile Turrets, 1 Engineering Bay, 1 Bunker, 1 
Refinery, and 5 Supply Depots.  However, when the game starts, you 
will automatically lose the Control Tower on the Starport, and if 
you don't lift off the Starport and Science Facility, you will 
eventually lose them, too.  The 2 Supply Depots to the bottom 
middle will also be lost against an enemy Siege Tank in Siege 
Mode.  There will be possible expansion to the bottom middle, this 
is the only one, so sure to take this when you can.  Your opponent 
will attack you with various units during this mission, mostly 
infantry units like Marine and Firebats, and Siege Tanks in Siege 
Mode is also available to them, not to mention Wraith and Cloaking 
Field.  Your starting base is extremely poor, with only 5 Mineral 
Crystals at 1500 each, so the expansion nearby is critical to you.  
Try to get the expansion when you've reached 4 Siege Tanks with 
Siege Mode.  

Difficulty level: 5

Completing the mission: Start the mission by lifting off the 
Starport and Science Facility and fly them back to your main base.  
Get Kerrigan, the SCV and 2 Marines back as well.  The side base 
with 2 Supply Depots with 2 Marines will be under attack by a 
Siege Tank, move Marines back and let the Supply Depots die.  You 
have your main base now so start producing SCVs and defend against 
the 3 exits with 1 Bunker with 4 Marines on each side, also a 
Missile Turret is needed to prevent Wraith with Cloaking Field, 
add additional units later on.  Build a Missile Turret right next 
to your Commend Center since it will be under attacked by a 
cloaked Wraith very soon.  Climb your tech tree to Siege Tanks and 
Siege Mode, since the Siege Tank is one of the most powerful units 
you can have as a Terran.  After 3 or 4 Siege Tanks, expand to the 
base to your right.  Set up defense there with Missile Turrets, 
Bunkers with Marines, and the 4 Tanks.  Build your expanding 
Commend Center ahead of time, you can lift it off and fly it over 
to the spot to speed up the expansion time.  Grab 2 SCVs and set 
up the defense, 1 build Bunker and 1 build Missile Turret.  Once 
you have established base, build an army of 12 Siege Tanks, 2 
Science Vessels and 24 Marines you can begin to attack your 
opponent.  Tank push your way to the beacon near the top right, 
there is a Battle Cruiser there, that can pack a big punch, so use 
Science Vessel's Defensive Matrix on one of your Marines or 
Wraith, and you won't lose anything important.  The few cloaking 
Wraiths along the way are easily killed by your Marines with 
proper cloak detection, Comsat Scan works fine here, all ground 
units will die against the Siege Tanks, and after you cleared the 
way, move the SCV and Kerrigan to the beacon and you will win.  Be 
sure to clear up the spot first, and set your Siege Tanks and 
Marines around so the enemy won't reestablish their base.

8. The Big Push

Commend Ship Hyperion
Holding Perimeter high orbit over
Confederate Capital World of Tarsonis


Objectives: Eliminate the Confederate forces.
            Duke must survive.

Campaign information: You will start with Duke as a powerful 
Battle Cruiser (Norad II), 2 Ghosts, 4 Marines, 2 Drop Ships, 4 
SCVs, and 3 Wraith.  All your buildings are lift off and you can 
fly them to upward and land them at the empty base.  There are 
several attachments like Nuclear Silos and Control Towers, and you 
will obtain them if you land on the direct spot.  Even though the 
add-on buildings are poorly located, they however will save you 
money.  The add-ons for the Commend Center are very poorly placed, 
I wouldn't put my Commend Center so far away from the gas site, 
but it's entirely up to you.  A new and powerful option is opened 
to you, Nukes, that will be one of your biggest weapons as a 
Terran, know how to use it and it will really benefit you in the 
future battles.  There is only 1 expansion, which is on the top 
middle.  But you can also take the enemy's base once you've 
cleared out everything.  The enemy's base top of you is quite rich 
and I would really suggest you taking it when you can.  

Difficulty level: 6

Completing the mission: this is a fairly difficult mission, the 
Confederate's defense is extreme, and you will find quite some 
problems breaking through.  First off, the Siege Tanks are your 
most powerful units again, and Tank push will serve you greatly 
here.  First off, establish base and build up your forces, Duke 
can create chaos in the enemy's base with his 1 hit kill 1 Marine 
ATS Laser, and his 260 damage Yamato Gun.  8 Tank with a decent 
escort will break open the base and you should take the base as an 
expansion.  The Confederate will have a big army down your throat 
if you let them, but a few Nukes and a good Tank push will easily 
let you win.  Build some Missile Turrets on both the left side and 
right side of your first base, since Wraith with cloak tends to 
attack those spots.  Once you have taken over the Confederate's 
base just north of you, you should take the base on top as well.  
Now you will have a good mineral flow and you should build up a 
sizable army before charging into the last base to the top right.  
There are a few Battle Cruisers on the top middle, and a few 
Wraith and Ghost will easily take those out with Lockdown and or 
Cloaking Field.  Make use of Wraith's Cloaking Field here, there 
are quite a few Siege Tanks, Bunkers and Firebats that needs to be 
killed that way.  Upgrades are always good, but don't waste too 
much money on upgrades unless you are extra minerals to spare.  
Ghost and Nukes are extremely useful here, and the Confederate 
will be at your mercy since they have no mobile detector other 
than the Comsat Scanner.  Once you have destroyed every building 
the Confederate have, you will win.  There are some buildings like 
Missile Turrets pretty far off from the Confederate's main bases, 
make use of Drop Ships or Wraith to scout and take those out.  
There are some spots where the enemy Tanks and Bunkers are on top 
of a platform, you won't able to see it unless you have a flyer or 
use Comsat Scanner, so don't be searching if you find something 
hitting you from nowhere.  

9. New Gettysberg

Commend Ship Hyperion
Holding Perimeter high orbit over
Confederate Capital World of Tarsonis


Objectives: Destroy the Protoss force.
            All Zerg buildings must survive.
            Kerrigan must survive.

Campaign information: this will be one hard mission, not only that 
you must protect the Zerg and kill the Protoss, you have to 
protect yourself from both the Zerg and Protoss attacks.  You will 
start off with Kerrigan as a Ghost, 6 Marines, 2 Vultures, 1 Drop 
Ship, 2 SCVs, 1 Commend Center, 1 Factory, 1 Barrack, and 3 Supply 
Depots.  A possible expansion is available to you on the 
bottom/middle left.  The Protoss have 2 base of operation, 1 on 
top right, and 1 on bottom right.  The Zerg is north west of you, 
you must not kill any Zerg buildings at all.  Your first base have 
a lot of exits, you must protect them all with a Bunker and 4 
Marines on each.  There are 2 ramps on top, 1 to the top/right, 1 
platform leading to the bottom left, and 1 bridge to the bottom 
middle.  Zerg's attacks aren't that strong, but enough to wreak 
havoc in your base if you let them.  Protoss is your main concern, 
build up your army and go for the Protoss.  Nukes are a good 
weapon for you, so use them wisely and you should able to win 
easily.  The Protoss has no mobile detectors, so Nukes and Wraith 
should able to win you the game, remember to build additional 
Commend Center to support your Nukes.  

Difficulty level: 6

Completing the mission: Go straight for Nukes, skip Siege Tanks, 
Wraith, upgrades, etc, and go for the Nukes.  Build 4 Bunkers of 
Marines and Kerrigan to protect your base.  1 near your Supply 
Depots (top right), 1 right next to your Refinery (top left), 1 on 
the bottom left leading to the expansion, and 1 more on the bottom 
near the big bridge (bottom center).  Go up to Nukes, expand when 
you are about to run out of minerals and gas in your first base.  
If you can, take the Protoss base, those are far more richer than 
the small expansion to your middle left.  At the start of game, 
lift off your Commend Center and land it near your mineral fields, 
it's too far away.  As for the gas, instead of sending the regular 
4 SCVs to mine gas, send 7 or 8 this time.  The Zerg will attack 
with with mostly Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Mutalisks, they are 
quite easy to defend against, also, the Zerg's Queen will Parasite 
your units, ignore them since they will not be affecting your 
unit's abilities in any way.  The Protoss rarely attacks you, they 
usually bring a single Zealot or Dragoon to your base, and you 
should be able to handle them easily.  The Zerg's attack will 
increase as the time progress, add it additional Bunkers and 
Marines when you can afford them.  You should able to stock up on 
a lot of minerals when using only nukes, you can build a straight 
Marine army and just station them in your base, attack with them 
when you need to.  The Protoss is quite weak overall, and you will 
win once you have killed all their buildings.  You also can have 
your mass Marines to escort a couple of Siege Tanks to take out 
the Protoss base.  However, use Nukes since the Protoss don't have 
a detector, you just have to watch yourself from the Zerg.

10. The Hammar Falls

Commend Ship Hyperion
Holding Perimeter high orbit over
Confederate Capital World of Tarsonis


Objectives: Destroy Ion Cannon.
            Raynor must survive.

Campaign information: this is the last Terran mission for 
StarCraft, and you should expect and get a tough big battle here.  
You will start off with Raynor as a Vulture, 2 Siege Tanks, 16 
Marines, 2 Firebats, 4 SCVs, 1 Commend Center, and 3 Supply 
Depots.  This is an extremely hard mission, the enemy Terran will 
use everything that's available to the Terran race, from Nukes to 
Battle Crusiers, Siege Tanks to infantry swarms.  You must defend 
and defend well to stand any chance of winning.  Your aim to 
destroy the Ion Cannon to the top right, which happens to be well 
guarded by the enemy.  You have to build up your forces, get Siege 
Tanks in Siege mode by the twos on each ramp.  Climb up your tech 
tree to Missile Turrets and Comsat Scanner as soon as you can 
since the enemy will nuke you if you don't.  There are two 
possible expansions available to you, 1 in the center of the map, 
and 1 to the middle right side.  This mission will be extremely 
hard if you had trouble with previous missions.  You might want to 
go practice more on custom maps, and save often during the game to 
win this mission.

Difficulty level: 9

Completing the mission: You should build up your forces quick, or 
you will eat a nuke very early in the game.  Start off with the 
basics, SCVs on mining and a Barrack, research and upgrade as much 
as you can, and fast.  Build up your forces and try to take out 
the enemy's base just to the north, a Tank push will work if you 
are good at it.  There are a few ways to win this mission, one is 
to destroy all enemy units then go for the Ion Cannon, 2 leave the 
enemy units along and concentrate on the Ion Cannon.  The Ion 
Cannon only have 2000 HP, a Nuke and a few attacks from your 
supporting units and it will die.  First off, protect your base 
and go into mining, get lots of SCVs and then build your Ghost, 
Nukes, Drop Ships, etc and try to Nuke the spot.  You will have to 
take out quite a few Missile Turrets before you can reach the Ion 
Cannon.  You will have to fly your Drop Ship around to avoid 
attacks from enemy ground units.  Stick a SCV and a Vulture inside 
the Drop Ship along with the Ghost.  The SCV can do repairs, while 
the Vulture can attract firepower from the enemy ground units once 
uploaded.  After the Nuke lands, the Ion Cannon will still have a 
few hundred HP left the least, attack it with Wraith, Yamato Gun, 
Drop Siege Tanks, etc.  The Ion Cannon will burn down slowly if 
the HP falls below 1/3, and that should easily win you the game 
and the Terran's ending will follow.  There is an easier way to 
win, but requires a lot of minerals and time, build up and upgrade 
to a group of 12 Battle Cruiser fleets.  The 12 Battle Cruisers 
and 12 Siege Tanks will able to break through all the defenses, 
and you will win once you've cleared out all the Terran buildings 
and the Ion Cannon.  It is extremely hard to land a Nuke right 
away on the Ion Cannon platform, so it's best to drop units like 
Marines or Goliath first to take out a few Missile Turrets before 
dropping your Ghost there to nuke.  

Zerg Campaign

1.	Among the Ruins

Confederate Capital World Tarsonis


Objectives: Create a Spawning Pool.
            Create a Hydralisk Den.
            Protect the Chrysalis.

Added Objectives: Destroy the Terran encampment.

Campaign information: When the campaign starts, Daggoth will 
explain to you the various Zerg units and buildings.  Daggoth will 
instruct you on what to do, you can follow his building order if 
you want to, but it doesn't really matter.  You start with 1 
Hatchery, 1 Creep Colony, 1 Overlord, 2 Drones, 12 Zerglings, and 
200 minerals.  There is a small Chrysalis on the Beacon in your 
base, and you must protect that in order to win.  The Terran base 
is located to the north east corner, and they have a lot of units 
scattered around, so don't wonder into their territory unless 
needed.  There is a possible expansion to the north west, it is 
currently guarded by 3 Marines and 1 Firebat, you can expand there 
if you want to later on.

Difficulty level: 1

Completing the mission: Start by making an Overlord and a Drone from 
your Hatchery and order your Drones to go into mining.  When the next 
Larva comes out from the Hatchery, make that into a Drone and wait for 
your Overlord to come out.  When your Overlord is done, make another 
Drone from a Larva, when that Larva finishes morphing, build a Spawning 
Pool with it.  During the Spawning Pool building, make more Drones and 
go into mining, make Creep Colony before hand, put them up and when the 
Spawning Pool finishes, you can morph them into Sunken Colony.  After 
your Spawning Pool finishes, Zasz will inform you of the Terran base, 
and you will now have a new objective.  You first need to have 5 Sunkens 
built, 2 defending on top near the Chrysalis, and 3 defending the 
eastside of your base.  Keep your Overlord control on 17/17 for now, 
don't make additional Overlords yet.  Now you should halt your Drone 
production and wait for 300 minerals, get a mining Drone and morph it 
into another Hatchery between your mineral crystals and your gas site.  
Then you continue your Drone and Overlord production, you will also need 
to go into gas.  Get the Hydralisk Den when you want to, before sure to 
make 12 plus Drones alone on minerals, that will increase your mineral 
flow much faster.  Don't bother with the expansion to your north unless 
you really need the money, just get 2 Evolution Chambers and upgrade to 
level 1 on Missile Attacks and Carapace.  Get the Hydralisk's movement 
and range upgrade before you get attack.  Build up an army of 24 
Hydralisks and just attack, you will win easily.  There is a Starport on 
top of the ramp to the top middle, you should begin your attack from 

2.	Egression

Confederate Capital World of Tarsonis


Objectives: Bring the Chrysalis to the Beacon.

Campaign information: You will start with 2 Hatchery, 3 Overlords, 
2 Mutalisks, 3 Hyralisks, 2 Drones, 1 Spawning Pool, and 1 Creep 
Colony.  There are 6 Hunter Killers just north of your base, they 
will be under your commend as soon as you reached them with any of 
your units.  The Beacon you must reach is to the south your 
current base, but a large Protoss base will be in the way, so you 
will be facing some tough battles here.  The Chrysalis is near the 
Hunter Killers, and you can pick it up with a Drone, but leave it 
for now.  There are no expansions on this map, but you can take 
the Protoss base to the south west once you've destroyed them.  
The base you have is quite rich, so don't bother with any 

Difficulty level: 4

Completing the mission: Start off by producing Drones and have the 
Hunter Killers in your commend as soon as possible, the 6 Hunter Killers 
are very powerful and will protect your base for now. Defend your base 
from all sides, since the Protoss will attack frequently with Zealots 
and Dragoons.  There will be a lot of back side attacks by Zealots, so 
put up 2 or more Sunkens there early on to defend against those.  Since 
your starting base is quite rich, you can put up addition Sunkens 
easily.  Build up on Hydralisks and Hydralisk upgrades, once you have 36 
or more Hydralisks, begin your attack, this will probably take out the 
Protoss blockade, if not just get another 12 Hydralisk and that should 
finish the job.  Once the way is cleared, have your Hyralisk patrol the 
road from your base to the Beacon, then have a Drone pick up the 
Chrysalis, and get some protection units like the Hunter Killers and 
some Mutalisks to escort the Drone to the Beacon below.  Watch out if 
you are going to attack Protoss's main base, all their units from the 
entire map will come and try to help, that is a large number of Zealots 
and Dragoons.  36 Hydralisk won't able to take care of that, you will 
need much more to take the Protoss base.  During the attacks, you should 
continue your Hydralisk production from at least 3 Hatchery, once your 
first wave dies and fail to destroy the Protoss base, start attacking 
with the Hyralisks you've been building up.

3. The New Domain



Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:

4. Agent of the Swarm



Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:

5. The Amerigo



Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:

6. The Dark Templars



Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:

7. The Culling



Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:

8. Eye for an Eye



Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:

9. The Invasion of Auir



Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:

10. Full Circle



Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:

Protoss Campaign




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:




Campaign information: 

Difficulty level: 1-10

Completing the mission:

Part 7: Brood Wars walkthrough

(coming soon)

Part 8: Various hints, useful ideas on playing StarCraft

It is very important that you defend your base with troops and not 
with all buildings.  E.g. Protoss Photon Cannon is used to back up 
your defense, your real defense should be Dragoons and Scouts line 
up with Photon Cannons.  Another important thing is be prepared 
for a unit with long range (Tanks, Reavers, Guardians), have 
something that can take out those unit fast before they can really 
put major damage into your base.  Against Tanks and Reavers, have 
Zealots with speed upgrade and have them station near your front 
line defense, when Tanks come, just rush with your Zealots.  Don't 
forget to replace your Zealots once you got the money.  Against 
Guardians, just have a few Scouts, but watch out for Scourge and 
other anti air units.  Remember to think further, and also don't 
just get 8 Scouts, since players will rush with 12 Guardians with 
30 plus Mutalisk, and you can't stop them with just a small amount 
of Scouts.

If you are playing rush (don't unless you are good at it, people 
will laugh at you if you fail), don't stop even if you know that 
all your troops will die, as long as they can make things easier 
for your next rush, you should do it.  The most important rush is 
the first one, if done correctly you will able to make your 
opponent either lose a Barrack/Gateway, or kill a large percent of 
enemy workers.  Both of these is a successful rush, if they lose 
the Barrack/Gateway, it will take them time to rebuild while you 
can finish them off.  If they lose their worker, they won't have 
any money to build up their troops.  The most important element in 
the game is mineral control, if you control more mineral fields, 
you get more money and you will able to make more troops.  When 
playing with Battle.Net approved maps(other than Big Game Hunter, 
all map have resources of 1500 on crystals and 5000 or 10000 on 
gas), it is very important that you move to another resource field 
way before your first field empties.  You should expend when you 
feel you have half of the money to start a new base while your 
first base is well defended.  If you are using any race, take 
advantage of their long-ranged units and get some free hits off 
your opponent.  If their base is next to yours, use your long 
range unit and hit building that they built near you.  If they 
don't know that you are right next to them, have a few troops 
attack their front line, and that should divide their attention.  
While the attack is still going on, have some kind of drop, best 
with big powerful units (Ultralisk, Archon, Dark Templar, Siege 
Tanks, Ghost with a nuke).  When your units is running lose in 
their base, you should prepare to attack, right there is your best 
chance of winning.  First have all your units break through their 
front line defense, and just rush everyone in.  However, if their 
front line is powerful enough to stop you, don't stop swarming.  
Get more Gateway/Barrack/Hatchery if needed, just don't stop 
because your opponent is not some idiot that will let you keep 
making Drops on them (there are some, but not many).  

You should take advantage of your opponent's mistake, when you 
know that they have a small gap where you can get through, use it 
before they seal it up.  You should not expect to win with your 
first set of attackers, while attacking, keep pumping out more.  
Taking a choke point is very important, if you can block in your 
enemy, and you are very likely to win against them.  When playing 
as Zerg, sent out Zerglings and have them burrow around the map, 
that way you can take good control of the map and know when your 
opponent is planning to attack you.  

One of the most important thing is you should practice against 
some computer controlled opponents, best is you against 3 or more 
CPUs, at least one of each race.  Don't cheat during the practice, 
not even the map code, one of the most important aspect of the 
game is to find your opponent and have control over the map.  And 
also you can use map setting, set trigger to computer AI Script to 
Insane for all the computers, then you will really know how a pro 
is like.  (I can defend against 3-6 comps set to insane AI, but I 
will die once Carrier and Guardians comes out.  I just can't 
defend and get Scouts for those units fast enough, and trust me 
that you will be occupied by the comps all the time.)

Defending is not a good way to win, you can use it to buy time, but 
there is no way that you can protect your entire base fast enough 
against drops, so you should have mobile units that can take care of 
drops fast.  If I plan something like a 12 Mutalisks worker hunting, you 
can easily protect against that with 4 Spore Colony, but if you go into 
Spores and playing according to how I play, you will be having the 
underhand.  You will have to follow everything I throw at you, the odds 
of you attacking my base is slim since you will be behind on upgrades, 
tech tree, units, and mostly expansions.  When playing 2vs2 or 3vs3 
games, the first group to attack is most likely to win, but make sure 
your attack is strong enough, don't be crazy and just send whatever you 
have.  During those 2vs2 or 3vs3, don't tech up unless you have to, your 
partner will need help if he/she is under attack, you will need help if 
you are under attack.  Some techs are useable, but don't leave yourself 
with only a few mobile units (Zealots, Marines, Zerglings, Hydralisks, 
Dragoons, etc).  Mutalisks are not good in protection, Dragoons, 
Marines, and Hyralisks all are able to shred Mutalisk swarms easily.  
Wraith are good against Zerg and Protoss, since the odds of them having 
Observers or Overlord speed upgrade is pretty slim, so with Cloaking 
Field, you should able to play a part in base protection.  

Part 9: Cheats for the game

You enter the codes in single player game during game play, press 
return, enter the code and press return again.  You cheat will be 
confirmed if you entered it right, a message will indicated it on 
the screen.  Saved games will not save your cheats, so if you load 
a saved game, you will have to enter your cheats in again.  
However I recommend you not to use any of these cheats, cheating 
takes away the fun in the game.  Remember cheats will affect all 
other players, so if you use Power Overwhelming in a free for all, 
you will be the only person that can kill enemy units (other than 
Queen's Spawn Broodlings, and Dark Archon's Mind Control).  Yet, 
the computer have the map cheat open to them full time, so it 
wouldn't be exactly cheating badly if you turn on the map code.

Power Overwhelming-This code is for unlimited HP for all your 
units, this will also give you instant repairs on any of your 
damaged units.

Black Sheep Wall-This allows you to view the entire map, but not 
any cloak detection unless you've got a detector there.

Operation CWAL-This is the code for super fast building on units, 
buildings, and upgrades.

Show Me The Money-This gives you 10,000 mineral and 10,000 gas, 
type the cheat again to receive more minerals and gas.

Breathe Deep-You will get 500 gas, retype the code to receive more 

Food For Thought-You will not need any Supply buildings or units 
to support your troops.

Modify The Phase Variance-This code let you build anything you can 

Noglues-this will prevent your enemy from using Psionics.

Medieval Man-this allows one second upgrades.

Something for Nothing-get all free single upgrades right here, 
type the code again to gain the upgrade for the next level.

The Gathering-all units will have unlimited energy, this does not 
apply to units like Spawn Broodlings or Hallucinated units.

Game Over Man-you lose the current mission.

Staying Alive-you won't win any game, since you won't get the 
victory sign once the requirement for victory is accomplished.

There Is No Cow Level-instant win on current mission.

Ophelia-level select, after you have entered this code, enter 
desire level. E.g. Protoss 8 for Protoss level 8, Terran 3, for 
Terran level 3.

War Aint What It Use To Be-this removes the fog of war, you still 
can't really see that well, map will only show parts where you 
have already scouted.

Whats Mine is Mine-this will give you 500 minerals.

Radio Free Zerg-this code allows you to listen to a different 
music, this code only works when using Zerg.

Part 10: How to improve your game play

The most important thing you should know is how to at least defend 
your base.  

First of all lets pretend you are playing a game, it's around 30 
minutes into the game, it's one on one, you playing as Protoss 
against a Terran opponent and both of you are on top of the tech 
tree.  You base is well defended with both troops and Photon 
Cannons, you know where your opponent is and he also know where 
you are.  The map is a small and not very rich and both of you 
really can't afford to lose much of anything.  You so far got a 
decent base and let's pretend he has a better one than you, you 
can't break through, and you are just playing defense, waiting to 
build up a strike force.  All your previous attacks have proven 
unsuccessful and now you are just really making units of all kind.

Pretend that he attacks you with a Siege Tank push, a group of 12 
Siege Tanks, 30 or so Marines, and 10 or so Wraith with cloaking 
ability.  How can you defend yourself?  The best way to defend is 
have Dark Templar to take out the ground units, and have a few 
Observers and use Scouts to take out the Wraith.  Keep in mind 
that this attack will at least break through your front line, give 
yourself around 3 minutes to replace everything, move all 
available troops you can spare to the spot until the defense is 
replaced.  If Dark Templar isn't there, just rush with your 
Zealots and any other ground units, Reavers are also good here.  
High Templar and Psionic Storm is also good here.  High Templars 
are good for almost any mass rushes, but watch out for the Siege 
Tanks, they have more range than Psi Storm.

Or he attacks with 12 Tanks and 12 Battle Cruiser fleet, 
accompanied with Ghosts and Science Vessels.  The Emp Shockwave 
and Lockdown is really messing up your front line troops, what can 
you do to defend your base?  The best way is with a few High 
Templar and Psionic Strom the spot until everything dies, before 
the Emp shockwave or you won't have enough energy, an Arbiter will 
be also good here.  An Observer with sight range upgrade should be 
stationed near at all times, move it in and have Scouts or 
Dragoons to finish off the enemy.  The Battle Cruiser will be also 
a good target for Mind Control, the Science Vessel will be also 
good for a Feedback, and Stasis Field is also good here.  Don't 
hesitate to use your magic spells, once the High Templars are 
drained, go ahead and merge them into Archons.

Be prepared for anything that opponent throws at you, expect them 
to have a better army than they really do.  When playing against a 
very offensive player, use Hallucination and scare away his 
troops.  Than use high speed Scouts to shoot down any units left 
behind or just slow moving, don't be forget Scout's high speed 
once upgraded, their 150 shield can be recovered fast so they will 
last quite some time.  So a few Battle Cruisers slowly moving away 
is a great target for them.  If their main force is just charging 
at you, abuse your Pisonic Storm, the high damage will shred the 
swarming enemies.  Don't give them a chance to breathe, once their 
main force is gone, and attack with the extra units you have 
available to you.  Their base is at the weak point right there, if 
you see a chance to break through and get into the base, don't 
hesitate and just begin swarming.  You are very likely to win if 
you break through, however if you break through the defense but 
you wasn't able to take advantage of that and all your troops dies 
from deeper protection.  Don't wait long and have another group 
rush in and destroy, then it's the best time to box in your 
opponent.  You need to remember to scatter troops all around the 
place and don't leave anything to chance, most importantly, 
expansions.  Check all possible spots for enemy expansions, don't 
rule out a spot just because you checked it before, keep a cheap 
unit there or building some not very expensive.

If a battle must take place, try to get it as close to your base 
as possible, so not only your troops are attacking, your Photon 
Cannons can chip in too.  And this will let you run away to charge 
your shield a lot easier, the enemy will be under heavy fire power 
if they choose to chase after you.  Remember that Photon Cannon 
cost only a cheap 150 mineral.  

Always go after Detectors first, once the Detectors are gone, you 
can use your cloaked units to their fullest.  

Whenever you are playing against any opponent, never rely on 
purely Photon Cannon or other attack buildings, every race has a 
long ranged unit so be prepare to take those out any time you are 
under attack.  Never let your opponent know how many troops you 
have, it doesn't matter if you have more than him/her.  

When playing as Zerg, have all your troops hot keyed and just 
burrow them, call them out when needed only.  If you see you have 
enough to take out the opponent, do it, don't wait or hesitate.  A 
diversion is prefect when you are doing this, a group of Zerglings 
or Ultralisk going after a different base will create a great 
diversion.  Box in opponent when needed, when boxed in, don't 
forget to keep attacking the base, never give the opponent a 
chance to regain control of their base again.  

Another important thing is never let yourself get into a bad 
situation where you know you will either be badly damaged or even 
get killed.  You should never rely on anything, the only thing you 
should depend on is your army of troops, and not army of attack 

When playing, expect the attack, have patience and don't get 
careless.  Think what can break through into your base, what can 
cause trouble for you? Then find something to stop that.  If you 
can tell that a tank push can break through your base, your 
opponent will probably know how to do a tank push and use it on 
you.  Think further, small things can make a difference.  Small 
things like placing a Pylon can win you a game.

The next important thing will be your knowledge of how to win a 
game when the opportunity knocks.  A lot of players limit 
themselves to a certain kind of winning unit, for example, a lot 
of Protoss players can't win without Carriers.  Or Terran can't 
win without Battle Cruisers, and Zerg can't win without Guardians 
or mass Hydralisks.  Remember to be creative, know how to use 
other units.

The most important element in the game is mineral control, with 
more minerals and gas, you get more options open to you.  Try to 
prevent your opponent from getting to easy new bases, put up a 
fight for the base.  It is very important than you have control of 
the map and when playing 1 vs 1, usually whoever has better map 
control and mineral fields wins.  When attacking, don't go for an 
empty mineral base, you would only knock off some useless like 
some attacking buildings and not so important troops.  People 
leave their mined out bases, and you would just force them to 
build back something like a Supply Depot or Pylon.  Go for either 
their main base, or a newly formed mineral collecting base with 
workers mining!  The main base usually holds the important 
buildings and most of the supply units, if all those are taken 
out, you win the game.  But expect the base to be very well 
protected, and also expect high causality from your army.  Taking 
out a newly formed base, will very much likely pinning your 
opponent to find a new mineral base, and with some high speed 
units, you should able to take out any new base if you have good 
map detection.  Your opponent will than be in real trouble and 
won't able to produce any troops that threatens your existence.  
You can simply wait until they mines out their base, and you win.  
For those people who play max money maps, expansion is still very 
important, there is only certain amount of workers you can have 
mining in single base.  For example, Big Game Hunter can have 25 
workers mining in every start location base, around 15 in each 
small expansions.  So if you build up 50 workers in one single 
base, you won't be making any extra money, your workers just 
stumble around trying to find a mineral to mine at.  If you have 2 
base, you will get your money a lot faster, but you also have to 
protect both bases.  Good players (people who are at my skill 
level or better) will go for your expansion if any presents.  Your 
main base won't face a frontal attack unless it's badly defended, 
your expansion will very likely over swarmed and you won't able to 
save it.  Even though you got the money back by mining at your 
expansion, you still lost a important battle, you will only have 
half of your mineral flow you had before.  

Your new base is also important to you, an island mineral field is 
a good spot for a new base.  Also a mineral field nearby your 
first base is also a good choice.  Also, on any islands, don't 
just build anti air buildings, get some ground attack units in 
case of drops.  Zerg can have a very early new base, this is 
easily accomplished since you can have 11 workers mining without 
making an Overlord.  This is a bit cheating, but it's allowed by 
Battle.Net.  First keep making Drones until you reach your max 
which is 9, than have two mining workers, morph into an Extractor 
and a Creep Colony (or 2 Extractor in some maps).  Your Overlord 
control will be set to 7/9, than just make two new Drones and as 
soon as the two Drones start morphing, cancel your Extractor and 
Creep Colony, you will have 11 worker mining.  And in around 2 
minutes or less, you will have enough money for a new Hatchery and 
a Spawning Pool.  And if your opponent don't find you early 
enough, he or she will be behind on mineral and gas from you from 
the very start of the game.  And your early Mutalisks rush will 
just destroy his base before he gets a chance to fight back.  A 
Terran won't have much of anything unless they place their bunkers 
in all the right places, a Protoss won't have anymore than 2 or 3 
Dragoons at most.  A Zerg opponent shouldn't have as much as you, 
if they do, get some Zerglings to help out your Mutalisks, they 
are cheap and fast, and they deal some decent fast damage.

Taking care of your money is very important, you don't want to 
waste minerals on things you don't need, or things going to waste.  
If you have a Carrier, take care of it, don't let it die, a single 
Carrier with 8 Interceptors costs 550 minerals, and 250 gas.  If 
you lose a Carrier, it impacts your entire army.  Most Protoss 
players (including myself) never build Shield Battery, or build 
them and never use them.  Shield Battery means instant new HP for 
your army, 12 Scouts with full upgrades, 4 Shield Battery nearby 
to recharge means wave after wave of Scouts, you simply pull back 
your Scouts when their shield runs out and recharge, and they are 
good to go again.  

Also, never get something useless, for example, getting Firebats 
when your opponent got Battle Cruisers.  Or, if you plan on 
something like Mutalisk, don't get any upgrade for your ground 
units, you will be wasting money.  It is true that you might have 
to go into some ground units if you Mutalisks fail, but don't get 
the upgrades until you have those units.  There are some 
exceptions, like getting Psi Storm upgrade before your High 
Templars warps in, or Cloaking Field for your Wraith.  

Part 11: Styles of Play

People usually limit themselves to one way of winning, e.g. 
Protoss players usually win with Carriers!  Carriers might be 
powerful, but try to be more creative.  Don't just force yourself 
to a single style, learn about other styles.  It's also important 
to learn how to switch from a Zealot rush to a Carrier push, like 
I was saying, be creative.  

Protoss Styles of play contains the famous Reaver Drop, Carrier 
and Arbiter combo, Scout/Dragoon Wave, Zealot Swarm, and 
Archon/Reaver Recall.

Reaver Drop is simple to do, a Reaver with a few Scarab drop in 
opponents base, the Reaver should able to stop enemy mineral 
production and take out a few buildings before getting destroyed.  
Most human players intend to building defense only around the base 
and they don't protect their mineral fields, than a simple drop 
from the side can win you the game.  A diversion of a weak attack 
is useful here, a 4/5 Zealot attacking the front line should be 
more than enough.

Carrier and Arbiter combo is accomplished easily as long as you 
have the resources and time, since both units takes a long time to 
be built.  A large number of Stargates is required for this combo, 
and I would recommend 8 Stargates or more with a mucho money map.  
When doing this, upgrade your armor since you will need to keep 
your carrier alive as long as possible.  Arbiter's Stasis Field 
ability should be researched and put into use, this will able to 
allow you to avoid direct contact with enemy's main force.  

Scout/Dragoon wave is very simple, 10 Stargates or 10 Gateways 
with 70 plus Probes mining should do the trick.  Keep pumping out 
Dragoons or Scouts, have them fully upgraded with either 3 Forge 
or 2 Cybernetic Core, Scout's sight and speed upgrade and 
Dragoon's attack range upgrade is required and when you are 
attacking, don't stop producing more troops.  40 Dragoons or 36 
Scouts should able to knock off any base, Drops and Arbiter Recall 
can be used here also.

The Zealot Swarm is the most basic Protoss win, Zealot high power 
and HP allow them to last long, and once with their speed upgrade 
they can really damage your opponent.  This is very simple and I 
believe all Protoss players needs to know how to perform this.  
There is another name for this, a lot of people call this the 3 
Gate rush, and you should see how people do this.  The Zealot 
Swarm will able to finish off any computer opponent with no 
problem.  You will mine minerals only until you have 10 plus 
Zealots, then you make your Citedal of Adun, you should attack 
once the speed upgrade is complete.  The attack should contain 
around 18 or more Zealots, the more the better.  You should leave 
behind just a few Zealots, 2 or 3 will be fine, they can stall 
your opponents attack and allow you to recover.  Have your Zealots 
hot keyed and rush them out, pay no attention to 
Wraith/Scout/Mutalisk, since they all deal poor damage.  Your 
Zealots will able to finish off a Zerg opponent with no problem.  
When attacking Terran, ignore Bunkers and go straight for the 
mineral fields, a Firebat in a bunker can take out a very large 
amount of Zealots.  When I play and my opponent have just a few 
Wraith or Scout, I wouldn't go into Dragoons, my Zealots can 
rampage through my opponent's base before the air units can put a 
stop to all the Zealots.  Remember, after the first rush, swarm in 
when you see the chance.  And when you do get it, don't stop, and 
just keep swarming until your opponent dies.

The Archon/Reaver Recall is very similar to the Reaver Drop, 
however Arbiter's Recall can transfer a much larger amount of 
units quickly.  First make your Arbiters, Reavers and Archons, 
than have a few Observers sneak into your opponent's base, third 
find a decent path for your Arbiter to sneak in.  Once you have 
your Arbiter in place, ready to sneak in, but first have a 
diversion, just a few Zealots should do it.  Once your opponent is 
busy with your Zealots, sneak your Arbiter in, Recall your Reavers 
and Archons, if you have the gas and money, make extra Arbiters, 
stack them on top of your Archons and Reavers.  So each time you 
Recall you should have a new Arbiter in your opponent's base, 
Recall again with the new Arbiter.  You can repeat when needed.  
Reavers and Archon's high power should shred your opponent's base 
easily, and right then is the best time to have your Carriers to 
attack directly.

Terran Styles contains the Defensive Matrix Drop Tank, the Tank 
push, Nukers, Yamato Gun Push, and Infantry Wave.

Defensive Matrixed Drop Ship will able to survive the front line 
attack, and you can drop 4 Goliath, a few Ghosts with a Nuke, 2 
Tanks, 8 Marines or 8 Firebats into opponent's base.  Science 
Vessel is need for both cloak detection and it's wide range of 
useful spells.  This can be done whenever you have your Science 
Vessel since Defensive Matrix comes with the unit.  Stim Pack is 
also quite useful here, 8 Firebats can take out quite a few 
important buildings before your opponent put a stop to them.

The tank push is easily done since Terran Siege Tank is one of the 
most useful unit in the game.  12 Siege Tanks protected by 
Marines, Wraith, and Firebats can push your way into your 
opponent's base.  Siege Tank's150 HP will allow them to at least 
deal some damage before passing away.  The only worry you should 
have is a large number of Zealots, or a very large number of 
Zerglings, and Ultralisks will crush Tank push.  All of the 
following is easily countered with Firebats and Wraith, however if 
you wait too long and your opponent have large flying units like 
Battle Cruiser or Carriers, have Ghosts and just abuse your 
Lockdowns on them.

Nuker Heaven is a happy nuker nuking everywhere.  But against Zerg 
or Terran, this is easily countered, and you will lose a nuke with 
the Ghost.  A diversion is useful here but I would really suggest 
you practice against another human player.  And I have to tell 
you, ever since I played I only been nuked on 3 times, 1 time I 
was just careless, and the other 2 times, I just lost my detectors 
in battle.  So if you are planning on nuking against another human 
player, I suggest you don't rely on nukes too much.  I have lost 
count of how many Ghost I have spotted trying to nuke me.  

Battle Cruiser's Yamato Gun ability is very useful, 12 Battle 
Cruiser with 250 energy will very soon Gun you 24 times.  And each 
gun is 260 damage, so this can break through almost any base with 
no problem.  If you are planning on doing this, first watch out 
for the following, Emp Shockwave, Wraith with cloaking, Mind 
Control, Lockdown, Stasis Field, Psionic Storm, and nukes.  You 
shouldn't rely on this and you should have your Battle Cruisers 
attack your opponent once the base is broken through.

Infantry Wave means, a lot of Infantry units, Marines, Firebats, 
Ghost, and Medics.  Rush them by the hundred and with the help of 
Stim Packs and Medic Healing, you should able to easily over power 
an opponent.  But again, 1 High Templars with Psi Storm will take 
out around 20 plus infantry units, so watch out.

Zerg is however a much more simple race to manage, I only know a 
very few style for the Zerg race.  The 6 Zergling rush, Dark Swarm 
with Zerglings, 150 Hydralisk Bum Swarm, Guardian push and 
Mutalisk swarm.  

The early 6 Zergling rush is the most basic win, fifth Drone will 
make Spawning Pool and once it finished, you make 6 Zerglings and 
rush.  This only works if you find your opponent early enough or 
using a map hack, since one bunker is more then enough to fry your 
Zerglings with 2 Marines inside.

Dark Swarm with Zerglings means cheap free hits, you Dark Swarm a 
spot and just rush your Zerglings in, when you finish attack one 
spot, Consume a few Zerglings and Dark Swarm again.  Zerglings 
only cost 25 mineral each, and you only need 1 upgrade for your 
Defiler.  And since Consume can provide all the Dark Swarm you 
need, you would only need 2 Defilers for the entire game.  
Ultralisk will work here also.  But watch out for Zealots, Dark 
Templars and Bunker Firebats, those are just too powerful and your 
Zerglings don't stand a chance against them.

The Hydralisk bum Swarm is really boring, you make 6 or more 
Hatcheries and you get only Hydralisks.  Then once you max out, 
you rush.  Sound pretty simple but this requires a large amount of 
money, a very defensive opponent since you will mess up if some 
one keep attacking you.  Watch out for long range units with 
Splash damage, meaning Reavers and Siege Tanks, these can shred 
your Hydralisks.  Also a few well placed Spider Mine can really 
damage your Swarm.  Now look up at Zergling/Dark Swarm combo, that 
can just send your Hydralisks packing, if that happens, run, try 
to save as much Hydralisks are you can.

Guardian Push is similar to the Terran Tank push, you protect it 
with air to air combat units like Devour and Scouge, you just push 
your way into your opponent's base with Guardian's long range.  
But Scouts and Wraith with cloaking can really damage your push.  
And if you are pushing a Terran opponent, bring along 5 or 6 
Overlords, if you just bring one, they can just pop your Overlord 
and start killing your slow moving Guardians.

Mutalisk Swarm is just like the Hydralisk Swarm, however Mutalisks 
are more powerful than Hydralisk and they should last longer, but 
they will be in real trouble with Valkyeries and Corsairs.  Note 
that 24 fully upgraded Valkyeries can take out 100 Mutalisk 
without a problem.  Remember Valkyeries 5 by 8 damage, meaning 40 
if you get your level 0 armor upgrade.  So 12 Valkyeries fires and 
you say bye-bye to all your 0 armor flyers.

Part 12: Multi Players

Those of you who plays on Battle.Net knows the importance of 
teamwork in multi player games.  2 people working together can 
easily win against 3 other separate players.  This part of the 
guide I will show different tips on teamwork and other hints.  And 
also, I give curses to all the following back stabbers for back 
stabbing me, or attempting to back stab me.  If you know who they 
are or what their E-mail address is, you can send them some hate 
mail or mail bombs, they deserve it.

Sir-Fag-A lot 
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look at his name, fag a lot, what a fag.

This guy back stabbed me when I used up all my people on the comp, 
he said he hate people who swarm.  Umů okay.  How do you win then?

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The name tells it all.  This guy is a traitor.

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him and kill him, he deserves to die.

Each and every race has something that is powerful in their own 
element, for example the Shuttle is the fastest Transport, Terran 
Science Vessel is the best detector and Zerglings are the best 
cheap basic unit.  From here on I will show different ways to win 
with the help of your partner(s).

Terran-Protoss partners, the best way to Reaver Drop, 
Hallucination the Shuttle, have your ally's Science Vessel 
Defensive Matrix the real Shuttle and drop.  Follow up with 
Carriers and Battle Cruisers to finish off your opponent.

Defensive Matrix also works well with Arbiter and Recall.

Hallucination and Ghosts can trick players into thinking they 
already destroyed the Ghost while the real Ghost is still alive.

Scout/Siege Tank Push works well also, and two good players should 
able to pull this off in less than 15 minutes.  24 Tanks and 24 
Scouts can really grind their way into almost any base.

When playing against a Zerg opponent, 12 Battle Cruiser and 12 
Carriers can win you the game with no problem.  And even if Zerg 
has 100 Mutalisk, they are still no match for the 24 super powered 
capital ships.

Zerg-Protoss partners, Dark Swarm with Zealots, Archons and Dark 
Templars works extremely well.  And with the help of Reaver (only 
use Reaver early on, since Reaver will damage your ally's troops) 
and Ultralisks, this can easily bust open any choke point.  The 
way to stop against this kind of attack is 2 Bunkers with 8 
Firebats, but this can be easily countered by using a few 
Guardians or Reavers to take out the Bunker first.  Queen's Spawn 
Broodling can take out the Tanks further down when needed.  
Lurkers must be taken out with Reavers early on, or your swarm 
won't work.

Zerg-Terran partners, first of all, have the Terran build a 
Commend Center and let the Zerg player infest it.  Than start 
pumping out Infested Terran.  Defensive Matrix the Infested Terran 
and boom goes the enemy front line, but watch out for mass Siege 
Tanks in Siege Mode when doing this, they blow up the Infested 
Terran long before you can reach the Tanks, use Overlord drop to 
drop the Infested Terran to blow the tanks.  

Defiler and Defensive Matrix can make Plague so much easier.  
Follow up with Mutalisks and Wraith to finish off the Plague.

Lurkers with Dark Swarm with Guardians helping out and can take 
out everything from the ground, and have either Scouts or Wraiths 
to protect against air and it will win you the game.

All three races can be very rewarding if you all work together.  
Start things off by keeping your opponents busy, Plague/Spawn 
Broodling/Psi Storm/Irritate or any long range units works well 
here.  Unlike the computer, human players can only do one thing at 
a time, so with all the free spells, you can easily keep them busy 
while you build up your army.  Now that your opponent is occupied, 
start on big units and upgrades.  The next part is the killing 
part, all three of you should able to have a large army now, so 
start things off by getting rid of all the long range units your 
opponent have.  Terran's Comsat Scan should be used to scan the 
base before charging in.  Tanks and large annoying units should be 
Spawn Broodlings and Scourge should take care of all the Carriers.  
Don't worry much about Guardians unless you have mainly ground 
units.  Anyway, first have the Zerg partner use their Guardians to 
break through the side defense, it's okay that the Guardians dies 
as long as the damages are made.  Next have Protoss use an Arbiter 
with Defensive Matrix and a few Hallucinations taking damage for 
it to get into the base and Recall some high damage units, in any 
case, Archons, Reavers, Carriers all work well here.  Next have 
the Terran partner do a Tank push on the front line, so basically 
the opponent have to deal with 3 major big problems all at the 
same time.  The 20 plus Guardians will without a doubt break open 
the side before anything can be done about them.  The Arbiter from 
the other side will break in and Recall without a problem since it 
now has an extra 250 HP and other fake Arbiters taking damage for 
it.  The unlucky opponent will have a base that is really screwed 
up right now and a Tank push with Battle Cruisers guiding them is 
more than enough to finish him/her off.  If a Tank push isn't 
there, just use the Dark Swarm/Zealot combo instead.  Even if your 
opponent survived the attack, he/she won't be in any shape to 
expend or attack you for a long time.  Also, all strategies above 
such as Infested Terran and Defensive Matrix can also be used to 
start thing off too.  The Zerg partner can also use mass 
Zergling/Hydralisk swarms to finish off the opponent.  Scourge can 
go after escaping transports with possible workers inside.

Another important thing here, you don't need a partner that is a 
different race than you.  For example, 2 Protoss player both going 
for Zealot swarm will have a much higher chance of winning if you 
rush all your Zealots in together.  So what I am saying is, 
working together is more than races and advantages.

I don't recommend you to play 2vs2 or 3vs3 unless you know your 
partner(s) well.  I've lost count to the number of games I could have 
won if my partner just helped out with just the basic units.  A lot of 
new players will join 2vs2 or 3vs3, they without a doubt will drag down 
a team by asking for help every minute and taking up valuable spaces on 
the map.  Sometimes they will help out a little here and there, but they 
still won't be a factor when your 2 opponents are hammering you all the 
time when your partner just sit there and act dumb.  It's okay to play 
2vs2 or 3vs3 if you are sure of your skills, since 2vs2 and 3vs3 is 
usually a whole team beating down a single opponent, all though unfair, 
but still unquestionably good strategy.  

Here is a little something I've been noticing lately, people are banning 
others because of their records.  I rarely create games, and I only 
create during ladder when I don't meet the other game's qualifications 
like 1100 plus when I only have 1020.  Records are nothing, especially 
regular records, since you will get a win even if it's 7vs1 computer.  
If someone's records is like 50-2-5, you know he is a loser who play 
against comps.  If one's records is 20-9-2, he could be a good player, 
or a really weak player who can't even win against comps.  Ladder 
records on the other hand are more reliable, if you see someone with a 
1200 plus rating, he/she without a doubt is a good player.  

Ladder games can be played once a name has over 10 wins, and all players 
will start with a 1000 rating.  Wins and loses are like regular melee 
games, there are no computers allowed in ladder, and special maps are 
the only ones you can use during a ladder match.  Each win will add a 
certain amount of points to your rating, and a lost will minus a certain 
amount from your rating.  The lowest rating you can have is 1, and the 
highest have not been determined yet.  Your ladder record/rating and 
your opponent's ladder record/rating determine the rating point(s) from 
each ladder match won/lost.  If you lose against a player who have lower 
rating than you, then you will lose more points, if you win against a 
player with higher points you will win more.  The exact amount of points 
is determined by the difference of points between the two players at the 
start of the match.  Thus meaning you have to play against people at 
your skill level to raise your rating more efficiently.  Also, top 20 
players will only gain points from playing against the top 1000 players, 
all other matches will not improve your rating.

Part 13: Terran strategy section

Here I will try to list all the strategies I know for the Terran 
race, I still need a lot of help on this section since my weakest 
race is Terran.  If you know something you believe is a good 
strategy or just anything you believe that can be useful during 
any game, E-mail me with it and I will give you credit for sharing 
with the rest of us.

I've seen a lot of Terran players out there, however, I never seen 
anyone who is exceptionally good with the Terran race.  I'm not 
saying that Terran is a weak race, but seeing someone who is 
actually good with Terran is quite rare.  A lot of new people use 
Terran, and what can I say, they just aren't that good.  They 
either are slow enough to get killed by a late 3 minute Zergling 
rush (more like a 6 Zergling scout), or they just have to go 
Battle Cruiser, and if you take away Battle Cruiser with something 
of your own, he or she can't simply win the game.  

One of my friend who is quite good with the Terran race, he showed 
me some stuff that I believe Terran player should practice and 

First off, unlike Protoss and Zerg who have buildings that can 
attack ground, Terran must use an army to protect themselves.  So 
meaning either you can waste a good portion of your people and 
protect your base and expansions, and you will not able to use all 
your people to attack.  (If you attack early on with everyone you 
got, you can have a chance of winning, but your opponent can 
counter attack and you will basically lose since all your people 
aren't protecting your base.)  Then again, if you don't sent all 
the possible people you have, the odds are you won't able to take 
out your opponent.

Let's put it this way, you are going up against a Protoss, you 
have total of 3 bases, you are around 25 minutes into the game, 
and you pretty much have a decent map control and mineral flow so 
far.  Pretend you are using a map like Hunters or Killing Field, 
both are quite rich and quite big, your opponent attacks with 12 
Dragoons and 12 Zealots on one of your base.  You can one, not 
sent anyone there and lose the base and cripple your own mineral 
flow by 1/3.  You can two, save the base and lose a large amount 
of people, also not knowing if you are able to save the base at 
all. You can three, take the advantage of your opponent's main 
force being away and try to take their base while they are 
occupied with your expansion.  

The first option, not saving the base can be used only if you have 
enough minerals stocked up, meaning 10,000 mineral and 5000 gas or 
more, which you probably don't have.  

The second option, saving the base, is not so wise, since going 
head to head combat against a large Protoss army is quite 
dangerous.  Unless you have an extremely large Battle Cruiser 
Fleet with Science Vessel's Defensive Matrix fleet or large Siege 
Tank army with good close-up protection, you will suffer major 
loses and will very likely lose most of the up and coming battles.  
Zealots can easily over power your Marines and ranged units, while 
Dragoons are able to shoot down your air fleets and other in close 
units.  So unless you can find some way to take out the Protoss 
army without taking high damage yourself, I believe it's more safe 
just to let go of one base.  Wraith with cloak is good here, but 
the odds are unless you have 24 or more Wraith, the base will 
still be lost.  Remember to Comsat Scan first, then go for the 
detectors, even if they bring 3 or 4 Observers, you will able to 
take those out in no time and lost only 1 or 2 Wraith tops.

The third option going for your opponent while they are attacking 
your base is a decent option.  Since the 12 Zealots and 12 
Dragoons makes up for a good portion of their army, and if you can 
badly damage their main base, you have a good chance of winning.  
A Tank push isn't what you are looking for here, since if you give 
them time to retreat their Zealots and Dragoons, your Tank push 
probably won't work, or deal minimal amount of damage.  What you 
will be looking for is something big, a large drop, a few Nukes, 
or a large swarm will be good.  You want to attack your opponent 
fast and hard, and force them to retreat their army to protect 
their base.  A small 6 Tank, 12 Marine, tank push on an enemy 
expansion will be a good distraction and god knows, might even 
take out that base.  While your opponent is dealing with the Tank 
push, you should try to fire 2 Nukes on your opponent, spread out 
the Nukes out, and target things worthwhile.  This will very 
likely land you at least 1 Nuke if not both, and your Tank push 
will do quite some damage to the expansion.  Your expansion being 
under attack is now safe, you have the upper hand in the game, and 
now you can easily win with either a large Battle Cruiser fleet or 
a large Tank push on your opponent's main base.

Terran is the best defense race, however, defense can't win you 
the game, have you ever hear somebody defend another person to 
death?  Well, having good defense isn't always useful, with 
Terran, so you must be more aggressive in order to win.  Unlike 
Zerg or Protoss, Terran have very few truly offensive units, 
Battle Cruiser, Wraith, Siege Tank, and Marine are the only real 
offensive units Terran have.  Goliath, Vulture, Firebats, and 
Ghost are plain weak in attacks against Photon Cannon and Sunkens, 
they simply don't stand any chance at all.  Marines are also weak 
units, since their 40 HP will go down in no time against most 
attackers.  Wraith deals 8 damage to ground, and that is simply 
not enough to win you the game when you are getting hit back for 
tons more.  Siege Tanks are however much more powerful, but they 
aren't good unless a large escort is available.  Battle Cruiser 
takes years to get, and by that time, you probably died already.  
Most Zerg and Protoss units can be used offensively, they can 
swarm a base with pure power, but with Terran, you simply can't 
Marine wave them, just 8 Photon Cannons will take out a large 
group of Marines without any Zealots or other units helping.  

So, unlike Protoss or Zerg, the only unit Terran has that is a 
true attacking unit is the Battle Cruiser, even though the Battle 
Cruiser is an extremely good unit, it simply takes too much time 
and money.  I prefer Tank push instead, but any game over 30 
minutes for a Terran should consist of Battle Cruisers.  Battle 
Cruisers are however very expensive and need upgrades to be 
affective, 12 level 0 Battle Cruisers will fall into the hands of 
high level Hydralisks and Dragoons.  Protecting your BC fleets are 
hard, Battle Cruisers are very slow moving, they are quite 
vulnerable to spells like Stasis Field and Lockdown, other spells 
like Plague, Feedback, Ensnare says death to large BC fleets.  
Only thing Battle Cruisers are good against is Scourge, but that 
is only against Zerg.  Battle Cruisers got nothing against Psi 
Storm, Lockdown, Plague, and Ensnare, and once the spells take 
affect, enemy attackers will easily take out the large ships even 
if they can take a beating.

Recently, a lot of Terran users have gone straight Marines, I seen 
those players, they however, rarely win.  I'm usually using 
Protoss or Zerg, I just simply bring 12 Templars and Psi Storm, 
than I swarm in with Dragoons and Zealots.  If I use Zerg, I also 
win easily with Guardian rush, or Dark Swarm/Zergling rush, so 
going straight Marines isn't that good, I've only seen 2 good 
Marine rusher.  Marine rush consists of the important aspects of 
using the Stim Pack and Marine's range attacks early on, however, 
knowing when to use it is hard to understand.  I'm a weak Marine 
rusher, so I can't help you.  However, when going up against a 
Terran Marine rusher is quite annoying, they will keep finding a 
spot where they can use the range to shot things.  Zerg is really 
weak against this since they take much longer to block their 
entrance than Protoss and Terran.  

Terran is not a good race for pure attack, however it is a great 
when used in the right way during attacks.  With Terran, attack 
along with your partner is the best way.  Nukes can't take out a 
base, but can open up the base for your partner to swarm in, Tank 
push might not work against all opponents, but with a Protoss 
partner who accompany you with 24 Dragoons, than it every likely 
will.  Battle Cruiser fleets protecting Reavers and Guardians can 
push your way into victory.  So Terran is best when worked 
together with other races, so be a good partner and work it.

Here is a little something I've been tinkering with.  I am now 
currently trying to improve my gaming with the Zerg race.  Out of 
the 20 plus games I've played (which are 1 vs. 1, with official 
Blizzard map Challenger, Lost Temple, Blood Bath), I've only lost 
once against a Terran, once against a Zerg, and very unusual, 0 
times against a Protoss.  The Zerg game I lost was a very tough 
fight, I lost because I got Zergling rushed first, I barely 
survived by fighting off the Zerglings with my mining Drones.  
Then that person kept hammering me with Hydralisk and Zergling 
swarms.  I was able to get back on my feet and eventually able to 
fight back.  My 12 Guardians was able to take out a large chuck of 
his main base before Scourges came to kill off my Guardians.  Then 
came the bad part, my expansion was taken out by Mutalisks, I 
tried to save the base with Mutalisks of my own, but as soon as my 
Mutalisks left my base and engage the enemy Mutalisks, that person 
swarmed my base completely with Zerglings.  My remaining Hydralisk 
weren't able to take out the Zerglings due to Dark Swarm.  I 
wasn't able to win because the map was mined out other than the 
small patches all around the main bases (the map was Blood Bath).  
I didn't exactly die, and I quit because I just didn't really want 
to play anymore.

The Terran game I lost was what I will mainly talk about.  The 
only way for a Terran to stand a chance against Zerg who plays 
like me is going straight Wraith.  Wraith can eliminate all 
threats from Mutalisks and Guardians.  Plus the possible Overlord 
hunting, worker hunting, Zerglings killing, and Hydralisks killing 
when not around Overlords.  However, a Terran must survive long 
enough to get Wraith to win.  Once the dangerous threats of 
Mutalisks/Guardians have been eliminated, the only real threats 
left are large groups of Hydralisks and Zerglings, but both can be 
countered with Siege Tanks and Firebats.  The Firebats will kill 
off the Zerglings like they are nothing, Tanks can shred 
Hydralisks even easier.  

Terran have a extremely powerful mid/late game, especially against 
Zerg.  Zerg might have quite some spells against Terran, but a 
Zerg is still at a disadvantage against Terran if the game last 
too long.  Zerg's Overlords are very vulnerable against Wraith and 
Valkyries, and any proper type of protection will cost a lot of 
money for the Zerg player, 8 Spores isn't cheap, it can really put 
a dent in a Zerg player's economy.  I rarely get protection for 
Zerg other than a few Sunken Colonies early on to stop against 
Marine/Zealot rushes.  If I protect my base with Spores instead of 
going for Mutalisks, I will eventually die due to large Battle 
Crusier fleets later on or a quick Tank push.  If I get Mutalisks, 
I would still be under the shadow of Wraith's powerful air-to-air 
attack, and ability to cloak.  Overlord drop isn't need unless 
they block off your or their front exit, Siege Tanks are providing 
extremely powerful ground protection against all Zerg ground 
units, and Marines are cheap enough to be sent on suicide missions 
whenever you need to.  Also, the Comsat Scanner will give you 
proper scouting and an unavoidable spy on your opponent's base, 
this can tell you want your opponent is going for and you can use 
something to counter against that.  Since Zerg can't cloak any of 
their units other than Lurkers, you can keep 1 Comsat on the Zerg 
base at all times, you just simply scan once every 50 seconds.

Part 14: Zerg Strategy section

Need quite some help with this, I just not that great with Zerg.  
I can win with Zerg, but I have some weak strategy, I just get a 
lot of Hatchery and keep waving with Hydralisk and Zergling.  The 
strategy is similar to the 10 Gate wave, but it's again different.  
I go more diverse things like I actually go into every type of 
Zerg units sometime during the game.  I get 2 Queens, 3 Defilers, 
and a lot of Mutalisks, but I most attack frontally with Hydralisk 
and Zergling swarms.  It's basically 3 mining bases with around 80 
plus Drones on minerals, 3 Gas sites with 3 to 4 Drones on each.  
10 plus Hatchery and non-stop violence is what a real Zerg game 
should be.  But overall, this is a good way to win, and every game 
I usually lose around 800 plus units, however, I win the game.

An early Guardians rush is very good (best if around 10 minutes), 
Guardians can do two things that will help you win.  One, the 
Guardians can pop open the frontline to allow your Zerglings to 
swarm in (but need attack speed upgrade for Zerglings).  Two, the 
Guardians can go for important buildings or workers, that will 
force your opponent to lose a large number of mineral flow, and 
will eventually lose to your cheap Zergling swarms.

One thing great about Zerg is mass production speed, you can 
easily recover from a painful Reaver Drop by producing back lost 
Drones on your multi Hatchery/Lair/Hive, providing you have 
already killed the Reavers before they completely take out your 
base.  The production building Hatchery/Lair/Hive is the best, 
considering it can provide you with every type of Zerg unit.

Also, if your money allows, you can simply mass produce units 
purely to stall your opponent.  Then you can bring a group of 
powerful units like Guardians to finish off the opponent.  
Zerglings are extremely powerful and cheap critters, Zerglings 
with all upgrades is a very dangerous to any base.  And because of 
Zerglings extremely fast production rate, you will able to build 
up a sizable Zergling swarm in no time.  And if your opponent have 
relied on a lot on Scouts/Wraith to beat down your previous 
attacks, you can easily over power his base with pure Zerglings 
and additional Hatchery to provide the additional Zerglings.  

People underestimate the power of Zerglings way too much, most people 
will think Zerglings are just way too weak HP wise, but they never 
though about how fast Zerglings deal damage.  A Zergling with full 
upgrades, 3 attack, 3 armor, attack speed upgrade will able to kill a 
building faster than a Zealot with full upgrade.  Buildings can't fight 
back, they don't have any armors (Protoss's Plasma Shield is one 
exception), they will go down very fast against Zergling powerful and 
extremely fast attacks.  I just tested this out, 1 Zealot takes 120 hits 
to kill a healthy Zerg Hive with full upgrades, 1 Zergling takes 330 
hits, but a Zergling will able to get in a lot more hits compared to a 
Zealot.  The ratio is around 5 to 1, and that makes a big difference in 
the game, especially when you have a 4 to 1 Zergling to Zealot ratio, 
which comes to 20 hits to Zealot's 1.

I've been playing mainly Random or Zerg now, I have improved my Zerg 
race enough to let the Zerg be my new best race.  I rarely lose 1 vs 1 
when using Zerg, since Zerg is extremely powerful early on and can 
easily out power most opponents during the mid-game.  Most of my 
opponents die before reaching the point of late game.  Battle Cruisers, 
Carriers, Archon, Ultralisk, and other high requirement units rarely get 
used during a game against me.  Most people will die in around 10-15 
minutes against me, if someone survive against me for over 20 minutes, 
they probably won the game since I rarely defend, or just poorly defend.  
I go for straight units, and because I have better control of my units 
than other people, I usually win by either over tech them or over 
produce them.  Most people underestimate the power of Mutalisks against 
ground units, they usually try to run their 6 Mutalisks when going up 
against 1 or 2 Cannons/Missile Turrets.  Remember once you've taken out 
that single Cannon, you will able to attack their mineral line, once 
their mining line is gone, you will win the game.  Terran's only choice 
is going for straight Wraith, or they will lose once you've seen their 
base and what they have.  Guardians can replace your damaged Mutalisks 
once you've cleared the Wraith or Starport.  Additional Mutalisks can 
support your Guardians from further air attacks, remember to get 
Overlord speed upgrade and have proper cloak detection.  During the time 
your Guardians are killing in their base, your base should be flooded 
with Hydralisks and Zerglings.  Once the chock point or block outs 
(Bunkers and Tanks) have been cleared, use your Hydralisks or Zerglings 
to swarm in to take the base quickly.  Once the Wraith threat is gone, 
use your Mutalisks to scout for your opponent's possible expansions, 
take it out quickly with your Guardians, let your Zergling and 
Hydralisks to finish off the damaged base.  If the expansion seems to be 
very well protected, (meaning that person let his main base die and 
protected his new base with all his troops).  You will have to pin them 
down to that base, make sure that they don't expand or you will lose.  
Build up your forces and keep attack them, make sure they are occupied 
with your forces all the time, during this time, expand as much as you 
want, don't bother to protect your expansions, just mine.  Your attacks 
will increase as your minerals increases, build more production 
buildings (Hatchery) to over power that base.

Against Protoss, you will only have to worry about the early Zealots 
rushes, protect your base well against early ground rushes.  In maps 
like Lost Temple, build your Sunkens out to the ramp and keep the 
Zealots down there.  Since Sunkens are quite powerful and will able to 
take quite some damage before going down, you can expect 6 Sunkens right 
over the ramp to stop against 12 Zealots, you will only lose 1 or 2 
Sunkens tops.  Dragoons will be even a lesser worry since they will go 
down even fast against your Sunkens because of their large size and 
Sunken's damage type.  Once your Mutalisks are done, use them as both a 
scout and worker hunters, but be prepared to run anytime when meeting a 
Cannon field.  Guardians will be on the way soon as they can take out 
almost any ground units the Protoss might have.  Again, use the 
Guardians as choke openers, have them pop the Cannon fields and swarm in 
with your Zerglings and Hydralisks.  Don't rely on Guardians to take out 
the entire base, the odds are they will die way before the base is gone 
from Dragoons and Cannons.  However, if they pop the cannons and let you 
swarm in with cheap Zerglings, you will able to take out the base more 
quickly and win more efficiently.

Part 15: Protoss Strategy section

Personally, I'm at my best with Protoss race (not anymore), it's 
my ladder race (again, not anymore), and I play the most with this 
race(yet again, not anymore).  But now I play more Zerg in ladder.  
I have many ways of winning with this race, but however I prefer a 
mass 10 gate push.  10 gate push? You might ask.  This is however 
one of the best way of winning and it's very flexible and very 
useful against all opponents.  This however requires a lot of 
practice, a mucho money map, and you being extra aggressive.

This is my favorite strategy, I tell you one thing, this works.  
First off, make a lot of Probes, and I mean a lot, over 40 on 
minerals alone in each base.  It's best if you have at least 2 
base, the more the better, however just 2 base should be enough 
with 80 Probes mining.  Protection with Photon Cannons isn't that 
important, if you are able to work this strategy.  The best map 
for this is the most popular map on Battle.Net, Big Game Hunters, 
other versions of the Big Game Hunters work, too.

First you block your base exit with some Photon Cannons, just a 
few to stop any early incoming rushes, but leave a nice clear path 
for your big ground units to get out is very important.  Next you 
build Gateways, Probes and Pylons, have around 6 Photon Cannons 
protecting your mineral fields from worker hunters.  You build up 
to 10 Gateways, 3 Forge, climb your tech tree to Observer and 
Templar Archieve, also no Stargates, since it isn't needed.  You 
can start expanding whenever you feel safe, get another base and 
just stock up on Probes, protection there should be big, a 10 
Cannon field is good enough.  It will be best if you can get 3 
bases, but if you are only able to grab 2, just stay with that.  
Then you build up on Zealots and scout for you opponent when you 
have 12, sometimes this can actually take out some opponent if 
they really weak.  But treat these 12 Zealot as your scout, 
finding your opponent won't be that hard since your army is quite 
big.  One thing to note here, if you scout a bit late and your 
Zealots have increased walking speed, you can just run them pass 
your opponent's front line and check out what they have.  On your 
way, take out a few of their workers and 12 Zealots have done the 
job.  Next you want Observers or Zealots on every possible 
expansion on the map, once you got this down, your opponent won't 
able to expend easily.  Begin your non stop 10 Gate push once you 
have the Gates in place and your rally point on a good spot, go 
all Zealots if your opponent don't go air, get some Dragoons if 
you see Mutalisks or other air units.  If an opponent only have 1 
or 2 Wraith/Scout, ignore it and keep attacking with Zealots.  
Your Zealots and ground units must be always upgraded to the 
highest possible, Zealot walking speed and Dragoon attack range is 
really important and you should get them as soon as you can.  
Basically you keep rushing non stop with 6 Zealot and 4 Dragoons, 
expect to take out 1 or 2 Cannons, etc, tops, you keep attacking 
non stop until your opponent dies.  Since 80 plus Probe working on 
minerals can easily support your Gateways all the time.  So your 
10 Gateways should never stop on making troops and you just keep 
swarming in until your opponent dies.  If your opponent has an 
expansion, go for the mining expansion first to stop mineral flow 
for that person.  This works great, and there aren't that many 
good counters for these kind of swarms.  If your money seem to be 
increasing, add in more Gateways, basically each base can support 
a non stop 5 Gates, 2 bases can support 10, 3 bases can support 15 
Gates, and so on.

So far, only mass Carrier fleet is able to stand up against my 15 
Gate push, but on the other hand, that person won't able to finish 
me off since I got around 10 charged High Templars waiting for his 
Carriers with Psi Storm.  When this happens, it's basically a draw 
on max money maps, even if one person wins, it will take a long 
time.  If you are playing a game and you feel you must win, and 
your opponent have big Carrier Fleets.  Try taking out the 
Carriers with Carriers of your own, Arbiter with Stasis Field is 
also useful here, use your Psi Storm offensively, storm the 
Carriers and rush in with your ground troops.  Drops are useful if 
you are able to find a good spot.  Always attack enemy's expansion 
first, they are less guarded and usually holds a lot of workers or 
supply units.

Part 16: Tricks

I'm opened up for any possible suggestion for this section.  If 
you got a trick you would like to share with the rest of us, 
please email me and your help is greatly appreciated.  

There are various tricks to the game, some are useful in a game, 
some however are just for fun.  You should learn some of these for 
fun, and it will also help you win some games if you are able to 
work it correctly.

First trick, Parasite a critter near you opponent's base.  The 
critter will still be a neutral unit, your opponent won't know it 
have been Parasite unless they click on the critter.  If your 
critter is going the correct way, you will able to see your 
opponent's base and have a quiet neutral spy in your favor.  
However, critters will wonder around and sometimes get in the way, 
your opponent will very likely kill the poor critter and your spy 
might be gone.  So the best way is not to rely on the critter spy, 
your Queen can spare the extra energy, you shouldn't cry over it.  
However, when you are playing against some players like me, it 
might not work, I kill off all the critters near my base.  One for 
the possible Parasite, two the critters will get in the way, three 
it opens up the path better for my ground troops, and four I get 
10 points add to my kill.  I'm not saying you should waste time 
killing all the critter on the map, but if you are just waiting, 
taking out the annoying critter just to stop the possible spying 
and get some extra points.

Second trick, intentionally don't use ally chat, give out false 
information to your opponents.  Some people I know or have seen are 
using this trick, they believe if they act like a fool, others will 
think they are playing against new players and win.  It sometimes work, 
if you say you are going for straight Zergling rush but instead going 
for Mutalisks, your opponent might be protect against Mutalisks.  But 
give off more than just words, put up 10 or so Zerglings in front of 
your base so they will think that you are speaking the truth.

Third trick, Spider Mines that never miss, we all know Spider Mine deals 
insane amount of damage (125 splash), and it cost almost nothing 
considering Vulture's cheap 75 mineral cost.  We also know that Spider 
Mine triggers whenever a target enters it's sight range of 3, and 
because the 3 sight range is more enough to give away the Spider Mine's 
location.  With the element of surprise gone, it allows ranged attackers 
like Hydraliks and Dragoons to shoot it down before impact, so the odds 
of a Spider Mine hitting is quite low.  However, if you cast Blind on 
the Spider Mine, it will trigger only if a unit is right on top of it, 
and it's a ensured hit.

Hydralisk into Mutalisk, nice trick, this is sent in by "Chess Freak" 
[email protected]. 

In ver. 1.00 and 1.04, play Zerg. Research Lurker ability, then build a 
Hydralisk and 12 Zerglings. Now, select the 12 Zerglings and press Ctrl. 
1. Select the Hydralisk, and hit S and L at the same time. Hit 1 and L 
at the same time to make the Zerglings become Lurkers. Or hit Esc. To 
instantly make them become Mutalisks. Note: The 12 Zerglings you use, 
they are not necessarily needed to be Zerglings. And ground unit will 
Another trick is to research either the Guardian or Devourer ability. 
Select the 12 ground units, Ctr. 1 them, select a mutalisk, hit S and G 
(for Guardian) or D (for Devourer), then press 1 and either G or D, 
whichever you choose. Note: These 2 tricks will only work on StarCraft 
ver. 1.00 and 1.04 only. It works on both StarCraft original and 
Broodwar, in the singles player or multiplayer.  

This trick does not work on Battle.Net, due to the fact that Battle.Net 
will automatically update your version of StarCraft to the most current 
version when you sign on.  However, this trick does work for single 
player StarCraft, but you will have to make sure it's version 1.00-1.04.

Part 17: Counter

This section is to help you to take advantage after your 
opponent's attacks.

The first counter is anti 2 minute 6 Zergling rush.  The 6 
Zerglings rush is one of the most annoying rushes in the game, and 
because it is also one of the hardest to counter against since the 
game just started, a lot of people will die against this.  This 
rush is useful, but I don't recommend you to use it every time, 
since people will call you cheap (it is cheap).  The best way to 
counter against this is stall the Zerglings with your workers, and 
hopefully, you can minimize the loss of workers by running around 
your HQ while your Zealots or Marines come out.  When using 
Terran, just attack with your SCV, since SCV has 60 HP and able to 
take out the Zerglings with the help of a few Marines.  When using 
Protoss, you can get an early Gateway, and wait for your Zealot to 
come out, or get Photon Cannons for a safer game.  However, a 
smart rusher will ignore the Zealot and Marines and go straight 
for your workers, when that happens, just run your workers around 
your base and hopefully you won't lose anymore than 4 workers.  

If you are able to put up your defense fast enough, counter attack 
with your remaining Zealots and Marines, and hopefully you can 
deal some damage before your rusher can recover.  Remember if a 
Zerg player Zergling rush you, he or she will be behind in tech 
tree, so a fast Mutalisk or Tank Push tech up can win you the game 
easily.  Keep in mind, the 6 Zergling rush will greatly cripple 
your economy flow early on if you try to rush, the 6 Zerglings 
will take up the 3 important supply control from your Overlord, 
the 150 minerals will force you to slow down your Drone 
production.  So if your Zerglings only takes out 1 or 2 enemy 
workers, you've pretty much lost the game to most experienced 
players.  Basically, if you rush me with 6 Zerglings and fail to 
take out 4 or more workers, you pretty much lost against me.  
There is no way you can defend against me, first I will attack 
with 6 Mutalisks, if I see a Spire being built, I win, since I 
have more Mutalisks than you do right now.  If you get Hydralisk, 
I can get Guardians in 2 minutes, either way.  You can't get both 
Hydralisks and Mutalisks at the same time, since you won't have 
the resources.  But I can get Mutalisks and Guardians at the same 
time, so you will lose both ways.  Only use the 6 Zergling rush 
when playing with a partner, he or she can help you defend if the 
rush fails.

The second counter, how to defend against mass capital ship 
fleets.  Since most people use Carrier or Battle Cruiser Fleets to 
finish off their opponent, I think this is a pretty important and 
useful counter.  

With Zerg, Plague, Dark Swarm with Hydralisk, Ensnare, Devour and 
Mutalisk will able to easily take out the expensive fleets.  
However, the best way to counter against those fleets is Dark 
Swarm with Hydralisk, a few Ensnare and Plague to help out, 
Devour's Spore Counter and Mutalisk's splash damage are optional 
but useful, rely more on Dark Swarm and Hydralisks instead.  If 
you see the fleet station outside, be sure to Plague it as soon as 
you can, Plague will greatly cripple the effects of the fleets and 
allow them to be destroyed easily.

With Protoss, just Psi Storm, 5 High Templars will able to take 
out the entire fleet if they stay in the storm.  And if you don't 
get all the ships, just storm again, your High Templars can storm 
3 times in a row with the energy upgrade.  Scouts with good 
upgrades can chase after the damaged ships if they try to escape.  
Stasis Field can also provide you with extra time to Psi Storm, 
when and if you needed it.  Feedback will work on Battle Cruisers, 
Dark Archons will able to damage quite a few Battle Cruisers with 
Feedback.  Mind Control is another great spell, 4 Dark Archons 
with enough energy to cast Mind Control will able to completely 
turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

With Terran, first find the Fleet's detectors with a Comsat Scan, 
then use Yamato Gun, Lockdown, or Optical Flare to take out the 
detector(s), and then mass Wraith swarms with cloak to finish the 
fleet.  Lockdown can take a few ships down to easy the job for 
you, Goliath with attack range upgrade can chip in some heavy 
damage, and Emp Shockwave and take out any possible Yamato Gun and 
drain all the Protoss shields.  Wraith's powerful air-to-air 
attack is extremely good against BC or Carrier Fleets without 
detectors, also, even if the enemy Terran use Comsat Scan, you 
would still have taken out over half of the fleet in that much 
given time.

The third counter is against mass Hydralisk/Dragoon swarms, since 
a lot of people will get a whole bunch of these units and swarm 
when they max out.  I used the mass Hydralisk swarm before, but it 
simply takes a lot of money and time, but it is really hard to 
stop once it starts.

With Protoss, use Reavers and Psi Storm.  Stasis Field can block 
off the entrance a little bit, the swarm will stumble around, and 
basically acting dumb while you attack with your long ranged 
units.  Carriers are extremely useful, since it's hard for your 
opponent to control all the units to target your Carrier, instead 
of the Interceptors.  Maelstrom can also give you more time to 
charge your Scarabs or move your High Templars to the battling 

With Terran, just a decent number of Tanks in Siege Mode can 
easily overcome those swarms, but if the swarm continues, use a 
Nuke in front of your base, target it front enough so it won't 
damage your frontline.  The odds are your opponent will have no 
chance of pulling back all their units since there are just so 
many.  Your Nuke will make up for it's cost if you kill 3 Dragoons 
or 5 Hydralisks.

With Zerg, simply Lurkers and Dark Swarm, Zerglings and Dark 
Swarm, Plague and Ensnare can also be used here but isn't 
required.  Guardians can provide and further ground attack you 
might need if your Defiler is taken out.

However, the best way to counter against those mass swarms is not let it 
happen in the first place.  Keep that person occupied with attacks on 
their expansions, worker hunting, Nukes, drops, etc.  These things might 
not always work on the base you are targeting, but it will cause that 
person to spend a lot of time and attentions which will slow down their 
mass swarm production.  Or you can attack in waves, keep that person 
busy through the entire game with frontal attacks, that will keep them 
busy long enough that the mass swarm will never happen. 

The next counter is for mass Zealot rush early on, Zealots are 
extremely powerful early on, and Marines or Zerglings won't able 
to stand a 12 Zealot rush unless a large number advantage is 
available.  Most Protoss player uses the Zealot's early power to 
either pin down an opponent or simply kill them.

With Protoss, you should have more Zealots than the attacker, if 
not, your Cannons will take care of them when needed.  Remember to 
get the enemy Zealots in your Cannon's range before attacking with 
your Zealots.

With Terran, 2 Firebats in Bunkers can take out all the Zealots if 
they attack the Bunker.  Don't have a nice open path where the 
Zealots can easily run past the Bunker, have something like a 
Barrack to seal off the path, and you can simply lift off the 
building when needed.  Don't forget the repair as soon as the 
Bunker is damaged.

With Zerg, your best bet would be Sunkens and Mutalisks, if your 
opponent have 12 Zealots, you should climb your Tech tree high 
enough to Mutalisks.  6 Mutalisks and 4 Sunkens can easily take 
out 12 Zealots, but expect to lose the Sunkens.  If the Zealots 
comes earlier than you expected, try to put up a few more Sunkens 
and grab a few Zerglings during the attacks.  Remember to stick a 
Zergling further up from your base, so if an attack comes, you 
will know ahead of time.  If you are sure of your opponent is 
going straight Zealots, go straight Zerglings with 3 or 4 
Hatchery, Zerglings owns Zealots since you will be outnumbering 4 
against 1.  Try to get the two Zergling upgrades early (the 
movement and attack speed), they will improve your Zerglings by a 

This is one hard counter, since people (mostly on Brood Wars using 
Zerg) will do something like a 12 Overlord drop with Hydralisks 
and Lurkers.  There is no way anyone can stop against that drop, 
they are prepare to lose 1 or 2 Overlord in the process, but still 
drop 40 Hydralisks in your base.  

First off, with Zerg, 4 plus Lurkers with Dark Swarm can help out 
if you detect the drop coming with either a scouting Overlord or a 
Parasite.  The 4 Lurkers can take out any Hyralisks coming down 
with their splash damages, and the enemy Lurker won't able to 
attack until it burrows.  Dark Swarm can make your Lurker immune 
to Hydralisk's attacks and you have successfully overcome the 
drop.  You need to have extremely good map detection to able to 
know about this coming.  If this catch you off guard, try to find 
some way to lure the Hydralisks to your Sunkens before engaging in 
front battle.  Guardians will work great, you can simply hit the 
Hydralisks a few times, turn and run, your Sunkens will help out 
enough to turn the tide of the battle.  If you have extra Lurkers, 
move them in, but the odds are they will usually die before they 
can finish burrowing.

With Terran, you need 8 plus Valkyries with some attack upgrades, 
and a few Bunkers with Marines to help out incase the Valkyrie 
misses a few Overlords.  I've successfully taken out a mass 
Overlord/Hydralisk drop with Valkyries, I got 12 Valkyries to 
counter against that guy's Guardians and Mutalisk.  But instead he 
went for the Overlord drops, I saw the Overlords coming with a few 
Spiders Mines further down an empty base.  It was over some water, 
I just flew all my Valkyries there.  The guy was grouping his 
Overlord together when my Valkyries got there.  My Valkyries 
fires, all his Overlords died, he know he lost because he can't 
defend against my Battle Cruisers now.  Than he just said GG, and 
he quit.  (I would have allied him, but he left before I did.)

For Protoss, you can one use Corsairs and Disruption Web or two 
use Psi Storm when the Overlord begin to unload.  Both works well, 
but Psi Storm is more trustable and they hit both air and ground.  
Disruption Web can help you stall time if your High Templars is 
not stationed nearby.  It will be best if you use both.

This is the worst way of losing, you getting double/triple teamed by 
others at the same time during a 2vs2 or 3vs3.  Since that is one of the 
most common ways a team game is won, I will try to put up some 
strategies for this.  I have a decent record, a large portion of my 
defeats are due to double or triple teams.  Although, a lot of my wins 
came from double team or tripe team against a unlucky opponent, I still 
believe that double/triple team is cheap.  Here are some things you can 
do to avoid getting killed by 2 or 3 others.  One, splash damage is your 
friend, use it, Reavers, Siege Tanks, Lurkers, Corsairs, Valkyries, and 
Psi Storm are always working in your favor when you are getting teamed.  
Two, ask for help from your partner(s), it doesn't matter if you are a 
really good player, there is no way that you can stand up against 3 
people all coming for you.  3, probably the best way, attack them before 
they attack you, keep them on the defensive side, make them worry about 
their base, make sure the battle field is in their base and not yours.  
4 don't go for high tech units unless your partner is willing to protect 
your base.  I would only go for high tech units if my partner is someone 
I know, someone who is actually good, and someone who got mobile units 
that are used to protect (like Hydralisks, Dragoons, Scouts, Wraith, 
etc).  If you try to climb your tech tree, you might able to take out 1 
opponent's base, but he or she won't die (partners will help) and will 
eventually come back.  You on the other hand will have the same fate as 
that opponent of yours, and your base will die against your opponent's 
partner's attack.  5 control the middle of the base, cut off your 
opponents from each other, and you can simply rally your troops there.  
6 play with someone you know, 2 weak player who know how each other play 
will sometime beat a 2 better player that don't anything about each 

Sometime you will get double team and your partner can't help you, you 
only choices are run and die.  Die isn't that good, so run is the only 
thing you can do.  The odds are your base will be over swarm by your 
opponents and running your workers might not work, you should have a 
worker in your opponent's base from the start of the game or use a 
transport.  If you don't got any of those, just pull all your mining 
workers and escape to your partner's base, hopefully, one or two will 
make it.

Part 18: My playing experience

I'm a very aggressive person in StarCraft, and that is probably the 
reason I win most of my games.  I don't rush unless I have to, since I 
would consider a build up before winning, but sometimes.  The cheap 
Zergling rush is useful (I use the Zergling rush sometimes, I don't go 
straight for the rush, if I see your base with 1 building Gateway, I 
will make 6 Zerglings on eighth Spawning Pool just to hunt down your 
workers.)  The scouting Overlord of my will likely indicate how I will 
play, if the Overlord stays in the base (only against Zerg or Protoss 
until they get gas), it means the Zerg 

Now I'm using Zerg full time, I found a lot of fun things to do with 
this race.  Hydralisk is the perfect unit, with it's cheap price, decent 
HP, great damage, nice range, and mostly fast production rate with 4 or 
more Hatchery.  Zerglings are the cheapest swarm unit ever, I can have 
your entire base flooded with Zerglings and win that way, that will only 
take me a merely 2 or 3 productions.  Mutalisks are extremely good for 
ground hunting (Drone, SCV, Probe, Zealot, Firebat, Zergling, etc) with 
their splash damage against low armor units.  Guardians might be a 
crappy long range unit later on, but if you are able to pop out 12 
Guardians in less than 12 minutes, they are bound to scrap your enemy 
even if they know about it coming.  Zerg is a very good and hard to use 
race, before I think Zerg is a newb race, I was wrong, Zerg is hard to 
manage, especially with 5 minerals fields, 10 plus Hatchery, attempting 
map control, cloak detection, and control the battling frontlines.

Terran is extremely weak against Zerg early on, and until Battle 
Cruisers are available to them, Terran basically is half dead in most 
games.  Zerg have the speed and power to beat down Terran bases fast, 
even if Terran do survive the Zergling/Hydralisk swarms, they will 
eventually face the dangerous choke opener Guardians, Dark Swarm 
Zergling choke busters, etc.  Zerg's fast production rates will be able 
to keep a Terran player occupied full time, and when a Zerg player is 
building up, Terran player can only be busy with the waves of ground 
based swarms.  Terran might be able to pull out a few Wraith when the 
Guardians come, but by the time the Wraith kill the Guardians, the 
Hydralisk/Zergling swarm will flood Terran's base completely since the 
Bunkers and Siege Tanks are gone from the Guardians.

Most people underestimate Zerg, they either believe the Zerg opponent is 
going for Zergling rush, mass Hydralisk swarms, or Mutalisk worker 
hunting.  It is true that most Zerg players use one of these 3 
strategies, but never feel safe when you have defended yourself against 
these 3 things.  A lot of things can happen you will find yourself 
getting swarmed like hell, and the waves of Hydralisk/Zergling just 
simply won't stop.

Section 19: Abbreviations

Somebody asked me to put up some abbreviations for the StarCraft, I 
gathered some information, and put up the section here.

SC:        StarCraft
BC:        Battle Cruiser
DT:        Dark Templar
Lings:     Zerglings
Muts:      Mutalisks
Guards:    Guardians
Scan:      Look at the map and Comsat Scan somewhere useful.
Spread:    Expand

Section 20: Trends

Zerg trends: 

(February, 2000)
Early expansion, Hyralisk swarm the whole way.
Late build up, early Mutalisk worker hunting, follows up with Zerglings.
Early build up, 20 plus Zergling rush at once, quick tech up afterwards 
to Guardians.
Late build up, fast tech up to Lari and Hydralisk Den, early Lurker 
rush.  Mostly seen against Terran when used offensive, often seen used 
to defend, switches to mass build up afterwards.

Terran trends:

(February, 2000)
Early Barrack, SCV scout, Marine rush, Tanks push follows.
Late build up, block out, Drop, build Bunker in opponent's base, push 
with Siege Tanks, Wraith follows up.
Late build up, no SCV scout, straight Wraith, mostly seen against Zerg.

Protoss trends:

(February, 2000)
Early Cannons, mass Gateways build up, Zealot/Dragoon rush all the way.
Early Cannons, tech climb, straight Carriers, attacks with 4-6 Carriers 
early on, Arbiters and Observers follows later on.
Early Cannon, block out, Reaver drop with Arbiter cloaking.  Recall on 
Dragoons and Reavers.  Dragoon frontal attacks with Arbiter cloaking.
Early Pylon and Forge buildup, fast Cannon block in or Cannon sneak 
attack.  Carriers or Reavers follows.  Mostly seen against Zerg and 
Late build up, some early Cannon protection, going fast tech up to 
Templar Archieve, skipping Zealots and Dragoons.  Dark Templar attack 
early on, mostly seen against Terran.

Part 21: Credits

First of all, I want to thank Blizzard for making this game.  Any 
one knows when the next StarCraft (possibly named StarCraft 2) is 
coming out? 

I want to thank [email protected] (Agent_NSX) for giving me a lot 
of hints on the game.  And from playing against him, I learn some 
tricks too.

Then I want to thank another good friend [email protected] for 
hooking me up with this game, keep on selling.  When you going to 
finally give me my games, it's been over 1 year and half already.

I have to really thank my friend Mike (Agent_EX) here for telling 
me many trigger keys, hot keys, and other things, thanks a lot.

[email protected], thank you for giving me a lot of info 
and correct some of the mistakes I have on this guide.

Thanks to [email protected], for telling me about the Firebat 

"Chess Freak" of [email protected]., for sending in the trick with Lurker morph to 

And I have to thank LiLsHy for sending me the code about the Zerg 
sound trick.

Another thing I need to mention here is Rcarlos's FAQ, I fixed 
some small bugs from reading his/her FAQ (all the mistakes are 
small like a unit's starting armor, I put down a wrong number). 

A lot of information I obtained is from the game and Blizzard's 
official StarCraft stats site in Battle.Net.

Mostly I thank myself for having too much free time and writing 
this guide.  Just kidding.

Copyright March 14, 2000 by Scott Lee

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