StarCraft: BroodWar Expert Guide
Version 6.33

Written by Stephanus Rudiyanto N. 
email: [email protected] (old, but still functioning)
       [email protected] (NEW!!!)

NOTES from Author:
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Table of Contents
i) Introduction
ii) Version
iii) Future edition
iv) Credits
v) How to get this FAQ

I - Special Ability
1) Terran Special Ability
2) Zerg Special Ability
3) Protoss Special Ability

II - Upgrade
1) Energy Upgrade
2) Weapon, Armor, and Shield Upgrade
3) Miscellaneous Upgrade

III - Tables and Data
1) Unit Data
2) Cooldown
3) Weapon Range
4) Score
  4.1) Unit's Score
  4.2) Hero's Score
  4.3) Building's Score
  4.4) Special Building's Score
5) Broods, Squadrons, and Tribes
6) Animation Height
7) Splash Damage
8) Record
9) Unit Speed
10) Supply
11) Hot Keys
    11.1) Zerg Hot keys
    11.2) Protoss Hot keys
    11.3) Terran Hot keys
12) Building Data
13) Critters
14) Traps
15) Patches

IV - Miscellaneous Info

i) Introduction

Starcraft is real-time strategy game from Blizzard. It is a great 
game, if you are fans of any RTS game, this one is recommended for 
you. Broodwar is an expansion set, and introduce many new elements, 
including 6 new units. The FAQ I used here is based on Broodwar 
with patches version 1.08. (You can download it at www.blizzard.com).
I also include some notes for patches version 1.07 (because it is 
one of the most used patches before 1.08 is out). 

First, I apologize if my English is not good. Maybe some grammars and 
spellings have some error in this FAQ. This is my first unpublished 
FAQ I wrote, so there may be so many mistakes here. 
Email me at [email protected] for corrections and suggestions, 
and of course you will be credited even for small fixes.

This FAQ is created for intermediate and expert players that have 
played the game long enough to truly know the aspect of the game.
Although the beginners can also read this FAQ, it is not recommended 
because of complicated data. I don't include any "how to play", basic 
strategies or other because I assume all who read this FAQ have already 
known how to play Starcraft. 

A lot of info I acquired from Blizzard official website, while the 
others I acquired by searching, trying, and my other hardwork by 
playing the game itself and also by using StarDraft SE from Camelot 

If you include any information below in any FAQ or Websites, please ask 
my permission first (usually I will answer yes) and give credits for me. 
(It's extremely hard to collect information in this FAQ, you know).

I will update this FAQ when there is a mistake or error. I can also add 
an entirely new section if I think it's important. 

And lastly, I don't own Starcraft CD. I play the game by borrowing 
my cousin's CD. This is just for info. :P

ii) Version
Numbers after the dot mean minor updates, while numbers before the dot 
mean Major updates.

22 June 1999 - Version 1.0 (Initial release)
27 June 1999 - Version 1.1:
- Some changes in Introduction and Credits (I forgot to include this in
  the first release)
- Added line breaks in Special Ability sections (For easy read, and no 
  need of Word wrapping the documents). 
- Some little addition on Burrow Ability.
- Some little addition and corrections in table and data descriptions.
- Added Future editions section.
28 June 1999 - Version 2.0:
- Little addition and correction in Unit Data tables.
- Add Lurker Aspect to Zerg Special Ability.
- Add Upgrade section.
7 July 1999 - Version 3.0:
- Major Corrections on Special Ability sections.
- Add some strategies on Special Ability section.
- Add Unit Weapons table in Weapon Range Section.
23 August 1999 - Version 4.0:
- Corrections for most "typos" and "grammar" 
  (hate to see they are so many of them)
- Major Corrections and additions on Special Ability sections.
- Add some strategies on Special Ability section.
- Some corrections in Table and Data section.
- A little lateness for updates, just because I want to add a whole new 
  section, but it's hard to write it (very long and complicated), so I 
  cancelled it.
  I may not update this FAQ for a while (except for corrections and 
28 October 1999 - Version 4.1:
- Minor corrections on Special Ability section.
- Add some strategies on Special Ability section.
Somewhere around December 1999 - Version 4.2:
- Small corrections and typos.
24 April 2000 - Version 5.0:
- Update after a long time.
- Add some information about Optic Flare, Nuclear, Defensive Matrix, 
  and Consume.
- Correct some typos.
- Add patches information on Tables and Data section.
- Reformat the order on Tables and Data section.
- Add some strategies on Special Ability section.
- Add a whole new section.
- Correct small but very important information about EMP 
  Shockwave and Stasis
10 June 2000 - Version 5.1:
- Very little update
Middle July 2000 - Version 6.0:
- Add Hotkeys section (thanks Poison)
- Change email address because mailcity restructuring.
  (even the old address is still functioning)
10 August 2000 - Version 6.01:
- Add small notes on Nuclear
5 October 2000 - Version 6.02:
- Very small addition, only add sites where you can find this FAQ.
8 February 2001 - Version 6.03:
- Add another new site that host my FAQ.
- Patches 1.08 will out soon with many new changes, also with a new
  feature (like Replay recorded games), and may be others.
  When the patches is out, I will update this FAQ.
  Note: I already have the patches, but it still in testing 
        version, so I will wait the official patches.
        There are so many changes now, especially in units and 
        special abilities.
Late February 2001 - Version 6.1:
- Fix some small errors.
- Change all words "gasses" to "gas".
- Add some informations about patches 1.08 O.
14 April 2001 - Version 6.2:
- Add another new sites that host my FAQ.
- Add Building, Critters, and Traps section.
- Fix some typos and errors.
19 May 2001 - Version 6.3:
- Patches 1.08 is out now, update all info based on this new
  patches. I plan to update this FAQ again after the new patches
  out (Blizzard want to fix the bug in 1.08 soon)
30 May 2001 - Version 6.31:
- Patches 1.08b is out now. Update the Patches section.
14 June 2001 - Version 6.32:
- Fix some small errors.
- Fix Scout cost in 1.08 Patches table.
27 July 2001 - Version 6.33:
- Add some notes about Recall.

iii) Future editions
I MAY : - Add Global Strategies
        - Add Unit Strategies section 
          (some people asked me to write this sections)
        - More detailed unit's speed
          (It's hard to check, especially some unit have 
I WILL NOT: - Add Campaign Strategies
            - Add Map Editor guides

iv) Credits
- Blizzard, for making a great game for me to play.
- Jeff "CJayC" Veasey (GameFAQs webmaster), for hosting my FAQ, 
  GameFAQs is truly a good website for game guides and other 
  game-related info! 
- Camelot Systems, for making StarDraft SE. A great program for 
- My Cousin (ARC) and my friend (A Ceng), for lent me Starcraft CD.
- My little brother (Lunar Ray), for a great inspiration for making 
  this FAQ. 
  Some very useful info in this FAQ is from him.
- Zack Culver ([email protected]) for corrections in Psionic 
  Storm. (small correction but very important!)
- [email protected] for his major suggestions and corrections.
- "z.f." at {[email protected]} for few additional informations.
- James Harsono at {[email protected]} for few additional 
- "Andrew Lang" at {[email protected]} for useful information
  about Spider Mine.
- "Jason and Alison Overstreet" {[email protected]} for some
- [email protected] for few corrections and additions.
- Poison {[email protected]} for the whole new Hot keys section.
- Tim Hutchison {[email protected]} for few notes on Nuclear.
- al burton {[email protected]} for note about Traps Recall.

v) How to get this FAQ

You can get this FAQ only in these sites:
- http://www.gamefaqs.com
- http://DLH.Net
- http://www.gameunited.com
- http://www.lfreespace.com/game/project86/
- http://www.actiontrip.com

If you want to check my newest FAQ, please check www.gamefaqs.com
first, because I will send my newest FAQs to GameFAQs before other
If you host my FAQ in your website and I already has give you 
my permission but your site is not listed, please inform me with 
email (sorry for this inconvenient). Note that I add your site in
the next revision, so it may be rather late.

I - Special Ability
One of the most interesting aspects in the game is the Special Ability 
that the units have. Many people who can play Starcraft know well that 
Special Ability can not be neglected. (May be except those who always 
rush). This section explains the description and strategies of Special 
Abilities in all three races.

Cost    : Cost for unit to use the ability (e mean energy)
Range   : The ability range (some abilities used by the unit itself, so 
          they have no range). 
Upgrade : Building where you must research the ability, and the cost 
          needed to upgrade. 
          If no upgrade listed, the the ability is the initial special 
          ability that doesn't need to be researched.
BT      : Build Time, or time needed to research the ability. 
          (Higher number mean longer time)

1) Terran Special Ability
1.1) Stim Packs
Cost     : 10 Health
User     : Marine, Firebat
Research : Academy (100 Minerals, 100 Gas, 80 BT)
When used will double the Marines/Firebats attack rates, and also 
increase their speed significantly.
- If your Marine/Firebat has less than 10 HP, he cannot use Stim Packs.
- You can use Stim Packs multiple times, but the effects are not
cumulative. (Only one Stim Pack is active at one time)
- Stim Packs are not permanent effect, after a few seconds 
Marines/Firebats revert to their normal state.
- Stim Packed Marines/Firebats can win battles that you thought 
impossible, use this when you're defending from/attacking a large group 
of enemy or powerful enemy.
- Stim Packed Marines are best to attack enemy's Mutalisks. {lunarray}
- Stim Packs can be used to run from Hydralisk and other units chasing 
down your marines/firebats. But better find some protection soon, since 
stimpack effect dissipates rather quickly. {lunarray}
- Before patches 1.04 or Broodwar, Stim Packed Firebat would only 
increase speed, but not attack rates. 
- Use Stim Pack before enemy comes near you or before you attack the 
enemy, so the effect of Stim Pack still exist when your medic heals 
your army to full HP. {lunarray}
- If you use firebats rush, research Stim Pack before U-238 Shell. 

1.2) Deploy Spider Mines
Cost     : None, but only 3 mines/Vulture
User     : Vulture
Research : Machine Shop (100 Minerals, 100 Gas, 80 BT)
Vultures can deploy spider mines (Each Vulture only has 3 mines and  
they can't be replaced). Vulture must stop in an area briefly to deploy 
it. When deployed, the mine will take a second to burrow, and it is 
vulnerable during burrowing time. Once burrowed, friendly units can see 
the mine, but the enemy units can't (unless using Detector). Any enemy 
Ground Units (but not Hovering units) that enter the Mine sight range 
(3) will activate it. The mine will pop up of the ground and attempt to 
run into target, and explode. It will damage any unit within short 
- Spider Mines have 125 damage, amd have splash damage that can hit 
friendly units.
- Air units and Hovering units will not trigger the mines, but Hovering 
units can take damage from the splash damage.
- Spider Mine is not detector, but it can chase cloaked Ghost.
- Units that are NOT set off Spider Mines: All air units, Probe, 
Archon, Dark Archon, Vulture, Drone, and SCV.
- Spider Mines can be attacked while chasing enemy, and will not 
explode if destroyed with this way. {[email protected]}
- Air units can spot burrowed Spider Mines. (Old Starcraft version)
  Newer patches make Spider Mines can't be detected with air units
  anymore, but I don't know after what version.
- If you use Optic Flare on your Spider Mines, It CAN make them more 
effectively, because it will explode when enemy units step on it. If 
you don't do so, the enemy might shoot it down and you'll have a wasted 
mine. {Andrew Lang}
- Before patches 1.05, Spider Mine isn't affected by Disruption Web.
- Before patches 1.05, Spider Mine research needs 150 Minerals and 150 

1.3) Siege Tech
Cost     : None
User     : Siege Tank
Research : Machine Shop (150 Minerals, 150 Gas, 80 BT)
Siege Tech will allow all Siege Tanks to have ability go into Siege 
Mode (and revert back into Tank Mode). In Siege Mode, Tanks cannot 
move, but it will greatly increase attack ranges and also attack 
- Tank in Siege Mode can't enter Dropship (or other Transport).
- Tanks need some time to transform into Siege Mode and vice versa.
- In Siege Mode, Tank has more attack range than its sight range.
- In Siege Mode, Tank cannot attack units/buildings that are in 2 
matrices. In the other words, it cannot attack units that are next to 
- If a unit gets too close to a Siege Tank while in Siege Mode, the 
tank won't be able to target it. You can use this to your advantage by 
having a Dropship/Overlord/Shuttle drop the troops right next to the 
tank so it can't fight back. {[email protected]}

1.4) Cloaking 
Cost     : 25e for initial cloaking, 1e/second to remain cloaked
User     : Wraith, Ghost
Research (Ghost) : Covert Ops (100 Minerals, 100 Gas, 80 BT)
Research (Wraith): Control Tower (150 Minerals, 150 Gas, 100 BT)
Cloaked units cannot be targeted by enemy units or single-unit special 
ability (Like Parasite). Any splash damage and special abilities that 
affect multiple units can still attack the target. To target cloaked 
units, enemy must have buildings or units that have Detector. Once a 
cloaked unit is detected, any units belonging to or sharing vision with 
that opponent can target it normally.
- Cloaking for Ghost is called Personnel Cloaking, while Wraith is 
called Cloaking Field {[email protected]}
- If the energy of cloaked units downs to zero, it will decloak.
- Special ability that can damage cloaked units when they are not 
detected: Psionic Storm and Nuclear Strike.
- Special ability that can be used to reveal cloaked units are: 
Ensnare, Plague, Maelstorm, Acid Spores (only if the cloaked unit are 
in splash effect), EMP Shockwave (will drain cloaked units energy in 
area to zero) and Stasis Field (the cloaked unit visible but can't be 
- Special ability with visible special effect will reveal cloaked units 
(Irradiate, Defense Matrix, Lockdown, Ensnare, Plague, Acid Spores, and 
- Parasited units are revealed to the owner of the parasite.

1.5) Lockdown
Cost     : 100e
User     : Ghost
Range    : 8
Research : Covert Ops (200 Minerals, 200 Gas, 100 BT)
Targets a mechanical unit to become immobile for 60 seconds. The 
affected units can't be controlled in any way (including use special 
- Lock down does not work on buildings.
- Locking down Detector makes it lose its Detector ability.
- Locking down cloaked unit makes it visible.
- Locking down Arbiter cancels its ability to cloak nearby units.
- You can repair Terran units in Lockdown status.
- Units that can be locked down: SCV, Vulture, Goliath, Siege Tank, 
Wraith, Dropship, Valkyrie, Science Vessel, Battlecruiser, Probe, 
Dragoon, Reaver, Shuttle, Observer, Corsairs, Scout, Interceptor (hard 
and worthless), and Carrier.
- It is advised not to research Lockdown when fighting against Zerg 
players. All Zergs are biological, thus immune to Lockdown.

1.6) Nuclear Strike
Cost     : 1 Armed Nuclear Silo
User     : Ghost
Range    : 8 or 10 (Ghost's Sight Range - 1)
Units and buildings at the area of Nuclear Strike will lose either 2/3 
of their combined maximum Shield and Hit Points or take 500 points of 
damage, whichever is greater. The farther the distance, the lesser 
damage is received, but almost any unit caught within the blast will be 
killed instantly. 
- Cancelling a nuke or Ghost killed before finishing its aiming, will 
make a nuclear lost.
- The only unit that can survive the Nuclear Blast is Battlecruiser 
with full HP. (It survives with small HP left equal to its armor level)
- To nuke Protoss's base, better if you use EMP Shockwave first.
- Two nukes on same target will destroy all buildings or units.
- Burrowed or cloaked units receive no protection against nuke.
- Researching Ocular Implants can increase the nuke ranges.
- Cloaking is highly recommended when you want to use nuclear strike. 
- You can also use Defensive Matrix on your Ghost when he tries to 
nuke, if he is spotted by enemy.
- Defensive Matrix can protect units from Nuclear Strike by increasing 
its HP (+250 non-regenerating shield). So some units can survive from 
Nuclear Strike. (Like Ultralisk and Carrier). {[email protected]}
- Before Broodwar, burrowed units gains protection from nuclear strike.
- Place nuclear red-point at some units with red colour like Dark 
Archon or Firebats to hide your nuclear strike point. {lunarray}
- An armed Nuclear Silo add-on can be captured by other Terran player's
Command Center. As long as the nuclear is not launched, the supplies 
(8 supply) are still being deducted from enemy's supply. {Tim Hutchison}

1.7) Defensive Matrix
Cost     : 100e
User     : Science Vessel
Range    : 10
Gives 250 Non-regenerating Shield to targeted unit. After about 30 
seconds, the effects wear off, even if the shield still has HP. 
Defensive Matrix doesn't mean invulnerability, because there is small 
damage that can still damage your shielded unit.
- EMP Shockwave can't drain this special Shield.
- Defensive Matrix on a cloaked unit makes it visible.
- Defensive Matrices are not cumulative, placing a new Matrix onto an 
old one, means replacing it with the new matrix.
- Defensive Matrix is best used on expensive unit (Siege Tank, 
Battlecruiser, Science Vessel), units attacking tower (Wraith), Ghost 
ready for nuclear, Dropship trying to unload, or units in battle that 
have red/yellow HP (but not too weak).
- Defensive Matrix doesn't prevent Irradiate, but it will slow down the 
- Defensive Matrix can protect units from Nuclear Strike by increasing 
its HP (+250 non-regenerating shield). So some units can survive from 
Nuclear Strike. (Like Ultralisk and Carrier). {[email protected]}
- Defensive Matrix can protect units from Yamato Gun, so it only deals 
10 damage (260 - 250). {[email protected]}
- Defensive Matrix can protect from Feedback damage, but feedback still 
drain the Energy.
- Defensive Matrix cannot protect damage from Plague or Broodling.

1.8) Irradiate
Cost     : 75e
User     : Science Vessel
Range    : 9
Research : Science Facility (200 Minerals, 200 Gas, 80 BT)
Targeted Unit becomes irradiated for 30 seconds. All air and ground 
biological units nearby (within 2 matrices) will take damage up to 250 
HP of damages. The targeted unit will also take damage if it an 
Biological/Organic unit.
- Mechanical units can be irradiated and damage all nearby biological 
units, but the targets itself don't receive damage.
- Irradiating more than once on same target doesn't have cumulative 
effect. (It's only replacing the old Irradiate), but overlapping 
Irradiation can cause more damage if they are near each other.
- You can Irradiate your own units (example: Siege Tank) to protect 
them from attacked by enemy biological melee units (like Zealots or 
Zerglings). This will make them take damage from irradiation, while 
your tank takes damage only by enemies but not by the irradiation 
- Irradiate can't be protected by Defensive Matrix, it's only slowing 
down the damage.
- Irradiating a transport doesn't affect the units inside.
- If you Irradiate a biological units, and that unit enters a 
transport, then that unit and all biological units in the transport 
also take damage. The same also applies to Bunkers.
- Irradiate can be removed by Medic's Restoration.
- Burrowed unit doesn't make units invulnerable to irradiation, they 
can be affected by irradiates while burrowing. But when burrowing, 
Irradiate doesn't damage any nearby friendly units.
- Irradiated flying units can deal damage to ground units and vice 
- Zerg Eggs are not affected by Irradiate, but the new zerg unit 
hatched from the Egg will retain it's irradiated status.
- Units take no damage caused by irradiation if in the Stasis Field.
- Unit that can be Irradiated: All Zerg units, SCV, Marine, Firebat, 
Medic, Ghost, Zealot, High Templar, Dark Templar.
- Before patches 1.08, Irradiate research cost: 150 Minerals and
150 Gas.

1.9) EMP Shockwave
Cost     : 100e
User     : Science Vessel
Range    : 8
Research : Science Facility (200 Minerals, 200 Gas, 120 BT)
Fires an EMP missile that explodes in short 3x3 matrices area. Any 
units or buildings in the area will have its shield and energy reduced 
to zero.
- EMP Shockwave best used on Protoss units and buildings or enemy 
- EMP Shockwave can make Archon and Shield Battery become weak and 
almost unusable.
- EMP Shockwave can make cloaked Wraiths and Ghosts visible by draining 
their energy to zero.
- Science Vessel that using EMP Shockwave is immune to its own effect, 
but not the friendly units nearby.

1.10) Yamato Gun
Cost     : 150e
User     : Battlecruiser
Range    : 10
Research : Physics Lab (100 Minerals, 100 Gas, 120 BT)
The Battlecruiser can fire an energy blast to targeted unit or 
building, and it deals 260 damage to the target.
- The Yamato Gun has longer range than Battlecruiser sight range.
- Once charged (if not cancelled by special circumstances), Yamato Gun 
will always hit, and can't be avoided even by the fastest unit.
- Once charged, Yamato Gun can't be canceled by EMP Shockwave.
- Yamato Gun can be cancelled if Battlecruiser is affected in Stasis 
Field, Battlecruiser is locked down, or the Battlecruiser is destroyed.
- Yamato Gun can be cancelled if the target destroyed, cloaks, burrows, 
or is in Stasis Field.  
- A single blast of Yamato Gun can destroy a Photon Cannon or Missile 
Turret, but Spore Colony needs two blasts.
- You can select multiple Battlecruisers and fire Yamato Gun 
simultaneously to greatly increase damage.
- Yamato Gun also can be avoided with targeted unit entering a transport
or bunker.
- Yamato Gun can be avoided by use Recall on targeted unit (need very 
precise timing).
- Defensive Matrix can protect units from Yamato Gun, so it only deals 
10 damage (260 - 250). {[email protected]}
- Yamato Gun can also be cancelled by using Mind Control on 
Battlecruiser ready to fire Yamato Gun {[email protected]}
- Before patches 1.04/Broodwar, the damage is only 250.
- Before patches 1.08, Yamato Gun research cost: 200 minerals
and 200 gas.

1.11) Scanner Sweep
Cost     : 50e 
User     : Comsat Station Addon
Range    : Unlimited
Targeted area in map (20x20 matrices) becomes visible for 15 seconds. 
It also serves as Detector in that area.
- You can use shotcut keys for Comsat (Ctrl-#) and use # for quick 
Scanner Sweep.
- You can use Scanner Sweep immediately after the Comsat Station Addon 
construction finished.
- Comsat Station has maximum 200 energy.
- Comsat Station is the most safe scouting tools, use this to check the 
enemy's strategies often and also check expansion sites.
- Comsat Station can be used to detect cloaked and burrowing units 
because it serves as Detector, but don't rely on this too much because 
it only detects for short time.
- Scanner Sweep used on a terrain can be seen by all player (a circling 
blue stars). 
- It's always better to save 50 energy to Comsat Station for Scanner 
Sweep in critical moment.
- Before Broodwar/patches 1.04, Scanner Sweep costs 75 energy.

1.12) Heal
Cost     : 1e per 2 HP healed
User     : Medic
Range    : 2
Medic automatically heals any nearby friendly or allied biological 
ground units. If that unit damaged is in her sight range, she will 
automatically move near that target and heal it until its HP is full or 
her energy is zero, you can command her not to heal if you want to.
- A damaged unit can only be healed by one Medic at a time. Because of 
this, you can't increase the speed of recovery.
- Medic can heal: SCV, Marine, Firebat, Ghost, Medic, All Zerg ground 
units, Zealot, High Templar, Dark templar, and Civilian (for special 
missions only).
- Medic can't heal their wound by herself, but few Medics can heal each 
- Medic can't heal unit inside transports or bunkers. To heal them 
unload the units first.
- Medic automatically heals allied units, and makes her very useful in 
multiplayer games.
- Medics are usually combined with Marines and/or Firebats, so they can 
survive longer and use Stim Packs more often.
- Medic usually be placed in workers area (yours or allied workers), to 
automatically heal them when they're in danger to survive a surprise 

1.13) Restoration
Cost     : 50e
User     : Medic
Range    : 6
Research : Academy (100 Minerals, 100 Gas, 80 BT)
Restoration cures any harmful effects on target unit, except Stasis 
- Restoration best used to remove permanent effect like Parasites and 
- Although Medic can cure most of area effects, but she can only cure 
one unit at a time.
- Medic doesn't cure automatically, like Heal.
- Harmful effect that can be restored by Medic: Lockdown, Optic Flare, 
Irradiate, Devourer Acid Spores, Plague, Ensnare, Maelstorm, and 
- Medic cannot remove the effects of Defensive Matrix and Stasis Field.
- It is advised NOT to research Restoration when fighting against 
Protoss. What kind of effect do you expect to restore from a Protoss 
player? The researched Restoration only gives advantage to enemy's Dark 
Archons when they steal your medic. {lunarray}

1.14) Optic Flare
Cost     : 75e
User     : Medic
Range    : 9
Research : Academy (100 Minerals, 100 Gas, 120 BT)
Targeted unit becomes Blind, their sight range decreased to 1 
permanently (unless cured by Medic). It also loses its detection 
ability (only if it has detector ability).
- If you're facing Terrans, Optic Flare may not be that useful because 
they also have Medics. But if they don't research Restoration, you can 
use Optic Flare to blind their Science Vessel, Siege Tank, Dropship, 
Valkyrie or Battlecruiser.
- Protoss and Zerg can't remove Blind status. But Protoss can Mind 
Control your Medics to cure Blind Status (if you have researched 
- If the enemy uses multiple units, you must blind all of them for 
Blind status to work. So Optic Flare is not useful for 'Rush'ing unit 
(example: Hydralisk)
- Optic Flare is very effective against High Templar, Dark Archon, 
Queen, and Defiler, because they now need other unit to spot for them 
before they can use their abilities.
- Optic Flare is also effective against Carrier, Arbiter, Lurker, 
Devourer, Dark Templar, Reaver, and Shuttle. Because their sight range 
is dramatically decreased. 
- Optic Flare is very useful to use on Overlord, because this makes 
Zerg's Overlord become useless in combat. Science Vessels and 
Observers can be blinded, but not that useful, because Terrans have 
Medics, and Observers are hard to find, easier to destroy than to 
- Medics with Optic Flare and/or Ghost trying to nuke is a very good 
combo against Zerg's players. Use Optic Flare to blind all the nearest 
or coming Overlord trying to detect the cloaked Ghost, and without 
detector, the Ghost can't be attacked. {lunarray}
- Beside reducing unit's sight range to 1 Matrix, Optic Flare also 
reduces the casting range of these following special abilities: Mind 
Control, Defensive Matrix, Feedback, and Hallucination. Those special 
ability's range are reduced to 1 Matrix. {lunarray} Best use against 
Dark Archons.
- Blinded Drone that morph into a building will make that building has
blind status (the building have 1 sight range) With this, you can blind 
a Spore Colony by blinding a drone which will morph into Spore Colony.

2) Zerg Special Ability
2.1) Burrowing
Cost     : None
User     : Drone, Zergling, Hydralisk, Defiler, Infested Terran
Research : Hatchery/Lair/Hive (100 Minerals, 100 Gas, 80 BT)
Almost all Zerg's ground unit can burrow underground, and while they 
burrow, they can't be seen by enemy units until detected. There is a 
little time for a unit to burrow, so sometimes units can't burrow when 
being heavily attacked..
- Burrowed unit can be attacked by Psionic Storm and Nuclear Strike 
even when they are not detected.
- Burrowed unit can only be detected by unit with Detector.
- While Special Ability like Ensnare, Plague, and Stasis Field can be 
used to detect cloaked units, they can't be used to detect burrowed 
- Larva, Ultralisk, and Broodling can't burrow.
- Lurker can burrow even you don't research burrow. And its the only 
Zerg's unit that can attack while burrowed.
- Burrowed units are usually used to scout and guard an expansion set 
or choke points.
- Even if the enemy has a Detector near your burrowed Zerg units, they 
may not see them. The small hole that shows a burrowed unit is hard to 
see, espically on Ash World maps. They can also be hard to click on, so 
you might consider hot-keying them. {[email protected]}

2.2) Parasite
Cost     : 75e
User     : Queen
Range    : 12
Targeted unit that affected by parasites can always be seen by the 
owner of parasite (It serves as reconaissance purpose).
- If parasited units have a cloak or burrowing ability, they always be 
seen by the owner of parasite when cloaking or burrowing.
- If parasited unit has Detector ability, it also serves as detector 
for the owner of parasite. All nearby cloaked or burrowed unit can be 
seen by the owner of parasite.
- The owner of affected unit can detect Parasite in two ways: When the 
unit is selected as a part of group it will have a green border on 
unit's wireframe, and when the parasited unit selected it will display 
"Parasite Detected" in the unit statistic.
- The only way to remove Parasite from a unit is using Medic's 
Restoration or destroy the host.
- Parasited Zerg Drone can remove the parasite by morphing into 
- A few effective targets for parasites are Detectors (Overlord, 
Science Vessel, Observer), Transports (Dropship, Shuttle), Spellcasters 
(Ghost, Defiler, Queen, Dark Archon, High Templar), expensive units 
(Siege Tank, Carrier, Devourer, Guardian, Arbiter, Battlecruiser), or 
Wraith (before cloaked).
- A smart player can used his/her parasited units as a decoy attack, 
pretending he/she doesn't know that the units are parasited.
- If the enemy has a "Hero" they have to keep alive, Parasiting that 
unit is VERY useful. They can't just kill the unit, and if they aren't 
Terran they can't get rid of the Parasite. There are very few times 
this is useful, but every now and then it comes up... {Kaminari11
@aol.com} Note that this only works in Campaign or maps with Use Map 
- Enter your parasited unit to bunkers, shuttles, overlord, or
dropships to hide your parasited unit from your enemy. {lunarray}
- Use Parasites on the NPC creatures that populate the map.  This 
serves as excellent reconnaissance, especially when you get the flying 
pterodactyl-like creatures (Kakaru).  Most people don't think to click 
on them to see the "parasite detected" message and therefore, don't 
realize they're spies. {Jason and Alison Overstreet}

2.3) Ensnare
Cost     : 75e
User     : Queen
Range    : 9
Research : Queen's Nest (100 Mineral, 100 Gas, 80 BT)
Queen releases a sticky fluid to an area of 4x4 matrices, and any units 
in the area become slower in movement (in half) and attack rates (very 
little and almost unnoticed) and last approximately for 40 seconds.
- Ensnare can be used to detect cloaked enemies (but not burrowed 
enemies) like Wraith, Ghost, Observer, and Dark Templar. It can be very 
effective to decloak enemy within the Arbiter Cloaking Field.
- Ensnare can be used on a large group of Marine/Firebat when they are 
using Stim Pack, this will nullify the Stim Pack effect.
- Ensnare fast flying units (Scout), so you can Scourge them.
- Ensnare can be used to fight enemy that use hit-and-run tactics.
- Ensnare doesn't affect Queen who casts it.
- Ensnare can be used for Queen to run by slowing down enemy's Corsair, 
Scout, Wraith, Mutalisk, or Scourge trying to chase.
- Ensnare works really well on Battlecruisers, Guardians, and Carriers. 
The first two are slow enough already, and if the Battlecruiser is 
slowed down, you can try to kill the Battlecruiser before it can Yamato 
you. If you target it right, you can ensnare the Carrier and most of 
it's Interceptors, which is very useful. {[email protected]}

2.4) Spawn Broodling
Cost     : 150e
User     : Queen
Range    : 9
Research : Queen's Nest (100 Mineral, 100 Gas, 80 BT)
Targeted non-robotic ground unit is destroyed and become a pair of 
- Broodlings created by Queen's ability have the same melee and 
carapace upgrade with other ground unit.
- Broodling has 120 energy, and it will die if the energy becomes zero. 
(this isn't affected by EMP Shockwave)
- Prime targets for Broodling are High Templar with Psi Storm, Siege 
Tank, and Ultralisk (the most common units to be targeted by this 
- There are also a few targets for Spawn Broodling: Enemy spellcasters 
(Defiler, Ghost, High Templar), Air Support Units (Goliath, Dragoon), 
Lurkers, and enemy's expensive units.
- Although this ability can target cheap unit like zergling, it is 
- You can create Queens in large quantity, and use hit and run tactics 
with Broodling ability to gain advantage in mid-game (not early and 
late game). {lunarray}
- You can Broodling Zerg's mutated larva/egg {[email protected]}
- Units that are not affected by Spawn Broodling: All air units, Probe, 
Archon, Dark Archon, Reaver, and Spider Mines.
- Before Patches 1.04/Broodwar, the range is only 8.
- Before Patches 1.08, Spawn Broodling cost: 200 Minerals and 200 Gas.

2.5) Infest Terran Command Center
Cost     : None (Need halfly or less damaged Command Center)
User     : Queen
When there is a badly damaged Terran Command Center (had half or less 
HP), a Queen near it will automatically infest it. The Command Center 
becomes Infested Command Center under the Queen's owner control with 
new full HP. This new building has regeneration ability, can fly like 
other Terran buildings, and produces Infested Terran.
- Infested Terran can't hit air targets. 
- Queen will automatically infest any Command Center within her sight 
range, but you can also manually target her to control the Command 
- Infested Terran is a suicide unit, it deals huge damage (500 damage) 
and has splash damage. It can also burrow and have regeneration 
ability. This fast unit is a good addition, so infest Command Center if 
you have an opportunity.
- In multiplayer games, an allied Terran player usually sacrifices a 
Command Center to be infested by his/her Allied Zerg player.
- Player usually uses a Science Vessel to Defensive Matrix an 
allied/friendly infested Terran.

2.6) Dark Swarm
Cost     : 100e
User     : Defiler
Range    : 9
Dark Swarm cast by Defiler covers 6x6 matrices area. All ground units 
under Dark Swarm are immune to any ranged attacks from ground or air. 
But ranged unit from Dark Swarm can still attack from inside the cloud. 
It lasts about 60 seconds.
- Ranged unit inside Dark Swarm can't attack other unit inside Dark 
- Melee, Splash Damage, and Special ability can still damage unit 
inside Dark Swarm.
- Dark Swarm doesn't protect buildings.
- All flying units have ranged attack (except Scourges and Devourers
which can't attack ground unit), so Dark Swarm is a great tool to 
protect your unit being attacked from air.
- Almost all Terran units use ranged attack, except Firebat and Siege 
Tank in Siege Mode (only splash damage that still deals damage and not 
full damage). So they're very vulnerable to Dark Swarm. Zerglings, 
Ultralisks and/or Lurkers can destroy a whole Terran base if protected 
by Dark Swarm.
- Units that are not affected by Dark Swarm:
Terran Unit: SCV, Firebat, Siege Tank in Siege Mode (Still inflict 
Splash damage), Spider Mine (Inflict Direct and Splash damage)
Protoss Unit: Probe, Zealot, Dark Templar, Reaver, Archon (Still 
inflict Splash damage)
Zerg Unit: Drone, Zergling, Lurker (Inflict Direct and Splash damage), 
Ultralisk, Broodling, Infested Terran (Inflict Direct and Splash 
- Even though Archon's Splash attack is not affected by Dark Swarm, 
their attack power will be reduced greatly. {lunarray}
- Dark Swarm's best known combo are the Lurkers. Because Lurker has 
ranged splash damage (can attack multiple enemy at once), and it 
is very weak against ranged attack or air attack. {lunarray} 
The other good combos are the Zerglings and Ultralisks.

2.7) Consume
Cost     : None
User     : Defiler
Range    : 1
Research : Defiler's Mound (100 Mineral, 100 Gas, 100 BT)
Consume instantly gives Defiler +50 energy by sacrificing a Zerg unit. 
Defiler can only consume unit within your broods or your teammates.
- Consume will not add energy beyond 200 (or 250 if you research 
Metasynaptic Node).
- The size of unit doesn't affect energy gained, so the best unit to 
consume is a Zergling or a Broodling.
- Hallucination of Zerg's can't be consumed.
- Larva can be consumed, but the Defiler doesn't gain energy.
- You can consume Zerg Egg.
- Consume can be used on burrowed unit.
- With the proper use of Consume, a single Defiler can cast unlimited 
Plague and Dark Swarm. But this requires a good control.
- Consume best used against EMP Shockwave, so the Defiler can recharge 
their energy faster when depleted by EMP Shockwave's ability.

2.8) Plague
Cost     : 150e
User     : Defiler
Range    : 9
Research : Defiler's Mound (200 Mineral, 200 Gas, 100 BT)
Defiler can cast Plague on 3x3 matrices target area. All units and 
buildings in that area are affected by plague. Plague can hit friendly 
or enemy unit/building, it can also affect flying or cloaked units. 
Affected unit/building HP will slowly decrease, 25 HP per second for 
each affected unit/building. If the target has taken a total 300 
damage, the Plague stops. Plague can never kill a unit/building (Plague 
continues but will stop if the unit/building has only 1 HP).
- Protoss's units and buildings can be affected by Plague, but this 
only reduces their HP and not their shield.
- Plague doesn't affect burrowed unit, unless they are affected before 
they burrow.
- Plague is not cumulative.
- Plague on Terran's building is very dangerous, because all Terran 
building are burned down when they're in low HP (below 1/3 HP).
- Terran Medic's Restoration ability is the only way to stop Plague 
when it is in process.
- Stasis Field can also be used to stop Plague process, though it is
not very effective.
- Plague doesn't effect the Defiler who cast it.
- Plague is best used on Terran's building, because Medic can't restore 
the building, while SCV repairing it will cost minerals (it will repair 
as long as the plague effect is still working)

2.9) Acid Spores
Cost     : None
User     : Devourer
Range    : 6 (Devourer's Attack Range)
When Devourer attacks, its attack can cause splash effect (but not 
splash damage). 
Any enemy flying unit in the small area will be affected by Acid 
Spores. Acid Spores are cumulative in effects, each spore increases 
cooldown in weaponry by 1/8th of the original cooldown value. They also 
make the affected units suffer additional damage when being attacked. 
(6 Acid Spores mean +6 damage when attacked). Acid Spores will 
disappear in time.
- A unit can have maximum 9 Acid Spores. Acid Spores disappear one by 
- Devourer's Splash effect doesn't affect friendly units but affect 
allied units.
- Devourer's Splash effect can make cloaked unit visibles. (Or target 
unit visible when cloaked, if it is attacked first before cloaking).
- A unit with high Cooldown (Battlecruiser, Devourer, Valkyrie) will 
suffer greatly because of Devourer's attack. Because 1/8 of their 
cooldown is very high number.
- Devourer's Acid Spore can be cured by Medic's Restoration. It cures 
all Acid Spores on target unit.
- Acid Spore effect can make enemy flying units more vulnerable, 
because 9 Acid Spores can mean +9 damage when attacked. 

2.10) Lurker Aspect
Cost     : 1 Hydralisk
User     : Hydralisk
Research : Hydralisk Den (200 Mineral, 200 Gas, 120 BT)
All of your Hydralisks can morph into Lurkers. Lurkers are the only 
Zerg unit that can attack while burrowed (but can't attack if not 
burrowed). It's also the only Zerg unit who has splash damage.
- Lurker can burrow even you haven't researched Burrowing.
- A new Lurker will have full health even if the Hydralisk who morphed 
to it was badly damaged.
- A newly born Lurker will retain Hydralisk status (Parasited Hydralisk 
will morph into new parasited Lurker).
- Lurker needs 2 supplies each, while Hydralisk needs only 1 supply 
each. So you may need some new Overlords to have some decent Lurkers 
- Lurker attack has splash damage that doesn't damage your friendly 
units, but will damage allied units.
- Lurkers are the only Zerg unit that can burrow when heavily attacked 
(other Zerg unit will cancel burrowing), but Lurker needs more time to 
burrow than other units.
- Any special upgrade to Hydralisk (Grooved Spines and Muscular 
Augments) will not change Lurker speed or attack range, even they are 
born from Hydralisk.
- Before Patches 1.08, Lurker Aspect cost: 125 Minerals and 125 Gas.

3) Protoss Special Ability
3.1) Psionic Storm
Cost     : 75e
User     : High Templar
Range    : 9
Research : Templar Archives (200 Minerals, 200 Gas, 120 BT)
High Templar can unleash Psionic Storm in target 3x3 matrices area. Any 
unit within this area will suffer damage. Its affect all units, 
friendly or not, flying or not.
- Psionic Storm doesn't affect any buildings.
- Psionic Storm deals all unit in the area with 128 damage and ignores 
units' armor and other upgrades.
- Psionic Storm can hit cloaked or burrowing units.
- Psionic Storm can't affect units in Stasis Field.
- Unit inside Bunkers can't be affected by Psionic Storm.
- Unit inside Transport cannot be affected by Psionic Storm, but the 
transport can be destroyed by the Storm, and all units inside will die.
(Thanks to Zack Culver for correcting the mistakes.)
- Psionic Storms aren't cumulative, so casting multiple Storms at once 
doesn't increase damage.
- Psionic Storms can affect the High Templar who casts it.
- You can cast immediately cast Psionic Storm from a High Templar when 
unloaded from a transport, and quickly enter the transport again. 
- High Templar is small enough, so he can hide behind the tree and cast 
Psionic Storm.
- Units with full HP that dies when attacked by Psionic Storm (the unit 
must affected by Psionic Storm from beginning to the end of duration):
Terran units: SCV, Marine, Firebat, Medic, Ghost, Wraith, Vulture, 
Goliath, Dropship, Spider Mine
Zerg units: Larva, Drone, Zergling, Hydralisk, Lurker, Mutalisk, Queen, 
Defiler, Scourge, Broodling, Infested Terran
Protoss units: Probe, High Templar, Dark Templar, Observer
- Units that need 2 Psionic Storms to be killed in full HP: Overlord, 
Siege Tank, Devourer, Guardian, Dropship, Valkyrie, Science Vessel, 
Zealot, Dragoon, Dark Archon, Shuttle, Corsair, Scout, Reaver
- Units that need more than 2 Psionic Storms to be destroyed in full
HP: Ultralisk (4), Battlecruiser (4), Carrier (4), Archon (3),
Arbiter (3)
- One High Templar must cooldown after casting Psionic Storm and before 
casting another Psionic Storm. {lunarray}
- Two or more templars can cast multiple Psionic storm, this can be
used to fight large group of enemy (benefit from larger area, not
overlapping psi storm) {lunarray}

3.2) Hallucination
Cost     : 100e
User     : High Templar
Range    : 7
Research : Templar Archives (150 Minerals, 150 Gas, 80 BT)
Hallucination creates 2 illusions of any unit that can be controlled by 
High Templar's owner that casts this. Targeted unit can be anything, 
friendly, opponent, or even critter. Hallucination units appear just 
like their original units, except the owner who can see the units as 
light blue units. 
Hallucination units are limited into 5 basic commands: move, attack, 
patrol, hold position, and stop. When this unit ordered to attack, they 
look like attacking, but their attack does no damage. 
- Hallucination unit will disappear in 180 seconds (their energy), or 
when they are destroyed.
- Hallucination unit takes double damage from attacks.
- Hallucination unit disappears if enemy units cast special ability on 
- Hallucination unit of Zerg's unit cannot be consumed.
- Hallucination can be used for decoys, to make enemy units attack the 
illusions, while the real unit can perform their duty. (Usually Shuttle 
for transport, Carrier and Arbiter). They can also make enemy units 
fire at the illusions while the real units attack them.
- For cheap scouting, hallucination units are very useful. You can send 
them into dangerous area without fear of losing costly units. You can 
seek enemy weak points, what is their main forces, or just seeking 
their expansion base with free hallucinated units.
- Intimidation is one good tactic for hallucination. An enemy attacked 
by 30 Hallucinated Archons, Carrier, or even 40 Dragoons will be very 
surprised and confused. Just remember too included some real units to 
improve the illusions. while enemy is confused, just use your real 
forces to attack from other direction.
- Hallucinated unit doesn't have any special ability. So hallucinated 
Shuttle can't load or unload units, Observers can't cloak, and Carrier 
can't have any interceptors.
- In single player mission, a hallucinated Dark Templar controlled by 
the computer can not be seen by human player.
- If the unit that had Hallucination cast on it had no regular attack 
(like a Medic, Defiler, or High Templar) then the Hallucination won't 
either. {[email protected]}
- Hallucinated units can't be recalled by Arbiter. {[email protected]}
- Hallucinated High Templars are used to lure enemy's Queen's 
Broodling. {lunarray}
- Before patches 1.04/ BroodWar Hallucination's cost are 125.
- Before patches 1.08 Hallucination's research cost: 200 Minerals,
200 Gas, and 120 Build Time.

3.3) Summon Archon
Cost     : 2 High Templar
User     : High Templar
Two High Templars can meld into single powerful Archon that has 350 
Shields and 10 HP. Archon is powerful and can attack enemy ground and 
air units.
- Use this when you have exhausted High Templar's energy or need 
powerful units for combat.
- When one of your High Templars has a damaged HP, and the other is 
with full HP, the Archon they formed has a full HP. But if two of them 
have damaged HPs, the Archon summoned will also have damaged HP. 
- Archon Summoning can't be cancelled.

3.4) Permanent Cloaking
Cost     : None
User     : Dark Templar, Observer
Observers and Dark Templars have permanent cloaking. They always cloak 
and don't need energy like Terran Ghost or Wraith. Only hallucinated 
Observers and Dark Templars that aren't cloaked. For more information 
on cloaking, look at Cloaking in Terran Special Ability sections. 
- Parasited Dark Templar and/or Observer will lose their cloaking 
ability, only for the owner of parasite.

3.5) Summon Dark Archon
Cost     : 2 Dark Templar
User     : Dark Templar
Two Dark Templars can meld into single Dark Archon that has powerful 
Special Abilities. Dark Archon can't attack, but their ability is 
feared by the enemy.
- When one of your Dark Templars has damaged HP, and the other is with 
full HP, the Dark Archon they formed has a full HP. But if two of them 
have damaged HP, the Dark Archon summoned will also have damaged HP.
- Summon a Dark Archon when your Dark Templars are badly damaged. Just 
find a safe place to summon Dark Archon. 
- Dark Archon Summoning can't be cancelled.

3.6) Feedback
Cost     : 50e
User     : Dark Archon
Range    : 10
Targeted enemy unit that has energy will be depleted. And that unit is 
damaged equal to the energy lost.
- If the targeted unit has more energy than its HP, then Feedback will 
kill that unit.
- Feedback doesn't affect buildings that have energy (Comsat Station 
and Shield Battery).
- Feedback doesn't affect units that have no energy.
- Unit that can have Feedback to use against them: Medic, Science 
Vessel, Ghost, Battlecruiser, Wraith, Queen, Defiler, High Templar, 
Corsair, Arbiter, and Dark Archon.
- Feedback is quite a 'fast spell' (fast animation), you could gain 
advantage by using this against Science Vessel trying to EMP you. Do 
not use this for BattleCruiser trying to Yamato you, it is unaffected 
(feedback only drain it's remaining Energy). {lunarray}
- Kills enemy's Corsair, Wraith, Science Vessel, Queen, Defiler, Ghost, 
Medic, Dark Archon  (if enemy research +50 energy), and/or High Templar 
using only 50 energy (quite cheap) using feedback. 5 Wraith can be 
killed by only ONE Dark Archon. {lunarray}

3.7) Maelstrom
Cost     : 100e
User     : Dark Archon
Range    : 10
Research : Templar Archives (100 Minerals, 100 Gas, 100 BT)
All biological flying or ground units in the target area of effect (3x3 
matrices) will be paralyzed (can't attack, move, or use special 
abilities) for several seconds.
- Maelstrom can be cast to reveal and immobilize cloaked units (Ghosts, 
Dark Templar, or biological units that hide under Arbiter Cloaking 
- Maelstrom can't be used to detect or used on burrowed units.
- Maelstrom is best used against Zerg, because all Zerg units are 
- Maelstrom and Psi-storm are good combination, but beware, Maelstrom 
effect are quite fast disappearing. {lunarray}

3.8) Mind Control
Cost     : 150e + All Shields
User     : Dark Archon
Range    : 8
Research : Templar Archives (200 Minerals, 200 Gas, 120 BT)
Dark Archon can permanently control any enemy or neutral units (for 
example: critters).
Controlled unit is permanent and can't be reversed. If Dark Archon 
succeeds in Mind Controlling an enemy unit, it loses all its shield.
- Each unit that is successfully mind controlled will have their own 
supply requirements. (Supply Depot for Terran, Overlord for Zerg, and 
Pylon for Protoss).
- You can control enemy worker (SCV, Probe, Drone), so you can build an 
entire colony with it. But remember they need different supply. With 
this, you can have a maximum 600 units under your command (maximum 200 
units for each race).
- You aren't limited by supply when you mind controlled enemy unit, so 
your supply may be exceeded the supply you possess. But this mean you 
can't produce new units until you have sufficient supply.
- Unit that can't be controlled: Spider Mine, Larva, Scarabs, and 
- When you are Mind Controlling a transport (Shuttle, Overlord, 
Dropship), you gain control of all its carried units.
- Hallucination Unit will die if Mind Controlled.
- Once controlled, all enemy's command queue will be cancelled (when 
you Mind Control enemy Battlecruiser moving to your base, the move 
command is cancelled). The only exception is Ghost that has targeted a 
spot for Nuclear Strike (you can cancel or continue nukes manually).
- Mind Control transfers any special unit upgrades that an affected 
unit has achieved (but not weapon, armor, and shield upgrades) to the 
player that used Mind Control. 
Example: if you Mind Control an Arbiter with Recall ability, then all 
your existing Arbiters will gain Recall. This also means that you have 
researched Recall ability.
- The only elements that are not transferred when you Mind Control 
enemy unit are the map knowledge.
- Mind Control doesn't override any tech tree you have. So if you Mind 
Control a Dragoon, but you don't have Cybernetic Core, you still not 
able to build Dragoons.
- When you Mind Control a Ghost, if you don't have a Nuclear Silo 
attached to Command Center, you can't use Nuclear Missiles (except when 
you are controlling Ghost while he is targeting for Nuclear Strike).
- Mind Controlled Critters will wander to and fro if they receive no 
- Enemy will still attack your Mind Controlled critters automatically 
(because they're not neutral units anymore).
- Mind Controlled Kakaru will move slower after they are mind 
- Mind Controlled Dark Archon will have no mana immediately after it 
mind controlled. {lunarray}
- The only way to revert back Mind Controlled units is to Mind Control 
them again. {[email protected]}

3.9) Disruption Web
Cost     : 125e
User     : Corsair
Range    : 9
Research : Fleet Beacon (200 Minerals, 200 Gas, 80 BT)
Corsair can cast a Disruption Web on target area. All ground units and 
buildings in the area affected by the Web cannot attack. Disruption Web 
will disappear after a while.
- Disruption Web can be cast on defensive buildings (Missile Turret, 
Bunker, Photon Cannon, Sunken Colony, and Spore Colony) to make that 
building unable to attack.
- Ground units inside Web can't attack but can be attacked by enemy not 
in the Web area.
- Ground units inside Web can still move and use any special ability.
- Disruption Web is useful to break out heavily defensive area (Siege 
Tank/Bunker/Missile Turret combos). It can also be used to force a safe 
way in island war, that is usually guarded by defensive buildings along 

3.10) Recall
Cost     : 150e
User     : Arbiter
Range    : Infinite
Research : Arbiter Tribunal (150 Minerals, 150 Gas, 120 BT)
When Arbiter casts Recall, all friendly units within target area (5x5 
matrix) will be teleported/transported into casting Arbiter location. 
- Recall affect your units and your team mates' units but not allied 
- Recall can affect other units race (Zerg or Terran), as long as it is 
your own units (or your team units).
- Recall doesn't remove any unit's status. Units Recalled are still in 
their current state (when you recall an Irradiated unit, it is still in 
Irradiated status).
- If Arbiter uses Recall on impassable terrain, only air units that are 
being recalled, all ground units are not recalled.
- Arbiter can't recall unit that in Stasis Field.
- Arbiter Recall ability can be used as offensive purpose. Offensive 
means transport your units into enemy's base for attack. This is best 
used on islands warfare, or to reach hard-to-get locations for ground 
- You can transport damaged units (usually Carrier, Archon, Dark 
Archon, or other Arbiters) back into your base to Recharge their shield 
in Shield Battery.
- Recalled siege tank in siege mode, will siege mode again after 
- Traps like Floor Traps in installation maps can be Recalled.
{al burton}
- Before patches 1.08, Recall research time: 166.

3.11) Stasis Field
Cost     : 100e
User     : Arbiter
Range    : 9
Research : Arbiter Tribunal (150 Minerals, 150 Gas, 100 BT)
All units in the 3x3 matrices area around the point of casting will be 
trapped in Stasis Field for 40 seconds. While trapped, these units 
can't attack, move, use special ability, or being damaged.
- Stasis Field can be used to detect cloaked but not burrowed enemies.
- Units in Stasis Field still gain their energy, and they still 
regenerate their HP (for Zerg) and shields (for Protoss).
- Unit in Stasis Field can't be repaired.
- Stasis Field is often used to freeze a large group of enemies so 
greatly decrease their powers. Example: You are attacked by 30 
Hydralisks. With Stasis Field, you can cut their numbers and paralyze 
13 Hydralisks. Destroying them is now much easier.
- You can also use Stasis Field for protecting your own units. Example: 
Your Carriers are being attacked heavily and almost destroyed and near 
its there is no friendly units to help. To retreat will be too late. 
Just Stasis Field them. The Carriers are safe (they can't be attacked) 
for a moment, while you can send reinforcements to defend.
- Stasis Field also works for High Templars and Dark Archons. If they 
have no energy points left to cast anything and are in danger, then 
cast Stasis Field on them to protect them. They will be safe in there 
and replenish their energy. 
- You can also use Stasis Field to protect you units from enemy special 
abilities like: Plague (wait until the effect is wear off), Psionic 
Storm, Spawn Broodling (if cast before Spawn Broodling is used), 
Nuclear Strike, Irradiate, and other special abilities.
- You can use Stasis Field on enemy workers, this will greatly slowly 
their economic powers.

3.12) Cloaking Field
Cost     : None
User     : Arbiter
All units within Arbiter Ranges are automatically in cloak status. This 
doesn't need energy.
Note: Cloaking Field in this section does not refers Cloaking Field 
belonging to Wraith. What is in a name? by Shakespeare  :)
- Cloaking Field can cloak all of your friendly or teammate units, but 
not your ally units.
- Cloaking Field also works on other unit races.
- Cloaking Field can be cancelled if you Arbiter is Locked Down or in 
Stasis Field.
- For more information on cloaking, look at Cloaking in Terran Special 
Ability section. 
- Arbiter doesn't cloak itself, and two Arbiters can't cloak each 
- If you Recall a unit under your Arbiter, it will be cloaked. This way 
the enemy can't tell that you Recalled a unit. If you send a single 
Arbiter and the enemy detects under it with Comsat Sweep or sends a 
Detector out, they won't find anything until it is too late. 
{[email protected]}

II - Upgrade

1) Energy Upgrades
All energy upgrades will add unit's energy capacity by 50.           

Upgrade            Unit          Race    Time  Mineral Gas Building
Gamete Meiosis     Queen         Zerg    166   150     150 Queen Nest
Metasynaptic Node  Defiler       Zerg    166   150     150 Defiler
Titan Reactor      Sc. Vessel    Terran  166   150     150 Science 
Moebius Reactor    Ghost         Terran  166   150     150 Covert Ops
Apollo Reactor     Wraith        Terran  166   200     200 Control 
Colossus Reactor   Battlecruiser Terran  166   150     150 Physics Labs
Caduceus Reactor   Medic         Terran  166   150     150 Academy
Khaydarin Amulet   High Templar  Protoss 166   150     150 Templar 
Khaydarin Core     Arbiter       Protoss 166   150     150 Arbiter 
Argus Jewel        Corsair       Protoss 166   100     100 Fleet Beacon
Argus Talisman     Dark Archon   Protoss 166   150     150 Templar 

2) Weapon, Armor, and Shield Upgrades
All Upgrades have maximum 3 times to upgrade.
TF means Time Factor and CF means Cost Factor.
First Zerg Carapace needs 150 Minerals and Gas to upgrade, it has 75 
Cost Factor, so if you upgrade it the second time, it will need 
225 (150+75) Minerals and 225 (150+75) Gas. 

2.1) Zerg Upgrades
Upgrades              Time Mineral Gas   TF   CF   Building
Zerg Carapace         266  150     150   32   75   Evolution Chamber
Zerg Flyer Carapace   266  150     150   32   75   Spire/Greater Spire
Zerg Melee Attacks    266  100     100   32   50   Evolution Chamber
Zerg Missile Attacks  266  100     100   32   50   Evolution Chamber
Zerg Flyer Attacks    266  100     100   32   75   Spire/Greater Spire

Upgrades              Units
Zerg Carapace         Drone, Zergling, Hydralisk, Lurker, Broodling, 
                      Ultralisk, Defiler, Infested Terran
Zerg Flyer Carapace   Overlord, Mutalisk, Scourge, Queen, Guardian, 
Zerg Melee Attacks    Zergling, Broodling, Ultralisk
Zerg Missile Attacks  Hydralisk, Lurker
Zerg Flyer Attacks    Mutalisk, Guardian, Devourer

2.2) Terran Upgrades
Upgrades                 Time Mineral Gas   TF   CF   Building
Terran Infantry Armor    266  100     100   32   75   Engineering Bay
Terran Vehicle Plating   266  100     100   32   75   Armory
Terran Ship Plating      266  150     150   32   75   Armory
Terran Infantry Weapons  266  100     100   32   75   Engineering Bay 
Terran Vehicle Weapons   266  100     100   32   75   Armory
Terran Ship Weapons      266  100     100   32   50   Armory

Upgrades                 Units
Terran Infantry Armor    SCV, Marine, Firebat, Medic, Ghost
Terran Vehicle Plating   Vulture, Goliath, Siege Tank 
Terran Ship Plating      Wraith, Dropship, Valkyrie, Science Vessel, 
Terran Infantry Weapons  Marine, Firebat, Ghost
Terran Vehicle Weapons   Vulture, Goliath, Siege Tank 
Terran Ship Weapons      Wraith, Valkyrie, Battlecruiser

2.3) Protoss Upgrades
Upgrades                 Time Mineral Gas   TF   CF   Building
Protoss Armor            266  100     100   32   75   Forge
Protoss Plating          266  150     150   32   75   Cybernetics Core
Protoss Ground Weapons   266  100     100   32   50   Forge
Protoss Air Weapons      266  100     100   32   75   Cybernetics Core
Protoss Plasma Shields   266  200     200   32   100  Forge

Upgrades                 Units
Protoss Armor            Probe, Zealot, Dragoon, Reaver, High Templar, 
                         Archon, Dark Templar, Dark Archon
Protoss Plating          Scout, Corsair, Shuttle, Observer, Carrier, 
                         Interceptor, Arbiter
Protoss Ground Weapons   Zealot, Dragoon, Dark Templar, Archon
Protoss Air Weapons      Scout, Corsair, Interceptor, Arbiter
Protoss Plasma Shields   All Protoss Units and Buildings

3) Miscellaneous Upgrades
Upgrades              Units      Time  Mineral Gas  Upgrade
Ventral Sacs          Overlord   160   200     200  Transport Ability  
Antennae              Overlord   133   150     150  Sight Range +2
Pneumatized Carapace  Overlord   133   150     150  Speed
Metabolic Boost       Zergling   100   100     100  Speed
Adrenal Glands        Zergling   100   200     200  Attack rates 
Muscular Augments     Hydralisk  100   150     150  Speed
Grooved Spines        Hydralisk  100   150     150  Attack Range +1
Anabolic Synthesis    Ultralisk  133   200     200  Speed
Chitinous Plating     Ultralisk  133   150     150  Armor +2
U-238 Shells          Marine     100   150     150  Attack Range +1
Charon Boosters       Goliath    133   100     100  Air attack range +3
Ion Thrusters         Vulture    100   100     100  Speed
Ocular Implants       Ghost      166   100     100  Sight Range +2
Singularity Charge    Dragoon    166   150     150  Attack Range +2
Leg Enchantments      Zealot     133   150     150  Speed
Scarab Damage         Scarab     166   200     200  Damage +25
Reaver Capacity       Reaver     166   200     200  Scarab Capacity +5
Gravitic Drive        Shuttle    166   200     200  Speed
Sensor Array          Observer   133   150     150  Sight Range +2
Gravitic Boosters     Observer   133   150     150  Speed
Apial Sensors         Scout      166   100     100  Sight Range +2
Gravitic Thrusters    Scout      166   200     200  Speed
Carrier Capacity      Carrier    100   100     100  Interceptor
                                                    Capacity +4  

III - Tables and Data

1) Unit Data
Below is the table for all units in Starcraft (doesn't include heroes 
and building, except for defensive buildings)
Sz  : Size         Sup : Supply       Grd : Ground Attack  
Rng : Range        Arm : Armor        Air : Air Attack     
AtM : Attack Mod   SgR : Sight Range  BT  : Build Time
Shd : Shield
For Cooldown data, it is on section III.2.
For Building data, it is on section III.12.

Terran Unit    Sz Sup Min Gas Arm HP  Grd  Air Rng     AtM   SgR Notes  BT
Battlecruiser  L  6   400 300 3   500 25   25  6       3     11  SA,M   133
Dropship       L  2   100 100 1   150 0    0   0       0     8   T,M    50
Firebat        S  1   50  25  1   50  16cs 0   1       2     7   B      24
Ghost          S  1   25  75  0   45  10c  10c 7       1     9/  B,SA   50
                                                             11 upg
Goliath        L  2   100 50  1   125 12   20e 6/8 Air 1Gnd/ 8   M      40
                                               upg.    4Air  
Marine         S  1   50  0   0   40  6    6   4/5 upg 1     7   B      24
Missile Turret L  0   100 0   0   200 0    20e 7       0     11  D      30
Science Vessel L  2   100 225 1   200 0    0   0       0     10  D,SA,M 80
SCV            S  1   50  0   0   60  5    0   1       0     7   B,W,M  20
S.Tank (Siege) L  2   150 100 1   150 70es 0   12      5     10  M      50
S.Tank (Tank)  L  2   150 100 1   150 30e  0   7       3     10  M      50
Vulture        M  2   75  0   0   80  20c  0   5       2     8   SA,M   30
Wraith         L  2   150 100 0   120 8    20e 5       1Gnd/ 7   SA,M   60 
Medic          S  1   50  25  1   60  0    0   0       0     9   B,SA   30
Valkyrie       L  3   250 125 2   200 0    6es 6       1     8   M      50
Nuclear Miss.  -  8   200 200 0   -   0    0   0       0     3          100
Civilian       S  0   0   0   0   40  0    0   0       0     7   B      0
Spider Mine    S  0   0   0   0   20  125es0   0       0     3          0

Zerg Unit      Sz Sup Min Gas Arm HP  Grd   Air Rng  AtM  SgR  Notes BT
Broodling      S  0   0   0   0   30  4     0   1    1    5    B     0
Defiler        M  2   50  150 1   80  0     0   0    0    10   B,SA  50
Drone          S  1   50  0   0   40  5     0   1    0    7    B,W   20
Egg            L  0   0   0   10  200 0     0   0    0    4          0
Guardian       L  2   150 200 2   150 20    0   8    2    11   B     40
Hydralisk      M  1   75  25  0   80  10e   10e 4/5  1    6    B     28
Inf. Terran    S  1   100 50  0   60  500es 0   1    0    5    B     40
Larva          S  0   0   0   10  25  0     0   0    0    4    B     0
Mutalisk       S  2   100 100 0   120 9     9   3    1    7    B     40
Overlord       L  0   100 0   0   200 0     0   0    0    9/11 D,B,T 40
Queen          M  2   100 100 0   120 0     0   0    0    10   B,SA  50
Scourge        S  0.5 12  38  0   25  0     110 1    0    5    B     30
Spore Colony   L  0   175 0   0   400 0     15  7    0    10   D     20
Sunken Colony  L  0   175 0   2   300 40e   0   7    0    10         20
Ultralisk      L  4   200 200 1/3 400 20    0   1    3    7    B     60
Zergling       S  0.5 25  0   0   35  5     0   1    1    5    B     28
Devourer       L  2   250 150 2   250 0     25e 6    2    10   B     40
Lurker         M  2   125 125 1   125 20s   0   6    2    8    B     40

Protoss Unit   Sz Sup Min Gas Arm HP  Shd Grd   Air Rng AtM  SgR  Notes BT
Arbiter        L  4   100 350 1   200 150 10e   10e 5   1    9    SA,M  160
Archon         L  4   100 300 0   10  350 30s   30s 2   3    8          20
Carrier        L  6   350 250 4   300 150 6     6   8   1    11   M     140
Dragoon        L  2   125 50  1   100 80  20e   20e 4/6 2    8    M     50
High Templar   S  2   50  150 0   40  40  0     0   0   0    7    B,SA  50
Observer       S  1   25  75  0   40  20  0     0   0   0    9/11 D,M,R 40  
Photon Cannon  L  0   150 0   0   100 100 20    20  7   0    11   D     50
Probe          S  1   50  0   0   20  20  5     0   1   0    8    W,M,R 20
Reaver         L  4   200 100 0   100 80  100s/ 0   8   0    10   M,R   70
Scout          L  3   275 125 0   150 100 8     28e 4   1Gnd/8/   M     80     
                                                        2Air 10 upg.  
Shuttle        L  2   200 0   1   80  60  0     0   0   0    8    T,M,R 60
Zealot         S  2   100 0   1   100 60  16    0   1   2    7    B     40
Corsair        M  2   150 100 1   100 80  0     5es 5   1    9    SA,M  40
Dark Archon    L  4   250 200 1   25  200 0     0   0   0    10   SA    20
Dark Templar   S  2   125 100 1   80  40  40    0   1   3    7    B     50
Interceptor    S  0   25  0   0   0   40  40    6   4   1    6    M     20

* Attack Mod is the Damage modifier for each level of upgrade.
* Gnd is Ground attack for units with split Air/Ground Weapon Systems.
* Air is Air attack for units with split Air/Ground Weapon Systems.
* Upg is a stat change after getting an upgrade .
* 2 Scourges need 25 minerals and 75 gasses.
* Devourer and Guardian's cost is Mutalisk cost (100m, 100g) added with
their evolving cost, not their normal evolving cost.
* Archon and Dark Archon's merging cost no minerals and gasses, the cost
listed above are the cost of 2 Templars that merging.

E : Explosive Attack (50% damage to Small Units 75% damage to Medium 
    Units, full damage to Large Units).
C : Concussive/Plasma damage Attack (50% damage to Medium Units, 25% 
    damage to Large Units).
S : Splash damage, which affects all units in the blast area. 

B = Biological     M = Mechanical       R = Robotics
T = Transport      W = Worker
D = Detector, unit can Detect cloaked/burrowed units
SA = Unit has one or more Special Abilities (is a spell-caster)

The Unit Data tables are taken from the official Starcraft Broodwar 
websites. I made small changes, just for space considerations (I forgot 
to mention this in version 1.1 below).

2) Cooldown
Cooldown is the time between the ending of attack and the beginning of 
another. So the lowest cooldown mean the fastest attack rate. For 
weapon information just read Unit's Weapon on Table 3 below.

Weapon                 Cooldown  Notes
Fusion Cutter          15
Gauss Rifle            15        7.5 with Stimpack
Flame Thrower          22        11 with Stimpack
Fragmentation Grenade  30
Twin Autocannons       22
Hellfire Missile Pack  22
Arclite Cannon         37
Arclite Shock Cannon   75
Burst Lasers           30
Gemini Missiles        22
Halo Rockets           64
C-10 Canister Rifle    22
ATS/ATA Laser Battery  30
Spines                 22
Claws                  8         6 with Adrenal Glands
Needle Spines          15
Glave Wurm             30
Subterranean Spines    37
Toxic Spores           15
Acid Spores            30
Corrosive Venom        100
Kaiser Blades          15
Particle Beam          22
Psi Blades             22
Phase Disruptor        30
Dual Photon Blasters   30
Anti-matter Missiles   22
Neutron Flare          8
Scarab                 60
Warp Blades            30
Psionic Shockwave      20
Pulse Cannon           1
Phase Disruptor Cannon 45
Longbolt Missiles      15
Subterranean Tentacle  32
Seeker Spore           15
STA/STS Photon Cannon  22

Listed below, is some hero cooldown rates that are different from
normal unit (with normal unit's cooldown for comparison).

Hero                Cooldown  Normal
Raynor (Vulture)    22        30
Hyperion (BC)       22        30
Infested Kerrigan   15        8   (Uses Claws, just like Zergling)
Fenix (Dragoon)     22        30
Tassadar            22        n/a (Psi Assault only used by Tassadar)
Zeratul             22        30

3) Weapon's Range
Actual weapon's range (in pixel) will be listed here. 
For easy range (in some websites and FAQ, including in Unit Data 
section), just divided the numbers with 32 rounded up. This is usually 
called matrix.
Ex: Yamato Gun range: 320/32 = 10. 

Unit's Weapon
Weapon                  Unit       
Gauss Rifle             Marine
C-10 Concussion Rifle   Ghost
Fragmentation Grenade   Vulture
Twin Autocannons        Goliath
Hellfire Missile Pack   Goliath
Arclite Cannon          Siege Tank (Tank Mode)
Fusion Cutter           SCV
Gemini Missiles         Wraith
Burst Lasers            Wraith
ATS/ATA Laser Battery   Battlecruiser
Halo Rockets            Valkyrie
Flame Thrower           Firebat
Arclite Shock Cannon    Siege Tank (Siege Mode)
Longbolt Missiles       Missile Turret
Claws                   Zergling, Infested Kerrigan
Needle Spines           Hydralisk
Kaiser Blades           Ultralisk
Toxic Spores            Broodling
Spines                  Drone
Acid Spore              Guardian
Corossive Acid          Devourer
Glave Wurm              Mutalisk
Seeker Spores           Spore Colony
Subterranean Tentacle   Sunken Colony
Subterranean Spines     Lurker
Suicide (Ground)        Infested Terran
Suicide (Air)           Scourge
Particle Beam           Probe
Psi Blades              Zealot
Warp Blades             Dark Templar
Phase Disruptor         Dragoon
Psionic Shockwave       Archon
Dual Photon Blasters    Scout
Anti-matter Missiles    Scout
Neutron Flare           Corsair
Phase Disruptor Cannon  Arbiter
Pulse Cannon            Interceptor
STS/STA Photon Cannon   Photon Cannor
Scarab                  Reaver

Weapon/Special Ability  Range    Weapon/Special Ability          Range
Gauss Rifle             128      Gauss Rifle (Raynor)            160
C-10 Concussion Rifle   224      C-10 Concussion Rifle (Hero)    192
Fragmentation Grenade   160      Spider Mines                    10
Twin Autocannons        160      Hellfire Missile Pack           160
Arclite Cannon          224      Fusion Cutter                   10
Gemini Missiles         160      Burst Lasers                    160
ATS/ATA Laser Battery   192      Halo Rockets                    192
Flame Thrower           32       Arclite Shock Cannon            64-384
Longbolt Missiles       224      Claws                           15
Needle Spines           128      Needle Spines (Hunter Killer)   160
Kaiser Blades           25       Toxic Spores                    2
Spines                  32       Acid Spore                      256
Corossive Acid          192      Glave Wurm                      96
Seeker Spores           224      Subterranean Tentacle           224
Subterranean Spines     192      Suicide (Ground)                3
Suicide (Air)           3        Particle Beam                   32
Psi Blades              15       Warp Blades                     15
Phase Disruptor         128      Psionic Shockwave               64
Dual Photon Blasters    128      Anti-matter Missiles            128
Neutron Flare           160      Phase Disruptor Cannon          160
Pulse Cannon            128      STS/STA Photon Cannon           224
Scarab                  128      Yamato Gun                      320
Lockdown                256      Irradiate                       256
EMP Shockwave           288      Optical Flare                   288
Restoration             192      Stasis                          288
Psi Storm               288      Disruption Web                  288
Mind Control            256      Feedback                        320
Maelstorm               320      Parasite                        384
Spawn Broodling         288      Ensnare                         288
Dark Swarm              288      Plague                          288
Consume                 16

4) Score
4.1) Unit's Score
After victory or defeat in Starcraft games, score is always shown.
One of the most complicated score calculation is the unit's score.
Here is the score table for units.
Build means the score achieved when building that unit, and Destroy 
means the score achieved when the player destroys that unit.
This informations is given because maybe in some unofficial/amateur 
tournaments or competition use scores to determine the winner.

Zerg Unit       Build   Destroy     Terran Unit     Build   Destroy
Larva           0       10          Spider Mine     0       25
Egg             0       25          SCV             50      100
Broodling       0       25          Marine          50      100
Zergling        25      50          Vulture         75      150
Drone           50      100         Firebat         100     200
Overlord        100     200         Medic           125     250
Scourge         100     200         Ghost           175     350
Hydralisk       125     350         Goliath         200     400
Infested Terran 200     400         Dropship        300     600
Defiler         225     450         Siege Tank      350     700
Lurker          250     500         Valkyrie        400     800
Mutalisk        300     600         Wraith          400     800
Queen           400     800         Sc. Vessel      625     1250
Guardian        550     1100        Nuclear         800     0
Devourer        550     1100        Battlecruiser   1200    2400
Ultralisk       650     1300
Lurker Egg      0       500
M/G Cocoon      0       1100

Protoss Unit    Build   Destroy
Scarab          0       0
Interceptor     30      60
Probe           50      100
Zealot          100     200
Shuttle         200     400
Observer        225     450
Dragoon         250     500
Dark Templar    325     650
High Templar    350     700
Corsair         350     700
Reaver          400     800
Dark Archon     650     1300
Scout           650     1300
Archon          700     1400
Carrier         950     1900
Arbiter         1025    2050

4.2) Hero's Score
Heroes also have scores, but they can only be seen on Campaign or Use 
Map Settings.

Hero                    Destroy    Hero                    Destroy
Critters                10         Civilian                10
Devouring One           100        Jim Raynor (Marine)     200
Jim Raynor (Vulture)    300        Gui Montag              400
D. Templar              400        Fenix (Zealot)          400
Yggdrasil               400        Hunter Killer           500
Infested Duran          700        Samir Duran             700
Alexei Stukov           700        Sarah Kerrigan          700
Alan Schezar            800        Zeratul                 800
Unclean One             900        Fenix (Dragoon)         1000
Kukulza (Mutalisk)      1200       Raszagal                1300
Edmund Duke (S.Tank)    1400       Tassadar                1400
Aldaris                 1400       Tom Kazansky            1600
Warbringer              1600       Matriach                1600
Kukulza (Guardian)      2200       Artanis                 2400
Magellan                2500       Mojo                    2600
Torrasque               2600       Tas/Zer (Archon)        2800
Gantrithor              3800       Infested Kerrigan       4000
Danimoth                4100       Arcturus. Mengsk        4800
Hyperion                4800       Norad II                4800
Gerard Dugalle          4800

4.3) Building's Score
Besides the score, below is a list of Building's Sight Range.
Note that if a building has a detector, its detector range is always 7 
regardless its sight range.
For more information about buildings, look on section III.12

Building                Build   Destroy Sight
Supply Depot            50      150     8
Refinery                50      150     8
Missile Turret          50      150     11
Bunker                  50      150     10
Engineering Bay         65      195     8
Comsat Station          75      225     10
Nuke Silo               75      225     8
Barracks                75      225     8
Covert Ops              75      225     8
Physic Labs             75      225     8
Machine Shop            75      225     8
Control Tower           100     300     8
Academy                 100     300     8
Armory                  100     300     8
Factory                 200     600     8
Starport                200     600     10
Science Facility        275     825     10
Command Center          400     1200    10
Extractor               25      75      7
Spore Colony            25      195     10
Evolution Chamber       40      120     8
Creep Colony            40      120     10
Sunken Colony           40      240     10
Spawning Pool           75      225     8
Nydus Canal             75      225     8
Hydralisk Den           100     300     8
Defiler Mound           150     450     8
Queen Nest              175     525     8
Greater Spire           200     1350    8
Spire                   250     750     8
Ultralisk Cavern        275     825     8
Infested Command Center 300     900     10
Hatchery                300     900     9
Lair                    100     1200    10
Hive                    100     1500    11
Pylon                   50      150     8
Assimilator             50      150     10
Shield Battery          50      150     10
Gateway                 75      225     10
Photon Cannon           100     300     11
Cybernetic Core         100     300     10
Forge                   100     300     10
Robotic Support Bay     125     375     10
Observatory             175     525     10
Citadel of Adun         200     600     10
Templar Archives        250     750     10
Robotic Facility        300     900     10
Stargate                300     900     10
Fleet Beacon            350     1050    10
Nexus                   400     1200    11
Arbiter Tribunal        450     1350    10

4.4) Special Building

Special Building        HP      Destroy Sight
Power Generator         800     600     8
Warp Gate               700     2000    8
Cerebrate               1500    2500    8
Cerebrate Daggoth       1500    2500    8
Khaydarin Crystal F.    Inv.    2500    10
Psi Disruptor           2000    3600    10
Overmind Cocoon         2500    4000    10
Xel'Naga Temple         5000    5000    10
Mature Chrysalis        250     5000    8
Norad II                700     5000    10
Protoss Temple          1500    5000    10
Ion Cannon              2000    5000    8
Stasis Cell/Prison      2000    5000    8
Zerg Overmind           2500    10000   8
Zerg Overmind (Shell)   5000    10000   8

5) Brood, Squadron, & Tribes
Below, is the table for the Starcraft (and not BroodWar). In Broodwar, 
the name is almost the same, except for few Terran's Squadron. 
The Green color in BroodWar is a replacement used only on Desert and
Snow tilesets. When you are on Snow, Green replaces White, and on
Desert, Green Replaces Brown. It's there because on the Minimap, White
would be hard to see on the snow tileset, like Brown on desert.
Thanks to "z.f." at {[email protected]} for this information.
Although this information doesn't affect gameplay, but may be you want 
to know it.

Colour   Zerg              Terran               Protoss
Red      Tiamat Brood      Elite Guard          Ara Tribe
Blue     Surtur Brood      Mar Sara             Sargas Tribe
Teal     Fenris Brood      Kel-Morian Combine   Akilae Tribe
Purple   Jormungand Brood  Antiga               Furinax Tribe
Orange   Garm Brood        Delta Squadron       Auriga Tribe
Brown    Grendel Brood     Omega Squadron       Venatir Tribe
White    Baelrog Brood     Alpha Squadron       Shelak Tribe
Yellow   Leviathan Brood   Epsilon Squadron     Velari Tribe

Just another info, all Zerg's Brood are named after monsters or evil 
gods in mythology.

6) Animation Height
Higher Animation Height, will mean higher elevation. So in table below, 
a Wraith will be on top of a Dropship. This may sound unimportant, but 
it is not. Don't forget, hiding a unit under other unit can be a good 
tactic. (Observers are always in top of Carriers)
The exception is the 19 value, they can't be higher than flying units 
but always higher than any ground units or building.

Anim. Height    Object
0               Beacon
1               Floor Hatch, Start Location
2               Larva, Spawning Pool
3               Bunker
4               All other objects that not included in other height
16              Science Vessel, Dropship, Battlecruiser, Overlord, 
                Valkyrie, Arbiter, Carrier
18              Wraith, Nuclear Missile, Scanner Sweep, Mutalisk, 
                Guardian, Queen, Scourge, Cocoon, Corsair, Devourer,
                Shuttle, Scout, Interceptor, Observer, Kakaru, 
                Raszagal, Map Revealer
19              Disruption Web, Dark Swarm

7) Splash Damage
In Starcraft (BroodWar) there are three type of Splash Damage: Radial 
Splash, Line Splash, and Air Splash. Any unit with splash damage has 3 
value: S1, S2, and S3. 
These values determine the 'far' of area that is affected by splash 
damage from unit's weapon.
In Radial Splash, S1 means how far (in pixel) any unit will be dealt 
with 100% damage from the weapon, while S2 and S3 show how far any unit 
will be dealt with 50% and 25% damage.
Air Splash has same meaning with Radial Splash, but only work in air 
Line Splash is almost the same with Radial Splash, but it only affects
the area between the target unit and the attacker (In other words: "in
the line of fire").
Unit that has Radial Splash damage: Siege Tank (Siege Mode), Spider 
Mine, Psi Storm, and Infested Terran. 
Unit that has Line Splash damage: Firebat, Archon, Scarab, and Lurker.
Unit that has Air Splash damage: Corsair and Valkyrie.
Devourer has special Splash Damage, so it can't do damage to any nearby 
target unit.
Nuclear Missile and Irradiate has special damage adjustment.
In table below, is the value of S1, S2, and S3. 

Unit            S1      S2      S3
Firebat         15      20      25
Siege Tank      10      25      40
Scarab          20      40      60
Spider Mine     50      75      100
Inf. Terran     20      40      60
Archon          3       15      30
Lurker          20      20      20
Corsair         5       50      100
Valkyrie        5       50      100
Psi Storm       48      48      48
Nuclear Miss.   128     192     256
Irradiate       64      64      64

8) Record
Unit         Special
Vulture      The fastest Ground unit (with upgrade)
Zergling     The fastest Zerg's Ground unit (with upgrade)
Zealot       The fastest Protoss's Ground unit (with upgrade)
Overlord     The slowest unit (without upgrade)
Reaver       The slowest ground unit
Ultralisk    The strongest ground unit (highest HP)
Siege Tank   The farthest attack range unit
SCV          The best combat unit of all Workers

9) Speed
Unit's speed is hard to check, and it also has acceleration.
Below is the data of units, from the fastest to the slowest unit.
(1 is the fastest, larger number mean slower units)
I have so many times and also trial and error to presents the table 
below, if you found any mistake, please inform me.

Unit Speed
1. Vulture (Upgraded)
2. Zergling (Upgraded)
3. Ultralisk (Upgraded) -} Almost have no difference with no. 2
4. Wraith, Scourge, Mutalisk, Queen, Shuttle (Upgraded), Scout 
   (Upgraded), Corsair
5. Valkyrie -} Almost have no difference with no. 6
6. Vulture
7. Broodling
8. Infested Terran, Zealot (Upgraded), Lurker, Marine & Firebat (Stimpack)
9. Valkyrie -} Almost have no difference with no. 8 (before patches 1.08) 
10. Zergling, Dropship 
11. Hydralisk (Upgraded)
12. Ultralisk, Science Vessel, Observer (Upgraded)
13. Devourer -} Almost have no difference with no. 14
14. Drone, SCV, Probe, Archon, Dragoon, Scout, Arbiter, Dark Templar, 
    Dark Archon
15. Goliath
16. Shuttle
17. Firebat, Ghost, Siege Tank, Marine, Defiler, Zealot, Medic
18. Hydralisk, Dropship (before patches 1.08)
19. Carrier, Observer, Overlord (Upgraded)
20. Templar
21. Battlecruiser, Guardian
22. Overlord (Upgraded/before patches 1.04 or BroodWar)
23. Reaver
24. Overlord

10) Supply
Below are units and buildings that can provide supply:

Unit/Building      Race       Supply
Supply Depot       Terran     8 
Pylon              Protoss    8 
Overlord           Zerg       8
Hatchery/Lair/Hive Zerg       1
Command Center     Terran     10
Nexus              Protoss    9
Yggadrasil         Zerg Hero  30

11) Hot Keys
This whole section is credited to Poison {[email protected]}
I only add a few important missing Hoy keys.

11.1) Zerg Hot Keys

+ Buildings
Hatchery                      Spawning Pool
S - Select Larva              M - Evolve Zergling Movement
R - Set Rally Point           A - Evolve Zergling Fast Attack
B - Evolve Burrow Ability                                     
L - Evolve Hatchery to Lair                

Evolution Chamber             Hydralisk Den
M - Upgrade Melee Attack      M - Evolve Faster Hydralisk Movement
A - Upgrade Missile Attack    G - Evolve Hydralisk Range
C - Upgrade Carapace          L - Evolve Lurker Aspect
Lair/Hive                              Queens Nest
V - Evolve Overlord Transport          B - Evolve Broodling Ability
A - Evolve Overlord Increase Sight     E - Evolve Ensnare Ability
P - Evolve Overlord Speed              G - +50 Queen Energy
H - Evolve Lair to Hive

Spire / Greater Spire               Creep Colony
A - Upgrade Air Attack              S - Evolve to Spore Colony
C - Upgrade Air Carapace            U - Evolve to Sunken Colony
G - Evolve Spire to Greater Spire

Defiler Mound                       Ultralisk Cavern
G - Evolve Plague Ability           A - Upgrade Ultralisk Movement
C - Evolve Consume Ability          C - Upgrade Ultralisk Armor
M - +50 Defiler Energy

Nydus Canal
N - Nydus Canal Exit

Infested Command Center
I - Build Infested Terran
R - Set Rally Point
L - Lift off/Land

+ Larva
O - Overlord
D - Drone
Z - Zergling
H - Hydralisk
Q - Queen
S - Scourge
M - Mutalisk
U - Ultralisk
F - Defiler

+ Combat Unit
General               Hydralisk                      Overlord
M - Move              L - Morph to Lurker Aspect     L - Load Troops
S - Stop                                             U - Unload Troops
A - Attack            Mutalisk
P - Patrol            G - Morph to Guardian Aspect               
H - Hold Position     D - Morph to Devourer Aspect 
U - Burrow / Unburrow
G - Gather
B - Build Basic
V - Build Advanced

Queen                        Defiler
I - Infest Command Center    C - Consume
R - Parasite                 W - Dark Swarm
B - Spawn Broodling          G - Plague
E - Ensnare

+ Building Construction
Basic Buildings ( B )        Advanced Buildings ( V )
H - Hatchery                 S - Spire
C - Creep Colony             Q - Queen's Nest
E - Extractor                N - Nydus Canal
S - Spawning Pool            D - Defiler Mound
V - Evolution Chamber        U - Ultralisk Cavern
D - Hydralisk Den

11.2) Protoss Hot Keys

+ Buildings
P - Build Probe
R - Set Rally Point

Gateway                        Forge
Z - Zealot                     W - Melee Weapon Upgrade
D - Dragoon                    A - Ground Armor Upgrade
T - Templar                    S - Shield Upgrade
K - Dark Templar

Cybernetics Core               Robotics Facility
W - Arial Weapons Upgrade      S - Build Shuttle
A - Arial Armor Upgrade        V - Build Reaver
S - Dragoon Range Upgrade      O - Build Observer

G - Increase Observer Speed
S - Increase Observer Sight

Stargate                       Citadel of Adun
S - Build Scout                L - Zealot Speed Upgrade
C - Build Carrier
A - Build Arbiter              Shield Battery
O - Corsair                    R - Recharge Shields

Robotics Support Bay
S - Upgrade Scarab Damage.
C - Increase Reaver Capacity
G - Increase Shuttle Movement

Templar Archives               Fleet Beacon
P - Research Psionic Storm     A - Increase Scout Sight
H - Research Hallucination     G - Increase Scout Speed
K - +50 Templar Energy         C - Increase Carrier Capacity
M - Mind Control               D - Research Disruption Web
E - Maelstrom                  J - + 50 Corsair Energy
T - +50 Dark Arch on Energy

Arbiter Tribunal
R - Research Recall
S - Research Stasis
K - +50 Arbiter Energy

+ Combat Units
M - Move
S - Stop
A - Attack
P - Patrol
H - Hold Position
G - Gather
B - Build Basic
V - Build Advanced

High Templar                      Dark Archon
T - Psionic Storm                 F - Feedback
L - Hallucination                 C - Mind Control
R - Archon Warp (2 Templar)       E - Maelstrom

Arbiter                           Dark Templar
R - Recall                        R - Archon Warp (2 Dark Templar)
T - Stasis Field

R - Build Scarab

L - Load Troops
U - Unload Troops

I - Build Interceptor

D - DisrupTion Web

+ Building Construction
Basic Build ( B )
N - Nexus
A - Assimilator
C - Cannon
B - Battery
G - Gateway
F - Forge
Y - Cybernetics Core

Advanced Build ( V )
K - Robotics Facility
S - Stargate
C - Citadel Of Adun
B - Support Bay
F - Fleet Beacon
T - Templar Archive
O - Observatory
A - Arbiter Tribunal

11.3) Terran Hot Keys

+ Buildings
Factory Buldings
L - Lift Off Land

Command Center                   Barracks
S - Build SCV                    M - Marine
R - Set Rally Point              F - Firebat
C - Build Comsat Add-on          G - Ghost
    S - Scanner Sweep            C - Medic
N - Build Nuke Silo Add-on
    N - Arm Nuke

Engineering Bay                  Bunker
W - Upgrade Ground Weapons       L - Load Troops
A - Upgrade Ground Armor         U - Unload Troops

U - Upgrade Marine Attack Range
T - Develop StimPack
R - Develop Medic Restoration
F - Develop Medic Optic Flare
D - +50 Medic Energy

V - Vulture
T - Siege Tank
G - Goliath
C - Build Machine Shop Add-on
I - Upgrade Vulture Thrust
M - Develop Spider Mine
S - Develop Siege Tech
C - Upgrade Goliath Missile Range

W - Build Wraith
D - Build Drop ship
V - Build Science Vessel
B - Build Battle Ship
Y - Build Valkyrie
C - Build Control Tower Add-on
	C - Develop Wraith Cloaking
	A - + 50 Wraith Eneray

W - Upgrade Vehicle Weapon
S - Upgrade Ship Weapon
P - Upgrade Vehicle Armor
H - Upgrade Ship Armor

Science Facility
R - Develop EMP Ability
I - Develop Irrad Sate 'Ability
T - +50 to Science Vessel Energy
C - Build Coven Ops Add- on
	L - Develop Lockdown Ability
	C - Develop Ghost Cloaking
	O - Upgrade Ghost Sight
	M - +50 Ghost Energy
P - Build Physics Lab Add-on
	Y - Develop Yamato Cannon
	E - +50 Battleship Energy

+ Combat Units
M - Move
S - Stop
A - Attack
P - Patrol
H - Hold Position
R - Repair ( SCV )
G - Gather
B - Build Basic
V - Build Advanced

Marine / Firebat
T - Use StimPack

C - Cloak
L - Lockdown
N - Nuclear Strike

Y - Fire Yamato Cannon

C - Cloak

Siege Tank
O - Siege Mode

Science Vessel
D - Defensive Matrix
E - EMP Shockwave
I - Irradiale

I - Lay Spider Mine

L - Load Troops
U - Unload Troops

A - Heal
R - Restoration
F - Optic Flare

+ Building Construction

Basic Buildings ( B )
C - Command Center
S - Supply Depot
R - Refinery
B - Barracks
E - Engineering Bay
T - Missile Turret
A - Academy
U - Bunker

Advanced Buildings ( V )
F - Factory
S - Starport
I - Science Faciiity
A - Armory

12) Building Data

Terran Buildings     Min  Gas  HP    Build Time  Notes
Command Center       400  0    1500  120         M
Supply Depot         100  0    500   40          M
Refinery             100  0    750   40          M
Barracks             150  0    1000  80          M
Bunker               100  0    350   30          E,M
Academy              150  0    600   80          M
Comsat Station       50   50   500   40          SA, A, M
Engineering Bay      125  0    850   60          M
Missile Turret       75   0    200   30          D, M
Factory              200  100  1250  80          M
Machine Shop         50   50   750   40          A, M
Armory               100  50   750   80          M
Starport             150  100  1300  70          M
Control Tower        50   50   500   40          A, M
Science Facility     100  150  850   60          M
Physics Lab          50   50   600   40          A, M
Covert Ops           50   50   750   40          A, M
Nuclear Silo         100  100  600   80          A, M
Norad II             800  600  700   320         S, M
Ion Cannon           200  0    2000  60          S, M
Psi Disruptor        1000 400  2000  320         S, M
Power Generator      200  50   800   160         S, M

Zerg Buildings             Min  Gas  HP    Build Time  Notes
Hatchery                   300  0    1250  120         B
Spawning Pool              200  0    750   80          B
Creep Colony               75   0    400   20          B
Sunken Colony              50   0    300   20          B
Extractor                  50   0    750   40          B
Evolution Chamber          75   0    750   40          B
Spore Colony               50   0    400   20          D, B
Hydralisk Den              100  50   850   40          B
Lair                       150  100  1500  120         B
Queen's Nest               150  100  850   60          B
Spire                      200  150  600   120         B
Hive                       200  150  2500  120         B
Greater Spire              100  150  1000  120         B
Ultralisk Cavern           150  200  600   80          B
Defiler Mound              100  150  850   60          B
Nydus Canal                150  0    250   40          B
Infested Command Center    1    1    1500  120         B
Mature Chrysalis           0    0    250   0           S, B
Overmind Cocoon            1000 500  2500  160         S, D, B
Overmind                   1    1    2500  0           S, D, B
Overmind (with Shell)      1    1    5000  0           S, D, B
Cerebrate                  0    0    1500  0           S, D, B
Cerebrate Daggoth          0    0    1500  0           S, D, B

Protoss Buildings           Min  Gas  HP     SP   Build Time  Notes
Nexus                       400  0    750    750  120         M
Pylon                       100  0    300    300  30          M
Assimilator                 100  0    450    450  40          M
Gateway                     150  0    500    500  60          M
Forge                       150  0    550    550  40          M
Photon Cannon               150  0    100    100  50          D, M
Shield Battery              100  0    200    200  30          SA, M
Cybernetics Core            200  0    500    500  60          M
Citadel of Adun             150  100  450    450  60          M
Templar Archives            150  200  500    500  60          M
Robotics Facility           200  200  500    500  80          M
Robotics Support Bay        150  100  450    450  30          M
Observatory                 50   100  250    250  30          M
Stargate                    150  150  600    600  70          M
Fleet Beacon                300  200  500    500  60          M
Arbiter Tribunal            200  150  500    500  60          M
Stasis Cell/Prison          150  0    2000   0    0           S, M
Warp Gate                   600  200  700    0    160         S, M
Khaydarin Crystal Formation 250  0    100000 0    0           S
Protoss Temple              250  0    1500   0    0           S
Xel'Naga Temple             1500 100  5000   0    320         S

* All Data are based on patches 1.07.
  For other building stats before patches 1.07 looks on patches
  section III.15.
* For Building's Sight Range, look on section III.4.3
* For other Defensive buildings data like Attack, Range, and
  other notes, look on section III.1
* All buildings have these properties:
- Size   : Large
- Supply : 0
- Armor  : 1 (Except Pylon, Photon Cannon, Missile Turret, 
              Creep Colony, Spore Colony that has no
* M = Mechanical    A = Addon      SA = Have Special Abilities
  B = Biological    D = Detector   E = Unit can enter here

  S = Special Building 
     (Can't build normally, only in Campaign or with 'Use Map settings')

13) Critters
Critters are small non-dangerous creatures that roams in Starcraft
maps. Although they don't affect any conflict or war directly, 
they can be used by some smart players. 
Example: Parasiting critters can make the critters scout for you.
Below is the table of the critters data.

Critters    World         HP  Sight Notes
Rhynadon    Badlands      60  7     B
Bengalaas   Jungle        60  7     B
Scantid     Desert        60  7     B
Kakaru      Twilight      60  7     F, B
Ragnasaur   Ashworld      60  7     B
Ursadon     Ice World     60  7     B

B = Biological
F = Flying 

14) Traps
Traps only appear in Installation map (a campaign-based map).

Trap Names          HP  Damage Range Cooldown Sight Notes
Floor Missile       50  10 E   5     22       6     D,M
Floor Gun           50  10     5     22       6     D,M
Left Wall Flame     50  8 CS   2     22       3     D,M
Right Wall Flame    50  8 CS   2     22       3     D,M
Left Wall Missile   50  10 E   5     22       6     D,M
Right Wall Missile  50  10 E   5     22       6     D,M 

* All Trap have Large sizes and no Armor.
* On Damage Column: 
E : Explosive Attack (50% damage to Small Units 75% damage to Medium 
    Units, full damage to Large Units).
C : Concussive/Plasma damage Attack (50% damage to Medium Units, 25% 
    damage to Large Units).
S : Splash damage, which affects all units in the blast area. 
* On Notes Column:
  D = Detector
  M = Mechanical

15) Patches
Patches information can also be seen in patch.txt (in your Starcraft 
directory after you install the patches), I include this just for 
convenient info.

Notes: There are some changes in version 1.08 that doesn't mentioned
       in patches.txt, I include those undocumented changes with
       + signs. I also add a table to reflect the stats changes
       (for those who want to knows the accurate stats).

* patch 1.08b
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when a damaged morphing 
  creep colony, changed into a sunken colony. 
- Mac ladder maps are now correct. 
- Corrected URLs for KBK. www.kbk21.com {http://www.kbk21.com}. 
- Removed URL for replay FAQ.

* patch 1.08
+ There is a serious bug in the 1.08 patches. When a player morph
  a creep colony with HP below 100 to sunken colony the game
  will crash. 
- Adds support for a new template "Top vs Bottom". This template 
  functions like Melee, with the exception that players in each half
  are automatically allied and share vision at game start, thus 
  removing the "who am I allied with" question (and reducing the 
  amount of clicking done after the game starts). The game creator 
  can move players around between the two sides as needed to assign 
  teams properly. Note that Top vs Bottom only works for games with 
  two sides - if you want to play 2x2x2 games, you will still need
  to use Melee.
- Adds support for Game Recording. When a game is over, there will 
  be a new button "Save Replay" in the victory/defeat screen. If 
  you save a replay, you can watch it at a future date. Replays are 
  saved to the "replay" folder inside your Maps folder. Create a game 
  and pick your replay from the "replay" folder. 
  A replay is always passworded. Up to 7 other people can your 
  your replay game to watch it with you; chat is from the people 
  currently connected to the replay game. Replay files can be 
  transferred to other people automatically (if someone joins your 
  replay game, they get your replay transferred to them
  via the automatic map download facility), or you can copy your 
  replay files (replays end in .REP) from your "replay" folder 
  to a desired destination manually. 
  See www.blizzard.com\starcraft\replay for more information.
- Adds support for gateway selection. You can now specify which 
  Battle.net cluster to connect to. In normal cases, you will do 
  nothing, and you will be sent to the "closest" Battle.net cluster. 
  If you wish to override the automatic selection, you can pick a 
  cluster manually.
- Save Game clarification - the save game window now shows:
    Saving Multiplayer Game
    Save Game Name:  XXX
  in order to avoid the "Saving Starcraft Virus 1.0 to Hard Disk" 
- If you are really clever, you can crush tanks by landing 
  buildings on them. This is the unexpected consequence to fixing 
  a cheeze that allowed players to have siege tanks underneath 
- Better proxy support
- Clearer battle.net messages.
- Updated "Connecting to fastest server" messages to be clearer.
- Ladders maps updated.
- Ladder cheating fix - Ladder map alteration fix (Japanese version, 
- Fixed various language translation problems.

Template Types
- KBK (Beginner) 
- KBK (Game Room)
- KBK (Professional)
- KBK (Single)
- KBK (Zone)
Account Types:
- KBK Beginner
- KBK Game Room
- KBK Professional
- KBK Single
- KBK Team-6 
- KVK Zone-6
Visit www.kbk.co.kr\starcraft for more details

* 1.08 Balance Changes

- Damage increase to 6 per missile.
- Acceleration and velocity increased slightly.
- Build time decreased.
Science Facility:
- Build time decreased.
- Irradiate research cost increased to 200 minerals, 200 gas.
- Yamato Cannon research cost decreased to 100 minerals, 100 gas.
Missile Turret:
- Decreased cost to 75 minerals.
- Charon Missile Booster research cost decreased to 100 minerals, 
  100 gas.
- Increased speed.
- Increased ground attack range.
Battle Cruiser:
- Build time decreased.
- Supply cost decreased to 6.

- Build time increased.
- Decreased cost to 275 minerals, 125 gas.
- Supply cost decreased to 6.
- Psi Storm Damage reduced.
Templar's Archives:
+ Hallucination research cost decreased cost to 150 minerals, 150 gas.
+ Hallucination research time decreased.
- Disruption Web spell duration decreased.
- Shields decreased to 60 and hit points increased to 100.
Arbiter Tribunal:
+ Recall research time decreased.

+ Ventral Sacs research time decreased.
- Decreased build cost to 100 minerals, 100 gas.
- Supply cost decreased to 4.
Queen's Nest:
- Spawn Broodling cost decreased to 100 minerals, 100 gas.
Hydralisk Den:
- Lurker Aspect cost increased to 200 minerals, 200 gas.
- Hydralisk speed upgrade cost increased to 150 minerals, 150 gas.
Spawning Pool:
- Increased build cost to 200 minerals
- Adrenal Glands research cost increase to 200 minerals and 200 gas.
Sunken Colony:
- Building armor increased to 2.
- Hit points decreased to 300.

Statistic changes from 1.07:  
(Acceleration and speed are not included in here because I still
don't know the exact number)

Unit/Building         1.07                      1.08
Protoss Zealot        HP (80), Shield (80)      HP (100), Shield (60)
Protoss Dragoon       Build time (40)           Build time (50)
Protoss Scout         Cost (300 m, 150 g)       Cost (275 m, 125 g)
Protoss Carrier       Supply (8)                Supply (6)
Zerg Queen            Cost (100 m, 150 g)       Cost (100 m, 100 g)
Zerg Ultralisk        Supply (6)                Supply (4)
Spawning Pool         Cost (150)                Cost (200)
Sunken Colony         HP (400), Armor (1)       HP (300), Armor (2)
Terran Valkyrie       Attack (5 per missile)    Attack (6 per missile)
Terran Valkyrie       Build Time (60)           Build Time (50)
Missile Turret        Cost (100)                Cost (75)
Terran Goliath        Ground attack range (5)   Ground attack range (6)
Terran Battlecruiser  Supply (8)                Supply (6)
Terran Battlecruiser  Build time (160)          Build time (133)
Science Facility      Build time (80)           Build time (60)

Research/Upgrade      1.07                      1.08
Irradiate             Cost (200 m, 200 g)       Cost (150 m, 150 g)
Yamato Gun            Cost (200 m, 200 g)       Cost (100 m, 100 g)
Charon Boosters       Cost (150 m, 150 g)       Cost (100 m, 100 g)
Hallucination         Cost (200 m, 200 g)       Cost (150 m, 150 g)
Hallucination         Research time (120)       Research time (80)
Recall                Research time (166)       Research time (120)
Psionic Storm         Damage (128)              Damage (112)
Ventral Sacs          Research time (200)       Research time (160)
Muscular Augments     Cost (100 m, 100 g)       Cost (150 m, 100 g)
Adrenal Glands        Cost (150 m, 150 g)       Cost (200 m, 200 g)
Spawn Broodlings      Cost (200 m, 200 g)       Cost (100 m, 100 g)
Lurker Aspect         Cost (125 m, 125 g)       Cost (200 m, 200 g)

* patch 1.08 O (Beta version)
Notes: because this patch is not official and only beta version,
the changes are not included in my other FAQ's section (tables, 
units, and other sections above). I only listed here just for 
information. Maybe there are some other changes (especially building)
that don't list here because I check them manually one by one.
I will check more thoroughly in official patches 1.08.

Included in patch.txt:
- Fixed "gluLoad.bin" not found error in 1.08N
- "Top vs. Bottom" game type had Portuguese and English text swapped.

Changes not included in patch.txt:
- Add a Save Replay function when you end a game, this feature 
  records your game that has just been played, and place it in 
  Maps/Replay/ directory. (the file has .REP extension)
  To Replay a Recorded Game just use Load Replay in Player's Main 
- Carrier Armor decreased to 3 (from 4)
- Dragoon Build time increased to 50 (from 40)
- Reaver Speed increased. (not 100% confirmed)
- Scout cost decreased to 275 minerals and 125 gas (from 300 minerals
and 150 gas)
- Battlecruiser Build Time decreased to 133 (from 160)
- Valkyrie Air Attack increased to 6 (from 5)
- Valkyrie Build Time decreased to 50 (from 60)
- Goliath Ground attack range increased to 6 (from 5)
- Queen cost decreased to 100 minerals and 100 gas (from 100 minerals
and 150 gas)
- Lurker cost increased to 125 minerals and 175 gas (from 125 minerals
and 125 gas)
- Missile Turret cost decreased to 75 minerals (from 100 minerals)
- Spawning Pool cost increased to 200 minerals (from 150 minerals)
- Irradiate research cost increased to 200 minerals and 200 gas
(from 150 minerals and 150 gas)
- Yamato Gun research cost decreased to 100 minerals and 100 gas
(from 200 minerals and 200 gas)
- Spawn Broodling research cost decreased to 100 minerals and 100 gas
(from 200 minerals and 200 gas)
- Hallucination research cost decreased to 150 minerals and 150 gas
(from 200 minerals and 200 gas)
- Hallucinaton research time decreased to 80 (from 120)
- Recall research time decreased to 120 (from 166)
- Disruption Web effect duration decreased
- Psionic Storm damage reduced to 112 (from 128)
- Charon Boosters research cost decreased to 100 minerals and 100 gas
(from 150 minerals and 150 gas)
- Ventral Sacs research time decreased to 160 (from 200)
- Adrenal Glands research time increased to 200 minerals and 200 gas
(from 150 minerals and 150 gas)
- Muscular Augments research cost increased to 150 minerals and
150 gas (from 100 minerals and 100 gas)

* patch 1.07
- Adds support for Korean tournament (KBK).
- Fixes lag meters on join game screen.
- Changes default Battle.net font so that it is easier to distinguish 
  certain characters while in chat.
- Fixes German text for Brood War units which appeared as English on 
  some systems after upgrading to v1.06.

* patch 1.06 - (Battle.net client patch)
- Adds Battle.net support for Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition.
- Adds command completion to Battle.net chat. It can be accessed by 
  pressing the {tab} key.
- Fixes some minor battle.net issues.
- Displays cancel dialog in situations when server is busy.

* patch 1.05
- Reduced Academy cost to 150 minerals.
- Reduced Science Facility cost to 100 minerals, 150 gas.
- Reduced Spider Mine research cost to 100 minerals, 100 gas.
- Reduced the cooldown for units on unload from a transport.
- Added a limit so games can only be saved at most once every two 
  minutes during a multiplayer game.
- Fixed a bug that caused save game compatibility problems with 1.03 
  save games loaded into 1.04 and Brood War.
- The 'something for nothing' cheat no longer gives Brood
  War upgrades in normal Starcraft games.
- When using the 'exactly' modifier in trigger conditions, incomplete
  units are no longer included in the comparision.
- Hallucinated devourers no longer leave acid spores on targeted units.
- Spider mines are now properly affected by disruption web.
- Neutral medics no longer auto-heal units.
- Added a wireframe for Infested Duran in a dropship.
- The low memory version of the disruption web art is now correct.
- Terran insane AI no longer locks the system.
- Fixed the bug that allowed terran buildings to move after landing.
- Fixed the bug that incorrectly allowed 'morph to lurker' commands
  to be issued to units that weren't hydralisks.
- Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.
- (StarEdit) Eliminated dependence on updated comctrl32.dll
- (StarEdit) Now displays language based on installed version of 
  Starcraft rather than operating system setting
- (StarEdit) Fixed a bug in the Player Upgrades dialog that could cause 
  settings for one player to be inadvertently copied to another

* patch 1.04
- Custom AI has been strengthened, beware.
- Invincible Drone bug has been fixed.
- Starcraft compatibility with Brood War implemented.
- You can select all burrowed units of the same type or cloaked units 
  of the same type by using the Ctrl+select method or by double 
- If you have multiple Carriers or Reavers selected you can build 
  Interceptors and Scarabs for all of them at the same time.
- Cooldown times of units being dropped out of transports corrected.
- Stim Pack causing Firebats to fire slowly corrected.
- Zergling adrenal gland upgrade effects corrected.
- Fixed a bug where the muzzle flash on a full fire bunker aiming south 
  displayed incorrectly.
- Air unit movement near the edge of the map corrected.
- The Ladder directory has been updated with the Season 4 ladder maps.
  Retired ladder maps have been moved to the OldLadder directory.

* Patches 1.04 Changes to StarEdit (Map Editor)
- New save feature that identifies all 'enhanced' data in the scenario 
  and specifies which versions of Starcraft will be able to load the 
- Addition of the comparing conditional 'exactly' for use in such 
- Increased number of Switches to 256.
- Increased number of usable locations to 254.
- Added the ability to specify 'Random' in the SET SWITCH trigger 
- Added the ability to name switches.
- Added the ability to set Fog-of-War for multiple players 
  simultaneously by holding down Control or Shift.
- Added the ability to re-name any unit.
- New triggers:
	a) ORDER UNIT (Move to, Patrol to, Attack to)
	b) The ability to specify a quantity for the following actions:
- You can now select locations obscured by other locations.
- Location operations are now undoable.
- You can now explicitly sort Conditions.
- You can remove all Map Revealers from a map (really!).
- The Unit and Hero Settings dialog has been enhanced.
A new StarEdit help file with info on these triggers and all the new
features in StarEdit can be downloaded from our web site 

* 1.04 Balance Changes
- Decreased cost to 150 minerals, 100 gas.
- Increased cooldown rate of ground attack.
- Increased air to air damage to 20.
- Increased speed slightly.
- Although the patch.txt included with patch 1.04 states that dropship 
  build time was increased, this is INCORRECT.
Science Vessel:
- Decreased cost to 100 minerals, 225 gas.
- Increased acceleration.
- Increased overall damage of Irradiate.
- Increased sight radius.
- Increased its starting armor to 3.
- Increased Yamato Cannon damage to 260.
- Increased ground damage to 12.
- Increased effectiveness of weapon upgrade on ground to air weapon system.
- Nuclear Missiles build faster.
- Decreased energy cost to 50.
- Decrease cost of Starport to 150 minerals, 100 gas.
- Decreased add-on cost of Control Tower to 50 minerals, 50 gas.
- Decreased build time.

- Increased acceleration.
- Decreased cost to 125 minerals, 50 gas.
- Decreased build time.
- Increased range upgrade (Singularity Charge) by 1.
High Templar:
- Decreased energy cost of Hallucination to 100.
- Increased Air to Air damage to 28.
- Increased shields to 100 and hit points to 150.
- Increased cooldown rate of ground attack.
- Changed build cost to 350 minerals, and 250 gas.
- Increased hit points of Carrier to 300.
- Increased starting armor of Carrier to 4.
- Increased Interceptor shields and hitpoints to 40.
- Increased Interceptor damage to 6.
- Decreased cost to 100 minerals, 350 gas.
- Increased build time.
- Increased build time.
Templar Archives
- Increased cost to 150 minerals, 200 gas.
Citadel of Adun
- Decreased cost to 150 minerals, 100 gas.
- Decreased cost to 150 minerals, 150 gas.
- Decreased build time.
Robotics Facility:
- Increased build time.
Robotics Support Bay:
- Increased cost to 150 minerals, 100 gas.
- Decreased cost to 50 minerals, 100 gas.
- Decreased cost to 150 minerals.
Photon Cannon:
- Decreased build time.
Fleet Beacon:
- Decreased cost of "Increased Carrier capacity" upgrade to 100 minerals,
  100 gas.
- Decreased research time of "Increased Carrier capacity" upgrade.
Shield Battery:
- Increased starting energy to 100.
- Increased effective range of 'Recharge Shields'.

- Increased speed bonus for "Pneumatized Carapace" upgrade.
- Decreased research time of "Ventral Sacs" upgrade.
- Increase hit points to 25.
- Increased build time.
- Although the patch.txt included with patch 1.04 states that Mutalisk 
  build time was increased, this in INCORRECT.
- Increased range of Broodling by 1.
- Increased energy cost of Parasite to 75
- Decreased Parasite casting range to 12.
- Increased cost to 50 minerals, 150 gas.
- Decreased the speed at which the Hatchery/Lair/Hive spawn new larva.
- Decreased build cost to 300 minerals.
- Increased build time.
Sunken Colony:
- Decreased cost of Sunken Colony upgrade to 50 minerals.
- Decreased build time.
- Increased attack rate of Sunken Colony.
- Increased damage to 40.
Spore Colony:
- Decreased build time.
- Changed damage type to normal.
Greater Spire:
- Increased build time.

* patch 1.03
- Very long games using the Terran Insane AI will no longer lock up.
- Custom maps that use the "set next map" trigger will now work 
  properly after loading them from a saved game.
- The length of time you have to leave a game before it counts on your 
  record on battle.net has been reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.
- New ladder maps have been added. The old ladder maps have been moved 
  to the OldLadder directory and downgraded to "Blizzard Approved" 
  The (8)Green Valleys.scm map has been promoted to "Ladder" status.
- Fixed bug where if Zerg burrowers burrowed just as they decloaked 
  (when leaving an Arbiter's field of influence) it would desync a 
  network game.
- The MOVE UNIT trigger action now behaves correctly with add-ons. 
  Buildings with existing add-ons will detach from the add-on if either 
  the building or the add-on moves. Add-ons under construction will be 
- Buildings that are created with the CREATE UNIT trigger action or 
  moved with the MOVE UNIT trigger action will attempt to reattach to 
  add-ons of the correct type that are in the correct location.
- Preplaced carriers owned by the Neutral player slot that have an 
  initial hangar count greater than 0 will no longer crash the game.
- Executing a KILL UNIT trigger action immediately followed by a MOVE 
  UNIT trigger action will no longer result in a crash.
- Doodads are no longer affected by the MOVE UNIT trigger action.
- The mission countdown timer now has a maximum value of 99:99:99 
- Fixed bug that caused Elapsed Time to display incorrectly when 
  finishing a very short mission.

* patch 1.02
- Flying units no longer receive 'cover' from terrain features.
- Fixed the bug when cancelling a guardian in high latency games that 
  killed the mutalisk and gave multiple refunds.
- Fixed the bug that could sometimes cause a map editor, hit point 
  modified siege tank's hit points to be incorrect after transforming.
- Time elapsed while the game is paused no longer counts toward total
  elapsed game time.
- Increased the cost of a Zerg Hatchery from 300 to 350 minerals.
- Changed the damage type of the Photon Cannon weapon system from 
  explosion to normal.
- Preplaced heroes for the AI will now auto acquire targets and defend 
- Fixed a bug that could potentially, in high latency games, over-
  charge zerg players when morphing larva into units.
- Modified the 'Free For All' game type so that the rules of diplomacy 
  apply to computer players. (Computer players are no longer allied in 
  FFA.) Also, made FFA available for single player custom games.
- Fixed the crash that occurred when selecting a unit type, that would 
  normally have shields, configured to have 0 shields via the map 
- Fixed the bug that bumped people back to the race select screen after 
  they had completed a single player campaign mission.
- (Battle.net) Create game screen will now display ladder game speed as 
  'Fast' instead of 'Faster'.
- (Battle.net) Profile draw code will now handle different sized 
  destination windows.
- Fixed 'attach to incomplete addon' crash bug.
- Added three new Computer AI scripts for use with the map editor 
  (Protoss Insane, Terran Insane, Zerg Insane) to be used in custom 
  campaign levels.
- Fixed bug that played the incorrect 'complete' sound for addons.
- Fixed bug that prevented rescued tanks and goliaths from acquiring 
  targets correctly.
- Fixed bug that caused Starcraft to allocate unnecessary amounts of 
  memory while running minimized.
- Fixed bug that could cause maps with a large number of pre-placed 
  units to crash at load time.
- Fixed bug that, in rare cases, could cause game to crash when certain 
  types of units died.
- Fixed bug that caused access violation when maps with unplaceable 
  units were loaded.
- Fixed bug that caused access violation when any zerg air unit died 
  while cloaked by an arbiter.
- (StarEdit) Fixed bug that prevented changes to Norad II Hero unit 
  weapon damage fields
- (StarEdit) Mineral patches and geyser are now limited to 50,000.
- (StarEdit) Added exception handler.
- (StarEdit) Fixed bug that made it impossible to remove Map Revealers 
  via a trigger.
- (StarEdit) Fixed bug that could cause triggers to 'disappear' on 
  systems using large fonts.
- (StarEdit) Fixed bug that allows powerups to be placed in invalid 
  locations on high terrain
- (StarInst) Fixed minor over-calculation of disk space used by saved 
  games for uninstall.
- (StarInst) Moved file pre-cache requests to the install scripts.
- (StarInst) Added support for multiple events per screen item without 
  the use of sub-scripts.
- (StarInst) Eliminated unnecessary screen refreshes.

* patch 1.01
- Fixed cheat that allowed one player in a multiplayer game to see the 
- Fixed bug that allowed players to receive extra resources when 
  canceling building construction multiple times by exploiting lag in a 
  multi-player game.
- Fixed pathing problem related crash bug that was most commonly 
  exhibited in Terran 10.
- Fixed C Runtime Library crash bug exhibited during saved games 
  when year was greater than 2098.
- Fixed sprite allocation errors that prevent normal combat and 
  creation of units.
- Fixed occasional hang when joining and leaving Battle.net.
- Enemy Science Vessels no longer continually unmask after 
  irradiating units.
- Missile turrets controlled by the AI properly acquire targets.
- Fixed blank game names in Battle.net game list.
- Game names with high ASCII characters now show up properly.

IV - Miscellaneous Info

1) Bugs
+ Have you seen an Archon walking in Stasis Field ? It's a small bug.
  How ? Cast Stasis Field in a merging High Templars.
+ A trusted source indicates that a Reaver can be affected by Acid
  Spores when it's dropped from a transport (very rare, and 
  needs confirmation).
+ A locked down Carrier can still launch Interceptors. To do it:
  Create a new map with a Carrier hero and modify its interceptor
  capacity to 10. Try to Lock down when it attacks. 

2) Hidden Features
+ In single mission, critters will explode they are clicked more
  than fifty times! 

3) In War
+ Broodling rush. In a game, Computer sent more than 10 Queens and
  broodlinged all SCVs, Siege Tanks, and Medics. And the Broodlings
  destroyed 1/4 of the base!!!
+ SCV rush. Have you been rushed by SCVs in a small map ? It
  happened once when I played, attacked by a horde of SCVs and
  destroyed all my probes. This happen a long time ago when I was
  still a newbie :)

Unpublished work Copyrighted by S. Rudiyanto N. 1999

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