More cheats for WarCraft II.  Listing:

  IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE   Invincibility
  GLITTERING PRIZES         10000 gold, 5000 lumber and 5000 oil
  VALDEZ                    5000 oil units
  SPYCOB                    5000 oil units
  HATCHET                   Get wood in 2 chops
  MAKE IT SO                Speed up production
  TITLE                     Increases the speed of your units
  NOGLUES                   Disables magical traps
  SHOWPATH                  Display entire map
  ON SCREEN                 Display entire map
  FASTDEMO                  Demo starts earlier
  UCLA                      Shows "Go Bruins!" message
  DAY                       Shows "FIEF" message
  NETPROF                   Laser display
  ALLOWSYNC                 ???  I DON'T KNOW ???

- To use these cheat:
- Press ENTER
- Type the cheat code
- Press ENTER

	That's all.......  I hope everybody can enjoy the cheats.

		Denis Laramée (Vermine)
		[email protected]

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