Main Characters

Paul Atreides
(the player, yourself)

Leto Atreides (your father)
Doesn't really do too much.

Jessica Atreides (your mother)
Helps you with your ESP, water of life (later on!)

Gurney Halleck
Atreides Master at Arms, trains your Fremen troops more effectively

Duncan Idaho
Primarily concerned with spice flow etc.

Emperor Shaddam IV
Emperor of the known universe..Send him spice shipments and he's happy!

Baron Harkonnen
Arch-enemy of the Atreides family. Actually your (Paul's) maternal grandfather. Can't seem to accept your claim to the planet

Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen
the na-Baron (heir to the Barony) and the Baron's nephew. A nasty peice of work.

Thufir Hawat
Family mentat. (Human computer) Plans the attacks with you and Stilgar on the Harkonnen forts

Fremen woman who helps find Stilgar and smuggler villages. Goes back to her sietch after finding the first village. For a bit of fun, go back to her sietch (Tuono Timin) with Chani and listen to her reaction!

Fremen leader. With Stilgar you begin to form an army and start ecology. Also introduces you to Chani

Your partner in the game. Introduces you to her father who is the ecologist. Knows the Fremen well,and has an effect on their motivation.

Liet Kynes
Chani's father and the planetary ecologist

Palace Layout


Recruit for spice

Recruit for Army

Recruit for Ecology

Game Plan:-

Game starts in the palace