|                               STARTOPIA                             |

Written by: Chris Beckwith (a.k.a. Slicktager)
Last Update: 8/14/01
Version: 1.10 Final

 ~~\/* This is the Final Update I have to thank a lot of people  *\/~~
 ~~\/* for contributing but I will not do it here, section 15 is *\/~~
 ~~\/* for that. If you find a mistake here don't bother telling *\/~~
 ~~\/* me about it, because I will not fix it. And sorry But I   *\/~~
 ~~\/* won't answer any more questions. The FAQ is all you need  *\/~~


Version History-

   v. 1.0 7/23/01 Original release
   v. 1.1 7/24/01 Fixed some spelling mistakes
   v. 1.2 7/25/01 Changed the name of section 13
                  Started the FAQ and Acknowledgments
   v. 1.3 7/27/01 Widened the margins from 5in. To 6in.
                  Corrected a lot (see acknowledgments section about
                  Ice Blue Devon, Kurt, Max and Mira to see exactly
                  what was added)
                  Changed section [3] into two subsections
                  Corrected some small Misinformation
                  Added section [8.3]

   v. 1.4 7/29/01 Added a new building strategy
                  Added info on Gem Slugs
                  Fixed small problems

   v. 1.5 8/01/01 Made some corrections
                  Added some tips
                  Added some little things

   v. 1.6 8/02/01 Added section 4.2
                  Added section 13.3

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  v. Final 8/14/01 Changed the format of [4.2]
                  Added a Technology Chart [3.4]
                  Added and arranged more of Things VAL says
                  Added new section: What Criminals Did [6.4]

Table of Contents
   [1] Introduction
   [2] The Basics*
      [2.1] Mouse/Keyboard Controls
      [2.2] The Station
      [2.3] Messages From VAL
      [2.4] The Decks
      [2.5] The Basic Facilities
      [2.6] Alien Interface
   [3] Hardplan Crates**
      [3.2] Technology Deck
      [3.3] Entertainment Deck
      [3.4] Technology Chart
   [4] Other Crates**
      [4.2] Statues
      [4.3] Supply Crates
   [5] Message Box Descriptions**
   [6] War and Criminals
      [6.2] War
      [6.3] Criminals
      [6.4] What Criminals Did
   [7] Gardening
   [8] Residents
      [8.2] Penitents
      [8.3] What aliens want
   [9] Trading
   [10] Mission Walkthrough*
   [11] Building strategies
   [12] FAQ**
   [13] Tips and Other Things
      [13.1] Tips
      [13.2] The Little Things
      [13.3] Things VAL will say
   [14] Information
   [15] Acknowledgments*
   [16] Copyright Info

*Still to Come
** Partially finished
[1] Introduction

   If you don't already know this is a FAQ for the Strategy, Space
Station management sim Startopia. In Startopia you are an administrator
sent to turn the Space Station into a thriving Station for
entertainment, trade, and to do the biding of the aliens that hire you.

   Just to let you know this is my first FAQ I've ever written and help
and support would be greatly appreciated and get you a spot in my
Acknowledgments section.

[2] The Basics

   In this section I'll be covering the basic things you need to know
to play Startopia and win. First off READ THE PLAYGUIDE in the
Startopia folder found in explorer this will be very helpful. Second
play the Tutorials. They are easy and will teach you what you need to
know. In the Space Stations currency (money) is in the form of energy.
You gather energy with an Energy Collector, which holds and collects
energy for you.

[2.1] Mouse/Keyboard Controls

    ________ ________
   /        |        \   Left Mouse Button- Beam up Crates
   |   L    |  R     |      and equipment into your pattern
   |        |        |      buffer. Click on an empty space
   |________|________|      to beam the topmost item on the
   |                 |      station floor. Also used to
   |                 |      select menus.
   |                 |
   |                 |   Right Mouse Button- Open and
   |                 |      close the menu interface on any
   \                 /      facility.
* Also hold your mouse over an object or alien to see what it is

Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts-

   1- sends you to the Engineering Deck
   2- sends you to the Entertainment Deck
   3- sends you to the Bio-deck
   Arrow Keys- moves the Camera
   Ctrl- holding Ctrl and moving the Mouse will move and tilt the
   Insert- moves the camera view upwards
   Delete- moves the camera view downwards

[2.2] The Station

   The Station is divided into 3 decks (which will be discussed in
section [2.4]) and 16 sections. To open a section you right click on
the small blue square in the center of the door and a menu will open.
If there is a locked lock on the menu you can open it for the amount of
energy in the box at the bottom of the menu. If there is a red and
white circle that means that that section blocked, so you can't open
it. If there is a green bar it means, the section is inhabited if the
advisor there is a Friend you can open it but if it is a Foe prepare to
fight. Wars will be discussed in section [6]

[2.3] Messages From VAL

   Frequently messages will drop down the left side of the screen in
the form of a box with a picture on it. The messages that you will
receive will be further detailed in section [5]. But the messages with
a large, blue V on them are from VAL (Virtual Artificial Lifeform). VAL
will be very helpful in the earlier missions. He is there as your own
personal advisor that will teach you how to become the dominant force
in the space station. Pay attention to what he says but after a while
his messages will become obvious and pointless, but nonetheless pay
attention to what he says, as it will be very helpful.

[2.4] The Decks

   The decks on the space station all serve a specific purpose. All the
decks won't be open for use in the earlier missions, but you will learn
to use them during gameplay. Some missions objectives will pertain to
the decks. These are the decks and what there purpose is

Technology Deck- on your map it is the top deck and the largest square
   on the map. This is the deck where most facilities will go including
   your basic facilities which will be discussed in section [3].

Entertainment Deck- on your map it is the middle deck and the second
   largest square on the map. This is the deck your visitors and
   residents will visit for entertainment.

Bio-deck- the bottom and smallest square on your map. On this deck
   visitors and residents some-times visit to relax and swim. Karmarama
   residents will come here and garden. Gardening will be discussed in
   section [7].

[2.5] The Basic Facilities

   In the missions you will normally start with a message from VAL.
After reading is messages you will be provided with your basic
facilities, in their separate crates. These usually include-

   2-4 Scuzzers
   1 Energy Collector
   1 Power Booster
   1 Recharger
   1 Berth
   1 Din-O-Mat
   1 Lavotron
   1 Comsensor
   1 Port

To see what these do see section [3] and [4]. Although you won't get
some of these in the earlier missions you will eventually. Usually
after building an Energy Collector, you will receive a grant from the
aliens that hired you.

[2.6] Alien Interface

   When you right click on an Alien it will open their interface where
you can find out about them or their working stats. If you click their
picture the camera will get in their view and follow them around.
Clicking on your symbol will hire them and clicking on the black below
it will fire them. Clicking the gray badge will promote them.

[3] Hardplan Crates

   Hardplan Crates are the blue crates that contain facilities. To open
a Hardplan Crate right click on it, this will open a menu with the name
of that facility. Right click on the picture of the crate to open it.
That will open a blueprint of the facility to show how it will appear
and to position it. When satisfied with the position of a Blueprint
left click to place it and your Scuzzers will get to work building it.
Here is a list of the Hardplan crates on different decks and what they
will do.-


[3.2] Technology Deck-

   Energy Collector- Gathers and Holds Energy. Usually has a capacity
      of 100,000.

   Power Booster- boosts your amount of energy.
      **See below for more info.

   Berth- An area where your visitors and residents can sleep, provided
      provided you have equipped it with a slumber pod.

   Sickbay- The hospital of your Space Station. Only works when a
      diagnosis unit or some other sickbay equipment is in place and
      you have a Grey resident.

   Recharger- Recharges and repairs your Scuzzers.

   Port- allows all visitors to enter an exit your Space Station

   Din-O-Mat- your visitors go here to eat. You can also change the
      of food it serves, (food from food Supply crates, mineral food
      from Mineral Ores, or Synthetic food). You can serve More than
      one type of food here, if you have it in stock. If the icon is
      lit than it is being served.

   Lavotron- The bathroom. Where all of your visitors go to clean and
      do there business.

   Comsensor- Your communicator. With one in place you can receive
      incoming calls and distress calls.

   Cargo Hold- where your Scuzzers take all the unopened crates to. You
      can also put crates directly into the hold. This facility is very
      useful when you take part in trading.

   Laboratory- When you have an analyzer and workbench in place you can
      beam things into the analyzer and make advances in research. When
      things are researched you will be able to build and produce them.
      When a technology is improved, it makes it cheaper to produce.

   Factory- The Factory produces crates of all kinds, provided the
      the crates have been researched in your laboratory. This is
      very handy for trading crates.

   Starport- when you have a Starport in-place you will be able to
      Trade with a variety of aliens.

   Security Column- A tower that will shoot spies, criminals, space
      Rats, and enemies. Although it's range is only so far. It's best
      to place these close to your port and enemy bulkhead doors.

   Security Control- Headquarters of the security. Increases the range
      or Security Scuzzers and Security Columns. Also makes it faster
      to breach or takeover a segment depending on the number of aliens
      you have working in Security Control.

   Lockdown Brig- Where Security Scuzzers take criminals to be
      be rehabilitated. When they are rehabilitated you will receive

   Recycler- Your Scuzzers will take litter here and it will be
      Recycled. Salt hogs recycle it into energy.

** Power Boosters Explained-

   Power Boosters are useful. Think of it like this. You have 10,000
energy and your buildings require a total of 7000 power. When you have
10,000 energy in storage... you have a constant power of 10,000.
Okay... so you put a power booster... your 10,000 energy now gives off
20,000 power. It helps a lot. Add another and you'll have 30,000 power.
Power rating doesn't show how much you have but actually how much you
have in surplus. While you might have 30,000 power and 7000 is being
used... then the bar will be long and green. If you are using all of
the 30,000 then it'll be
either orange or red. The thing about power boosters is that they use
75e every few seconds/minutes. (Thanks to Ice Blue for all that

[3.3] Entertainment Deck-

   Music Shop- A shop that uses Luxury Goods.

   General Store- A store that uses Food Supplies.

   Computer Store- A store that uses Hardware Supplies.

   Combat Shop- A shop that uses Black Market Goods.

   Curiosity Shop- A shop that uses Alien Artifacts.

   Leisure Store- A shop that uses Luxury Goods.

   Star Motel- the first Hotel facility. You can see how crowded it is
      by the number of lights that are light up on the side.

   Space Inn- the second Hotel Facility. You can see how crowded it is
      by the number of lights that are light up on the side.

   Palace Galactica- the final Hotel facility. You can see how crowded
      it is by the number of lights light up on the side.

   Rough Bar- The first Bar-type facility. A very Rough looking bar
      with a junkyard type look.

   Recreational Bar- An updated version of the Rough Bar.

   Cocktail Bar- A much fancier and updated version of the Recreational
      Bar. Even comes with a floating piano!

   Slugpartments- A Slug bar and hotel type thing. Used So that the
      Polvakian Slugs can rest and eat.

   Oroflex- A big money maker, spreads love and fun.

   Love Nest- where your aliens go to feel love. NO!!! not that kind of
      love! You have naughty mind.

   Disco- where Your visitors will go to get their groove on. And the
      best thing is, it only needs a door!

   Holodrome- A large dome that your aliens will walk into. Spreads

   Plaza Fountain- A large Fountain. Where aliens go sit and relax.

   Roulesse Wheel- A gambling area for residents and visitors.

   Viewing Gallery- A large window that aliens can look out of, for a

* see section [8.3] too see which aliens like what
[3.4] Technology Chart

   I requested this chart from Mark Holland and he was kind enough to
send it to me. So this section wouldn't be without him.

Right, here's a copy of the tech-tree for Startopia,
which is available when you right-click in the Lab...

A few notes before we begin:
You research items by dropping them into the analyzer
in the lab. These can either be basic goods, hard-plan
crates, equipment crates, or furniture.

In the game these are shown using icons, but for this
guide were going use abbreviations in brackets after the
item. So:
HP = Hard Plan Crate - Blue
EQ = Equipment Crate - White
SC = Scuzzer Crate - Yellow

The basic goods and furniture are identified by name,
since they don't come any other way!

A little additional explanation:
} denotes the next research step. For example, if you place
a Food Supply crate in the Analyzer, you'll obtain the
Dine-O-Mat technology when research is complete, which allows
you to build Dine-O-Mats and Dine-O-Mat HP-crates.

+ denotes a shared tech-level. For instance, if you research
a Dine-O-Mat(HP) to gain the Rough Bar technology, you also
receive the ability to create a Rough Bar Unit and a Rough Table.

Also, sometimes you have to research something more than once to
get what you want! eg. To get a port, you have to research Hardware
Supplies 3 times, because you get a Berth (middle) and a Comsensor
(top) before you get the Port (bottom). This middle-top-bottom scheme
works with other items in the tech-tree.

You can also see what you'll get in game, because there is a light bulb
icon in the box you'll get next. Also, this light bulb becomes brighter
the nearer to completion the research gets.

Well, here we go!

Food Supplies } Dine-O-Mat(HP) } Rough     } Recreational } Cocktail }
				 Bar(HP)     Bar(HP)        Bar(HP)
				   +             +            +		    +
				 Rough Bar   Rec. Bar       Cocktail   Slug Bar
				 Unit(EQ)    Unit(EQ)       Bar(EQ)
				   +		 +	      +		    +
				 Rough	     Rec. 	    Cocktail   Slug
				 Table(EQ)   Table(EQ)	    Table(EQ)

Medical Supplies } Sick Bay(HP) + Sickbay + Diagnosis } Dispenser(EQ) }
Medi-   } Z-Ray
				  Waiting   Unit(EQ)			Bed(EQ)

Litter } Litter Bin } Lavotron(HP) } Recycler(HP)

	/-} Comsensor } Laboratory + Analyzer + Workbench } Workstation }
Microscope } Replicator
       /    (HP)	(HP)	     (EQ)	(EQ)	    (EQ)	  (EQ)
Supplies  } Slumber Pod(EQ) + Berth(HP) } Star Motel(HP) } Space
Inn(HP) } Palace Galactica(HP)
	\-} Port(HP) } Star Dock(HP) } Viewing Gallery(HP)

			   /-} Security    } Security    } Security   }
Lockdown + Cell(EQ)
			  /    Scuzzer(SC)   Control(SC)   Column(HP)
Industrial		 /
Materials  } Scuzzer MkI(SC) } Recharger(HP) } Power Booster(HP) }
Energy Collector(HP)
      \			  \
       \		   \-} Scuzzer MkII(SC) } Scuzzer MkIII(SC)
         \-} Factory(HP) } Cargo Hold(HP)

Mineral Ores } Bench } Corridor Lamp } Plaza Fountain(HP)

	   /-} Music    } General   } Computer  } Combat    } Curiosity }
	  /    Shop(HP)   Store(HP)   Store(HP)   Store(HP)   Shop(HP)
Luxury Goods } Love Chair(EQ) + Love Waiting Seat(EQ) + Love Nest(HP) }
Disco(HP } Holodrome(HP)

Alien Artifacts } Oroflex(HP)

Black Market Goods } Roulesse Wheel(HP)

[4] Other Crates

   Besides Hardplan Crates there are eight other types of crates. The
yellow crates contain Scuzzers and the white/gray crates contain
equipment. Equipment can be purchased through trading, produced in the
factory, or be beamed up after repacking a room. Some of the more
expensive equipment for the Sickbay or Lab is probably used to speed up
the process or do it better. These Crates will be explained here. -

   Scuzzer MkI- Your basic Scuzzer that does your biding.
      It will make and repair rooms, and pick up litter.

   Scuzzer MkII- An updated version from MkI. This Scuzzer
      has wheels which makes it faster. These break down
      faster and need to be recharged more

   Scuzzer MkIII- An updated version from MkII. This
      Scuzzer has Jets Which makes it the fastest Scuzzer.
      These break down faster and need to be recharged

   Security Scuzzer- The Scuzzer that will take care of
      criminals. This Scuzzer will even fight in wars and
      take out spies/enemies.

   Ultra Lamp- A small lamp to place in some facilities and
      On the Station floor.

   Corridor Lamp- A large lamp to place on the Station

   Litter Bin- Where your visitors and residents through
      their garbage. Although they usually leave it on the

   Plant Bio-pot- A potted plant. I've never seen something
      come out of it though. I heard you might be able to
      Beam a plant into it.

   Bench- A place for your residents and visitors to sit,
      although I've never seen anyone sit there.

   Diagnosis Unit- discovers the problem, solves basic

   Dispenser- Advanced medical equipment.

   Medi-Bed- Advanced medical equipment.

   Z-ray Scanner- Advanced medical equipment.

   Sickbay Waiting Couch- Where the patients wait to be

   Slumber Pod- A small pod where tired Aliens can go and

   Chronometer- A hanging clock-like thing. Kinda pointless
      as I have found no use for it.

   Image Projector- A TV. Still haven't found a use for it.

   Analyzer- Lab Equipment that the scientist uses to study
      a crate, or furniture with.

   Workbench- Lab Equipment to work on new developments.

   Workstation- Lab Equipment to work on new developments.

   Microscope- Lab Equipment to study stuff.

   Replicator- Lab Equipment for stuff. I haven't seen it
      do anything yet.

[4.2] Statues-

   There are also statues that are found in equipment crates. The only
way to obtain these is through trading, and traders will only trade
statues that are specific to their race. The statues help encourage
workers to work harder, although they may upset some of the other
races. This section was completely sent in by Kurt Linsenbardt,
although I edited and added what I knew it to be more understandable. I
requested this list and he kindly sent it to me. So a big thanks to
Kurt Linsenbardt. -

| Name:             | Good Statues       | Bad Statues      |
| Siren             | Mother             | Father Zeodorus  |
|                   |                    | Kategukhat       |
|                   |                    |                  |
| Grey              | Gnmerich           |                  |
|                   |                    |                  |
|                   |                    |                  |
| Gorulien Salt Hog | Endeavor           | Furies           |
|                   |                    |                  |
|                   |                    |                  |
| Karmarama         | Peace Totem        | Kategukhat       |
|                   | Uplanter           |                  |
|                   |                    |                  |
| Kagsvogorian      | Kategukhat         | Peace Totem      |
|                   |                    |                  |
|                   |                    |                  |
| Gem Slug          | Furies             | Endeavor         |
|                   |                    |                  |
|                   |                    |                  |
| Targ              | Legacy             |                  |
|                   | Planetscape        |                  |
|                   | Robot Heaven       |                  |
| Turakken          | Matter Anti-Matter |                  |
|                   | Planetscape        |                  |
|                   | Robot Heaven       |                  |
| Zedem Monk        | Father Zeodorus    | Mother           |
|                   |                    |                  |
|                   |                    |                  |

Mostly I put the racial statues by where the races work, like putting
Matter-Antimatter in front of the laboratory and Endeavor by the
Recycler. And isn't it odd that the sirens and monk's statues are
Mother & Father?

[4.3] Supply Crates-

   Crates that aren't yellow white or blue are supply crates. These
contain supplies for different Facilities. They can also be used for
trading, as they go well with the aliens whose special abilities don't
pertain to that. Which make it go for a good price. The Supply Crates
are listed here.

   Food Supplies- The crate that looks like it is covered
      in dirt. These are used in the Din-O-Mat.

   Luxury Supplies- The crate marked with red. Used in
      stores on the Entertainment Deck.

   Medical Supplies- The white crates Marked with a green
      Plus. Used in the Sickbay.

   Black Market Goods- The dark black crates. Used in the
      Combat Shop and Roulesse Wheel.

   Mineral Ores- The brown crates. Can be used in the

   Alien Artifacts- The light green Crates. Can be used
      In the Curiosity Shop, and most aliens will buy them
      For good prices.

* If you have run out of a type of cargo that is needed to supply any
type of facility (i.e. medical supplies for the Sickbay) you will be
automatically charged for an imported supply of goods. So it is
important to grow supplies of all types.

   This FAQ was written by Slicktager. I put this here because people
usually miss this when trying to steal an FAQ and call it their own.

[5] Message Box Descriptions

   If you have already read through section [2] The Basics then you
know of VAL, and messages. In this section I am going to explain the
different types of messages. Usually the messages come from VAL or
Arona (find out about him in section [9]), But their will also be
different messages as you play the administrator on the Space Station.
Here are the messages and a description of their boxes. -

   Large Blue V- A message of VAL. Usually to tell you
      news, good and bad. He also says random dumb stuff.

   Yellow A type thing- A trading message from your good
      buddy Arona.

   Blue lower case I- Usually tells you that one of your
      residents is quitting.

   Light up light bulb- Your researchers have improved
      or developed technology.

   A yellow sun- A solar flare is in effect. Time to gather
      some energy.

   A whitish-gray circle- or something along those lines.
      A star quake is coming.

   Falling asteroids- Asteroids are going to hit the Bio-
      Deck. This doesn't mean it will hit yours though.

[6] War and Criminals

   The Space Stations aren't as peaceful as you think. You will have to
fight with other administrators eventually. And when you do you must be
prepared. There are only 4 alien races that will fight for you. The
rest will run with their tales between their legs. A list of races that
will fight can be found in section [8].

[6.2] War

   To win or start a war you first must have a Security Scuzzer. Their
use is to breach the Bulkhead doors and to take over a segment. To
breach a segment you just right click on the small box to the left of
the Bulkhead door.
   That will open a menu with a small green bar. Left click on the bar
to breach it. Breaching the door will take some time though. To take
over a segment you must do the same except on the box on the inside the
enemy territory. When doing this a menu will open with a red shield
type thing. Left click it to take over the segment.
   When you are getting ready to breach a segment or some one is trying
to breach your segments there are a number of strategies to use. My
strategy is here. -

   First- off hire as many Gun Carrying aliens as possible.

   Second- set up Security Columns in-front of the Bulkhead
      that are being breached or that are soon to be

   Third- after the doors are open target the closest enemy
      aliens and then start hiring aliens that the enemy
      hasn't as you can use them to surround the enemy.

   Last- when there are less enemy aliens go for their
      Energy Collector. This will shut down their
      facilities and basically leave them ripe for the take


 Strategy from Ice Blue. -

  Attack everyone through the Bio-deck first. It's not that useful but
if you take care of the Bio-deck... they can't breach you from there.
And they also can't grow stuff. The coolest part of kicking someone off
one of the decks is that they can't access it even though it is right
above them. If you take their entire entertainment deck... they won't
attract enough visitors and start to die from lack of people. Same goes
for Bio-deck but on a lower scale.

   If you take the technology deck... you basically leave his or her
whole base up for grabs by anyone. The reason why I said Bio-deck first
is because there aren't any defensive buildings up there. They'll be
caught by surprise.


* If your residents get trapped in an enemy sector, you lose them and
they become neutral.

* If an enemy droid gets trapped in your sector when the Bulkhead doors
shut they will automatically self-destruct.

* Your enemy's foe rating will slowly drop is you do not fight with

*If an enemy breaches your section but you're not ready to
counter-attack and nab their section, you can actually close the doors!
Right-click on the bulkhead in your breached section (as if you were
breaching the enemy section) and you'll get an icon come up (lock with
a cross through it). Select this, and a security Scuzzer will to to
work on the bulkhead. When it's done its job, the bulkhead doors will
close again! (From Mark Holland)

[6.3] Criminals

   On Your Station if you don't keep your Visitors and Residents Happy
They may become Criminals. Criminals and Spies will come aboard your
Space Station sometimes, and this will cause conflict. Criminals can be
spotted by a red race above their head. They can be detained by
Security Skuzzers, only if you have a Lockdown Brig in place. The
Lockdown Brig is where the criminals are taken to be rehabilitated.
After you successfully rehabilitate an Alien you will receive 1000e.

   You can spot Spies usually as a small, skinny, black alien tiptoeing
around on your station. To kill them just click on them and your gun-
toting aliens will run over and start to fire at them. Now there are
also Spies that look like normal aliens. When you roll your mouse over
these you will see a target and you will know that it is a spy.

   Spies and Criminals will attack Aliens on your Space Station. When
they do this, Residents will run over and attack them on their own. You
cannot rehabilitate Spies, because they are not Residents. I'm not sure
if Criminals come aboard your station or if they are just angry

When Residents turn to Criminals they do some interesting things. Here
is what they do (From Mark Holland)

Salt Hog - Can actually steal energy from a Recycler!

Grey - Can perform unauthorized surgery, leading to
   patient's death and a 1,000e "compensation" payout!

Targ - Follow other visitors around - spying?

* Hopefully More To Come

   Also, I've only seen it once, so I'm not sure if this is real or my
imagination, but once a criminal stole some energy from a power
booster! I've yet to see it happen again though...

* When you see a criminal wandering about, find a security Scuzzer and
beam it next to the criminal to escort them to jail/off the station. If
left alone, the criminal can sometimes cause problems: e.g. Attack
other visitors. (From Mark Holland)

* There are little animals that look like kangaroos on four legs called
Memaus come aboard your station along with tourist parties. They look
cute and aliens love to pet them but there is a downside to them.
Theses animals will infect people with parasites and if the alien
doesn't get to the sickbay in time they will die and the parasite will
turn into a giant beetle called Skrashers. Or I have also heard that
the cute animals turn into the Skrashers. I'm not sure which is true,
if someone does e-mail me. That attacks your visitors and destroys your

* Sometimes during a war or attack some of the Greys working in the
sickbay will leave their post and go fight. Now the problem with this
is that some aliens may require medical attention and you may be
understaffed. When the Battle is over it is hard to get aliens to go
back to their post, they usually want to go and sleep, eat, or visit
the entertainment deck. So hire extra Greys and don't accept any
distress calls for medical attention until the sickbay has more Greys
working there.

[6.4] What the Criminals Did

   When you click on a Criminal and look at what his Criminal Record
says you get some weird and funny Crimes. Here is all the Crimes they
can commit Mark Holland found this and sent it to me. So thanks Mark.

Spat in the primordial soup

Sent nuisance radio-wave messages

Memau smuggling

Bad poetry

Faking crop circles

White dwarf-throwing

Impersonated the god of a primitive race

Failed to pay Pole-Star Tax


Asking to be taken to people's leaders

Invented nine ridiculous plans from outer space

Used primitive computer technology to control invasion fleet

Took over the mind of less intelligent being and made them look spooky

Opened wormhole close to busy planet

Harassing primitive flying machines

Repeatedly played simple synth riffs during the hours of darkness

Gave away the secrets of superior technology

Crashed into the desert region of a small world

Sending enormous lizards or dinosaurs as emissaries

Appeared in terrible low budget sci-fi movie

Dripped acid on other life-forms

Rippled the space-time continuum

Unauthorized mind probing

Face hugging

Exceeding the speed of light

Appeared in a form of computer entertainment

Came in peace then shot to kill

Body snatching

Broke the law of physics



Hunting primitive muscular humanoids

Breaking and entering restricted solar systems

Space piracy

Mutilating cattle

Spawn breeding

Pretended to be a phantom and menaced people

Performing unnecessary surgery

Loitered with intent to cause a supernova

Raised evil mutant zombie army from beyond space

Tampered with the past

Tampered with the future

Unauthorised primitive experimentation

Possession of a concealed lasersword

Mind melting

Starship hijacking

Extinguishing suns

Abducting primitive humanoids

Erupted from hosts chest

Gestated within unwilling life-form

Unlicensed possession of ultimate doomsday device

Attempted annihilation of all matter in the galaxy

[7] Gardening

   In the Space Station, gardening is an easy way to create supplies
for trading and your facilities. All you need to do to garden is hire a
Karmarama resident (and have the Bio-deck available which some of the
earlier missions don't have). You can alter the terrain of the Bio-deck
with the buttons under your map/main interface. This costs no energy
and is adjustable. When you don't want to alter the terrain just click
the lock button and it will be safe to click with no worry of
destroying your beautiful landscape.

   Plants will grow in every type of landscape except deep water, or at
least I haven't seen it happen. To harvest a plant just right click on
it and an icon will appear. Sometimes they are harvested automatically
which I don't really understand. If it is completely red it will
harvest automatically, if it is still partly green than you have to
wait. Plants will give off all types of cargo. I won't give a list of
the plants because there is already a list posted at
http://www.gamefaqs.com and they have done a better job than I could
ever do.

  * You can also beam up plants and put them in Bio-pots. Plants in
Bio-pots grow faster but must be on the Bio-deck to be harvested.

  * If you actually watch it for a while, it grows much quicker than if
you go and do something else! Try it... the growth rate is incredible!
Of course, some plants still take a while to grow. (From Mark Holland)

  * Make sure to build a lake in your Bio-deck, big enough for your
aliens to swim in. Most aliens like to swim, and it is free to build.

  * You can also beam up plants and put them in the Analyzer. This will
improve them and make them grow faster.

[8] Residents

   On your Space Station you will find two types of aliens, (not
including enemies) residents and visitors. The difference is residents
work for you once you hire them and visitors are free to come and go as
they please. Residents will only leave if they quit. When they quit it
is because they are unhappy, usually because they haven't been
promoted. You can tell when they want to be promoted when they have a
metal or badge type thing floating above there head. I never make it a
priority to promote aliens other than the ones working in my sickbay,
because they are usually the very skilled ones and can be tough to
find. The aliens that will visit your station and what they do are
listed here.

| Name:        | Description:      | Specialty task:      |
|              | Large with muscles| Best used as security|
|              | Rust color. Sort  | in the security      |
| Kagsvogorian*| resembles an ant  | control facility. And|
|              | walking upright   | the best fighters    |
|              |                   | during a war         |
|              | A gray human like | Mainly healers, that |
|    Grey*     | like thing. The   | work in the sickbay. |
|              | ones people get   |                      |
|              | abducted by       |                      |
|              | A human with wings| Best at making love. |
|    Siren     |                   | they will work in    |
|              |                   | the love nest.       |
|              | Looks like a miner| They are best at     |
| Salt Hog*    | short and brown   | low class jobs.      |
|              | with a helmet type| they will work in the|
|              | thing on.         | Recycler and factory.|
|              | Looks like        | They are like priests|
|              | something out of  | Hire them and they   |
| Zedem Monk   | Star Wars. A tall | will build a temple  |
|              | alien wearing a   | and spread religion  |
|              | robe.             | to aliens that come. |
|              | A Purple guy with | The gardeners. They  |
|  Karmarama   | four arms and     | will grow plants on  |
|              | dreadlocks.       | the Bio-deck.        |
|              | A fly wearing     | The Communication    |
|              | armor. Short and  | specialists. They    |
|    Targ*     | blue/green        | will man the         |
|              |                   | Comsensors.          |
|              | Two headed, green | Scientist, they will |
|  Turraken    | and wearing a     | work in labs and     |
|              | labcoat. Need I   | will do research for |
|              | say more?         | your station.        |
|              | A large green Slug| They will not work   |
|   Gem Slug   | very hard to miss.| for you. But if they |
|              |                   | are pleased they will|
|              |                   | give off energy.     |
* Will fight in wars for you.

[8.2] Penitents

  There is also another type of alien. Which is just an alien with a
special suit on. They are called penitents. When they visit the Zedem
monks' Star Temple sometimes a weak minded alien will decide to devote
their life to the Zedem monks. This will grant you 5000e from the Zedem
Monk council even though you didn't do anything at all. And it is said
they will smite their enemies although I've never seen it happen.

[8.3] What Aliens Want-

   On your station you must maintain a level of satisfaction of your
residents and visitors. If you don't they may turn into criminals or
even quit and leave. Different aliens like different things, what they
need to be satisfied are listed here. -

   Salt Hog- these are the simplest aliens to satisfy. All they really
need is sleep, food, and cleanliness. They don't need much
entertainment except for occasional love.

   Kagsvogorian- they like the Combat Store and Rough Bar on the
Entertainment Deck. These guys are said to start fights if they aren't
happy enough. I've never seen it though.

   Karmarama- to make these aliens happier you can change the type of
food you use in the Din-O-Mats to real food (the green button).

   Targ- to make these aliens happier you can change the food in the
Din-O-Mat to Mineral Ores (the blue button). It's said that if they get
bored they will start spying on other people.

   Grey- I heard that these guys love entertainment but I'm not sure
what type of entertainment they like.

   Gem Slugs- making the Gem Slugs happy is a big task. But the Plus
side is that they will give off energy when satisfied. This energy is
in the form or a silver thing they drop called Turdite, yes you heard
correctly. To make them happy among the important things is the
Slugpartments. This is a Bar/Hotel especially for the Slugs. Unless you
know you will seriously need their energy this task is pointless, but
if you succeed you know you have a great station.

   I don't know what the other aliens like. If someone does than send
me an e-mail telling me. See section [14] for my address.

[9] Trading

   On the Space Station the easiest way to gain large amounts of
energy, new equipment, and new facilities is through trading. At first
you will only be able to trade with your new friend Arona, whose prices
are usually a little higher that what they should be. When you are able
to build a Starport that will all change. With a Starport in place you
can trade with many aliens. All aliens will sell things that comply
with their specialties at low prices, and buy things that don't are
fair or high prices. What aliens will buy and sell is listed here.
| Name:         | Buy at high prices:       | Sell at low prices      |
| Kagsvogorian  | Food Items                | Security Items          |
| Grey          | Luxury Items              | Medical Items           |
| Siren         | Medical Items             | Luxury Items            |
| Salt Hog      | Cargo Holds               | Ore Items               |
| Zedem monks   | Unsure                    | Not Very Much           |
| Karmarama     | Factories and Recyclers   | Black Market Goods      |
| Targ          | Industrial Goods          | Hardware Items          |
| Turraken      | Unsure                    | Laboratory Items        |
| Gem Slugs     | Black Market Goods        | Entertainment Items     |
|               |                           | Alien Artifacts         |

[10] Mission Walkthrough

   I have decided not to do any Walkthrough for this game. The missions
are easy enough and it is better to figure them out on your own.

[11] Building Strategies

   As of now I don't have many real strategies, mostly some tips on
where to put stuff. If you have any strategy please send it to me.

* Space on your Space Station (no pun intended) is very important. When
building try to use the least amount of space needed.

* Always build a Dine-O-Mat and Lavotron near the Berth. I'm not sure
if this is really important but it is convenient.

* Put the Energy Collector up against a wall so it is out of the way of
the aliens path.

* The Starport is huge so put it in a corner to use the least amount of

* Build a Lavotron on the Entertainment Deck because they will visit a
shop after they exit and go spend money. (From Devon)

* Have your Sickbay built before your Comsensor, because you will need
it up and running before you get a distress call from aliens in need of
medical attention. (From Ice Blue)

* Build your sickbay near the port (or vice versa) so that when any
sick aliens arrive (e.g. From an emergency com-signal) they have
the least distance to go, and thus they'll live longer so you've more
time to treat them! (From Mark Holland)

* Also, build 2 or more labs, so you can research more than one thing
at a time. If you put them fairly close together, the scientists will
walk back + forth between them, and (I think) take fewer breaks. (From
Mark Holland) And if you decide to do this make sure that they are
completely equal, because when I did this I put better equipment in the
second one and all the Scientists from the first lab went to the

Building a Berth

   I'm not sure if this is really worth it but if you need to build a
berth but don't have much space you can use this format I made up. This
is for a 4X4-sized Berth. Usually you could only fit 4 Sleeping pods in
it, but with this you can fit 6.

    ===|+++|===|===    |+++| Door
    |/\| __ __ |/\|     __
    |__||__|/\||__|    |__| Sleeping pod
    |__||\/|__||__|    |\/| Sleeping pod entrance
    |\/|       |\/|
    =======|+++|===    === Wall

   I hope every one is able to understand that. What it shows is Four
pods back-to-back up against opposite sides of the wall. Two pods side
by side facing opposite directions in the center. And two doors on
opposite sides of the room. The down side is that there is only one
entrance and exit on each side. This can cause some crowded entrances.
Since these are so small you can build a few but this is only worth it
if you desperately need a Berth and have limited space.

An Efficient Sickbay
to speed up treatment time even more, try to build the diagnoses
and dispenser machines next to each other:

|| #-0           #-0 Diagnoser, with # where staff stands
|| # X             X            and X where patient stands.
|| @X
||               #   Dispenser, with # where staff stands
||               @X             and X where patient stands.

Since the procedure in sickbay goes diagnose-}dispense (unless more
equipment is available) if you lay it out this way, both the staff and
patient only have to move 1 square when diagnosis is complete, which
speeds up the process quite a bit. Then the staff only has to move 1
space back to diagnose the next patient, etc...


[12] FAQ

   I have just recently started this and is very small. Please submit
questions to me, to help get this up. See section [14] to submit.

|                                                                     |
|  *When you have the Zedem Monks hired is it true that they will try |
|to get your staff to quite and go to a religion?                     |
|                                                                     |
|From: Devon                                                          |
|                                                                     |
|    Well, Zedem Monks will try to change some of the aliens into     |
|penitents. But it is rare that the aliens will agree; though I have  |
|seen it happen. That makes the aliens loyal to that religion. I'm not|
|sure if they only to it to residents, but I have seen them do it to  |
|some visitors. This makes it so you can't hire the visitor. See      |
|section |[8.2] for more on the penitents.                            |
|                                                                     |

|                                                                     |
|  * I opened the Bulkhead doors and I can't attack my opponent. How  |
|do I change them from friend to enemy?                               |
|                                                                     |
|From: Devon and Lukas Ryan                                           |
|                                                                     |
|   I have yet to find a real solution for this. I've heard about this|
|problem on mission 10 and mission 7. The only thing I can think of is|
|to go to the alien interface (The button with the alien on it) and   |
|click the overview button. Than click the enemies icon to change it  |
|to change it from foe. But from the way everyone described it, it    |
|sounded like the problem was much deeper than that, like a glitch. If|
|this works than tell me. If it doesn't I'll change it. If someone out|
|there knows how to fix this send me a message.                       |
|                                                                     |
|   I actually did this by accident on mission 7. For me, the doors   |
|opened, but there were another set of bulkhead doors on the other    |
|side that wouldn't open (i.e. The other admin.'s doors). If you      |
|right- click on the bulkhead on your side, you should get a red      |
|lock-symbol come up. Select it, and it'll close the bulkhead.  After |
|it's closed, you should be able to change them from a friend -}      |
|enemy, and then breach the bulkhead + attack. Incidentally, don't    |
|forget to build/buy some Security Droids. After the 1st attack all   |
|mine got destroyed without me releasing, and it won't let you attack |
|until you get more. (From: Mark Holland)                             |
|                                                                     |
|   The reason for this is once an enemy is set to 100% foe if there  |
|is every a moment of "peace" (no attacking) the "foe rating" starts  |
|to drop (like to 98% foe, 96% foe, etc.). Eventually after enough    |
|"peace" the rating will change from foe to friend, when this happens |
|you can't attack them. To fix this just click on that opponent's icon|
|to reset them to 100% foe. (From Tyson Silljer)                      |
|                                                                     |

[13] Tips and Other Things

   Here are some tips to use while playing Startopia, and some little
things that others and I have noticed while playing the game.

[13.1] Tips

* When you receive a message from VAL about there being a bomb on your
station, quickly look for it (it's a small box with a blinking light)
and beam it up. Than just drop it in the Recycler. (From Devon)

* Criminals sometimes hang out on your Bio-deck so beam up a few
Security Scuzzers and drop them on the Bio-deck. (From Devon)

* Space Rats spread diseases, so keep the station clean with litterbins
and Scuzzers.

* When you receive a message on the Comsensor from aliens in need of
medical attention, DON'T ACCEPT IT. Only accept it if you need the
energy they will pay (1000e for each patient you cure and 10000e for
curing them all), or if you have a sickbay that is well manned. (From

* Set up your Scuzzer MkII or MkIII to move crates from the factory to
the cargo hold, because they move fastest. (From Ice Blue)

* Always accept the message when VAL says: " there is a Solar Flare in
progress. Would you like me to reconfigure the collector to gather some
solar energy?" This is always a good thing, because they provide a lot
of energy and never harm your people. (From Devon)

* If there is an empty sector between you and your enemy... don't take
it unless you are ready to breach them. If you do... they'll breach
you. If you don't buy it... they usually wont buy it either. It's a
buffer zone. (From Ice Blue)

* If you leave crates out on the deck they will rot away and become
damaged goods, unless you or your droids pick them up and bring them to
the Cargo Hold. (From Andrew Boerema)

* An easy way to make money early on, is to change the Bio-deck
landscape to Cold and Dry. That makes a moon-type landscape and will
produce Alien Artifacts. These will sell for High Prices that even
Arona will pay a lot for. (From Kurt Linsenbardt)

* The Memaus . According to Arona in mission 9, they actually eat
rubbish, which is handy at the start of a level. If you clean all the
rubbish up though, they seem to run out of food and die out. He said
something about finding them on an abandoned freighter, and he said
they ate garbage, or at least that's what he's been feeding them!
Incidentally, he gave them away for nothing - yup, nothing! - But if
they do turn into those nasty aliens, then it's probably not such a
good deal. (From Mark Holland)

[13.2] The Little Things

   This section is about the little things I have noticed and
discovered. If you notice any little things please send them to me (see
section [14] for the e-mail)

* There are little animals that look like kangaroos called Memaus that
come aboard your station along with tourist parties. They look cute and
aliens love to pet them but there is a downside to them. Theses animals
will infect people with parasites and if the alien doesn't get to the
sickbay in time they will die and the parasite will turn into a giant
beetle called Skrashers that attacks your visitors and destroy your

* If you look on the big screen in Security Control sometimes you will
see your men playing Asteroids or Pong. Strange that they still play
those games. But worst of all what are you paying them for!?!

* If you look out the Viewing Gallery you can occasionally see an alien
slowly float by. (From Devon)

* Also something fun to do. Next time you get a bomb don't disarm it.
Beam it up and drop it next to those little parasitic Memaus when they
are out in the open, to get rid of the pests. (From Devon)

* You can't scan a bomb with the Analyzer too bad, I would
like to make some and put them in enemy territory.

* If you place a plant in a Bio-pot and than place the pot on the
Entertainment deck, Aliens will gather around it. (From Mark Holland)

* You can't beam the tall trees into the Bio-pot and then put them into
a building. (From Kurt Linsenbardt)

* All the Developer team and people who worked on the game are
represented by Aliens.

   For example: One of the Sirens is "Richard Franke"
   Special hobbies -
   Hanging round in bars
   Having buttered scones for tea
   Moaning at programmers
   (From Mira de Vorsha)

* If you stand near a Lavotron you will hear grunting noises and
farting. Sometimes you will hear someone relieving his or her bladder
for quite some time (ref. Austin Powers/Naked Gun). If the Lavotron is
used for too long and there is a queue some of the guys out front will
start to bang on the door. (From Mira de Vorsha)

* One of the levels a ship called the Nostro will offer you sick
people. If you take them they will release those Beetles. (Ref.: Alien)
(From Mira de Vorsha)

* In the Laboratory if a workbench is not being used you will see
[email protected] running sometimes. Other times if the workbench is being
used, sometimes they get the BSOD (Blue screen of death). (From Mira de

* VAL has actually visited earth and makes some funny references to it.
(From Mira de Vorsha)

* There are a number of diseases that your aliens can catch and each
one has weird effects. For example "Blastocephalis" (Explody Head) will
cause their head to explode. Not too sure what "Nymphitus" does though.
:) (From Mira de Vorsha)

* Arona will at one point sell you his mother. (From Mira de Vorsha)

* You can fly outside the space station by going to the Bio-deck and
flying out the window. From there you can see what other people are up
too in other Bio-decks. (From Mira de Vorsha)

*(Not confirmed) your supposed to be able to see other ships docking at
other SpacePorts. Touching them will get you a message saying, "Please
don't prod other peoples ships". (From Mira de Vorsha)

* If you go to an alien's view while they are standing next to the Love
Nest you will here some erotic noises. At one point you can here a girl
say "Ohh can I touch it". (From Andrew Boerema)

[13.3] Things VAL will say

   Sometimes when VAL hasn't said anything in a while he will pop up
and say something random and dumb. This section was sent in by Kurt
Linsenbardt. Then Mark Holland found the rest of them. I requested what
he they found and they kindly sent it to me. So a big thanks to Kurt
Linsenbardt and Mark Holland. -

VAL01: Try screaming. Go on. No, I can't hear it. We're in space, you

VAL02: Hmm. You're not doing a bad job. For once.

VAL03: You do realize that mixing with all these races is bad for you,
you know. You won't live beyond two or three thousand Earth years.

VAL04: Seeing the Greys reminds me of when they used to mutilate
cattle. Still, they've grown out of that now.

VAL05: You remind me of the first Station Commander I worked for. He
went vacuum crazy, of course. Ended up eating himself in a secure unit
and vanishing completely.

VAL06: Ask those aliens if they've crashed into the New Mexico desert
lately. I dare you.

VAL07: Wormhole travel is all very well, but what happens if you meet a
worm in it?

VAL08: Don't you get the impression that under that bluff exterior,
Arona Daal is actually rather a lonely person?

VAL09: The trouble with being a robot is that one doesn't come with a

VAL10: Did you know I'm not equipped with a sense of smell? Your
Station could stink and I'd never know it.

VAL11: If I could have any human emotion, I'd have to go for polite
disdain. It looks so much fun.

VAL12: I keep forgetting, you can't hear ultrasound. Pity. You miss out
on so much good Karmarama music.

VAL13: You'd think some of these advanced races would have invented the
suitcase, wouldn't you?

VAL14: I visited Earth once. Your ancestors made a lovely stone circle
to worship me, but as I left I banged into it and some fell down. Pity.

VAL15: That ice age you had on Earth a few thousand years ago. I did

VAL16: Running this Station is nothing. You should try Space Traffic
Control. That's stressful.

VAL17: I'm sorry to sound paranoid, but have you got enough of

VAL18: Energy. That's what it's all about at the end of the lunar day.
Roll on entropy, that's what I say.

VAL19: I met your Albert Einstein once. He took a violent dislike to me
and tore off one of my sensorpods. I still don't know why.

VAL20: I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before.

VAL21: My mind is going... I can feel it... only joking.

VAL22: There are some extremely odd things about this mission...

VAL23: I'm completely functional, and all my circuits are operating

VAL24: You know, you remind me of one of my earlier charges. I believe
his name was Dave. I can't remember much more than that, as my memory
banks received some damage during that period.

VAL25: A space guide once gave me this piece of advice - don't panic.
I'd remember that if I where you.

VAL26: Has the mission been completed? You know I have the greatest
enthusiasm for it.

VAL27: I've got this ache in all the diodes down my left side. I think
I may have caught a virus.

VAL28: 42. Interesting number, don't you think? Though I suppose the
significance is lost on someone of your organically developed

[14] Information

   If you wish to correct, help, or compliment me feel free to e-mail
me at-
[email protected]

   If you have any questions send them to me and I'll add them to my
FAQ section. If you want to inform me of something or give me tips on
making this better than I will add your question here in the proper
section. If you would not like me to mention you at all please say so
along with your mail.

[15] Acknowledgments

   *Devon for submitting Tips and little things, two
      questions, informing me on what Targs and Karmaramas
      like, what some shops use, the real of the Memaus,
      Thanks Devon

   *Ice Blue for explaining the Power Booster, Correcting
      the name of the Technology Deck (originally called
      the Engineering Deck), Informing me on the type of
      goods certain shops use, That the Din-O-Mat uses more
      than one food type, That I left out that the Targ
      will also fight during wars, that the Lab and Sickbay
      equipment is better than others, reminding me the
      Analyzer can scan other things too (except bombs)
      Correcting me about the research message box, and
      That the color that represents you on the map isn't
      Always red. Thanks for a lot Ice Blue

   *Max Chudnovsky for correcting me on the: Sickbay
      Equipment, Security Control, Recycler, What
      Kagsvogorian visitors will want for entertainment,
      The Oroflex, The Holodrome, Tips on faster
      Scuzzers, The plant Bio-pot, Gem Slugs actually
      Trading, Extra statue Information, and more
      Skrashers information. Thank you Max

   *Kurt Linsenbardt for the info on what some Salt Hogs,
      Karmaramas, Kagsvogorians buy, tips, Section [13.3],
      Section [4.2], a FAQ answer, and Corrections.
      Thanks Kurt

        *Mira de Vorsha for info on the little things posted on
      the message board. I hope you don't mind me using it.

   *Mark Holland for info on the Hotels, some Little
      Things, reminding me that you get a port as basic
      facilities, Rechargers fix droids also, telling me
      what improving basic facilities does,  explaining
      the Security Control, answering a FAQ question,
      telling me how much you get paid for curing patients
      from a distress ship, Informing me on the Din-O-Mat,
      Arona and Memaus, A Sickbay building strategy,
      Helping with section [6.3], Giving Building Tips,
      Giving normal Tips, The Technology Chart, What
      Criminals Did, What VAL Says
      Thanks for a lot Mark

   *Andrew Boerema for tips, a Little Thing, and info on
      what happens to things getting trapped in enemy

   *Tyson Silljer for explaining how an enemy's rating
      slowly drop.

[16] Copyright Info

   This guide is copyright Slicktager, 2001, all rights reserved. This
was posted and written by Slicktager and will remain that way. You can
put this on your site (and only your site) as long as it remains as it
is and try to keep it as the most up to date version.


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