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                         Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
                Hints, Tips, and other General Suggestions

                               January 17, 2005
                                Version FINAL-C

                           Written by:  Dan Simpson
                                Email:  [email protected]

                                Email Policy:
         If you are going to email me about this game, please put
         Alpha Centauri as the subject.  Or just AC.  Also please
         realize that I am not hiding cheats or any other information,
         i.e. everything I know about Alpha Centauri is in this guide.

         If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add
         please email me!  I will, of course, give you full credit for
         your addition, and be eternally grateful to you.

 The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at:

 This is not intended as a full-fledged FAQ, but rather as a small tips file
 to help out in various small ways.  Mostly it will help me out, as I will
 have to actually think about ways to play the game better, and it helps to
 write these things down.

 If you are a webmaster and wish to post this on your web page, please email
 me first.  And if you do post this FAQ on your site, please make an attempt
 to keep it up to date.  There is nothing worse than getting emails from
 people who saw an old version asking about things that are already in the
 newer versions.  Well, maybe there are worse things, but it IS annoying!

 This is probably the final release of this FAQ.  Since I haven't updated it
 since June, I don't think anyone will notice or care!  Also, this FAQ has no
 Alien Crossfire content (the Add-On to Alpha Centauri).

 This Document is Copyright 1999-2005 by Dan Simpson
 Alpha Centauri is Copyright 1999 by Electronic Arts

 I am not affiliated with Firaxis, Electronic Arts, or anyone who had
 anything to do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on
 any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you
 are posting it.  You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

What's New in FINAL-C:
    Changed my email address, the format.

  For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
  of the FAQ.

Table of Contents:

       1.  Before you start...
       2.  Getting a Game Started
       3.  Building Bases
           a.  Exploration
       4.  What to build and When to build it
       5.  Secret Projects
       6.  Diplomacy
       7.  War
       8.  Editing your Game

       Final Words...

1.  Before you start...

   You may want to consider downloading the "enhancement pack", as it adds some
   nice new features to the game.  A copy of the pack (version 3.0 as of March
   23, 1999) can be found at:

      US:      ftp://ftp.owo.com/pub/alpha/SMACP3US.EXE  (1.84 MB)
      UK:      ftp://ftp.owo.com/pub/alpha/SMACP3UK.EXE  (3.37 MB)
      French:  (ver 2.0) ftp://ftp.owo.com/pub/alpha/smacfv2.exe   (2.04 MB)
      German:  (ver 2.0) ftp://ftp.owo.com/pub/alpha/smacgv2.exe   (2.04 MB)

   This upgrade adds several new elements to the game, as well as the usual
   batch of bug fixes, etc.

   If you don't own the game, you can find a playable demo at these sites:

      No intro:  ftp://ftp.owo.com/pub/alpha/smac_demo1_1.exe
      W/Intro:   ftp://ftp.owo.com/pub/alpha/smac_demo1_1m.exe

2.  Getting a Game Started

   To make a game easier (or harder) you will probably want to Customize the
   Planet.  Map Size can be whatever you want it to be as long as it is under
   256 x 256, because at that size the game starts getting rummy; the game
   itself recommends maps no larger than 64 x 128 (Huge Map).  If you are a
   Pacifist in nature (don't like fighting the AI, or other players) you will
   probably want a large planet, say 120 x 110 or larger.  A warlord player
   would benefit a lot more from a small planet.  If you want to maximize your
   score at the end of the game do not choose "Rare" on the native life, as it
   will cut your score by 25%.

   In the Rules section, the best option to choose is "First Look" which allows
   you to build your first colony, rather than starting with one prebuilt.  And
   don't ever do "accelerated start", since it gives every player a free 
   Project and that means you lose out on 6 great projects!  Also if you are a 
   Pacifist make sure that there are no spoils of war so that the other more 
   aggressive factions don't steal your hard earned tech.  Conversely if you
   are one of those aggressive factions you probably want that on.  Finally the 
   option of Unity Survey will help out with exploration since you will be able 
   to see the land mass--not what's there, just the basic shape of the land.

   Here are the precise benefits and costs of each faction:

   Gaians - benefits:                       costs:
            Centauri Ecology (tech)         Cannot do Free Market (social Eng.)
            +2 Efficiency (social Eng.)     -1 Morale
            +1 Planet Ecology               -1 Police
            +1 Fungal Nutrients
            The Gaian lack of Morale and Police means that you will have to
            build improvements aimed at preventing drone riots, like Holo
            Theatres, etc.  Overall they make a decent Faction.

   Hive -   benefits:                       costs:
            Doctrine: Loyalty (tech)        Cannot do Democracy
            Perimeter Defense in all bases  -2 Economy
            +1 Growth
            +1 Industry
            The Hive has a lot going for it, except Economy.  Which means that
            mid to late in the game, the Hive will have chronic money problems
            if not run correctly.

   Believers - benefits:                    costs:
            Social Psych (tech)             Cannot do Knowledge
            +25% attack strength            NO Research until 2110 (!!)
            +1 Probe                        -2 Research
            +2 Support                      -1 Planet
            The Believers have too many research drawbacks to make them a
            contender without serious tech swiping by probe teams.  Also they
            don't even start research for 10 turns, another serious drawback
            making it easy to get behind and get beaten by smarter societies.

   Morgan - benefits:                       costs:
            Industrial Base (tech)          Hab complexes needed at pop. 4
            100 energy                      Cannot do Planned Economics
            +1 Economy                      -1 Support
            Extra Commerce (from pacts,etc)
            Morgan, in my opinion, is a case where the costs far exceed the
            benefits, especially the Hab complexes at pop. 4, that slows 
            growth. And those 100 energies won't last for all that long.  The 
            Extra Commerce Benefit is the best one here, however it only is 
            active if you have Peace Treaties and/or Pacts with other Factions.

   Spartan - benefits:                      costs:
            Doctrine: Mobility (tech)       Cannot do Wealth
            No extra cost for Prototypes    -1 Industry
            +2 Morale
            +1 Police
            A fairly well balanced faction is geared for military expansion,
            but would do better with extra support.  The cost on industry hurts
            your expansion as well since it takes extra time to build all of
            your crack troops.

   Peacekeepers - benefits:                 costs:
            Biogenetics (tech)              Cannot do Police State
            +1 talent for every 4 people    -1 Efficiency
            Exceed Pop. limits by 2
            Double votes for Gov., etc.
            A good choice for the Pacifist out there (hence the name), has only
            one serious drawback, the -1 Efficiency, but that can be altered
            in Social Engineering.  The best thing about this faction is the
            double votes, which will allow you to easily become the Planetary

   University - benefits:                   costs:
            Information Networks (tech)     Cannot do Fundamentalist
            1 free tech (random)            +1 Drone for every 4 people
            Network Node in all bases       -2 Probe
            +2 Research
            Starts out with major flaws (+1 Drone, and -2 Probe) but if you can
            get a few projects (Hunter Seeker Algorithim and the Virtual World)
            then those flaws evaporate leaving (IMHO) the best Faction.

3.  Building Bases

   Where you want to build a good base changes as the game goes on.  In the
   beginning you want an area with little ocean, lots of rain, and rolling, 
   with little to no xenofungus or forest.  As you gain more technologies you 
   will be able to harness the resources of the fungus better, and there are 
   very good improvements for forests and oceans which make almost the entire 
   planet livable.  A "rolling" area is one where there are a few rocks, but 
   not very many.  This gives that square some mineral resources while not 
   compromising its nutrient resources.

   Rocky areas and Rolling areas are placed on the surface using the old Civ2
   algorithim: (de-isometric)

      r   r
      r   r    Whether a square is rolling or rocky depends partly on Erosive
    r   r   r  forces, strong has more rolling, weak has more rocky.  You want
    r   r   r  to build your base on a rolling square, as this will maximize
      r   r    mineral production in the base (at a max of 12 squares, compared
      r   r    to 9 if you build on a blank square).  Also note that rockiness
               increases with elevation, therefore mountains have more rocks,
               even on areas that normally would be devoid of any rocks.
    _|r   r|_  So you would build your base on the B there.  Of course this is
   |  r   r  | a simple model, but the idea here holds true for almost anywhere
   |r   B   r| on the map, all you have to do is account for ocean and various
   |r   r   r| bonuses on the map.
     |r   r|
     -------   It should also be noted that this algorithim is not 100%, you
               will find a few rocky areas out of place.

   Also note that if you build on a flat area with no mineral resources, your
   base square will produce 1 mineral anyway.

   You cannot build a base on a Rocky square.  So to change a "Rocky" area to a
   "Rolling" area, use the '_' command to "Terraform Level".

   If you see a small amount of black around a resource on the base map (either
   a mineral, nutrient, or energy) that means that you lack something to get
   the full potential of that square, either a road or a technology.  Remember
   that the faction with the most bases tends to win, so build as many bases as
   fast as possible.

 Improving your Base:

   You will want to Farm and build solar collectors on all "Rolling" squares.
   If the area is too dry, you have several options to increase moisture.  One,
   is to build a Condensor (consider carefully where to put these, I usually 
   put them on a "flat" square), drill to the Aquifer to create a new river, or
   Raise the terrain into a mountain (one side becomes more wet, the other more

   Next I will build forests on all the "flat" squares, or any square that 
   seems too arid to support a good farm.  Also, build sensors on these forests 
   to increase your defenses.  Sensors must be within 2 squares of the 
   defending unit to help them.

3a.  Exploration

   Exploring is quite obviously very important in SMAC, so much so that it
   deserves its own sub-section.  First off, rovers are the best exporers, this
   seems pretty obvious.  Also sending them in duos helps out if you ever run
   into resistance, like Mind Worms.  It is generally a good idea to save your
   game before getting Unity Pods, as the results could be unexpected and bad.
   One idea of what to do with exploration units is to find a good site for a
   base, then hold them there until you get a unit out there.  This gives you
   some defense for a new base without having to build extra units (since you
   use existing units).

   One of my favorite things to do with Exploration Units happens when you find
   another Faction, preferably one you don't like.  What I would do then is to
   "Monkey Wrench" their bases.  First find a base with a nearby Monolith, or
   Bunker, and use that as your homebase.  Then destroy their mines on the 
   rocky squares (you get the defense bonus on rocky areas), and work your way 
   to solar collectors and farms.  If you are lucky you won't get destroyed for 
   a few turns giving your army time to mobilize and attack.

4.  What to build and when to build it

   -First, get at least 2 military units in each base.  This is more important
    than it was in Civ2, because of Psi attacks even your best units can be

    Tip:  As soon as you get the right technology, you will want to design a
          "Non-Lethal" defender unit to increase your policing powers.  That 
          way one unit acts as two police.

   -Second, build a Former to work exclusively on this base.  You can set the
    former to auto, but remember that the AI strategy is not always your best
    strategy.  (as soon as you get Doctrine: Mobility redesign your formers to
    be Rover Formers)

   -Third, build a new colony pod (if you are at least 2 populatrion) to expand
    your empire!  (Again, once you get Doctrine: Mobility start building Rover
    Colony Pods, this helps you expand your Faction quicker)

   -Fourth, build Recycling Tanks (this is moot for Sea Bases, since they start
    with a version of these) to increase the resources on the base square.

   -Fifth, build a Children's Creche (ok this comes later in the game, but it
    is very useful once you get it!), this increases Growth, and increases

   After that build based on what you need.  If you are fighting a war, build
   units, if your production is low, build a factory, need new technologies
   then build labs, etc.

   Hurrying it up:  The approximate cost to hurry anything is about 2 energy
   for each square left to be built on the improvement.  The exception to this
   is when you are just starting production on something where it will cost
   quite a bit more.  A way around that is to do a small hurry one turn (25
   energy) and then the next turn buy the whole thing.

5.  Secret Projects

   I will now rank the Secret Projects based on their usefullness (this is an
   arbritrary rating, feel free to disagree with it).  Ideally you want to
   build every secret project, but you will likely have to prioritize a little.
   Also realize that some projects are redundant, such as the Hive and the
   Citizen's Defense Force, they don't need it at all.


     The Hunter Seeker Algorithim - other factions can no longer use probe 
        teams against your bases, which means that they can't sabotage you or 
        steal your technologies, while you are free to do it to them.

     Citizens Defense Force - creates a perimeter defense in every base, which
        doubles your base defense.

     Cloning Vats - puts all of your bases into a permanent state of population
        boom (where each base will grow every turn) as long as you have enough
        nutrients and hab facilities (and habitation domes).  Even better is 
        its other side effects, the Power and Thought Control social 
        engineering choices lose their negative effects!  There is one serious 
        complication to this, and that is, since your bases "grow" each turn 
        that they have food, you may quickly find yourself having perpetual 
        Drone Riots.

     Network Backbone - +1 research for every point of commerce this base gets
        and another +1 for every network node on the planet.  That alone
        wouldn't be enough to recommend it but, it also has the effect of
        removing the negative effects from Cybernetic!

     Planetary Transit Network - triples the size of new bases built (3), and
        1 less drone for bases 3 and smaller.  Allows your empire to grow a lot
        quicker, but can cause those new cities to starve because they start
        out with more people than the area can support.

     The Self Aware Colony - halves the maintenance cost of facilities, and if
        you can have police, adds 1 police to every city.  Will give you ever
        so much money to cut costs by 50%!

     Supercollider - research at this base is doubled.

     Telepathic Matrix - Drones never riot.  Plus probe teams receive a +2
        morale bonus.  No drone riots is a very nice thing to have, since you
        don't have to do preventative measures to stop drone riots.

     Theory of Everything - labs output doubled.

     Universal Translator - 2 free techs, plus you can send any number of alien
        artifacts here.


     Clinical Immortality - adds 1 talent to every base, which although nice
        you can get more through use of Psych, also doubles your vote for
        Governor and Supreme Leader, which is a FAR BETTER effect than its
        primary one.  Why is it only mildly useful?  Because you don't get it
        until late in the game!

     Command Nexus - puts a Command Center in every base, which gives you 2
        morale upgrades, as well as fixes units quicker.

     Cyborg Factory - puts in a Bioenhancement Center in each base, which gives
        you 2 morale upgrades for every unit built there and 1 lifespan bonus
        on all creatures (that makes them larger).

     The Living Refinery - +2 Support in Social Engineering.  This is nice
        because it effectively removes the negative effects of Democracy, or if
        you want you can get the extra support.

     The Longevity Vaccine - this one's effects vary depending on your Social
        Engineering.  If your economics are Planned then you get 2 less drones
        per base, if they are Simple or Green you get 1 less drone.  For a free
        market you get +50% economy.  The less drone things make this one a
        winner, especially as you go through the transition of growing into
        larger cities (without Psych bonuses).

     Maritime Control Center - +2 sea movement, and counts as a naval yard in
        all bases.  A must have for anyone who wants to build a navy, this will
        give you almost instant naval superiority.

     Merchant Exchange - +1 energy in every square.  If this worked on every
        base instead of just the one it is built in it would be Extraordinary.

     The Pholus Mutagen - reduces Eco Damage, and gives you a +1 lifespan bonus
        to Aliens that you breed, and also gives you the alien benefits of

     Space Elevator - Doubles Economy in this base, and doubles minerals in
        bases building Satellites (effectively halving the time it takes to
        build those), also units with Drop Pods can land anywhere on the planet
        and Aerospace Restrictions on Satellites is dropped.  The best thing
        here is the Drop Pods thing, but that is only useful if you are at war
        with someone.

     The Virtual World - Network Nodes also count as Hologram Theatres, so you
        won't have to build those.  (and if you are University then you get
        that instantly since all of your bases start with Network Nodes)

     Weather Paradigm - increases terraform speed by 50% and allows
        construction of condensors, boreholes, and echelon mirrors even without
        the tech to do so.  Very nice for an early Project, this should be the
        first one that you build.

     Bulk Matter Transmitter - adds 2 minerals to every base, nice but when
        your bases get large the additional 2 is almost inconsequential.

     Dream Twister - adds 50% to Psi attacks.  Whee.

     Neural Amplifier - adds 50% to Psi defense.  Whee.  This one is probably
        better than the Dream Twister, as you will always get attacked by some
        form of Psi attack.

     Empath Guild - adds 50% to governor and supreme leader votes, as well as
        giving you an infiltrator in all factions and contact to all factions.
        Nice but not necessary in the end of the game.

     Nano Factory - fixes units completely outside of a base (before they can
        only heal up to 20% damaged), and reduces upgrade costs.

     The Planetary Datalinks - gives you any tech discovered by 3 other
        factions. If you need this you are too far behind in tech!

     The Singularity Inductor - counts as a Quantum Converter in every base,
        and reduces Eco Damage.  Not as useful as you might think, but still
        a nice thing to have.

     Xenoempathy Dome - treats Fungus as road, and removing and planting fungus
        is now quicker.  The best part of this is the Fungus as a road part,
        which can dramatically speed up war parties, and exploration.

     Human Genome Project - 1 extra talent in each base.  Again this isn't
        necessary because Psych does more.

   Transcendant Projects:
     Voice of the Planet leads to Ascent to Transcendance, which ends the game
     with the "Best" ending.

6.  Diplomacy

   There are 3 keys to being the good diplomat:

     - First don't give anything away that you don't have to.  This includes
       not only your technology--if better--your money, or anything else of
       value. This is especially true towards inferior factions, don't give
       them anything.

     - Second, if you are in an inferior position--weak military, inferior
       tech--then always do what they tell you to do at least half the time. If
       they ask for tech, and you don't give it, then they ask for money, you
       probably better give them something to keep 'em happy.

     - Third, if you want something from them, try to get on their good side
       first. For example, if you want someone's vote in a council meeting,
       first butter them up with a good bribe. Then either that turn or next
       talk to them again and ask for their vote, and give them another good
       bribe there. You will have established a small history of good will with
       them, and they might just agree to your proposal.

       Note:  Other factions tend to like/dislike you based on your Social
              Engineering choices.  Therefore, Deidre won't like you if you are
              "Planned", but will like you more if you are "Green".  So if you
              need to avert disaster with a more powerful Faction, try some
              quick Social Engineering!

   Treaties and Pacts:

     Always get into treaties with everyone, this makes good business sense, as
     you get a commerce bonus from treaties (even more for Pacts).  Pacts are
     like super treaties, they have more benefits (you can move into their
     territory, and heal in their bases), but requires more work to maintain.
     For example, your ally gets into a war with someone you have a treaty
     with. They want you to go to war, you say no, they want some tech to help
     out, you say no.  They will get mad, but will eventually ask again, and if
     you keep doing this (sometimes it doesn't take all that long) they will 
     break the pact, and often won't even sign a treaty with you.

     You HAVE to give your allies SOMETHING, else they see no reason to be
     allied with you!

   So who do you want to sign a treaty with?  That depends on 2 things:  Who 
   you are (which faction), and what have you done in Social Engineering?  For
   example, the University and the Believers don't like each other from the
   start, so don't try to force a relationship between them.  I will now list
   each faction and list by them which you can easily have diplomacy with 
   (using a + sign) and those to whom you cannot (with a - sign).  Also listed 
   in parenthesis is which social engineering they are likely to respond 
   positively towards.

        Believers:     University-   (SUPPORT)
        Gaians:        Peacekeepers+, Morganites-, Hive-  (GREEN, DEMOCRACY)
        Hive:          Spartans+, Gaians-   (POLICE)
        Morganites:    Hive-, Gaians-  (FREE MARKET)
        Peacekeepers:  Gaians+     (DEMOCRACY)
        Spartans:      Hive+   (POLICE)
        University:    Believers-  (RESEARCH)

   Advanced Diplomacy, made easy:
     Never get into too many wars.  This is only if you don't plan to win via
     military force.  The only time you should get into a war is if that
     faction is directly interfering with your faction.  Don't seek wars out on
     the other side of the planet simply because you think you can easily win.
     And don't try to get your allies into a war, because they might not end
     the war when you do.  Finally make treaties with everyone possible, even 
     if you eventually plan to go to war with someone, simply because you get 
     COMMERCE out of treaties (even more out of PACTS).   And when you do 
     finally go to war with someone, have them declare war on you by pissing 
     them off.  This keeps your integrity intact but takes theirs down.

     Also don't be a Fence Sitter.  Take stands, agree with your Pact Brother
     to attack that nasty Other Faction.  If you try to avoid wars, you usually
     end out irritating everyone.

   Planetary Council:
     If you build the Empath Guild, then immediately try to get yourself 
     elected to Planetary Governor.  This will allow you to veto any council 
     initiative (say most everyone wants to cause global warming, you could 
     stop it), and give you some extra commerce.  If you are the Peacekeepers 
     this is even easier since they get 2x votes for governor.  If you lose the
     vote, don't panic, just find another faction with a lot of votes, and
     shmooze them. Wait the 20 years (the allotted time to wait between council
     meetings) and get another vote.  As technology increases there will be
     more options in the Council.

7.  War

   Obviously you can't avoid war forever, even if you want to.

     It is always better to attack a Mindworm than try to fend off its attack.
     This is because Psi attacks are always more powerful than defenses (3 to
     2). To improve your base defenses from Mindworms, always have 2 units in
     each base, and build Sensor Arrays near bases.  Finally remove all fungus
     that is right next to your base.  If you are attacking with a Mindworm,
     then do so at any time regardless of your moves since Mindworms suffer no 
     Attack penalties.

     Note:  If you have a Positive Planet score in Social Engineering, then you
            have a chance to Capture any mindworm not already controlled by a
            Faction.  This is only done if YOU attack the MIND WORM.

     The AI loves to build bunkers, and you should take advantage of this, 
     since they rarely ever hold units in their own bunkers.  Take their 
     bunkers with 2 or more units, one for defense, the other to launch 
     missions.  You could take over an entire faction using no more than 2 
     units, and their own bunker.

     Obviously the best defense is a good offense.  Do not build more bunkers
     than you can staff with units, since the AI could take those over easily
     (which is a good reason to not automate formers, since they like to build
     bunkers).  Here again Sensor Arrays can be useful since they add 25% to
     your defense, and let you see the units coming.  If you see a powerful 
     unit coming, it would probably be better to scramble a unit of your own to
     beat him first.  ALWAYS have the best units (defensively) in your bases.  
     As soon as you get a new tech, update your defensive units, and upgrade 
     your base defenses!

     Tip:  Sensor arrays are best built on forests near your bases.  Why
           forests?  Because the sensor arrays won't "build over" a forest, as
           they will other improvements (like solar collectors or mines).

   Ending a War:
   The best way to end a war, naturally, is to win it.  When you have broken an
   opponent--when they have lost more than 50% of their power--they will offer
   you a blood truce, don't take it, then they will try to give you money,
   again don't take it, and then they will break down and offer you everything 
   they have of value.  This includes all of their money, research, and they 
   will also swear a pact to you.  You can decide for yourself whether this is
   desirable or not.  I like it because they become a subsidiary of your 
   empire. You can count on their votes in many elections in the Planetary 
   Council as well.

8.  Editing your game

   Hopefully I'll fill this section in more as I learn more about the game.
   All the stats and info in the game is readily editable in the main directory
   of the game.
   The Main Rules of the game is contained in the file Alpha.txt.
   Faction profiles are kept in these files:
     Believe.txt, Gaians.txt, Hive.txt, Morgan.txt, Peace.txt, Spartans.txt,
   You can look at the rest of the text files at your own leisure.  These files
   are read at the beginning of every game, not just new games.

   Editing a faction is fairly easy.  First you will definately want to back up
   all the text files, usually the best place is a ZIP file.  Then open up
   whichever faction you happen to want to be.  (For the purposes of this tips
   file I will always use the University)  You should see this: (fragment)

     University of Planet, The Scientist, University, M, 1, Zakharov, M, 0, 0
     Values, Knowledge, RESEARCH

   The faction.txt contains a good description of everything in each faction
   file.  A small warning before you give yourself every bonus in the game,
   don't add too many, as the game can only handle so much!  Once I tried to
   give myself the ultimate social situation (for research purposes, I swear!),
   and the game only accepted the first 2 that I had entered.

   In game Scenario editing is activated by use of CTRL-k and by using the 
   menus and the toolbars.  To edit the land, click on a toolbar button, and 
   then CTRL click on the area you want to put that item on.

                                 Final Words...

Online Resources:
  Official Page           - http://www.alphacentauri.com/
  Firaxis' Page           - http://www.firaxis.com/
  The Alpha Centauri Zone - http://alphazone.cjb.net/
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  GameFAQs                - http://www.gamefaqs.com/

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  I am Dan Simpson ([email protected]) and have also written FAQs for:

    NES:      Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
              Final Fantasy -- Magic FAQ
              The Legend of Zelda
    SNES:     Aerobiz
              Aerobiz Supersonic
              Utopia: Creation of a Nation
    Genesis:  StarFlight
    PSX:      Thousand Arms -- Walkthrough
                            -- Forging/Dating FAQ
    PS2:      Madden NFL 2001
    XBOX:     Star Wars: KotOR II: The Sith Lords -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                  -- Influence Guide
    PC:       AD&D Rules FAQ, 2nd and 3rd Editions
              Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                          NPC List
                                                          Creature List
              Baldur's Gate II & Throne of Bhaal -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                 -- Items List
                                                 -- Class FAQ
                                                 -- Creature List
              Civilization III (incomplete)
              Colonization -- the Single Colony Strategy Guide
                           -- the Cheat Guide
              Drakan: Order of the Flame
              Dungeon Hack
              Icewind Dale & Heart of Winter -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                                Items List
                                                Kresselack's Tomb Map (JPG)
                                                Burial Isle Map (JPG)
                                                Shattered Hand Map (JPG)
              Icewind Dale II                -- Items List
              Master of Magic (revision)
              Pharaoh (currently being edited by Red Phoenix)
              Planescape: Torment  -- FAQ/Walkthrough
                                      Items Listing
              Rollercoaster Tycoon
              Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
              The Sims
              Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar
              Ultima 7: The Black Gate
              Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle
              Ultima Underworld -- Keyboard Commands
              Ultima Underworld II -- Keyboard Commands
                                   -- Spell List
  All of my FAQs can be found at:

Version History:
  Original Version (3-24-99, 16k)
  Changes in 1.1:  (3-28-99, 20k)
    Added new things to the editing your game section
    Added diplomacy section
    Other small changes
  Changes in 1.2:  (4-5-99, 25k)
    Added to building bases section
    Added the War section
    Added some Online Resources
    Added Exploration Sub-Section
    Other small changes
  Changes in 1.3:  (6-14-99, 28k)
    Reformatted some stuff
    Added to Diplomacy
    Added Contents
    Added Notes
    Other various small changes
  Changes in version 1.35:  (1-21-00, 36k)
    Revised the format to be more like my other FAQs
    Added some minor tips here and there (not many!)
  Changes in Version 1.35b (4-26-00, 38k)
    Nothing worth mentioning here, really

  Version FINAL-C  January 17, 2005  38k

    Changed my email address, the format.


  "Hah! Your rocks and plants won't save you now, Deidre!"

This Document is Copyright 1999-2005 by Dan Simpson
Alpha Centauri is Copyright 1999 by Electronic Arts

I am not affiliated with Firaxis, Electronic Arts, or anyone who had anything
to do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so
long is NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it.
You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

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