XCOM: Enforcer
              Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                       by Kasey Chang
                 released December 27, 2002

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A quick browse through the gamefaq.com shows that there is
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This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You probably will not be able
to learn how to play the game with this document.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only
version that I have (and existed).

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM
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I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs
when the ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots
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Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs)
for XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2, Wing
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XCOM Enforcer is published by Inforgrames and MicroProse. It
was created by MPS/Infogrames Hunts Valley (Maryland).

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by ANY of the
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The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
independently through the author's efforts except where
noted otherwise. X-Command
(http://www.strategyplanet.com/xcom) provided valuable
assistance in researching this FAQ.


27-DEC-2002    Initial release

1    XCOM Enforcer General Info


Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: But where is the manual?
A: That think booklet stuffed in front of the jewelcase is
the manual.

Q: How about a patch?

A: Doesn't need one.

Q: How about a sequel?
A: Doesn't need one. This one is bad enough as is.

Q: Can I play both sides?
A: Nope, just Enforcer.

Q: Can I pick different "skins"?
A: Yes, but the choices are limited to what's in the game
(unless you want to paint your own and use XCOMed to put it
in). If you finish the game on EASY, you unlock additional

Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?
A: Difficulty level affects general toughness of enemies,
cost of each "upgrade" (in datapoints), and number of
playable levels.  Easy level costs 50% less than Normal
level. Hard level is expected to cost even more.

Q: Where is the pause button?
A: Hit ESC to jump into pause/main menu. Hit ESC again to
jump back.

Q: How do I take screenshots?
A: Press F9. It saves the shot in your game's "system'
directory as SHOTxxxx.BMP file, where xxxx is a number
starting with 0000 and counts up. If you left it on default,
the directory is:
C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\X-COM

Q: Can I play the game in a window instead of fullscreen?
A: Press F12 to toggle between fullscreen and windowed.

Q: Can I skip those "in-game" cutscenes?
A: Press "F" to "fast forward" through those cutscenes.

Q: Can I carry more than one weapon at a time?
A: No. Whenever you pickup a new weapon, the old weapon's

Q: Most weapons have orange circle below. Why do I see some
weapons with purple circle below?
A: Those are weapons that have NOT been researched yet. You
get that as a "bonus" occasionally. Find the unknown item
powerup to get the weapon for good.

Q: Can I shoot the humans?
A: No. The humans you need to rescue are immune to Enforcer
weapons. Occasionally you will need to protect them, which
means you shoot at them and kill the aliens around them.

Q: How do I rescue humans?
A: Run into one and s/he will beam out in a few seconds.

Q: How do I protect humans?
A: Shoot "through" them at the aliens. Usually there's a
time limit, after which you "win" if the humans and you
survive that long.

Q: What's that timer counting down for?
A: Two possibilities. Either you're done (the final
transporter for you just appeared) and you will
automatically beam out in 30-seconds), or you are in a
"survive!" mission where you must keep yourself alive
(and/or some human survivors) until the timer expires.

Q: Are there any missions where I must do something by a
certain time limit?
A: Fortunately, no. All missions can take as long as you
want. On the other hand, the more you wait, the more aliens
the transporters beam in, and the harder time you will have.

Q: How do I know how close am I to killing the "boss"?
A: A "boss meter", which is a "green bar" should be on the
top of the screen. As you do damage, the bar decreases in
length. When the bar reaches zero, the boss is dead.

Q: Where do I go next?
A: Hit "H" to get a hint from the professor. An arrow will
point in the way you need to go. Note that the arrow does
not understand "obstacles", so you may need to go in a
roundabout fashion.

Q: How do I get new weapons?
A: You need to locate those "unknown item" orbs (see
[4.16]). Once you get it, at the debrief/R&D screen you will
find out it's either a weapon or a powerup. You then spend
datapoints (DP) to unlock it and enhance it. There should be
one every level, though sometimes it's well-hidden. Explore
EVERYWHERE, every corner, even jump on top of buildings.

Q: How does the "hot streak" work?
A: See section 2.5

Q: Why can't I find those "BONUS" powerups or "unknown"
A: They are pretty well hidden. Explore every corner. If you
see gas tanks, destroy them and see if it exposes extra
rooms. Destroy the cars, crates, and everything that can be
destroyed. Upgrade jumpjets and explore the higher levels,
as often powerups are hidden higher up. Sometimes you see
flashing "red" or "purple" lights, which would mean there
are powerups nearby. There is a full set on every level.

Q: Why can't I play beyond "Artic Base 5" level?
A: You need to play at difficulty beyond "Easy", as the
endgame screen suggests.

Q: Where is the editor?
A: XCOMed, which is really UnrealED with a new splash
screen, is a one of the program group's shortcuts. Please
don't ask me how to use it. I don't use it and I wouldn't
know. I imagine it would be quite similar to UnrealED, so
check UnrealPlanet or sites like that.

Q: How do I pass level X? How do I defeat boss Y?
A: See mission hints and notes for that specific level in
section [8]. For notes on specific bosses, see section [6]

Q: What about some cheat codes?
A: See final section.


XCOM started off as a pure tactical combat game. Mythos
Games, which is comprised mainly of the Gallop brothers, had
a game called "Laser Squad", where groups of soldiers will
fight each other in a turn-based arena with different
terrain and such. They approached MicroProse UK for
publication, but was turned down, as MPS then needs a
"deeper" game. MPS suggested that they add a strategy layer
on top of the tactical game. The strategy layer will
generate missions for the tactical layer, and the results
will be fed back into the strategy layer.

The result became known as "UFO: Enemy Unknown", and it was
a true sleeper hit in Europe. You must allocate resources,
money, and research in order to defeat the UFOs that have
been rampaging all around Earth. There are battles in the
air and on the ground. Research captured alien artifacts,
save cities from alien terror attacks... This tapped into
the public's "millennium paranoia" at the right time when X-
Files and such are extremely popular, and the UFO lore
research is done well enough to make this title the true
sleeper hit. Once you start playing, you can't stop.

MicroProse quickly brought the game over to the US, and
renamed it XCOM: UFO Defense (probably due to the copyright
on the name UFO by subLOGIC Corporation). It was a major hit
in the US as well, and every major publication then named it
"game of the year" for that year, and was soon inducted into
"hall of fame".

While Mythos Games worked on a sequel, it was clear that the
sequel will take quite a bit more development (2-3 more
years, in fact).  MicroProse bought the engine from Mythos,
and quickly made a sequel, titled "XCOM: Terror from the
Deep", which is set 10-years later, and this time, the
battle are done with "flying subs" that move deep in the
oceans. Aliens are much tougher with more serious weaponry.
Otherwise, the game remained essentially the same.

The XCOM game Mythos Games was working on became known as
"XCOM: Apocalypse". Earth's populations are gathered into a
"mega-city", and aliens are menacing the city through a
portal in the sky. You must secure the city against periodic
alien incursions, keep other city corporations at least
neutral toward you, research the alien UFOs for a way into
their dimension, and eventually wipe out the source of the
alien threat. Real-time combat was added, along with bigger
and more detailed maps. However, this one was not as big a
hit as the original.

MicroProse then produced internally XCOM: Interceptor, which
married the XCOM strategic layer with a 3D space combat sim
(similar to Wing Commander or Freespace, but not 3D
accelerated). As humans explored outward into space, powered
by the technology left by the aliens, they found that aliens
are there as well, and perhaps working on something
sinister... As XCOM, they must protect the few bases in the
area, mine material for manufacturing and research, raid
enemy bases and crafts, protect your own convoys, and so on.
It was not a major hit.

XCOM: Alliance was then announced. Based on the Unreal
engine, it was supposed to allow you to lead a team of 3
other XCOM soldiers in first-person combat. Your ship fell
into a wormhole and emerged in an area where friendlies and
allies may not be who you think, and you must somehow find
your way home by fighting through many levels. However, this
game suffered delay after delay (mainly due to the trouble
of making 3 other AI soldiers that fight intelligently AND
follow your orders), and was eventually cancelled.

MicroProse also announced XCOM: Genesis, which was supposed
to go back to the isometric roots of the game. However, by
this time, MicroProse was in serious financial trouble, and
after its acquisition by first Hasbro then Infogrames, this
title was cancelled as well.

XCOM Enforcer is barely related to the XCOM franchise. It is
a 3rd person 3D shooter, similar to Tomb Raider, where you
play a combat robot known as the Enforcer, armed with a lot
of different weapons. It is a purely arcade game, with few
tactics or tricks needed. When you kill enemies, collect
spawned datapoints for bonus items. Destroy enemy
transporters to prevent more enemy spawning. Clear the
level, basically, maybe fight off a few bosses.


The follow is lifted from the README file.


Operating System:   Windows(r) 95/98/Me
Processor:          Pentium(r) 233 MHz or higher with Hardware
                    Pentium(r) 266 MHz or higher without Hardware
Memory:             32 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space:    500 MB Free
CD-ROM Drive:       8X Speed
Video:              4 MB Windows(r) 95/98/Me-compatible SVGA
                    video card*
Sound:              1 MB Windows(r) 95/98/Me-compatible sound
DirectX:            DirectX version 8.0 (included) or higher
Modem:              56kps baud (for modem/Internet play)

* Indicates device should be compatible with DirectX version
8.0 or higher.


Operating System:   Windows(r) 95/98/Me
Processor:          Pentium(r) 400 MHz or higher with Hardware
Memory:             64 MB RAM or higher
Hard Disk Space:    500 MB Free
CD-ROM Drive:       8X Speed
Video:              3D Accelerator (Voodoo, TNT, GeForce
Sound:              1 MB Windows(r) 95/98/Me-compatible sound
DirectX:            DirectX version 8.0 (included) or higher
Modem:              Broadband Internet Connection (for
                    modem/Internet play)

* Indicates device should be compatible with DirectX version
8.0 or higher.

Not tested with NT / 2K / XP, compatibility is unknown.


XCOM is busy fighting the aliens on terror attacks, and
funding cuts forced the cancellation of the Enforcer
Project, lead by Professor Able Standard, among many other
promising research projects. The Enforcer project is
attempting to fuse advanced robotics with alien technology
to create the ultimate warrior.

Professor Standard however, persisted, and he was finally
able to finish Enforcer in his secret lab somewhere in the
Nevada canyon.

You are the Enforcer. With alien transporter technology, you
can arrive on scene of alien attack long before the arrival
of XCOM troopers. You are heavily armored and extremely
mobile, armed with the latest in weaponry. Exterminate the
aliens and save the human hostages on site, and see if you
can find your way to the alien mothership and deal with the
alien commander...


Enforcer is basically a fast-paced (I say "too fast") 3rd
person 3D shooter. Think Serious Sam in 3rd person (like
Tomb Raider) and you won't be too far off.

As enemies are killed, they occasionally drop "datapoints",
which can be collected by running into them and redeemed for
more weapons and enhancements later. Do it fast though: the
data points "fade away" after a little while.

You will run into plenty of power-ups, like invulnerability,
stealth, speed, damage enhancer, and so on. Other bonus
items may be hidden (hit some gas tanks to break the walls
and locate hidden rooms).

Weapons are also beamed into your path and you can collect
them at your leisure. Unused weapons disappear after a short

Aliens arrive via transporters, so if you destroy the
transporter stations they can't beam into your area. Most
transporters are stationary, but some are mounted on hover
platforms and thus can move.

You score points many ways, mainly by killing aliens without
getting hit in return. You get bonus by killing aliens in a

The pace is very fast and some missions can easily have
several DOZEN aliens chasing you. There are also a wide
variety of weapons for you to try.


This game occasionally "pauses" but otherwise has no serious
bugs. During many hours of play, the game never crashed.


No expansion packs or sequels. Related titles would be the
entire XCOM series, which includes:

XCOM: UFO Defense

XCOM: Terror From the Deep

XCOM: Apocalypse

XCOM: Interceptor

Email Games XCOM

However, none of these are available in retail now unless
you look for stores that carry older software.

2    Yourself: the Enforcer
Enforcer is fully equipped to fight the aliens. He has
armor, jumpjets and jump capabilities, full load of weapons
(including one default weapon that never runs out), strafe
and dodge capabilities, and later, even some auto-repair


Enforcer is only capable of carrying only ONE weapon at a
time. See section [3] for details on all your available

Each of the weapons can be enhanced 3 more levels to do more
damage, increase range, further spread, faster firing, and
so on.

Weapons will be beamed into the battlefield periodically
with an orange circle beneath it. Run into it to pick it up
and use it. Remember, only ONE weapon at a time.

If you find a weapon that has a purple circle underneath,
that's a weapon that has NOT been researched yet. If you
like it, find that "unknown item" sphere (yellow orb with
question mark inside) and touch it so Professor Standard can
research it.


During the mission, you may encounter special "globes". See
section [4] for a full list of powerups. This usually are
dropped by the aliens you kill.

The powerup's effect can be enhanced by paying datapoints on
the R&D screen. You can enhance each powerup by up to 3
levels. Obviously, powerup must be picked up to have an
effect at all.


Enhancements are done directly to Enforcer. Items like
jumpjets, armor, speed, and such are "built-in" and enhanced
directly by Professor standard using datapoints. For more
information on enhancements, see section [5]


Enforcer has a couple special moves. Try double-tap the
arrow keys... Forward does a somersault jump, left/right
does a dodge, and so on.

You can also do 'bunny hop" by using your jumpjets.
Sometimes it helps you dodge enemy shots, or get out of a

See your manual for full list of controls, or look on
control configuration under options.


Many people have problem understanding the hot streak, so
here goes.

Every time you kill an alien, your hot streak meter goes up.
Every time you got hit, your hot streak goes down. The idea
is kill LOTS of aliens and get the hot streak meter all the
way to the top.

Once you filled up the meter you get lots of powerups
dropped on you. You also get a big bonus score.

You can sometimes find "hot streak help" powerup, which
helps you fill up the meter faster. For example, if you have
a 2x hot streak helper active, kills you make during that
time fills up the meter twice as fast. So instead of say,
500 kills to fill up, you only need 250. Hot Streak Helper
can be enhanced to 3x, 4x, even 5x. However, it is of
limited duration.


You are rated in many areas.

--Kills (can range in the hundreds)

--Combos (how many multi-kill shots did you make)

--Combo kills (how many kills did you do with those 
multi-kill shots)

--Kill Streaks (how many muti-kill streaks you did)

--Number of kills in the streak (higher the better)

--Datapoints picked up

and more.

Those are combined into a "total", and added to your
previous datapoint cache.

3    Your weapons
Note: Most weapons must be located as "unknown item", then
researched to be made available. The items here are in
alphabetical order, NOT in order of appearance.


The Auto-Cannon is a replacement for the Laser Rifle, as the
stock weapon. It is quite powerful against smaller enemies
such as Sectoids and Snakemen, although it is almost useless
against bosses.

Autocannon, like the laser stock weapon, has infinite ammo.


A useful weapon, the Blade Launcher fires multiple boomerang-
like shots, which grasp and circle an enemy, before possibly
killing it, taking the enemy's Data Point, and returning
back to Enforcer. This weapon is excellent for crowd
clearing of smaller enemies.

Upgrades faster shots, makes the blade seek enemies after
launch, and grab data points.

Best used to help you gather up the data points, after you
bought the upgrades, of course. This can significantly
increase your DP input.

[Trivia: this is known inside the game as boomerang gun]


The Flame Thrower is a relatively weak weapon, effective
against only weaker enemies, though it can be somewhat more
useful when fully upgraded.

Upgrades increase the reach and spread of the weapon.
Originally the shots are single fire. Upgrades makes it
split into 3, add range, then split into 5. Useful against a
crowd, but not that much damage


The Freeze Gun is as the name implies - a gun which fires a
shot that freezes the target. This gun can freeze enemies
within a close vicinity of where the shot hits. It isn't of
good use generally, but when surrounded by enemies it can be
very handy. Enemy has a chance to unfreeze themselves, so
you can't be sure that the freeze will kill the target.

Bosses are not affected by freeze gun.

Enhancements make the effect radius larger and shoots


The Fusion Rifle fires balls of energy at an EXTREMELY fast
rate. The shots also bounce off walls. Refire delay is
extremely low, which means you can exhaust your ammo VERY
quickly. All your ammo can be gone in under 5 seconds.

Higher levels mean the shots bounce off walls, and spreads


Similar to the Fusion Rifle, the Grenade Launcher fires
grenades at a fast rate. This weapon can easily inflict lots
of damage against larger enemies at close range, but it's
hard to cause much injury to smaller enemies. It's a real
crowd clearer though... Fire and backup... Boom!

Upgrade 1: Increase firing rate

Upgrade 2: Increase firing rate

Upgrade 3: Multi-shot (fires multiple grenades


The most basic weapon available to the Enforcer is the Laser
Rifle. This weapon has a slow firing rate, and causes
minimal damage. It has no upgrade in itself. However, it
does have infinite ammo, and can kill weaker enemies.

As the game progresses, Enforcer can upgrade this weapon to
an Auto-Cannon, by using a "professor's choice" enhancement.


A highly useful weapon, especially when Enforcer is
surrounded by a large amount of enemies, is the Lightning
Gun. When this weapon is fired, it freezes all non-boss
enemies, and then jumps from enemy to enemy (if other enemy
is in range), even if the other enemies are out of sight.

Upgrade increases jump radius (jumps over longer distances)
and forks into more targets.


The Mass Driver is a deadly weapon, although it is hard to
master. It can shoot in a straight line through any enemy,
which is great for clearing smaller enemies in a row and for
long-range bombardment. The Mass Driver is also good for
assaulting boss enemies. However, in long distances the
accuracy leaves a little to be desired.

Upgrade 1: Increase firing rate

Upgrade 2: Splash damage on wall hit

Upgrade 3: Splash damage on every hit

[Trivia: this is known internally as "railgun"]

3.10  NUKER

The most dangerous weapon, the Nuker can easily clear large
crowds of enemies with one shot. The weapon is fired, and
when it hits a solid target (it flies through smaller
enemies) it explodes with a mushroom cloud, emitting a large
shockwave, turning scores of enemies into Data Points.

Nuker starts with 2 shots. Upgrades increases the number of


A Psi-Cannon harnesses psionic powers and use it as a
weapon. This "yellow" (in color, that is) weapon actually
PICKS UP small to medium sized enemies and throw them into
walls, turning them into alien giblets.

Upgrade increases firing rate.


Like the Flame Thrower, the Rocket Launcher remains useful
till the endgame. It's usually best to attack larger sized
enemies with this weapon, as its damage is concentrated in
only a small area. This weapon is highly useful against

Upgrades turns a single straight shot into a "shotgun" type
shot then "drunken missile" type shot.


Shotgun provides a fair blast size against smaller enemies.
It is great to do combo kills, esp. with damage enhancer.
Clears weaker creatures. Not quite as good for larger aliens
or for long distances.

Upgrade 1: Increase shots

Upgrade 2: Increase firing rate

Upgrade 3: Tighten spread


VibroBlade XL can instantly cut through any enemy except for
bosses. This is the most useful weapon for cutting a path
into and out of a crowd. However, it is a hand-to-hand

Upgrade 1: Deflect enemy shots

Upgrade 2: Sonic Wave attack

Upgrade 3: 360 spin attack

[Trivia: For those of you who have played XCOM:TFTD, you
know vibroblade does NOT look like a hand-held propeller. ]

4    Your powerups
Powerups are either already on the map, or dropped randomly
by dead aliens. Some Powerups can temporarily boost your
Enforcer's speed or make your Enforcer invisible. You can
use your Data Points to obtain powerup enhancements in the
R&D screen, which makes the powerups more effective. Some
will repair more hitpoints, others last longer, and so on.

4.1   1/5/10/100 (DATA POINTS)

Square icons with one of the four denominations inside. Each
is a different color.

Technically, data point is not a powerup, but it is
collected like one. As aliens die, they spawn icons that
represent different amounts of Data Points. The Data Point
value of each kill depends on the type of alien. Combo shots
(killing multiple aliens with one shot, using an explosive
object that destroys nearby aliens, or knocking objects into
the aliens) will result in higher Data Points.

When you kill boss creatures, it may "rain" large number of
data points (until the timer expires).

Blade launcher can "collect" data points once you upgraded
it to that capability.

Datapoints can be used for wide variety of activities. Most
are needed for research and unlock more items, or for
enhancing existing weapons and powerups.

4.2   B/O/N/U/S

Purple orb with one of the five letters inside.

Gather all five letters, and play a bonus round before
returning to the R&D screen. The bonus depends on which
level you are on. Every 7 levels get you a new bonus level.


Yellow orb with ball inside

The Attack Bot is a small AI-controlled ball which circles
the player on anti-grav and shoots at the same target the
player does. Not that powerful, but helps.


Orange? orb with "dynamite icon" inside.

A Bio-Magnetic Pulse shoots a large "wave" which kills or
maims all nearby enemies.

Higher levels mean multiple "waves" which kills more


Yellow? orb with fist inside.

The Damage Intensifier makes weapons stronger, which
inflicts more damage on the enemy. It is useful when
fighting boss enemies.

Basically, this is like quad-damage in Quake. Higher levels
mean longer duration and heavier effect.


Light blue icon with enforcer icon inside?

The Data Point Multiplier multiplies the amount of Data
Points you receive per Data Point.

For example, if you pick up one Data Point while the
multiplier is active, the Data Point Multiplier may give you


Yellow orb with enforcer icon inside?

The Hot Streak Helper is similar to the Data Point
Multiplier. When you score kills, the Hot Streak level will
increase, but when you are damaged, the Hot Streak level
will decrease. Hot Streak Helper allows you to get the meter
up faster.

When the Hot Streak level gets to the top, weapons fire at
their top research level, and you may even receive new
unresearched weapons, equipment or Powerups.

Hot Streak helper starts at 2x. Upgrades improve that to 3x,
4x, and finally 5x.


Light blue orb with shield icon inside.

The Invulnerator is basically a timed God mode. It allows
Enforcer to be shot, but not take any damage.

Higher levels mean longer effect duration.



The Item Unlocker gives access to a new research item.

Pick this up will unlock more locked items.


Light-blue orb with enforcer icon inside.

The Lazarus System is the equivalent of an extra life. You
are restored to this point instead of all the way to the
beginning of the level if you die.


Green orb with "bomb" icon inside.

A Missile Strike is basically an air-strike. When picked up,
the area surrounding Enforcer is bombarded by missiles. Only
the aliens are harmed.

Higher levels do more damage and larger damage radius.


Red orb with red cross inside.

The Repair Pack simply repairs Enforcer, restoring its

Higher levels repair more health points. Starts at 15, then
30, then 60, then 100.


Purple orb with "runner" icon inside.

A Speed Booster makes Enforcer walk/run faster. This is very
useful when fighting large groups of enemies, as Enforcer
can run around firing constantly without getting hurt as

Higher levels mean higher speed and longer duration.


Light blue orb with stopwatch icon inside.

A Stasis Field freezes time, allowing Enforcer to attack
aliens without them fighting back. This means Enforcer can
even take advantage of boss enemies and harm them without
risking damage. Duration is minimal initially, but lasts
longer once you enhance it.

Higher levels mean longer duration. Initial stop is for 2


Purple? orb with enforcer icon inside.

Stealth allows Enforcer to move around without being seen by
the enemy. Stealth is especially useful when fighting
against boss enemies, as they cannot see you.

Higher levels mean longer duration.


A yellow orb with question mark inside.

Contains an item that can be researched, either powerup or
weapon. Once you got this, you then pay with your datapoints
to unlock it and enhance it further.

5    Your enhancements
There are 6 enhancements you can buy for Enforcer, each of
which has 4 levels.

5.1   SPEED

Enhances top speed (not related to the powerup)


Enhances jump time and height, needed to locate some of the
really hidden bonuses.


Enhances ammo capacity by 25% (??)


Enhances auto-repair rate. Higher it is, the faster you
regenerate lost hitpoints.

5.5   ARMOR

Enhances armor, takes less damage.


Can upgrade weapons, makes weapons spawn faster, upgrade
hitpoints, etc.

6    Your enemies
Roughly in order of appearance...


Your basic "gray" alien, small with big eyes, armed with
plasma pistol. A couple shots from your laser will kill one.
Can be dangerous in groups, but slow moving.


Snakeman fight hand-to-hand, with two sets of slashing
claws. They move very fast, so keep them away and keep
moving. Easy to kill.

[They look more like Tasoths in Terror From the Deep than


HK is a hexagonal robot that carries an explosive ball
underneath. It simply moves toward you and explodes on
contact. Shoot one and it will explode, often taking out
other aliens in the immediate vicinity, giving you combo

6.4   REAPER

A reaper is a large dog-sized creature with a huge mouth and
just two legs. They run quite fast and can even jump. It is
not that hard to kill, but arrive in groups of 3 or more. In
groups, they can block you in for other aliens to pound.


A small UFO with 4 blades attached on the sides. It will
approach you spinning, trying to cut you into sushi. Can be
hard to kill if it gets really close.


A boss-version of the reaper, quite large... You'll meet
this as the first boss. It also shoots multiple green
spheres that fall to ground and explodes into fire, which
can further damage you if you run into the green fire zone.
The fire goes out after a while.

Giant Reaper appears on later levels as regular nasties.


A large "pig" with spines, it can be a bit hard to kill,
requiring several shots. On the other hand, it does not
always charge directly toward you.

6.8   MUTON

A large brute with impressive strength but simple brain,
these are the purple 'grunts' of the alien force. No weapon,
just hand-to-hand overhead smash.


Looks like a dinosaur head with huge teeth, on a spiny black
and very thin body. Tough monster, need a lot of firepower
to kill. Hand-to-hand only.


Cyberdisc is a small UFO with 4 double-mounted plasma guns
in each direction. Those plasma guns can be nasty. Also see


Appear in later levels, these Mutons carry a big plasma gun
as part of its right arm. It STILL can smash, so be careful


Sentinel looks like mobile scorpion with only 2 legs with
the tail shooting a plasma gun. Not that fast, but those
shots can hurt. It also jumps up and does some sort of
clawing attack. Usually arrive in group of three or more.


A super Chryssalid that has 4 long legs. Shoots "freeze
snot" that can hold you for a few seconds. Also shoots
purple "seeking dots" that goes after your last location. It
also does the hand-to-hand slash like the regular

If you circle-strafe the purple stuff don't hit.

In one of the levels you meet two of them as end-level
bosses. Later, they appear as part of the crowd, esp. in the
final levels.


Cross between Silverback Gorilla and Alien DNA, this is
basically a super-Muton, fortunately it carries no weapons.
However, it is VERY difficult to kill. Forget about using
autocannon or laser. By the time you kill it they would have
smashed you to bits. Use big guns.


Sectopod is basically a giant-reaper-sized robot that shoots
heavy rockets. Keep moving and stay away from impact zone!
Use heavy firepower to kill it.


Winged terror carries a grenade launcher. Usually appear in
groups. Easy to kill.


Another boss, this one is mounted on tank treads and has
guns and rockets. Circle-strafe him. Those huge rockets
seek, but can be intercepted by shotgun or autocannon shots.


Boss creature, it's a four-legged spider-bot with heavy
armor and some serious weapons. Think of it as a super-
sectopod... Has both plasma guns (8 shots) and rockets.


An alien copy of the Enforcer, armed with autocannon with
explosive bullets. It can also do a slash attack with the
other arm. Nasty boss creature, esp. when THREE of them are
after you. Later on they appear as regular nasties.

6.20  WARGON

Wargon, the hovering black turnip, has three separate
attacks: 1) fires freezing ray in eight directions 2) fires
seeking "shards" which explodes on contact, 3) releases
cyberdiscs (which has its own plasma weapons). Kill
cyberdiscs, avoid all the other shots, and you can wear it


High Ethereal is the endgame boss. He can transport in high-
end creatures such as sectopods, ethereal flyer, muton
gunner, cyberdiscs, and possible more. Initially he is
invulnerable, behind a forcefield. You must destroy 3
generators located OFF THE FLOOR. (Jump up there) before he
becomes vulnerable.

Ethereal himself has some sort of SUPER bright beam that
takes a BIG bite out of you.


These almost-transparent insect creatures are guardians of
the High Ethereal. They perform physical attacks only.


Transporter is what "beams in" these enemies. If you get
close enough, you'll see this "green beam" that moves from
the transporter to the enemy beam-in location. Use that to
lead you to the transporter. Not that hard to kill.


This is a mobile version of the transporter. It's mounted on
a hover platform and moves slowly in a fixed path. Can be a
little harder to kill. Can hover above eye-level, so may be
a little hard to find.

7    Tactics


Moving means you can take less damage, as enemies aim in
your direction. Moving also means you won't be in one spot
for the enemy's hand-to-hand attacks either.


Being surrounded means you take heavy damage on all sides
and you can't get away. If surrounded, cut your way out with
your weapons and/or use your jumpjets.


Unlock the really powerful powerups like bio-magnetic pulse
and missile strike and nukes and so on. When used in the
right place it can really save your bacon.


That last transporter should allow you to play a longer game
and get more datapoints, even with just your puny laser or
autocannon, and you can do this for along long as you have
time (which could be many data points later). It also helps
you build a kill streak.

If you see this last transporter in the section and it's
"around" a corner, use it! Just sit there and engage laser
or autocannon and blast all comers. This is absolutely great
if the transporter only spawns hand-to-hand aliens as you
can just keep killing them, and get THOUSANDS of datapoints
in return. You can't go forward to collect the points, but
the kills more than make up for it. You can easily gather
over a thousand kills.


Some weapons are quite lousy, like the freeze gun. FG
doesn't always kill a target outright, yet FG create
obstacles that blocks you (though that also blocks the
enemy). Try not to pick those up. Go around them. If not
possible, wait until they're gone.

If you pick one up by accident, find a quite place and use
up the ammo, then pick up a GOOD gun,.or just wait until the
gun disappears.


By mission 10, you should have enough upgrades to dodge
enemy shots by moving side to side, so use it!  Double tap
to do a jump-dodge, and so on. Just make sure you don't jump
off a building to your death.


Sometimes using the jumpjet can give you ideas on how to get
out of a certain level as you can spot exits easier by going
high. This is especially true on the farm level, as the exit
to the cornfield is nearly invisible.


Transporter will constantly beam in aliens. If you have
enough health, charge in and take out the transporter will
give you some breathing room.

In fact, when you have enough speed, you can outrun most
enemies and kill transporters before they can get to you.
Leave one transporter in the section for more points, and
kill the rest quickly. Then you can get more points.


The streaks enable you to get higher score and more weapons
and such. Get streak helper to get you reach the top even
faster. Streaks give you free powerup, and lots of it.


Having hitpoints that regenerate, even slowly, can be very
useful as you have some "safe havens" to retreat to. The
starting corridor is always a safe spot, as is the corridor
that links you between two areas.

8    Your missions
Most missions have a lull right before the final big fight.
Usually, this means you have to go through a corridor which
has a door that was previously locked (red) but just
unlocked automatically (turned green). This puts you in a
new area of the map where you need to accomplish the
secondary objective.

8.1   X-COM LAB

Primary Objective: n/a

Secondary Objective: n/a

Just get out there and kill aliens, while following
Professor Standard's instructions. This is basically a
tutorial level.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Eradicate the Aliens

Basically, shoot all transporters except one, and look for
those bonus items. When you are satisfied, go to that last
transporter and kill it.


Primary Objective: Rescue the Locals

Secondary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

To rescue locals, just run into them.


Primary Objective: Save the Humans

Secondary Objective: Find and Defeat the Giant Reaper

To rescue the human, just run into him/her, which tags
him/her to be retrieved by transporter.

The Giant Reaper is pretty tough and there will be
transporters still active in the area. Make sure you
gathered a good weapon WITH damage intensifier before
attempting this, and keep moving (use your jumpjets).

Another way to deal with the giant reaper is do NOT enter
the yard, but instead stay in the "corridor" that leads up
to it. Just keep shooting through the entrance, dodge those
green "spit fire", and keep shooting. The reaper cannot
reach you and you can wear it down.


Primary Objective: Destroy All the Alien Transporters

Secondary Objective: Get to the Hover Boat Controls

Not too much to this, just keep shooting.


Primary Objective: Get to the City

Secondary Objective: Survive the Alien Attack  (for X

Basically, this means you keep running around the boat and
shoot enemies that transport in all around you. You won't
get much data points on this mission. Last the full length
of time and you win.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Protect the Human Captives

This one is tough. Clean out the area, then when you go
through that "corridor" into the second area, turn left,
then right into the house (shoot the door), then get to the
cage where the humans are kept, and stay there and shoot all
incoming aliens until the timer expires. Took me a couple
attempts to beat this one.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Secure Each Area

Standard search and destroy.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Eliminate the Aliens

Standard search and destroy.


Primary Objective: Exterminate the Extraterrestrials

Secondary Objective: Find the Aliens' Underground Lair

Standard search and destroy, except for that part near the
end. As you enter, your entrance is cut off. And two super-
chryssalids turn up. They have TWO attacks, the "seeking"
purple shots, and the "snot" attack which will freeze you in
place for several seconds. Stay in a distance, strafe
left/right, and keep shooting.


Primary Objective: Rescue the Civilians

Secondary Objective: Proceed to the Shopping Mall

This one can be tough as the enemies just keep on coming and
you can't stop them by killing transporters. Just run really
fast and pick up all the civilians. A trick in the garage is
to take the stairs. The aliens tend to go on the ramps, so
the stairs are relatively safe. A couple of civilians are
hiding in the staircases.

When you got all the civilians, come back up to level 5 in
the staircase, and you should see the entrance to the
shopping mall. Blast your way through.


Primary Objective: Save the Shoppers

Secondary Objective: Defend the Mall and Destroy All

This one can be nasty as the shopping mall has multiple
levels and visibility around the corners can be bad.
Otherwise, standard search and destroy.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Annihilate the Aliens

Standard search and destroy again.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Locate and Defeat the Cyberbeasts

Nothing special about this mission except those Cyberbeasts
at the end. Those beasts just have TOO much firepower so
that fighting them toe-to-toe is suicide. Instead, lure them
all the way to that corridor that links the two areas. You
need to wear them down. In my game, they never entered that
corridor, so I just stay on the other side, pop open the
door, shoot once, scoot aside. Repeat ad infinitum until
they fall. My auto-repair means I can't die unless I got
locked outside with no cover.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Find and Disable the Alien Craft

Standard search and destroy.


Primary Objective: Rescue the Humans from the Alien Pods

Secondary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

The humans are in those "green" pods. Blast open the door
and touch them to beam them out.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Secure The City

Just blast everything, standard S&D. You have to kill a LOT
of aliens to get the door open and to get into that "tunnel"
that leads you to the next section.


Primary Objective: Get to the Rooftop (survive for X

Secondary Objective: Defeat the Wargon

Getting to the rooftop means you need to stand on this
elevator and blast all comers until the timer expires.

The Wargon has some impressive weaponry... Freeze ray (like
your freeze gun), a set of seeking "shards", which explodes
on contact and searches you out. It also releases cyberdiscs

However, it's not that hard to kill overall. Keep shooting
at it, even with your autocannon. Blast those cyberdiscs and
avoid the shots. The shards are easy to avoid if you just
run the "four corners" of the elevator. You can also pick up
better weaponry by jumping out of the elevator, but beware
of falling off a ledge in the dark. Keep shooting and
shooting and watch the boss meter... It'll trickle down, and
finally, go poof.


Primary Objective: Find and Destroy the Alien Landing Pad

Secondary Objective: Secure the Rooftops

This one can be tough, as you can't "fall off". If you fall
off, you die immediately. Don't get KNOCKED off by the
mutons or silverbacks either.  Jump from building to
building, or look for those narrow catwalks.

You'll get to this "sign" which has a raised platform, with
3 transporters on top and a whole bunch of sentinels below.
Shoot the transporters and the wall will break. You need to
jump over to that other building, kill this transporter
outside, then walk tight-rope to final 4 transporters right
below that hovering UFO. You can shoot a few of the
transporters from the ledge if you have blade launcher, but
those razordiscs may not like it. Once you jump in,
everything starts to come after you... And it'll be a REAL
mess. Circle strafe the whole place and try to concentrate
fire on the transporters. When they all die, you win.


Primary Objective: Shut Down the Alien Power Cores

Secondary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Standard S&D, make your way through the farm.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Clear the Freeway

Standard S&D. Follow the road, go through those doors, keep


Primary Objective: Defeat Mondellus

Secondary Objective: Save the Stadium

Boss fight, this one is tough, as he's huge, and lots of
followers beam in. Circle strafe and keep shooting. If the
boss goes, the minions die also.

Remember to grab the "unknown" from the opposite goal post.
The boss also spews a LOT of points. Grab the blade launcher
and nab all those points.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Purge the Catacombs

If you're not sure where to go, go underground. There's a
hole in the floor that leads into the catacombs.

Just keep running as fast as you can. There are too many
enemies to kill (though you CAN clear out an area if you
kill enough of them).


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Save the Farm

Use the jumpjets to spot the exit from each plot of farm.
Just kill all transporters and aliens. Don't dawdle as there
are plenty of enemies. Visibility is really bad due to all
the corn around.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Disable the Alien Ship's Control Room

Make your way to the alien ship in this crop-circle maze. I
go right, then right, and I'm almost at the ship. There are
a LOT of enemies, so use jumpjets and keep shooting to get
out of big jams of enemies. Once you've cleaned out the
transporters outside, enter the ship (left door), then clear
it.  Then enter the grav lift to go up to level 2, clear
that.  Go down to other side, clear that.  Find the other
lift that goes up to level 3, clear the control room, and
you're done!


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Clear the Runway

Basically, this means clean out all the transporters, and
there sure are a LOT of them... Before you kill the last
one, circle the place and look for the bonus powerups.


Primary Objective: Defend the Cockpit Crew

Secondary Objective: Secure the Plane

Kill the three transporters next to your starting point,
then RUN forward and get to the cockpit, kill the obvious
transporters on the way. Get into the cockpit and take out
the attacking monsters. Then turn around and defend the
cockpit until the timer expires. There are two transporters
just outside the corridor to the cockpit, so kill those
first. The rest can be left alone as you just keep stay in
the corridor and shoot approaching monsters. When timer
expires, you win!


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Clear Out Alpha Quadrant

Standard S&D, except you'll see LOTS of enemies.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Secure Beta Quadrant

Standard S&D, except you'll see LOTS of enemies.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Purge Delta Quadrant

Standard S&D, except you'll see LOTS of enemies.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Remove the Threat from Kappa Quadrant

Standard S&D, except you'll see LOTS of enemies.


Primary Objective: Destroy All Transporters

Secondary Objective: Locate and Destroy the Arachnopod

Standard S&D, except you'll see LOTS of enemies, and the
nasty boss at the end. When you enter the warehouse, the
door closes in behind you, and you have to fight the boss,
along with a lot of other nasties, including Sectopods and
others that beam in randomly.

If you play EASY level, the game ends here.


Primary Objective: Save the Survivors

Secondary Objective: Eradicate the Aliens

Basically follow the arrow and save all the humans around.
You will see a LOT of enemies, beware... Expect all the
toughest nasties...

As you return, you find base ruined... The professor lay
dying... Apparently the professor have located the alien
mothership, and they launched a retaliatory strike... You
must attack the mothership now... And avenge the


Primary Objective: Locate the Master Control Room

Secondary Objective: Exterminate the Extraterrestrials

Basically, make your way down each and every corridor,
destroy all the transporters you see, and all the nasties.
You will run into plenty of cyberbeats, at least one
arachnopod, plenty of sectopods, and countless other
nasties. Just go through the corridor one at a time. Watch
out when you come to this "bridge" that goes across. Don't
run as that bridge will collapse and if it collapses from
under you, you fall to your death. Instead, wait until it
blows, then run (no jump) and get into the entrance just
below the door you were aiming for. Keep going. Stop when
you come to the "dark maze", which is just after the

Clean out the dark maze. There are a LOT of transporters in
there, take them ALL out. Then make your way back out (you
can find it). More cyberbeats will block your way. Nuke them
as you see fit. You'll find another door open, and the
elevator takes you to the High Ethereal's chamber...


Primary Objective: Kill the Ethereal

Secondary Objective: Destroy the Force-Field Generators

The end-game...Destroy the force-field generators to make
the Ethereal vulnerable.

There are A LOT of enemies, and you BETTER have unlocked the
nukes by now, as you will NEED them. First, destroy the 3
force-field generators located a bit above you. You will
need full jumpjets to reach them. Then just shoot and
destroy the generators one at a time, while dodging
everything else that want a piece of you.

Then it's a matter of shooting the Ethereal enough times
until he goes down. He has a LOT of hit points... Not even a
nuke stops him for long.

When he goes down, the mothership explodes... and you win!


Primary Objective: Collect Data Points???

Secondary Objective: ??? (n/a?)

Sounds like Pac-man...


Primary Objective: collect as many DP's as you can!

Secondary Objective: n/a

This is basically Enforcer playing "Frogger". If you get run
over, it's game over.


Primary Objective: Collect Data Points???

Secondary Objective: ??? (n/a?)


Primary Objective: Collect Data Points???

Secondary Objective: ??? (n/a?)


Primary Objective: Collect Data Points???

Secondary Objective: ??? (n/a?)


Primary Objective: Defeat all of Enforcer level bosses!

Secondary Objective: n/a

9    Misc. Information


Press ~ to bring up the console, then type in these cheats
(without the quotes)

"xgod" - God Mode.
"killpawns" - Kill all enemies.
"xfly" - Fly around.
"walk" - Walk around.
"allammo" - All ammo.
"xghost" - No clipping.
"setspeed (X)" - Change game speed, where 'x' is the speed
(default is 2).
"setjumpz (X)" - Change jump height, where 'x' is the height
(default is 500).


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