Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                  by Kasey Chang ([email protected])
                   released November 26, 2001

0    Introduction

0.1   A word from the author

A quick browse through the gamefaq.com shows that there despite
the age of Terra Nova, there is no FAQ for it. So here's my

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease the life
of software pirates.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
that I have and ever existed (as far as I know).

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.

0.2   Terms of Distribution

This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c) 2001,
all rights reserved excepted as noted above in the disclaimer

This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the
following conditions:

1) This notice and author's name must accompany all copies of
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Strategy Guide and FAQ" is copyrighted (c) 2001 by Kasey K.S.
Chang, all rights reserved except as noted in the disclaimer."

2) This document must NOT be modified in any form or manner
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exception: if you wish to convert this document to a different
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4) Sale of this information is expressly prohibited. If you see
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5) If you used material from this, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE the source,
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6) The author hereby grants all games-related web sites the right
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read 2) very carefully.

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If you don't live in the US, please send me some local stamps. I
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0.3   Distribution

This USG should be available at Gamefaqs
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much rather you tell them about it on gamefaqs.com

Gamefaqs.com will ALWAYS have the latest version of my guides.
Any sites that try to "leech" gamefaqs.com may not have the
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0.4   Other Notes

There is no warranty for this unofficial strategy guide. After
all, it depends on YOU the player.  All I can do is offer some

PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing remark... If
you find an question about this game that is not covered in the
USG, e-mail it to me at [email protected].  I'll try to answer it and
include it in the next update.  Please include where you found
this guide (URL if possible).

0.5    The Author

I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 3, Wing
Commander 4, Fade to Black, Spycraft, 688(I) Hunter/Killer.
Mechwarrior 3, MW3 Expansion Pack, Need for Speed: Porsche
Unleashed, Mechwarrior 4, Dungeon Keeper 2, and a few others.
They are available on gamefaqs.com.

You can also find some of them on my KC Game Nexus website at

If you need to write me, send e-mail to [email protected].

0.6   Disclaimer/ Copyright Information

Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri is a trademark of Looking Glass
Productions. May they rest in peace.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by Looking Glass

The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
independently through the author's efforts.

0.7   Spoiler Warning

The USG contains spoilers about all missions in Terra Nova. Only
get enough help to get past the hump, so you don't spoil the
sense of accomplishment.

0.8   The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you send me Terra Nova?
A: No. I just BOUGHT a copy in a store. Why shouldn't you?

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: Why would I do that?

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: What's the latest version?
A: This is before games get patches, though there may be a V1.09
patch out there. That is the latest known version.

Q: How many missions are there in the campaign?
A: Total of 37, completely linear. There's also the random
scenario builder.

1    Game Information

1.1   Introduction

Your manual's intro should serve as adequate introduction.

1.2   Troubleshooting

This is a DOS game, so some people have problem running it in
Windows. There are two ways to make it work in WIN98, don't know
about 98SE or ME.

One, create a full "DOS mode", but that means you have to load
DOS drivers for the CD and mice, and you lose the use of any USB
peripherals (if you need any).

Second, open a DOS prompt, make it full-screen by hitting ctrl-
enter, then look for the _tn.bat file in the game directory and
run THAT. That will by pass the "reboot" sequence, allowing you
to use the Windows drivers. I was able to complete the game
successfully with this method.

2    Your Weapons

I recommend the "particle beam" over all other weapons. It's
energy-based so there's no ammo limit, and it has good range so
you can hit enemies from far away while having chance to dodge
incoming shots. Its firing rate is rather low, though, and it
doesn't do a LOT of damage.

2.1   Laser

Your standard energy rapid-firing weapon, it has very low range
(only 75m) and only deals low damage. It fires extremely fast
though, almost continuous beam.

In general, reserve this for close-range firefights, and replace
with better weapons ASAP. You would usually want to stay away and
use multi-pulsars instead.

Laser is also good for hunting drones.

2.2   Multi-Pulsar

Fires very slowly, but has almost twice the range of the laser.

Keep moving back and shoot, or circle-strafe the enemy. Your
multi-pulsar has the range, so use it. It is too slow to hit fast-
moving targets though.

2.3   Smoke Grenade Launcher

Generates some smoke to obscure the sight.

There's no use for this weapon at all, in my opinion.

2.4   EM Emitter

Basically a grenade that shows you where the enemies are.

They are not that useful except on scout missions, where you can
use its output to route you away from the enemy. Combine with EM
Dampener module.

2.5   Grenade Launcher

Launches a grenade that explodes with area damage. Lock on target
to get the proper range.

Keep in mind that if the enemy is heading toward you and you're
backing up, you'll be wasting your grenade! Drop it on STATIONARY
targets to get optimum results.

2.6   Railgun

Plenty of shots, with damage that cannot be repaired. decent
range, but not that much damage.

Not worth the trouble, IMHO. You want to kill the enemy NOW, not
damage him so you can kill him later.

2.7   Particle Beam

Basically a better multi-pulsar, particle beam has a lot of range
and decent damage, and fires quite slowly.

Use this as sort of a sniping weapon. Fire, and back up, and keep
firing and backing up until the enemy goes down.

2.8   Thermal Disruptor

Damages the target directly instead of going through armor, the
range is rather limited. and slow recharge.

Not really worth the trouble, IMHO, unless you LIKE knife-
fighting melees.

2.9   Missile Launcher

Finally, a HEAVY weapon is available! Essentially a huge version
of grenade launcher, this takes up two slots and has only 15

Reserve this for the heavy targets, like tanks, heavy turrets,
and such. Remember to lock on.

2.10  Ionic Fusion Rifle

Despite the name, IPR is simply a laser with more damage (and a
blue beam), and slightly shorter range.

Keep one for melees if you like, but I personally would rather
stick with the particle beam.

2.11  SIR Mark IV

Causes electrical damage. its range is simply too short (only
30m!) and it causes AREA damage.

Skip this weapon completely. It's so useless it's actually
dangerous to you!

2.12  M-B Cannon

Basically a better missile launcher with more range and more
damage, the main problem is only 5 shots per weapon, and it takes
up two slots (and a heavy suit).

Definitely bring along an energy weapon as backup so you don't
end up as a sitting duck after the 5 shots run out! Reserve for
the most important targets, and don't waste any shots!

2.13  M-B Accelerator

The best weapon, it's only available for the final mission. With
10 shots each, tons of damage, and incredible range, the only
thing you need to worry about with this weapon is running out of
ammo (much less of a problem) and causing collateral damage (i.e.
friendly fire).

3    Your PBA's

Power Battle Armor is something right out of Robert Heinlein's
Starship Troopers (not that stupid movie, but the novel!).
Heavily armored, plenty of weapons, tremendous strength, and
jumpjets. These are one-man arsenals.

3.1   Standard

The standard suit offers average protection, average mobility,
average sensors, and 4 weapon slots.

3.2   Scout

The scout suit (with camouflage pattern) offers low protection,
high mobility, longer sensor range, but only 2 weapon slots.

3.3   Heavy

The heavy suit offers high protection, low mobility, average
sensors, but still 4 weapon slots.

Some newer weapons require heavy suit slots.

4    Your ASF's

The ASFs are optional but useful modules that add additional
capability to your PBA. You can only pick one ASF per PBA, so
choose carefully.

4.1   Demolition Pack

Standard equipment for demolition specialists, these are used to
blow things up. Read the manual on how to use demolition

4.2   Repair Pack

Standard equipment for repair specialists, these can help you
survive long missions. Read the manual on how to use repair

4.3   Dynamo

Dynamo doubles the "recharge" rate of energy weapons, allowing to
fire energy weapons more often for longer periods of time.

Useful if you have energy weapons, but doesn't really help you
that much. The standard recharge rate is quite sufficient, at
least in lower difficulty levels.

4.4   Jumpjet Booster

Jumpjet booster doubles the "recharge" rate of jumpjet, allowing
further and longer jumps. It also gives you more jumpjet fuel.

This one could be useful with scout suits, but personally I've
found no use for it at all.

4.5   Universal Backup

Replaces damaged systems, this is almost as good as having a PBA
repair specialist on the team. It only "fixes" 5 subsystems
though, and you need some free time to activate them.

In general, this is not that useful as most subsystems will still
work even damaged. If you need a replacement, you probably lost

4.6   EM Dampener

Essentially a limited duration "cloaking device", this allow you
to "sneak by" enemy units.

Only useful on scout/recon missions, and maybe not even then.
Combine with EM Emitter for best effect.

4.7   Auto-Doc

Fixes any damage to you personally, like damage caused by thermal

In general, if you are damaged, you're pretty dead, while a
different ASF can be more useful in preventing damage.

4.8   Mine Layer

Allow you to lay mines to protect certain areas.

This is great for defensive missions when you need to defend
specific locations or approaches, like rescue missions where you
need to protect a unit until he's back in business, and so on.
However, the auto-turrets available later can be more helpful.

4.9   Personal Shield

Gives you additional protection for limited amount of time.

Activate it and charge into heavy combat! Remember to deactivate
when out of combat to save the power.

4.10  Auto Turret

Drops up to 24 auto-turrets that'll fire at any hostiles in range

Essentially a smarter version of the mine-layer, it's great for
traps and defend missions. It's also very helpful when you wade
into a gaggle of enemies.

One useful tactic is to lay a line of those across enemy path,
then "tease" a few of them to attack you. Retreat across the
turrets and wipe out the enemy, repeat.

4.11  Explode-a-drone

Turns your remote drone into a true kamikaze.

Not that useful, as I NEVER use the drones, even for recon.

5    Your Squadmates

The squadmates don't have skill levels, and they don't improve.
The only noticeable changes are their kill stats.

Their availability is randomly generated except for the scripted
departures (death, promotion, etc.).

As long as you get the right pre-requisites (i.e. an electronics
expert, a demolition expert, and so on) the others can be just
about anything (pick weapon experts, of course).

There's no point in listing them all. You can see the game for

6    Your enemies

To be honest, it should be pretty obvious which enemies are the
most dangerous. Any enemy should be engaged from as far away as
possible. There are basically six types: Pirates, Heg PBAs,
Clones, Tanks, Drones/Probes, and Turrets.

6.1   Pirates

Pirates come in two flavors: regular, and captain. Captain comes
closer to SFC equipment, but both have bad equipment and are
easily killed.  They do outnumber you though, so don't charge
right into the middle of them. Stay back and snipe them to death.

6.2    PBAs

Hegemony (Hog) PBAs are slightly inferior to equivalent SFC PBAs
in the appropriate class (scout, regular, heavy). Engage at long

6.3   Clones

The three types of Hog clones are roughly extra-heavy and
deadlier versions of Hog PBAs. Engage at long range.

6.4   Tanks

The light, medium, and heavy are pretty hard to kill without some
heavy artillery, like missile launcher, MB cannon, or MB
Accelerator. On the other hand, their mobility is limited, and
you can get away from them easily and snipe them from long range
with particle cannon.

6.5   Drones

Drones are basically fodder except bomber drone, which can get
REALLY annoying. Keep a laser or ionic fusion rifle to hit them
at close range. And keep moving!

6.6   Turrets

Turrets are basically big targets. The heavy turret can throw
some heavy missiles your way, but you can see those coming and
dodge easily. Stay out of range, kill the mobile units first,
then get in closer and snipe it to death.

7    General Tactics

7.1    Retrograde

Most units can be easily engaged at long range, where your
superior fire control and range will let you get in unanswered
hits. Just keep backing up to keep the range open.

7.2   Take your time if possible

Most missions are not time-critical. On those missions, take your
time to take on one enemy at a time, wait for armor to
regenerate, then repeat.

7.3   Escort Tactics

With four squadmates, it's best to assign two squadmates to guard
the leading vehicle in the convoy, while you take the remaining
squadmate to scout ahead and engage any enemies.

8    Campaign Walkthru

You can call in the drop ship when the primary objective is
complete. Dropship will come automatically if you have completed
all objectives.

8.1   Intro

As you can see from the intro, there's a traitor in SFC.

8.2   Mission 1

Scouting mission. How hard can it be? This will be your first
live-fire exercise though. Just remember, those pirates are out

Your target, the pirate base, is to NW of drop point. Consider
moving west, until you are directly north of the base, then go
south toward the base. You will encounter THREE pirates on this
mission. Use your multi-pulsar to hit them from long range, don't
forget to zig-zag as you back up! Kill all three and get on the

8.3   Mission 2

Search & Destroy, clearing pirates from the canal locks.

After drop, start moving north. Your teammate will follow you and
engage pirates as necessary. She can take care of herself.

Take out the 2 pirates at the lookout station as you approach the
locks. You should see another pirate patrolling the locks on your
side, kill him.

Approach the western lock slowly, and you'll see 3 pirates there.
Take them out.

Go south, then east, and approach the eastern (from south) lock
slowly. Two pirates will shoot at you from the other side. Don't
chase them. You are more accurate than they are (should be) so
take them out from a distance.

After coast is clear, jump across and approach the area to the
north of western lock slowly. You should see 3 more pirates among
the cargo. Try to tease them out of there before engaging. Once
you take them out, the mission's done.

8.4   Mission 3

Scouting mission. Is one of the Clans shipping stuff to pirates?
Do NOT be seen!

The enemy base is to your east, a good distance away, but you
don't want to head there directly. They have plenty of guards,
and not even your EM Emitter will help you avoid them all if you
just walk in.

You may want to head north, go around the lakes, and approach the
base from the northwest, or go southeast, and hook around from
the southwest. Use EM Emitter before cresting the hill or such to
avoid the guards.

There's actually a smaller depot to the west (on the road) of the
main base that has some of the crates you are looking for (at
least on easier difficulty levels) so you may not have to
approach the base at all.

Any way, once you get pretty close to the base/depot, about 250
meters, creep up slowly and once there, start zooming in and
check every object you can see. The crates should be out there in
the open. Use the cursor to "browse" the objects until you find a
crate. Lock on to it, and you'll transmit the ID. You can now
back away from the crest of the hill slowly.

When the transmission was confirmed, it's time to go, but NEVER
head toward the pickup point directly! Move slowly, circle
around, before heading to the pickup point. Don't run into a
sentry now and ruin the mission!

8.5   Mission 4

Capture pirate convoy. This is a tough mission, watch your target

You'll want to go a little further SOUTH of the intercept point,
right around the bend. There are two pirates as roaming patrol in
your way, and you'll probably want to avoid them.

There will be five pirates at the intercept point. Take them out
fast since there are more pirates with the convoy.

Six pirates guard the convoy. Make sure you don't slag the convoy
trucks in the firefight! And kill those pirates FAST. Stay close
to those trucks!  You have to catch them BEFORE they reach the

8.6   Mission 5

S&D, wipe out the pirates blockading the steading.

There's two ways to do this mission: the brute-force way, or the
nasty (ambush) way.

First, follow the road south, and take out the 2 pirates guarding
the intersection.

Second, decide on your approach. There are 6 pirates around the
blockade area, and 6 more will rush up from the south as
reinforcements when you attack the first 6.

You can beat all 12 if you take your time and distance (the brute
force way), or you can be nasty.

The nasty way: stay out of range a little and have a demolition
guy plant a demo charge (use all 9 if you feel like it) on the
road the reinforcements will be arriving on. Now start attacking,
and keep an eye on the radar. When the reinforcements pass over
the demo charges, detonate it, and you'll kill all six (or most
of them) in one shot!

After you take out both groups, it's time to clean up. There are
six more pirates to the south, 3 to east of the road and 3 to the
west. Set your squadmates to aggressive mode, move in slowly, and
you should have no problem at all.

8.7   Mission 6

Attack/Destroy pirate base. Now's your chance to attack that base
you scouted in mission 3.

You can spread out your squadmates, or keep them together, it's
up to you. I personally prefer keeping all together for better
firepower, though you could separate and "sweep" the land.

There are six perimeter guards around the base. Five pirates and
two small turrets guard the base itself. Take them all out, flash
the buildings, and you win!

8.8   Mission 7

S&R, recover lost trooper Colin.

Finding the solider is easy: he's just north of that small lake
inside the circle.

Getting there will be rather tough. There's a lot of enemies
moving south combing the area, and you MAY want to head northwest
to approach the location from the west in order to avoid most of
the pirates.

As soon as you see him, order the repair guy to "repair SFC PBA",
and the electronics guy to "Reboot PBA". You don't really have to
wait for one to finish before starting the other. Be on guard for

When Colin pops up on your MFD, it's time to head back out.
Remember that Colin is in a SCOUT suit, so don't let him fight.
It's okay if you lose some of your squadmates, but you can't lose

Some pirates will be near your pickup point. Clean them out. The
dropship may come and abort. Just clean the area and call the
ship back.

8.9   Mission 8

Attack pirate base. Those stolen goods are going here, so flash
it! Just make sure you take out that transport first. You have
exactly 45 seconds from the time you're detected to the ship
takes off, so either you sneak close, or you go straight up the
middle blasting all the way.

Sneaking: you can get out of range and sneak to the hills, and it
is possible you can climb those hills and come at the base from
one of the less-guarded sides. However, you better be fast once
you start the attack. Load grenades and keep firing at the ship.
If the ship takes off, switch to particle beam, as you still have
a few seconds to blow it out of the sky before it gets out of

Brute-forcing: take out the two turrets, and run in and let your
squadmates take care of the guards. You just take out that ship.

After you wipeout the ship, clean out the base and any remaining
guards, and wait for the armor to regen before evac-ing.

There are three more pirates between the base and the pickup
point, so be careful.

8.10  Mission 9

Attack and S&D. Take out the pirate convoy, then all those
pirates too hiding in the islands.

As the briefing says, you have two choices: take them all at
once, or take out the convoy, and hunt the rest down one at a
time. It's up to you.

All-at-once: sit at the north/northeast hill and wait for the
convoy. Once they're there and pirates start to appear, grenade
the convoy, and stay well back to wipe out the guards. You may
want a recon guy to sit near the docks to give you warning on the
pirates approaching. Once you wipe out the guards (6 of them),
use the hills to help you wipe out the 12 pirates running around.
Don't chase them into the water as it severely limits your
mobility (i.e. dodge ability).

One-at-a-time: flash the convoy and the 6 guards, then hop the
islands and clean them out one at a time. Try to stay out of
water. You may use up all your jumpjet juice, so don't jump
unless you can't help it. Jumpjet pack may help here.

8.11  Mission 10

Scout, and maybe attack. This suspicious base is out in the
middle of nowhere. Why?

This mission is simple if you do it right. Pick ALL scout suits,
as you'll be mainly running, not fighting. You will need at least
an EM Dampener for yourself, if not all your squadmates.

Once you dropped, look at the map carefully. See the words
"presumed location"? There's a "valley" there (the dark region).
Do NOT go there directly. The valley is FULL of Hegemony troops
and pirates.

Instead, move VERY slowly toward that area. Have your squadmates
"hold position" once you get near the valley. Engage EM Dampener
and head down the valley and try to ID some buildings from as far
away as possible. Your scout suit should make that relatively
easy. Once you got it, run for the evac!

8.12  Mission 11

Defend mine, protect the agamemnite mine from the Hog troops.

Once you drop, move directly onto the mining platform ASAP.
You'll be quickly hit by two waves of soldiers, one from
northeast, and another from east. Remember to issue "hold
position" order to defend the location properly.

Once you take out both groups, take one squadmate and head east
quickly, as you need to intercept the artillery before they
deploy. They deploy at the hill about 140 meters to the east of
the mine platform.  You should notice the artillery piece
accompanied by artillery squad.

Kill all the artillery squad, but don't destroy the artillery,
for the highest score.

8.13  Mission 12

Repair the lunar telescope with Gags.

Simply approach the lunar telescope, as there are no enemies on
this mission.

Once there, get Gags to activate the scope. He will fail and be
injured. Don't worry, this is scripted. There is nothing you can
do to prevent Gags from being injured. Simply head to pickup
point and evac.

8.14  Mission 13

Repair the lunar telescope with Gags again.

Not so easy this time, as you will be attacked. Take heavy stuff,
with plenty of grenades and close-range hard-hitting weapons. You
don't have the range nor the time to snipe.

Go straight for the compound after drop, and give Gags the repair
order ASAP. Start positioning your squad for the FIVE waves of
enemy attack coming from all directions. Make sure the squad will
stay put to defend.

Watch for the Heg demolition squad, as that's the only TRUE
threat to the telescope. They will be coming in from the
southeast. Kill them FIRST! Don't let them get NEAR the

Once you cleaned out all five waves, the telescope is safe, so

8.15  Mission 14

Attack fuel depot.

Frankly, this is relatively boring unless enemies overwhelm you.

After drop, stay away from the road. Move up to the fuel tanks.
Get to a range where you can shoot at the fuel tank but stay as
far away as possible, then just keep firing the particle beam
until the tank goes boom. Repeat as you move around the base.
Your squadmates should handle any one approaching you. If the
enemies get too close, help out a little. Wipe out enough tanks
to satisfy the primary objective, and you can go home.

8.16  Mission 15

Heg forces are attacking Bishop Steading. Clear them out.

As the village is full of buildings, you'll probably want a recon
specialist to help you pinpoint enemies. Also, try not to use any
grenades, as you want to keep collateral damage to a minimum.

Upon drop, move south, and move through the village clockwise
starting from the 3 o'clock position. Move only a little bit at a
time, wipe out all the Heg forces you encounter. Once you get
them all, you win.

8.17  Mission 16

Heg forces have taken the scientists. Get them back!

This mission is tough. You are under a time limit so you have to
move fast, which means scout suits. Don't bring along any grenade
launchers as their area effect may accidentally blow up the

Upon drop, run toward the trucks as fast as possible, and spread
out your squad, aggressive.

Once you get there, take out the guards, then head for the pickup

You'll want to get there a little BEFORE the trucks as you may
run into a Heg patrol on the way, and you want any firefight to
be as far away from the trucks as possible.

8.18  Mission 17

Protect convoy.

Take regular suits, scout suits if you're really good. You need
to move fast, and heavy suits are just too slow for this.

Upon landing, it should be obvious that you're too late: the Heg
forces have already wiped out the defending squad and gotten the
convoy. However, it's not too late to chase them.

Follow the road and kill those two Hog soldiers, run fast. When
you come to the fork in the road, turn right (notice the burn
marks on the road). You need to reach the trucks before they
reach the hills if possible. Use jumpjets if it'll let you move
faster. Kill the guards.

Once you got the trucks, assign two squadmates to follow it, and
take the remaining one ahead to flush out any ambush.

If you're too late to prevent the trucks from reaching the hills,
then you'll just have to go in there and assault the Heg base.
You'll run into a LOT of enemies there, but it CAN be done.

If there are too many enemies, you can always destroy the

8.19  Mission 18

Destroy Hog Telescope

This one will test your patience, as you need to whittle down the
opposition before you can mount a direct assault. The amount of
patrols around the area is amazing. Take heavy armor and weapons.
Consider taking a mine-layer ASF for setting up traps and
ambushes. You'll also need particle beam for sniping.

Upon landing, move to a flat spot about 300m from the scope, and
order your squadmates to stay in place.

Move carefully up to the telescope, and start sniping at those
turrets. You can dodge those missile shots easily by moving
sideways. If enemy mobile units come to play, drop some mines and
lead them to your squadmates' crossfire. Repeat until you've
eliminated all the patrols (should be like 4 groups) and the

Once that's done, get your squad together, and move toward the
telescope carefully, sniping away if possible. Once all guards
are down, wire the telescope for demolition and get out of there!

8.20  Mission 19

You're assigned to this solo scout mission.

Except you never got there. The dropship went kaboom, and you
barely jumped out in time. And right into Hegemony hands. Just
watch the movie.

When the time comes, it's time for your escape. The pickup point
is 480 m north of you. When mission starts, START RUNNING and
call for dropship after you started moving. No matter what, do
NOT stop and fight. Keep issuing "move to pickup point" order
(ALT-P) to your squadmates (though most of them will probably
eject) as you keep running.

Schuyler will die on this mission. That is scripted and there's
nothing you can do about it.

8.21  Mission 20

Another solo mission, except this is a sneak attack.

You need EXTREME stealth, and here's a little fun fact: the west
side is undefended, despite what the briefing shows. Take scout
suit, particle beam, EM Dampener, and EM Emitter.

Upon drop, go south a little then west, then north. You need to
be just due west of the enclosure. Use EM Emitter to pinpoint
sentries (there shouldn't be any to the west) and use EM Dampener
to go around them.

Once you got there, zoom in, and zap the sensor station. Start
running south. Enemies will approach, but only drones can catch
you in scout suit, and those can't do you too much damage. You
should make it to the dropship with no problems.

8.22  Mission 21

While the briefing make it sound simple, this is actually an
ambush, as you can hear Gags mumbling "bad feeling" all the way.

You need heavy suit, missile launcher, particle beam, and grenade
launcher. The heavy stuff. In fact, give them to everybody, and
take as many weapon specialists as you can.

Upon drop, move slowly north, and look for enemies as you crest
the hill. If you spot a group of enemies, start lobbing missiles
at them. You should get the radio message about this being an
ambush. Issue "go to pickup point" to squad, then start running.
You all should make it.

8.23  Mission 22

Find Petrov's plane and defend it.

You'll need heavy suit, good weapons, and a mine-layer ASF.

The plane is a little north of the small lake. Run there quickly,
let your squadmates take out any of the drones.

Once you got there, lay a ring of mines around the ship (a bit
away from the ship so if someone does hit the mine the damage
won't destroy the ship), and set your squadmates to the 4 compass
positions a bit beyond the minefield, and wait.

You'll be attacked from north, south, and south/southeast. Use
long-distance weapons as much as possible, and keep the fight
away from the plane as far as possible. You don't any stray shots
to accidentally destroy the transport.

8.24  Mission 23

Demolish the Heg harvester.

Give your squad (including yourself) heavy suit, missile
launcher, particle beam, and one other weapon of your choice.
Take useful ASFs like auto-doc.

Move to the harvester slowly, as you don't want to meet too many
enemies at once. Stop at 150m, and order everybody else to stay
put. Move in, plant the charges, then run really fast.

There's another set of guards at your pickup point.

8.25  Mission 24

You're supposed to intercept a convoy...

Take the Personal Shield as your ASF.

After you drop, head directly to "intercept point". Once you get
there, fire at one of the soldiers to team them, and then back
off. Let the unknown aircraft finish them off.

Once the ship has started bombing the enemy soldiers, continue
running down the ravine, straight past the pickup point, to where
the main ravine turns left. Don't stop to fire until you've gone
around the bend. Turn around and activate your Personal Shield.
Since the enemies' attention will be on you, they won't fire on
the dropship when it arrives.

Engage the enemy until the dropship lands, then sprint for it
past the enemies and tell it to open the hatch from as far away
as possible.

8.26  Mission 25

Destroy the construction site, and hopefully NOT fighting the
large reaction force to the south.

Equip your squadmates with missile launchers and personal

Upon dropdown, order your squadmates to move directly to the
construction site. While they approach from the west, take up a
position about 200 meters south of the site. Also, launch a drone
and send it a spot about 150 meters south of the pickup location.

When your squadmates begin to attack, some of the guards will
attempt to flee past you. Kill them before they make it to the
large Hegemony patrol to the south. Then go in and help your
squadmates finish off the construction site.

If you don't receive confirmation of mission victory after the
site is leveled, it means that at least one guard escaped, and
that you'll have to fight the group of enemies to the south.

8.27  Mission 26

You are in a pirate suit... To find the traitor.

Upon landing, move to the location marked "pirate base" on the
map. You don't need to shoot at anybody, so don't!

Stand inside the walled area between the two buildings and
activate the descrambler. After about 25 seconds, the dropship
pilot will confirm the identity of the traitor. As soon as that
happens, sprint for the pickup, just jump over trees and such and
do a little zigzag. You should barely make it.

8.28  Mission 27

You need to borrow the cannon from the Heg, and use it against

Outfit your electronics specialist and yourself with autoturrets.
Bring a demolitions specialist to blow the cannon afterwards.

Upon drop, head west to the southwest corner of the outer wall,
and move to the top of the hill there. Drop multiple autoturrets
near the top of the hill, then move your squad to the hill and
give them the Defend Position order.

Run and jump over the outer wall, and drop one autoturret. Fire
at one of the enemies and get the group to chase you. Jump back
over the wall to the hill, and let your squadmates and
autoturrets kill the enemy. Repeat this process of luring enemy
groups over the wall, until either all the enemy soldiers are
dead, or until you can defeat the remaining few.

Take your squad into the center of the base, and tell your
electronics expert to fire the cannon. Once the cannon has fired,
have your demolitions expert destroy the cannon and the control
station. Then call for the dropship and head for the pickup

8.29  Mission 28

Base raid.

You and all your squadmates should have at least one missile

After the drop, go southwest until the base comes into view down
below. Move your squadmates a little ways apart from one another,
but keep them all up on the hill with you. Zoom your view in as
far as it will go, and bombard the enemies down in the base with
missiles. Even if your targeting box says the enemies are out of
range, you should still hit them because of the difference in
your elevations. Make sure you get the two medium tanks in this

When there are no more enemies in sight, head down the hill with
your squad and clean up the area.

8.30  Mission 29

Convoy capture and escort, pretty tough mission.

Make sure you take autoturrets as your ASF in this mission.

Upon drop, send all of your squadmates to a point about 75 meters
south of the base, right on the edge of the water. They will
intercept the pirates coming up from the south. Then run as fast
as you can up the road to the north.

When drones come to pester you on the way, drop a few
autoturrets, but do NOT stop to fight them yourself.

Once you get to the intersection, turn to the right, drop a line
of autoturrets, and back away. Let your autoturrets kill most of
the enemies, and pick off any that make it past the line.

Once all those enemies are dead, escort the trucks down to the
base, and help your squadmates kill any remaining enemies there.

8.31  Mission 30

Protect the convoy stopped by the landslide.

Upon drop, immediately send your demolitions expert east to blow
up the bridge. Take the rest of your squad straight to the
landslide to take out the Hegemony soldiers there.

As soon as your demo expert is done, detonate the bridge, then
have him follow you.

After the enemies at the landslide are destroyed, give one of
your squadmates the "follow object" and specify one of the
trucks. Take the other two squadmates east down the road, and
destroy the two smaller groups of enemy PBA's which are waiting
in ambush.

8.32  Mission 31

Protect the farm.

Take as many weapons specialists as you can. Equip yourself with
the Personal Shield as your ASF, a Missile Launcher, and a
Particle Beam. Equip your squadmates with Autoturrets or personal

Upon drop, proceed straight up the road and take out the heavy
tank with your missile launcher.

Do NOT immediately go to the farmhouse. Instead, take a position
to the south and eliminate all enemy PBA's south of the
farmhouse. Then order your squadmates to a point about 50 meters
to the east of the farmhouse, and give them the Defend Position

After the second wave of enemy soldiers has been destroyed, take
your squad north into the orchard and destroy the group of
enemies heading in through the trees.

Be on the lookout for the last Hegemony Demolitions expert, who
will be coming from the northwest.

8.33  Mission 32

Take out the control station.

Take two demolitions specialists and an electronics specialist on
this mission. Give everybody Personal Shields.

Upon drop, move north and attack the guards around the control
station, but protect your demo specialists

After that battle, reprogram the station with your electronics
specialist, and have one of your demo specialists set one demo
charge on the building. Don't detonate it yet.

Take your squad north, toward the pickup point. When you
encounter the southern-most perimeter guard around the tower,
give BOTH demo specialists to plant charges on the tower, using
the same colored fuse on the control station. Do NOT follow the
demo expert to the tower. Instead, try to draw away enemy fire
and provide him with cover, so that he can sneak in and set his
charges. Do NOT drop missiles near him! Use precision weapons!

Once the charges are set, withdraw your squad to the pickup
point, and detonate the charges, which will destroy both
buildings. Call for the dropship, and fight off any enemies who
may wander into you before it arrives.

8.34  Mission 33

Destroy all four towers in enemy base.

Equip yourself with MB cannon, a particle beam, and the Personal
Shield. Give similar equipment to your squadmates.

After the drop, leave your squadmates at the drop point, zoom in
your view, and move due north.

When the two Mech Bipeds come into view, use one MB Cannon shell
to destroy each Biped. Then head toward the southern entrance of
the base, and take out as many of the enemies there as possible
from long range, using your remaining MB shells and your particle

Once those enemies are destroyed, call your squad in and enter
the base. There are a few enemies inside the base which you and
your squad can handle without much difficulty.

Once the area is clear of enemies, have your demo experts set
charges on all four towers, and all on the same colored fuse.
Don't set off any of the charges until all four of the towers are

Move back to the pick-up point, and detonate the charges from
there. Then immediately call for the dropship.

8.35  Mission 34

Take out the cloning domes.

There are two ways to do this: the direct way, or the demolition

Direct way: Equip yourself with two MB Cannons. Change all
squadmates to weapons experts, and equip them with one MB cannon
each. Give everyone the Personal Shield.

Upon drop, head west away from the base for about 150 meters,
then go due north, and then east, so that you are approaching the
cloning domes from the north. Zoom in your view and get a good
look at the Domes from a distance of about 240 meters. Bombard
the domes from there with your MB Cannon -- 10 shells should be
enough to destroy all three. Make sure that before you fire, you
are target locked on a dome, and that you are within range. Your
squadmates should be able to hold off the enemy units.

Demolition way: Equip yourself with one missile launcher (more
ammo) and a good long-range beam weapon. Bring along two demo
specialists and one weapon specialist with similar weapons.
Personal shields for every body.

Upon drop, get to the base, pick a spot, then order each demo
expert to wire a building, while you and your weapon specialist
keep blasting away to distract the enemies. Wire all three
buildings to the same fuse, and keep blasting. Once all are
wired, recall everybody and blow all three and use the combined
firepower to kill all that remains.

Once the vats are destroyed, call the dropship and head for the

8.36  Mission 35

Kill enemy convoy.

Outfit yourself with 2 MB cannons. Take all weapons' experts if
possible, and give everyone the Personal Shield, at least one MB
cannon, and at least one beam weapon.

Upon drop, activate your Personal Shield and charge down the hill
to the road. Give your squadmates the Aggressive Attack command,
and help them destroy the few clones on the road.

Head east, paralleling the road while staying south to gain
terrain advantage.

As soon as the trucks come into view, start blasting them with
your MB cannon. Remember that you only have 10 shots, so always
make sure you're target locked correctly, and aim at the
frontmost of the trucks.

Once the trucks and their guards are destroyed call the dropship,
and then go west as fast as possible to meet it.

8.37  Mission 36

Recover the enemy scout ship as you'll need its codes.

Outfit yourself with 2 MB cannons, and give yourself and your
squadmates the Personal Shield.

Upon drop, move directly for the ship, which again is just to the
northeast of the word "Area" on your Nav Map.

Activate your Personal Shield and destroy the pair of clones that
will attack half way between the drop and the downed ship, but
don't waste more than a few MB shells. Save the rest for the
group of tanks and clones at the foot of the cliff in front of
the gully with the ship.

Once at the ship, tell your electronics specialist to repair it,
and then tell Brandt to fly it out. Brandt will get in
eventually, and the ship will take off.

After that, run for the evac point.

8.38  Mission 37

Plant the super-bomb on the base HQ, then run for it!

Take two of the MB accelerators. Select two weapons specialists
in addition to Brandt, and give them Personal Shields and one MB
Accelerator each. Take a personal shield for yourself.

Upon drop, activate your shield, and head immediately to the
western entrance to the base. Use your MB accelerators to destroy
the tank, clones, and heavy turret as you go in. Cover Brandt
with MB fire all the way to fuel tank, being careful not to
damage him accidentally by firing too close. More enemies will be
coming at you from the south and east than from the north and
west, so set yourself up to that side while defending Brandt.

Once the charge is set, order your squad to head to the pick up
and flee the station as fast as possible. More and more clones
are coming into the station, so don't bother staying and
fighting. You may find it difficult to jump jet over the station
walls in your heavy suit, so use the actual entrance to the
station when escaping.

Run for it and watch the fireworks!

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