Colonization Cheats, written by Kristian M„enp„„, [email protected].

   Some of these cheats have been discovered by me, some are from different
   sources. I'm not in any way responsible of any damage to anything, due
   to hex editing etc. For more cheats, or corrections, e-mail me!-)

Write with ALT pressed down W I N and you'll get a cheat menu. Press
ALT W again, and it will go away. (At least version 3.0, see the readme.txt
for further details, it comes with the update at least).

On older versions, one of these should work :
Edit MENU.TXT, find the part @PEDIA, and add "C" in front of it.
The other way is to swap the places of @PEDIA and @CUP.

Hex editing :

Start a new game with easiest or easy, and save the game instantly.
Load you're save (colony0x.sav, where x is the number of you're save)
to a hex editor, and find the figures F4 01 (Easiest) or 2C 01 (Easy).
(Usually on sectors 4,5 or 6). Write them over with FF FF, and after
that FF 7F. Save, load you're game and you should have a nice amount of cash..

Others :
The file names.txt contains some interesting things to change, such
as the units, terrain, the cost of master colonists at Europe etc.
Other text files in the Colonization directory contain easy-to-change
things too. Some of my changes have made parts of the game to malfunction,

When you're at the country selection screen, move the mouse cursor a bit
below Spain and press the button. Then press enter and in the game you
can control all of the countries.

When starting a new colony, name it to Charlotte, and you'll get the
whole map visible, get 50000 cash, see other countries stats and their
ports(in which you can spend their money!). 

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