Press ENTER to enter cheat mode and then type in any of the 
following codes (case sensitive):

       DIEDIEDIE - Kill everyone
       RESIGN - Resign from the game
       REVEAL MAP - Reveal the map!
       PEPPERONI PIZZA - 1,000 food points
       COINAGE - 1,000 gold
       WOODSTOCK - 1,000 wood
       QUARRY - 1,000 stone
       BIGDADDY -  gives you a cool car with a rocket laucher
       HARI KARI - Commit suicide
       PHOTON MAN - Gives you a futuristic soldier
       GAIA - Allows you to control animals
       FLYING DUTCHMAN - Changes your juggernauts into flying dutchmen,
         allowing them to travel over land
       STEROIDS - Gives all units and all upgrades
       HOME RUN - You win scenario
       NO FOG - Removes fog of war
       MEDUSA - Villers become medusa, when medusa die, they become 
         black riders. When black riders die, they become heavy 
       KILLX -  X refers to a player's starting position, the player 
         is killed.
       BIG BERTHA - Heavy catapults are even more deadly
       Jack be nimble - Catapults fire with villagers
       Hoyohoy - Priests get 600 hp and are speed 6
       ICBM - Balista has a range of 100
       e=mc2 trooper  - Soldier Nuke
       victory - skip the level (not working on the last level)
       F6 - Full map toggle
       F7 - Fog of war toggle
       CTRL-Q - Speeds up building
       CRTL-G - 1000 gold
       CRTL-W - 1000 wood
       CRTL-S - 1000 stone
       CRTL-F - 1000 food
       CRTL-T - New menu under wood, food, gold and stone
       CRTL-P - Left click to place more rock

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