n. def- a hate coupled with disgust

Unofficial Walkthrough Ver 1.0
By Justin LeClear [email protected]

	0.0 LEGAL #*%^
	0.5 CITY
	0.6 LAB
	0.9 ARMOR

0.0 Legal Crap
	This walkthrough is copyright 1999 by Justin LeClear. Any 
unauthorized reproduction, printing, eating, using as a substitute for 
toilet paper, and viewing is strictly prohibited (but seriously, if you 
want to use this for any of those purposes, except for viewing and 
toilet paper, e-mail me, ok?).
	WARNING: This is a spoiler. So it's not my fault it you read too 
much. I will not be held responsible for loss of fun-ness.

0.1	Port Area

	Once your men are off the boat and the conversation completed, 
begin the game by walking south a bit, before you get even 15 feet, 
you'll find yourself in a battle with a Sfinks. Not too hard, a few 
shots from the pistol and a bayonet or two will do the job. 
	That done, walk a bit more south and you'll find half of Group 
One...dead (you weren't expecting them to be having a tea party were 
you?). The conversation ended, you'll see a board to the left of the 
dead guys. Take it. Walk on and you'll be in a battle with another two 
Sfinks'. Take 'em out.
	With the battle over, you'll see a note to your south. Take it, 
it's not important or anything, so tuck it in your pocket and go open 
the box to the left of the screen. Inside you'll find a battery charged 
flame thrower (yes!), a bat, an axe, some medical tape. 
	Go directly south; stay away from the doors and the hand checker! 
You'll see why very soon. Go into the house and get the rubber gloves 
(rubber gloves next to some porno, smells sounds fishy). Exit. Go south 
some more and you'll get involved in a fight with the following: 2 
RC28s, a Garcia, and a Sfinks. Use your pistols, bayonets, and don't 
forget your bat and axe! I recommend that you use a shot or two of your 
rifle, but don't go overboard.
	Go a bit southwest and you'll see a box. Open it up and you'll 
get 6 pistol shots, some food, and a crowbar. To the right are some 
oxygen tanks...haha! O2 under high pressure! Whoo-whee! Now go back to 
where you found the bodies, and from there, go west where you'll meet 
Wasilij Dobrovsky. Talk to him, and when you're done, you'll end up in 
a fight with a Cutter Pill, 2 Garcias, and 2 Sfinks, Use your rifles on 
the Cutter Pill, take him out fast, or lure him near the barrel and 
shoot the barrel. Use just about anything else on the other 3, but you 
should use the flame thrower on the Garcia's.
	When the carnage stops, go a bit north, but not to far, hang a 
right so you'll be exactly in front of the boat with the singing 
mutant. Climb the ladder and open the door on top of the building. The 
code for the safe is "PLEASURE" spell it out using the keypad (the 
numbers have letters on top, like a telephone). Inside, you'll find a 
shocker, 8 shotgun shells, 3 painkillers, and a few grenades.
	Exit the room, climb back down the ladder, and proceed at the box 
northeast of your screen. To get it, you'll need to fight 2 Garcia's 
and SAVE the little mutant. In the box, you'll find a light vest, a few 
tranquilizing darts, and a few medical bandages. 
	The trial is near and so is JUDGE. Go to the far west, just a 
little north of where you fought the Cutter Pill, and start to go 
north. There, you'll meet Judge and his "jury". Take out the little 
creatures first, then focus on the big guy. Stun him with the shocker 
and he'll offer very little trouble. With that fight over go north and 
into the shop, there, you'll find the first MATRIX DISK. Go and open 
the box on the other side of the room for 1 uzi, 6 shots of uzi ammo, 
24 rifle shots, and some medical tape.
	Time to get the shotgun. Go back to where you found the bodies, 
and go northwest, so you'll be standing on an iron/steel dock. Remember 
that board we picked up before? Use it with the end of the dock and 
Jarek will cross, he'll pick up the shotgun, but the boards underneath 
him will give way. He'll be forced to do battle with 1 Fang, 1 Sfinks, 
and 1 Cutter Pill. Don't worry, your companions will come soon enough. 
TIP: Shoot the two barrels standing next to each other when the baddies 
are near them.
	 Time to kill Grandma. This bug isn't easy. To find her, go to 
where you met Wasilij Dobrovsky. Once there, go south and you'll see a 
fence, use the gloves with the electrified fence and descend the 
stairs. Go south a few steps and you'll find her. Your best bet here is 
to try and get her kids lined up in a way that the flame thrower can 
get them all in one blast, so get them in a "L" formation or something. 
To kill Grandma, surround her and unload on her. Use the shotgun, uzi, 
rifle, anything. Just kill her. Don't forget to use the shocker and 
stun her, which helps a bunch.
	Once she's dead go into the shack next to her and get a 
tranquilizer gun, 2 grenades, and 8 throwing knives. Now, a little 
secret...go into the tunnel and walk up to the rocks, use the oxygen 
tanks with the rocks, then walk back, and use the pistol with the 
tanks. Once the dust clears open the hidden box and you'll get a napalm 
launcher, 3 shots of napalm, some food, and most importantly, a 
	Go back to the hand identification machine (you got the hand 
right?) before you can use it, you'll have to fight 1 Sfinks, and 3 
Garcias. DO NOT USE THE MISSILE! Take 'em out with the shocker, the 
uzi, the rifle, and the like. No missile! When you're done fighting, 
use the hand with the hand identifier. The doors will open and you'll 
fight the Smokerider. There are 3 stun bombs in the box, so don't 
bother; they just tranquilize the victim. USE THE MISSILE! The missile 
will take off about 179 hit points from him, so he'll be good to go. 
Tranquilize him, and finish him off.
	When you're done taking out the trash, go through the doors 
directly to the right of the Russian security doors. You'll run into 
some thieves, and they leave, dropping their booty (don't take that the 
wrong way) on your command. Ovitz reads it but nothing important, it 
tells you about General Kosov's lab.
	Go south some more and Wasilij will leave you. He runs off then 
screams, apparently, he gets killed. "Poor bastard, I guess leaving us 
wasn't such a great idea." –Jarek. Immediately after, you'll be pitted 
against 4 Hornets and 2 Garicas. In the box is a bulletproof vest, 12 
rifle slugs, and some tape. Then you will be forced to face 2 Cutter 
Pills, 2 RC28s, and 3 Hounds. YOU WILL NOT HAVE A CHANCE TO SAVE 
	When you finish the fighting, you'll find another body of Group 
One. So, hurry! Rush into the sewers and see if you can save the 
fourth! Run fast! Time is of the essence! However be sure to get the 
box to your left, it has a vest, a stun bomb, and some painkillers.

0.2	Sewers

	Not a whole lot down here. All you need to do is just walk along 
the side to the southern part of the sewers. Cross the plank then walk 
to the eastern part. Cross the plank. Speak to Joan McFadden she joins 
you go the northern part of the sewers. Open box, get darts, 12 
bullets, some tape, and 2 bandages. Cross plank, go to the box at the 
western part. Open the box and get some throwing knives, 2 molotov 
cocktails, and some food.
	Turn the valve, and cross the plank to the center island. Climb 
the stairs and flip the switch. Go back down and go to where the acid 
was, turn the valve to turn off the steam, and proceed to the ladder. 
You'll be tossed into a fight with 3 Hounds and 1 Fang. The easiest way 
to do this is to kill the Hounds first, then move your team, except for 
the person with the flamethrower, onto the left side. Lure the Fang 
near the bridge and roast him. While he's burning, shoot him some. Your 
operative may need some medical attention too, cause the Fang will 
shoot rockets at him.
	Climb the ladder.

0.3	Monument Room
	Start this by going south and getting 5 painkillers, 3 cans of 
food, 2 grenades, and 3 molotov cocktails from the box. Next to the 
box, you'll see an iron drawer, open it and retrieve another MATRIX 
DISK. After bagging the disk, you'll be thrust into yet another battle 
with The Fatman (the music for the Seventh Guest and the 11th Hour was 
done by him, I guess) and 3 Hounds will jump into the battle from the 
right, so prepare before battle. 
	The easiest way to fight him is to tranquilize him as soon as you 
can. Then set him on fire with whatever methods you can but don't use 
napalm, save it. Finish him off by was of the rifle, shotgun, or 
pistol. If you get worried about ammo, I strongly suggest the melee 
weapons. Just shoot the hounds, nothing special needed to kill them.
	Go back to the big hand in the middle of the room and proceed 
northeast, you'll see a yellow card. Go get it. However you'll 
encounter 2 Jet-Elmers and 2 Cutter Pills on the way. I hate Jet-
Elmers, so tranquilize them fast and take em out with whatever you can. 
With the cutter pills, either lure them near the barrels or shoot 'em 
in cold blood. It's fun either way.
	Now, get the key and go back to the big hand. Go west now, toward 
the box under the stairs. You'll find yourself in a battle with 4 
Sfinks, and 3 Siners. You'll notice that there are 3 barrels near the 
middle of the screen. Use them to your advantage. If you have a stun 
bomb, use it on the three baddies closest to you. They're in a small 
space, so you might be able to get all 3 in one shot. From there, roast 
	At this point, if you're like me, you should be low on ammo. 
Finish up the rest of the baddies with whatever ammo you got and your 
melee weapons. When the battle is over, open the box to your north to 
get some uzi ammo, healing ointment, some food, and 2 vodka bottles. 
Take them all, and go directly south for another box that has 6 shotgun 
shells, 24 rifle slugs, a crowbar, and 18 bullets. Make sure you take 
the crowbar, you'll need it outside the museum.
	Exit the level by going up the stairs and out the door.

0.4	Museum
	I hate this level, it's hard. Start by walking toward the 
monitors. On the way you'll be approached by NATO Soldiers...or are 
they? They tell you to go to the roof for evac, and you radio HQ for 
confirmation. Confirmation is given so you start for the roof.
	When they leave, use the yellow key with the monitors to open the 
way to the roof. Suddenly, out of nowhere, 3 Garicas, 2 Headnails, 1 
Hound, and 1 Fang will attack you, trying to destroy the monitors. IF 
	The museum is where the going gets tough. To do this, send 
someone down to meet the Jet-Elmer. Tranquilize him. Have someone else 
deal with the Headnail. Also have someone else go to the Garcia. Either 
have Joan fight the Hound, or send her to the Garcia or Jet Elmer.
	With that battle finished. Head to the west and open the box 
there, Inside, you'll find a tranquilizer gun, some darts, a vest, and 
a few bandages. Walk around near the top left of the screen, you'll 
have to do this. There will be a battle where you'll have to save 
another mutant, named Medusa. There will be a Cutter Pill trying to 
kill him and a Jet-Elmer trying to kill you. Tranquilize the Jet-Elmer, 
leave 2 people to kill him, and send the other two down to kill the 
Cutter Pill.
	The mutant thanks you, and joins you. He's actually pretty good. 
Once I had all my people tranquilized, and he got to the boss and 
tranquilized him. My people came around, and killed him. He's good. 
Now, proceed directly south, and open the box for 8 rifle slugs, 3 
rolls of tape, and a few bandages. Proceed now to the center of the 
museum. There's a fight there and there's no way around it. 
	You'll be facing2 Sfinks, 3 Hounds, 1 Garcia, 1 Jet-Elmer, and 1 
Headnail.  Your best bet is to use the flamethrower, some 
tranquilizers, rifles, your shotgun, and of course pistols. Start by 
taking out the 3 Hounds, which shouldn't be hard, use the flamethrower. 
By the time you'll need it again, it'll be recharged. Let the enemies 
come to you, but in the beginning of the fight, get the hell out of 
that little space and spread out. 
	To get rid of the Headnail, simply use your guns and melee 
weapons to finish him off. Take out the Sfinks' the same way. 
Tranquilize the Jet-Elmer and get rid of him quick, and toast the 
Garcia, using the ax and baseball bat to finish him off.
	Now, after that fight, go directly south for another box 
containing 3 time bombs, 3 grenades, 8 shotgun shells, and 2 gas 
antidotes. Go up the stairs and to the west. You'll see 2 doors, ignore 
the first one and go outside via the second one. Go west and you'll 
find a box which contains 3 time bombs, 6 rifle slugs, and some tape. 
Go back inside and through the second door. Walk across the platform 
and down the stairs, then proceed to the box over to the east.
	Before you get there, you'll be flung into a battle that has 1 
RC28, 1 Fang, 1 Jet-Elmer, 1 Headnail, 2 Siners, and 1 Hound. To do 
this, use the customary methods to kill the RC28, and proceed south. 
Take out the Headnail and the Siners. By that time, the Jet-Elmer 
should be within range of your rifles. Run up to him and tranquilize 
him the shocker. Then shoot him a few times. Have Medusa tranquilize 
the Fang with his short attack and then move the team to kill the Fang.
When the fight is done, open the aforementioned box and receive 6 
ultrahealers, 12 clips of uzi ammo, and 2 bottles of gasoline.
	Proceed directly north and you'll come across a Polish girl. 
She's in shock, and a few monsters are trying to kill her. KILL THE 
GIRL! The girl mutates into a demon so you'll be facing 2 Jet-Elmers 
and the girl. Tranquilize one of the Jet-Elmers, and send 2 people down 
to kill the other one. By the time the Jet-Elmer comes to, the girl 
should be dead. So use your remaining to operatives to kill the other 
one and send the rest to their aid should they need it.
	When you're done, proceed west to get the orange keycard you'll 
see lying on the floor. Once you get it, you'll be surrounded by 3 
Liliths, and 2 Headnails. The Liliths are the more dangerous, so you'll 
want to get rid of them first. Fire works good, and don't forget to use 
your rifles and melee weapons. You should have a relatively high pistol 
skill about now, so use the pistols and your melee weapons on the 
	Now that you have the keycard. Proceed east and up the stairs, 
follow the walkway and you'll find yourself in the observatory. Go west 
and pull the lever. Now open the box at the south for 4 grenades, 24 
rifle slugs, 4 shots of napalm, and a few medical bandages. Walk up the 
stairs and use the orange keycard with the scanner. This will create a 
bridge that allows you access to the roof.
	As soon as you get to the roof, you'll have to face 9 Pain Gods. 
Don't waste your napalm, as they are resistant to fire, so it should 
take you about 2 rifle shots to take one out. Melee weapons work nice 
here too, so keep that in mind. 
	When you're finished, proceed north by northeast and you'll find 
the Stinger. To kill him, spread out as he can tranquilize you and your 
men easily. Bear in mind that Medusa has tranquilizing protection, so 
use him to walk up and tranquilize the Stinger, who is not resistant to 
tranquilizers. Use your remaining men to aid Medusa in the assault, and 
your other men will eventually come to. Use Medusa to continually 
tranquilize the Stinger, and with the aid of NATO's finest, you will 
	Now head south. On the way, Medusa will go insane and, of course, 
attack you. This battle isn't too hard, with 2 Liliths, 2 Pain Gods, 
and Medusa. Take out Medusa first, as he is the closest. Wait for the 
other enemies to come to you. Take out the Lilith with fire, melee 
weapons, and pistols. Use your rifles against the Pain Gods.
	Go south once more and you'll see a box. Inside it, you'll find 3 
stun bombs, 2 molotov cocktails, and 3 painkillers. Open the door 
slightly to your north, and you'll hear a man say "Leave me alone or 
I'll blow everything up!" Use a stun Bomb against the door and he'll 
come out. Go back to the observatory bridge, and to the west you'll see 
the red key. Go grab it. As soon as you have done so, you'll find 
yourself fighting 2 Headnails, 1 Jet-Elmer, and 2 Pain Gods.
	Something a little different here is that if you do not finish 
the battle in under 6 turns, the bomb sitting in the middle of the 
battlefield will explode. As usual try to take out the Jet-Elmer first, 
and use the barrel he's next to for help. Go after the Pain Gods next, 
use all customary methods to do that. Then, go and meet the 
Headnails...kill them.
	When the carnage is over, open the box to the south and get 6 
rifle slugs, a shocker, and 2 tranquilizer antidotes. Now you have the 
red key, so go back to the first floor of the museum and use it with 
the monitors. The blue lasers will disappear, and you'll have to fight 
your way out against the Guard and 2 Lucys. Go after the Lucy closest 
to Joan first, and be sure to move Slavsky and Sullivan out of the 
other's range. 
	When you're through with the first Lucy, go after the guard. You 
did save your napalm right? Use it. Use the flamethrower, too. Spread 
out, because he can tranquilize you. Shoot...shoot...shot. When the 
Guard is dead, go and kill the other Lucy.
	Exit the level, but be sure to take all medical supplies and ammo 
off Joan before you leave...

0.5	City

	Start by walking out of the museum gates and into the street. 
Proceed west until you come across a battle in which you will be facing 
2 Garcias. An invisible monster will come out and bite Joan, poisoning 
her. Ironically, the anti-poison pills don't work here, so you'll need 
to finish the battle quick. 
	Once finished, Joan dies. When you stop crying, proceed west to 
open the box. Inside you'll find 4 grenades, 18 rifle slugs, 18 uzi 
clips, and 5 medical bandages. Now follow the street south until you 
see the parking garage. Enter the garage and open the car trunk. You'll 
find a demon-attracting device. Use this correctly, and it'll save your 
skin a lot.  Open the box to the north for a liquid nitrogen thrower, a 
kelvar vest, 3 napalm shots, and 3 stun bombs. Exit the garage.
	Follow the street west until you see a blue/white truck parked up 
against a street light. Go south into the yard and up the stairs. Open 
the box for 12 uzi clips, 4 grenades, 4 ultrahealers, and 18 pistol 
bullets. Now, pick the operative that has the crowbar and send him 
inside the house. Use the crowbar with the boards on the far wall to 
reveal an ion cannon (oh glory be!). Exit the room through the hole in 
the wall to the east.
	Once outside, open the lid and get the third MATRIX DISK. Go back 
outside and rendezvous with your team. Exit into the street and you'll 
encounter 2 Jet-Elmers, 2 Squeakers, and a woman. Save the woman. Her 
name is Anna Hutchins and she has the most annoying voice! She's a 
reporter too...makes you want to shoot her right now huh?
	Finished? Good. Go north through the tunnel and you'll come 
GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO SKILL YOUR WEAPONS. The Puppet can take a beating, 
so don't shoot it. Shooting is a waste of ammo. I hope you have been 
working on your melee skills, cause you'll need them. 
	To take him out. You'll need to freeze or tranquilize him. Then 
position the men with the axe and baseball bat behind him and start 
hitting him. I shot this guy at point blank range with a rifle and only 
hit for 4 damage points. Another option is to shoot him from behind 
with the rifle when he's frozen and you'll do about 20-30 damage.
	When you're done, head north and out of the tunnel. You'll see a 
VCR repair shop to your north. Go in it. Before you can, you'll have to 
fight 2 Squeakers, 2 Needles, 1 Reverend Insect, and 2 Garcias. You'll 
notice that Jarek is separated from the group. Have one of the other 
teammates use the attracting device to lure some of the enemies away 
from him. I recommend that you kill the Reverend Insect first, as he 
carries a nitrogen gun and can freeze your team. At the same time, 
torch the Garcias and have Anna and Slavsky finish them. Put Thiery and 
Cole to work by sending them to help Jarek.
	Now, enter the VCR shop. Get the box at the far wall. Inside, 
you'll find 6 attack gas grenades, 1 energy beam (as powerful as the 
missile), 4 ultrahealers, and 12 rifle slugs. Exit the shop and go west 
to the abandoned tenement. Inside, you'll see a box to the east open it 
and you'll find: a key, 5 tranquilizing darts, another flamethrower, 
and the last MATRIX DISK. Leave the tenement.
	Go back  to the VCR shop, from there, go north and you'll meet up 
with General Kosov and his men. It turns out that they were the same 
men who told you to go to the roof. You'll end up fighting them, 
there'll be General Kosov, and 7 of his men (Specnaz). Use the energy 
beam to take out as many people as you can. You should also use the ion 
cannon to take out a few men as well as napalm and of course, the 
	When you're done, walk on a bit, but not too far! If you go too 
far you'll be in a fight where you'll be facing a few Needles and a 
Sister Of Mercy. You can't shoot in that battle because if you miss, 
the barrels of gasoline of the truck will blow you to Hell. Instead, 
you'll see a box to the northwest (land-marked by a yellow hue 
lighting). Guarding it is a boss called the Cripple. Freeze him and 
hack away with your melee weapons (the axe should be level 10 by now) 
or just shoot him if you can spare the ammo.
	Inside the box is a rocket launcher, 8 shotgun shells, 3 drugs, 
and some tape. Go back to the museum grounds after you have collected 
those items. Once inside the gates, go west and follow along the gates 
until you cone across a statue that looks like a missile. From there, 
go north until you reach the gate. Use the key on the gate and enter 
the yard. Climb the ladder and walk toward the box. 
	To get to the box, you'll have to fight 2 Reverend Insects and 2 
Lucys. Make quick work of the Reverend Insects by burning them and 
using the attack gas grenades. For the Lucys, use the nitrogen gun if 
you can get close enough and the ion cannon. Bullets and shells work 
nice here too. Inside the box, you'll find 6 rockets, 1 bulletproof 
vest, 12 rifle slugs, and 6 bandages.
	Now, go to the hotel. Blow open the door by way of the rocket 
launcher, and fight your way inside. You'll be up against 2 Squeakers, 
3 Needles, and 1 Reverend Insect. Lay the attracting device and go kill 
the Squeakers. By the time you're done, the other enemies should be 
within range of your weapons. 
	Once inside, open the elevator doors and go up. When you get out 
you'll have to fight 1 Pain God and 1 Reverend Insect. Use the ion 
cannon on the Pain God and grenades, flamethrowers, and bullets on the 
Reverend Insect. Now, go over and open the box. Inside, you'll find 3 
gas grenades, 1 lighting strike, 1 kelvar vest, and 3 crazy tabs. Go 
back on the elevator and go back to the lobby. From the lobby, go down 
	Once off the elevator, go up some stairs and open the box. You'll 
get some grenades and medical supplies. Take anything worth salvaging 
off of the reporter and Slavsky (you'll be forced to leave them 
behind). Exit the basement and you'll come face to face with Messiah. 
	Messiah, is probably the most confusing boss. To hit it, you'll 
have to walk into it's attack range and wait 'til your next turn. Then, 
walk right up in front of it and shoot your weapon. If you don't do it 
that way, you'll miss. Take him out quickly with the ion cannon and 
	Once he's dead, continue into the lab.

0.6	Lab

	NOTE: In the making of this walkthrough, I started a new game. 
For the lab, I will be playing my previously saved game. In this game, 
I've emptied all the boxes and killed all the monsters. So I can't tell 
you what's in the boxes or most of the enemies you will be fighting. 
However I will tell you what to do in order to finish the game.
.  .

	Start by going north and getting the box. From the box, go west 
through door. Once you're inside, turn the control panel on. Exit the 
room and proceed north ignoring the teleporters and train. You'll be 
stopped by a NATO Patrol. One thing leads to another and SMACK! You'll 
be fighting NATO. Bomb them with fire, use the ion cannon and nitrogen 
gun. Shoot them. Whatever you do, just kill them. DO NOT USE THE 
	Go north and into the office. Pull the levers to move the train. 
Now exit the office and walk along the train tracks. When you get off, 
you'll have to fight 2 Sisters Of Mercy and 2 Harvesters. Tranquilizers 
and fire work well here, as with bullets and ice.
	Ignore the staircase and continue south. Open and empty the box. 
Now go back up north and go down the stairs. Stay close to the bottom 
of the screen and continue west and open the box. Proceed to the center 
of the lab and from there, north. You'll have to fight some of those 
things that killed Joan. Remember? The invisible monsters?
	This fight is hard. Keep your eyes on where they run to after 
they attack. I didn't use the flamethrower or ion cannon here, because 
I didn't want to waste an attack. They might work however. Just shoot 
them until they drop dead. They don't have too much health to start 
with anyway. 
	Now go north and turn on the voltage generator. Go back up the 
stairs and continue north across the bridge and open the box. Get 
what's inside and go west to turn off the teleporters. Now go south and 
back across the train tracks. Go a bit north and  you'll have to fight 
the Incubators. There's 2 of them, aided by 2 Reverend Insects. Just 
stay clear of their ice bombs and you'll be fine. That's their only 
attack. Fire works good against creatures of the ice, so use it. Save 
any napalm you have left though. Keep your guns blazing and you'll live 
to tell your grandchildren.
	Now cross the bridge and you'll be in the central workstation. 
Turn on the computers you'll see to the east, and go west to put the 
Matrix Disks into the drives. You'll meet up with the once-thought-dead  
Wasilij Dobrovsky. He will tell you an interesting story about the 
mutations, then Jarek will scare him off. Later, NATO will interfere, 
and you'll be forced to fight them. There's only 4 of them, 3 soldiers 
and General Lamarre. 
	When that's over the dying Lamarre will try to convince you that 
Dobrovsky is with Kosov. He is right of course, and the final boss of 
the game is, Dobrovsky. With 500 hit points, he can be a tough little 
bastard. However, he isn't immune to tranquilizers. Which takes some 
fun out of fighting him, but what the hell. Burn him. Use your napalm, 
flamethrowers, whatever. As he is burning, shoot him with everything 
you got. Especially the ion cannon. 
	Don't worry, keep putting him to sleep and they fight will be 
over before it started, hell if you still have that lighting strike, 
use it, but stand clear!

-Justin LeClear (Cole Sullivan to the fine folks at the official Odium 
forum, who helped a lot in this with providing 
information that I needed. THANKS!)

0.7	Bosses

	The good, the bad, and the deformed.

	200 HP
	Aided by 3 "Grandma Child"
	200 HP
	Aided by 3 "Judge Child"

	300 HP
	Not Aided

	350 HP
	Aided by 3 Hounds

	400 HP
	Not Aided

	350 HP
	Aided by 2 Lucys

	450 HP
	Not Aided

	400 HP
	Not aided

	170 HP
	Not aided

	200 HP
	Not aided

Wasilij Dobrovsky
	500 HP
	Not aided

0.8 Weapons

	I got yer goods, got yer goods right here.

	Bayonet			10 Max
	Hands				10 Max
	Axe				25 Max
	Baseball Bat		15 Max
	Crowbar			15 Max
	Shocker			0  Max	Tranquilizes enemy

Guns (Very broad category)
	Pistol			15 Max
	Rifle				25 Max
	Shotgun			30 Max
	Tranquilizer		 0 Max	Tranquilizes enemy
	Uzi				25 Max
	Flamethrower		30 Max	Sets enemy on fire
	Rocket Launcher		70 Max
	Ion Cannon		     100 Max	
	Liquid Nitrogen Thrower	 0 Max	Freezes enemy
	Napalm Launcher		30 Max	Sets enemy on fire

	Grenade			30 Max	
	Stun Bomb			 5 Max	Tranquilizes enemy
	Attack Gas Grenade	15 Max	Poisons enemy
	Throwing Knife		20 Max
	Bottle Of Gasoline	 5 Max	Makes enemy flammable
	Bottle Of Vodka		 5 Max	Makes enemy flammable
	Time Bomb			60 Max	

0.9	Armor

		Armor Rating: 3		

	Bulletproof Vest
		Armor Rating: 5

	Kelvar Vest
		Armor Rating: 7

1.0	Medical Supplies

	Medical Bandage
		+ 35 HP
	Adhesive Tape
		+ 30 HP
		+ 20 HP
		+ 10 HP
		+ 80 HP
		+ 100 HP; Makes you enraged

1.1	Characters

	Cole Sullivan
Leader of Group Two. Born in Canada, Sullivan is a highly experienced 
combatant and knows what to do when the going gets tough...blow stuff 
	Jarek Ovitz
A native of Poland, Ovitz is the funnyman of the group, and probably 
the most disliked. He can speak Russian, American, Polish, and German 
fluently. If it wasn't for Sullivan being of a higher rank, Ovitz 
would've been the leader of Group Two.
	Thiery Trantigne
The youngest in the group, this Frenchman is also a highly 
knowledgeable scientist. He is also probably the most loyal man in 
NATO, he would rather die than not do what he's told.
	Joan McFadden
The soul survivor of Group One, Joan is also the team doctor. She adds 
15% to healing. So, instead of 35 HP being added by a medical bandage, 
she would make it 35 + 6 if she did it.
He arrived after the incident, soiled his trousers, and ran into a 
shack clutching a few hundred pounds of dynamite. When he's not 
threatening to blow stuff up, he aided the men and women of the city by 
community service. 
Jan Kurats, his real name, is the curator of the museum. Unlike the 
other "citizens", he kept his sanity after his accident. Nice guy. He's 
resistant to tranquilizers, so come time to fight Stinger, he's one big 
	General Kosov
This is the guy who's responsible for the whole mess...I think. Not too 
much is known about him, but he seems friendly. Stay on his good side 
and you'll be fine...right...? 
	General Lamarre
NATO commander-in-chief of this operation, Lamarre knows a lot more 
about what he says. Will he share his secrets with you? Not if he's 
dead. Get my drift? 
	Wasilij Dobrovsky
The first man you meet after disembarking, Wasilij is a Russian army 
veteran who decided to stay in Poland after the troops went home. He'll 
follow you a bit, the run away with his tail between his legs.

1.2	General Battle Tips

?	Save often, after each fight. 
?	Barrels can be your best friends, introduce them to your 
?	When you get ammo, disperse it evenly amongst Sullivan, Ovitz, 
and Trantigine. If there is any left over, give it to other 
teammates you may have. Do the same for medical supplies.
?	Melee weapons are not to be neglected! If you pump your axe 
skill up to level 9 or 10, it becomes as powerful al the 
rifle! Don't waste ammo finishing off a baddie that had 7 HP 
left, smack it with a bat or something.
?	Make sure each person has a good variety of weapons, don't get 
stuck with a weapon that's in the process of recharging and 
your only other option is a crowbar. Keep a spare rifle or 
shotgun handy.
?	Keep your characters healthy, use your meds right, and you'll 
have over 90% of health with stuff to spare the whole game. 
?	Once you find out that an enemy is immune to a certain type of 
attack, remember that! Don't try to shoot a Jet-Elmer with an 
ion cannon when you could be healing yourself on account of 
you having 29 HP left.

1.3	Finals And Thank You's

	Odium is an amazing blend of action, adventure, and roleplaying. 
And in my opinion, it's better than Fallout (probably because I don't 
know how to deactivate the yellow force fields). Many games have tried 
to master this blend before, few have achieved their goal, and Odium is 
one of them.
	Personally, I was very disappointed in the ending. And I was 
expecting it to be longer, but I can deal with it. It seems that many of 
the great games out there are taken down a notch by their endings. Take 
Half-Life, for instance. 
.  .

I'd like to say "Thanks, man" to the following people:

-My friend Greg for introducing me to Odium
-The good people at Monolith, Metropolis, Interplay, and Topware for 
their time and effort for making such an amazing game.
-A BIG thanks to the good people at Odium's official message board 
http://www.lith.com/odium/forum for giving me a good deal of the 
information included in this walkthrough.

	I am very proud to say that this is the FIRST ODIUM WALKTHROUGH 
ON THE NET! And I thank you again for making it possible. However...did 
I miss something? Was there a weapon I didn't list? Did I get the 
bosses' HP amounts right? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?! In order to make this 
the best guide to Odium, I need your feedback. E-mail me at 
[email protected] and help me out!
									Cole Sullivan


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