Mission 1

Ok, this level is basically VERY easy. If you couldn't beat it till u read this walkthrough, then shoot yourself. Anyways, here it is. This leve starts off with a small fight. Knock out the guys shooting at you and move down. Take out the rest of the enemies until you come to the second building. As soon as you hear "Signal flare spotted" on your radio, look around for Einstein. His white lab coat blends in well with the snow, but grab him and send him off to the upper left to be picked up by the chopper. Once Einstein is in the chopper, this mission is basically over. Haul the rest of the troops out of there as some destroyers will come in the south of the map and start firing at the Commie Base. The destroyers will kill u if u are caught in the middle, so move fAST!

Mission 2

A critical supply convoy is due in twenty-five minutes, but before it arrives you must clear the roads of lurking Commies. Immediately move your troops down and left, clear out a few of the Commies, and then move that truck down near the crossroads. That's your base, build IMMEDIATELY!

Now build a power plant, and then start building on the ore-gathering building. Reinforcements will continue to arrive every few minutes at your starting position, use them to explore the map until u have the entire map. There are some Commies in the ore field just north of your base, get rid of them before your harvester is ready.

Once that's done, gather your troops together on the west side of the base as the COmmies will airdrop a few units on you. Build a few pillboxes if you want more security. Then just start making more infantry.

Ok, now group the medics with the infantry guys, and if they are near a injured soldier, they will automatically heal them!

Now use the old Control plus a number key to creat 2-3 groups of infantry, jeeps and medics to use as working platoons. Send them out and work around to clear the roads and simply search and destroy. Keep an eye on the timer, as you'll want to make it all the way to the northwest corner before the convoy of trucks show up in the northwest edge.

You'll find the enemy base as well, somewhere in the middle left. Don't bother knocking out their buildings until u have cleared out the roads of Commies.

Mission 3

Move Tanya south, go to the west and knock out some Commies. Tanya is basically the "new" commando, so just move short distances and kill ALL enemies u see. And there are a few enemies hiding in the houses, so watch out!

Now head her south and check out the situation. THere's a medic held under guard behind some barrels with 2 Commies on the watch. Move down and have Tanya snipe ONE off. Now don't kill the other just YET! When the second guard starts moving towards you and clears the barrels, shoot him. NOW get the medic!

Advance west through the forest until you reach the shore. Go over to the flat beach area and await the Commie transport. Now, don't cry and pee your pants. THere's 4-5 guys in there. But since they come down one at a time, you can easily Kill them one by one when they come down from the ramp.

Ok, now go southeast until u see some guards. Pick off a couple, then run towards the artillery piece. Done correctly, the artillery can pick off some of the incoming guys. Use Tanya to kill the rest. Remember, always heal when Tanya's energy gets low.

Move the artillery down until it's in range of that flame cannon, don't let Tanya get near that or you'll be extra crispy. Use your artillery to destroy it. If guards come, use Tanya to pick them off.

Now blow up the barrels and most of the base goes BYE BYE. Move the artillery i and knock down some fences on the east side of the base (take out the enemy buildings if you want to). Drift down southeast to the bottom of the map, ignoring for now the rocket launcher and first bridge above you. When you reach the river, save the game, this is a difficult part. Now advance Tanya forward.

Have her blow up buildings, and heal her when needed. Keep the artillery close behind for support. Work your way along the Easter edge of the map and you'll start to find the bridges. First knock off the second bridge that is beyond the first bridge by shooting at the barrels. Then blow that first bridge. Move west, watch for guys hiding in the trees. Now use the barrels to blow up Commies, but make sure youaren't close enough to get killed. There are ALOT of soldiers hiding, so make u kill of them.

Mission 4

Ok, this mission is similar to Mission 2, the Commies wanna kill ya, and the MAP is almost the same. But this time there's no convoy and the Commies want to kill for revenge.

You already have a base, so build a vehicle factory, then start cranking out harvesters, troops, and tanks. You'll probablyy want to fortify your base with pillboxes and turrents since the Commies will attack SEVERAL times. Secure the ore field north of you, the one your first harvester is working, and the larger on to your southwest. For now, just build up, reinforcing your lines and holding the passes. You'll have your hands full with some attacks, but after awhile, with 3 or more harvesters going, you'll outproduce them. The Commies will stop and you can go on the move. Swing your lower army south through NO MAN's land and up towards the western edge of the map, where the enemy harvesters are. Cripple their supplies, as your northern forces move west, directly towards the Commie's base. Mission 5

Ok, that funny looking guy is a spie. No one can see him, he's invincible to ALL units and infantry EXCEPT for the dogs.

Ok, send the spy in cautiously, a few steps at a time, then take over the enemy building that has the truck in front of it, once the dogs wander off.

The captured truck will drive through the enemy base, giving you a good idea of it's many , many defenses, finally ending up at the bottom of the map where the spy will disappear and Tanya will be rescued.

Have Tanya blow up the SAM sites and the building in her vicinty. Save your game. Now to make things easier later, go ahead and have her one-two the guards north of her. Snipe one, run back, snipe the next. Repeat until complete. Basically Tanya can take out the whole yeard north of her erstwhile prison. If you carefuly, especially with the tank!

When your work is done, board the chopper and get out. Now comes phase 3. Your troops will land on hostile shores and start looking for a fight. Note you have 3 engineers. Keep them safe! Engineers can only capture buildings when their damage is at RED. Now no more cheapo attacks :) Now, leave the engineers on the shore and send the rest of the troops towards the base the spy first infiltrated. Also hold back your artillery out of range of the foe. Wipe out the enemy units but leave the buildings intact. Use one or two units to reduce a building into the red, then take it with an engineer. You can only get 3 buildings this way, so make sure one is a barak so you can get to build more engineers. Do the same for the rest of the buildings, building more troops, and watch the river crossing to the south.

Now that you have a base, start harvesting, building units, and taking out the enemy base. Those blue-lightning Tesla coils are nasty, so use your artillery on them. The rest is just KILL KILL KILL! Nice and easy =)

That's all for now, the rest of the levels will come when i have time!

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