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Welcome to the amazing futuristic world of Deus Ex (Day-us X). This game has you playing as a cybernetic Special Forces officer who has advanced abilities bestowed upon him through the use of nanite organisms in his blood. The wide range of skills and abilities available to you throughout the game combined with one of the most intricately designed real world settings gives you almost unlimited possibilities while playing this game.

This also presents several challenges in writing this walkthrough. Often there are multiple solutions to any given puzzle, various plot branches, conversations, and scripted events that may or may not happen when you play. No two games of Deus Ex unfold the same so while I can outline my exploits and outline the locations of important items and events, chances are your game will not be identical to mine or this solve.

With that in mind, I will try to detail as many methods for solving various puzzles that I have discovered. Most likely there will always be additional (and often easier) ways to accomplish some objectives. If you do discover another solution to any puzzle feel free to email me with the alternate solution. I will try to include reader submissions along with your name in future updates of this solve.

While Deus Ex looks like a FPS (First Person Shooter) there are several puzzles to solve and clues to uncover as the story progresses. The extensive Statistics system and detailed inventory including tools, weapons, and assorted weapon mods give this game a challenging RPG (Role-playing Game) feel as well. The story is huge and will take you all over the world. The game is divided into major events which I have broken down into chapters (13 Total). There are several sub-missions and checkpoints in each of these major areas, so use the menu to quickly go to the area where you are stuck, then find the exact part of that mission to solve your particular problem.

Statistics and Skills

When you start a new game of Deus Ex you will need distribute a cache of points into several skills. These skills range from Weapons Training to Electronics and Computer Systems to more personal skills such as Healing, and Environmental adaptation. You won't be able to master everything at the beginning. In fact, you will probably only be able to increase 3-4 skills to their next level. Additional skill points will be awarded throughout the game and you can distribute them whenever and however you see fit.

Keep in mind that enhancing certain skills will definitely affect how you play the game. If you are an Expert lock picker then you can easily get into places you wouldn't be able to otherwise (or without finding a key). If your Explosive Weapons skills stink then you could easily die while disarming a sticky-bomb. The in-game screens and manual do a fine job describing the skills and how they pertain to the game so I won't go into great detail here. My personal recommendations for starting a character are to increase the Sniper, Electronics, and lock picking abilities. Spend the rest of your points how you see fit, but these three skills definitely complimented my gameplay style.

Your character is enhanced with nanites which give him special augmentations that require the use of Bio-Energy. You begin the game with a Light augmentation that illuminates dark areas. You will acquire additional skills throughout the game that can be activated at your discretion. While activated your energy will slowly drain. Your remaining energy is represented by the vertical bar on the health indicator and can be recharged using the small blue discs located throughout the game. These discs restore 25% of your energy so try not to use one unless you are lower than 75% otherwise the additional power is wasted.

Weapons and Tools

Deus Ex features a huge assortment of weapons ranging from throwing knives to rocket launchers and everything in between. You will encounter more weapons than your inventory will hold so choosing which weapons to keep is critical to success. Three weapons I recommend you never leave home without are the 10mm Pistol, Prod-Gun, and Sniper Rifle. I usually supplement those items with either a Shotgun, Assault Rifle or both. The GEP gun (rocket launcher) is devastating on large targets but takes up much of your inventory slots and is generally too bulky and slows me down. The Mini-Crossbow and Stealth Pistol are effective means to silently bring down guards from a distance. Keep in mind that the tranq darts take some time before they work so don't shoot a guard who is near an alarm switch. The Baton and Crowbar make an effective weapon for silently taking down the enemy at close range.

Sometimes you will find weapons that you cannot carry. This can be misleading as weapons not only require a certain amount of units in your inventory, but they also require a certain pattern. The Sniper Rifle requires a grid of 1x4 squares while the Assault Rifle wants a 2x2 grid. Make sure to keep your inventory slots "defragmented" so you can pick up the larger items. If you encounter problems picking up stuff you can simply drop many of your smaller items then pick up the large item and then pick-up the small stuff and let it fill in the spaces around the larger item.

Reloading your weapons is crucial to survival. Always keep you weapon fully loaded and never enter into a combat situation with one or two rounds in the weapons. While you are reloading the enemy will be pumping you full of lead. Reloading is so important I even assigned it to my middle mouse button.

You have many tools to assist you in completing your mission objectives. Lockpicks and Multitools are two of the most important. Lockpicks will get you into many locked areas provided you have enough of them in your inventory. The number of picks required to open any door is based on the door/lock security value and your own lock picking skill level.

Multi-tools are small hacking tools (much like a Star Trek tricorder) that can be used to hack into keypads, security cameras, and other electronic devices. Again, the number required to deactivate these devices is a combination of your own skill vs. the security of the device itself.

Hacking Systems

Hacking computers and security consoles is a big part of Deus Ex. You will find dozens of computer terminals, datacubes, and security consoles through each level and these will often reveal valuable information that you can use elsewhere. Some datacubes will give you ATM logins and PIN's so you can withdrawal money to buy supplies or bribe informants. Hack into computers to get codes and email or activate remote controlled devices.

If you are not fortunate enough to have secured a password for a particular computer or security console you can try to hack into it. This is done using the ICE hacking module. As you attempt the hack the meter will slowly decrease. If you are successful the meter will continue to decrease while you are online. You must logoff the system before the meter expires or you will take damage and system security will be activated.

Hacking into security panels is one of the most rewarding parts of this game. Not only are you often able to unlock and open security doors, you will often be able to monitor security cameras to scout out upcoming areas. Some security panels control Automated Gun Turrets which are often tied into cameras, alarm buttons, or laser trip wires. Often you can change the target settings for these guns so they turn against their owners. This is a very effective way to clear out large areas with multiple enemies. It's also pretty cool to watch it happen on the security monitor. Just make sure to turn the turrets off before proceeding into those areas. It's also a good idea to turn off security cameras after you are done watching them.

Combat vs. Stealth

There are two styles of gameplay you can use when approaching Deus Ex. The world of Deus Ex is more realistic than a game such as Quake or Unreal, so if you go into a level blasting everything that moves you will soon run out of ammo and health and end up dead. While I certainly don't encourage "backing out of a fight" a little bit of discretion is required when playing Deus Ex and you will enjoy the experience much more if you treat the game as a covert-op rather than a Rambo movie.

If you play the game from the School of Stealth you will still have plenty of excuses and opportunities to fight. Here are some of my personal recommendation for stealth recon and combat:

    Stay Crouched - you may move slower but you are silent and almost always harder to spot. Your aim also increases from a crouched position.
    Stay in the Shadows - even if you are spotted for a second simply duck into the shadows and stay still until the "heat is off".
    Long Distance Death - use that sniper rifle and aim for the head. Get ready for a quick second shot in case they survive and head for the alarm switch. This weapon isn't truly a stealth weapons until you put the silencer mod on it.
    Up Close and Personal - use the Prod, Knife, Baton, or even the Crowbar to quickly and quietly take out the enemy without alerting other.
    Stash the Evidence - toss dead bodies into dark corners, into the water, or anywhere out of sight of the other guards.
    Cover your Trail - Use LAM's if you thing you may get ambushed from the rear. Close doors behind you and block stairs with boxes whenever possible.

Here is a brief but excellent example of stealth recon and combat technique:

I was crawling around a ventilation system beneath the floor of a security complex. Grates opened to the floor above so I would lie in wait for a guard to pass by then quickly open the grate, rise up behind him and zap the guard with the prod. I would then hide the body back down in the ventilation shaft and close the grate. By repeating this process at all of the grate access points I quickly and quietly eliminated much of the security force in the complex without ever being sighted or shot at.

Ultimately it is up to you how you play Deus Ex. I found that using stealth and covert methods to proceed through the levels really added to the enjoyment of the experience. There were still plenty of opportunities to whip out my Assault Rifle and unload clip after clip into the enemy. There is plenty of trouble to get into in this game without kicking down doors and looking for it with guns blazing.

Now onto the game...

Liberty Island

JC Denton (that's you) arrives on the South Dock at Liberty Island ready for action. You will get a quick briefing on the situation via an uplink from HQ. Get used to these interruptions, as they are frequent but usually informative. Move forward until conversation is initiated with your brother Paul. You may also engage the guards in idle chatter.

After Paul briefs you on the situation you will have some objectives added to your Status Screen (accessed with the F1 key then Goals/Notes).

Primary Goal: Get inside the statue and locate NSF threat.
Secondary Goal: Locate Harley Filben at the North Dock to get key to front entrance of statue.
Secondary Goal: Locate and free a UNATCO agent who is being help captive somewhere inside the statue.

In addition to the password "iron and copper" that is required to get the statue key, Paul will also give you a satellite recon photo of the island and your choice of a Sniper Rifle, GEP gun or Mini-crossbow. Since this mission is basically a stealth operation the GEP gun is a poor choice. The Sniper Rifle is the more effective of the remaining two weapons. You can talk to Paul for more info about his last mission in Hong Kong if you want to get caught up in the storyline.

To the right is a Crowbar which will quickly become your new best friend. Use it to open the nearby wooden crates (and about 5000 more before you finish the game) and get the Binoculars and Lockpick. Behind you is an opening in the dock that leads down to the water. Swim down and find the shark cage with the pair of crates. Smash them open to get a Multitool and a Bioelectric (BE) Cell. Return up the steps and head left past the threatening robot (good thing it's on YOUR side). To the left of the ramp leading to the statue are more ammo crates that can be smashed. Use your new binoculars or sniper scope to recon the area ahead and locate the guards and observe their patrol patterns. Alex will uplink with you to remind you to BE QUIET. At this point you have many methods for completing your objectives. Here is what I did which I feel offers the most complete experience of the area.

A. Start at the South Dock.
B. Visit UNATCO HQ to stock up on supplies.
C. North Dock where you meet Harley Filben and get statue key.
D. Front Entrance to Statue (heavily guarded)
E. Stacks of crates provide a rear entrance to the statue.

Primary path leads to all key locations on the island. This is the path explained in this guide.
Take this path to the front entrance after obtaining the key from Area C.
This is the quickest way into the statue with the fewest encounters.

When the guards ahead of you are walking away quickly head to the large container to the left. Never move or make noise when a guard is facing you. If their back or side is toward you then it is usually safe to crawl quietly. Pick up the small metal crate and move it so you can use it to step onto the large container then smash open the box and get the Gas Grenade. Hide in shadows or behind the container if the guard returns before you are done but don't startle the pigeons or they just might give you away.

Continue along the wall and hiding in shadows until you reach the UNATCO HQ area where you can talk to Sergeant Kaplan. Choose the "Clean 'em out" topic to get some valuable info and the code 0451 to access the comm van. Ignore his attempts to sell you items. It's way overpriced and you will find most of it during the course of your mission.

Head toward the helipad where there is another Crowbar (in case you missed the first one - you can only carry one) and smash open another supply crate. The door near the satellite dish can be opened using the code 0451 or a multitool. Enter and get the ammo and read the datacube for login information for the security panel. Open the panel and use the login SATCOM and the password UNATCO_001 to watch the cameras. You can also open the trap door just outside this area using the console. Exit the building and climb down the ladder below the trap door to get the EMP Grenade and some bonus points.

Return to the main path by the statue with the patrolling NSF goons and head to the left hiding behind boxes and in shadows. Locate the crate with the items on top and note the circular pattern of the guard. Get behind him and use the prod or whack him twice with the crowbar. Stash the body in the shadows then get the items from the top of the box and read the datacube that gives you the login NSF001 and the password smashthestate for the statue security system.

Alex alerts you to the patrolling security droid moving in a predictable pattern in the next area. You can take him out with the EMP grenade or the GEP gun but he is easily avoided. The statue door is east along with an active camera. Head west and kill the NSF guard near the alcove. Inside the locked crate is Sniper Ammo and 100 Credits - you decide if it's worth the use of a LAM or multiple lockpicks to open it.

Continue to the North Dock taking the long open sidewalk. Avoid or disable any guards (you are searching the guards for items - right?) you encounter along the way and soon you will spot another giant security robot. This one is on your side so you can actually use him to your advantage if you can lure some NSF out into the open in sensor range of the robot. Continue to the dock but stop before going down the steps.

Two NSF goons are up ahead. One is standing still while the other circles the stack of boxes. You could snipe the patrolling guard and deal with the other guy later or you can try to get into position so you have a clear shot at the silver TNT crate. One shot blows it and the NSF guys into tiny pieces. The dock T's off. Head right to open the medical crate and get the Medkit then head to the shack to meet the informant, Harley Filben.

If you want the key to the statue then be careful what you say here. Harley gives you a photo of the NSF leader and asks that his "friend" be taken alive. If you don't give him adequate assurance then he won't give you the key and you will be forced to use the alternate entrance. Collect any useful items from this area and talk to the girl in the corner who will offer to sell you some overpriced items. Exit the shack and head back to the T-intersection at the dock.

To the left is a ramp leading into the water and below is a sunken boat. Use a LAM or lockpicks to open the grate on this boat to get some great items including; Accuracy and Reload weapon mods and a Sawed-Off Shotgun. Note: You can also push a barrel or TNT crate off the dock onto the boat and blow it up to access the boat's interior. Exit the dock area and make your decision on how you will enter the statue. The rear entrance is to the left and far less risky plus it offers a few more rewards. You can also continue straight ahead into the dark path leading back to the main entrance.

I'm going left to the rear entrance - hope you are too. There is an underground bunker to the left of the stack of crates behind the statue base. You can raid it now and take out the guards or come back after the mission when all the NSF have been eliminated and simply collect the items. Inside is a Hazmat Suit, Multitool, Silencer mod, and a Ammo Clip mod. You can push the crate inside so you can jump and climb over the electrical bolts.

Climb the ladders leading up the crates and jump across the gaps and continue up until you reach the upper level of the statue base. Stay concealed and make you way up the nearby ramp leading to the next higher level of the statue base. You now have four possible entrances and each is guarded by a proximity gas grenade. You can disarm these by using the techniques learned in training or set one off and run away until the gas clears.

Once you make it inside the inner passage (I entered through the north opening) you can circle around to the right and enter the central room. Move forward quietly and eavesdrop on the pair of guard talking ahead for some interesting information. To the right are stairs leading to the top of the statue but it's too early for that. Take the stairs leading down to the left and they will spiral down several levels.

You will see a ceiling-mounted gun turret ahead. If you quickly peak around the right corner you will see a camera that will trigger the gun if it spots you. Wait for the camera to look away then get underneath it and use a multitool to deactivate it. Now look below and note the location and routes of the patrolling guards. Eliminate both of them (I recommend the sniper rifle) then listen to the update from Alex.

For those of you who wanted to go in the front door you can simply use the security panel to the left of the main entrance and use the login NSF001 and the password smashthestate to turn off cameras and unlock/open the front doors. A Lockpick is your reward for breaking the crate to the right. Enter the lobby and deal with the two guards - one on each level.

Regardless of which path you took to get to the lobby, you must now try to save Gunther who is being help captive behind that door protected with the laser field. You can disable the lasers with the multitool or locate the ventilation shaft on the adjoining wall to the right of this door. Open the grate and enter. You may need to use your Light Augmentation (F12) but only use it in short bursts to conserve energy. Follow the light at the end of the tunnel. Skip the first passage to the left and continue to the room at the end. Along the way you will find a Multitool and some Food.

The room at the far end of the shaft is in fact a dead end as the exit is blocked by large boxes, but a quick search of the area will reveal a datacube with a bank account number 230023 and the PIN 4558. You can use this information on the ATM machine back out in the main lobby in a little while. Grab the Medkit any anything else useful in this area then return through the shaft to the first side passage (this time to the right).

The locked door in this room can be opened with a lockpick or LAM, however the latter will alert the many guards in the next area so use a pick. There are a pair of guards in the first area. One circle the main hub while another is walking back and forth over by the window. Use stealth and the prod, knife, or crowbar to kill the circling guard when he is furthest from the other. Then kill the other before he can sound the alarm. There are at least 2 other NSF guards ahead in the hall that you can take out. If the alarm is sounded you will be fighting them all at once.

Head up the ramp past the lasers to the left and around the corner. Just around the corner to the right is a security camera which can be deactivated with a multitool or the security panel across the room behind the table. You can either hack the security controls or use the NSF001 / smashthestate login to gain access. You will want to unlock and open the door leading to Gunther with this console as well as deactivate any cameras and turrets. Check out the counter in the opposite corner for some items including an Accuracy weapon mod.

Enter the room with Gunther and talk to him. He will ask for a gun and you have the option to give him your 10mm. Don't do this if you have modified it, otherwise let him have it and he will do some excellent enemy clean-up for you. Now head back to the lobby - you can just walk through the laser field and go to the far side of the room where the ATM and drinking fountain are. You can restore some health by drinking from the fountain about ten times before it runs out of water. Note: All water fountains and bottled water dispensers offer limited healing. These are "reset" each time you leave and reenter an area - noted by the SAVE and LOAD screens. Hack the ATM for 200 credits then move toward the stairs opposite the main doors.

The camera and turret on the first landing should now be deactivated either by multitool or security panel so continue up the stairs until you reach the area with the two guards next to the barrel. Eavesdrop on them (if you didn't earlier) then take them out either with a pair of headshots or by shooting the barrel. You can also just sneak past them if you want and they will be automatically killed in the final assault, however you get no inventory from the enemies after the mission.

Start up the circling stairs on the other side of the door and Alex will uplink with you. There are plenty of NSF along the way which offer some entertaining comments if you eavesdrop on them. You can either sneak past them all or kill them. The stairs will end at a dark level with a balcony and two guards. You can circle around the stairs to the right and totally avoid the guards to reach the ladder in the opposite alcove. Climb up and continue to the top where the NSF leader will immediately surrender.

Talk with your prisoner to get lots of information on the plot for the game. UNATCO troops will arrive to clean-up after you. Search the room and make sure to get the Augmentation Canister from the top of the crate on your way out - it's the blue glowing canister.

Head back down the stairs all the way to ground level. You may want to visit the statue's head at its new resting place and read the plaque. Alex will interject with some plot info. Any guards you didn't kill earlier are now dead and their possessions removed. Your ultimate destination is UNATCO HQ but you can wander the island and smash open any remaining crates to stock up on supplies and ammo. When you finally reach HQ you can talk to Paul who will give you your next objective.

Primary Goal: Report to Manderley's office on Level 2.

Enter the lobby with the VERY shiny floor and talk with the guard at the desk. Read the paper and the datacube for more plot info and the code to the comm van if you didn't visit it earlier. Follow the curvy passage and note the drinking fountain on the left which can heal a few points if necessary. Use the retinal scanner at the security door to enter Level 1.

Several UNATCO guards walk around the halls and they will engage you in idle conversation if you get too close or initiate it yourself. Save your lockpicks and ignore the two locked doors for now and just go downstairs to Level 2. Your goal is the middle office with the secretary but you can explore HQ at your leisure without any penalties.

Enter the office and talk with Manderley's secretary to get your NSF computer login JCD and password bionicman. Grab the Closet Nano-key from her desk and read the datacube to get your bosses login jmanderley and password knight_killer. You can use her computer to login with his account or yours and check email. Note: You can use any computer terminal in the building to log on as anyone you have a login and password for.

Time to see the boss. Enter the side door and talk with Manderley for more plot info and your next target destination; the armory and the med lab. Grab anything useful in his office or the bathroom behind his desk then return to the hall. Use your new closet key to open the pair of doors across the hall. You'll get a Pepper Cartridge from one and a BE Cell and Multitool from behind a grate in the other. Explore the rest of this level at your leisure. Your next goal is down on Level 3 accessed by the stairs to the left of Manderley's office.

Secondary Goal: See Sam Carter for equipment.
Secondary Goal: See Jaime Reyes for a medical exam.

Level 3 has a water cooler on the left and bathrooms on the right. Explore the women's restroom to offend a secretary and start a running gag that continue for several levels. Head down the sloped hall opposite the restrooms and turn right toward the glass window. This is the armory and Sam Carter will stock you up with a Stealth Pistol and your choice of ammo or a Lockpick. Anna's office is opposite the armory and a detention area is behind that. Explore at your leisure and talk to anyone you want and take anything useful lying around.

Return to the main hall and head for the medical center to the left of the restrooms. Locate Jaime in the back of this area and chat with him. Get the Med lab Closet Nano-key from behind the plant to the right of the desk and use it on the closet in the previous room. Inside is a crate you can smash to get a medkit. Visit the medical robot in the other room and heal yourself to full health. Use this robot to install the augmentation canister you retrieved from the top of the statue. Each canister offers a choice of enhancements and you can decide which one you want at the time of installation.

Primary Goal: Go to Manderley's office for new mission briefing.
Secondary Goal: Go to the break room on Level 2 and locate your partner, Agent Anna Navarre.

Exit the medical area and head right to the door on the opposite wall. This is Alex Jacobson's office (the guy that uplinks with you during missions). The datacube on the table has Gunther's login ghermann and password zeitgeist which you can use to read his email on the nearby computer. Head down into the lower area at the end of the room to talk with Alex.

Before leaving locate the secret floor panel near the desk on the right. Inside is a Scope weapon mod, ammo, and a Master Office Key that opens all offices on the first level. You can now return to level two and head for the door to the right of Manderley's office. This leads to a conference room. The door to the right leads to the break room where Anna is waiting. Search the locked cabinet (to the left of break room door) for some ammo. Enter the lounge and get anything that looks useful and read any papers. Find Anna and Gunther near the vending machines and talk with them until there are no more options. Head for Manderley's office to get you next assignment. Primary Goal: Go to south dock and take the police boat to Manhattan.

Now it's time to leave UNATCO HQ. Remember to visit the locked offices on Level 1 now that you have a key. You can get a Lockpick, Multitool, and Accuracy weapon mod from these offices. Return to the South Dock where you started and board the police boat to end this level.

Battery Park

Anna greets you as you arrive at the dock near Battery Park. Talk with her to get your next objective.

Secondary Goal: Locate stolen container of Ambrosia inside Castle Clinton.

There is also a small boy you can talk to. If you give him any food item from your inventory he will give you the code 9183 to access the secret back entrance to Castle Clinton. To use this entrance open the locked panel with a lockpick then enter the code to access the door through the vending machine.

If you prefer the frontal assault then head down the dock toward the steps leading to the island. You may want to take a quick swim near the police boat. Underwater are some crates you can smash open to get a Medkit and a Lockpick. The nearby ladder will let you climb back to the dock.

You are free to explore the island for the most part. A few areas will trigger key events when you get near. Crack open any boxes you find and collect the ammo and items scattered about. Talk to everyone you encounter - you never know who will have something interesting to say. On one side of the island the NSF are taking over a subway station. You will see UNATCO troops engaging in combat and you are free to assist them. Make sure to search all the NSF bodies and check out the shacks which contain crates and locked boxes. You should be able to collect a Lockpick, Multitool, Medkit, Flare, and Prod Charger from the various shacks. One shack has a steaming vent in the back corner. This is an access shaft into the subway ventilation system. Remember its location but don't go down just yet. You will also want to avoid the main subway entrance and the steel door leading down to the mechanical room. Head to the front entrance of Castle Clinton when you have thoroughly explored the area.

Anna and some guards are stationed at the main entrance. Use your sniper rifle to take out as many NSF as you can. If they come at you simply stand to either side of the entrance and let Anna and her troops take care of them. Enter the compound and search all the bodies and open all the crates for items then head for the central kiosk. Go inside and Alex will buzz you with some new information. Inside you should be able to find a Key located on the shelf and another hungry boy who will trade information for food.

The locked box is worth a lockpick as it gets you a BE Cell and a datacube with the code 666 which you can use on the keypad next to the floor panel. You can also use a multitool if you don't want to spend a lockpick to get the code. The panel opens to reveal steps leading down to the next level. Ignore the wall switch as it only closes the door behind you.

When you arrive at the pair of doors open the left and ready your sniper rifle to take out the guard patrolling this area. If you don't take him out in a single shot he will sound the alarm if he makes it to the alarm switch. Search his body and get the key to the Control Room Safe then continue into the storage area. A security camera is on the left wall so stay out of its view. The medical supply crate in this room has a Medkit which you can take before moving into the room on the right where you will locate the flowing green container of Ambrosia.

Secondary Goal: Report back to Anna Navarre for new orders.

With this objective complete you can now explorer the rest of the castle and add to your inventory and your exploration bonus points. A thorough search of the castle will get you a Flamethrower, Control Room Key, and plenty of ammo. Cameras and turrets are all still active so be careful. Make your way back to the pair of doors from earlier and use the key to unlock the Control Room door. Inside your can use the Control Room Safe key to get some additional supplies including an Augmentation Canister.

Back at the main entrance you will report to Anna. You can say whatever you want in the conversation but if you use the response "I'm learning as I go", she will give you a pair of EMP Grenades. When you are done you can head toward the area with the shacks to get started on your next mission.

Primary Goal: Rescue hostages in Battery park subway station.

There are many possible methods for infiltrating the subway station. The frontal assault requires you to kill several NSF terrorists plus disarm several explosives and laser fields. I chose the covert approach and entered through the vent shaft in the shack. Climb down two levels and enter the vent. If you exit on the first level you will be in the series of vents above the subway station. The second level of vents puts you down on the floor level where you are much less likely to be heard or spotted.

There are several vent covers leading out to the subway station. I chose the first one which exits near the blue lasers and the stairs leading up. Carefully open the vent cover then target and kill any nearby NSF then quickly duck back into the vent. The area will swarm with NSF but they won't be able to find you. While they are in a group toss out a gas grenade. This should stun everyone in the nearby area allowing you to pick them off with one or two easy shots with the 10mm. If you time it right you can get all 4-6 NSF guys caught in the gas. Others may arrive and start choking giving you an easy target.

Head to the opposite side of the station where the hostages are. Watch out in this area as I frequently had one NSF guy hiding behind the square column. If he is there kill him quickly then speak with the grateful hostages who will thank you profusely. Enter the subway train to head for your next objective.

Primary Goal: Report to Paul in Hell's Kitchen.

Exit the train and talk with the people here. Collect any food items you want from the floor then head up the stairs to meet Paul. After some conversation you will get a Prod Charge and the Nano-key to his apartment. Continue up the steps and Alex will uplink another mission objective. Check your Goals/Notes for all your new missions.

Primary Goal: Locate NSF's secret generator.
Secondary Goal: Question civilians in nearby bar and clinic for clues.
Secondary Goal: Investigate hostage situation at the 'Ton Hotel. Rescue Rentons if they are still inside.

The streets are fair game for exploration when you first start out. Some nearby stairs lead down to a locked door with a buzzer. You will return here when you have a password. At one corner UNATCO troops are fighting NSF terrorists. Assist them then loot the bodies for items and ammo including the new Assault Rifle. This weapon requires a 2x2 grid in your inventory to carry. Don't overlook the datacube hidden amongst the garbage in the alley. It contains a bank account number 947761 and the PIN 2867. It's worth 62 credits if you use it on the ATM in the hotel.

You can now either head for the hotel or the bar. I'm thirsty so let's head to the Underworld Tavern. You can enter through either the front or back entrance. Talk to everyone for some interesting info. The couple to the right of the bar talk about buying illegal Ambrosia for the man's wife. The guy to the left is Jock, a chopper pilot who you will be getting to know much better later on. For now, buy him a couple beers and he will chat with you about some conspiracy stuff. Also talk to the girl near the pool tables who will ask you to help her friend who is in trouble.

Secondary Goal: A man named Johnny took a woman into the alley west of the bar. Investigate possible trouble.

Exit the bar and locate the alley where you will find Johnny and the girl arguing. Threaten him until he runs off then talk to the girl who turns out to be Sandra Renton. She will give you the password bloodshot required to enter the Smuggler's Hideout.

Now you can head to the hotel. Along the way you may spot a couple of thugs beating up a bum in the basketball court. If you save him he will offer the same info as Sandra Renton. You can also get this information from the civilians in the Free Clinic. The clinic also has water fountains and some Medkits inside one of the locked cabinets which can heal you if necessary.

The guard outside the hotel warns you of the situation. Enter and use the ATM if you previously acquired the account information then head to the front desk to speak with Gilbert Renton. Shoot the NSF terrorist sneaking up behind Mr. Renton which will undoubtedly bring more NSF down the stairs. When you have killed all the attacking NSF you can do a quick search of the hotel office. A Key to a locked room on the second floor is in one of the mailboxes. Grab a drink from the water cooler if you need some healing.

Head up the stairs and enter the second floor hallway which should now only have a few civilians. Go around the corner and you will spot a pair of guards facing the doorway to the left. Sneak up behind them and kill them both. Search the balcony behind them for a datacube hidden behind the plant with more banking information. Account number 543654 and the PIN 5544.

Search all the unlocked rooms for various items. You can use the key from the hotel office to open one of the locked doors. Inside are various supplies and another locked door which you can open with a lockpick and get the BE Cell and the Medkit from inside. Head toward the end of the hall near the elevator and use your Nano-Key Ring on the door to Paul's room. You can also enter/exit this room via the fire escape from the back bedroom window. Inside is a datacube with the code 4321 for the panel that is hidden behind the painting on the wall. When you move the painting and enter the code the bookcases on the left swing open to reveal a secret room with a computer and all sorts of supplies. Read the datacube in this secret room to get Paul's login pdenton and password chameleon. You can enter this info and read some email on the computer if you wish. Exit Paul's room and head for the elevator shaft. There are some crates and various items on the ledges and at the bottom. You can retrieve these on your way back to the first floor. When you are ready you can return to the street and head back toward the subway station.

Locate the stairs leading down to the locked door with the buzzer. Use the intercom and say the password and the door will open. Get on the lift and ride it down to the lower level. You get an uplink from Alex warning of traps, but the blue lasers ahead already told you that. Smash some crates to the right for supplies and ignore the vent shaft and ladder - it only leads to a premature exit of this area. If you trip the blue lasers a deadly security robot will come out of that garage door and proceed to kick your butt. You can deactivate the lasers with an EMP grenade or use multitools on the panel. You can also stack three of the smaller crates and make some stairs to jump over the field.

Head down the stairs and talk to the Smuggler who will give you a NSF Lab Key and ask that you find his friend who is being held captive there. Check out the rest of the place before you leave. Head upstairs and locate the security panel behind the bed. You can use multitools or enter the code 432 to open a secret panel to the left. Inside is Thermopic Armor, a Clip weapon mod, and a Medkit.

Secondary Goal: Rescue Ford Schick from a secret NSF laboratory in the sewers.

Return to the streets and access the sewer through the nearby manhole cover. Another manhole cover is over by the hotel but this one is closer. Use the Nano-key to open the cover and climb down a couple of ladders until you are in a dark tunnel with red lasers and a turret. Use an EMP grenade or multitools to bypass the laser security then continue until you reach another ladder and more lasers. Ignore the lasers and climb the ladder where you can get an Assault Rifle and some ammo. Read the datacube to get the entry code 2167. Locate the hatch near the turret and open it with a lockpick then enter the code 2167 to open the nearby grate. Crawl into the next tunnel where more lasers block your path. These can be crawled under and you can use the code 2167 once again at the keypad at the end of the hall. Stay out of sight of the camera in the next area and make your way to the ladder at the end and climb up to a catwalk in a large circular room.

There are many guards in this area so get close and take them out quietly with the prod or crowbar. Head to the left and spot your first target. Go through the door nearby and take out another guard inside then raid the area for items. The datacube gives you the login MJ12 and password coupdetat so you can access and disable security systems. Leave this room and locate the security panel along the right wall and login with this info. Disable security systems, unlock/open all doors, and rotate the bridge so you can continue.

Take out any MJ12 agents wandering around as you cross the bridge and continue down the hall. Use the 2167 code on any keypads and make your way to the water treatment plant. Kill the pair of agents and Alex with uplink with you. You are now in a room with many doors. The door ahead holds Ford Schick while the door on the right leads to some inventory crates. The locked door on the left has some good supplies and is probably worth breaking into while the other two door lead to more MJ12 agents and a few items. I recommend killing any MJ12 agents before you rescue Ford Schick.

When you are ready, go through the door into the lab and rescue Ford. Talk with him and offer to escort him out. You can then follow him through the facility until he tells you he can make it on his own. Then you can make your way back to the surface and return to the Smuggler's hideout. Talk with him and tell him that you rescued his friend and he will offer you a discount on several items. Return to the street to complete the rest of this mission.

Head for the Osgood building and pick the lock on the door or smash the window to enter. Smash all the crates and collect all the items from the stacked boxes. Use a LAM or multitool to open the locked storage room which has some ammo and an Augmentation Canister. There are at least three ways you can take to reach the generator. All are filled with traps, turrets, and NSF terrorists. I found the rooftop approach the most exciting so here we go...

Exit into the alley and avoid the alarm systems. Make your way to the fire escape and climb to the roof. You are now at the highest point of all the nearby buildings so you can carefully line-up all the NSF terrorists on the other rooftops with your sniper rifle and take them out one at a time. Take out as many as you want then begin to make your way to the rooftop with the satellite dishes.

A. This is the elevator shaft that leads to the underground tunnels. If you took the underground route rather than the alley access then this is were you will enter the rooftop area.
B. Kill the NSF terrorist then use the chimneys for cover as you sniper more NSF. Ballistic Armor is hidden in the shadows.
C. Use the fire escape to enter the first tall building via the window and search the interior. Finally use it to drop down and cross over to the next building.
D. Break the window across the gap then run up the angled board and leap into the next building. Search the interior before exiting through another window near area E.
E. Many ledges with ladders and another fire escape. Make your way to the low roof at the base of the tall ladder leading to F. Ignore the dogs on the one side but take care of the three NSF patrolling the street on the other side.
F. Climb the ladder to the top and stay out of sight of the guards inside. Rig a Gas Grenade near the top of the stairs then proceed to snipe the NSF inside. When they rush up the stairs to attack they will be stunned by the gas and you can pick them off with the 10mm.

Now you need to make your way down several floors either avoiding or killing any NSF terrorists that remain in the area. When you reach the generator you will fist want to visit the basement level beneath this floor. Use the code 9923 that you should have obtained from the datacube found on the rooftops. Take any of the items in this area then open the safe with lockpicks or explosives to find an Augmentation Canister. Return to the floor above avoiding the lasers and turrets.

Use a LAM or shoot the flammable barrels to destroy the generator and complete your primary objective. The resulting explosion is quite large so put some distance between you and the fireball. You will receive an uplink from Alex telling you to head back up to the roof for extraction. Head to the roof and talk with Gunther then get on the helicopter and return to headquarters.

NSF Airfield

When you arrive at Liberty Island you can talk to the nearby guards then Alex will tell you to report to the bosses office.

Primary Goal: Report to Manderley.

Head to the second floor and enter the reception area where you can talk with the receptionist and Anna Navarre. Manderley is talking with a suspicious looking guy and you can eavesdrop through the door for some interesting plot info. When this man leaves you can enter and talk with Manderley to receive "payment" for your last job and your new assignment.

Primary Goal: Locate the airfield where the NSF has moved the ambrosia. Also investigate the subway system and search for terrorists who may be hiding underground.
Secondary Goal: Report to Sam Carter to receive new equipment.

Head to the lower level and visit Jaime in the medical lab. Heal any damage and have the robot install all those Augmentation Canisters you acquired in the previous level. Head across the hall and down the ramp to the armory and talk with Sam. He loads you up with an Accuracy weapon mod, an Assault Rifle with ammo (or just the ammo if you already have the weapon), and some Multitools.

Turn and head through Anna's office to reach the detention center. The suspicious man from Manderley's office is down here questioning an NSF terrorist. Try to stay out of sight and listen to the questioning. If you are spotted the man will ask you to leave. The patrolling guard in this area may also tell you "You shouldn't be here" but stick around for a dramatic event. You'll know when to leave.

Return to the helipad and board the chopper that will take you back to Battery Park. Immediately head for Shanty Town and enter the subway. Down near the tracks you will meet up with Harley Filben again (assuming you met him the first time on Mission 1). Talk with him and learn about a keypad in a phone booth and a guy named Curly in one of the shacks upstairs who will give you the code if you say the password underworld. Locate Curley (in the shack opposite the entrance to the station) and give him the password. He will give you some background info on the "mole people" and a contact name, Charlie. He also gives you the code to the phone booth, 6653. Note: This code can also be found inside a locked crate somewhere in Shanty Town.

Head back down into the station and locate the phone booth. Use the code and the booth will transport you to the lower level. Follow the passage and climb the ladder. Off to the right is Charlie who is glad to help if you help him first. The water has been turned off in this area and the valves are blocked by a recent cave-in. If you could help...

Secondary Goal: Turn on the water by clearing the cave-in with explosives then turning the valves.

If you have a LAM then proceed to the cave-in at the north end of the tracks. If not you will need to go upstairs and locate El Rey, a member of a gang called the Rooks. If you kill a drug dealer for him he will give you a LAM. You can also trade a vial of Zyme for a LAM. You may have picked one of these up from the dead bodies in the 'Ton Hotel earlier. If you choose the assassination job then head to the first floor and locate the drug dealer over in the corner and kill him.

With LAM in hand, head to the north section and locate the cave-in and toss the LAM into the pile of wood and rubble then run in the opposite direction. When the dust has settled you can enter this area and carefully make your way across the hot (and damaging) pipes. You can climb into the high pipe on the right and crawl through using a lockpick on the grate, or just run through the steam and take it like a man. Turn the valves then wait for the steam to vanish before returning to Charlie.

He tells you about a keypad hidden under the sink in the women's bathroom across the tracks and gives you the code 5482 for it. Head across the tracks and enter the bathroom. Use the keypad and enter the code to reveal a secrete passage in the stall behind you. Follow the hall and climb down the ladder. Continue until you spot the NSF ahead then plan a sneak attack.

There are dozens of terrorists in this area and if any are alerted to your presences they will sound the alarm bring them all down upon you. Use the prod or crowbar or some silent method of killing as many as you can. If the alarm sounds then switch to the assault rifle and plow through them until they are all dead. Search all the bodies for lots of ammo and items. The mole people will all huddle together during battle but you should be able to find Kevin Bradley. He is in the small side room along the right with the pool of water. He gives you some information about the NSF leader hiding in a hut to the south.

Head in that direction. When the passage dead-ends you can look to the right to spot a couple of crude huts. Kill the NSF guy in the right hut then search the boxes in the hut on the left. Move the boxes and you will spot a brick sticking out of the wall. Push the brick to open the secret door leading to the NSF leader. He surrenders as soon as you enter so talk with him to get some info. Take the Bathroom Key and any of the other items in this area. Now make your way back down the passage. Turn left then right and climb up to the floor level. Continue around to the left to locate the bathrooms and use the key on the locked door on the right.

Alex with uplink some more information to you as you continue toward the next intersection. You can go either way as both paths lead to the same location. The right passage has steam vents you must get past while the left has lasers. Watch out for the camera and the NSF terrorist near the alarm switch when you arrive at the next passage. Snipe the terrorist and get the Sewer Key from his body. Use the key on the locked door ahead and enter the sewers.

You may now continue forward and deal with the laser field using an EMP grenade or accessing the control panel, or you can climb through the vent to the left and swim to the other side. If you decide to swim you will have to quickly disarm an EMP grenade when you reach the other side. When you reach the pair of security robots you can either sneak around them or use an EMP grenade to disable them. Your goal is the room to the left at the far end of this area. Once inside, block the door with a nearby crate so any pursuing NSF or security robots cannot enter.

Search the pipes to find a datacube and a Multitool. The datacube provides a login etodd and a password saintmary which you can use at any nearby computer terminal. Alex will uplink with you letting you know that you are nearing the heliport. Continue forward until you reach the double doors leading into a large lobby. Peek through the windows in the doors but don't enter just yet. Inside are lots of NSF terrorists and a camera directly above the door that will sound an alarm if you are spotted.

Open the door. This may summon a guard or two. If not then start sniping the NSF from the doorway. This will certainly alert the guards. Back against the wall and wait for any of them to come through and take them out with a prod or crowbar. If they don't come through then wait for things to calm down (listen to music) then start sniping again. One of the guards has a Security Door Key so make sure to search all the bodies.

In the center of the lobby is another container of Ambrosia. As you near it Alex will uplink telling you there are three missing containers and you need to find them all.

Secondary Goal: Locate all three containers of Ambrosia so UNATCO can recover them.

Search the entire level and collect any items you want. Head upstairs and search the bathroom for an NSF terrorist. Kill him and take the Security Key if you didn't get one earlier then use the key to open the locked door on the second floor. Get the items from the control room. Move the plant to reveal a button that you can press to open a secret locker with even more weapons and items. Make your through the rec room to the door in the corner and exit out onto the helipad.

A pair of NSF snipers are above you on the catwalk on the other side of the chopper. Use the crates to the left for cover and snipe the guards. Once they are dead you can drop to the floor beneath the landing pad. There are many exploding barrels down here so if you spot any cluster of guards you can shoot the barrels to take out multiple targets. You should be able to locate ladders that lead to the upper levels and the catwalk above so you can search the bodies of the NSF snipers.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the airfield and there are a few ways to get there. The manhole located to the NW of the chopper requires some advanced swimming skills. If you don't have this skill then you may want to head east to the long tunnel leading to the elevator. The elevator is easier but the route through the manhole leads to a better starting location on the airfield. If the security systems are still active the passage to the elevator will be deadly. The camera at the end is linked to the turret and if it spots you the turret will tear you to shreds in seconds. You can either locate the security controls and disable the turrets and cameras or locate a large metal crate and push it down the hall while crouching behind it. This method takes between once and two minutes to make it all the way down the hall but once you are there the turret is permanently blocked by the crate. Enter the elevator to the left and ride it to the upper level.

Go through the next door to enter the airfield. Alex will uplink to give you updated orders and a map. I've taken the liberty of enhancing the map with some of my notes.

Primary Goal: Assassinate Juan Ivanovich Lebedev.

A. This is a side trip you can take to some eletrical generators. Use multitools to turn off the power then collect some really good items inside boxes and lying around.
B. Climb onto the containers using ladders then wait for the robots to get close to exploding barrels. Collect items from the box in nearby corner.
C. Make your way to the pair of parked trailers. You may want to snipe the patrolling guard near area D. Use lockpicks to enter the trailers and crack open boxes to get good stuff.
D. Enter the boathouse and kill the NSF agent on the dock. Locate the container of Ambrosia.
E. Make your way to the ladder near E and climb up to the top of the containers. Follow the orange path leading across the tops of several containers as you head toward F. You will make several tricky diagonal jumps and even go inside some of the larger containers.
F. By now you should have found a key to access the lockbox to the right of the gate. Open it and push the button to open the gate and enter the barracks area.
G. Several NSF guards patrol the perimeter of the building. Lure them to either side to divide them then kill them off in small groups.

I took the elevator so the walkthrough will be covering that path. If you took the swimming route you will arrive in another location on the airfield but the key locations shown in the map will be the same. There are several security robots patrolling the entire airstrip which you must either avoid or take out with the exploding barrels. When you exit into the night air you can opt for a quick side trip to the left to get some items from the electrical cage in the far corner. You will take a few points damage making it around the gate to deactivate the electrical panel but there are plenty of good items stashed inside this fenced area.

Hug the hanger wall and make your way to Location B. A pair of robots patrol this area so quickly climb to the top of the container using the ladder and crouch. Wait for one of the robots to go near a barrel then shoot the barrel to take out the robot. The resulting explosion should bust up the crates in the one corner allowing you get a few items before continuing to Location C.

On your way to the trailers you will spot a patrolling NSF guard near the boathouse door. You can either snipe him or wait until his back is turned then dash for the trailers. Use lockpicks to enter and get the items inside. Now hug the wall of the boathouse and make your way around to the front. Peeking through the window reveals another NSF guard on the docks. He has a flamethrower so make sure to take him out with the sniper rifle. You can either open the door and fire quickly or shoot out the window then shoot again for a clean head shot. It's best if you have previously killed the guard patrolling outside the boathouse. Quickly enter the boathouse as a security robot is probably nearing this area. Also make sure to stay out of camera/turret range from the security tower in the far corner.

Inside the boathouse you will find a container of Ambrosia and a East Gate Key on the dead body of the NSF guy. You can now head directly to the East Gate (area F) or take a side trip across the top of several crates to collect some good items. Locate the ladder at Location E and climb onto the crate. The path is obvious so start jumping across crates and collecting all the items you can as you make your way toward Location F. When you reach the gate use the Nano-key on the lockbox then open the gate and enter the barracks.

There are several NSF patrolling the perimeter of the barracks and even more inside. Kill them all then search the barracks. Behind the stairs is a moveable brick you can push to open a secret room with lots of items and the Dormitory Key. Search the mess hall and kitchen for other items then head upstairs and use the key to enter the locker room. You can use lockpicks on the locked lockers if you want the Multitools, Ammo, and Flares, but the big payoff is in the unlocked locker with the datacube containing the code 5914 for the hangar keypad.

They keypad is near the door at the end of the upper hall. Enter the code then follow the hall to the hangar. A huge 747 is inside the hanger along with several NSF and your brother Paul. Go down the steps and talk to Paul then enter the plane. Head upstairs and get the key from the control room then head to the rear of the plane. Stairs lead down to the cargo area but you need to head for the locked door at the end of the plane.

Enter and talk to Lebedev. Anna shows up and demands that you kill him as per your orders. You must now decide if you are going to join your brother and the NSF or go along with UNATCO. Anna will kill Juan if you don't, and you have the option to kill Anna which leads to some interesting conversations with Alex. If you do decide to kill Anna be warned that she explodes when killed, and if you are too close you can take severe damage and even die. Note: This is the first of three opportunities that you will have to kill Anna.

Search the cabin and locate the datacube with the code 9905 so you can access a crate in the cargo area. Return to the stairs and go down to the cargo area where there is an Augmentation Canister locked in a suspension field. Use the recently acquired code to get the canister and locate the final container of Ambrosia to complete your mission objectives. The robot in this area will recharge your BE energy if needed.

Primary Goal: Go to the helicopter at the airfield.

Retrace your route back through the barracks and across the airfield toward the helicopter landing area. Gunther will talk to you before you get on the chopper to return to headquarters.

Hell's Kitchen

As you head for the front door Alex will uplink your new orders.

Primary Goal: See Manderley for debriefing.

Talk to the various people as you make your way down to Level 2 then talk with the secretary in Manderley's office and she informs you of Paul's defection. She also wants you to deliver a message to Jaime down in the Med lab.

Secondary Goal: Tell Jaime that Walton Simons is looking for him.

Now go see Manderley to get your payment and next assignment which will take you to Hong Kong.

Primary Goal: Meet Jock at the chopper and head to Hong Kong for your new assignment.

Head down to the third level and visit the Medlab. Jaime isn't here but you can still use the robots to heal yourself and install any Augmentation upgrades. Head across the hall and talk with Alex down at the office at the end of the hall. If you killed Anna then the conversation is rather interesting. You can get a Lockpick from his computer terminal and a few other assorted items from around his office. Now head to the armory.

Sam will offer you some weapons or ammo which you can add to your inventory before heading upstairs to the break room on the second floor. Note: Access this room via the side door in the conference room next to Manderley's office. Jaime is here talking with Walton. Listen in on their conversation then talk with both of them until there is nothing left to say. Now head upstairs and out to the chopper pad. As you take off Jock tells you your mission has changed. He is going to drop you off in New York so you can help your brother who seems to be in trouble.

Primary Goal: Go to Paul's apartment and help your brother.

Jock drops you off on the roof of the 'Ton Hotel. Take the fire escape ladder from the roof down to your brother's open window. Note: You can go all the way to the ground and enter the front door. This path gives you some extra interaction with the Rentons and a cool gun fight with JoJo but none of this is critical to the main plot. Talk to Paul who is sitting in the corner of the living room. He tries to explain his actions and offers proof of UNATCO's illegal activities, but you will have to locate the proof for yourself. Visit Paul's secret computer room before you leave. He's restocked it with some good supplies you can use.

Primary Goal: Search the captured NSF base and locate the information. If he is telling the truth then use the transmitter on the roof to send an NSF distress call.

Exit the hotel and head past the Underworld Tavern. One of the tunnels is now open and leads to a new section of town. Talk with the guard at the barricades then head around to the right to find the entrance to the NSF base. Hint: Make a note of the location and number of UNATCO troops. Very soon you will be fighting them and this knowledge will be useful.

Begin exploring and searching the base. Inside the women's restroom is a Basement Key. Check all the crates for items as you make your way to the second floor. Use a lockpick on the door to enter the room and find a datacube with the login tjefferson and the password newrevolution for the base's security console. Pick the lock on the other door to exit onto the balcony with a few crates of ammo.

Head up to Level 3 and enter the control room where you will find a datacube with info on Halon Gas which has flooded the computer room. You can use a hazmat suit if you have one or just press the button in the corner to vent the gas. Enter the room and use the security console to turn off the cameras and open the trap door near the garage doors. You can also use the key you found earlier to open this door.

Make your way back down to the garage area and enter the trap door leading to the basement. The basement is full of traps and you can approach this area several ways depending on your inventory and what you want to use. Multitools and EMP grenades will deactivate the lasers or you can open the locked door with explosives or a lockpick and use the security panel to open doors and turn off the cameras. You can also just run through the lasers and hide in the side passages until things cool down.

Locate the datacube in the back room and read Paul's message about UNATCO. Open the locked cabinet with a lockpick or LAM and get the ammo and read the datacube for important login information for the satellite system. If your hacking skills are weak you can use this info to complete your mission:

To Move the Dish : Login: mcollins Password: revolution
Send Transmission: Login: napoleon Password: revolution

Now it's time to head back to the roof. Keep in mind that in a few minutes every agent in this building is going to be after you. Knowing this in advance you can do a little preliminary "work". You can start to discretely zap the guards with the prod or whack them with the crowbar. Make sure to hide the bodies. When you reach the roof you may want to booby trap the stairs with a LAM or gas grenade to delay your attackers. If you feel that any of this is cheating then just head to the roof and take your chances.

Enter the building on the roof and use the login info from the basement or hack into the system to align the dish. Press all the buttons then enter the door to the communications room and login or hack that computer to send the message. You will receive uplink messages from Paul and Walton who now considers you a traitor and orders all the UNATCO troops to take you down. You are about to face dozens of UNATCO soldiers (minus any you took down in advance) so get ready. Hide whenever possible and use stealth tactics to take down the enemy one by one.

Primary Goal: Meet Paul and help him get out of New York.

You now need to get back to Paul's hotel room. Sneak and fight your way out of the base. Try not to use any weapons that make noise otherwise you will alert the troops and up to six soldiers can appear at a time. Cover your escape with LAM's if you want that way any pursuing troops will be blown away if they try to ambush you from the rear. The lone guard at the barricade is easily knocked out with a zap from the prod gun. When you go through the tunnel things are a bit different. The streets are now patrolled by UNATCO officers and a giant security robot. Sneak your way past all these obstacles and get into the hotel using the fire escape.

Talk to Paul for a minute before Majestic agents start pounding on the door. Paul tells you to escape through the window. You can do that or you can stay and fight the agents. If you choose to fight I recommend getting a LAM stuck to the wall near the door before they enter. Kill all the agents that storm the room and any down in the lobby if you want to help Paul escape. If you do flee through the window Paul will die, but the story doesn't change much.

Primary Goal: Meet Jock and the chopper in Battery Park. Use the code 6282 to access the subway station.

The street between the hotel and the subway station has at least three or four guards plus the giant security robot. Sneak past them using the shadows and timing of their patrol routes. Enter the code to get inside the subway station. If you did not kill Anna in the 747 then she will confront you now. You must kill her to continue to the subway. When you arrive at Battery Park there is no escape. Even the route through the vent shaft that exits into the shack is guarded by Gunther and several giant robots. If you made it this far then you've done your best.

Whether you die anytime after the raid at Paul's apartment or get captured in Battery Park you are automatically taken to the next mission.

Majestic 12

You wake up in the detention block at the Majestic 12 facility stripped of all your possessions. If she is still alive Anna will talk to you then leave. Head toward the door and you will receive an uplink from Daedalus who is going to help you escape. He cuts the power and opens the door allowing you to escape into the hall. Grab the food from the other cell and heal yourself then carefully head down the hall toward the desk.

Primary Goal: Escape from the Majestic 12 facility.

Wait for the guard to move away from the desk then get the Baton off the crate and smash it open to get the Prod. You can also grab the knife then check out the datacube on the desk to get some important codes for the cells 4679 and main detention block door 4089. Return to the cells and use the code to enter the remaining locked cells. Use the med-bot in the first cell to heal yourself fully. The body has a PS20 and some lockpicks which will prove useful very soon. The remaining cell has an NSF prisoner (Miguel) who will join you for a short while.

Head back toward the desk and take out the guard. BE CAREFUL of the camera located in the right corner. Check through the file cabinets to get some useful items. Spend a lockpick to open the bottom drawer and get the Multitool which you will need later in this level. Stay low and move only when the camera is facing away and make your way to the main door. Enter the code to open the door and prepare for instant battle as you startle a guard on the other side who opens fire immediately.

Primary Goal: Get the datavault from your brother's body so Tracer Tong can defeat the killswitch.
Secondary Goal: Locate your inventory items and re-equip yourself.

Now that Daedalus has given you your new objectives you need to navigate the maze of halls in this facility. The easiest place to start is to drop into the vent directly on the other side of the detention door. Using stealth and the prod or baton you can crawl around the complex and surface in the various halls and take out the patrolling guards while their backs are turned. If you are spotted the alarm will sound and you will need to duck out of sight until things "cool down". You can do your new objectives in any order but I'm going to find Paul first.

A. Enter the vents under the floor to do some preliminary recon and clear out a few of the guards.
B. You can exit the vents in the Command Center to get some items and access some computers.
C. The Nanotech lab is very dangerous with guards and MIB agents not to mention experimental (and very deadly) lizards.
D. This is where you will find your brother and retrieve the cube. Depending on what you did in the previous mission he may be dead or still alive.
E. This huge multi-level area has several workman and a couple of very large and deadly security robots patrolling the area. Your main objective here is the control room on the very top level.
F. Once you make it past the pair of huge security droids that circle the outer hall you will find almost unlimited weapons and ammo in this area including all of your earlier possesions. Take as much as you can carry before leaving. Don't forget to raid the upstairs area for some experimental weapons including a huge plasma rifle.
G. With both of your objectives completed you can now head back past the Command Center and through the main doors and follow the long hall leading to the exit.

Your first stop is the nanotech lab which is on your way to the med center. Use the vents to get there undetected and wait for the guards to turn their back before rising out of the vent and taking them out. There is also at least one MIB agent here so be careful. Search the labs and locate the medical robot which will heal you to full strength. A locked security crate can be opened with a multitool and inside is an Augmentation Canister. You can access the computer and read about the Greasel but DON'T let them out. Sure it's fun to watch them chase the enemy around and kill them but sooner or later they are going to come after you and they are hard to kill. Save your game if you insist on watching them in action.

Exit the nanotech lab and continue north and head up the stairs. You should meet up with Dr. Moreau who will give you the code to the surgical area 0199. The front entrance is heavily guarded so your easiest access to Paul is through the ventilation shaft. When the hall T's take a right and locate the shaft on the right wall. Follow it around until you get into the room with Paul and the Doctor.

On your way out of this area you may want to make a fun little side trip down the other hall (leading left from the T-junction) where you will find the secretary's office and a datacube with the security login mj12 and the password invader. You can use this info to access a security panel in the next room and release the pair of creatures in the central area. They will attack the soldiers who were guarding the surgical lab and you can watch the battle on the security camera. It's quite amusing. Now it's time to get your stuff back. Follow the map and carefully make your way back toward the Detention area then follow the hall leading down to the robot maintenance area. Avoid being detected by the MIB agent or the large robots. As you enter you should spot a crate to your right with a Scramble Grenade (similar to an EMP Grenade) and a BE Cell. The hall leading to the armory is on the opposite side of this huge room. Take the stairs to the left and head up to the second floor. Stay low and take out the patrolling guards in this area. If they spot you more guards will appear behind you on the stairs.

Directly across from the top of these stairs is a hall. Circle around the catwalk to the right and enter the hall and head up the stairs which is being guarded by a soldier. Read the datacube on the first desk to read about some new security robots then continue toward the next office. Hack the security panel to modify the AI of the droids in this area then enter the office at the end. Grab the EMP grenades from the table and the lockpick from the desk. Read the datacube to get the armory code 2971. Return to the catwalk below and make your way around to the stairs in the SE corner of this area.

Use the stairs at the other end of this room to go back down and you should be right next to the hall leading to the armory. Head up the steps and watch out for the giant robots circling the armory. There are two and they move at various speeds so their pattern changes. When you first arrive they should be in opposite halls so wait for one to head away from you then carefully follow it around until you reach the door on the left. Enter the code 2971 or use a multitool to enter then sneak up on the MIB agent and take him out with your favorite weapon. Watch out for the exploding body!

The security camera is linked to the turret on the south wall. You can spend some multitools to deactivate it or just simple avoid the camera or gun if detected. Clear out both levels of the armory taking as much as you can carry. Hack the security panel upstairs to deactivate the two giant robots making your exit much easier. Now that all of your objectives are complete Daedalus will give you the code to the main exit 1125 so you can head to back to the Command Center and leave. There are lots of guards and dogs patrolling the winding halls so make your way quietly and carefully as you exit this area and return to UNATCO HQ.

You are now back in the familiar UNATCO HQ you have visited so many times before. It seems that the MJ12 facility was behind those restricted doors you could never get past previously. You goal now is to get to the helipad but there are a few necessary stops along the way. Head to level three and visit the medical lab. Talk to Jaime who gives you another Augmentation Canister. Use the robots in the next room to install it and any others you have collect up to this point and also heal yourself back to full health if necessary.

Visit Alex next and you can both try to figure out who Daedalus is. He will give you a key to the main doors of UNATCO HQ provided you kill Anna Navarre (assuming she is still alive). As always, take the useful lockpick from his computer terminal before leaving and head to the armory down the hall.

Sam won't help you directly but he will let you into the armory to collect anything you can carry which probably isn't much after your visit to the MJ12 Armory. Head across the hall to Gunther and Anna's office and login ghermann with password zeitgeist to get half of the kill-phrase for Agent Navarre; woman. This step is unnecessary if you already killed her in the 747 earlier.

Now you can head up to the next level and sneak into Manderley's office. Eavesdrop on his conversation with Walton Simons then confront him when they are finished. Pop a cap into him when you are done talking otherwise he will attack as you attempt to leave his office. Use his computer and hack or login jmanderly with password knight_killer to decrypt the first part of the kill-phrase for Agent Navarre; flatlander. This step is unnecessary if you already killed her in the 747 earlier.

Head to the top level and as you near the exit you will encounter Anna Navarre if she is still alive, otherwise you are free to exit outside. If you do encounter Anna you will speak the kill-phrase and she will die. Now you must return all the way back to the third level and visit Alex to get the key to open the main doors. Head outside and go to the helipad to speak with Jock who will fly you to Hong Kong to meet Tracer Tong.

Hong Kong

Seems your travel plans were modified by the agency and now you are stuck in a secret MJ12 facility. Jock needs your help to escape.

Primary Goal: Deactivate the weapons lock on the helicopter so Jock can blast out of here. The controls are on Flight Control Deck One.

Use the robot in this area to recharge your BE meter if necessary then open the grate near the chopper and explore the passage beneath the hangar. Head around to the left and take the first passage to the left to enter the weapons storage area under the hanger. There are Rockets, a Recoil weapon mod, a couple of Multitools, a Nano-key for the exit door to this room, and a datacube with the code 99871 to purge the toxic gas.

Exit back through the vent shaft and turn left then right then left at the intersection. Barrels of toxic chemicals are stored here and a keypad is on the wall to the right. Enter the code then run back to the intersection and turn right and wait for the green cloud to evaporate. If you hurry you can make your way to the barracks in time to see the green cloud take out several guards that you would have otherwise had to take out with weapons.

There are several ways to reach the barracks but the safest is through the vents. You can either wait for the gas to vanish then return to the junction and head right this time (opposite the keypad). This path will lead to another winding shaft that leads to the upper barracks or to another junction that leads to a grate overlooking the lower barracks. The short passage leading to this grate also has a lockpick hidden on a pipe to the left. You can also take an entirely different shaft that drops you into the locker room just off the barracks. No matter which route you take you should explore all the shafts and learn your way around.

In the barracks you need to finish off any guards that didn't get knocked out by the gas. Also avoid the security camera in the corner which could bring more trouble from other areas of the base. Search the locker room and get the medkit from the table by the fire extinguisher and another from the unlocked locker on the far left. Ignore the locked locker as it only contains a gas grenade - hardly worth the expense of two valuable lockpicks since most of the guards are already dead.

The upper bunk area of the barracks has four lockers from left to right. The first is unlocked and contains several pepper cartridges and a key for the munitions bay which you already have if you've been following along. Locker #2 only has 10mm ammo - don't waste your lockpicks. Locker #3 is the big one. Inside is the Nano-key for the Flight Control Room and a datacube with the elevator code 989. Locker #4 is your decision whether to spend the two lockpicks. Inside is a Multitool and 50 Credits.

Head toward the stairs leading down from the bunk area and open the grate in the wall on the right. Enter and follow it around until you can turn left and go up a ramp. Turn left and get the lockpick from the pipe on the left then turn around. Ahead is a ladder leading to an upper passage. Remember this location for later as it leads to a security robot that you will need to destroy when you have the appropriate fire power. For now, turn left and open the grate and carefully drop to the steps. A guard may be above you on the landing or he may have already been killed by the gas. Try to kill him quietly then head up the stairs.

Head left at the junction and go to control room #2. Hack into the security panel and set the guns to kill everyone on the roof (Camera #3). When everyone is dead turn off all guns and cameras then return to the flight deck. Cross the large room and locate the ladder leading to the roof and climb up. If any guards survived the turret now is a good time to kill them. Head over toward the basketball hoop and collect any items you might need including the rocket launcher

Now you have the means to destroy a pair of security robots that are hiding just waiting for you to finish your mission. Let's kill them before they even know what hit 'em. To the left of the guards is a hatch you can open and climb down to reach the upper bunk area of the barracks. Enter the vent shaft as before and follow it to the ladder I told you to "remember" earlier. Climb the ladder and follow the red hall to the end and turn right then left. You are now right behind a giant robot. Fire a rocket at it then retreat into the shaft to avoid the blast. One shot should kill it.

Now make your way back to Flight Control Deck #2 and duck down and open the grate under the computer console. A deep shaft is on the other side so carefully make your way to the ledge on the lower left and make your way around to sneak up on the remaining robot. One more rocket should take care of this threat. Now return to the upper level and enter Flight Control Deck #1. The fast way there is back up the shaft and through FCD #2.

Inside FCD #1 you can unlock Jock's weapons and he can blast open the elevator doors allowing you to escape. If you haven't taken care of the giant robots by now their doors will open and they will enter the hangar. You will either have to avoid or kill them to get to the elevator. Enter and press the DOWN button to arrive at the Wan Chai Market.

Primary Goal: Find clues to locate Tracer Tong at the compound Paul used to visit. Then locate Tracer Tong somewhere in Hong Kong.

Make a note of the police station to the right - you will visit it soon. For now you can wander the market and check out the people and various shops. To the back-left is an ATM you can hack into for some cash (right in front of an armed guard). Check out the newsstand where you can access a datacube for an entire map of the city. You can explore the city and do lots of things in any order you want to. There are only a few key things that need to be done. The following description is the way (and order) I did things. Feel free to play this level however you wish.

After I hacked the ATM and got the map from the newsstand I headed to the corner of the market where the large compound and temple were located. Go between the temple and compound to locate a door being guarded by Gordon Quick. Talk with him about your brother and other things and you will leave with another objective.

Primary Goal: Find and examine the Dragon's Tooth sword to determine if Maggie Chow is telling the truth.

Continue past Gordon and you should locate the sign above the stairs leading to Canal Road. Head down into this area and you will arrive at an underground road. Note the large flashing sign to the left as you enter. A Lockpick is on the ledge nearby. Watch the gang fight then head down the tunnel to the left toward the flashing lights. Police are investigating a car wreck in the tunnel and have blocked off this area. Hop the blockade and get some bonus points. Remember this location as you will be returning soon.

Return to the main marketplace and head counter-clockwise around the perimeter until you see the sign for Lucky Money. Keep going past this and you will see the sign for Tonnochi Road. Maggie Chow lives in this area plus there are lots of other cool things to do here so enter.

Explore the canals to locate many interesting things and people. Go to the Old China Hand bar and talk with the bartender. you will also meet a mysterious stranger who mistakes you for your brother when you enter the bar. Visit the large boat. You will need to take the ramp down and go through a storage room. Smash the crates in this room for a Lockpick and some other items then board the boat and talk to the girl. She has several Weapon Mods for sale. Buy what you want (or what you can afford). Explore the rear of the ship for Flares, Binoculars, and even some wine. Pull the lantern above the box to reveal a hole leading to a repair bot. Another interesting location is the fisherman's shack. You can gain access via the wooden door at the water level.

When you have finished exploring the canals you can take the long alley leading to Tonnochi Street. A man in a white suit off to your right tells you Maggie is in the hotel behind you. Head to the hotel and enter. Ignore the desk clerk and check out the break room behind him. Get the Credit Chit and hack the security panel to set things up the way you like them. Head to the elevators and read the directory. You can take the elevator on the right up to the floor being renovated 3444 and talk with the girl. Give her some money if you want and check out the datacube for the login queenstower and password security to the building's security system. Ignore the locked gate leading to the hall with blue lasers, but remember it for future reference.

Take the penthouse elevator to the top and talk with the maid who greets you. Explore the house and talk with Maggie who will give you a code to the Police Vault 87342 and ask you to retrieve some information for her. Secondary Goal: Get evidence from Police Vault and bring it to Maggie to earn her trust.

Don't rush off to the police station just yet. Instead, explore the rest of her house including the upstairs. Checkout her bedroom and connected bath and also the conference room across the hall. May Sung, the maid, will being following you around trying to get you to leave. I found it impossible to lose her. Watch out when you access the security panel in the conference room. She whips out a pistol and starts shooting and will also summon additional guards. I ultimately killed her with a crowbar and stashed the body behind the desk before accessing the security panel.

You can either hack the security panel or do a bit of detective work to get the password. Reading the datacube you learn that her old password "Tai'Pan" has expired. A quick search of the bookshelf locates a pair of books. One is titled "Tai'Pan" and the other "Insurgent". Being the clever agent you are you quickly determine her new password must be insurgent. Access the security panel and turn off all cameras and unlock and open all doors. This includes a door back downstairs leading to a secret Majestic 12 facility.

Quietly make your way back downstairs and head toward the exit. Off to the far left is a hall and near the right end of this hall is a lantern hanging from the ceiling. Pull it to open the secret door and enter the new area. The Dragon's Tooth sword is nearby and you will get an uplink from Tracer Tong telling you to retrieve the sword..

Primary Goal: Retrieve the Dragon's Tooth sword and wait for futher instructions.

Be very quiet and you enter this new area. Several guards are off to the right in a break room. You can try to sneak around to the computer terminal near the sword cabinet, but I found it easier to just toss a gas grenade into the room then shoot all the guards while they were blinded and coughing. Don't forget the guard in the adjoining room who is watching the stairs leading down to that renovation floor. Get all the gear off the guards then head out to the computer. Enter the login mchow and password insurgent then open the case. You can read some email while your logged in. You may need to free up some inventory to get the sword.

Primary Goal: Demonstate Maggie Chow's guilt to the Red Arrow by showing the sword to Max Chen. Max is in the Lucky Money club.

After you receive your uplink and new mission objective head over to the corner and check out the hologram from Walton Simons. Now you can leave the hotel and return to the main marketplace. Head to the Lucky Money which is down the steps. Note the door leading to the Versalife building for future reference. Head across the bridge and into the mall which is closed and heavily patrolled by several guards.

Talk with the two girls outside the Lucky Money. You can easily spend a lot of money on these girls by paying their cover charge and buying them drinks but you get nothing for your efforts. If you want to spend lots of money then at least save your game here before experimenting with your "dating" options. Pay the cover and talk with the kinky girl taking the money then enter the club.

There is a lot you can do in the club but most of it doesn't matter. You can dance with the circle of party girls and you can eavesdrop on the aspiring lesbians. You can talk with a man who is here for a job interview and get some information that will allow you to break in later and get some items. Make a note of the login management and password code324 if you want to rob the Quick Stop later. Ignore the prostitutes near the stairs. If you pay them they will only dance with you.

On the second floor is a bouncer guarding the hall to the girls collecting the cover charge money. Make a note of this as you will be back. You can eavesdrop on the couple by the bouncer who are talking about Versalife. They will quickly dismiss you if you bother them. The bartender will talk your ear off if you let him. The third floor has a big screen TV and a bunch of Russian sailors cheering for a girl dancing on a pool table. When you are tired of exploring the bar and its possibilities you can head behind the bar on the second floor. Grab the credits from the shelf then enter the back room. Head down the stairs and enter the conference room.

The two-way glass gives you a nice view of the dance floor. After a brief conversation with one of the men at the table you can access the security panel at the end of the table. Hack in and turn off all cameras and unlock and open the safe in the glass booth where the cover charge money is kept. Make a quick trip back upstairs and past the bouncer and down into the booth. You should get at least 200 credits and nobody will say a word as you take it. Talk with the kinky girl some more if you want then head back to the conference room and enter the doors leading to Max Chen.

When the conversation is over the Lucky Money will be raided by MJ12 agents and commandos. The best strategy is to just hang back and let Max's boys do all the dirty work. You can slowly make your way to the exit and make sure to search all the bodies for lots of ammo and items as you leave. If you are confronted by any MJ12 agents you can either take care of them yourself or retreat back to the bar and let Max's boys finish them off.

Return to the market and back to the compound where Gordon Quick is still on guard duty. Talk to him and he will give you the access code to the compound 1997. Enter the compound and make a U-Turn to the left to enter a small temple. You can scam a credit chit from the altar if you aren't afraid of Buddha. Head across the compound and up the stairs. Turn right and go down some stairs to a kitchen area. A door to the left of the stairs leads to a long hall and stairs leading down to the barracks.

Search the beds for a Medkit and some other items. A button on the far wall opens a painting leading to another hall that goes down to the lab area. Talk with him and admire his cool control room as you get your next objective.

Primary Goal: Head down to the operating theater so Tracer Tong can deactivate your killswitch and restore augmentation functionality.

Exit this area and head down the stairs and move to the center of the large room. Stand on the circle and the operation will begin. After lots of fancy red graphics and a few electric zaps you are good as new. On your way back upstairs check out the side room with the medical attendant. A door leads down from here where you will meet up with Alex Jacobson who will get you caught up with Jaime and other news. Use the bots in this area to heal yourself and install any augmentation upgrades you may have collected.

You should be able to find lots of ammo and other supplies including money and a key to Jock's Tonnochi Road apartment. Talk with Tracer Tong who sets you up with your own computer account jcdenton and password sanctuary plus he also gives you an employee number 06288 to access the Versalife elevator.

Primary Goal: Get the ROM encoding for the Dragon's Tooth sword from the basement laboratory at Versalife.

You can use the computer in Tracer's office to check your email then head back out of the compound and return to the marketplace. Head back toward the Lucky Money but this time use the elevator at the first landing. Enter the code 06288 then enter the elevator and press the UP button. You arrive at the impressive lobby and are granted full access to the first three floors provided you don't cause a disturbance....yeah right!

Your ultimate goal is to access the secret labs in the basement. The elevator leading to the basement is on the third floor and there are several ways you can accomplish your goal. The most obvious (and dangerous) method is to break into the security room and kill the guards. The datacube provides the login all-shifts and password data-entry to access the computers and make a fake ID badge.

You can also start climbing the stairs and you will finally meet the man in the dark suit, Hundley. He is the shift supervisor and can be bribed for 2000 credits to let you downstairs. Chances are you don't have that much and even if you did, giving it to him would be a big waste of credits.

Continuing up to the third floor you will find a lonely man working at his computer. Talk with him and he will exchange access to the basement for a little "hitman action" on your part. He wants his boss dead and you're the man to do it. Find Hundley (he's probably on the 2nd floor by now) and silently kill him when he is not in view of a camera. Return to the employee on the 3rd floor and get your access code 6512 to the basement. Head down the hall behind this employee to find the elevator and enter the code. Press the DOWN button and descend to the labs.

You are quickly greeted by Supervisor Harrison who gives you full access to explore as long as you don't bother the workers. There are three main areas to this section and they all branch out from the statue at the end of the large hall. Behind the statue are two halls. Take the hall on the left and follow it around to the elevator. Ride up to the lobby overlooking the main hall and search the table. Get the Augmentation Chamber Nano-key and read the datacube for the MJ12 login mchow. Use the security panel to modify the alarm system to your liking then return to the lobby and head to the opposite hall.

Follow this passage and it will lead to a security break room and the psionics conference room. Each room has a locked cabinet that requires 2 lockpicks each. Inside are lots nice items like ammo and important datacubes. One datacube contains the master password damocles to the entire system and another cube contains the code 5878 to the augmentation chamber. Warning! Opening these cabinets constitutes a "disturbance" so be prepared for guards and lots of fighting.

Check out the datacube in the break room to get the UC Code 525 then return to the main lobby. Assuming you've already been down the left hall and used the security panel in the lobby to unlock and open doors there should be a secret ramp leading down from the front of the statue. There is also a Stealth Piston lying on the statue's pedestal. Head down this ramp and ignore the button at the bottom as it only closes the opening above. You may need a quick getaway so leave it open.

Search the first lab and use the computer with login mchow and password damocles to upload the nanotech blade ROM. Tracer Tong will uplink with you and tell you to return to his lab. Now you must make your way out of the labs then out of the Versalife building. Your upload of the ROM has alerted security so getting out just got a lot harder.

Note: If you want to explore the other labs without the guards shooting at you then visit them BEFORE uploading the ROM in the first lab. Their descriptions follow:

Head to the radiation lab and collect some Augmentation Canisters by using the key you obtained from the lobby and the code from the psionics lab. If you have a HazMat suit now is the time to put it on otherwise you will take some damage collecting the canisters from inside. Use multitools to release the canisters.

If you don't have the multitools or a Hazmat suit you may want to use the high-tech approach. Locate a computer and login using the mchow login and password damocles to access this area, open doors, remove the radiations, and unlock all the canisters. These are some excellent augmentations so make sure to get them however you see fit. You can also visit the environmental-subjects lab. Get the key inside on the table and open the various cells. Then sit back and watch as the test subjects run around the lab and terrorize the scientists and guards.

Escaping the labs and Versalife building isn't that hard as long as you keep moving and avoid as many encounters as you can. Don't stop to fight - just keep running and you should make it back to the elevator. Stop to talk with the disgruntled employee on the third floor then start down the series of stairs. Keep your weapons holstered so you don't startle the other workers. When you reach the lobby quickly run past the door to security and head down the curving stairs. Don't even bother with the guard near the elevator - just press the button and get inside. You may take a bullet or two but it's better than fighting the entire security staff.

Back in the marketplace you can now return to the compound and make the lengthy trip down to Tong's lab. He has another mission for you and provides the code 55655 to help you on your way.

Primary Goal: Gain access to Level 2 labs at Versalife and locate information on the structure of the plaque virus.

Exit the compound and turn left which should take you straight to the Canal Road entrance. You should remember this place from the gang war you witnessed earlier. Return to the scene of the car wreck and locate the Maintenance Door and enter the code 55655 to enter. Duck under the pipe and climb on the box to open the grate and drop into the pipe. The grate is locked so be prepared to spend a lockpick. After a long fall you will splash into some water with a network of pipes overhead. Climb onto the lowest pipe then follow it to the next higher pipe as you work your way around gaining height until you can enter the open passage.

Just inside is datacube with the door code 768. Head left to the end of the passage then turn right and enter the blue hall. Ignore the ladder leading up to the hatch. It only leads to a commando and a giant security robot. Instead, enter the 768 in the keypad and watch a long series of doors open down a long passage. You will be getting a message from Daedalus with the UC Code 525 and a new objective.

Primary Goal: Destroy the universal constructor used to manufacture the plague virus.

Head down the hall and note how the ramp blocks the stairs below. Hit the button then run down the ramp and turn right to hide under the camera. You should get off in time and now have access to the stairs. Quietly head up the stairs next to you and access the security panel on the central pedestal. Turn off the cameras and open doors, etc. then head back down to the camera which should now be off. Look down the steps and you will see a long hall with blue lasers, two giant robots, and a commando who is on a patrol route.

There are several ways to get past this obstacle and I tried many before finding the easiest. You can bypass the lasers if you have 10 multitools and want to waste them. You can destroy the robots if you have a GEP gun or LAM's. You can use an EMP grenade to bypass the lasers. Even if you do manage to get past the robots you will still have to deal with the commando who is almost as deadly.

The EASY method requires the use of a Scramble Grenade that you should have just found recently. Make your way down the stairs when the commando is gone and hide to either side in the darkness. Wait for the commando to enter the main hall then quickly lob the grenade at one of the giant robots. The explosion will bring the commando down to investigate and the robots will tear him to shreds. Then the robots will begin to fight each other. You now have about 5 seconds to run past them. You will take a couple hits but should easily get past them. Enter the room on the right at the end of this hall and press the button to turn off the robots. You will also want to hack the security panel for easy access to several Augmentation Canisters. When you have the security the way you like return to the main hall and access the computer.

Use the mchow login and password damocles to access the computer then upload the schematic and open the chamber. Head down either side passage (right is faster) and you will get uplinks from both Daedalus and Tracer Tong. Locate the small shaft with the ladder leading down. Climb down and enter the central area to stock up on Augmentation Canisters. Collect all four if you want then head across the catwalk leading to the only door out of here.

Climb down to the bottom level and you should see Maggie Chow running toward you. You are going to have to fight her after you listen to her speech. Here is my quick and dirty method. As soon as you spot Maggie get right next to the ladder leading up. As soon as she is done talking start climbing the ladder. Maggie won't follow you up but she will be waiting at the bottom for you. Drop a LAM in the shaft then watch through the catwalk as parts of her body blow out onto the walkway below. Of course you can kill her anyway you want.

When she is dead you can head to the console on the lower catwalk and enter the 525 code to start the cascade sequence. Watch out for the electricity and the metallic spiders that start running around. Run around to the opposite side of the room and go through the break in the railing and drop below. Drop through one of the holes to the area below. You will take radiation damage unless you have a HazMat suit, but you won't be here that long. Locate the shaft that is away from the other four. Climb the ladder and jump into the fresh water and swim into the next chamber.

Below is a Crossbow and some Tranq Darts. Above on the surface floats a dead body and far down the next passage is a mutant alligator. This is one time where the crossbow comes in handy. Swim down the long passage toward the giant alligator. Use the pockets of air to breath and start unloading tranq darts into the gator until he's floating upside down. Continue to the end of the tunnel where it will deposit you in the canal near Canal Road. Climb out and grab the Multitool and Nano-key and get an uplink from Tracer Tong.

Primary Goal: Report to Tracer Tong for information on Stanton Dowd and the Illuminati.

Return to the marketplace and head down through the compound to meet Tracer Tong in his lab. After a brief conversation where you learn some more info you are given your new objective.

Primary Goal: Board Jock's helicopter which has just landed in the compound.

Make your way back up through the compound and outside where Jock is waiting. Take off and head back to New York.


Jock sets you down on the roof of the 'Ton Hotel back in Hell's Kitchen. Head toward the ladder and get your new mission from Tong. Note: Even though this is a short level with very few objectives the enemy presence is very heavy. Use all your stealth tactics and do not engage the enemy unless absolutely necessary.

Primary Goal: Meet Harley Filben at the Underworld Tavern.

The city is crawling with hostile UNATCO soldiers. Your best bet is to stay out of sight and use stealth attacks only when necessary. You should know your way around this town pretty well by now so make your way down the fire escape and locate the nearby door to the right. That's the backdoor to the tavern.

Enter the tavern and make your way to the first room with the pool tables. Harley Filben is sitting in the corner so have a chat with him and he will give you your next objective.

Primary Goal: Meet Stanton Dowd at the reamains of the Osgood and Sons store.

Secondary Goal: Locate the traitor, Joe Greene in the Free Clinic and kill him.

Before leaving you will also want to talk to Sandra Denton sitting in the corner and the Marine named Vinny standing next to the bar. Chat with until he says he will put in a "good word" for you at the Naval Base. This makes things much easier when you start the next mission. Exit the bar via the back door and head to the right toward the steam vent. Head up the stairs and enter the Free Clinic. Note: If you encounter a character who shows up as a "THUG" wearing a jacket with oriental markings you should kill him quickly and quietly.

You should find Joe Green in the far back corner of this building. You can chat with him and he will seem innocent even though he asks a lot of questions. Kill him then head to the back medical rooms to locate a couple of medical droids that can heal your wounds. Exit the clinic when you are done and when the guards can't see you make your way to the right toward the small park. You can find a prod charge resting on a stone in the middle of this grassy area.

Stay crouched and make your way out the opposite side of the park and head toward the rubble of the Osgood and Sons store directly ahead. Drop into the hole and go through the window into the basement. A board provides a ramp to the main floor where you can find Stanton Dowd. If you have not previously kill the thug then Dowd will be running around trying to dodge gunfire and will not talk with you until you kill the thug. Make sure you do this quietly and out of sight of the guards otherwise an endless army of soldiers will descend upon you.

Talk with Dowd and he will give you blueprints of the freighter coming into New York with the plague virus onboard. He has marked the drawings showing the key locations to sink the ship with minimal explosives. When you are done talking with Dowd you will receive an uplink warning of advancing MJ12 agents. Quickly make your way out of the building and head back toward the clinic the way you came.

Primary Goal: Scuttle the PCS Wall Cloud by destroying the five tri-weld seams with explosives and reversing the bilge-pumps to destabilize the ship and split the hull.

Secondary Goal: Visit Smuggler for extra explosives to sink the superfreighter, and bring Stanton Dowd some ambrosia to counteract the Grey Death.

Now you have to make some critical decisions. The city is getting more dangerous by the minute and it gets harder to avoid the soldiers. If you have at least five LAM's and/or Rockets you can skip the trip to see Smuggler. Of course Smuggler isn't giving his stuff away. If you don't have at least 2400 credits for LAM's or 2500 credits for Rockets then don't even risk a trip to his hideout. If you do have that kind of loot then head down the alley between the hotel and the tavern and look through the hole in the fence. When the street is clear make a dash for the stairs leading down to his hideout to the left.

Primary Goal: Once you obtain items from the Smuggler, return to the hotel roof and take the helicopter to the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard.

If you killed Joe Green then you will want to visit the bar one more time to talk with Harley and give him the good news. You may want to read the news machine opposite the ATM's for some interested articles dealing with you. When you have done everything that you need to do make your way to the fire escape in the alley and climb to the roof. You may want to hop into your brothers apartment on the way up and raid the place for any items you may have left previously. Don't forget his secret room access via the keypad 4321 behind the painting 4321.

Naval Base

Jock lands in a vacant lot and tells you to use the nearby grate to get you inside the barracks area. Open the grate and enter. Turn right and proceed and you will receive an uplink with more information.

Primary Goal: Enter the main building on the north side of the docks. There may be more than one way to get inside.
Secondary Goal: Find the ammo-storage warehouse and raid ammo bunkers for more LAM's or rockets.

There are several ways to get into the docks. The first door you come to can be lockpicked and you can kill the soldier inside and take the Main Gate Nano-key. If you talked with Vinny then you won't need to be so violent. Ignore the door and proceed to the next soldier who will greet you and mention Vinny then give you the same gate key. You can also use the nearby trash cans to make steps leading to the roof of the guard house. Once on the roof you can hop the fence. There is also a grate you can open along the wall past the first barracks. Crawl through the vent system to enter the docks.

I talked to Vinny earlier, so I simply got the key from the first guard and walked through the main gate. Keep to the right and head for the warehouses. Make a note of the two trucks parked on the right side of this area. Cautiously enter the warehouse and avoid the guards. Stay ducked as a camera in the dark office will pick you up through the window. Move to the far side of the vending machines and hack the security panel to turn off cameras. Now you can enter the dark office on the left and conduct a thorough search of this room.

Use a single lockpick to open the locked desk drawer and get keys to those semi trailers outside. You can raid them at any time for weapons and a Medkit. Visit the bathroom and check the stall for a datacube with the security code 0909 on it. A Medkit is stashed under the sink. The locked door next to the bathroom leads to a storage room with some boxes you can smash for a few items but its not worth spending four lockpicks..

The connecting office is full of items. You should find the Ammo-Storage key under the desk and a pair of important Nano-keys in the left locked desk drawer. The right drawer contains some 10mm ammo, and you really need to hack or login to the security panel; usfema is the login and the password is security. Turn off all cameras and put the robots in Standby mode.

Exit the office and locate the stairs leading up to the ammo crates above the office. From here you should be able to see the bridge leading to the locked door where you can use your new key. Smash the crates and get the items then take out any guards that may have spotted you then enter the ammo storage.

There are two robots on active patrol in this area. You goal is the room in the back left corner. Dodge their fire and get into the room. Use the security panel to deactivate the robots and then press the buttons to open the bunkers. Take a trip up the ladder to smash some crates and get some additional items such as a Lockpick and a LAW rocket launcher. Don't forget the Multitool on your way out of the control room. Raid the bunkers for whatever items you want then use the raised covers of the bunkers to step your way to the dividing wall and jump back to the catwalk.

Return to the previous building and go out the door near the dark office. A guard may be patrolling if you didn't take him out earlier. You can raid those trucks now but make sure to take one of the small boxes from inside this warehouse to use as a step. Your goal now is the building to the right as you exit the warehouse. The security robots should be in Standby mode. Facing the two windows, go to the right one and break it and climb through. You may need a box to do this.

There is a lot to get in this room. Start with the code 2249 for the East Warehouse then head toward the corner of this room near the door and toss a LAM over the desk toward the window. The explosion should open the safe and both desk drawers allowing you to get a Reload weapon mod from the left drawer and the login walton and password simons from the datacube. There is also an Augmentation Canister in the safe.

Leave this office and go into the next room using the key you obtained earlier. Chances are the camera will see you and the alarm will sound. Head into the store room right next to the door you just exited and use the security panel to turn off the cameras. Get the Multitool and smash the boxes for additional items. The middle drawer in the file cabinet only contains the login that you already obtained from the previous room so save yourself a lockpick. Clear out all the items in the larger room then stand in the connecting door to the other office and toss a LAM toward the opposite wall. The explosion should take out the exit door plus the drawers on the two desks in this room. Raid the drawers for anything useful then leave this building.

Your next goal is the building directly across from you. You can pick the lock on the door or smash the side window and climb through. I actually went into the ammo bunker (big hangar doors were open) and grabbed a box of TNT and put it in front of the door and shot it. Inside is a repair robot, a pair of Multitools and a Lockpick. Ignore the security panel, as I could find no useful results after using ten multitools to crack it.

Hopefully by now you have at least five LAM's or Rockets. Head through the gate next to this building and go right. To the left is a courtyard with a garage door and a button that releases a giant killer robot. Leave it alone. Toward the right you should spot the tall crane tower. Head in this direction and decide on how you want to reach the ship. One method is to locate any grate leading to the sewer system. These tunnels are loaded with laser fields, toxic waste, gas grenades, and turrets.

Another challenging method is to ride the lift to the top of the crane and press the button in the control room to lower the boom creating a bridge to the roof. Don't forget the Sniper Rifle and ammo in this room before crossing over to the roof and entering the grate. Follow the passage to the room with the giant fan and mechanical spiders. You need to destroy the fan and the spiders then climb down and go through the door leading to a spinning tunnel. Another pair of spiders wait in here. Deal with them then continue to the ladder leading down to the docks. At this point you can ride the elevator back up to the control room where you can push a button to move the steel girder to the right. Ride the elevator back down halfway and get off. Open the grate and walk out and use the girder as a bridge to the ship.

And then there is MY way, also known as the easy way. Head past the crane tower and go up the stairs. Watch out for the giant robots. You may have to lure them away. Punch in 0909 and the door opens. Talk to the friendly guy in the security room and read the datacube to get the Ramp Code 6655. Use the security panel to turn off cameras and make any other changes then follow the hall toward the ship. A break room off to the right has another pair of friendly guys in orange who will also share the Ramp Code if you didn't get it earlier.

The guards are on a regular patrol so wait for them to both be walking away from the ramp then run up and punch in the code and head up the ramp. Move to the front of the ship and go up the next ramp and enter the door. Refer to the following maps for what to do inside the ship. Move quietly and kill any sailors that threaten you.

1. Enter ship here.
2. Raid the Galley for anything useful then head across the hall.
3. Search the room and the lockers for anything useful then use the bathroom to reach next area.
4. Search this room and raid the lockers then head across the hall to the lab.
5. Make sure to get the green vial of Ambrosia. You can also blow the safe or pick the lock to get an Augmentation Upgrade.
6. Make your way to the stairs and go up to the next level.
7. Visit Sick Bay and use the medical bot to heal yourself and install any Augmentations. Get the Lower-Deck Nano-key and read the datacube to get the Engineering Bridge code 9753.
8. Enter the Electronic room via the vents. Access the vent using the grate in the hall or in Sick Bay. Inside is a bot that can recharge your BE power. Read the datacube for the ops code 83353 and collect the two BE cells, the four Multitools, and the Accuracy and Silencer weapon mods.
9. Head to the grate but watch for the camera down the hall to the right. Follow the vent to emerge in the next area.
10. Watch out for the guard outside and the camera in the Watch Room. Sneak up the stairs to the next level.
11. A guard stands in the door to this area. Shoot him then move into the doorway and kill his partner who is off to the right. Return to the top of the stairs and locate the security panel. Hack it to turn off cameras and open doors, etc. Return to the command center and get the Laser Targeting weapon mod.
12. Explore the rest of this area to get the code 65678 to the captain's quarters. You should also find a key to access the security-area access panel and there are several boxes you can smash for various items.
13. Ransack the cabin and get the Armory Code 71324, computer login kzhao and password captain and a key to the lower decks. A credit chit is under the desk and you can log onto the computer and read some interesting mail. Press the button to watch the hologram before heading back downstairs.
14. The door should be open if you used the security panel otherwise use the code 71324 you just got. This room is loaded with just about everything you could want. Watch out for sailors who may interrupt your shopping spree.
15. Head back down to the first floor then take the stairs down to the locked door and use your new nano-key to open the door.

1. Go left at the bottom of the stairs and take more stairs to the bottom floor.
2. Stick a LAM on the tri-weld seam. Wait and shoot it from a distance, as it will summon guards and sailors.
3. Enter the bridge code 9753 to raise the bridge to engineering. Climb the nearby ladder and cross the bridge.
4. Kill the sailors in this area before they can press the alarm and activate the ceiling turrets. Collect any useful items.
5. Get the armor if you want then break the window and climb out onto the pipe. Follow the pipe until you are overlooking the next area.
6. Drop into this area and break open the wooden boxes to get some useful items including another LAM. Stick a LAM on the seam then use the metal boxes to step up to the wall. Face the seam while standing on the wall and fire at the LAM and back off the wall to avoid the blast. Guards will probably show up about now. Kill the guards as you make your way around to shoot the first LAM which also takes out several flammable barrels and crates and hopefully any pursuing guards. Finish off any who survive.
7. Talk to the technician and use the robot if you need to.

Secondary Goal: Cut power to the transformers that are shorting out the overhead walkway.

Get the Multitool at his feet then enter the room. Watch out for the blue bolts of energy and the spider off to the right. Lob a LAM at him and when it is dead head in that direction. Locate the panel on the right and use some multitools to deactivate it. Open the grate and drop into the tunnel. Follow it around and deactivate the next panel which turns off the laser then follow the passage around to a third panel which you can use more multitools on to turn off the electricity above. Return to the main floor and use your LAM on the seam behind the machinery.
8. Climb the ladder leading up to the giant fan then jump into the airflow and float to the top where you can get some items from the cooling station.
9. Enter the hangar before the guards shut the door. Start sniping the guards. Many will appear on the steps of the central structure. Search their bodies for keys to their lockers and additional ammo.
10. Blow the tri-weld seam. 11. Search the room and open the lockers. Read the datacube to get the hangar code 4453. Use the repair bot if needed before leaving the hangar.
12. Plant the LAM on the seam but don't blow it up yet. Use the pistons in the middle of the room to reach the opposite balcony then smash the crate and kill the guard.
13. Search this bonus area for an Augmentation Canister, GEP gun, and several other items. Return to the previous room and blow the remaining seam. Press the button near the computer to start the bilge pumps then use the captain's login or hack the computer to reverse the flow.
14. Run back to the stairs leading up to the upper decks and exit the ship the way you entered.

Run down the ramp toward the pier and shoot any guards who may be there. Jock is landing his chopper on the roof of the building and the easiest way for you to get there is to head right into the entrance across from the ramp and past the friendly security guard. Exit back out toward the crane tower and ride the lift to the top. Use the button to extend the boom toward the roof then cross over and board the chopper.

Jock lands you just outside a cemetery on the lower east side of New York. Head toward the gate and press the button to call the caretaker. Once inside make sure to raid his place for a Medkit and a Multitool.

Primary Goal: Meet Stanton Dowd at his family crypt under the graveyard.

Locate the crypt and open the door. Go down and talk with Dowd. If you got the Ambrosia from the ship then you will give it to him now. After a long conversation you are ready to go to Paris. Raid the coffins in this place for some good items and get the Multitool from the computer desk.

Primary Goal: Take the chopper to Paris and make contact with the Silhouette in the Paris catacombs.

Open the Dowd coffin to reveal a secret passage that leads out of the crypt. When you reach the surface the place will be swarming with MJ12 soldiers. Make a dash for the caretaker's house and kill all the soldiers as they try to squeeze through the door.

Primary Goal: Disable the EM disruption field so Jock can land. The source seems to be inside the caretaker's building.

When things quiet down you should notice a hum coming from the book case just inside the caretaker's door. Toss a LAM inside to blow up the fake bookcase and the EM generator. Now Jock can land. Exit the house and head to the right where Jock is landing at this very moment. Talk with him quickly then get onboard and take off as the MJ12 troops close in.


Jock lands on the roof of an abandoned building and drops you off with instructions to locate the catacombs.

Primary Goal: Make contact with the Illuminati in Paris, where their former leader, Morgan Everette is rumored to be hiding.

The first thing you need to do is get off the roof. There is an open shaft that you can carefully drop down from ledge to ledge. Make sure to exit at the first opening just above the box if you take this route. You can also hack the keypad to the working elevator or gain entry to the rooftop building using a lockpick or explosives. Inside is the code 4003 to activate the lift.

Head up the stair and talk with Aimee. She will give you the code to the sewer door 0001 and ask you to help protect her cats by killing four Greasels. Before you leave you may want to grab the BE cell from the shelf. Use the crates to reach it.

Secondary Goal: Kill four Greasels in the sewers then report back to Aimee.

Head down the stairs and get the Hazmat suit from the area to the right of the door. Enter the code in the keypad to open the door and power-up the suit or use your augmentations to get through the door. A robot will charge your BE power on the other side. If you can take the damage you can break open a few crates in this dangerous room and get some items. Climb down into the sewer and take the first right. Down the hall on the next left is the first greasel. When you fire on him the other three will attack from the next left turn. Fire an HE assault round at the first to kill it and then one more into the three as they come around the corner to take them all out at once.

Head back up and talk to Aimee to get some info on weapons being stored in Building 14 above. Return to the sewers. This time you may want to drop down the shaft and get the Hazmat suit inside that crate for the return trip through the toxic vapor. Follow the sewers forward and get the Lockpick in the nook on the right and another from the box in the corner. Climb the ladder at the end and carefully peek out to get the location of the guards.

Head to Building 14 on the left and enter. Take a right then left and go up the stairs to the office. Inside are a few items and a locked cabinet with more items and a datacube with the security login rzelazny and password shadowjack. Use the security panel to access the basement. Head downstairs and turn left and enter the warehouse area. Use the robot if you need to then head to the rear and get the Office Nano-key, EMP Grenade, and the bazooka if you can carry it.

Return up the stairs back to the main entrance and turn right. Follow the hall to the locked door and use the key to enter. The phone rings as you enter so pick it up and listen then read the datacube under the desk to get the ATM account number 2221969 and PIN dullbill. Carefully exit this building and head right making your way around the back of the building. Circle around to the metro entrance and go down the stairs.

Talk to Dafoe, the arms dealer, sitting to the left. He has some good stuff for sale but the prices are way too high. He offers a good discount if you do a job for him.

Secondary Goal: Kill the three MJ12 soldiers in the metro station then report back.

Continue forward toward the ATM machines but don't get in view of the camera. Turn right and enter the next area where a giant robot patrols the hall. Dafoe doesn't care if you destroy the bot and it is easily avoided if you wait for it to enter the back room. Move to the end of the hall and use a LAM or HE round to take out all three guards at once. Prepare to hide if the robot heads your way. Hopefully the blast will have opened the door to the next room where you will find a security panel you can hack to turn off the camera by the ATM. There is also a Multitool in the box. Return to the ATM avoiding (or destroying) the robot. There are three crates in the side room you can smash for items if you want. Use the ATM with the info you acquired earlier or just hack it for some cash then return to Dafoe. I found the LAM's to be the best buy as many are needed soon after this.

Head back to the street and make your way across the open area dodging the patrols and making your way around to the back of the building. Watch out for the commando who circles the building counter-clockwise. Locate the boarded up window and break the boards and enter. A room behind the spiral stairs has a datacube with the following map. You also get an uplink from Tong about MJ12 patrols down below. Be quiet as you explore the catacombs.

1. Crouch and enter the dark crawlspace. Open the box for some Napalm and get the Lockpick. Take this passage to avoid the gas grenade trap in the other east passage.
2. A pair of guards are talking in this room. A LAM or HE round takes them both out or you can gas them and shoot them as they choke. Check out the crate as you exit this room using the ramp leading up to the south.
3. You will get an uplink as you start down this passage. A commando patrols this hall. Either avoid or kill him.
4. Make your way to the lower ring and locate the crawlspace leading east then north. You should be able to spot the commando patrolling this room. Use the columns to avoid detection and make your way to the next area.
5. Get the Lockpick from the ledge then press the dark brick to open a secret passage to the south.
6. Talk with the various people then enter the central area and talk to Chad. The locked cabinet in the other room contains a book and a Blast Door Nano-key. Use a lockpick to get this important key then exit to the north and open the blast door. At the T-intersection head left as a guard patrols the right hall. When you reach the next area there is a locked box in the southern part of the room you can open for some additional items and a datacube with the security login hela and password ragnarok.

Secondary Goal: Free the Silhouette hostages being held in Bunker 3 and safely return them to Bunker 1. Report back to Chad.

7. The bum in this bunker is selling poison darts or a medkit. You shouldn't need to buy either of these items so you could skip this entire area if you want.
8. If you want you can try to disarm and take the LAM from the wall on the right. Open the crates for more items.
9. There are two guards in this area. The first patrols East/West across the room and the other patrols North/South in the hall to the West. Head into the room to the east and kill the guard when the other is out of sight. Open the boxes to get a pair of Lockpicks then head to the room to the south.
10. Take the ladder up. This area is optional so only do if you need/want these items; a Multitool, Tech Goggles, Napalm, and HE Ammo. If you want these items then blow up the gate between you and the robot. It will come in and fix the generator allowing you easy access to the boxes in the rear. You can also use this robot to charge your BE power. Return down the ladder and proceed to the next area.

11. You first need to take out the guard in this passage then use an EMP grenade or multitools to disable the lasers. Get out a good weapon and move forward until the camera spots you and the alarm sounds. Retreat down the hall and around the corner and get ready for at least two commandos and two guards. When they are dead you can proceed through the door into the next bunker.
12. The hostage are being kept in the central rooms of this bunker which is locked. A locked box just to the left as you enter this bunker has Rockets and a Reload weapon mod. If you have any swimming ability then I highly recommend jumping into the water opposite this locked box and swimming to the far west of the warehouse area. You will surface behind some boxes. A commando patrols the lower area and a female MJ12 agent is over near the work table. Wait for them both to leave the area then quickly make your way to the security panel on the back wall. Login or hack the panel to shut down security then raid the table for a few items including the Sewer Nano-key. If you have time you can crack open the two crates near the water before swimming back to the bunker. Now circle around and unlock the door and free the hostages. Note: Make sure all guard between here and Bunker 1 are dead and all turrets are turned off. Follow the hostages back to Chad and talk with him.

Primary Goal: Find Nicolette DuClare. She is known to frequent Club La Porte de l'Enfer.
Secondary Goal: Meet Jaime in the Cafe.

13. After you are done with Chad head to this area and use the sewer key to enter the next area.
14. Get the Lockpick in the bottom of the pool.
15. Follow the passage until you reach the ladder.

Climb down and follow the tunnel until it splits. Head to the right and crack open the crates in the dead end passage then continue right until you reach the ladder. Climb up and pick the lock. Note: You can go left at the fork but that ladder leads to a much more dangerous position. You poke up in the city streets of Paris which are full of MJ12 troops, robots, and even French police. The police will leave you alone unless they witness you committing a crime. Everyone else will shoot first.

There are several places to visit in Paris. None are actually required but I did them all, so here is the safest order to visit them. As you leave the hole head forward and to the right into the first alley. A robot patrols up ahead to the right. Wait for him to walk away then go forward and turn left. Go past the two police and go to the far ATM (out of sight of the robot). Hack the ATM for 750 credits then continue away from the police toward the cook behind the next building.

This is the Cafe (Building 19). Raid the kitchen for whatever you want then go to the front room and talk with Jaime. He will give you the kill phrase for Gunther who is currently in Paris trying to kill you. You can also talk to the couple with the child to get some valuable info including a MJ12 computer login streetstation17 and password werewolf.

Exit out the rear of the cafe and turn right and take the first alley toward the main street. Cross when it's clear and make your way between the building on the other side. A door to the right leads to the back entrance to the Club La Porte de l'Enfer but you aren't ready for that yet. Go around the corner to the right and spot a pair of stairs leading up to two doors and a cop on duty by the hotel side entrance. You need to do some "breaking and entering" so dispose of the cop with your prod or some other quiet weapon.

Building 12 is just an apartment that you can break into and get an ATM account 002639 and PIN aramis01 from the upstairs cabinet. The real bonus is inside Building 11. This guy is an arms dealer and is loaded. Get inside this room even if you have to blast the door open. In addition to another ATM account 005133 and PIN salem008 you can load up on Range and Accuracy weapons mods, a Plasma Rifle in the box on the corner table, and inside the locked box is plasma and 30.06 ammo plus Clip and Laser weapon mods.

Exit the building and enter the door to the right at the bottom of the stairs. You are now in the hotel lobby. You need to talk with Renault in the bar around the corner but you may want to go upstairs real fast. Locate the maid cart and key the Room Nano-key then search the first room for another ATM account 004418 and PIN morbus13 and a credit chit. Renault wants you to steal some Zyme from the Bakery in Building 15 around the corner.

Exit the front door of the hotel and go around the building to the right. The Bakery is up ahead but the front door is guarded by a commando and a policeman circle the building on a regular patrol. The bakery is mainly glass windows so you have to be very careful not to get spotted. Head around to the back of the Bakery and open the door with lockpicks or explosives. Enter and quickly search the two oven door on the left for items and six vials of Zyme. Return to the hotel to get your reward.

You now have one last optional visit. On the opposite side of town (where you entered from the sewers) is a guard station. There are several guards standing around outside plus a robot and a commando patrolling the street. If you feel daring you can sneak into the building and access the computer using the account you got from the couple in the cafe. You now have the power to turn off all the robots in this area. You can also read the datacube and smash the create to get another LAM.

Now you are ready to enter the club and locate Nicolette. You can enter through the back door and blast your way in or spend several lockpicks or go to the front door and either pay the doorman or beat him up to get the key. You can also use a lockpick to enter the grate and sneak into his office and steal the key or take the other grate out of his office into the bathroom. No matter how you get inside you have several people to talk to.

The nurse will give you a clue about Nicolette for 20 credits. You can also talk to Cassandra who will give you the vault code 1966 for 200 credits. There is a lot of good stuff in the vault so I recommend spending the cash. Antoine offers to sell you supplies but you can ignore this offer. Head upstairs and talk to the girl sitting alone in the back corner. She will arrange a meeting with Nicolette out back.

Primary Goal: Meet Nicolette behind the club.

Head downstairs and toward the bar. Talk to the bartender if you wish or just walk past into the back. To the left is the vault you can visit if you have the code or want to use the multitools. To the right is the business office where you can talk to the accountant who gives you some info on the arms dealers in Building 11 (old news). Meet Nicolette (who was actually the girl from upstairs) and get your next objective.

Primary Goal: Search Du'Clare chateau for evidence of Morgan Evertte's relationship with Beth DuClare.

Hop on the chopper and ride to the chateau. Talk with Nicolette when you arrive then head around to the back. No sense in using valuable lockpicks to get in the front door. Smash your way into the back and get an uplink from Tracer Tong. There are only a few areas to explore in this house while you search for you next objective.

Primary Goal: Find Beth DuClare's secret computer room, which should contain clues to the whereabouts of Morgan Everett.

Downstairs is a computer room (not the secret one) where you can overhear Nicolette logging in. Login is nicolette and password is chad. The kitchen has stairs leading down to the wine cellar and a Multitool lies on the shelf. The dumbwaiter in the corner is an easy way to get to Beth's bedroom, but we will take the stairs.

Upstairs you can search the bathroom for the key to Nicolette's bedroom. Also in the hall on the table behind the vase is the key to Beth's bedroom. Check out the painting in Beth's room to discover a secret nook with the Basement Key and a datacube with Beth's computer login bduclare and password nico_angel. Head back to the kitchen and down the stairs into the cellar.

Move the candelabra to open the secret passage. You'll have to smash some collapsed beams to get to a nook with a security panel. Hack or login to open a secret room and unlock the container with an Augmentation Canister and an Augmentation Upgrade. Login to the computer and transmit the signal to contact Morgan Everett and arrange a meeting.

Primary Goal: Find Nicolette and get the key to the family crypt.

Nicolette is nearby so talk to her and get the key. You will also want to get the Multitool, Accuracy weapon mod, ammo, a BE cell, and the augmentation canisters. Crack open the boxes on the way out and you should also get a lockpick.

Primary Goal: Go to the family crypt in the maze behind the chateau and await further instructions.

Exit out the back of the house and enter the maze. Jock warns you that MJ12 commandos are in the maze between you and the crypt. I saw only three and they were all close together. Head straight back and angle slightly to the left to reach the crypt. If you have some Thermo-camouflage you can simply make a dash for the crypt and they probably won't even see you. If you are spotted prepare some heavy artillery as they will all converge on your location. Once inside you can follow the sewers around until the level ends.


Follow the sewer as it leads you to Templar's Cathedral. You will get new mission updates from Morgan Everett.

Primary Goal: Access the computer system so Morgan can complete work on a cure for Grey Death.
Secondary Goal: Recover the gold from the cathedral, which is now occupied by MJ12.

Climb the ladder and arrive in an alley with some boxes. Take one of the smaller boxes and put it on the ground creating steps leading to the window above. Enter and search the body for items and get the credit chit in the corner. Climb the sloped board leading up to the ledge above where you will find the Gatekeeper's key. Make your way back down to the alley and follow it around to the gate. Unlock and enter while the commando is walking away from you. Stay along the left wall and you should avoid detection. Watch out for the snipers on the bridge ahead.

A giant security robot patrols the street ahead. Duck into the alcove to the left and note the glass window blocking your way to a security panel and other items. Breaking the glass sounds an alarm so use a multitool to unlock the alarm button then smash the window and quickly turn off the alarm. Get the items and use the panel to turn off cameras and open the door behind you. Go through this door and up the stairs to the bridge with the snipers. Kill any who are still alive and cross the bridge to a room on the other side with boxes containing a Lockpick and a Multitool. There is also a credit chit in this area and the snipers each have a LAM.

Head back to the street and wait for the robot to walk away then follow him. Duck into the area behind the columns to the left and continue forward. Read the news terminal if you want then when the robot is going the other way you can return to the street and proceed past the Metro entrance and into the arched opening. A commando patrols the bridge and I found no way to sneak past him so blast him with an HE round or LAM then cross the bridge to the cathedral courtyard.

This place crawls with guards, commandos, and robots. Stay along the outer wall and in the shadows as you make your way around to the left (clockwise) around the cathedral. When you near the Monk's quarters you will spot a trellis you can use to climb to the lower roof. Then walk up the sloped beam to the next area and smash the skylight to drop into the upper room. Get the Cathedral Main Door Nano-key then head to the doorway. Stairs lead down to the right but you need to go left and take out the sniper at the top of the stairs in the next room. The stairs lead down to the cathedral and up to a bridge that leads across to the opposite tower.

For now head back to those other stairs leading down to the monk's quarters and wait for a commando to come into view. Toss a LAM or shoot an HE round at him and he will explode. His partner will attack immediately so kill him the same way then you are free to raid this area. There is another Nano-key for the main doors plus a datacube with many codes:
Sidon's Vault Code: 1942
Fountain of Wisdom Code: 0022
Number and Secret: 34501 and 08711
Don't overlook the Recoil weapon mod at the foot of the bed. Search the row of bedrooms for additional items including credits and a pair of Binoculars.

Return to the tower with the sniper and head upstairs to the bridge. Take out the pair of guards and cross the bridge. Another guard is just inside the door and another sniper is down the stairs. Kill them all and take the stairs to the kitchen on the bottom floor. Talk with the cook and search the kitchen for a Multitool and a Prod Charge. Stay clear of the dining room or you will have to kill more soldiers.

Follow the cook's instructions and go back up the stairs and head left through the archway. Enter the vault code 1942 to open the door leading to huge stash of gold protected by lasers, cameras, and turrets. You can use Multitools or an EMP grenade to get past the lasers or just run through them and hide between the crates. Make your way to the back wall and either hack or login to the panel using the 34501 and 08711 combination. Turn off all cameras and turrets then smash the boxes for Scope and Reload weapon mods and a LAW. There is a box of rockets nearby as well.

Exit this vault and proceed until you reach some stairs on the left and the next vault on the right. Take the steps up to a pair of doors. The door on the left is locked and inside is only a pair of boxes with Darts inside. Another locked door leads to the roof. This is totally unnecessary and a waste of five lockpicks or two LAM's to get through the doors. Instead, go through the unlocked door on the right and prepare to kill the female MJ12 agent. Use a LAM or HE round to dispose of her quickly then raid the room for 400 credits, Stealth Pistol, Throwing Knives, and Buckshot. There is also a duplicate Main Door Nano-key and a datacube with duplicate codes that you should already have. Access the security panel to turn off security.

Head down the steps to the next vault which is actually the computer room. Use the 0022 code to get inside. A quick climb up the ladder gets you to the catwalk that leads to a small room with a button. Get your exploration bonus but don't bother going through the secret door the button will open. You will get trapped inside and have to spend valuable lockpicks to get back out. Climb back down the ladder and head down to the main computer area.

Gunther appears as you near the computer. If you've been following my walkthrough then you should have the kill-phrase and this battle will take about 2 seconds. Otherwise, you will have to fight Gunther who is armed with a flamethrower. When he is dead you can login to the computer using the 34501 and 08711 combo then hit the button to uplink. Now go to the opposite side of the room and talk to Walton Simons who appears in the holo-projector. Morgan will uplink with you and give you your next objective.

Primary Goal: Go to the metro station and await further instructions.

Return to ground level and exit the cathedral using the main door or the tower door. Sneak across the courtyard and through the archway. Cross the bridge and approach the metro entrance to the right. A pair of guards are on duty and there is a box with some Ballistic Armor just to the right of the stairs. Kill or avoid the guards and enter the metro.

Primary Goal: Meet Toby Atanwe, Everett's associate, in the metro station.

When you enter the main area the door to the left is blocked due to construction and the door to the right leads to Toby. Head straight across and go through the other door to talk with a technician who is selling Thermo-camouflage and Range and Accuracy weapon mods. The prices are reasonable and I recommend buying at least the mods. Return to the main area and take the door leading down to the lower tracks where you will meet Toby. Accept his offer and he will take you to Morgan Everett's hideout.

After Toby revives you explore the house for a few useful items. The Aquarium Hatch key is in the bathroom along with a secret mirror door, but the gate behind it is locked for now. Head through the kitchen and grab a snack if you want then go downstairs and use the robot to restore any BE power. Smash the boxes for items then proceed past the aquarium and up the stairs. Take the hall that branches to the left and find Alex.

Talk to Alex then search his room for a datacube with the security password pynchon. If your hacking abilities are weak you will have to guess at the login which is meverett. You can hack or login to the nearby computer and get codes to the suspensions chambers in Morgan's lab; 2384 and 6426. The back area has a medical robot that will heal you and install any augmentation canisters you may have.

The locked door in this area can be broken with multitools or use the code 8001 which you get later. This is tricky because that code is found behind the mirror in the upstairs bathroom but the key to unlock that gate behind the mirror is behind this door. So basically you decide to spend four multitools or two lockpicks upstairs. Of course now that you know the code you could just cheat and open the door. Inside the dark room is Morpheus, a prototype AI that you can talk with. On the table are some plasma rounds, a BE cell, a book, and the key to the gate behind the mirror upstairs.

Head to the remaining lab where you meet Morgan. Talk with him to get your next objective then raid his lab. The suspension canisters can be opened with the codes you obtained earlier or you can hack or login to the security panel and open them that way. Get the pair of Augmentation Canisters and an Augmentation Upgrade. Use the medical robot in Alex's lab to install them. The metal hatch on the wall is the access to the aquarium. You can enter and swim through the underwater tunnel to get some Darts and a Rebreather if you want.

Primary Goal: Meet Jock at the helipad. Leave for Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Before leaving make sure to explore the area behind the gate in the bathroom. Use the security panel to turn off everything and search the dark room beyond. The datacube reveals the 8001 code to Morpheus and some credits are on the table. Talk to Lucius Debeers.

Secondary Goal: Tell Morgan that Lucius Debeers is cold.

You can optionally head all the way back to Morgan's lab to relay this message. Everett will talk with you about him.

Secondary Goal: Tell Lucius that Everett does not intend to revive him.

This is another optional trip you can take just to complete the objective. Relay the message and optionally you can log into the security panel and turn off the life support system. Personally, I did this the first time and skipped all the running around.

Head through the door near where you started this level and climb the stairs to the helipad. The dead workman is your first sign of trouble. Talk with the mechanic who is very suspicious then return to Morgan and tell him the situation. He confirms that this man is an imposter and you need to dispose of him.

Secondary Goal: Kill the phony mechanic, who infiltrated Everett's estate.

Return to the helipad and kill the unsuspecting spy with your weapon of choice; I chose a shotgun to the back of the head. Then talk to Jock who will inspect the chopper and disarm the bomb the spy planted in the fuel system. If you fail to kill the mechanic and take off anyway, Jock will die later on in the story. Climb aboard and head for Vandenberg Air Force Base.


When you land you are greeted by Carla Brown who will update you on the current situation. She will give you a map of the base as well as the code 5868 to restore power to the base.

Primary Goal: Destroy the two MJ12 military robotos and two MJ12 security robots. Base will remain under lockdown until they are destroyed.
Secondary Goal: Activate backup power for the scientists' X-51 robot security system..

The roof is a great place to shoot some robots and MJ12 troops and you can find places to target and destroy all four of the giant bots if you have the necessary firepower. If not, you can deal with them later. To get off the roof you can climb down various ledges to reach the ground or you can open the door and take the stairs. This is dangerous, as it is guarded by a camera and turret combo. When you reach the ground consult your map and head to the power station in the southwest corner of the base.

If you haven't killed them already, watch out for the pair of guards on the multi-level tower to the right of the first power switch. Snipe them then head down the short flight of stairs and open the panel and enter the code 5868 to start the generators. You can check out the tower and search the guards for items plus use the pipe as a bridge to reach the dark ledge on the main building and smash a pair of boxes for more items. Return to the ground and locate the nearby door.

Pick the lock or blow open the door to enter the back room. The ladder leads up to an unlocked door leading to one of the roof ledges. You optionally could enter this way without spending the lockpicks on your initial descent from the roof. Open the grate and use a box so you can climb up and crawl through into the main lobby. This room is heavily monitored by cameras and protected by turrets. Quickly make your way forward and head to the door on your left. Note the MIB and a pair of guards ahead and duck into the alcove to the right inside the door. You should be able to hack the security panel or login if you have previously learned the login command and password zebra42.

You can shoot the TNT crate on top of the rolling cart to kill/damage the three guys in the hall. Kill any survivors and anyone else who shows up through the door at the end of the hall. Head toward that far door and enter. A locked cabinet contains some nice items if you want to spend the lockpicks to get them. Go into the cage and enter the 5868 code to complete the power-up sequence. Don't go up the stairs as a female scientist and a pair of UNATCO guards are waiting at the top.

Return to the lobby and go through the opposite door. Use multitools or an EMP grenade to get past the lasers then snipe the pair of soldiers while their backs are turned. Check out the door to the left. It is locked but the guy inside will open it for you and you can get some valuable items. Talk with Stacy Webber, the female scientist and you can optionally enter the flooded lab and turn off the power allowing you to get some more items and access the security panel (if you haven't already used the other one).

Return to the lobby and head to the main doors. A pair of commandos are standing watch outside (unless you killed them already) and they can easily be taken out with LAM's or HE rounds from your assault rifle. Move forward into the main courtyard and head to the bunker on the left. Watch out for any robots or soldiers if you haven't already cleared this area. Enter the bunker and release each of giant security robots. They will enter the main courtyard and kill any remaining robots or soldiers. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Primary Goal: Go to the Communications Center to gain access to Gary Savage.

The Comm 1 building is opposite the security bunker. A scientist should rush out to greet you when the robots and soldiers are destroyed. Inside the bunker is a datacube with a login tunnel01 and password omega2a for the tunnel security. You can also check out the lockers in the back. The locked locker on the left contains an Augmentation Upgrade while the locked door on the right only contains two packs of darts.

Primary Goal: Find Gary Savage who's believed to be in the control room.

Locate the room with the hatch. Climb the ladder and explore before going down the hatch to the tunnel below. You will receive an uplink from Morgan when you reach the tunnel.

Primary Goal: Uplink Daedalus to the military computer near the control room on the second floor of the command building.

A pair of spiders patrol the passage ahead. The shotgun with sabot rounds works well. Locate the panel in the dark alcove and hit the buttons. Only the top button works but that should open the exit door. Access the security panel to disable the camera and turret around the next corner. Ignore the door to the right. You could spend four multitools on it but there is an easier way. Round the next corner and you will see a laser field. You could deactivate the lasers with multitools or just walk through which causes a platform to rise with two more spiders. Head through the door. If it's not open you may have to return to the panel and hit the top switch again.

Inside the door is a grate to the right. Enter and follow it until you can open a floor grate with water below. Drop into the water and swim around. You should locate a Maintenance Nano-key and some other items in this area. When you are ready to leave swim through the submerged tunnel and up the flooded stairwell. Press the button to open the door returning to the previous passage. Note: You could swim to the bottom of the stairs and use multitools to open the door below. Inside are some floating bodies and a box with some Ballistic Armor. Hardly worth the danger or trouble.

Head back around to where you entered the vent shaft and this time use the key to access the ladder on the left. Now you can climb to the top of the pipes overhead and safely cross the contaminated area. Follow the pipes until you reach the supply room then drop down to the floor and shoot the spiders. Drop into the lower section and smash the crates to get items including a Lockpick. Head up the stairs at the end to reach the control room and press 3 to raise the lift to the top creating a bridge to the other side. Head down the steps and turn right then left and go down the long hall. Run through the lasers which trip a turret behind you but you can easily duck into the door to the left and avoid it.

At the bottom of these stairs in the dark are a pair of Medkits (one inside a box) and at the top of the stairs is access to the lift you just raised to this level. Cross over and continue around to the right where you will find the body of a scientist. Search the body for a Multitool and get the Control Room Nan-key lying nearby. Climb the ladder and return to the main building where you previously killed the MIB and the soldiers. To the right is an elevator you can use to reach level two. Watch out for more soldiers on this level if you haven't disposed of them already. Cross the bridge to the other side and approach the door with the two crates of TNT outside. Unlock the door and enter.

Locate the stairs and head down to meet up with Sam Carter (ex-UNATCO employee from the armory). Talk with him and Gary Savage who is down on the lower level. You will end up with the login gsavage and the password tiffany along with a new objective.

Primary Goal: Bring up the Vandenberg computer system, which is needed to operate the universal constructor and to allow Everett to defend Daedalus.

Use the robot to restore any BE power then head upstairs to complete your assignment. Enter the room behind Sam. A Nano-key and BE cell are on the cart just inside the door. The power panel is at the back of the room. Dodge the blue bolts of energy and disable the panel with multitools. Find the switch in the middle of the back wall and activate the lift. Ride the lift to the upper level and locate the next power panel. Use more multitools to turn off the power in this area then access the computer. After you login gsavage and password tiffany click on "Uplink Milnet" then return to the control room.

Primary Goal: Go to control room to receive a communication from Bob Page.

Back at the control room you can watch the hologram of Bob Page who has just kidnapped Gary's daughter, Tiffany. He is holding her for ransom but you offer to rescue her instead.

Primary Goal: Rescue Tiffany from the gas station where Majestic 12 is holding her. Meet Jock at the northeast entrance to the base.

Exit the command center and make your way to the exit. There still may be guards in this area so be careful. Tracer Tong greets you with some bad news then you can search the guard shack for a datacube and a Gas Grenade. Hop on the chopper for a quick lift to the gas station.

Approach the bums at the end of the junkyard. The guy has some stuff to sell you including Accuracy and Reload weapon mods and a Rebreather. If you want any of these items make sure you have empty slots before you start the conversation. I was unable to resume a conversation after the initial one. You will get the key to the sewer door which is back behind you. Open the door and enter then climb the ladder at the end to arrive in a dumpster pen outside the gas station.

A guard patrols outside the fenced area. Crouch near the hole and wait for him to walk by then zap him with the prod. You now need to use every bit of stealth ability at your disposal. If you alert the guards or make any noise they will kill Tiffany. Carefully make your way to the gas station. Use the pumps to stay out of sight as you enter the front door. You can optionally go around to the back and climb the ladder to the roof but you will miss out on some items.

Inside the station are several items you can obtain and some boxes you can smash in the freezer area. Use the two small metal boxes to make steps to reach the vent in the back corner. Crawl through the shaft to reach the roof hatch and exit onto the roof. Stay crouched and out of sight. When no one is watching make a daring leap to the garage next door. There are at least three commandos out front and a guard and two dogs out back. Inside the garage is another soldier and a MIB agent.

Quietly drop through the roof hatch and crouch immediately as you back into the corner. The noise will alert the MIB but he should resume his patrol if he can't spot you. Ready a good weapon like the HE or sabot rounds or a LAM and slowly sidestep to the left. Wait for the MIB to be walking away from you then fire at him. Hopefully he dies on the first shot because you now need to kill the other guard who is headed for the alarm switch. Even if he hits the switch you are now in position to defend Tiffany who is behind the door to your right. Any assault will come from the door ahead and you can easily kill the commandos as they try to enter the garage.

You may need to go outside and clean up any remaining guards between you and the gate to the junkyard ahead. Release Tiffany from her cell and when the coast is clear you can tell her to make a break for the junkyard. Jock will have blasted the doors open. On your way out you can search the truck for some items as well as the shack inside the junkyard to the left. Inside is a robot that can restore your BE power if you want to unlock the gate. Grab the credit chit from the shelf on your way out and hop on the chopper to head for the Ocean Lab.

Ocean Lab

The navy base and ocean lab are heavily guarded by soldiers, commandos, and MIB agents. Prepare for a lot of stealth and quite a bit of combat. You start in a large yard off to the side of the strip that runs along the ocean. Get your orders and proceed cautiously.

Primary Goal: Steal a minisub from the URV module submerged just offshore, then make your way to the ocean lab. From the recently damaged MJ12 ocean lab, recover the schematic Gary Savage needs to complete a universal constructor.

If you need some items you can explore the area of the base along the water. Avoid the giant robots by using the alcoves along the left wall. Take out the guard near the locked door at the base of the cylinder-like structure and get the Sub Base key. A stand-alone building near the back can be lockpicked. Inside is a Command Module Nano-key and some ammo. Ready your crossbow and dive into the water. If you don't have a crossbow then just swim really fast toward the ladder just offshore. Take out the frogmen between you and the ladder with darts and cautiously climb up the ladder about halfway.

A guard patrols the room above and you need to quickly take him out before he can hit the alarm switch and activate the twin turrets. Once in this room there is a hatch leading out to the catwalk and a passage to the right. This passage ultimately leads to the roof where you will make your final escape. Head down this passage and climb the ladder at the end. When you get to the top snipe the guard patrolling the hall and head to the end. A ladder leads up to two higher levels. The top level has a hatch that leads to the roof. This is a great place to snipe the guards below either on the ground or the lower ledge.

The first level has some labs with scientists busy at work and a few patrolling guards. Quietly kill the guards and talk with the scientist. He will give you a map of the ocean lab as well as the login apinkerton and password antennapedia. There is also a lockpick in this area. You can open the nearby grate and crawl through the vent shaft to reach a bunk area. A couple of guards and a scientist are in here. Try to kill both guards before they hit the alarm button. You can get the Assault Rifle from the table and a Silencer weapon mod. Use the code 12 to enter the locked storeroom for more supplies.

The passage near the camera leads to the walkway above the scientist while the other leads to a female scientist who will talk to you and give you the code 1223. Search the rest of this area and smash any boxes for items. A door leading out of the lab takes you to the outdoor perimeter ledge. A MIB agent is nearby so be prepared if you choose to explore this area. When you are done in this part of the facility you can return to the hatch in the room where you entered this structure.

Open the door and be prepared for resistance on the catwalk if you haven't kill them already. The soldier here has a flamethrower and is quite deadly. Snipers are up on the perimeter ledge of the building you just came from if you didn't take them out previously. Open the door and enter the next structure. You could avoid the Mj12 guard and sneak into the lift, or you could kill him then smash the box and get the Lockpick and BE cell. Take the lift down and get an uplink from Gary Savage.

A camera is directly above the exit and you will almost certainly be spotted. The trick is to hide behind that box up ahead before the alarm actually goes off and the turret activates. While crouched, hack the security panel and shutdown the cameras and turrets. Better yet, turn the turrets on the soldiers ahead to do some of your dirty work. Make sure to "bypass" all the turrets before continuing. At this point I had three soldiers come and stand right next to me while crouched behind the crate. They all had their backs to me and were talking so I lobbed a LAM and took out all three.

Follow the passage until you reach the lab with more scientist and guards. Clear out the enemy and talk with the scientist, Dr. Brittney Prinzler, to get the URV security login tech and password sharkman. Continue to the next lab area and read the datacube for a repeat of the security login and a suspended security panel you can use to open the URV bay doors and turn off those cameras. Go into the next room and get into the minisub to go to the ocean lab.

When you arrive you can smash the boxes to get a LAM and a BE cell and hack the security panel to open some doors and shutdown the cameras and turrets. Look out the window and Gary will uplink with more info about your destination. You will also learn that the turrets in this building have gone crazy and shoot anything on sight regardless of your security hack. Climb the steps to the second floor and open either door. Quickly target the turret with a LAM or HE round and blast it from the ceiling. Now you have plenty of time to hack the security panel near the left door and turn off cameras in the next area. Go through the door in the left wall and enter the passage.

The passage has a branch to the left with a turret at the end that fires endlessly at you. The door ahead of you is locked and the key is down the turret-hall. Crouch behind the metal box and push it down the hall toward the turret. When the box stops you are probably up against the dead guard who has the nano-key for the door behind you. You can also move his body so you can push the box a bit further and enter the side rooms which contain ammo and supplies. The left door requires lockpicks. Return to the previous hall (you may get hit by the turret) and take a left. Unlock the door and enter the dark lab.

This lab has a pair of greasels running around. You can avoid them or take them out easily with Sabot rounds. Your goal is the ladder at the opposite side that leads down to a flooded section. Another greasel swims down here. Take him out while you are still on the ladder otherwise you will have to use the crossbow. The locked door in this room can be opened with multitools or you can swim down the other flooded passage into the next room and locate the datacube with the code 5690. Watch out for another pair of swimming greasels in this room. There is also a locked door in this room you can lockpick to get some medical supplies, but it is hardly worth the risk unless you kill the greasels first.

Open the locked door back in the previous room and get another uplink from Gary. Blue energy dances around this lab so be careful as you explore. Read the datacube for the login oceanguard and the password kraken to the security terminals. Continue until you reach the large underwater cavern. This area is very dangerous if you aren't careful. Up ahead is a passage to the right that leads to a giant Krakian. He is very fast and can kill you in two or three hits. His only treasure is the key to the door you need to go through at the opposite end of the cave. If you are out of lockpicks then you will have to fight this beast otherwise avoid him and stay along the far left wall of the cave. You may notice a pair of greasels just past the entrance to the Krakian. They will ignore you unless you get too close.

A switch to the right of the exit door will turn the power on to the tracks behind you. That is the preferred way to kill the Krakian but it is very difficult to lure him onto the tracks and flip the switch in time. Rockets and LAM's work well against the giant lizard. LAM's work very well if you set them up in advance in the tunnel then lure him out.

Once through the door you can enter the hall and climb down the ladder to the right. You can search the crew quarters and find various items in the lockers. I wouldn't waste any lockpicks on doors or lockers though. Locate the lift at the end of the passage and ride it down. Read the datacube then decide on how to proceed. If you trip the lasers then four spider-bots will attack. You can disrupt the lasers with an EMP grenade or hack the panel with multitools. You can also use the vent grate behind you and take the ventilation system to reach the next area. I chose the EMP grenade since I had a lot of them.

Once past this obstacle you can exit out the other side of the room and enter a large area with a giant spider-bot slowly making his rounds. He is slow and easy to avoid but also very deadly if he does spot you and starts zapping you with blue energy. The lifts on either side lead to supply rooms, each with their own deadly traps. The room on the left is flooded with radiation but if you can resist it you can get a pair of Multitools and some other items from the crates inside. The room on the right has several spider bots running around. If you can avoid them or destroy them you can get a pair of BE cells, an EMP Grenade, and a Gas Grenade.

Move into the next area and locate the datacube under the water. The water is being zapped with energy so you will take damage if you go diving. If you do decide to swim you can read the datacube for the login mj12 and the password skywalker. Also search the floating body for an Augmentation Upgrade. Exit the water and press the button to call the lift. Quickly get on and ride it to the top. Turrets on opposite sides of the room will fire at you so stay crouched as you make your way to the security panel and activate the bridge leading to the computer room. Head down and use the login you just obtained or hack the computer and click on the option to "Access UC Schematic".

Primary Goal: Meet Gary Savage and Jock at the top of the sub base's command module, just onshore.

Now it's time to retrace your route all the way back to the beginning only this time you will have to fight MJ12 forces which are here to make sure you don't leave this underwater base. Walton Simons will confront you somewhere between here and the minisub. I met up with him in the cavern with the Krakian and the greasel. He is a very deadly enemy and you can either fight him now or just keep running back to the minisub. Kill or avoid any MJ12 guards you encounter and watch out for frogmen in the flooded areas. When you get back to the sub use it to return to the main base.

Continue back through the labs and up the elevator and across the catwalk to the main building. Then take the passage to the ladder leading to the roof. Open the roof hatch and Gary will meet you. He will give you your next mission and if you rescued his daughter earlier he will give you another Augmentation Upgrade. Hop on the chopper and fly off to the next mission.

Primary Goal: Abort the launch of the nuclear missile.

You land outside the base and are given the code 8456 to access the silo doors. There are at least half-a-dozen dogs patrolling the perimeter. Just zap them with the prod if they bother you as you make your way to the guard shack on the south side of the complex. Listen outside the door for some valuable information then either lure the guards outside or bust open the door and kill them all. Inside is a Multitool, some credits and a key to the Front Gate. You can either use the key to enter through the front gate or take the steps leading up to the walkway above the guard shack. I chose the walkway.

Snipe the guard in the tower and any others patrolling the rooftops then make your way inside. First head to the guard tower on the right and climb up. From here you can easily snipe any remaining guards and observe the patrol routes of the giant robots below. Climb down and head around to the right. Look through the window and note the location and number of the guards inside this building. You could break the window and shoot them from here or head around to the right and enter the second door (which should be open). The first door is locked but don't waste any lockpicks.

Clear out the guards in this building and take anything of value including the Truck Door Nano-key. If you decide to search the truck, which is located across the compound, you can get a Medkit, Gas Grenade, and a Plasma Clip. Now head upstairs in this building and you should locate a suspended walkway leading to the opposite building. Enter and drop down to the floor where a robot is there to restore your BE power. You can also find a Lockpick and a grate that leads to the missile silo. Open the grate and crawl through to reach the stairs leading down to your next objective.

Use the code 8456 to open the giant steel doors and get ready for several MIB agents in the next room. To the left is a locked door leading to the bathroom. Inside is a scientist and a datacube which has the login elder and the password armageddon. You can either pick the lock or climb the ladder to reach an upper area where you can drop into the bathroom from above. Watch out for the spider-bot if you decide to climb to the loft. Use the boxes inside the bathroom to get out. Head up the stairs to the launch command area and hit the abort switch.

Primary Goal: Reprogram the missile to strike Area 51.

Hack or login to the security terminal using the login from the bathroom datacube and select the option to "Initiate New Launch". More MJ12 troops and agents are storming the silo to prevent the launch.

Primary Goal: Go to the launch tube and make sure MJ12 does not sabotage the missile launch.

Return to the area with the huge silo doors and note the new hatch that is now open. Go through into the next dark room and locate the long tunnel. At least three MIB agents and a commando will come down the tunnel. You can kill them with HE rounds, rockets, or LAM's or you could open the hatch at your feet and take the shaft leading to the flooded section of the silo. Get on the lift and press "2". When you arrive at level 2 Howard Strong is attempting to sabotage the launch. Kill him quickly then return to the lift. Primary Goal: Meet Jock outside the silo.

You can visit level 4 and use the robot to recharge your BE power then head to level 6 to exit the silo. An MIB agent will greet you as you exit the lift. Kill him quickly then head for the ladder leading to the hatch above. Climb up and exit to the surface where Jock and his chopper are waiting to fly your off to your final mission at Area 51.

Area 51

As soon as you land you are under fire from snipers in the towers. Duck and seek cover immediately. If you have night-vision augmentation then use it to locate and kill the snipers so things aren't so dangerous.

Primary Goal: Get access to the Area 51 bunker. Get past the blast doors north of the helipad.

Your first stop should be the nearby building with the RESTRICTED sign next to the door. The first door is unlocked, but the entry has a camera and a turret. Quickly get under the camera before it spots you then carefully move out and use lockpicks to open the second door and duck inside. Smash the crates to get some items including a LAW rocket launcher. Quickly exit the building and head for the ramps with the patrolling robot.

One ramp leads to the giant Hangar 18 while the other leads to the Command 24 building. Head down the ramp towards the command building and get your LAW ready. If you didn't kill Walton Simons in the Ocean Lab he will come at you from the building. If you wait for him to get close you can exchange some macho conversation, but then he can easily get the drop on you and do severe damage. I recommend blasting him on sight with the LAW and he should go down in a single shot. Quickly duck into the building to avoid the security robot who is probably on its way.

Inside this dark building is a Tower Nano-key and some other items stashed around the room. A ladder leads to the roof and a hatch leads below where you can get another LAW, an Augmentation Upgrade, and a datacube with the security login a51 and the password xx15yz. Exit the building and head up the ramp and go right at the top toward the tower.

Unlock the tower door and enter. Ladders go up and down and both are trapped with LAM's. They are placed so that they are virtually impossible to disarm so just shoot them with your 10mm from a distance. Climb down the ladder on the right for some supply crates. Climb up the ladder on the left for a repair bot on Level 2 and a security panel on Level 3. Hack the terminal or use the login you got from the command building to open the blast doors. Head down to ground level and go back down the ramp and into the bunker.

Enter the blast doors and hack the panel on the left to turn off the camera and turret. A pair of robots patrol the halls ahead and you can either destroy them or disable them with EMP grenades. The hall to the left leads to an elevator that is offline. Take the passage to the right to reach a large room. Use the repair bot if necessary and watch out for spiders. One is on the ledge above and another is below near the crates on the right. The door to the generator room is locked. You can either pick the lock or climb the ladder to the overhead loft and make your way across and go down the roof hatch into the power room. Hit the button to restore power then head down the other passage to the lift and ride it down to the entrance to the Area 51 bunker.

There is another way to reach the bunker door that is a bit more difficult but here it is anyway. Sneak into Hangar 18 at the bottom of the ramp and sneak past the MIB and commandos. Open the grate near the back of the hangar and crawl into the passage. Break the fan and drop into the water. Follow it and hack the security panel on your way to the lift and go down until you reach the lasers. Use an EMP grenade or multitools to get past this trap then climb down the ladder to reach the Area 51 bunker.

Open the door and enter. Note: Things get very difficult from here so save often! There is a camera in the left corner and a turret in the middle of the next room. Run forward and hide behind the crates to avoid detection. Smash the box to get a Multitool. The lower area has a laser field that you can disrupt with an EMP grenade, otherwise spiders will attack if you trip the alarm. Continue forward until a generator explodes to your right. Head toward the holo-projector and get a message from Bob Page. Next approach the generator to get a message from Morgan Everett who asks you to join the Illuminati. This is the first of three unique secondary missions that lead to one of the three endings to this game.

Secondary Goal: (Join the Illuminati) Kill Bob Page and clear the way for the former Illuminati leaders to restore an age-old secret government. Rule the world with compassion and an invisible hand alongside Morgan Everett. Bring down the four blue-fusion reactors in Page's bunker, then go to the central control room on the upper level to cut all power to his defense system.

Don't worry - you don't have to pick your ending yet. I will tell you exactly when to save your game at the decision point so you can experience all the endings if you wish. For now you can just accept the code 8946 that gets you into the crew bunk and recreation areas. Head north from the generator and go around the corner. Another robot is on patrol in this hall and while you may avoid him it's just as easy to use an EMP grenade if you have one. Enter the code at the door to enter the bunk area. Use the medical robot if you need to then investigate those bunks.

Going around the room from left to right are six bunks. Each bunk requires several multitools to open and the contents vary. The first bunk on the left can be opened with the code 0169 that you can find on a datacube in the recreation area. The other bunks contain books, Shotgun, Lockpick, BE cells, Augmentation Canister, Darts, and an Assault Rifle with extra ammo. Make sure to at least open the first bunk to get the Section 3 Nano-Key and the Augmentation Upgrade canister.

Return to the hall and follow it around the corner where a camera and turret are waiting to shred you. Make a dash for the door and enter the code 8946 and enter the recreation room. A guard and a female MJ12 agent are in this room so prepare for a heavy assault. Hack the security panel to turn off the camera and turret and raid the room for any items including the datacube with the code for the bunk and some Multitools.

Exit to the hall and head left until you approach a large room with a raised section. A commando will likely spot you and chase you. He may even bring help. You can either fight him directly or run back to the rec room and use the security panel to activate the turret and take out the soldiers. Watch out as the commando will pursue you into the rec room and blast you while you are watching the security monitor.

Return to the big room and take out any other guards including the sniper on the lift to the left. Head toward the stairs on the right. The unlocked hatch on the floor is one end of an alternate route you could have taken that started back by the generator. Using this tunnel costs some lockpicks and wasn't very effective in avoiding the enemy. Head up the stairs and use the key to unlock the Section 3 doors. Enter and press the button to call the lift then get out some heavy artillery. When the lift arrive it brings several guards and an MIB agent. Retreat to the larger room and make your stand there. Try to shoot the MIB first and when he explodes he will probably take out the other guards. When things are clear you can get in the lift and go down. Exit the elevator and approach the holo-projector for an offer from Tracer Tong.

Secondary Goal: (New Dark Age) First go to the coolant control room at the northeast corner of Sector 4 and cut off the coolant to the reactors, then return to the reactor lab in Sector 3 to finish the job. Destroying the global communications hub will plunge the world into another dark age - dark but perhaps far from global tyranny.

As you consider this new offer carefully enter the next large area and lookout for a pair of Krakian roaming the floor as well as several Greasels. You need to get to the upper area. If you have lockpicks the easiest way is to head to the door just to the right of the forklift and pick the lock. You can also use the forklift to ride to the top or make a dash for the left-rear corner and climb the ladder to the catwalk. MJ12 guards patrol the catwalk so you may want to snipe them before even entering this area.

From the safety of the catwalk you can snipe other guards and kill the Krakian below. Head toward the tower or if you used the door just start climbing the steps. Halfway up is the door to the Aquinas Hub and at the top is Station 17. The guy in the orange will attack if you attack anyone in his presence like the guard who comes busting out of the door to the left. Follow the passage to the back room and read the datacube with the security login area51 and password bravo13. Return to the main room and use this info (or hack) the security panel to turn off some cameras, open the Reactor B13 door and access the Augmentation Canister. Read the datacube for the code 4225 to access the explosives locker. You will also receive an uplink from Helios about this time.

Primary Goal: Talk to Helios at the Aquinas Hub to gain access to Sector 4.

Head all the way to the ground level and exit the tower. Go to the right and fight a pair of spiders at the bottom of the stairs and enter the reactor door. This door can also be opened with the code 2001 which can be found in the datacube at the bottom of the flooded area in the main warehouse. Enter the glowing green room. It is toxic only if you go downstairs, but watch out for those little aliens running around. Kill them quickly as they can do much damage. There are two in this area and they attack as you cross the bridge between the reactors. Go right then left and up the ladder to the control room and talk to the technician who gives you the Aquinas Hub door code 1038.

Make your way back to the tower and up the stairs to the hub door and enter the code. Inside is a Multitool and a medical bot that can heal you if necessary. The ladder to the right leads down toward your goal. Another pair of aliens attack from the bottom of the stairs. At the very bottom of this area are some boxes that have items in them plus a datacube with a valuable map of Sector 4.

You will receive a message from Stanton Dowd as you proceed. Head into the long dark tunnel and take out the commando coming at you. Head down the steps into the control room and use the repair bot if necessary and listen to another message from Helios. Enter the lift and ride up to level 3 then walk out and talk to Helios who makes you the third and final offer to end this game. When you are done ride the lift back down to level 2 and retrace your steps back to the dark tunnel. MJ12 troops attack but Helios releases his security robots so all you need to do is hide until everyone is dead.

Secondary Goal: (Merge with Helios AI) Deactivate the uplink locks on the Aquinas router at the east end of Sector 4, thus allowing Helios to exchange information with your augmentations. Together with Helios, administrate the world with absolute knowledge and reason.

Head back to the ladder and turn left. Follow the stairs around toward where you found the datacube with the map but take the door to the left that overlooks the large room with the giant spider below. The locked door on the opposite side of the stairs can be opened with multitools or the code 4225 you got earlier. Inside are several boxes of TNT that you can carry out and throw down onto the spider. When he is destroyed take the stairs down to the bottom level. Watch out for a greasel hiding in the dark at the bottom of the stairs. There are also a pair of crates in the dark you can smash for additional items.

Head toward the large door at the end of this passage. Ignore the door on the left. Inside are a couple of crates with some really worthless items. As you near the large door Helios opens it for you. Inside is a dead soldier with a LAW and a datacube. Head through the next door and receive a message from Gary Savage. Follow the curving passage to the cloning chamber and get the BE cell from the dead scientist. When you enter the left half of the room the door on the east wall blows off. Be careful of the explosion if you enter on the east side and watch for the door if you enter on the west side. The door actually flies across the room smacking the west wall and almost killed me when it clipped my leg.

Listen to Bob Page as you use the medical bot to heal any wounds then head through the north door into the alien environmental lab. When the aliens see you they will attack. They are easily killed but you may have to enter the glowing room to finish them all off. Use the security panel outside this room to open the exit door on the other side or use multitools. Continue forward through the twisting hall until you reach Bob Page inside his glowing energy field. Listen to his speech and when he is finished run really fast into the southern tunnel as the turrets open fire. Once inside this tunnel go to the end and climb the ladder. You may have to kill a pair of spider-bots before you make it up the ladder.

All three endings are considered a victory but the Helios ending seems to have the best outcome. The Tracer Tong ending is a very exciting sequence and the Morgan Everett ending has some nice video. Play it all three ways and enjoy the show.

There are three levels to this area that are common to all three endings. Each level as at least one blue-fusion reactor and each level also as a Universal Constructor that is producing enemies faster than you can kill them. Level 1 (top level) is generating spiders while Level 2 is creating Grays (aliens). The bottom level is creating krakians. Each UC has a door that can be shut using the switch in the UC Control Room. Just keep on the move and you should finish each ending fairly quickly and not have to worry about spawning enemies.

Morgan Everett Ending

Alex will uplink you a partial code 724 to the blue-fusion reactors. The complete code is 7243 if you don't feel like experimenting. Assuming you are at the top of the ladder in the south corridor, make a U-turn to the right and follow the passage to the steps leading down. You may note several doors located at floor level around these stairs. Security robots will come out of these after you destroy the fusion reactor. You can stack boxes in front of these doors to stop the robots. There are two small boxes and several larger boxes that require a strength augmentation to move. There is also a pair of boxes to smash at the bottom of the stairs.

Enter the dead-end passage and enter the 7243 code on the first blue-fusion reactor. Run back to the top of the ladder where you started and locate the lift. Press the down button and as the lift descends jump off to the right to land on the sloped ramp on Level 2. There are two blue-fusion reactors on this level. One is in the middle of the floor and the other is in a radioactive room. Use augmentations and medkits to withstand the toxic effects as you destroy this reactor. Kill any aliens that get in your way. From the third reactor take the stairs down to a landing with a repair robot.

This area has many items. The locked cabinet has a Rebreather, ammo, and a datacube with another map of this area. There is another datacube and some flares on the shelf and a locked box contains a Recoil weapon mod, Plasma Clip, and a Napalm canister. Head down the stairs to the bottom floor. A greasel will greet you along with at least two krakian and with more greasel on the way. At the far end of this room is a security panel you can hack to activate the security robots who will attack the greasel and the krakian. While they are busy you can head for the final reactor and enter the code. Now take the lift (which should be at this level from your previous ride) and ride it to the top. Follow the passage around to the Infusion Control Room (glass booth that overlooks the top level) and hit the switch.

Enjoy the movie...

Tracer Tong Ending

If you don't have any multitools then you will need to first visit the second floor and read the datacube near the locker to get the code 2242. If you have multitools then head immediately to the bottom level. The easiest way to do this is to open the grate from your saved starting position and descend the very long ladder to the bottom floor. Open the grate to enter the dark room. You can smash the crates and read the datacube if you wish. Open the door and you will be near the middle of the room with the krakian and greasels. You can use the security robots as a diversion again if you wish as you head to the Coolant Room and open the door.

Press the button to open the secondary door and note the command inside. If you rush to the button on your right you can toast the commando with jets of flame. This also works for any krakian or greasel that follow you into this room. Watch out for guards on the catwalk above and enter the next area. Locate the console and hit the button to "Flush System" then make your way back to Sector 3. You can also kill the two guards in the lower area and take the ladder up to the catwalk where there is a locked box with PS20, EMP Grenade, and Rockets.

Secondary Goal: Go to the reactor room (in Sector 3) and activate the three ion injectors then initiate the antimatter-matter reaction.

Return to the top of this area and back through the glowing room, the cloning lab, and back up through the Aquinas Hub into the Station 17 tower. Head to the bottom and enter the reactor area. You must now hit a switch at the base of each reactor. Use the tunnel to quickly get to each switch and use medkits and any augmentations you have to resist the toxic vapor. When both switches are activated head back up to the control room and flip the three switches as they are revealed. If the technician is still around he will open fire at this point. Kill him then hit the single switch on the main console and enjoy the ending movie...

Helios Ending

From your starting location, open that grate and take the long ladder down. Crawl through the next grate and read the datacube for the code 6765 to the substation. Exit the dark room into the main area of the bottom level and head for the far end. Once again you can activate the security robots to distract the krakian and greasels. Enter the code to open the substation door. The inside is alive with electricity. The shelf on the right has a Hazmat Suit, Medkit, and two BE cells. The security panel on the left can be hacked or you can use the login and password that Helios will uplink to you.

Head for the elevator and enter. Ride to the top and exit following the hall to the router room. Flip the switches on the routers then login to the main computer using the login icarus and the password panopticon. Select "Engage Primary Router" then head back to the top level.

Secondary Goal: Return to Sector 3 Aquinas Hub to merge with Helios and rule the Earth with benevolence, wisdom, and absolute power.

Make your way back through Sector 4 and into Sector 3. Head up the steps until you reach the ladder leading up to Station 17. Turn right at this ladder and enter the long dark tunnel leading to the Aquinas Hub control room. Get on the lift and go to level 3. Exit out onto the catwalk and approach Helios to merge with the AI and end the game.

Cheat Codes

This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. 
Use a text editor to edit the "user.ini" file in the "deusex/system" directory. Locate a key that
is not already bound to a game function, such as "t". Add the "talk" command to that key. For 
example, "t=talk". Repeat this for all entries for that key in the file. Press T during game play,
press [Backspace] to remove the word "Say" from the talk window, then type

set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True
to enable cheat mode. Then, press T and enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.
To activate this cheatEnter this Code
10,000 creditsallcredits
All basic augmentationsallaugs
All imagesallimages
All skill pointsallskillpoints
All weaponsallweapons
Enable EMP fieldiamwarren
Disable flight and no clippingwalk
Flight mode enabledfly
Full ammunitionallammo
Full energyallenergy
Full healthallhealth
God modegod
Hidden menulegend
Kill current targettantalus
No clipping modeghost
Spawn indicated itemsummon [item name]
Spawn number of itemsspawnmass [number] [item name]
Third party view disabledbehindview 0
Third party view enabledbehindview 1
Level and FMV sequence selectopen [level name]
Unlock targeted dooropensesame
Item names: Use one of the following item names with the summon or spawnmass codes. AcousticSensor AdaptiveArmor AlexJacobson Ammo10mm Ammo20mm Ammo3006 AmmoDart AmmoDartFlare AmmoDartPoison AmmoNapalm AmmoPlasma AmmoRockets AmmoRocketWP AmmoSabot AugBallistic AugCloak AugDatalink AugEMP AugEnviro AugIFF AugShield AugStealth AugTarget BallisticArmor Basketball Binoculars BobPage Candybar Cigarettes Credits FireExtinguisher Flare Gray Greasel HazMatSuit JaimeReyes JCDentonMale JoeGreene JojoFine Liquor40oz LiquorBottle Lockpick MedicalBot MedKit MultiTool NicoletteDuClare PaulDenton Rebreather RepairBot Sodacan SoyFood Terrorist TiffanySavage VialAmbrosia VialCrack WaltonSimons WeaponAssaultGun WeaponAssaultShotgun WeaponBaton WeaponCombatKnife WeaponCrowbar WeaponEMPGrenade WeaponFlameThrower WeaponGasGrenade WeaponHideAGun WeaponLAM WeaponLAW WeaponMiniCrossbow Weaponmodaccuracy Weaponmodclip Weaponmodlaser Weaponmodrange Weaponmodrecoil Weaponmodscope Weaponmodsilencer WeaponNanoSword WeaponNanoVirusGrenade WeaponPepperGun WeaponPistol WeaponPlasmaRifle WeaponProd WeaponRifle WeaponSawedOffShotgun WeaponShuriken WeaponStealthPistol WeaponSword WineBottle Level names: Use one of the following level names with the open code. 00_Training 00_TrainingCombat 00_TrainingFinal 01_NYC_UNATCOHQ 01_NYC_UNATCOIsland 02_NYC_Bar 02_NYC_BatteryPark 02_NYC_FreeClinic 02_NYC_Hotel 02_NYC_Smug 02_NYC_Street 02_NYC_Underground 02_NYC_Warehouse 03_NYC_747 03_NYC_Airfield 03_NYC_AirfieldHeliBase 03_NYC_BatteryPark 03_NYC_BrooklynBridgeStation 03_NYC_Hangar 03_NYC_MolePeople 03_NYC_UNATCOHQ 03_NYC_UNATCOIsland 04_NYC_Bar 04_NYC_BatteryPark 04_NYC_Hotel 04_NYC_NSFHQ 04_NYC_Smug 04_NYC_Street 04_NYC_UNATCOHQ 04_NYC_UNATCOIsland 04_NYC_Underground 05_NYC_UNATCOHQ 05_NYC_UNATCOIsland 05_NYC_UNATCOMJ12lab 06_HongKong_Helibase 06_HongKong_MJ12lab 06_HongKong_Storage 06_HongKong_TongBase 06_HongKong_VersaLife 06_HongKong_WanChai_Canal 06_HongKong_WanChai_Garage 06_HongKong_WanChai_Market 06_HongKong_WanChai_Street 06_HongKong_WanChai_Underworld 08_NYC_Bar 08_NYC_FreeClinic 08_NYC_Hotel 08_NYC_Smug 08_NYC_Street 08_NYC_Underground 09_NYC_Dockyard 09_NYC_Graveyard 09_NYC_Ship 09_NYC_ShipBelow 09_NYC_ShipFan 10_Paris_Catacombs 10_Paris_Catacombs_Tunnels 10_Paris_Chateau 10_Paris_Club 10_Paris_Metro 11_Paris_Cathedral 11_Paris_Everett 11_Paris_Underground 12_Vandenberg_Cmd 12_Vandenberg_Computer 12_Vandenberg_Gas 12_Vandenberg_Tunnels 14_OceanLab_Lab 14_Oceanlab_Silo 14_OceanLab_UC 14_Vandenberg_Sub 15_Area51_Bunker 15_Area51_Entrance 15_Area51_Final 15_Area51_Page Movie Codes Use one of the following level names with the open code to view the corresponding FMV sequence. 00_Intro 99_Endgame1 99_Endgame2 99_Endgame3 99_Endgame4

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