CEYLON - Gates of the Lost City

Welcome to Ceylon. You begin your adventure with a rather easy level that also acts as your tutorial. Make sure you master all the moves that are explained to you before you leave this area. You find yourself high on a cliff ledge next to the skeleton of the last adventurer who passed through these parts. Follow the onscreen prompts that will lead you down the path and up the steps where you can vault the first ledge and jump and pull up to the top. Admire the scenery then drop down into the valley with the waterfall.

Make your way down the ledges to the river below. You will take damage if you fall too far unless you land in the water. The water is too shallow to swim so simply wade into the white mist of the falls and locate the first secret area in the game. This large chamber had a pedestal along the back wall with your first Hidden Artifact: Idol of Ramba Vihara. Collect your prize then return back through the falls.

Head to the right as you exit the falls and enter the crumbling passage. The floor has collapsed creating a huge pit. Do a running jump and grab the opposite ledge and pull up. If you fall in you can return to the higher end of the pit and climb out and try the jump again.

Continue out into the daylight and follow the path around to the right until you reach a large grassy courtyard area. Locate the first of many Water Fountains (1) and drink to refill any health you may have lost up to this point. Make sure to fill your canteen while you are here. Now head to the lowest ledge (2) and climb up. Continue climbing the other ledges (3) until you reach the wide gap (4).

Make a daring leap and grab the other side to pull up then enter the door into the next chamber. Approach the skeleton and pick up the Machete lying on the floor. Indy will automatically wield this as his current weapon unless you sheath it. A cave-in collapses the door that you entered through so head out the other door and out onto the ledge where you can get a good view of the entire area. Walk to the edge and drop off and grab. You can then safely drop to the ground below without taking damage.

Head into the dark alcove (5) and use your machete to hack away the vines and clear the opening so you can enter the next area. There is nothing to do or find in this cave so angle to the left until you reach the deep pit. Use your whip to grapple the crocodile head sticking out of the left wall and swing across. Release the button at the apex of your swing to land safely on the other side. Hack through another vine-covered opening and step into the pit to slide into the next level...

CEYLON - The Hunter's Camp

Things start to get more complicated in this level with more difficult action segments and combat. Ignore the skeleton in the alcove to your right and slash the vines with your machete to enter the balcony area and trigger the movie that shows the Ivory Hunters down by the fire. Head down the passage to the right and prepare for your first fight. Remember to mix up the left and right punches (primary and secondary fire) and use them together for grab moves and kick them when they're down. Slash the rope at the winch to drop the crates and creating an exit.

Drop down into the lower level and prepare to fight another guy who comes charging in from the next room. You can use your machete if you still have it out or just pummel him with punches until he goes down. Enter the next room and smash the three crates along the wall for some Revolver Ammo. Exit outside but don't go too far or you will alert the pair of hunters down by the fire (2).

There is a Shovel inside the alcove to the left (1). You can't really dig anywhere but this tool makes a formidable weapon in your upcoming battle with the Ivory Hunters. Head towards the fire (2) and engage the enemy either at the top or bottom of the stairs. These guys fight dirty and will use bottles, chairs, or anything else they can get their hands on. Fight them both at once so they can't flank and double up their attacks. When they are both defeated you can head up the steps and climb into the far opening.

Use the machete to clear the vines and enter the next passage. At the end of the hall is your next Water Fountain so fill up before proceeding. Your next objective is the crate (4) above the campfire. The easiest place to start is to hack your way through the vines in the alcove to the left of the fountain.

From the ledge outside use your whip on the croc head (5) and swing to the other side. Hug the wall (6) and make your way around the narrow ledge then whip the next croc head (7) to swing to the ledge by the large suspended crate.

Smash the crate on the left to cause the suspended crate to fall into the pit by the campfire. The box will smash open and you can do a hanging drop back down to the fire and claim Hidden Artifact: Mahavatu Mask.

Now you get to make your way back around to the upper level. Return to the ledge at the opposite end and repeat the swinging and wall-hugging until you are back up top.

Head up the steps and note the cracked floor as you enter the doorway (1). If you walk across this floor it will collapse and send you into a pit. Use your whip on the croc (2) and swing over the pit. If you miss the swing or fall through the floor you can climb out of the pit using the vines (3) and try the swing again.

Around the corner is another pit. This one is lined with spikes and it's "game over" if you fall in. You need to whip the croc (4) and swing across releasing at just the right moment so you sail through the blocked passage (5) and into the next area.

Carefully drop down the ledges and make your way to the water below. Dive in and swim to the opposite side and exit on the low ledge (1). Visit the Water Fountain (2) then jump across to the ledge (3) and start jumping and climb up to the area behind the short wall (4). From here you can wait for the Ivory Hunter to walk out onto the ledge (5) and shoot him. Use the manual aim and try to get a headshot. Make sure you are out from the wall far enough so your shot hits him but you aren't seen.

This is the same area from reverse angles so numbers are duplicated

Now do a running jump and grab the rope (6) and swing to the opposite ledge. Hack the vines with your machete and follow the passage around until you reach the ledge (5) where you can collect the shotgun from its former owner. Jump across to the far ledge (7) then use the whip on the croc (8) to swing to the other side. Your ultimate goal is the door (9) below but you have a bit more work to get there.

Head into the next passage with the cracked floor and fall through into the water below. Circle around to the left and exit onto the ledge (1) and climb up. Jump over to the next ledge (2) then one more jump and a climb will get you to the top. Circle around to the broken floor that leads to the switch (3) on the wall. Flip the switch then get ready for a pair of armed men who come out of the exit (9). One has a shotgun and another has a pistol. The one with the shotgun will come right for you while the other will hide in the alcoves further down the hall.

Use your manual targeting and shoot these guys with the pistol or the shotgun. If you are having trouble targeting the one that is hiding in the alcove simply charge him with your machete. Collect their guns to get the ammo then head to the end of the hall and exit this level through the door (9).

CEYLON - The Path's of the Ancients

Start the level with a quick whip-swing over the spike-filled pit then continue toward the torch on the far wall. The passage to the right has the first of several hunters in this area. Use your whip to toy with him and practice some advanced moves like using your whip to disarm an opponent or grabbing them with your whip and yanking them towards you then punching them. The whip itself does little damage, so make sure to include several punches and kicks or these encounters could take a long time.

More angry men will arrive (1) as you enter the courtyard. Depending on how long you took to defeat the first guy, they may already be waiting for you. You can head up the steps to the left and go into the room (2) to get a shovel and smash some boxes to check for items. The shovel is a good weapon against the men and you can hit and kick them as they climb up the tall ledge to reach you. When you have disposed of everyone make sure to visit the Water Fountain on the other side of the courtyard, before heading down to the lower courtyard (1).

Head right under the arch and continue to the far end and enter the door on the right. A ladder on the right wall will lead to a guard post overlooking the courtyard where you just had the big fight. At the top of the ladder sneak within whip range of the guard (1) and snap the shotgun off his back then beat the tar out of him. A good idea is to knock him down and pick up the shotgun so he cannot retrieve it and use it against you. Flip the switch (2) to open a secret door down in the courtyard to the right of the burning fire, then retrace your steps back to that location.

Enter the newly opened door and follow the passage as it leads around to a room with a pair of crates. Smash them to get a Medkit and some Shotgun Ammo then exit this area back out onto the ledge. Make a running leap over the sloped pile of dirt and pull up onto the far ledge (1). Use your whip on the croc head (2) to swing to the center bridge.

Cross the bridge and vault onto the ledge (3) then jump and grab the narrow ledge (4) and shimmy to the left. Drop down to the far ledge (5) and carefully make your way to the entrance to the next area (6).

A man with a machete patrols the front of the stairs (1) so don't get too close until you are ready to fight. Once you have defeated the first hunter you can smash the crates (c) and collect some Shotgun Ammo. The steps lead up to a wall with a large crack in it. You will get a clue that you need to blow this up with explosives that you haven't found yet, but you have bigger problems right now. Four new Ivory Hunters have arrived and they aren't happy to see you.

One is trying to snipe you from the high ledge (3) so take cover behind the nearest pillar. Another will cross the courtyard and come right up the steps. Kill the one on the stairs with the shotgun. Use the auto-target for a faster kill even though it may take two shots. Then use your crosshairs to take out the guy above. Another guy is in the room (4) with the Explosives and another guy is in the opposite doorway (5) that leads to some crates you can smash and get the Medkit.

Head back to the cracked wall at the top of the stairs and use the explosive charge. TIP: Whenever an action icon appears on the screen simply tap the Use button to activate the proper item. Once the charge is set don't forget to run. The timer will give you plenty of time to get out of the blast zone. Just make sure you are back down on the grassy area and you should be fine. When the smoke and dust have cleared you can go through the new opening into the next area to end this level.

CEYLON - The Palace of the Forgotten Kings

Don't let the complicated mechanism on the left fool you. Just pull the switch on the right to open the door and reveal the courtyard beyond. This place is crawling with Ivory Hunters; three patrol the ground and a forth will drop in when the first three are dead. Watch their patterns and try for a surprise attack. Hunter #1 keeps going in and out of the door to the left that leads to the Water Fountain. Hunter #2 moves from the rear corner to the center and back again and Hunter #3 moves from his platform down to the left of the columns and back.

Hunter #3 has a machete and is easily disarmed and defeated, but you will probably alert the other two. Hunter #1 has a shotgun and isn't afraid to use it while Hunter #2 will take up a defensive position behind the stone (5). Deal with the shotgun guy first as he does the most damage then take care of the guy behind the rock. Remember you can use your whip to disarm your opponents them switch to fists and pummel them. Of course you can always use manual targeting and try to snipe them from the position shown in the image.

When the first three are dead a forth guard will come out of the door above and drop down. Depending on how you did in the previous battle you may want to head directly for the Water Fountain (6), which will prompt Hunter #4 to take up a position at the stone (5). Poke your head out the door and he will slowly enter the room with the fountain and you can beat him up or shoot him. Now that things are calmed down you can fill your health and your canteen as needed then investigate the far corner (7) to smash some boxes and check for items.

Now you can go to the opposite side of the courtyard into the dark area with the broken columns. Locate the series of stones (1) that form steps (2) leading up to the high ledge (3). From this ledge you can jump to the two columns (4 & 5) then over to the slanted stone (6). Drop down to the narrow ledge and whip the croc head (7) to swing to the far ledge and enter the door (8) where the final guard appeared from earlier. Also take note of the stone door (9) that you will be opening momentarily.

You'll hear voices when you enter the next room. Head left and greet the unarmed man on the other side of the doorway with your fists. Follow the hall around and drop down the two ledges to the ground floor. You may have noticed a hole in the far upper wall leading to a room with a relic. Ignore it for now. Head to the fire pit on the right and flip the lever to open the stone door leading back to the courtyard. Unless you need health you have no reason to return. Now go to the other wall opposite the fire pit and slash the vines with your machete to enter the next area.

Directly ahead as you enter is a vine-covered wall. Turn right and climb onto the low ledge (1) then jump and pull up to the higher ledge (2). Do a running jump and grab to reach the ledge Indy is standing on in the picture then go through the broken wall to claim Hidden Artifact: Port Negombo Relic. Return to the ground using the same ledges and climb the wall (3) to reach the archway (4) above. To the right is another Water Fountain. Also make note of the hole behind you. This is your return path should you fail any of the upcoming challenges.

The first section of the path has an obvious section of dark stones that will break away if you step on them. It's easy enough to jump over this patch without disturbing them, but if you do fall in simply return to the top via the stone step that leads through the hole by the vine-covered wall. Around the corner past the crumbling floor is another long passage with a dart trap. You need to run and tumble under the darts when only the top dart is firing. It's a 4-4 pattern where both darts fire four times then only the top dart fires four times. This is when you need to time your roll through their trajectory. It's easier than it sounds.

Around the next corner is a combination of both the previous traps. You have the darts (1) and a broken floor (2). The trick is to start the roll early so you come up just on the other side of the darts but not too far so you fall through the floor. Stick close to the left wall to give yourself some extra room. Around the final turn is the most challenging section yet. A pair of croc heads will require you to perform your first chained whip-swing. Whip the first head (3) and swing out then at the apex of your swing release and fire your whip a second time to grapple the next (4). At the apex of this second swing release and land on the ledge. If you fall at any time you can climb up the two ledges and try again. Slash the vines to clear the opening and exit this level.

CEYLON - River of Fangs

Indy gets down to some old-school adventuring in this level starting with a good old-fashion spike trap. This is also your introduction to "Adventure Mode", a special control mode that moves Indy in specific directions to navigate traps and puzzles.

The first set of spikes is simple. The rows alternate in series so just wait for them to go down then move forward. Wait until the next set goes down and step off the current row just about when the puffs of dust shoot out. The next set is a bit trickier until you learn the pattern. Start along the right wall and move forward two squares quickly as the spikes go down then wait for the middle square to become safe then step to the left. Pause for a moment then move forward and you are free and clear.

When you reach the top of the stairs you will find yourself in a large chamber with three Ivory Hunters. Disarm and kick their butts or spend some ammo if you wish. Use the Water Fountain along the wall to replenish any lost health then flip the switch on the other wall to open the door to the left of the fountain. Outside is an enemy camp with two more hunters on patrol; one on each side. They are easily ambushed and defeated. Check out the tents and smash all the crates to find some Revolver Ammo and a new Canteen that will increase your maximum water supply.

Head for the giant tusks and carefully step out onto the bridge. Jump across the first two sections of boards. If you fall you will die, so be careful. Jump to the third section and the bridge will snap sending you to the crocodile infested waters below. Quickly sim for the nearest section of low ground and pull up to safety. Depending on which side of the river you exited on you will either have three or four sections to the following challenge. Your goal is to distract the crocodiles by tossing skulls into the water and swimming to each new piece of land leading upstream.

Aim the skull away from the piece of land you are going to be swimming towards and throw as hard and far as you can. As soon as the croc swims off to investigate quickly dive in and swim to the next piece of land and climb out of the water. Repeat until you are on the final patch of low ground with a pair of magnificent falls before you. Jump across the two platforms (1) to reach the ledge near the entrance (3) then dive off the far side into the water beyond the twin rocks (2). Swim under the falls and locate the ledge on the left with the crate.

Smash it and get the Explosives then swim back through the falls. Watch and wait for the crocodile to swim away then head for the low patch of ground. Repeat the jumps across the platforms and head through the entrance. Two more Ivory Hunters are in this large room. They are easy targets for a headshot or you can just rush in and start swinging. When they are gone you can smash crates all around the room to get another Medkit then flip the switches on both walls to open the large section of the floor. Jump into the water to end this level.

CEYLON - Temple of the River Goddess

You start this level underwater so start swimming as fast as you can along the underwater passage. When you enter the large chamber you will spot the yellow glowing eyes of the giant statue through the murky water. You should also spot a pair of crocodiles swimming towards you about now. You could exit onto the closest piece of land on the left (1) but since you are already swimming you can probably out-swim the crocs and make it to the ledge (2) at the far end of this chamber. If you choose to exit on the first ledge there is a pile of skulls you can use to distract the crocodiles so you can safely swim to the next low ledge.

Before going up the steps (2) make sure to smash the crate to the right and get the Revolver Ammo. Go up the steps and you will hear voices. Cross over to the right and up to the next level then cross back to the left and defeat the pair of Ivory Hunters. Smash the crates to get another Medkit. You can check out the mouth (7) but a wall blocks your exit at this time. Return to the middle section of the lower level and flip the switch (4) to lower the cage (5) down from the ceiling. You can now use this cage as a bridge to reach the next ledge and go through the door (6).

Visit the Water Fountain in this next area if you need to then head up the stairs and survey this next challenging section. Your objective here is to get across two sections of spiked floor with the added element of a dart trap firing from the wall. It's not too hard when you known the secret. Move forward onto the first row of spikes as soon as they retract then ROLL forward when the next set retracts and you will roll under the darts and into the safety zone. Repeat for the next section and you are home free.

Flip the lever in the center of the room to open the wall back inside the statue's mouth. After the cinematic fly-through is over you can step out onto the ledge and do a running leap to grab the vine hanging from the tree. Wait for it to stop swinging then pivot on the vine so you are facing the ledge below you to the right. Now start swinging and jump off to land on that ledge. Retrace your path over the top of the cage and up into the mouth to end this short level.

CEYLON - Into the Sacred Caverns

Make your way left around the spectacular waterfall that plummets to untold depths. Head up the steps and into the next large room where tremors will begin to shake the area. Turn left and go through the next passage as tremors continue to shake things up.

When you reach the skeleton step onto the raised pad then quickly step back as a giant spiked block slams down into the ground. Quickly grab on and pull onto this block as it rises back up. If you don't get on the first time simply step on the pad and try again. At the top, jump off the block and drop down into the next area. When you step onto the suspicious wooden floor a movie takes over than ultimately sends you sliding down a huge ramp into the unknown.

Jump over the gap in the ramp and continue the slide down until you can jump again and grab the ledge overhead. Pull up and use your whip on the bar to swing across to a narrow beam with two boards that create a branching path. Note: If you miss your jump you will fall into some water below with a pair of hungry crocodiles. Quickly locate the low section of floor that you can use to climb out before you become a tasty croc-snack.

This next room has three levels. If you fell into the water you will be on the bottom level and if you completed the slide and the swing you will be on the middle level. Regardless of where you start in this room you will need to visit the ground floor to smash some crates and get the Shotgun Ammo. You will need to fight off a guy with a machete down on this level. Try to toss him into the water and watch the crocs tear into him.

Cross the angled planks to make your way to the ladder leading to the top level where two more hunters will attack from the passage leading outdoors. One has a pistol and the other has a shotgun so you will want to disarm them before you beat them into the ground. Take their weapons and head outside. Climb onto the ledge in the corner and then climb the vines on the wall until you can pull up on the high ledge. Turn and jump out to the vine then pivot and climb up so you can swing to the next higher ledge.

Enter the passage and use the Water Fountain to the left if necessary then follow the other passage to the right. Use the lever to lower a large cage down to your level. The movie will also let you know that three more hunters are waiting for you above. When the cage arrives flip the lever again and quickly climb onto the cage. Jump and pull up to the roof and ride the cage back up. Jump off and mix it up with the three hunters. They are all unarmed so this should be an easy fight. Practice your combos. Flip the switch along the one wall to open the exit and leave this level.

CEYLON - The Silent Guardians

Move forward and enter the room to the right. This is protected by the Silent Guardians, which is just a fancy name for a giant bat that will attack you if you make the slightest noise. The obvious trick here is to stay on the grass and off the noisy stone walkway. Follow the grass to the right then forward then left and jump over the stones to continue forward into the next area.

The next chamber is even easier. Simply go to either side and jump to grab the rail then shimmy the length of the room. Drop down on the far side and continue into the next room.

Take a left into the next large room with a huge waterfall spilling through the ceiling. An Ivory Hunter patrols the stairs to the right and you will need to kill him with your gun rather than fight him. If you choose to fight him on the stairs chances are very good he will toss you into the falls. Climb the stairs and head past the skeleton on the left and go up another flight of steps where you can fight another Ivory Hunter.

Make use of the Water Fountain if you need to. The next section gets harder. Here you need to go from grassy patch to grassy patch by tossing skulls in the opposite direction you need to be running. There are skulls in each new patch of grass, so distract the bats and follow the route I've highlighted.

The final chamber requires you to toss a skull to divert the bat then jump over the fiery pit and run out the exit to end the level. If you are fast you can avoid getting hit by the bat.

CEYLON - The Idol of Kouru Watu

Walk down the stairs towards the water and watch the giant crocodile heads close together blocking your access to the Idol of Kouru Watu. As you get close a huge crocodile jumps out of the water and smashes the bridge leading out to the island. Your first objective is to get the crocodile trapped inside the pen to the left. Wait for the croc to swim to the far right or divert him by tossing the nearby skulls into the water. Note: A Water Fountain is in a high alcove to the right of your starting position. It's a short swim and a ladder climb away.

Dive in and race for the opening. If you are lucky the croc will be in hot pursuit as you exit onto the low ledge on the left just inside the gate. If not you will need to tease the croc back into this area by using the skulls located in the back of the room. When you finally get him inside throw the level on the left side of the door to shut the gate and trap the beast. You are now free to finish this level in relative safety. If you can't trap the croc or you enjoy living dangerously then you can simply head up the steps inside the pen. Warning: Getting bit by the croc is instant death!

Flip the switch at the top of the stairs to open the section of wall leading back out to the main area and lower a pair of cages. One of the cages is at water level and you can use this to climb out and get on the roof. Jump to the next cage and then onto the chain. Swing to the next chain (adjusting height and direction as necessary) and swing once more to land in the next area with the switch. Flip the switch to lower more cages and open your next target area.

Jump back out to the chain then swing over to the lower cage to the left. Climb up and jump to the next cage then to the chain and swing into the next switch area. Flip the switch to lower more cages then jump back out to the chain. Jump to the cage to the left and then to the next lower cage. Jump to the next cage and then use the chain to the left to swing into the final switch area. Flip the switch to release the mechanical jaws holding the idol.

You can now jump into the water and swim out to the central island. Climb up and approach the idol. When you pick up The Idol of Kouru Watu the floor breaks away sending you into the water below. Quickly, get out your machete and slash the vines on one of the two exits out of this deathtrap and race for the stairs leading out of the water where you first entered. The giant crocodile will also be released at this time to make things even more interesting. If you don't think you can make it to the outer shore just climb onto the island and wait for the crocodile to swim behind the central island then make your swim for freedom.

In the true tradition of Indiana Jones the bad guys are waiting to steal your newly claimed prize, but this time Indy isn't going to be so easily beaten. Enjoy the action-packed cutscene and the flight back to New York where you will be greeted by new visitors with your next mission.

Congratulations! You've completed Ceylon!

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