HONG KONG - The Golden Lotus

Your dinner in the Hong Kong cafe is interrupted when Mei-Ying suddenly appears on stage fighting several martial arts henchmen. As Indy leaps over the balcony to go to her rescue the curtain shuts leaving you separated from Mei-Ying with several of your own thugs to worry about. You have no weapons or items other than your Canteen. Make sure to use this if you start to get low on health. Medkits and Water Fountains don't come until later in this level. Fight well (and dirty).

The first thing to keep in mind is that these guys are experts in hand-to-hand combat. They aren't going to go down as easy as those soft Nazis and Ivory Hunters in the earlier levels. They will also attack you two or three at a time, so you will want to arm yourself with whatever you can lay your hands on. Start off by grabbing a chair and smashing it into the first attacker. The other two will leap from the stage and join the fight. Make sure to use any object you can get for extra damage and always kick these guys when they are down.

Whenever possible use the various elevation changes to your advantage. Run away and climb up steps to put distance between you and your attackers and hopefully draw them apart. You can make great use of the bar, not only to get bottles for weapons but to stand on the bar and kick these guys when they try to climb up. When the first three are defeated another pair enter from the back of the room. If you find yourself getting outnumbered or surrounded you can try going through the circular opening into the foyer and attacking the thugs when the come through the door one at a time.

Once you have defeated all of your attackers you can head through the door behind the bar. Two more black-suited martial arts experts are charging up the steps leading from the basement. Run back to the main room and grab a table leg. If one isn't available kick and smash a table to get one then use this weapon with your secondary fire (the sweeping blow) to keep knocking these two guys to the ground and kick them. Retreat and wait for them to charge and repeat. Watch out for their flying spin-kicks that will knock you down and disarm you.

You can now descend the stairs into the basement. None of the boxes can be broken in here so climb the ladder in the back alcove to reach the landing above.

Smash the two boxes along the right wall and get the Medkit then climb the next ladder leading up to a catwalk where you can spot Mei-Ying still fighting below.

Climb the third ladder and face the swordsman. Knock him down and take his Sword then finish him off with his own blade. Smash the boxes in this area to get the Iron Skin Potion then exit via the red door.

In the next room that overlooks the main dining room below you must defeat two more swordsmen before you can flip the lever that activate the lever down on the stage to the right of the curtain. Continue down the stairs to the balcony level.

Follow the carpeted hall around and watch for attackers hiding in the various private balcony sections along the right. Make sure to get the Hidden Artifact: Tai-Tsu Mask from the podium in the private balcony after defeating one of your attackers. Continue around the curving hall defeating another swordsman that charges from the balcony and two more that are waiting in the curved hall ahead. Go through the double-doors that lead down to the main floor. A Water Fountain welcomes you at the bottom of the stairs. Make sure to fill up.

Return to the stage and throw the lever to raise the main curtain. There is a lone gunman on center stage. Wait for him to fire before trying to climb up or he will hit you and knock you back to the floor. Once you have climbed onto the stage zigzag as you rush towards him to avoid getting hit them pummel him to the ground. Knock his weapon loose then pick it up and shoot him with it. Collect the spare Mauser Ammo then smash the two crates sitting on the larger crate to get a Medkit and some more Mauser Ammo.

Climb the ladder then make a running jump to the first rope. Adjust your height if necessary then swing to the second rope and finally to the far landing where you can exit through the double doors and leave this level.

HONG KONG - The Golden Lotus: Part 2

The boxes on the right wall hide a man with a shotgun. You can take cover behind the boxes on the left and wait for him to peek around his boxes and try to shoot him, or simply run up to him while his back is to the crate, beat him up and disarm him. A great tactic that works very well is once you have picked up a weapon quickly stash it in your pack and finish off the enemy with your fists. This can save a lot of ammo. In the case of the shotgun (or any weapon really), you can also use your secondary fire to smack him in the head with the butt of the weapon to knock them down. Don't forget to kick them when they are down.

Continue down some stairs and prepare to fight many more armed guards, all hiding behind large crates. Once the first few guys have been defeated you can take cover behind the crate along the left wall and use your manual aim to shoot the guard who pops out from the alcove on the left and another hiding behind a crate further back in the basement. There are more guards hiding behind boxes further back and another one will come out of one of the side doors on the left.

Locate the small alcove on the left with the two brown doors. One door cannot be opened but the other leads to a dressing room with a long table and mirror. On this table is the Hidden Artifact: Longshan Idol and a Medkit. Return to the previous room and exit this level through the double doors at the end of the short hall on the left.

HONG KONG - The Streets of Hong Kong

As the captive Mei-Ying is driven off in a car you continue your pursuit in a flimsy rickshaw. Fortunately the driver expected trouble and has packed a large Thompson Machinegun (with unlimited ammo) under the seat. As he pursue the car with Mei-Ying you need to shoot all the cars and motorcycles that are in hot pursuit.

You will automatically target the individuals handing out the windows or on the motorcycle, either driving or in the sidecar, but your best tactic is to attack the actually vehicle. Once each car or bike has sustained enough damage it will blow apart killing all aboard. This is much faster than individually targeting the gunmen.

During this exciting chase you will have the opportunity to collect an artifact. Keep watching the left side of the road for breakable crates. You will see one on the ground first. This is an indicator that the box with the artifact is coming up around the next corner. When you turn down a narrow ally look for a box (1) on the ledge and shoot it to automatically collect the Hidden Artifact: Qianlong Plate. If you miss you can always replay this level. It's not that long.

After you have destroyed a few dozen cars and motorcycles you will eventually arrive at the docks where Mei-Ying is being hustled aboard a submarine. Fortunately, your driver knows where she is being taken and has a boat nearby. It's time to leave Hong Kong.

Congratulations! You've completed Hong Kong!

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