PENG LAI LAGOON - The Secret of Peng Lai Lagoon: Part 1

After diving off the boat, Indy swims through an underwater passage, which is where you regain control of our hero. Immediately, head for the surface to catch your breath and get your bearings. Locate the ladder leading to the pier and swim for it quickly. There is a pair of giant sharks in this area and one is headed your way. He will only sniff around the first pass but if you stay in the water for more than 30-45 seconds he's gonna take a bite. Search behind the green container and smash three wooden boxes to get the Oxygen Tank, Spear Gun, and Spear Gun Ammo.

Go to the edge of the pier and look down to find a submarine ripped in half. There is a workman down on the bottom and that pair of sharks is still swimming around. If you are a good swimmer you can do this next action sequence without fighting and with only one breath. If you want to play it safe then shoot the diver and the sharks with the spear gun.

Dive down and head for the open end of the sub (at the break) and swim inside. Locate the Explosives and then swim out the opposite end. This will "fool" any pursuing sharks for a few seconds. Now immediately (without surfacing) head towards the work light where the other diver is working on the cracked section of wall.

Quickly go into manual aim and fire two spears into this guy and he will drop. You should still have plenty of air so place the explosives on the crack then swim for the surface and fill your lungs. By the time the explosives blow open your escape route you should have full oxygen, so dive down and into the new tunnel.

More sharks are swimming around in this new area. Swim through the tunnel and then dive deeper and angle to your left into a new chamber then quickly swim to the surface and pull out on the low sandy beach. If you are quick you can do all this without getting bit, but even if you do take one or even two bites it is still more efficient than trying to shoot the moving sharks. Smash the box on the beach to get a Medkit and fix any shark damage if necessary. Now jump to the vine and climb up about halfway then swing to the first ledge to survey the situation.

You now need to make a running long jump and grab the far ledge (1). Remember that hungry sharks are waiting below if you miss, so be prepared to quickly swim back to the beach and get out of the water. As soon as you land on this ledge a pair of Nazis will arrive at the far end (4). One drops down to the lower ledge (3) and can be shot with a good manually aimed pistol shot. The other is out of range unless he also drops down to the lower ledge. If he doesn't you can deal with him shortly. Use your whip to make a double whip-swing across the two light fixtures (2) and land on the ledge (3). Exit this level through the far door (4).

PENG LAI LAGOON - The Secret of Peng Lai Lagoon: Part 2

Walk forward past the cracked wall on the right into the alcove past the work light. Look to Indy's right and find the Explosives hidden in the dark corner. Take them to the cracked wall and set the charge - you will not get the normal icon since this is a secret - then run to a safe distance and watch the fireworks.

Enter this new chamber to find a giant urn, but more important to you is the wooden box that you can smash open to get the Hidden Artifact: Sancai Plate. Don't overlook the Medkit and the Panzerschreck (Rocket Launcher) plus an extra Rocket.

Head toward the far end of the hall and up the stairs. Drop the rocket launcher before you approach the fixed machine gun turret or you may have problems picking it up later. Once you are in command of the gun turret start shooting all the Nazis that come running out from the sides of the long courtyard ahead of you. Also watch for sneaky snipers in the upper window to your left. There are at least three guys that will appear in this window. You can also shoot the lamps to create small explosions that will do splash damage to anyone nearby.

Grab your rocket launcher and climb over the short wall to drop into the courtyard below. Go to the far end and through a short section of natural caves to return to the lagoon. The cutscene indicates your exit and hints at how you go about getting there. You first need to deal with a pair of guards, one at the base of the tower (1) and one on the upper level (2). I recommend taking out the top guard first by standing on the box to your left and manually aiming so you hit the metal part of the tower next to the guard. The concussion should send him flying into the water below as shark food if it doesn't blow him to bits.

You will probably need to move around to the right and drop down a few grassy steps to line-up a shot on the remaining guard. If he spots you it will be much harder to target him with the rocket launcher. Before taking the elevator under the tower search the maintenance shed for some MP-40 Ammo lying on the table.

Ride the lift to the upper level and walk around to the back corner and climb the ladder leading to the very top of the tower. Head to the corner nearest the crane and note the guard walking around below. There is another guard in the shack but you can't do anything about him right now. Wait for the guard to get close to the boxes and the barrel and fire your final rocket into the barrel. The explosion should send this guy flying into the water or at least kill him where he stands. Zip down the cable to gracefully land on the roof of the shack.

Drop down from the roof where the door is so you are not spotted then quickly open the door and charge the guard inside. The boxes on the dock are all empty but you can search the ones behind the shack and off to the side (near the boarded-up entrance) and get a Medkit. Follow the dock around under the crane base and around to the other side. Make a note of the lift leading down to the water on your right. If you fall into the lagoon during the next action sequence you can exit the water here and ride the lift back up to the crane.

For now, climb into the crane and use the control just like the previous times. Move the crane over and pick-up the floating platform then raise the platform to its highest level and swing it as far to the right as you can go. Now climb the other ladder leading to the roof of the crane and make the necessary climbs to reach the arm. Walk up the arm and make a daring running whip-swing to the suspended platform. Turn right and line-up your next jump carefully. You need to jump from this platform along the right side at the last possible second to make this giant leap. Grab onto the wall and pull up then enter the alcove to the left and flip the switch to summon the elevator to exit this level.


This level can be very hard or very easy depending on your stealth tactics. If you are spotted by a guard they will run to the nearest alarm and pull the switch that summons at least a pair of very tough Nazis armed with flamethrowers. In pairs, these guys are deadly, but if you face them one-on-one you can usually beat them up and disarm them even though you cannot take their flamethrower.

You start the level already partially hidden behind some boxes. Move forward so you are sure not to be seen by the guard patrolling the upper level. Wait for him to walk away from you before cutting up the stairs behind you to the right. You can wall-hug the shot end section of wall here and get a good view of the stairs and a hallway with an office on the right. Wait for the guard to come down the hall and knock him out. Avoid weapons or you could alert other guards.

The large office is empty of any useful items but it does make a great hiding place if the alarm is sounded. You can quickly duck in here and wait for all the guards to go past then exit out the other door which is very close to the alarm switch. You can also lure the guards into this room one at a time and defeat them much easier than in a group.

Follow the hall and turn left then right. If the alarm is sounding you can flip the switch to turn it off. This does not get rid of any current guards but it will stop more from spawning. Head through the door to the right of this switch and go up the steps to another door.

Inside this room is a pair of guards that you can take by surprise if the alarm hasn't sounded up to this point. Go for "style points" by kicking or throwing these guys through the large windows. Don't let them sound the alarm or flamethrowers will be barging in behind you. Grab the Hidden Artifact: Sima Qian Shiji from the table then exit this room using the stairs or better yet, simply drop out the window to the right of the alarm switch.

You are now at the top of two stairs leading down to the left and the right. Go down the left and fight another guard then enter the room and get the MP-40 lying on the table. Return to the top of the stairs and go down the other set. Follow the path around to the right until you reach the double doors (the single door to the left is locked). Quickly climb the steps as the alarm goes off and deal with three Nazis and a flamethrower on the upper level. Take out the flamethrower first, as he does considerably more damage than the other soldiers using only guns.

Flip the alarm switch to stop the flow of more guards into this area and finish off any that remain. Use the boxes for cover if necessary and break out the MP-40 to drop these guys quickly. Head down the stairs to the lower level.

There is another switch down here if you need to silence the alarm one final time. Not the ladder leading into the water to the left. Jump into the water (there are no sharks) and search below the boat for some Mauser Ammo, then use the ladder to climb out. Go through the large doors and follow the hall to another set of double doors that leads you out of this level.

PENG LAI LAGOON - The U-Boat Base: Part 1

As this level begins Indy quickly realizes he is going to need a disguise to get any further. To your right is a door and a ladder. Both lead to the same area so you can decide how to proceed. I suggest the door only because it gives you the element of surprise on your first encounter. Go through the door and note the guard at the top of the stairs heading from left to right. Go up the stairs and surprise the guard as he is looking out the window. You could also have climbed the ladder and gone through the upper door outside, but it's easier to get spotted that way.

Now go to the single door at the other end of this hall and carefully enter. A pair of guards are staring at an MP-40. You can drop the first with a manually aimed headshot then finish off the remaining guard however you like. These large bald guards are some of the toughest so don't mess around. Kill them fast. Since you already have the MP-40 the gun simply counts as more MP-40 Ammo and there is a second box of MP-40 Ammo lying on the floor - a suitable reward for kicking some Nazi butt.

Return to the main hall and go through the large double doors into the next passage. Another guard is patrolling the long hall around the corner. You can observe his patrol and hide at the corner to ambush him when he passes by. Finish him off then head up the steps and go through another pair of double doors.

Take control of the machine gun turret and open fire on multiple waves of guards that appear from both sides and even on the roof overhang to the left. When things calm down you can run forward and turn off the alarm. Search the barracks through the door opposite the alarm switch. Smash the crate in the back corner and get the Grenade.

Go back outside and follow the courtyard around to the left until you arrive at the gate. Enter the fenced area and smash the boxes in the corner behind the truck to get some MP-40 Ammo then search the back of the truck for another box containing a Medkit. Climb the ladder at the front of the truck to get to the roof.

Once up top you can easily locate the steaming grate with the icon that indicates this is the way out of this level, but first you must open the grate. Go down the narrow ledge until you are looking across toward the guardhouse with the open roof hatch. Now jump to the top of the truck and once again to the roof of the guardhouse and drop down inside. Flip the switch to open the steaming grate and exit through the door.

One last guard will come through the main gate. You can kill him or just as easily avoid him by running and climbing up the ladder. Drop through the opening in the roof to end this level.

PENG LAI LAGOON - The U-Boat Base: Part 2

Go down the long ventilation shaft past the ladder on the left and through the steam - don't worry, it won't hurt you. At the end of this shaft around the corner is a bottle of wine, some MP-40 Ammo and a Medkit. Collect these items then return to the ladder and climb up. Continue to the end of this shaft and watch the cutscene for valuable information on the layout of the submarine pen.

Here is a quick overview of what you need to do in this area to get to the point where Indy is standing in the photo below. I will explain in greater detail shortly.

You enter through the shaft (1) and drop down to follow and kill the guard in the control room (2) before he can sound the alarm. Flip the lever (3) to move the overhead crane to the other end of the pen. Go through the doors on either side of the control room (4) to descend to the lower level (5). Search the boxes (6) for a Medkit then jump into the water by the ladder (7) and swim to the far end of the sub (8) where you can pull up onto the deck and jump across to the boxes (9) and collect two clips of MP-40 Ammo. Smash the boxes (10) behind the large unbreakable boxes to get Hidden Artifact: Tablet of Longjiang and another Medkit. Swim back to the ladder (7) and make your way to the upper level where you can make a double whip-swing (11) to the far landing where Indy is standing in the picture.

Sure it sounds easy, and it can be if you are swift and accurate. Killing the first guard in the control room is no problem. When you flip the lever to move the overhead crane guards on the other side will become more alert. As you move back toward the control room a guard will enter through the double doors, but you can catch him by surprise. If the alarm is sounded at any time there will be a flamethrower in the stairwell leading down to the lower landing. Guards on the opposite side will also be shooting at you when you attempt to get the Hidden Artifact. You may want to take the time to manually snipe them and avoid any lucky shots on their part.

Once you have successfully cleaned up all the goodies in the boxes on the lower level you can return up the stairs and down to the far end where there is no railing. Your whip icon indicates where to swing and you can do a standing whip-swing followed by a quick second swing to reach the far landing.

Enter the door and go right into the large room. Note the alarm switch in case you need to turn off the alarm now or later. Pick up the Security Pass (1) from the table then head down the stairs to the double doors.

Depending on when the last alarm sounded there may be a flamethrower on the other side of this door. If so, quickly retreat up the stairs and manually aim from the top of the steps and kill him as he follows. When the path is clear you can go search the open locker (2) and get the Officer's Uniform. Now that your disguise is complete you can return to the sub pen where the two guards are waiting. They will let you pass, so go through the doorway and the cutscene will take you out of this level and into the next.

Congratulations! You've completed Peng Lai Lagoon!

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