Welcome to Myst III Exile: Sinjin's Guide to the Ages. You are about to embark on a wonderful and fabulous journey through the mystical world of Myst. Those of you who have played the original Myst or the sequel, Riven will know what to expect. For those of you new to the Myst saga, hold on for the adventure of a lifetime.

Myst III: Exile features large areas or islands to explore known as "Ages". I've divided this guide into six chapters, one for each age. You can pick the chapter you need help with by clicking on the menu located in the top banner. Since this guide contains many screenshots and diagrams I've made each chapter its own individual page for faster loading. I've also included maps for many of the Ages. These are located at the top of each chapter and will help you find your way around each area.

You are free to explore the various locations on each map and even the ages themselves in any order you choose. This makes the game very non-linear, so feel free to explore and play the game as you see fit. Refer to specific areas of this guide only when you need help, and you will enjoy the adventure much more than if you simply follow in my footsteps. My narrative is only one of many ways to finish this game.

There are many puzzles scattered about the world of Myst. You can easily locate these puzzles and their solutions in my walkthrough by looking for this image of Saavedro. This will indicate a puzzle within the game, and I will provide the solution and the logic behind each puzzle as well as screenshots.

Remember that many solutions are hidden in diagrams and reading material you will collect throughout the adventure. Make sure to read everything you get and study all diagrams and pictures. Reading these journals and other documents will also help you get involved in the amazing story underlying the world of Myst.

So when you are ready to begin the adventure click on Chapter 1 and enter the amazing world of Myst III Exile...

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