Onimusha 2 Scoring and Ranking System

There is a complex scoring system always at work while you play Onimusha 2. You are awarded points based on your performance in several criteria. What follows is a table that breaks down the scoring system:

4:49 or less10 points
5:00 to 6:597 points
7:00 to 8:595 points
9:00 or more3 points

12,0000 or more 10 points
80,000 to 119,999 7 points
40,000 to 79,999 5 points
39,999 or less 3 points

900 or more10 points
600 to 8997 points
300 to 5995 points
299 or less3 points

450 or more10 points
300 to 4497 points
150 to 2995 points
149 or less3 points

4110 points
30 to 407 points
20 to 29 5 points
19 or less 3 points

65% or more10 points
60% to 64 %7 points
55% to 59%5 points
54% or less3 points

54+ pointsOnimusha
45-54 pointsA
35-44 pointsB
20-34 pointsC
19 points or lessD

Unlocking Extras

There are plenty of reasons to replay Onimusha 2 including new mini-games, bonus modes, and hidden costumes. To unlock all these features you will need to replay the game several times, completing all the scenarios and increasing the difficulty settings. After you finish the game the first time you are given a flowchart of the game's story that shows the route you took for that game. Any unexplored areas, side-quests, or sub-character encounters are color coded and those that haven't been explored are grayed out. Use this chart to figure out which characters you need to bond with and which path you need to take the next time you play. Scenario percentages are cumulative for all games played as long as you don't delete your Onimusha system settings.

Gameplay Modes

If you die more than three times in one game you will be given the choice to enable this mode for the current game or restart the game in Easy Mode. This mode makes the game much easier to finish, but you will be unable to achieve an Onimusha Ranking if you enable it. It is a great way to quickly finish the game multiple times to get all of the Scenario Routes completed. You can also unlock the Onimusha 3 teaser and two mini-games; "The Man in Black", and "Team Oni".

If you thought the Normal Mode was just too darn easy then you can try the Hard Mode once you have beaten the game in Normal mode. In this challenging mode there are twice as many monsters and they all have double their normal strength, speed, and hit points. To make it even harder, all of your healing items restore 25% less health to your power meter.

If you somehow manage to finish the game on the Hard difficulty setting you will unlock this fun bonus feature. Simply start a new game and toggle Ultimate Mode to ON and you will get to play the game with these settings:

  • Unlimited Magic
  • Tanegashima w/ Unlimited Normal Bullets
  • Tri-Barrel w/ Unlimited Burst Bullets
  • Bow w/ Unlimited Arrows
  • Bow w/ Unlimited Fire Arrows
  • Rekka-Ken (The ultimate sword from Level 20 of Purple Phantom Realm)
  • All Yagyu Armors at Level 3
  • Perfect Medicine x30
  • Talisman x10

This mode is unlocked after you have completed the Team Oni mini-game. The difficulty level is the same as the Normal Mode but you can only kill enemies with Critical Hits. Yes - that includes boss fights too.

After you finish Onimusha 2 on any difficulty level this mini-game will be available in the Special Features menu. This game has Jubei dressed in a black suit and armed only with a stick made out of sponge. You are on a 5-minute timer as you explore your house in the Yagyu Village and the first part of the Fog Valley level. You must collect 20 rolls of film and make it to the exit before the timer or Jubei expires. To make things even more challenging you will have to fight plenty of demons and your sponge stick only knocks them down. You cannot kill them.

Your reward for completing this challenging game are 20 movies you can view that feature events from the game with Jubei dressed in his black suit. Use the following map to aid your in your quest. Note: You will need to solve the Guardian Puzzle but don't waste time collecting the two halves of the picture. Simply use the ring and align the dragons so the Black is on top, Blue on the right, Red on the bottom, and White on the left.

Once you have exited the challenge you can view these movies:

  • Film 1: Evil Attack on Yagyu Village
  • Film 2: Meeting Takajo
  • Film 3: Meeting Oyu
  • Film 4: Meeting Ekei and Magoichi
  • Film 5: Eerie Monsters
  • Film 6: Meeting Ginghamphatts
  • Film 7: The Exhausted Factory Owner
  • Film 8: Meeting Tokichiro
  • Film 9: Gogandantess Battle 1
  • Film 10: Oyu Assists Jubei
  • Film 11: Ride an Iron Horse
  • Film 12: Meeting Jujudormah
  • Film 13: Jujudormah and Ginghamphatts
  • Film 14: Jujudormah Battle 2
  • Film 15: Gogandantess Battle 2
  • Film 16: Oyu Hands Over the Sacred Flute
  • Film 17: Tokichiro's Trap
  • Film 18: Gogandantess Final Battle
  • Film 19: Finds an Ancient Flying Device
  • Film 20: Attack of Oda's Horse Soldiers

If you managed to collect all 18 pieces of Artwork in the main game you will be able to access this twisted collection of 36 Trick Treasure Box Puzzles scattered throughout a demon-free Phantom Realm. Here are the solutions to all 36 Puzzle Boxes. I am using the following format and abbreviations: SA where S=side of puzzle and A=arrow to click. So if you see RB-BL-RT you would press the bottom arrow on the right side, left arrow on the bottom, and top arrow on the right side. Use the blue light to save your progress or once you have solved the final puzzle.

Level # Artwork Piece Puzzle Solution
Level 1 Artwork 19 RB-BL-RT
Artwork 20 BL-LT-TR
Artwork 21 TL-LT-BL
Level 2 Artwork 22 BR-RB-RT-BL
Artwork 23 RT-BM-RM-BL
Level 3 Artwork 24 (Left Box) LT-BL-RB-TL
Artwork 25 (Right Box) RB-BR-LT-TR
Artwork 26 (Middle Box) TM-RB-TR
Level 4 Artwork 27 BR-RB-BL-RT
Level 5 Artwork 28 (Top Left Box) BL-LT-TL-LB
Artwork 29 (Top Right Box) TR-LB-BR-RT
Artwork 30 (Lower Left Box) TL-RB-BL-LB
Artwork 31 (Lower Right Box) RB-BL-RT
Level 6 Artwork 32 TR-RM-TM-RB
Artwork 33 LB-BR-RB-TR
Level 7 Artwork 34 (Small Box) TR-RB-BL-LB
Artwork 35 (Large Box) BR-RM-TL
Level 8 Artwork 36 RT-BR-RM-BL-RB
Level 9 Artwork 37 (Top-Left Small Box) LT-TR-RT-TL-LT
Artwork 38 (Top-Right Small Box) BR-RT-TR-LB-BR
Artwork 39 (Bottom-Left Small Box) LB-BR-RT-TL-LT-RB
Artwork 40 (Bottom-Right Small Box) RT-TL-LB-BL-LT-TL
Artwork 41 (Large Box on Left) RM-BL-RB-BR-RT-BM
Artwork 42 (Large Box on Right) BM-RT-TL-LM
Level 10 Artwork 43 TM-LB-BM-RM-TL
Artwork 44 LB-LT-BR-RM-TM
Level 11 Artwork 45 TM-LT-TR-LB-BM-RT
Level 12 Artwork 46 BL-RT-TL-RB-TR-LT-BL
Level 13 Artwork 47 TM-RB-BL-LT-TM
Level 14 Artwork 48 RB-TL-LB-BL-LT-BR-RB-TR
Level 15 Artwork 49 BR-RT-BM-LM-LT-TR-RM
Level 16 Artwork 50 BL-LB-TR-TL-LB-BM
Level 17 Artwork 51 RM-BL-RB-LT-BM-LM-TR-TM
Level 18 Artwork 52 RB-TR-BL-RT-TL-BR-LT-TR
Level 19 Artwork 53 RM-BR-LB-TL-RT-TR-RB-BM-LM
Level 20 Artwork 54 RM-BR-LM-TR-RB-TM-RM-BR-LM-TL-LB-BM

Hidden Demon Treasure Boxes

What follows is a listing of Hidden Demon Treasure Boxes you will find throughout Onimusha 2. You must be wearing the Green Necklace for these boxes to appear on the screen. This list is arranged in the order you find the boxes after obtaining the Green Necklace.

Box # Hidden Treasure Location What's Inside Special Notes
Box 1 Dragon Pond outside Yagyu Village Secret Medicine Same location as Green Necklace
Box 2 Oni Place - Fog Bridge N. Bullets x10 Third section down
Box 3 Gifu Lake - Star Tower N. Bullets x10 Near fence entrance
Box 4 Castle Gifu - Evil Gate Ruins Perfect Medicine Near the gate
Box 5 Castle Gifu - Well Room Special M. Liquid Behind the well
Box 6 Castle Gifu - Tunnel Super M. Liquid Tunnel to West Courtyard
Box 7 Castle Gifu - Coal Room N. Bullets x10 Near coal chute
Box 8 Demon Cave - East Path N. Bullets x10 Third cave section in alcove on right
Box 9 Gifu Lake - Mountain Path Medicine Near the breakable stone lantern
Box 10 Oni Place - Fossil Passage Secret Medicine By east door
Box 11 Oni Place - Maze N. Bullets x10 Northeast corner of the maze
Box 12 Oni Place - Treasure Room Medicine Near throne
Box 13 Oni Place - Furnace Secret Medicine Next to entrance
Box 14 Oni Genbu - Cargo Hold Medicine Near the exit
Box 15 Castle Gifu - 4F Hallway Medicine Just as you enter

Hidden Red Soul Clusters

What follows is a listing of Hidden Red Soul Clusters you will find throughout Onimusha 2. You must be wearing the Orange Necklace for these boxes to appear on the screen. This list is arranged in the order you find the boxes after obtaining the Orange Necklace.

Cluster # Hidden Souls Location Special Notes
Cluster 1 Imasho Town - Mine Entrance Near the guard post
Cluster 2 Gold Mine - Entrance Near magic mirror
Cluster 3 Gold Mine - Storage Area Above exit
Cluster 4 Gold Mine - NW Storage Area NE corner of area
Cluster 5 Yagyu Village - Main Street Above entrance to house
Cluster 6 Yagyu Village - Dragon Pond Above Lightning Dragon Shrine
Cluster 7 Fog Valley - Log Bridge North exit
Cluster 8 Fog Valley - Path Above Wind Dragon Shrine
Cluster 9 Fog Valley - Cave Entrance East side of ramp
Cluster 10 Fog Valley - Mountain Stream Near broken rope ladder
Cluster 11 Fog Valley - First Cave Above Gerhohone and near magic mirror
Cluster 12 Fog Valley - Poison Gas Trap Middle of the cave
Cluster 13 Oni Place - Beach East side
Cluster 14 Oni Place - Entrance Hall Above Earth Dragnon Shrine
Cluster 15 Oni Place - Acid Pool Room Near iron maiden
Cluster 16 Oni Place - Lower Water Room Above Gerohone and behind yellow Mozun
Cluster 17 Oni Place - Parcel Room Above north exit
Cluster 18 Oni Place - Robot Factory West alcove
Cluster 19 Gifu Lake - Star Tower NW corner of the roof
Cluster 20 Gifu Lake - Star Tower Ramp Center of the tower
Cluster 21 Gifu Lake - Tower Passage Outside East Tearoom
Cluster 22 Castle Gifu - Courtyard Above sealed west door
Cluster 23 Castle Gifu - Dragon Tail Center of spiral ramp
Cluster 24 Castle Gifu - Destroyed Room Near left exit
Cluster 25 Castle Gifu - Evil Gate Ruins Alcove behind the gate
Cluster 26 Castle Gifu - West Commons Above servant's quarters
Cluster 27 Castle Gifu - Entrance East side of balcony
Cluster 28 Demon Cave - West Path Middle of third cave section
Cluster 29 Demon Cave - Drawbridge East of the drawbridge
Cluster 30 Demon Cave - East Storage Near Great Powder Tube location
Cluster 31 Gifu Lake - Lakefront Shore Over east gate
Cluster 32 Gifu Lake - Boat Dock Floating over the middle of lake
Cluster 33 Gifu Lake - Lakehouse Passage Near two petrified men
Cluster 34 Oni Place - Blood Pond To the right of the door
Cluster 35 Oni Place - Fossil Passage Middle of the hallway
Cluster 36 Oni Place - Coliseum Left wing of horseman statue
Cluster 37 Oni Genbu - Engine Room Opposite the puzzle on starboard side
Cluster 38 Castle Gifu - Roof East side of roof

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