Onimusha Side Quests

Throughout the course of your adventures you will play as Jubei and Oyu, but there are also several key branching points where you can take control over the other three male sub-characters; Ekei, Kotaro, and Magoichi. This plot branches will only occur if you are heavily allied with that particular character. If you are clever in your gift exchange it is possible to play this game with up to four different characters. It is impossible to explore all branches in a single game, so you will have to replay two or three times to explore 100% of the scenarios.

What follows are detailed walkthroughs for each of the sub-character's side-quests. Each section is linked to from the main walkthrough at the time these branches occur. Follow the link at the end of each side-quest to return to the main guide at the point where you will resume as Jubei.

Kotaro's Side Quest

Kotaro becomes a playable character if you have previously traded eight or more items in a row that he liked. When Jubei enters enter the forest in the Fog Valley and becomes lost Kotaro steps in to save the day. Get the Blue Bracelet from the first black box and fight your way to the top of the cliffs where you can get the Red Wedge in the next black box. The Blue Bracelet will allow you to absorb souls just like Jubei.

When you arrive at the log bridge you will see a Light Path that will take you to the Red Phantom Realm when you use the Red Wedge. Do so now. There are only five levels in this realm and the monsters are relatively easy. Your reward for completing this challenge are several key items including Kotaro's best weapon, the Roga-Kunai, the Red Stone Pole and the Blue Wedge.

Level # Enemies Items and Tactics
1 Jaido None
2 Musaido, Joda None
3 Bajaido Get the Medicine
4 Bajaido, Zedan None
5 Gaidorozu, Musaido Roga-Kunai, Blue Wedge, Red Stone Pole

When you return from the Phantom Realm continue across the bridge and defeat the Musaido. Search to the right of the warning sign and climb the cliffs to the mountain stream. Fight the Battooyaka demons then open the black box on the dock to get the Stealth Costume, Kotaro's best armor.

Follow the path until you reach the swamp area where you can fight more demons. A large pole blocks your path into the forest so head through the doors to the north and look for the portal in the east side of this area. There is also a trick treasure box to the west that you can open and get the Senpumaru Secret - a very valuable prize for Jubei to use later. This simple box requires only two moves; bottom-left and right-middle to open.

Use the Blue Wedge to enter the Blue Phantom Realm. Completing this challenge will get you the Blue Stone Pole, the other object required to rescue Jubei.

Level # Enemies Items and Tactics
1 Gyaran Shurikens work great
2 Hyukan Use Flip kicks
3 Hyukan, Gazoresu Use Stealth attacks and get Medicine
4 Oowashya, Bazu Triple-charged attacked and Shuriken
5 Oowashya, Barawashya Triple-charged attacks and get Blue Stone Pole

Completing all ten levels in the Blue and Red Phantom Realms plus the 31 Phantom Realm levels for Jubei is required for a perfect score of 10 in the final rankings.

Return to the swamp and kill more demons then use your Blue and Red Stone Poles in the demon totem to enter the forest. Defeat the Bazu with your shuriken and triple-charge your attacks to defeat the Oowashya. Rescue Jubei and give him the Bracelet and the Senpumaru Secret as we part company with our ninja friend. These items will certainly aid Jubei in the upcoming battle with Ginghamphatts.

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Magoichi's Side Quest

Magoichi becomes a playable character if you have previously traded twelve or more items in a row that he liked. Magoichi's side quest is one of the easiest to unlock since he doesn't have to be closely aligned with Jubei for this encounter to unfold. We take control of Magoichi just after Jubei has been shot with a magic bullet and turned to stone. Magoichi will automatically get Tokichiro's Memo #2 and then you can open the black box to get the Green Bracelet. This allows you to absorb souls just like Jubei.

Explore the caves to the south and fight some Gyaran and Joda demons using a combination of your rifle and your kick and knife attacks. When you enter the next area a Gyaran and some Bajaido snipers will attack. Your rifle will take care of all of these and you can continue into the next passage filled with Hyukans. Kill the Gerohone and the Bajaido to access the controls to the drawbridge. Once the bridge has been lowered you can continue to the west.

When you arrive in the chamber with the Magic Mirror open the black box and get the Rasha Gloves. Equip this item then open the red box and get the Demon Cave Map. Continue to the west and fight more Gyaran and Dorahyukan as the cave turns north.

When you enter this next chamber the two exits are magically sealed and you will have to defeat many Bazu and some Barawashya. Watch out for exploding machinery that will cause you much damage if you are caught in the blast. Charge Magoichi's gun to blast the Bazu as they tumble toward you and maintain a constant stream of fire to clear out this chamber and proceed through the north exit.

In the next chamber you can kill several Oda Bodyguard with more gunfire, either charged or magic. Continue to the black box and get the Flamethrower + Fuel and open the red box for the Great Powder Tube containing the powder that turns stone back to flesh. The passage to the west is blocked with a Mozun seal so you now have to backtrack all the way back to Jubei. You can use the powder on any petrified miners and they will give you Medicine in return, or you can just let Jubei do this later.

When you reach the drawbridge a Ketyara demon swoops in and steals your Great Powder Tube. You can only defeat the Ketyara with charged attacks and several Bajaido demons will warp in to distract you. If the Ketyara flees return to the chamber to the west and find it hiding here. Use the Flamethrower to attack the Bajaido and the Ketyara at the same time. Each time the Ketyara squeals you are doing damage. When it dies you can recover the tube and return to Jubei.

Just past Jubei is a red box with an Herb and a trick treasure box you can open for a Power Jewel. Click bottom-left, left-bottom, bottom-right, right-bottom, and top-left. All of this can be done by Jubei as well after you heal him. Use the powder on Jubei when you are ready to relinquish control over Magoichi. Jubei will get the Great Powder Tube as well as any healing items and all the soul energy Magoichi has collected up to this point.

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Ekei's Side Quest

Ekei's adventure is easily the hardest of the three since our chubby warrior is just so hard to make friends with. There are a few things you can do to lock down this mission prior to the plot branch. Make sure to give him his preferred gifts like the Naughty Novel, Calligraphy Kit, all his custom weapons from the store, and complete the pickpocket mission back in Imasho Town. Doing all this will certainly make Ekei show up when you begin the Gifu East Area mission.

Jubei meets up with Ekei when he reaches the bottom of the Star Tower. You are locked inside and Ekei will make fun of you from the other side of the door then agree to find the key to let you out. Head west and enter the corner building and get the Gifu East Area Map. Open the black box and get the Yellow Bracelet that allows him to collect soul energy then head north along the bridge.

Fight the Joda ninjas that attack as you make your way west. Go up the ramp and open the red box to get the Cherry Key before entering the gate leading back to the courtyard outside the Keep. Head down the ramp in the center of the courtyard and descend to the bottom of the spiral ramp to open another black box for some Medicine. Return to the surface and enter the main doors to the castle killing any demons along the way.

The entrance foyer is full of deadly Jaido and Dorogando demons. Use your triple-charge attacks and your Secret Technique plus your magical attacks to take care of everything in this room. Enter the room to the north and face the Gerohone and several Bajaido demons. Ignore the Gerohone as it blocks the north door leading to parts of the castle you don't need to explore. Use your Cherry Key on the east door and enter that room instead.

Open the black box and take the Nioh Protector. Find the Crecent Key in the red box around the corner and don't overlook the Human as Food Book and Artwork #12 also found in this room. Return to the lake area and use the Crecent Key on the first door on Ekei's left as he starts back across the bridge.

Run across the bridge avoiding the acid projectiles from the Battooyako. When you reach the lakefront area you need to make your way across as quickly as possible to avoid taking massive damage from the Battooyako positioned offshore. Continue through the door and up the mountain path leading to the waterfall. Smash the stone lantern to get the Medicine then fight the Oda Bodyguard as you circle the falls.

Watch out for a pair of archers on the boathouse roof that will attack if you get in their range. Defeat the second Oda Bodyguard with a triple-charged attack. Move forward and block the incoming sniper fire and use your charms to defeat the pair of Archers. Locate the black box in the niche behind the falls to get the Halberd, Ekei's most powerful weapon.

Enter the boathouse and take the Hunting Schedule and use the Magic Fountain to recharge your magic. Go down the stairs and use the boat to get out to the lakehouse. Run past the demons that appear on the dock and get up close to the Archers. Don't get caught on the stairs or you will be caught in a deadly battle that will be hard to win. Paralyze the Archers then take them out one at a time, then kill the rest of the demons you avoided before entering the house.

A Barawahya drops from the ceiling and attacks. Use your Secret Technique and charged attacks to defeat this deadly opponent. You paralysis spell will only stun this demon, but it is useful if you get backed into a corner. Absorb the souls that the defeated demon leaves behind then collect Artwork #13, the Fortunbras Book, the Golden Evil Statue book, and the Snake Key.

Return to the tower and use the key to free Jubei and transfer all the new items and soul energy Ekei just collected. Jubei is now free to resume his adventure and you have just completed a major portion of Ekei's scenario.

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