This is my mini-guide for the Team Oni Mini-Game. You will unlock this game once you finish the main game, even on EASY mode. The concept is quite unique. You play through 22 challenging stages that progress in difficulty until you face off against Lord Nobunaga. You are not on a conventional timer but your health meter is slowly draining the entire time you play.

To make things a bit easier you have access to all the characters you have previously played in the main game. Obviously, the more characters you have unlocked the easier this challenge becomes. You can switch out characters at anytime during the game by pressing R3 much like a tag team wrestling match. If a character dies you will have to choose another character to continue.

Each time you play your scores are recorded on an ongoing scoreboard along with the characters used and any who died. This makes for a highly competitive and challenging mini-game that is a lot of fun. What follows are descriptions for each of the 22 stages along with recommendations of characters to use and a few tactics. I had all characters available for this guide, but if you are trying this game with only a few available characters you will need to make appropriate substitutions. Feel free to follow my lead or use your favorite characters and techniques. Good luck!

Level 1
You begin the game as Jubei. Head through the doors quickly before you lose too much health.

Level 2
Kotaro works nicely in the Coliseum against the Jaido.

Level 3
Kotaro's magic stealth attacks works great against the Oda Samurai you encounter in this level of the Red Phantom Realm.

Level 4
This is one of only a few resting points. Your health meter will stop shrinking so catch your breath and open the two boxes to claim Jubei's Buraitou and Oyu's Phirangi. Switch to each character and equip these new weapons before leaving this level.

Level 5
This level is rather challenging. You are in the swamp area of the Fog Valley and you have to stab a bunch of frogs to lower the demon shield blocking the exit. Use Jubei as he is the fastest character and his sword is perfect for stabbing frogs.

Level 6
You are now in the cargo hold of the Oni Genbu and Oyu is the character of choice. Her triple-charged attacks will clear out this room in record time. If she gets in trouble use a quick magic attack.

Level 7
You are now back at the entrance to the Oni Sacred Place. Switch to Jubei and hack your way through the Bajaido then use lightning magic on the King Dorogando. Make sure to absorb the souls from the nearby vase.

Level 8
You are once again back at the peaceful lake outside Yagyu Village. Your power meter is safe for the moment so open those boxes and get the Roga-Kunai, the Hyoujin-Yari, and an Herb. Switch Jubei over to the Hyoujin-Yari and Kotaro will want to wield his Rogn-Kunai.

Level 9
You are now on the spiral dragon tail ramp and will want to use Kotaro or Jubei. This is a race against death as you must fight your way through deadly Jaido Archers. Kill them as quickly as you can to avoid taking excess damage then get the Herb and race for the bottom. Smash the urns for more soul energy then step into the Light Path.

Level 10
Magoichi and his gun are your best bet for this level in the Purple Phantom Realm. Open fire on the Gozaresu and Derahyukan that rise from the floor. Try to hit the jars at the same time and collect all the soul energy before leaving.

Level 11
You are now on the rooftop of the tower facing the Gyaran Queen. Oyu works great in this encounter. Use her daggers to take out the smaller Gyaran then switch to the Phirangi and triple-charge your attacks to defeat the Queen. There is a good chance you might lose Oyu in this battle so be prepared to switch off to Jubei or Magoichi and finish the battle.

Level 12
Kotaro and his shuriken or Magoichi and his rifle are your best offense against the Bazu that are rolling down the stairs of the lakehouse. When the path is clear head up to the porch and smash the jars to get some souls and fill up your health and magic.

Level 13
Use either Jubei, Oyu or both in the Blue Phantom Realm. Take care of the Gerohone stuck on the wall first then finish off the Bajaido. Use Jubei's ice attacks or a triple-charge sword attack from Oyu. The jars contain plenty of soul energy to replenish health and magic.

Level 14
Time to rest and reload. Take the Senpumaru, Gradius, the Halberd, and the Goraishinki + Ammo. Switch to all the appropriate (and surviving) characters and equip their specific weaponry before moving on.

Level 15
You need to be fast and deadly to make it to the top of this tower before you die. Kotaro is your best man for the job. Kill the Bajaido Archers and be prepared for a mighty battle at the top. Smash the urn for yellow soul energy to replenish that health bar.

Level 16
Stick with Kotaro and run back to the ground floor and fight Oowashya. Use triple-charged attacks to kill him quickly then run back to the top of the tower. Use a healing item if necessary. All this fighting and the lengthy trip up and down will certainly drain your power meter.

Level 17
Continue using Kotaro as you head out onto the roof area and fight the Joda and the Zedans. Use triple-charged attacks on the Zedans then start smashing the jars and collecting soul energy as you head for the exit.

Level 18
Another trip to the lake gets you the Flamethrower + Fuel, the Cannon + Rounds, the Dokoutsui, and an Herb. Outfit all surviving characters with the appropriate items and exit the area.

Level 19
Magoichi and his new flamethrower work great on the Barawasshya. Switch between normal and magical attacks and these guys will never have a chance to fight back. Kill the second one the same way. If you get in a tight spot you can easily remove one with a cannon attack.

Level 20
Magoichi and his Goraishinki are ideal for blasting apart the jars and the Raigozaresu. Kill the first two then charge your weapon and go after the third. Shot any remaining pots while the third enemy is knocked down and absorb the souls to stay alive long enough to finish off the final demon and exit the level.

Level 21
This is your final resting period. Collect the pair of Herbs and the Medicine and prepare for the final battle.

Level 22
The final battle with Nobunaga is either going to be really easy or very hard depending on how good a shape you managed to keep Magoichi in during this game. If he has plenty of health and a functional cannon you can defeat Nobunaga with a single shot. Otherwise, you will need to use any other surviving characters that are capable of triple-charging their attacks. When Nobunaga falls you will have completed the Team Oni challenge and you will receive your score.

Successful completion of the Team Oni Challenge will unlock the Critical Mode for the main game. Good luck!

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