Welcome to Resident Evil: Code Veronica - Sinjin's Ultimate Survival Guide. You are about to embark on a terrifying adventure as you try to escape from an island prison infested with zombies and other horrible creatures.

There are no "secrets" or bonus items to be found in this game, but I will detail all the available item pick-ups and note them in blue text. I've divided this guide into two parts to make the load-times a bit faster. The guide is split just like the game. On the Dreamcast this would be when you are prompted for Disc 2, and on the PS2 you are simply offered a Free Save. I've also included additional sections for Game Tips, Weapons, and Monsters, which will provide some useful information.

This guide has been thoroughly tested with both the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 versions. Even though the PS2 has additional movie footage the games are identical. As with all of my guides, the walkthrough is only one of many ways you can play the game. Feel free to explore the areas and play the game anyway you want. Here are the control schemes for each format:

I've included over 20 maps that detail all areas of the game. Since the game has you going back to several of these maps to explore new locations I've decided not to include the maps within the text portion of the walkthrough. Instead, you can choose the map you wish to view from the Map Menu on the left and the desired map will open in a separate window that you can keep open and refer to while reading the text. This should also make the load times much faster for those just wanting to read the walkthrough.

On a final note, this game is all about begin scared, so I have tried my best not to give away any of the "surprise moments" in the game. If I don't comment on a particular movie or event it was probably to preserve the "scare factor". Make sure you don't ready too far ahead when using this guide or you could spoil some good moments..


Combat Knife
This is your most basic of weapons and is only useful against Zombies and Zombie Dogs. Learning to use this weapon effectively can save you many boxes of ammo in the earlier parts of the game. Extra damage can be done if you use a downward slashing motion in your attacks.

M93R and Glock 17
These 9mm handguns are your second line of defense. Zombies can be killed with 3-5 well placed shots while other monsters will require many more shots. These weapons can be upgraded to hold additional ammo and modified for rapid fire. Clair gets the M83R while Chris will get the Glock 17.

Bow Gun
This is essentially a crossbow weapons that fires small darts. It does less damage than the pistols but ammo is plentiful and the weapon can hold ALL of the available ammo eliminating any reload time. The darts can also be modified to allow for exploding tips that do considerable damage.

These semi-automatic handguns are very powerful and allow you to target two enemies at once. Ammo is limited so save these weapons for group encounters.

Sub Machine Guns
These dual machine guns allow you to target two enemies and unleash a continuous stream of fire. Due to this weapon's rapid rate of fire ammo can be exhausted very quickly. Save this for the biggest enemies.

This is a close range weapons that delivers a concentrate blast of buckshot. This makes it highly effective on multiple targets that are grouped closely together. Remember that the further away the target, the less damage it will take.

Assault Rifle
This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It is fully automatic and causes considerable damage allowing you to empty a room of enemies in just a few seconds.

Grenade Launcher
This weapons is very strong but has a very limited range as it lobs grenades of various kinds to the target. It is a versatile weapon due to the different grenades it can use. It shoots BOW gas, Flame Rounds, Grenades, and Acid Rounds. Certain enemies have a weakness to certain grenades. Experiment and find out each enemy's weakness (or take my recommendations).

When fired, the .357 Magnum bullet will take out most enemies in a single shot and if they are all lined up in a row, it will go through all of them. Magnum bullets are very rare so use this weapon wisely.

Sniper Rifle
This long range, high-powered rifle shoots very slowly, but using the scope, it can shoot very accurately at a distance. This weapon is used only once in the game, so make your shots count.

Linear Launcher
Once it charges up, this weapon has an unlimited amount of ammo. It fires balls of energy that travel very slowly, but when they hit, it completely obliterates its target.


These slow-moving walking dead are not very challenging by themselves but when you encounter a small group they can quickly surround you and start biting your shoulder and ankles until you find yourself quite dead. Use your knife or weakest weapon on these guys and in the case of a group encounter try to position yourself so they have to attack you in single file.

Zombie Dogs
These dogs are very vicious and can cause serious damage if you let them get to close. They will leap onto you and bite at your throat. While they can be killed with precision knife-combat you will probably just want to unload a box of ammo into them.

These annoying creatures are only in a few locations. While they can be shot they are hard to hit and you can end up wasting a lot of ammo. The best defense is to have your lighter equipped and they will avoid you. Later in the game you have to make a decision to part with your lighter. If you do you will have to fight at least a few of these evil creatures.

Giant Worm
This huge worm occupies the courtyard outside the Military Training facility. It senses your location and burrows under the ground trying to erupt under your location. The best defense is to move - stop - then move again when the worm as locked onto your former location. The creature can be killed if you want to spend the ammo, but your best bet is to just duck inside and avoid this creature.

This genetic mutation is very powerful and can attack you from clear across the screen with his long rubbery arm. Your best attack with these creatures is two quick attacks with any explosive weapon.

This is one of the fastest and deadliest creatures in the game. They have deadly claws that can kill you in just a few attacks. There is also a red version of this creature that will also poison you when it hits.

These headless creatures are an experimental bio-weapon that can emit a powerful shock that can induce a heart attack. Successive shocks can easily be fatal.

This is the boss character you encounter in part one of the game. He is a prototype for a new super soldier and can actually morph his limbs into deadly weapons. He moves slowly until he gets within striking range then he moves with lightning speed.

This deadly creature is one of the first experiments involving the T-Virus. He lives underground in the Antarctic facility. His deadly tentacles combined with his poisonous gas attacks make him a formidable opponent.

Strategy and Survival Tips

Botany 101
During your adventure you will come across a variety of plants. These can be used individually to restore health or cure poison, but they become even more powerful when combined. Here are the effects of each plant and the various combinations:

- The most frequently found plant restores a portion of your health.
- This plant has no value by itself. It must be combined with a Green Herb.
- Taken by itself, this plant will cure any effects of poison.
+ - When combined restores more health than if taken separately.
+ - When combined restores Full health.
+ - Cures poison and restores health.
+ + - Restores Full health and cures poison.
+ + - Restores Full health.

Inventory Management
Your character's ability to carry items is extremely limited. Even after equipping the side pack you will still find yourself having to make some tough decisions about what to carry. During the walkthrough I may tell you to pick up an item and you might not have room to take it. It is important to only keep the bare essentials with you at any time. Throughout the game are several Storage Boxes that allow you to transfer your inventory then reclaim it from any box anywhere in the game later on. Only you can determine what items you feel comfortable putting in these boxes but here are some handy tips.

  • Always store your Typewriter Ribbons (after you have saved your game)
  • Always COMBINE items when possible. (i.e. Bow Darts can always be combined with the bow)
  • Don't carry too much healing material with you. There is plenty lying around.
  • If you need a slot for an important item and you are injured - use some healing.
  • Don't carry ammo for weapons you aren't carrying (like grenade rounds).

    Ammo Conservation
    There are a lot more monsters in this game than ammo to kill them with. This means you need to be very careful in choosing your battles. Whenever possibly, just run past the slow moving Zombies. Remember, this is a game of survival and nobody is keeping score of how many kills your make. If you are forced into a fight then try using the least powerful weapon that is still effective against the attacker.

    Early in the game you can save a lot of ammo by using the Knife instead of your pistol. The Knife is very effective and if you use a downward thrusting attack you can do extra damage. Watch out for monsters that fall down and play dead. If you do not see an expanding pool of blood then the monster is still alive and waiting for you to get close enough to launch a surprise attack.

    Library Materials
    Throughout the adventure you will encounter notes, papers, books, and journals. These are all filed into your inventory allowing you to read them at anytime. While many of these items exist simply to further the story, others contain valuable clues that are crucial in solving the many puzzles in this game. This walkthrough will always give you the answers and solutions to the puzzles, so if you ever wonder where I get them from then try reading and deciphering the clues in the various written materials.

    Examine Your Inventory
    You now have the ability to CHECK the various items in your inventory. This allows you to rotate the items in 3D and check for any hidden items or concealed clues. Items like briefcases cannot be opened until you spin them around so you can see the front latch.

    Efficient Medical Care
    Check your health often and use the most appropriate healing item for any given situation. To this end it is a good idea to keep a variety of healing items on you at any time. If you only have a First Aid Spray then you will want to save it until you are "really hurting". Using your healing items effectively will allow you conserve these items for later in the game when you will really need them.

    Bonus Games and Scoring

    Code Veronica features several Bonus Games and alternate modes of gameplay. These include:

    Battle mode:
    Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. The game will automatically save after the credits have completed. A battle mode option will be unlocked at the main menu.

    First person view:
    Successfully complete the game under the easy or normal difficulty setting.

    Linear launcher:
    Get an A ranking with Steve Burnside, Chris and Albert Wesker and both versions of Claire in battle mode to unlock the linear launcher. It will appear in your inventory during the next battle mode game.

    Play as Steve Burnside in battle mode:
    Get the gold Lugar replica from the basement office in Disc 2. The correct drawer sequence is red, green, blue, and bottom. You can also unlock Steve Burnside by performing well in battle mode as Chris.

    Steve Burnside cross-fire with sub machine guns:
    While playing in battle mode, kill all but one zombie in any room. While equipped with sub machine guns, walk up to the zombie and press X, and Steve will cross his sub machine guns. For best results, play in third person so you can see the crossfire. If there is more than one zombie, Steve might aim at two zombies rather than cross firing at one.

    Play as alternate Claire in battle mode:
    Perform well with the original Claire in battle mode.

    Play as alternate Chris in battle mode:
    Complete battle mode as Wesker. Note: He is armed only with a knife.

    Play as Albert Wesker in battle mode:
    Take Albert Wesker's sunglasses from the floor in the Incubation Lab after the intermission sequence when playing as Chris. Alternately, perform well in battle mode with Steve Burnside. First unlock Steve Burnside. Then, play as Chris and finish with the best grade to unlock Albert Wesker. He is armed only with a knife and has two mixed herbs.

    Find a magnum for Wesker:
    Locate the casino room where everyone got a first aid from the slot machine. Wesker will hit it and the bottom will open and reveal a magnum instead of a first aid spray. Note: Although it only has six shots, it will only take five to kill Alexia type 1.

    Extra animations in battle mode:

    When playing as Chris, after killing the Hunter and the Sweeper in the locker room, go back to the smashed mirror and press Action. Chris will do his hair.

    When you get to the junction room, where you have the choice of going into the casino room or continuing on with battle mode, check the soda machine after killing everything. Steve will get upset about not having money for the machine. Note: You may also need to try the machine in the locker room.

    Walk up to one zombie and press R to aim, then press L to auto aim with the sub-machine guns. Steve will cross his guns just like in the FMV sequences.

    Look at the human torso in the insane doctor's office. Wesker will tilt his glasses down and look at it disgusted.

    When Claire is in the freezing hallway, after killing the zombies. Walk (do not run) back to the door you came in by and press Action. She will be affected by the cold.

    Press Action when Chris goes to the tiger statue. He will put his hand into it and will get cut.


    Basic score

    00:00:00~04:30:00 8250 points
    04:30:01~05:00:00 7550 points
    05:00:01~05:30:00 7000 points
    05:30:01~06:00:00 6450 points
    06:00:01~07:30:00 5500 points
    07:30:01~15:00:00 5000 points
    15:00:01~20:00:00 2500 points
    20:00:01~ 2000 points

    Special score

    1)Did you give the Hemostatic Bottle to that prison guard?
    Yes = +250
    No = -1000

    2)The speed it took you to save Steve
    Fastest = +400
    Average = 0
    Slow = -1000

    3)Map discovery
    100% = +100
    Anything less = 0

    4)First aid spray
    No use = +1800
    If used = 0

    No save = 0
    First time = -1000
    Every time after = -50

    No Retry = 0
    First time = -1000
    Every time after = -50

    Final score

    10000 or above = S rank
    7000-9999 = A rank
    4500-6999 = B rank
    2500-4499 = C rank
    2499 or below = D rank

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