This Web server tries to help lost souls who are frustrated and can't find way out of being stuck. Main orientation can be pinpointed to Adventure and Role Play, as those are my favorite game types. I have to apologize because my english is nowhere near perfect :) Please be patient and remember, English is my 4th language. If you see any disgusting spelling or grammar errors report them to [email protected] and hopefully they will be corrected.

I decided to create The Spoiler Centre because back in those days web as we know it didn't exist. If one needed to get unstuck in a game, one had to go for a FTP site and sort through the mounds of confusing file names. Then web started to grow but there still weren't any game sites to speak of barring GamesDomain which had recently started back then. So The Spoiler Centre was started, mainly as my collection of spoilers for personal use and easy perusal. Before I know it it looked like a project which could interest internet community as well and so The Spoiler Centre was made publicly available. I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to contributing authors, without you Spoiler would have died years ago. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined that The Spoiler Centre would become such a popular project. I fully intend to continue maintaining this site as long as possible.

Your contributions to The Spoiler Centre are more than welcome.

e-mail:[email protected]

Note: This page has been largely left AS IS since the defining years of the Spoiler Centre, mostly due to nostalgic reasons.
Secondly, because through all those years, I still stand behind every word on this page, less than stellar grammar and all.
Game on, people!


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