Thomas Vu, the versatile producer who was instrumental in catapulting the globally renowned esports game League of Legends (LoL) and Netflix's blockbuster animated series Arcane—recipient of the prestigious Emmy Award—into unparalleled success, has recently inked a partnership deal with the colossal Web3 metaverse gaming platform, Creta

[Left: Thomas Vu, Right: SangYoon Lee, CEO of Diverse, the Developer of Creta Platform]

Vu is notably recognized for transforming popular champions from LoL into pop stars and orchestrating the astounding success of the digital/real hybrid group K/DA, which garnered over one billion views on YouTube.

Thomas Vu began his career working in the realm of gaming, accumulating experience in game design and production at major game development companies such as Bandai Namco and EA where he produced games within the Sims, SimCity, and Warhammer franchises. In 2011, Vu made a pivotal move by joining Riot Games, where he not only assumed the role of Executive Producer and Franchise Creative Director for League of Legends (LoL) Franchise but also became an integral part of the development team where many of the most iconic LoL characters such as Jinx, Vi, Lucian and Ahri were developed under his watch. Today, with over a decade since its launch, LoL stands as the highest-grossing esports game in history, boasting an annual revenue surpassing 3 billion dollars and a global monthly user base exceeding 100 million. Vu's influence extends beyond gaming, as evidenced by his role as Executive Producer for "Arcane," an animated series set in the expansive world of LoL, streamed on Netflix. "Arcane" received widespread acclaim, earning four Emmy Awards and nine Annie Awards. The series has become a global sensation on Netflix, ranking among the Top 10 in 52 countries (second in the United States) and achieving a perfect 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In addition to his success with "Arcane," Vu further showcased his creative prowess by producing the innovative digital/real hybrid pop group K/DA. Comprising female champions from LoL, K/DA's content achieved over 1 billion views on YouTube alone, solidifying their status as a global phenomenon.

Examining his career as a whole, it is evident that Thomas Vu is the polymath and mastermind who has achieved remarkable success across the spectrum of digital entertainment, including gaming, video, music, and storytelling.

Through the recent partnership agreement, Creta announced its support for Thomas Vu's ongoing game incubation initiatives, as well as its collaboration in the production of upcoming media programs such as games, animations, and music.

In recent times, Thomas Vu has been actively involved in a game incubation program, collaborating with exceptional developers worldwide to share experiences, ideas, and resources. Simultaneously, Creta operates the Creta Nexus program to support its own developers, including a project led by the legendary producer Yoshiki Okamoto. Both parties have now agreed to actively cooperate and create synergy by combining their respective Web3 game incubation programs.

Creta and Thomas Vu are jointly planning several projects expected to receive significant global attention. Emphasizing on quality and originality, they aim to capture the rapidly growing emerging markets in the Middle East and India with outstanding Web3 games. They envision creating and globalizing a new gaming and content culture.

To smoothly execute these plans, Creta is establishing a growth fund ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. Through this fund, they intend to incubate outstanding Web3 games, with the anticipation of later providing services through the Creta platform. Responding to this vision, several massive funds in the United States and the Middle East, have already decided to participate. This collaborative effort is expected to give rise to a highly significant and effective Web3 game fund, nurturing Creta's ecosystem on a high-performance blockchain.

[A Screenshot of Creta Metaverse Dayroot]

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