Visual Walkthrough by CRASH


Level 1: Canyon of Death
Level 2: Swamp Lands
Level 3: Magic Lake
Level 4: Space Island
Level 5: Rivers of Fire
Level 6: Caverns of Doom
Level 7: Into the Lair
Level 8: Heart of Darkness



This new game from OCEAN is a mixture between action and adventure game. It has one of the most gorgeous animation so far this year. The story is very good and you'll love every minute playing this game. You act as Andy who search the whole galaxy to find his dog, Whisky. This game is divided into 8 level (3 of them are really huge). This walkthrough will show you all the important acts required to finish the game. I don't want to spoil your game so I just explain the most important steps, because the other steps are obvious to figure it out. Let's get on with the game.



(1) Watch out for the shadow (2) Dead-end ?? (3) The lizard on the wall

After your 'so called spaceship' has been stucked on the cliff, jump to the edge on your right. Head to right and jump over that chasm. Continue to right and watch out of that shadow. Shoot the skull on your right to destroy that shadow (1). Go right and shoot one more skull to destroy another shadow. Now you're stranded at a huge boulder. Where should I go now ? Just shoot at the stone wall (2) to your right and prepare to kill EVERY single shadow that will pop up from the crack on the wall. After you destroy all of that shadows, continue your journey to your right. This is a tricky part. See that rolling shadow ? Jump to avoid them (you have to do that 4 times) and quickly run to right while shooting the other shadows. Kill 2 more shadows that appear. Climb that skull ladder and continue to your right. What the ........ ?!!! After that big huge monster grabs your gun, run like hell to your right. Forget about shooting those 2 monsters because you couldn't kill them anyway. A shadow will follow you. Don't turn back, just run straight across the chasm. When you pass the light beam, the shadow will be burnt to death. Now you should see a shadow lizard on the cliff (3).

Follow it until you reach the giant feet bone (you might have to 'jump' your way up). Jump at your place 3-4 times to knock the bone down. Climb up again and head through that giant neck bone. When you reach the mouth, quickly jump to your right before the jawbone crushed you. Climb up. Now you'll see a small leg bone (4) on the wall. Climb up to its top right corner. The bone will fall down with you. Push the bone to the left. Cross that 'bone' bridge. Climb your way up to the top to the ....
(4) Ooooppss ....



Continue your journey to your right. Jump from one stone to another. Be careful with that snake. You might want to use the vine to swing to the right edge. Keep on going to the right until you reach the swamp. Walk into the swamp. Prepare to duck whenever that flying creature tries to grab you. If you're in the right spot (5), you'll be able to avoid them. Clue : find deep places to duck. Climb the cliff and head to right first. See that kind of 'vine' hanging on the cliff ?!! Jump to your right and grab it (6). Whoooaa it's a big snake and you've knocked it out.

(5) Gotta find the spot quick .. (6) Grab it or not ... (7) Swinging to left and right

Continue to your right and hit that firefly's nest. This act will make the fireflies comes out from their nest and make the man-eater plant busy to eat them instead of YOU !! Go back to your left and climb the cliff again. This time head straight to the top. Now you have to jump your way out from this cave. Beware of that man-eater plants. They sure looks hungry. At the end, push the rock and slide down .... That's close !! Start swinging and grab that stick (7) quick before the monster eat you. Swim quickly to your right. Climb the tree and see your friend fighting. Jump and grab the vine to your left. The light should kill the flying creature .... Follow your friend to ....



This is a huge area. After you've been knocked down by that flying creatures, you ended up in a lake. Dive down to its floor until you see a shiny rock (8). Touch it. It's the source of your magical power. Push 'D' if you want to use your full energy (you need it to grow seeds and kill some nasty creatures later). Swim to your right and enter that underwater cave. Use your full power to destroy the boulder. Push the seed to the right most wall and use your full power to grow it.
(8) The Power Source

Climb the plant then jump to your right. Push the seed to the lake, climb the mushroom, jump to the ledge, and use your full power to grow the seed. Climb up and then jump to your right. Through the tunnel starting from this point, you'll see lots of tentacles and 'sucking' plants. Try to avoid them while you move. Some are tricky but most of them are obvious. Look at this various scenes to help you.

(9) Grow that seed
There's one place that has 3 sucking plant on the wall (11). To avoid them: swim close to right wall, swim horisontally to the left, and quickly swim up to the exit. Swim to left. Now you'll see 2 tentacles on the cave wall. Wait until the second consecutive moves, quickly swim up.
(10) Swim close to right (11) Tricky scene

When you nearly reach the last cave, you will see a tentacle hanging on the ceiling and a sucker on the floor (12). Swim exactly in the middle to pass them. In the last scene you'll see another 3 in a row tentacles. Wait until the first tentacle disappear, quickly swim to right. Pfuuh ... you pass this underwater tunnel. Now you'll be in the cave with 5 man-eaters and mushroom path (13). First shoot the right man-eater, jump to right and quickly climb down. Shoot another man-eater hiding on the right wall. Quickly climb down to the exit. Eliminate those ugly larva worms then continue your journey down. You'll arrive at scene (14).

(12) Swim carefully !! (13) One man-eater is hiding (14) Try to put the seed on its place

This is a little tricky scene. You have to put the seed on the piece of land on the middle of the water. To do that, you have to push the boulder that block the underwater tunnel. You have to circle the way all the way to your left (kill several HARD creatures) and finally dive down to the tunnel. Push the boulder (watch out for that electric eels) and track your way back to scene (14). Now, the seed should be in its place. Use your full power to grow it, jump to the plant and go throught the exit way. Climb the plant, avoid all man-eaters you met, and destroy all the creatures in your way. You'll arrive in a scene with a seed on the ground and an underground tunnel below you. This scene is a little bit tricky also. Push the seed into the lake. It will flow through the lake and knock down another seed on the next screen to your right. Grow the seed, jump to the plant and grow another seed on your right while hanging on the plant.

Climb up, attack the man-eater on your left. Climb the mushroom path, shoot the man-eater on your right, climb up. You'll arrive in a scene full of man-eaters. Avoid them and climb all the way up to a scene full of shadows !!! Quickly run to your left, grow the seed, and climb the plant to the ledge (15). From top there kill all the shadow that lurking on the ground. This is the perfect place to kill them all. Jump down and find your way out. Your friend will greed you and bring you to .....
(15) The Shadow Cave



This is a simple level. It's divided into two area : The Village and The Cliff. In the village scene, stay close to the hut when you shoot all those flying creatures. Jump and duck. Then run quickly to your right and cross that bridge. Oh nooooo .... the bridge falls down. You're lucky that you could hang on to that bridge. Shoot that flying creature then jump and grab the cliff's wall. Climb down and watch out for the larva worms. Make your way to that right ledge. Shoot the shadow creature that lurking on the ledge. Use your full power to grow the seed. Climb it. Watch out for that shadow tree on your left. Shoot it and go all the way to right. Starting from this point you'll see lots of this shadow trees on the cliff wall. Avoid them (also those ugly larva worms) and climb you way up to scene (16).

The main point on this scene is: to open that stone on the middle. To do this you have to pull the crank on the top left area of this cliff. Be careful of that ugly larva worms again. The trick is: you could not pull the crank directly. Instead, you have to jump down to the left ledge just below the crank and jump on that ledge 2-3 times. It should make an earthquake and move the crank. Go back again to scene (16).
(16) The bridge

Go pass through the opening and climb up. Now try to climb up while avoiding that falling rocks. Kill that 3 creatures that make this thing happen. Then climb up as fast as you can. Ignore those nasty black spiders. You could never kill all of them (they are too many). As soon as you reach the top you'll survive. You fall down to a tree.

(17) Earthquake



This is one of the hardest area. Jump down and eliminate all the creatures. Watch out for that 2 flying demons. Stand on the first platform and jump over the second. Run quickly before the pillar appears back. You'll arrive at scene (18).

Avoid that lava burst and hop from on stone to another until you reach the exit. Pass through all of that nasty creatures. Keep on going to your right until you reach scene (19). This is a little bit tricky. Shoot the guy on the top of the pillar first before you do anything else. Because this guy will produce an earthquake that can cause death to you. After that you could shoot the other 2 guys.
(18) Lava burst (19) Climb up and kill

Continue to the right until you saw a big huge wall. Climb up. This time you'll meet that ugly spiders again. Kill them all while climbing but watch out for that green slimy thing. Because they could make you fall into the lava.

You'll arrive at scene (20). Now you have to climb up first and kill one of that flying creature that appears on your right side. Then climb down and make your way to lower right exit. Watch out for those lava burst. Keep on going to the right and move that seed into the hole. Watch out of the flying creatures that appear on your left. Grow the seed and go back again to scene (20). Jump your way to the plant and climb up.
(20) Another lava burst



This is the shortest level in the game. First quickly go through the hole on the floor (21) before the pillar smash you. Head right and go down by using the platform. Grow the seed on your left. It will stop the pillar from smashing you. Go right and push the button. It will open a way to the other room. Go down again. Push the seed to the right wall and grow it. Kill the shadow on the top of the pillar and jump to your right. Be ready to do some action. Shoot all the creatures (there's a lot of them). Go down and shoot another group of them. Crawl to the tunnel on your right (22). Don't stand up. Keep on crawling until you manage to reach the seed (watch out of that pillar). Push the seed back to the begining cave (just right under the pillar on the center of the cave). Grow it. Climb up and meet your friend. He'll take you to the surface.

(21) The entrance (22) Crawl boy !! (23) Right spot to shoot

Shoot the bunch of flying creatures. Hints : Stand close to the green thing (23) and keep on shooting up. When it's done, you'll be taken to ....



Welcome to the hardest level on the game. This level is huge and very difficult. First, circle around and destroy the boulder that block the entrance (24). Kill the first bigfoot (When it's destroyed it'll become 2 pulsating brain. You have to destroy this two brains before they regenerate into 2 bigfoots again). Now this is the hard part. Cross the chain bridge and shoot those two flying creatures that appear. Go to right and kill the shadows first before you kill the bigfoots (duck and jump whenever the bigfoots shoot you). Then when it's done. Go to your right. Shoot the shadow. Don't step on the pink platform on the floor. Jump over it and quickly jump again to the other side. The timing is crucial here (jump after that 2 pillars come down together). Then climb down the wall. Shoot one creature down there. Push the button to your right (25). It will make a way up. Climb up and go to your left. Kill another shadow. Push the button (it will open the gate on another place). Go back to the chain bridge again. This time jumps down to the hole. Kill all the nasty creatures down there.

(24) The Darkness fortress (25) Watch out for the shadow (26) Don't step on the wrong button

Follow your path until you reach scene (26). This is a little bit tricky. First step on button 1. It will show the ladder on the wall. Climb down and step on button 2. DON'T step on button 3 yet. Kill all the nasty creatures that come from your left side. When you're done. Step on button 3. It will raise the pillar to your right. Kill 2 bigfoots there. Follow your path until you reach the cave with a ladder on the far right corner. This is tricky.

Climb down and shoot the bigfoot there. This time DON'T destroy the brain yet. Whenever it regenerates, shoot the bigfoot again to produce more brains and bigfoots. This will attract the larva worm to eat them. While they're busy eating that bigfoots, climb up and cross the cave to your left. Now jump to the holder on the wall. Everytime you grab the holder, new holder will appear nearby. Jump from one holder to another until you reach the exit way. One of them requires a long jump (27). Follow the path to the left. No...... the creatures caught you ..... You'll wake up at the cell.
(27) Jump around ..

Hi Whisky ... Now you have to find a way to escape from this cell. Use your full power to hit the seed above you.Grow it then climb the plant. Push the boulder on the right. Push the button behind it. It will raise the pillar to your left. You'll arrive in a big cave with a bigfoot down there. You have to push the button on the lower left corner to raise the pillar on the top left corner. Watch out of the larva worm that guard this room. Use the same strategy to make those larva busy. Make as many bigfoots as you could to keep them busy while you push the button. Quickly climb up and go to the left side.

(28) The cell

Jump down and start to shoot all the creatures nearby, including that 2 flying creatures. After you kill them all, step on the platform to reveal the stair up. Climb it and go to the left. As soon as you step close to the hole a movie will be played. Oh noooo.... all of my power is gone. Drop down to the hole and try to attract the bigfoot to shoot you. Jump when the fireball approachs. It will melt down the board on the floor and you'll fall to the hole. Now be quick or be dead. Keep on running to your right, jump to avoid the shadow. Be careful when you cross that chain bridge. Head right. Jump down and crawl through the tunnel on your left. Push the button at the farleft corner (this will reveal a ladder at the main cave) and wait until the shadow approcah you. Jump over it and crawl back again to the main cave. Climb the ladder up. Keep on running to the left. Jump to that hole. You'll get suck off to ...



The Belly of the Beast. Doesn't matter. You find your weapon inside the belly. Be ready for the toughest part in the game. Kill all the shadows in this huge cave. Run to your right and kill all the enemies there. Shoot to right, left, and up alternately to prevent the shadows go near you. After you kill them all, go to your right.

Kill that 3 bigfoots on the platform. Proceed to right and kill all of the flying creatures, shadow and the bigfoot there. Go back and step on the three platform in the first room. Climb the ladder and step on the platform above. The pillar will be raised up after you've done that. Continue your journey until you arrive in a big cave with big hole in the middle. Meet the pink creature again. Threaten him. You need to find several meteorites to finish your quest here. Bring all of these meteorites to this main room (central).

Head right and you'll find the first meteorite. Move it to central. The second and the third pieces of meteorites are at the top of this cave. Go back right, climb the ladder. Crawl through the left tunnel (prepare to attack). Shoot another shadow while crawling. Climb the ladder. Kill another 2. Go right one more time. You should see the second meteroite. Stand on the platform on the right. Shoot the meteorite until it pass over the raised pillar. Climb down the ladder and drop the meteorite through the hole on the ground. Bring this to the Central room. It will raise the pillar on the upper lever.

The third meteorite is quite hard to get. Back again to the last room you've visited. Climb up and step on the right platform. It will raise the pillar. Go left (the pillar should raised now). Climb up the ladders to the upper level. Shoot 2 bigfoots there. Climb up and shoot another 2. Go to your right and stop as soon as the screen changes. Shoot the meteroite to the small platform. It will go down. Climb down the ladder and shoot the meteorite again to the next platform. It will raise up. Climb up the ladder and shoot it one more time to the hole on the far right. Now climb down twice and go to right. Shoot the other 2 bigfoots there. Then bring this meteorite all the way down to Central room.

Notes : Platforms 1 and 2 will raise the pillars in front of them (on the same floor).

Now there's still a problem with the final piece. It's way down there in the hole. Go to your left and kill the 2 bigfoots. The pillar will be raised up. Go down and eliminate all of the creatures down there. Watch out for the one under the ledge. Jump to the far left end before you shoot him.

Now this is the final combat in this game and it's HARD !!! Go down to the hole and shoot the 2 bigfoots. Go right and shoot any shadows that appear. Follow the path to the right. Eliminate all. Watch out of the Darklord's fireballs. You should do summersault in the air everytime he launches the fireballs. Luckily, he only does it 3 times for each room. Kill all the shadows first before you destroy the bigfoots. It will make your life easier. After you kill them all, ignore the Darklord and continue your way to the right. There's your final piece.

Watch for the ending sequence.......... Is it finished ???? Noooooo, not yet. You'll fall to the darkness. This time hit only the blue circular thing (it's just like an onion) on the ground everytime they appear. There are 7-8 of them. Avoid the shadow that looks like an arm. They will grab you and choke you to death. When you're done, the door will open and you'll be back at your home again. You manage to finish this game once and for ALL.

There are a 3-D scene after the last credits. You could wear your 3-D glasses that come with the package and see the cool movie scene.

CRASH Production @ Copyright September, 1998
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