Tomb Raider: the Osiris Codex - walkthrough

Title: The Osiris Codex
Release date: 2003
Platform: Java mobile phones
Studio: iomo
Publisher: Eidos Interactive

"For the last week, the newspaper headlines have all been about the daring theft of the Leydon Papyrus, an early Egyptian work on chemical processes. Lara now receives an anonymous commission to retrieve a mysterious relic, the Osiris Codex, from a recently uncovered tomb. Surely there is a connection? The stolen manuscript is the earliest record of ancient Egyptian metallurgy, and Osiris (The Egyptian god of resurrection and eternal life) has always been inexorably linked with alchemy..."

"Run, jump, climb, shoot and think your way through a variety of levels, watching out for the traps, obstacles and enemies that will inevitably hinder your progress as you travel deeper underground in your search for the fabled treasures of Egypt."

This walkthrough was written based on the game played on a Nokia 6100.

All items picked up in the game have a 6 character code associated with them. This page includes the images and the info you would get at the following site by entering the codes there (Note: On the official site all levels from 5 and up are said to be another one than they actually are and the map for level 7 does not exist at all. Everything has been corrected in this walkthrough).

Most items are vital and without them progress will be impossible, so make sure you find them all.

Tomb Raider: the Osiris Codex

Level 0 - Training
Level 1 - Pyramide Entrance
Level 2 - Unfinished Passage
Level 3 - The Pit
Level 4 - Temple of Khepri + Baptism Of Fire
Level 5 - Puzzle of Bastet
Level 6 - Ascent To Heaven
Level 7 - Tree Of Life
Level 8 - Tomb Of Renenutet
Level 9 - Slave Gallery
Level 10 - Caverns Of Horus + Lost Tombs
Level 11 - The Codex Conundrum
Level 12 - The Escape

Controls (default keys):

2 = up / jump
8 = down / crouch
4 = move left
6 = move right
5 = action
0 = draw guns
* = pause game

Up, down, left, right and action can also be used on your phone´s d-pad/joystick.

Item Code GN0000: PistolsItem Code GN0000

"These are the standard pistols that Lara always carries. They are not particularly powerful, but are better than nothing in a tight situation."

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