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Mission 3: Break From Cragscleft Prison

List loots and picks at Difficulty Level for .

Version History

1.3(Oct 2001)
  • Now uses a new script so that the loot count now shows in three components (gold;gem;goods) for easier tracking.
  • You can select the game difficulty level (normal/hard/expert) and the cumulative loot/pick counts will adjust automatically.
  • Finally, total loot/pick are displayed near the end of the mission.
1.2(Nov 2000)
  • Rewritten to become a full walkthrough.
1.1(Jan 2000)
  • Fixed errors.
  • Missions renumbered, now it is Mission 3.
1.0(Sep 1999)
  • Initial release.


About this walkthrough

This mission uses a version number (starting with 1.0) independent of the main document.

At several places, additional information is available as tool tips. Move the mouse on the words looking like these to see them.

Some places are worth visiting, but is not needed to achieve your objectives. They do not even get you any powerups, so it is up to you whether to follow them. I will describe the main route like a regular walkthrough. Then at certain points I will mark excursion routes. At these points, if you want to have a look (and you should), save your game and follow the route. Click the excursion heading in this color and style to expand the route. After the voyage, just reload the game you saved at the Excursion starting point to continue the main route (note that many excursions do not bring you back to the starting point). For those who don’t bother to go (I do not understand why anybody should want to skip the excursions), just ignore the milestone and continue straight on.

In this mission, different difficulty levels have access to different amount of loots and powerups. This walkthrough has included the loots and powerups for all three difficulty levels. Also, this is the only mission where different difficulty levels have different pick counts. This walkthrough has included the picks for all three difficulty levels. If you correctly set the difficulty level in the drop boxes above, the cumulative loot and pick count will be adjusted accordingly.

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Story Background

Since Cutty was caught, you need to get him out before you can claim the payment of your Bafford job. However, that means you have to deal with the Hammerites, fanatic religious people obsessed with building equipment and torturing law breakers.

The prison itself is bad enough. Watchrooms are strategically placed, all doors are locked. Prison cell doors can only be opened remotely from the watchrooms. And most important, the entrance is totally inacessible. The best you can do is to find a way to get inside via the abandoned quarry of which the prison was built on top. The Hammerites don’t even guard the mines, because nobody wants to get down to the place with such frightening rumours.

Since you are breaking into Cragscleft, you may as well do a rescue operation. In particular, the brother of Sophie is imprisoned there, and she will probably be grateful to you if you save Basso.

More important, Issyt has borrowed your legendary Hand of Glory. You can only hope that the Hammerites haven’t found it. You had better get it back.

You don’t know what the Hand of Glory is? You are not alone! I wrote this guide in September 1999; I only learn about the Hand in July 2004, when reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. According to Rowling, the Hand (when equiped with a candle) emits a light that is only visible to the holder. This page comes from another source (the, and give more detailed information (but slightly different from what Rowling says). Either way, it is a highly cherished artefact for thieves.

Mission Statistics

This is a rare situation in TDP/TG: the statistics at the end of the game is wrong. There are only 11 picks in Expert Difficulty, 12 picks in Hard/Normal. It is one less than the maximum pick shown on the debriefing screen.

Error in maximum pick count happens in nearly every T2 mission, but I think this is the only case in TDP/TG where it is wrong. I believe it is mistaken by including into the count a pick from a dead body. The same miscounting also happens T2, except that in T2, even this is not sufficient to explain the discrepancies in the statistics.

Purchase recommendations

You will be facing new friends: Hammerites who (of course) wave their hammer at you, and Priests who cast spells. But the scary part will be the undeads.

Buy all Water Arrows and Moss Arrows. Moss Arrows are new to you. Shoot it at the ground, and it will cover it with moss (a circle with a radius of about ne meter). Then walking on it is noiseless. Also in your inventory are Noisemaker Arrows. Shoot it away from you, and the noise it makes attracts your enemies. If you shoot it at something soft (eg wood), it can be later retrieved for reuse.

I do not know what to do with the remaining money: you can choose between the two potions. After drinking the Speed Potion, you temporarily move faster. Not of much use, so I choose the Healing Potion.

Don’t waste your money on the Tip. Even if you do not read it here, you can buy it, read it and restart the mission without buying it a second time. So even the Hammerites do not have control of the haunted mines. When we go to the top level (level 1), we will look for the Holy Water Font, and I will let you know what we can do with it. How about the Hot Tip? It is more expensive but even less useful. You will overhear this information from the guards anyway.

Into the Mine


Get inside the Mines via the flooded entrance. Explore the Mines, and find a way to go up to the top of the Mines.


You start at a safe place, so look around. The small piece of dry land has nothing useful. The entrance is flooded, but notice another opening higher up on the hill. We will be leaving via that opening (if your objective includes leaving the prison).

Drop into water and swim along the tunnel into the Mines. When you are forced to submerge, look right beneath you. At the bottom of the water is a Gemstone (0;35;0). Take it and dive forward till you can surface inside. You are now at Mine Level 3.

Move forward to a small raised area and save your game. Walk around and have a look around the confusing mining tunnels. And to check the validity the rumours about the haunting. Click here when you have seen enough.

When you arrive, nobody is moving. However, there are three Zombie Possums around this level. If you get too close to them, they will wake up. And then you will notice that there is nothing you can do to stop them killing you. At least you do not yet have anything to fight Zombies. So for now, remember to stay away from them. And in case you need to know, Zombies walk slowly, and you can always outrun them.

Mine Level 3

Since you are facing the Zombies empty handed, you objective is to sneak up to Mine Level 1 without arousing any of the Zombie Possums. From where you are, you can see two tunnels: one straight ahead, one on the right. Blocking the tunnel on the right is a Zombie Possum. It will continue sleeping until you move too close. When it wakes up, it becomes a normal Zombie and all you can do is to run away.

Not all corpse lying on the ground are Zombie Possums, but you never find out which is which until too late. On top of the Zombie Possum is a Fly Swarm. They are uncorrelated with Zombie Possums, but they do stay together rather often. Although called “Fly”, they are sort of mosquitos that bite you. Just stay away. If really needed, you can disperse them with Water Arrow or Fire Arrow.

Avoid the path with Zombie Possum and Fly Swarm on the right; follow the railway track into the Initial Tunnel ahead (North West). Soon there is a side tunnel on your left. We will visit the side tunnel now, and then come back to continue going North.

Mine Level 4

Follow the side tunnel (there are a few turns) to the end, where you find another railway track. Besides the Initial Tunnel, there are three tunnels with railway tracks in Mine Level 3, so it is a little confusing. All three goes roughly North. This one is the West Railway Track.

Turn right to follow the track (you can see the dead end on the left). Soon you arrive at a big hole with an elevator. Look up the shaft and you can see a little bit of the upper levels of the mine. Bingo! Just ride it to the top and you can forget about all the undeads!

First locate the Zombie Possum (Hard and Expert Difficulties only) on the other side of the hole. Do not arouse him. He is blocking the tunnel, but beyond him you can see a cave with an interesting machine. Join the Mine Level 3 Excursion to have a look.

If playing Normal Difficutly, just walk forward around the hole, otherwise run forward since you have less time to look around. At the North end of the tunnel is a strange machine with two “horns”. Have a good look at it, and look up to see a broken bridge above you. Move to the cave on your right. There is another machine, like two towers with electric arcs flying across.

Neither machine is of any use to you. On the other end of the second cave lies another Zombie Possum. So everybody now has probably stirred up something. Time for restore.

Before riding the elevator, notice that there is one more level underneath. Hear the hissing sound? Get your Broadhead Arrows and shoot down the Spider from here (aim through the elevator hole). Ride on the elevator (it is metal, but all Zombie Possumes are sleeping), and be careful not to fall into the hole around it. Find the control panel: it is in front of you, with four buttons. All elevators in Thief (there are not very many of them) operate this way: each button represents one floor, press the button and there you go. You are currently on level 3 (that is, the third button counting from the top brings you back here). Press the lowest button and the elevator will descend to Mine Level 4.

Not much space down here. Walk forward into a short dark tunnel. At the dead end, collect two Moss Arrows on the tunnel wall. At first I thought they were gems, but I didn’t get any increase in loot value. Not until much later did I learn that those green cyrstals are Moss Crystals. Ride the elevator up to Mine Level 3. Notice that in Hard and Expert, the top two buttons do not function. Therefore you cannot ride it up to Levels 1 or 2. So much for the hope of a short cut to the top.

Reader Michael Romes pointed out to me that in Normal Difficulty, it is possible to go directly from Mine Level 3 to Mine Level 1. However, it is not advisable to do so. You would miss some fun. More important, it is dangerous to emerge from through an elevator to a hasardous level. You would be a sitting duck with no where to hide. Just ignore your extra elevator button and continue the trip like the others.

Back from Mine Level 4

Walk and jump from the elevator platform so that you land on the tunnel floor on the South instead of in midair. Retrace your path back to the Initial Tunnel (go South and turn left). At the T-junction, turn left to go North West instead of turning right (which goes back to the water). Then you arrive at a junction with a big wooden wheel lying on your right. Behind the wheel are two useless barrels and a dead end. So turn left to go West.

Going North from your position is the East Railway Track, which connects to the next East-West running tunnel. Ignore it, for we’ll be in that tunnel shortly. Continue West and you find a wooden board on the left wall showing that it is the way to the Factory. At the West end, you find a small wooden box and a second railway track, the Central Railway Track (it is a meter higher than your ground level, so you need to mantle up on it). After you have climbed up the to track, look left and you can see the end of the track not far away. So turn right to go North to the next intersection. On your left is a wall opening where you can pass to the West Railway Track. Remember that you have been there before. Under the dim light, you can barely see the Zombie Possum lying on the tracks (for Hard and Expert Difficulties) so don’t bother going there again. Therefore, turn right to go into the dark East going tunnel.

All you can see in front of you is a dim patch of light on the ground. Walk towards it and you see the first lamp. A few steps beyond the lamp is the railway track of the East Railway Track on your right. If playing Normal Difficulty, you can see a bright room on your left (North). Get inside and have a look. There are Hammerite banners on the wall, and a fountain in the centre. Use the fountain, and your Water Arrows become Holy Water Arrows for 30 seconds. You can use it to blast the Zombies. For now, we have no immediate use for it. We’ll talk more about Holy Water when we arrive at the Deserted Chapel at the Top of the Mine. Leave the room and go back to the dark tunnel going East.

Continue forward past the second lamp to the third lamp, under which you find a Gold Nugget (100;0;0) and a Silver Nugget (50;0;0). Continue to the fourth lamp with a wooden box beneath, and from there you can see the Zombie Possum and Fly Swarm at the end of the tunnel. This tunnel leads you back to the starting cave (where you emerged from water).

Turn back and retrace your path back to the two railway tracks. After you passed the intersection for East Railway Track, the tunnel is dark but you can feel it rising steadily. So when you arrive at the Central Railway Track, you are at the correct height and do not need to climb up like in the other tunnel. Turn right and see the cave with the Twin-tower Machine.

Between you and the machines is a Zombie Possum on the ground. Do a quick save and rush into the cave. Locate the ledge on your right. Get on the ledge before the Zombie gets you.

Going Up

Move along the rocky path up to a small cave with three bodies. The one on the right (closest to you) is a dead Zombie (if that makes any sense) and you can forget about it. The red one far away is a dead Hammerite, and he is not rising up neither. The one in the middle is a Zombie Possum, so be careful. Move along the left wall to leave the cave via the other exit (you have to mantle onto the exit).

Following the tunnel, first you have a window opening on your left. Then a bigger opening, and finally you arrived at the Broken Bridge. The gap is too far to jump across, so go back down to the big openning. Carefully move through the opening and move along the narrow ledges along the walls. Look down and you see the Dual-horn Machine. Move along the wall and arrive underneath the other side of the broken bridge. But before you try to mantle up the bridge, note that there are more to explore here.

Turn your back to the broken bridge and move East. You are moving to the walls above the other cave (with the Twin-tower Machine and the Zombie). See something glittering on the far wall? Unfortunately, the ledges are partly broken so it is not easy to get there. Save your game and do a running jump at a spot where the gap between the ledges is smallest. At the far side, you find a Gold Nugget 100;0;0) if playing at Normal Difficulty. For Hard and Expert Difficulties, you get a Silver Nugget 50;0;0) instead. Save again, because the way back is even more difficult.

You may consider dropping down and retrace your path up here, but now the Zombie Possum below has waken up so it is not as easy. So just walk along the ledges and do a running jump back. Go back to beneath the Broken Bridge (the half-bridge on your left — the half on the right is where you came from). The bridge is too high for you to mantle directly. Look left and find a large square opening you can climb up into.

After you climbed up, you can go either left or right. Go left and find a small dead end in front of you. Look up: there is a lamp up there, and with its light you can see an edge, but you cannot jump to grab it. Step back (without dropped back down) and turn right to walk onto the bridge.

Turn left and look up. You see another opening above, but also too high to climb directly. You need to climb there from the “banister” of the bridge. It is dangerous so save the game first. First face the “banister” and strafe right as much as you can (without falling off the broken end). Mantle on the “banister”. Turn a little left to face the opening above. Mantle up.

Walk forward a step or two and you can see a hole on your left, dropping down to the level below (the dead end you find before stepping on the bridge). Ignore it and move carefully up the steep ramp.

Top of the Mine


Now that we are at Mine Level 1, we will explore the area and proceed to the Factory.

Arriving at Mine Level 1

Near the top of the ramp, hide yourself well and save game. There are four Zombies (three at Normal Difficulty) roaming around. Crouch in the shadow and stay away from their path.

Now you are at Mine Level 1. In front of you is the elevator shaft and its control box. We will worry about it later. There are two tunnels leading from the elevator: South Tunnel (on the opposite side) and West Tunnel (on your right). They are two sides of a rectangle (you are at the NE corner of that rectangle). The South Tunnel is the East edge of the rectangle. The West Tunnel is the North edge. I called the West edge Zombie Tunnel because there is where the Zombies normally are. The South edge is a series of cave at slightly different heights. You have to mantle or jump to pass from cave to cave, but the Zombies simply cannot pass through them. This is good news to you, because when Zombies are at your tail, rush South and you probably can shake them loose.

Wait till the South Tunnel is empty of Zombies. Note that on the opposite (South West) corner is a lamp, under which is a small niche. In emergency you can try to crouch there. It is not dark, but Zombies have bad eye sights.

Rush into South Tunnel. Keep going forward until you see a side branch on your left. Follow the side branch into the Deserted Chapel.

Deserted Chapel

Remember the Holy Water Tip? The font is on the left. There are two fonts, but one of them has been toppled. Walk close to the font that is still standing and look at it. When it highlights, you can right click it. Then all your Water Arrows are blessed (not really makes sense, does it? You should have been required to refill the Water Arrows with the Holy Water from the font). Now you have something that can put the Zombies to rest. But the holy water only have effect for 30 seconds (see the running count down?). After 30 seconds, they turned back to normal Water Arrows again (more nonsense. When have you seen Holy Water desecreted automatically by lapse of time?).

After you have played enough with the Holy Water Font (rest assured you cannot deplete it), save your game and go out to the tunnels. Arouse the Zombes and seduce one or two to follow you (the more the better). When the first one arrives at the South Tunnel, run back to the Holy Water Font to bless your Water Arrows. Run out to do the killing. It takes two or three good hits (best done at the abdomen) to kill a Zombie. Two important things to note. First, water splashes: if undeads are close together, you can bring harm to several of them at the same time. Second Zombie explodes when you finish it. I am never sure whether the explosion is harmful to other Zombies, but it is very harmful to yourself. So stay away from them. Remember it takes a long time to draw an arrow, so you always need to start shooting a Zombie from a distance. Shoot and keep retreating. If he is less than 4 metres from you, you have little chance of making a hit.

Repeat the process until all Zombies (keep count!) are put to rest. Save game and go back to explore the Deserted Chapel. At the base of the Holy Water Font is a vial of Holy Water. You can carry it around, use it when you wish and for 30 seconds your Water Arrows become Holy Water Arrows. But while fonts that can be reused again and again, each vial can only be used once. Holy Water is bound to F3, Water Arrows to 4: remember their position.

On your left is a toppled font, in front of which you can find a Water Arrow. Go to the other side the pillar behind the toppled font. Find another vial of Holy Water on the ground (two vials for Normal Difficulties). Actually you do not need all these vials because there is only one more Zombie Possum you will meet, which is not exactly on your way. Go the wall facing the entrance. A large piece of the wall and fallen on the ground (like a big turtle shell). On the left side of the broken wall you find a Gold Hammer (75;0;0) next to the Gold Candle Stick (50;0;0). Face the broken wall again, and go to the pillars on your right. Behind one of them you will find a vial of Healing Potion on the floor. Leave the chapel.

West Tunnel

Go back to South Tunnel. The elevator and West Tunnel are on our right, but let us take the long way by going left. After passing through several caves at slightly different heights you arrived at the Zombie Tunnel, now emptied of its residents. You will find a side tunnel on your left, leading to a pool of water (Zombie Lake, because Zombies visit here before you wipe them out). In TDP, you can lure the Zombies to follow you to the Zombie Lake, where they will get drown. Warning: this trick no longer works in Thief Gold. There are several connected pools and this is the first one. We shall visit them later. Just have a look along the shore and go back to Zombie Tunnel.

Continue along the Zombie Tunnel and it goes North back to the West Tunnel. You can see the elevator on your right. As a short excursion, continue forward (North) into another tunnel. This tunnel is empty, so just go inside for a quick look (it turns right and then reaches a dead end).

Back on the West Tunnel and you can see the elevator again. If playing Hard or Expert Difficulties, you will use the elevator when leaving. As for players at Normal Difficulty, you do not need to leave the prison. If you do not plan to play Hard or Expert in the future, save game and take an excursion to visit Mine Level 2.

Now we really start to walk along West Tunnel to leave this area (go West, with the elevator behind you). There is a dead Hammerite on the ground, but he is harmless. Then you find a small niche on your right, with wooden boxes. Behind the boxes are five (Hard Difficulty) or ten (Normal Difficulty) Broadhead Arrows on the floor.

To the Factory

Continue forward. The railway track ends. You can see sort of a cart at the corner, and behind it a plaque showing the way to the Factory. The tunnel bends to the right. Look ahead! A skeleton is sitting on the tracks ahead. Stick to either side of the wall and move forward carefully. It is the only moving skeleton of the game. Get close enough and he will eject his head. A very powerful projectile, so stay away from the center line of the railway tracks.

Behind him is a cave on the left, but it has nothing but a big wheel. Follow the track to turn right, and at the end of the track you arrived at a little cave. There is nothing in the cave, so pick up another railway track on your left. This track has a fallen beam lying on it. While standing on the Beam-Track, look left and you can see (through a big hole of the wall) another track there. Go and have a look. That track runs along a dark tunnel towards the right. A cart is lying on the track, partially blocking the tunnel. At the end of this Cart-Track, you can see the bright light from a lamp. Go back to follow the Beam-Track.

The Beam-Track ends very soon at a cave half a meter lower than itself. On the opposite side of the cave is a doorway, and on the right side of the door frame is a ladder. Climb up the ladder and find another cave on your right. Jump down on that cave. Move inside to find a Gold Nugget (100;0;0) and a Silver Nugget (50;0;0). Players at Hard Difficulty will find an additional Silver Nugget (50;0;0). Players at Normal Difficulty will moreover find a Gold Nugget (100;0;0), getting a total of four nuggets here.

Climb back down the ladder and leave through the doorway. Mantle up and you arrive at a lamp. Now you have two ways to get inside the Factory.



Leaving the undead behind, we are entering the world of Hammerites. While we are at the Factroy Entrance, we will also visit the nearby lakes. Sneak the way through the Control Room into the Factory and we shall find the entrance to Prison.

Approaching Factory Entrance

On your left is the main entrance, guarded by two Hammerites (guard against whom? or what?). On the right (North) is the Freight Elevator (refer to your maps, click the arrow buttons to scroll among the different maps you have). Either way enters the Factory. As usually, we will see both. First, a Freight Elevator Excursion.

If playing Normal Difficutly, just walk to the metal door in the short tunnel on your right. Otherwise, a Zombie Possum lies between the door and you.

Excursion within an excursion: Hammerite vs Zombie (not applible to Normal Difficulty).

Do another game save to try this variation. An interesting way to play with the Zombie Possum is to find a Hammerite to fight against it. Run past the Zombie Possum to reach the door. You will wake him, and you may get bitten by the Fly Swarm. Before he stands up, open the door and rush inside. Look for the Hammerite; if necessary, run up the stairs to locate him. When you run into the Hammerite inside, turn around and run back to the Zombie. Run past him (that is difficult, because the tunnel is narrow) and rush up the ladder (where you found the nuggets).

When the Hammerite find the Zombie, he will attack him. I originally thought that nobody (nobody in the game, other than Garrett with Holy Water or Fire Arrows) is capable of killing Zombies. First, Hammerites can hit Zombie so hard and quick that the Zombie drop to the ground and never have sufficient time to stand up and fight back. Also, Reader Jack told me that some time the Hammerite can beat the Zombie so hard that the Zombie exploded to pieces. Anyway, it is always a nice show. Watch at a distance though. If you show up, they may turn and join forces to attack you instead!

You had better put the Zombie Possum to rest before moving to the door. So restore back to the beginning of the Freight Elevator Excursion and use Holy Water Arrows on him. This may arouse the Hammerites nearby, so be prepared to rush back to the ladder. Beyond the door, the tunnel continues a little and then reach a dead end. Go see if you want to. Go back to the door. Listen carefully at the door. Behind the door is a room with noisy floor and a patroling Hammerite.

Wait till his footsteps are moving away, then open the door. Shadow starts from the door forward, but you cannot stay at the door. Choose a nearby shadow for your ambush, and cover the ground between the spot and yourself by Moss Arrow. Move to the ambush point, crouch and wait for the Hammerite to come back. When he is close enough, knock him down.

Leave via the other exit and take the stairs to a small room with a ladder. Climb up to the elevator platform, and ride up (use the botton to set it into motion). Leave via the door, and walk along the corridor until you reach a junction. On the wall you find the plates showing the way to the Factory and the way back to the Mines. Refer to your map. The Freight Elevator is on the far right, the Mines at the bottom. By taking the elevator, you bypassed the Control Room and nearby rooms. So let’s restore and enter via the other way.

On the left are two tunnels. The obvious one (goes South) has railway tracks on it: it is the Cart-Track, with a turned over cart partially blocking the tunnel. The lamp above your head is the lamp you saw from that dark tunnel. The tunnel you need is very dark, sort of in front of you. The ground is a little bit higher than where you are, and it is grey in color (instead of dark green). Enter it and move quietly forward.

There are several niches on your left, with torches. You can see the dim light cast from the niche onto the ground, but you should pay attention to the right. There are two openings on the right, leading to the same big cave. You will pass the first opening before you reach the first niche, so beware. More important, the two Hammerites are there. They start talking when you get close.

Through the first opening, you see at least one Hammerite standing at the base of a staircase. The staircase leads to the Factory. Why on earth do they have an entrance through which nobody will enter or leave, who knows. Locate the torch on the staircase, and extinguish it with a Water Arrow. Look down at your feet. You will find a body part or two. Pick it up, for it will soon be useful for noise making.

Outside the Factory Entrance

Move quietly forward along your tunnel (ie not into the opening), for he will not notice you unless you are noisy. After passing the first torch, you will soon arrive at the second opening on the right. Quietly drop down the body part, turn right and move into the opening. Stick to the left side of the opening, because it is darker there. One Hammerite is standing under the staircase, while the other is patroling the area. He starts from the staircase, and go left leaving this Factory Entrance Cave. For Normal and Hard Difficulties, wait till the walking Hammerite walks pass you and grab the vial of Healing Potion on his belt.

Wait for the walking Hammerite to pass in front of you. Knock him down, the other Hammerite will not notice you. The remaining Hammerite is troublesome: he doesn’t move. You can sneak past him, but you have to refrain from making noises for quite a long time. For Normal and Hard Difficulties, just give him a Broadhead Arrow, best when aimed at his lower neck. To do it the expert way, you need to distract him.

Now comes the time for the body parts behind you in the dark tunnel. Pick it up and throw it into the right side of the Factory Entrance Cave (of course you can use a Noisemaker Arrow since you have one). The Hammerite will go and investigate. Take the opportunity to knock him down from behind. Use Moss Arrow on the ground if necessary.

The next section is an excursion for Expert Difficulty because only Normal and Hard players have loots in the pools. For experts who want to skip it, just jump to the section after (Into the Factory).

Three Lakes

Explore the tunnel the walking Hammerite has been patroling (the well-lit one, not the dark one you are from). Follow it to the end and you arrive at Hammerite Lake (because an Hammerite used to patrol here). Players at Expert and Hard Difficulties will leave the prison via the connected pools, so you may wade around now or later. Players at Normal Difficulty should take this chance to go to the right to see the waterfall on your right (North West from the shore).

After looking around, find the underwater tunnel in the Hammerite Lake (South West from the shore, goes towards South). Dive into it and follow it to the other end, the Barrel Lake. You cannot see any barrels from — the barrel is on the shore (on your left). For now, find another underwater tunnel in front of you (South) and dive into it.

When you start to dive from the Barrel Lake, you are going due South. The tunnel bends a little to the left, and is then followed by a left turn (ie sharper). The next is a right turn. For players at Normal Difficulty, there is a Silver Nugget (50;0;0) sitting on your left hand side at that dark corner. Then you arrive at a left turn. Immediately after the turn you find a Gold Nugget (100;0;0) and a Silver Nugget (50;0;0) unless you are playing Expert Difficulty (remember I said Experts will find nothing in the lakes). They are easily visible because the sea floor is better lit here. So if you run into these two without finding the first one, and you are playing Normal Difficulty, you know you have missed the previous one.

Emerge on the other end of the tunnel before you go out of breath. You arrived at the Zombie Lake. Zombies used to visit here, but you have sent them all to peace (or pieces). Climb ashore (not easy, you need to mantle at a corner on the right side of the shore. Explore the tunnel ahead to find out where you are.

Dive back into the underwater tunnel and emerge at the Barrel Lake. Walk ashore and leave via the only tunnel. You arrive at a cave with an empty barrel (hence the name of the lake). Follow the dark tunnel on your left. It takes you back to the two openings outside the Factory Entrance Cave.

Into the Factory

From the Factory Entrance Cave where you knocked down two Hammerite guards, climb the stairs. If you are curious enough to search under the stairs, good work; unfortunately nothing is there. Before you reach the top of the stairs, pause, because you are entering a corridor at the end of which a Hammerite sometimes appears. Also, take out your map. It shows the layout of the Factory very clearly.

You just arrived from the Mines on the bottom right of the map. Climb to the top of the stairs and open the sliding door on your right to enter the Power Station quietly. The tiny room has a Foot Locker with a hammer inside. If you open the Foot Locker, you automatically pick up the hammer. Think before you open, because it is noisy to drop the hammer. I suggest you do not do it until you have calm down the Hammerite nearby.

You may have some fun trying to kill Hammerites by throwing hammers at them. Best of all, it doesn’t count as kills, and so even Experts can try this. However you cannot save a hammer into your inventory so it is very inconvenient to carry around (eg you need to drop it whenever you open a door).

If playing Hard or Expert Difficulties, you must have heard the Hammerite walking in the next room. Your half of the room is safe. To knock him, you can move to a dark corner of the other half room when he is away. Or wait in your half room until he moves away, and try catch up with him quietly. However be careful, because after passing the power machine is the Machine Room, where another Hammerite on the left might spot you.

After you got the Hammerite, you can play with the hammer and leave the Power Station and go back to the corridor (ignore the other exits of the room). Enter the Store Rooms on the other side. This room is similar to the previous one. Except that a Hammerite is patroling nearby no matter which Difficulty Level you are playing. You handle him the same way as before, actually easier because you will not be overseen. Leave via the passage behind the Store Rooms (ie do not go back to the corridor you are from). Watch out for metal surfaces, and save game when you arrive at a door.

Open carefully and enter the Control Room. Lots of area is metal, so stay around the side that isn’t. Douse the torches nearby to have some darkness. Wait patiently till the Port Operator walks near you. Use Moss Arrow if necessary.

After you cleared the Control Room, you can have a look at the exit on the South, which goes back to the corridor with the Power Station and Store Rooms. In the center of the Control Room, there is a stand alone machine with two handles. Only one of the switches is operable. Use it to open the Clanky Grate leading to Machine Rooms. Note that on your right (when facing the switch) is another flip switch on the wall. However, it does nothing.

Go to Machine Rooms to have a look. You can leave the Control Room either via the North or the East. The two corridors soon meet, then goes North and then East to a junction.

Refer to your map. If you continue forward, you arrive at a door after a right turn. That is the Freight Elevator, which you have seen earlier in the Freight Elevator Excursion. Turn right to go into the Worker Bays.

Worker Bays

Here, three Hammerites are making hammers (what else?) in three Worker Bays. Move quietly. You are on a catwalk above them. There are two methods to pass this area. First you can move along the catwalk itself. When you reach the two corners, be careful because the ground is metal. At the end, descend the stairs carefully (or you can use Moss Arrow and fall down to the corridor underneath). You can see several boxes on your right. When the workers completed a hammer, they take it there. Therefore, the three workers keep moving near the bottom of the stairs. When you feel safe enough, move to the bottom, turn right, leave the area and head to the Prison.

The other method is to put them all to sleep, which is actually easier. Descend at the first stairs of the catwalk. Wait till the worker leaves his machine (to go store the hammer he just made). Sneak to a dark area of the corridor. Knock him down when he comes back. Move forward and repeat with the other two workers.

When all three are down, play with their casting machines. Also, at the third Worker Bay is a narrow passage going back to the Power Station. Go and have a look.

Leave the Worker Bays as indicated on the map.



Finally we get into the Prison. Past through the guard posts to access the Cell Blocks. After you have found Cutty, Basso and Issyt, proceed to the Barracks.

South Guard Post

Map cover ends, so you are back on your own. Climb the stairs to the top. Near the top, you will hear two Hammerite guards start talking about Cutty. Cutty has been quite ill, and they confirm what the Hot Tip told you about his location. Move quietly forward to hide in the shadows. Locate the two talking Hammerites and crawl towards them as far as the shadow permits.

One Hammerite is standing inside a guard post. You can see him through a window. Outside the window is the other Hammerite. When they finished talking, the outside guard will start walking. If you are quick enough, you can pick the Bronze Key from the walking guard when he passes you. Otherwise, you can do it later: he will be back someday. There are about a dozen identical Bronze Keys in this mission (depending on difficulty level), so if you are not concerned with pick counts, you only need to get one of them.

When the outside guard is gone, crawl quietly towards the guard post. Through the window, Pick the Bronze Key from the belt of the guard inside. Either Blackjack him through the window, or open his door and then Blackjack him. Go back to your hiding place to wait for the walking guard to return. When he does, pick the Bronze Key from him if you have not yet done so. Blackjack him. Leave via the only exit (towards where the outside guard was gone).

Go down the stairs (not the stairs you came from!) and follow the corridor to a T-junction, the North Junction. Cell Block 3/4 is on the left (West), 1/2 on the right (East). Although Cutty is in Block 4, let’s go first to the right.

East Guard Post

Stop when you arrive at a 90° left turn. That corner is brighter than the dim corridor behind you, so stop when you are still in the shadows. Save game and peek around the corner into the hall. A Hammerite guard is standing peacefully in his post, but note the rotating object on the ceiling. It is a Stone Age CCTV camera called the Eye of the Builder (Security Camera). Technically, it is just another AI. Don’t move when it can see you.

Who is the Builder? Master Builder is the god worshipped by the Hammerites. They believe in law and order (and jail and torture) and building.

When the Eye of the Builder is not watching, crawl quickly round the corner into the shadows of the hall (there are plenty). Crawl towards the window through which you see the guard. While crouching, you can pick the Bronze Key from his belt. Yes you can do it through the wall — you don’t have to see him, just face the correct direction (where the key on the belt should be). When the CCTV is not facing you, Blackjack him from outside the window. Kill the CCTV with a Broadhead Arrow (your statistics will get a “others killed”) if you want to.

Move back to the North Junction.

West Guard Post

Continue towards Cell Blocks 3&4. When you approach the torch, douse it and peek to the right into the hall around the corner.

You have a similar hall with a guard in his post, plus a CCTV. This time, the entrance of the hall is dark, so you proceed directly to the guard post. Crouching next to the window, pick his Bronze Key as before.

Turn right (East) and move along the wall. Locate a wall hole on your left (at ground level). It is a perfect hiding place in case the guard is trying to hit you — crawl inside and he cannot harm you, while you can Blackjack his leg from inside. After you identified the location of the hole, turn right and crawl to South East corner of the hall to prepare for action.

Save your game first. Because Garrett is a righthander, it is not as easy to Blackjack this guard from outside the window. First kill the Eye of the Builder with a Broadhead Arrow. This will arouse the guard, who usually come out for a look. Try to knock him down when he comes close. It is not easy, but if he goes back, you will need to make noises to attract him out for knocking. For players at Normal or Hard Difficulties, forget about him if you cannot Blackjack him, unless you are concerned about your hit counts. For Experts, we are leaving the prison behind his guard post, so you have to hit him now or later (or course you care retrace your path back, but I like to use different routes in return trips).

After you have dealt (or decided not to deal) with the guard, you may need to visit Nammon now. You don't know him yet, but you will learn about him later. If you are playing Normal or Hard Difficulty, visit Nammon now saves you lots of walking. For players at Expert Difficulty, you are coming back to him anyway, so no need to hurry. Therefore Experts should defer this visit till on the return trip. For Normal and Hard Difficulties players, jump to Nammon to visit Nammon now. For Experts, continue with the next section.

Cell Block 4

From the West Guard Post, continue West to arrive at the West Junction. Another sign post, telling you that Cell Block 4 is on your left (South), and Cell Block 3 is on your right (North). Turn left and walk carefully. Refer to your map. You are approaching Block 4 of Level 1 from the left side of the map.

When you arrive at the T-junction, you can see the cell blocks on your right. Save game. Be careful, because a Hammerite Guard is keeping watch from his guard post on Level 2 above. Each cell block has a guard post on Level 2, and in each guard post a Hammerite Guard stays there. In front of you past the junction is a metal door. The door leads to the Yard, which is connected to all four Cell Blocks via four similar metal doors. The next bit is complicated to describe, because of the number of variations involved.

Besides the four Hammerite Guards at the four guard posts, there are three more Hammerite Guards (only one for Normal Difficulty) in the Prison. In Original Thief, one Hammerite Guard stands inside the Yard (behind the metal door), two upstairs. One of the upstairs Hammerite Guards stands behind the metal door leading from Cell Block 1 to Cell Block 2, the other stands behind the metal door leading from Cell Block 4 to Cell Block 3. The only Hammerite Guard that appears in Normal Difficulty is the one upstairs in Cell Block 2. If there is a Hammerite Guard inside the Yard, he has a key on their belt for you to pick. The two Hammerite Guards upstairs have nothing to offer. In Original Thief, you should avoid entering the Yard early because you may trigger the guards to start moving around.

In Thief Gold, you have the same three Hammerite Guards, but they walk around from the beginning. They will enter and leave the Yard from time to time. One of them uses the doors on the West, while the other two use the doors on the East. In Thief Gold, you should get inside the Yard early to knock down all three guards, so that you would not run into them when you are exploring the Prison.

To summarize,

  • when playing Normal Difficulty,
    • The Yard is empty in Original Thief. Do not enter Yard until later. A Hammerite guard is upstairs at Cell Block 2
    • Enter Yard and wait for one Hammerite Guard with a Bronze Key in Thief Gold
  • when playing Hard or Expert Difficulties,
    • The Yard has a single Hammerite Guard with a Bronze Key in Original Thief. Do not enter Yard until later. Two Hammerite Guards are upstairs.
    • Enter Yard and wait for three Hammerite Guards with one Bronze Key in Thief Gold
In Original Thief, we will enter the Yard after we have settled the Level 2 guards. In Thief Gold, when the Level 2 guard is not watching, move quietly pass the junction towards the metal door. Stay in the shadows and wait for the walking guard to arrive at the door. Knock him down. Listen and check whether the Yard is empty. Use the Bronze Key to unlock the door (the pad lock is on the wall next to you, not on the door). Then you move inside and hide yourself, waiting for a lone Hammerite Guard to appear. For each guard, check whether he has a Bronze Key to offer, and then knock him down. Save often, because another Hammerite Guard might enter before you can hide the first body.

Cell Block 4 Level 2

After you secured the Yard, go back to Cell Block 4. Peek left. You need to move past the cells to access the stairs on the other side. Note that there are strips of shadows on the ground. Move along the shadows, and when you need to move from one patch of shadows to another, wait till the Hammerite Guard above is looking away. When you are moving, note the numbers marked outside each cell. Arrived on the other (South) side, turn left and at the end move up the stairs.

On Level 2, turn left and peek left past the corner to locate the Hammerite Guard in his guard post. Again the corridor has strips of shadows. However this time the strips are not connected, so you have to wait till he turns away to move across each patch of light. When you finally reach his door, save game and open it with your Bronze Keys. Remember not to stand in front of the door you are opening.

Wait till he has his back towards you (open the door again if it shuts). Pick the Bronze key from his belt and Blackjack him. Read the Block 4 ledger on the table. Your Cutty is in Cell 6. Look at the switches on the wall. They are not numbered, but they reflect the physical layout of the cells (6 lower cells plus 4 upper cells). Look out of the window, decide where Cell 6 is, and flip the switch. Do not trust the left/right position of the switches: some gates open by flipping the switch to the left, some to the right. Just flip the one you think is Cell 6 (the answer is bottom left).

Go back downstairs to find Cutty. After you heard his last words, check your revised mission objectives. Before you leave Cell Block 4, take the Cell 5 Excursion.

Go back upstairs and open the gate of Cell 5 (bottom center). Come back down and visit the prisoner inside Cell 5 (opposite Cutty). He is Wills the Heretic. Afterall he is a Hammerite Priest, and you can have a look at their magical attacks.

Players at Expert Difficulty need to find Basso, who is in Cell Block 3. Players at Expert and Hard Difficulties need to find Issyt, who is in Cell Block 1. Therefore, players at Normal Difficulty can skip directly to Barracks unless you want to move around knocking Hammerite guards and picking keys from their belt. Similary players at Hard Difficulty need not follow Experts to Cell Block 3, and can skip directly to Cell Block 1. However, remember that skipping these cells reduces your pick count.

Cell Block 3

From Cell Block 4 Level 1, go back upstairs. Instead of turning left, go forward past the corridor and find a metal door on your right. Refer to the map: the door leads to Cell Block 3.

Open the metal door with your Bronze Key. In Original Thief, a Hammerite guard is standing behind the door (this guard is not present in Normal Difficulty). However he turns around from time to time, so make sure his back is facing you. Settle him, turn right and peek left into the corridor. Same layout here. Go to the guard post the same way. When you get close, the prisoner at Cell 10 will make a lot of noise. Hammerite guards will ignore him, so stay calm.

Open the door, pick the Bronze key from the guard and Blackjack him like before. Read the Block 3 ledger on the table to locate Basso. Open his cell and go down to find him. Before you go, do you remember who Tarquis (the noisy prisoner in Cell 10) is? You have read about him from Dominic’s report in the Lord Bafford’s Manor. Tarquis used to a dealer working for Lord Bafford before the Hammerites arrested him. If you find Tarquis too annoying, open his cell and knock him down. However you must do it carefully. Once his gate is open, he will run away yelling, and that will attract the Hammerite gaurds. So you must run after him to knock him out. If you are too fast you and block his way out before he leaves his cell, remember not to knock him on the forehead. Repeated Blackjack attacks from the front usually kill humans.

Remember who Dikket is? He used to be in Cell 2, and is now released. You have already learnt something from him (the hot tips about where Cutty is). And remember who the noisy Tarquis is? He is a dealer of Lord Bafford. His arrest was mentioned in a letter from Dominic to Lord Bafford in the Library of his Manor (Mission 2).

Before you go downstairs, note that, compared with Cell Block 4, here is an extra room on Level 2. It is between the corridor to the guard post and the stairs going down to Level 1. The room is empty though.

Find Basso downstairs in Cell 4. He is not in very good shape. Players at Expert Difficulty should carry him to the West Junction (near the Eye of the Builder) so that you can pick him up when you are leaving.

Cell Block 1 and 2

If playing Original Thief, go back to East Guard Post via West Guard Post (where the two Eyes of Builder are) to access Cell Block 1. Thief Gold players have already cleared the Yard and can go directly to Cell Block 1 via the Yard. Either way, you arrive at Level 1 of Cell Block 1.

At the end of the corridor you find two hallways instead of one. The first hallway is the usual one leading upstairs, behind it is the second hallway marked “Barracks” Ignore the second one for the time being, for we will go there only after we have settled the Prison.

Access the guard post upstairs and hit the Hammerite guard there after picking his Bronze Key. Locate Issyt from the Block 1 ledger. He died. Anyway, go to Cell 9 (upstairs near where you are) to see if your Lucky Hand could escape the scrutiny of the Hammerites. Search carefully and you will get it.

Move quietly to the metal door joining Cell Block 1 and Cell Block 2. Open the door with your Bronze Keys. When playing Original Thief, a guard is waiting for you on the other side of the door (all Difficulty Levels). Again, wait till he faces away and take him down.

For the fourth time, get to the guard post and hit the Hammerite guard there after picking his Bronze Key. Although you are not interested in any prisoners, have a look at Block 1 ledger. Note that Nammon is recorded dead. Players at Normal and Hard difficulties have already visited him, while Experts will do it later. You will read more about him in the Officers’ Quarters.

Note that Cell Block 2 has a spiral stairs (at the position where Cell Block 3 has an empty room). Take it and go down to Level 1. Enter the Yard. In Original Thief, the Hammerite guard is standing inside. Sneak up on him, pick his Bronze Key, knock him down and hide him in the shadows.

Travers the Yard and go back to Cell Block 1. At the end of the corridor on your left, save game and take the hallway leading to Barracks.



Up in the Barracks, explore the bedrooms and the Shrine. Then find your way up to Officers’ Quarters for more treasures and secrets.


Move carefully when you approach the stairs. The hallway widens and on your right will be a Hammerite Priest if you are playing at Expert Difficulty. Players at Normal or Hard Difficulties can ignore the next paragraph.

With a saved game, say hello to him to admire his magical attacks. Restore and figure out how to get past him. Douse the torch and then you have several choices. First you can try sneak past him quietly (remember you need to come back down past him again). Second you can sneak near him (get too close and he sees you), stand up, lean forward and Blackjack him. Finally you can distract him (there isn’t anything handy nearby that you can pick up and throw, so you have to use a Broadhead Arrow — you have plenty of them afterall), and attack him when he is looking for you. Either of the ways work, try them all.

Move carefully to the top of the stairs. Turn left and on the corridor, enter the doorway on your left into a Chapel. Hide in the shadows nearby. Two Hammerites are patroling here. Note that besides the West doorway you used, the Chapel has two more doorways. The first Hammerite enters from the South and leaves at the North. The second Hammerite patrols along the corridor outside.

Wait for the Hammerite to enter from the South. When playing at Normal Difficulty, pick a Healing Vial from his belt. In Original Thief, it seems that the vial is present in all Difficulty Levels. In Thief Gold, the vial only appears in Normal Difficulty. I am not sure whether it is a bug, because it seems there are only 11 picks for Experts, while the end game statistics say 12 are available.

After you have Blackjack the Hammerite, wait for the one in the corridor outside. When he moves past the doorway, tail him and knock him down. Hide the guard and explore the corridor. Enter the door on your right. It is a bedroom with a Foot Locker. Open it to get a Purse (100;0;0). Continue along the corridor and you will find a second bedroom, whose Foot Locker contains 10 Broadhead Arrows.

Continue explore the corridor. You will find a Mess Hall, a Kitchen and then it ends rather abruptly. Enter the Kitchen and examine the table on your right. At the end (near the fire place) you find a Water Arrow. Go back to the Chapel.


Look at the two big hammers standing next to the two doorways. On top of each you get a Gold Hammer (75;0;0). Move forward to the stain glass window. Just in front of the glass are two Gold Candlesticks (50;0;0). Turn around and leave the Chapel via the doorway on the right (North).

Save your game and move quietly along the only path. The corridor ends in a wider area in front of a Shrine behind the stain glass you just saw. A Hammerite Priest (dressed in red) and a Hammerite Novice (dressed in green, with a big red hammer on the chest) are inside the Shrine. Since they are facing each other, you need to distract them. Go back to the Chapel to get a bowl. Hide in a dark corner and throw a bowl against the opposite wall. Wait for the Hammerite Priest to pass nearby, so that you can pick his Silver Key.

When you get the opportunity, knock one of them down. Repeat bowl throwing if necessary. If you lose the bowl, use Broadhead Arrows. When one is down, you can simply sneak up from behind the other (when he is standing idly inside the Shrine). When cleared, move inside the Shrine.

The Shrine is disappointedly void of things. You can read their books, but you should be after the Gold Hammer (75;0;0) on the table. When playing at Hard Difficulty, you find a vial of Holy Water on the table as well (two vials for Normal Difficulty). Leave, turn right and follow the corridor. Midway you will see the doorway going back to the Chapel, ignore it. Continue forward to the stairs.

Officers’ Quarters

Follow the stairs to the top and continue until you arrive at a steel wall with a hammer insignia. There is a bedroom on either side of you. And a patrolling Hammerite guard — so move quietly.

First enter the bedroom on your right. Find the locker and open it with your Silver Key. Inside the locker, you get a Necklace (100;100;0) and a Gem Stone (0;100;0). If playing Normal or Hard Difficulties, you will also find a vial of Healing Potion as well. If you find more secrets in this room (none for Normal Difficulty), you are a very good thief; but for now, go quietly to the other bedroom.

As soon as you enter the door of the other bedroom, notice another door on your right (partially blocked by the door you just opened). That door leads to the outside, where the Hammerite guard is patroling. That is why you hear him well, and so he hears you clearly as well.

There is a locker in this room, but do not touch it if you are playing in Normal Difficulty. Once you get the contents, the Normal game ends. So you had better look around first.

From the shelf on your right, find a Hammer Scroll to read about Nammon. Fortunately Nammon has not become a Zombie. Players at Normal and Hard Difficulties have already met him near the West Guard Post, and Experts will see him soon.

To make sure you can open the locker, two more keys are placed in this room for lower Difficulty Levels. When playing at Normal Difficulty, a Silver Key is available inside the desk drawer. When playing at Hard Difficulty, a Silver Key is available on the shelf. This one is hard to locate. Concentrate on the top row, right half of the shelf. The books are placed into two sets. Between the two sets of books, the key lies flat on the shelf.

Now we leave via the door leading outside (ie not the door through which you entered this room).

Top of the mountain

Outside the door is an empty corridor. Save game, turn left and follow quietly. After another left turn, you find a door on the right.

At the end of the corridor is a small window. From time to time you can see a Hammerite guard walking past it. When he passes, pick the Silver Key (thanks to Heath Campbell pointing out that it can be done via the window). Save game.

Open the door, locate the Hammerite guard and knock him out (use a few Moss Arrows if necessary. Look around. You arrived at the top of the mountain.

Remember that you are told the main entrance to the prison is inaccessible? If this is the main entrance, then it is really inaccessible. How do the Hammerites take prisoners into the Prison? They never tell me, perhaps they drop them here by a helicopter. BTW if it isn’t the main entrance, then it is 100% incessible — it doesn’ exist. Anyway go down and have a swim, but there is nothing in the water. Go back to the bedroom.

Find the locker and open it with your Silver Key. Inside, you find several things. First, get the Gem Stone (0;100;0) and the Tiera (75;50;0). Then if playing at Normal or Hard Difficulty, you also find a Felix Scroll (Experts will find the same scroll later, at a different place). Felix has discovered a treasure and leave this note to Cutty. In the next mission, you will be looking for the Horn of Quintus he mentioned, and you will hear the echoing Horn, meet Felix in the Bonehoard .

At Normal Difficulty, your game ends when you read the scroll. Only players at Hard and Expert Difficulties continue with the next section.

Getting out


Now, the time to leave. Expert and Hard Difficulties leave via different paths. Hard Difficulty players leave directly from the Officers’ Quarters, while Experts go back down to find Nammon near the West Guard Post first. Either way, you will swim down the waterfall to the Hammerite Lake. Instead of getting out of the Mines via Level 3 again, we will leave via Level 2.

Secret of the Officers

Go back to the other bedroom. If you have not found anyhing the last time, take out your Sword and hack at the big banners. What you find depends on your Difficulty Level. For players at Hard Difficulty, continue with this paragraph; for players at Expert Difficulty, skip to the next paragraph. At Hard Difficulty, you get an empty room with an exit. Follow it and arrive at a big vault. Jump into the water and swim along. It will take you all the way via West Guard Post to the waterfall near Hammerite Pool. Skip to section after next (Leaving the Lakes) for you have already visited Nammon before.

For Experts, behind the banners reveal a small room. A table with three Bottles of Fine Wine (0;0;50) are waiting for you. Take them and retrace your steps back down to Barracks, Cell Block 1, Yard, Cell Block 4, out to West Guard Post (where there was the Eye of the Builder). Now the time to visit Nammon.


On the right side of the guard post, find the hole on the base of the wall. Crawl inside. Nobody’s there, so move freely. At the end, find Nammon.

Next to him, get three Water Arrows and four Moss Arrows. Take the Stack of Gold Coins (25;0;0), four Stacks of Silver Coins (12;0;0) and a Stack of Copper Coins (5;0;0). Most important, find a Silver Key: there are only four (three for Expert Difficulty) Silver Keys in the mission, and this one is the easiest to find. For players at Normal or Hard Difficulties, continue to get inside the prison by following this link.

For players at Expert Difficulty, you also find an important item here. It is the Felix map you needed. Leave and get inside West Guard Post, and notice that there is a stream of water behind it. Pick up Basso and jump into the water. It is not easy. You need to do a running jump and do it right. If you give up trying, you can just retrace the path through the Factory down to the Hammerite Lake. If you succeed, remember to keep above water as much as you can. Basso will get drown before you do.

Leaving the Lakes

Arriving at the Hammerite Lake, you have two ways to leave if playing Hard Difficulty. Experts have only one choice: you must go by land. Follow the corridor at the shore back to Factory Entrance, and find you way back to the Mines Level 1.

Players at Hard Difficulty can also dive into the underwater tunnel. Experts cannot do this because the diving quickly kills Basso. Emerging on the Barrel Lake, dive again to arrive at Zombie Lake. There you are already at Mines Level 1.

Either way, move the to elevator.

Mine Level 2

Press the top button of the control panel to call up the elevator. Walk on the elevator.

At Hard Difficulty, you can leave either via Mine Level 3 (where you came from) or Mine Level 2. You had better try Mine Level 2, for it is new to you. For Experts, you do not have a choice. Remembe that the entrance was flooded? Basso will not survive the dive. Mine Level 2 is your only choice.

Press the second button from the top, taking you down to Mine Level 2. Be careful because if you go down to Level 3 or 4 instead, you have to retrace a long path to get back here. For Experts, you need to first drop down Basso before you can press the button. For half a dozen times, the elevator took me down but Basso was left floating in mid air! Therefore, once you pressed the button, grab Basso immediately.

Down on Level 2, first find out where you can step on. There is a hole around you, so you should jump carefully and avoid falling through. The elevator only goes to Levels 2 and 4. If for some reason you want to go from here to Mine Level 1, the only way is to go down to level 4, then repeat your climb to level 1.

Move forward along the only path (no Zombies here, so run as you wish). Climb down the ladder carefully (ie don’t drop). Experts can either carry Basso down the ladder, or throw him down from above (he can get drown in water, but would not break into pieces here). Follow the tunnel until you reappear in the open. You are now at the hill opening you saw at the start of the game.

For players at Normal Difficulty who came here for an excursion, restore you game retrace to continue your journey at Mine Level 1. For others, just stand at the opening and the mission soon ends.

Total total loot, and total.


Scary, isn’t it? When you bought Thief, you probably didn’t know you are going to face the undead.

Garrett neither. Yet it seems that even after visiting the Cragscleft prison he still does not believe in ghosts. It is one thing to have a scientific mind, it is another to be stubborn. What is important is not whether you believe in ghosts, but how you decide whetehr to believe. Do you believe in astrology? Statistics says a quarter of the population does! How about the followings:

  • Space aliens are abducting your neighbors.
  • You were a medieval stable boy in a former life.
  • Nostradamus predicted JFK's assassination.
  • Crystals heal.
  • Bigfoot stalks.
  • Elvis lives.
Fox Moulder says “I want to believe”, how about you? Go read How to Think about Weird Things: Critical Thinking for a New Age (ISBN: 007287953X) to learn how to decide what to believe.

Click the bold text to expand/collapse the details. When your mouse is over them, the text color will change to red, and the mouse pointer will change to a hand. When the details are expanded, you may also double-click the detail lines to collapse them (so you don’t need to scroll back to title line to collapse the details).

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