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Mission 6: The Sword

List loots and picks at Difficulty Level for .

Version History

v1.7(sep 2001)
  • Now uses a new script so that the loot count now shows in three components (gold;gem;goods) for easier tracking.
  • You can select the game version (TDP or TG) and the cumulative figures will adjust automatically.
  • Finally, a total loot/pick is displayed at the end of the mission.
v1.6(Apr 2001)
  • Information on where your old Sword has gone, after you got the new one.
v1.5(Mar 2001)
v1.4(Jun 2000)
  • Added several powerups omitted in the previous version.
v1.3(Feb 2000)
  • Add new areas available in Thief Gold (the area nick named Gulliver’s Travel).
  • Fixed mistakes.
  • Improved descriptions of loots.
  • List all picks
v1.2(Dec 1999)
v1.1(Nov 1999)
  • Added purchase recommendations.
  • Additional details about the tunnels around the Hanging Rose Bed Room.
  • Alternative way to get the Sword: via Level 6 instead of Level 5
v1.0(Oct 1999)
  • Initial release.


About this walkthrough

This mission uses a version number (starting with 1.0) independent of the main document.

At several places, additional information is available as tool tips. Move the mouse on the words looking like these to see them.

The house offer many different routes that every walkthrough I read uses a different route. I ended up choosing one very different from any I read. In fact, I changed my mind many times when I am writing this very walkthrough.

In Thief Gold, you have two more coins (worth a total of 20) to collect and one extra pick (a Healing Potion from a guard). If you correctly set the verion information in the drop boxes above, the cumulative loot and pick count will be adjusted accordingly.

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Story Background

Note that the owner of the mansion is just Constantine. He doesn’t carry a title, he doesn’t have a relative, he doesn’t have a history. Just a rich man recently moved to the city, he acquired ownership of the estate abandoned by Barak. He commissioned the architect Lionel Karthman to reconstruct the mansion to its current queer look. This renovated mansion is adorable. You couldn’t have imagined such fun when you pick up the mission.

Main Route and Excursions

There being so many different paths in the house, I really cannot pick one that goes everywhere (for my tourist delights) without unreasonably many detours. Instead, I will present the walkthrough like this. I will describe the main route like a regular walkthrough. Then at certain points I will mark excursion routes. At these points, if you want to have a look (and you should), save your game and follow the route. Click the excursion heading in this color and style to expand the route. After the voyage, just reload the game you saved at the Excursion starting point to continue the main route (note that many excursions do not bring you back to the starting point). For those who don’t bother to go (I do not understand why anybody should want to skip the excursions), just ignore the milestone and continue straight on.

Purchase recommendations

Buy all Water Arrows and buy as much Moss Arrows and Flash Bombs as you can. If you are following the Main Route below, you probably only need to buy a handful of additional Water Arrows because you actually do not need a lot, while there are many to be picked up. However do buy a lot for your excursions.

Entering the House

You start mission inside the walls. Go right towards the Front Gate. Wait at the dark shadows near the Entrance and listen to the guards talk. Soon one guard will come out (the other guard is the South Corridor guard you will see later). Pick his Purse (100;0;0) and knock him out.

It is rather difficult to enter the House by the Front Gate. I thought it was not possible, but reader MSB showed me that it can be be done. Go there and look. There are two tiny towers at the Front Gate: the one on the left is solid and useless, the other one has a guard inside. The guard in walking in the small Front Gate Guard Room, making loud footsteps that you hear. He usually can’t see you, stay crouched to be doubly sure.

Look into the main door. Inside is the South Corridor going left and right. A guard is patroling the corridor. Wait till he goes to the right (East) side, and crawl up the stairs, staying on the right side (still outside) of the doorway. Save game. When he arrives (his footstep will change from carpet to tile a few steps before arriving), lean to pick his Guard Key. All Guard Keys in this mission are the same, and you need at least one of them. Reader MSB proceeds wait another turn and Blackjack the guard next time he arrives. However, there are other guards in the building, and they may see you when you are knocking him from here. Therefore, we will knock him later.

Go back to the starting location and turn right to the end. Look up. Shoot a Rope Arrow up to the wooden area and climb up to the balcony. Rerieve the arrow while you jump to the balcony. If you missed the arrow, mantle to the edge of the balcony, look up to face the arrow, jump up and grab it.

Enter the balcony double doors. Get the three Stacks of Silver Coins (12;0;0) on the ground (near the bed on your left). Using the Guard Key, you can open the double doors, but we are not leaving via these doors — we go downstairs first. If you are curious, open them for a surprise now, or leave it till later. Go to the room on your right (South) and descend via the ladder down to Level 1. Via the opening, go to the far North end of the next room to collect a Flash Bomb and a Land Mine. Go to the door.

Level 1 West Side

Coffin Room

You are at the South West corner of Level 1. Level 1 has three main, long and straight corridors: West (running N-S), South (running E-W), and East (running N-S). Open the door and you can see the West Corridor right in front of you (going to your left) and the South Corridor slightly to your right (going away from you). One guard is patroling each corridor, so you should be careful of both guards at the intersection.

Note the patrol path of both guards. When it is safe, sneak into the room opposite. Too bad the coffin has nothing special. Go to the far pillar and examine the North side of its base. Pick the lock and get a Gold Plate (50;0;0) and a Healing Potion. Now save the game, open the South door and we start some Guard-Knocking.

Stand at the shadow next to the fire, so that you can clearly see what is outside the door. When the guard walks past the door to the right (West), move quietly to the right side of the doorway (still inside the room) and crouch there. If you have not picked his Guard Key at the Front Gate, do it now. When the guard moves past you towards the left (East), club him. All Guard Keys in this mission are the same, and you need at least one of them. Repeat for a similar opportunity to club him. When he walks past the second time to the East, crawl towards the carpet and walk up to club him. Take his body back to the Coffin Room and close the door.

Open the West door to look back to the West Corridor. Save game. Count the doors on the East side of the corridor. Starting from the South, the first one is the Coffin Room. The guard leave the corridor by the second door, takes a long walk and comes back via the third one. When the guard leaves the corridor, get yourself into the corridor. Walk to the carpet, close the door, turn right (North) and walk to the last door on your right (East), skipping over the two doors used by the guard. Enter the last door very quietly. If you want to be doubly safe, hide first in the doorway on your left, which is the Level 1?2 West Staircase, wait the guard to reappear, re-disappear, and continue to the last door.

If you have the time, look up while you walk. It is something you should always be doing. Near the second door (the door the guard enters), the ceiling is missing and you can have a glimse of the level above. By the way, you can climb up using a Rope Arrow, except that the noise made by the arrow will likely attract the nearby guards.

Dining Room

You are in the Kitchen. Be very careful, depending on your walking speed, the guard may be right in front of you. Just inside the door is a big pillar. Place it between the guard and you. The guard enters via the doorway on your right, goes to the door on the far end (North East), walk a few steps outside and retrace his path back to the doorway.

Douse the torch on your right, making a good shadow on the left of the doorway. Move there when it is safe. When he walks by, pick his Purse (50;0;0) and then knock him out.

Take the Purple Vase (0;0;50) opposite the doorway. Look through the doorway into the Dining Room. Wait till you see a guard walking towards your left. Enter the doorway. On your right you can now see the two doors you skipped: both of them leads here. Use a Water Arrow to shoot out the torch between the doors.

When you are in the Dining Room, be quiet. Walking is OK, but if you make too much noise (such as running a lot or jumping around), you would attract the guard upstairs to come down and examine.

Examine the patrol path of the other guard. He is patrolling the Dining Room, and the Courtyard to the East, and the Bar Room beyond. Crouch in front of the door at the South East corner, just beyond the end of the carpet. Wait till he comes near you to pick the Guard Key from his belt.

You may walk (do not run) forward to club him. Or try this alternative. First grab the Gold Candlestick (50;0;0) on the dining table. Use a Rope Arrow to jump on top of the dining table (I never succeed to mantle up the table otherwise). Walk towards the south edge of the table and wait till the guard walks past you. Drop from the table to the carpet and knock him down.

We are leaving Level 1 now. Remember that we have yet not visited the Bar Room (East of the Courtyard).

Level 2 West Side


This is a long section. After so many missions, you should have found out that the ceiling and floors do not isolate sound very well. When a guard in the next room may not hear you, a guard above or below you will nearly always be aroused by your footsteps. Therefore, we had better get upstairs to get rid of the 2/F guard first.

And on 2/F we have the same problem. The East and South parts of 1/F is still well guarded so it is very dangerous to visit the East or South part of 2/F. So we confine ourselves to the Level 2 West.

Instead of returning to 1/F, we take the opportunity to use the North West tunnel to Sideways Room on 3/F. And to avoid repeating the return path, we take another path to visit the Garden West. However, the Garden East has to wait, because we need a key from the Level 2 East to access the Cellar in the Green House there.

Music Room

Now we get upstairs. Climb on the table again and retrieve the rope. Look at the roof above: you start to learn about the interesting architecture of this house. So that’s what Viktoria means by “the mansion is confusing to navigate in”.

Slide open the door above the table. Use a Rope Arrow to climb upstairs. The room above is part of a patrol area (that is why the guard can hear you if you make noises down in the Dining Room). So listen to the footsteps before popping out your head. Climb to the floor and use Water Arrow on the two torches on the walls.

I call this room the Music Room, because of the interesting music that starts playing everytime you get here. The guard will enter the room by the NW doorway and leave by the NE doorway. Wait next to the table, and knock him out next time he arrives. Remember to collect back you Rope Arrow and take the Green Vase (0;0;50) on the table.

There is only a single guard on 2/F, and he only patrols a small part of the whole building. Why? Having played so many missions, you should now understand what it means. It can only mean the rest of the places are full of traps.

Whenever you see a big face on the wall, or a hole the size of a fist, or any strange protrutions, it is likely to be a trap. Stand before it (or close enough to it) and it will shoot you. So watch out.

Start at the Music Room. Close the floor-door first, lest you drop accidentally down to the dining table below. Look upwards: there is a door on the ceiling as well. Save your game and open the ceiling-door. There are two Faces on the wall above. Shoot a Rope Arrow at the bottom of the right (South) Face. That one allow you to climb down, shoot another Rope Arrow to the ceiling above the right Face to climb up.

Climb the ceiling Rope Arrow and drop to the floor on the right side of the faces. Retrieve the ceiling Rope Arrow and look around: many of the tiles are pressure plates, rewarding you with an energy ball from the faces on the wall. That means as long as you do not stand in front of the faces, you are safe (note that the explosive barrel is not in the line of fire). Move forward (West), stepping on the pressure plates and watching the fireballs. When you reach the first Chest, get the Gemstone (0;100;0) inside. Turn right and pick up the Land Mine on the floor between the Chests, and from the other Chest get a Gem Ring (100;0;0).

Carefully crouch in front of the face with the Rope Arrow. Save your game. While still crouched, run towards the rope: you will drop but before you hit the floor below you will grab the rope to prevent taking damage. Climb further down, retrieve the rope and drop to the floor safely. Save again.

Go to the only door on the South side of the Music Room. When you are on Level 2, never open a door when you are standing in front of it. Crouch and stand on the side, open and wait. An energy ball flies by. This is the Two-Face Room, each Face faces a door. Now walk inside to get a Gold Nugget (100;0;0) under the face.

On the West side of this room, you can see a staircase beyond a gap. It is the Level 2?1 West Staircase, going down to the West Corridor (the one outside Dining Room). You can also see the Level 2 West Corridor (broken by the gap) going left and right. By jumping to the staircase area, you can jump to the Level 2 West Corridor, but we will go there via another way in the Excursion: Level 2 West Corridor

First, pick up the skull on the floor. Walk carefully past the fire (either press yourself to the wall or to the faces). Look at the South door. Next to the door are explosives, the fireball from the Face will hit them.

Note that the area in front of the door is actually a pressure plate. Stay two meters away from them, and throw the skull towards the pressure plate. After the explosion, open the door and exit.

Since this door actually opens to the South Corridor, you can visit there as well. However, most of the South Corridor is uncarpetted, and the guard downstairs can easily hear you. If you crouch and move deadly slow, you can explore the South Corridor, but we had better leave it till after the 1/F Guards are out.

Walk very slowly to the carpet and then to your right (East). On the wall at the corner is a Glyph. If you examine it closely, the face on the far end of the corridor may send you three fireballs from behind you. It doesn’s always happen, but if you see the symbol jump out of the Glyph (like a hand-drawn eye), then crouch down and turn around to see it. Turn North into the wooden floor-ceiling (wooden ceiling below your feet acting like the floor).

This is the first inverted area you have been to. Even the paintings are upside down. A double door is on your left. Open it with a Guard Key to find a familiar room.

Continue going North until the gap. On your right you can see the doorway of the Two-Face Room. Do a quick save here, because the jump is not easy. Either do a running jump directly across to the North side of the gap, sticking to your right (East) half of the corridor. Or jump to the Level 2?1 West Staircase area on your left, and from there jump to the North side of the gap. Or you can use a Rope Arrow to shoot at the floor-ceiling (not the ceiling floor above your head) across the gap and jump at it.

Didn’t you see that part of the floor adjacent to the gap has a darker color? Face North, crouch and walk on it. A secret panel will open, revealing a face to shoot a fireball down the West Corridor.

Open the door. A big Fly Swarm is behind the door. A Chest is on your right, but you cannot access it from here without getting hurt. We will visit the Fly Swarm Room soon in the Main Route. For now, that’s all for the excursion.

Go back to the Music Room.


Leave the Music Room by the North doorway (the one through which the guard enter the room) to a crossroad. You enter the crossroad from the South East, and we will visit each of the other three branches in turn.

Time for a big excursion. The North East branch leads to the Level 2?1 Central Staircase, and we will take the opportunity to go all the way to the Level 4 Exhibition Area in Lower Exhibition Area Excursion, because the Main Route doesn’t go there.

From the Crossroad, go North East. It soon forks. First go North to have a look. You arrive at a ledge overlooking the 8-point Star Garden. Use the opportunity to have a look at it. We shall be arriving there from the North West corner later in the Main Route.

Go back to the fork to go East. Arrives at a big hall with hard tiles. Walking is OK but do not run. Go forward (East) and you see the Level 2?1 Central Staircase, leading down to the Courtyard on the East of the Dining Room. On your right (South) beyond the stairs is another section with a big circular hole overlooking the Courtyard. Here you are at the center part of Level 2, joining the two wings. Continue forward to the double doors at the corner on your left. Use a Guard Key to open the door, revealing the Level 2?3 Central Staircase. Ride it to 3/F.

Nothing much here. The door on your right has only a wall behind it. Follow the tunnel (I call all areas with this rocky/grassy texture tunnels) on your left.

When you finally reach tiled floors, immediately turn left to a section the wooden floor-roof. Here is the Level 3 Inverted Area. Go North until you see the a Greenish Doorway on your right with red walls behind the doorway. Go through it quietly. Ahead of you is a tunnel on your left (the North Tunnel), and a tiled ramp on your right (the South Ramp). Both go to the same area, but we enter the North tunnel now. Soon you find a window (OK, a hole on the tunnel that looks into the area beyond the tunnel walls) on your left but you cannot climb into it. We will go inside (the Lower Greenary Room) a bit later. For now, go forward until you have a vine right in front of you.

On your right is a tunnel leading to the South Ramp, and we will leave that way. For now, look ahead. Ahead of the vine is tiled floor again. It is the Level 4 Exhibition Area. Save your game here because we are going to knock four guards before coming back to this location to continue our journey. One guard is wandering around, so be careful.

It is not necessary, but using Water Arrow on the torches on your left may make you feel better. Walk quietly forward (ignore the corridor that goes to the right) until you see the doorway on your right, leading into the Exhibition Hall. Get inside and walk quietly to a dark corner. A guard soon (takes longer for Gold, because the patrol is much more complicated in Thief Gold) walks near your doorway: knock him out.

Look around. The Exhibition Hall extends from Level 4 to Level 6. The noise of the foot steps in this area is confusing, because you can hear the guards on Level 5 as well as the guards on Level 4. In the middle of hall is the Constantine’s Sword, floating high above a pedestal. From you, you can get the Sword by shooting Rope Arrow to the upper walls of this area. Climb up and jump to the rings above the pedestal. Grab the Sword and drop down to the pedestal.

We are not doing anything here. You can see two more guards on the other doorway at the opposite end of the hall, but they cannot be handled from here. Leave via the same doorway you entered the hall (the North doorway) and turn right to continue.

Non-Gold players can skip to next paragraph. For Thief Gold players, proceed very carefully. One Guard who is stationary in another area (Level 4 North Area) now patrols all the way down to the corridor ahead. Move forward quietly to the first Torch on your right, where the hallway bends to the right. Inch forward and you can see a corridor branching to the East. That is the Vine Corridor, and the extra guards patrols up to the T-junction. Douse the Torch above you and the one in front (on the left before the T-junction). Lean to the left to locate and douse another Torch on the right side of the junction. Move quietly forward to douse one more Torch inside the Vine Corridor and now you have quite some darkness. Move very carefully because another guard is patrolling on your right (the other side of the junction) so move forward only when both are away. Move into the Vine Corridor to put out one last Torch at its end. Crouch inside the corridor, on the North side near the junction. When the guard comes out and turns back, knock him down. Note that in the next paragraph you are looking at things from a different location than non-Gold players. To avoid confusion, you can move back to where you were before dousing Torches.

Arrive at a T-junction. The branch on the left (East) is a corridor with a vine hanging in the middle. I call it the Vine Corridor: it is the nexus of Level 4, leading to many different places. For us, save game and continue forward (South). A guard is patroling a long path here, up to about the top of the ramp. When he turns away from you, sneak quietly forward and take the first right (not down the ramp but to enter a short hall that the guard is not patroling). There are two torches in this short hall. Put both out quickly. Now that you have some darkness, use a Moss Arrow near where the guard turns around, so that you can knock him out.

After you are done with the guard, save again because you have two more. Go to the end of the short hall. The two guards will not start talking until you are nearly seen by them. When they talk about the new room, sneak back to the short hall and get ready. They will walk down your short hall, together. Knock down the first, and quickly the second. However for Thief Gold they arrive at different times. I suggest first shooting a Moss Arrow in the middle of the short hall — makes your moving around much easier. Stay near the North end of the short hall and knock down the first one when he arrives. The noise alerts the other guard, so hide the body at the dark North West corner and crouch there yourself. He will not find you so wait till he really quiets down and prepare for the second knock.

Now we wiped out everything nearby. Many walkthroughs used this route to access the Vine Corridor, and also to leave (after dropping from the Sword to the pedestal). For our main route, we do not come here at all. Now walk towards where the two guards were, and you see the South Doorway of the Exhibition Hall on your right. Go inside for a look. The Hall has also a niche on the South East with a wooden box inside. I do not know what to do with it, because I cannot climb up to the pedestal even with the box (tell me if you succeed). Leave the Exhibition Hall and turn right to continue.

Continue forward and down a ramp. Climb the ramp on your right and turn left down another ramp to a small piece of grass. There is another ramp beyond the grass: it is the South Ramp from the Greenish Doorway. Also from the grass you can go both left and right. The right branch goes to the North Tunnel. Follow the left branch to an inverted area which exits to the corridor of the Greenish Doorway.

Go back to the South Doorway of the Exhibition Hall (where the two guards were). Leave via the short hallway back to the place where you hit another guard near the Vine Corridor. Go down the ramp that guard was patrolling. It is another corridor that turns right down to the same place (ramp to South Ramp). The patrol path of the guard was all the way down to the flat area next to the ramp, so it is very difficult to enter the Exhibition area via the South Ramp. Down the South Ramp to the small piece of grass, and go North through a short tunnel to the North Tunnel with the vine.

From the tunnel, go North till the very dead end. Just before the dead end you find another tunnel going West, slightly up. It is not the way you came (because we are not going back to the Greenish Doorway directly) nor the tunnel towards the South tunnel. Make sure you identified all three paths and then choose the one on the right. You arrive at the Upper Greenary Room. Look around, look up, look down the hole on the floor. Do you get dizzy?

On the South West corner is a doorway above the ground. It opens to Level 4 North Area, but we cannot enter it from here. The two guards patrolling the Level 4 North Area may hear you, but they cannot do anything. Look down towards the North. Jump down and land on the green part to avoid taking damage. You arrive at the Lower Greenary Room you saw earlier via the window in the tunnel. Leave via the exit on the South and you are back to the section with wooden roof beneath your feet. The Greenish Doorway is just ahead of you, and the excursion ends here.

From the crossroad (you remember to retain your saved game made at the crossroad, don’t you?), go South West. On the left, you will find the room with the Fly Swarm, and ahead, a bedroom. First enter the Fly Swarm Room. There are two Fly Swarms, behind them a Chest on the ceiling-floor. While it is possible to open the Chest empty handed, you have several Fire Arrows and have no other use for them. Stand at the doorway and aim at the ground below the Fly Swarm near you. It will disperse it. Walk along the left wall to open the Chest without getting near the other Fly Swarm. A Gemstone (0;100;0) will drop to the floor-ceiling — take it.

The door behind opens to the Level 2 (broken) West Corridor and we have already been there in an earlier excursion. Reader MSB taught me an interesting thing you can do with this room. If there are guards around on 1/F and 2/F, you can make noises to attract them. Run to the West Corridor and jump across the gap (to arrive behind this door). The guards cannot jump the gap, so they will instead find their way through the Fly Swarm Room. Then they will get trapped by the hole in the center of the room, and cannot come back out. They may try to climb out, but they will be attacked by the Fly Swarm. So they will either be trapped or killed. Before you try this, note however that you can lose some picks if you let guards with stuff on the belt to be killed this way.

So leave the Fly Swarm Room and turn left to a bedroom. Read the Purple Book on the table. It is a piece of notes that makes me angry: it talks about the plants that negates the magic power, leading me to carry those red plants around but never find the chance to use it. Anyway it shows Constantine is deeply interested in magic. Next to the bed find a Water Arrow. Through the other door to enter a bathroom and get another Water Arrow inside the bathtub. Go back to the crossroad.

We are here for the last time. Take the North West exit.

Sideways Room

The corridor bends left and the wooden floor ends. On the right is a tiled ramp going up. At the junction, look carefully — a trap is on the floor.

P1ague pointed out that the trap in TDP is the same as in TG (a Glyph). Somehow I got the impression that in TDP it was an armed Land Mine. If anybody finds an armed Land Mine here, please let me know.

Cling to the right wall to walk past the corner. Up the ramp to a plant, where you find a (natural) tunnel opening on your left. Follow the (natural) tunnel to arrive at 3/F. At the end of the tunnel, you find the wooden ceiling below your feet. Here is the Level 3 Inverted Area. Save game and go back to see the trap in this 2/F Floor Trap Excursion.

When you arrive at the top of the ramp, you will notice two skulls at the junction — the skulls weren’t there a moment ago! Cling to the left wall, crouch and crawl down the ramp. Approach the junction, and locate the trap. It is a Glyph, nearly directly ahead of you, on the wooden floor, behind one of the skulls (about 20cm long, 5cm wide).

Lean towards the strange symbol, and suddenly it will expand and jump at you. At the same time, two Broadhead Arrows are shot at you (one on the floor near you, one on the wall ahead). And it can be repeated, at least once (I can’t make it repeat a third time). But what are you going to do with Broadhead Arrows? Go back to the Level 3 Inverted Area to resume the journey.

You are in a short hallway where you can go either left or right. We need to go left, but first have a look on the right side. There is a corridor with a greenish wall. Move a few steps towards it and you should recognize the Greenish Doorway you visited during your Excursion from Level 2 West Crossroad to Level 4 Exhibition Area. Turn left instead and mantle through the opening (an inverted doorway) into the Sideways Room.

There is a doorway (looks like a big hole to you) on the floor. The treasure is below this floor-doorway, but look up first. There is another doorway (a hole on your ceiling) above, the starting point of an excursion. Save your game to join Excursion: Level 4 North Area.

Look up. Beyond the ceiling-doorway you can see that the corridor above is upside-down (Level 4 Inverted Area). Shoot a Rope Arrow at the carpet above. You find that the rope doesn’t extend low enough for your climbing. Shoot another Rope Arrow at the bookshelf next to the ceiling-doorway (shoot at the front face of the shelf, not the side). Climb the bookshelf rope so that you can jump to the carpet rope. Retrieve the bookshelf rope and continue to the level above. Retrieve the carpet rope and jump to the floor-wooden-ceiling (ie wooden ceiling beneath your feet). The area is safe: seems no guard ever patrols inverted or sideways areas.

Instead of two Rope Arrows, you can try to use a single one, shooting at the side of the doorway. It is much more difficult to aim, and also more difficult to climb/mantle.

Follow the floor-ceiling around a left and slow down. We are approaching the patrol area of two guards. After the right turn, you soon reach the end of the inverted area. At the end, turn right (face South) to douse the torch immediately in front of you.

Beyond the floor-ceiling are hard tile corridors. You have two corridors in front of you. One goes ahead (South) with two torches. Ignore that one. The other goes to your left (East) and two guards are patroling it. Douse the torch down this corridor if you wish, to further darken this corner.

Crouch in the shadow area on your right and face the East going corridor. Note where the two guards turn around (near the intersection of the two corridors). Shoot a Moss Arrow there so that you can catch up with them noiselessly. Next time they come and turn away from you, move forward so that you can knock that the rear guard. The front guard will continue his patrol without noticing that his partner is no longer behind him. Hide the body in the inverted area. When he comes back, do the same.

Now this (West) part of the Level 4 North Area is safe. Go down the South-going corridor to have a look: just a blind alley after a left turn. Come back to follow the East-going corridor. A few steps ahead is an opening on your left. It is a doorway into the Upper Greenary Room you visited in our previous excursion (Level 4 Exhibition Area). If you want to jump down to have a look again, save your game first — you cannot climb back up here and you will have to do it the long way (via the Sideways Room again).

Continue to the East to a fork. The right fork going SSE is a short blind alley. Follow the left fork going NNE. We are getting near the next guard, so walk quietly.

When the corridor turns to East, listen and walk into the (left) side corridor of a T-junction. Go the end of that side corridor and a hole is on your right with a vine dangling at the opening. Behind the vine you see a tunnel leading down and a tunnel leading up. Here is where I named Tunnel Over Tunnel. In our Main Route, we arrive from the lower tunnel and pull ourselves up to the upper tunnel.

For our excursion, go back to the T-junction main corridor. Again it is more difficult in Thief Gold. In Thief, the guard ahead is stationery, and you can creep towards him. In Thief Gold, he is walking around, and at the extreme he turns at the end of your East-going corridor and can see you.

In Thief, just save your game and continue East. The guard ahead can easily hear you, and there is nowhere to hide even after dousing all the torches near the junction. Crouch and stop a second after each foot step forward. Or shoot a lot of Moss Arrows to move forward. At the corner ahead, there is a left turn. The guard is just beyond the corner. First douse the torch on the right. Face North, stay crouched and lean to your right to peek beyond the corner. If the guard has the back to you, you can creep slowly upon him and knock him out. Otherwise, douse the torch next to him, and probably he would be aroused and turn around. Then you can approach him.

In Thief Gold, peek from the side corridor. When you can see him turns at the end of the main corridor, prepare to move forward. Move quietly to the corner ahead. douse the torch on your right, and then the one on your left. The wall on your left is dark now. Crouch at the (somewhat obtuse) corner and wait for the guard to come back. When he comes and turns around and past you again, knock him down.

In either case, it is rather safe here after he is out. Just walk forward and follow the turns until you reach a T-junction when green tiles meet red tiles. On your right, you will find the vine of the Vine Corridor which ends our trip here.

I used to get to the Level 4 Exhibition Area using this path, until I found one without any guards.

Now to the treasure below the Sideways Room. Shoot a Rope Arrow at the carpet on the wall-floor above the floor-doorway and climb down. Retrieve your arrow and drop to the bottom. Collect the Gold Candlestick (50;0;0). Note a sideways doorway near the bottom of the East wall: crouch and enter. Open the door on the floor. Crouch and drop (make less noise this way) down to a small room.

Garden West

We are now in the West part of the 1/F Garden. Leave via the doorway into a dark corridor. Hide at the (North West) corner and turn left (South) to look down the corridor. When the guard is away, move forward. At a niche (or window) on your right, get a Fire Arrow. Ahead, the 8-point Star Garden (you have already seen it from above) is on our right. Ahead on our left is a bath house. And if you continue straight ahead, the path returns to the main building.

From your corner, move forward and turn right into a dark area. After you turned into the dark area, look at the wall on your right. Find a Fire Arrow at the wall near the corner, it is a little above your eye level, standing there like a torch. Wait for the patroling guard to pick his Guard Key and knock him down. Now the 8-point Star Garden is safe. From the shelves, get a Flash Bomb and a Land Mine. Look at the metal “chair” on the West side (the only metal object around, the only object here other than the two shelves). It is difficult, but if you mantle on the chair, you can jump and grab a Moss Arrow resting on its top.

Do you want to see the whole picture of Level 1 West? Save your game to join Short Excursion to complete Level 1 West.

Take the corridor on the South and then turn right. The door on your left opens into the Kitchen. The Kitchen has three doors: one here, one to the West (the one we used to enter it the first time), and one to the East. Continue along the corridor. After the left turn is a T-junction. You see that the side corridor on your right is just a short blind alley. Go down the main part of the West Corridor.

Count the doors. On your left are four doors: Kitchen, two for Dining Room, and one to Coffin Room. You have visited them all. On your right is a doorway near the two Dining Room doors, and a door near the far corner. Behind that door is the very first room you visited on Level 1. So enter the doorway on your right.

Here is the East Stairwell. Go down to have a look. Below is a locked door you cannot enter (there are six doors in this mission you cannot enter). Climb up to Level 2. In front of you is the gap of the Level 2 West Corridor. Across the gap is the Two-Face Room.

That concludes our short excursion.

Back at the 8-point Star Garden. Go to the bath house on your East. Find a Water Arrow inside the tub of water in the center of the bath house. From the East side of the bath house, there are two exits. Listen and when the guard ahead is far away take the left (North) one.

Two steps ahead and you see the stone corridor turns to the left (North), and slightly ahead is a piece of grass going right. The guard will come from the left and turn at the corner to continue on the grass. Stay just before stepping on the left going corridor (it is dark enough there) and wait. When the guard turns left in front of you, knock him (he does not have anything to pick from). Go to the grass ahead and turn right. Soon you are in the open, and you find the South exit of the bath house on your right. There is a Rose Garden on your left (East) ahead and a well ahead of you (South). We will be there later. Go back to where you knock the guard and go North along the stone corridor.

At the North end of the long narrow corridor, you find two pillars with faces and the end of the river. Jump across the river to the wooden steps. Follow the path and unlock the double doors. At the far side of the Shrine, collect Four Gold Goblets (25;0;0) and a Fire Arrow behind the table. Note there is another door in the room. It is one of the six doors you cannot enter. For now, leave the room and go back to the river.

Drop into the river. Collect a Water Arrow near the right (North) end of the river. Thief Gold player skips the rest of this section (Garden West) and move the to the next (Gulliver’s Travel), because the next section is Thief Gold only. The rest of this section will bring Original Thief players to start the section after next at the proper location.

So you are playing Original Thief. Swim along the river until you have to dive under a bridge (a bridge, not walls). When you have passed the bridge, surface and mantle up the left bank. Skip the next section and proceed to Garden West (continued). Note: Thief Gold players collect 20 Gold in the next section. From now on, your cumulative loot will be 20 less than the value shown, because the cumulative values are calculated for Thief Gold. Thief Gold players also pick a Healing Potion from the belt of a guard. So similarly, your cumulative pick count will be 1 less than shown, because the cumulative pick count is also calculated for Thief Gold.

Gulliver’s Travel

This section is only available to Thief Gold. From the wooden steps, jump across the river and mantle back to the side with two pillars. Look at the faces on the pillars. The North one has a tongue, which is a handle. Flip it and the iron grates on your left (down in the river) opens. Drop into the river, swim North and save your game. It is easy to get drown in the next bit.

Turn left and dive. Follow the waterway and swim fast. Keep away from the walls around you, because they will slow you down. When you finally surface without damage, save again. Move forward and the water drain down a slope into a river.

When you reach the valley, climb to the left bank and move up the bloody hill on your left (West). Note that the trees are big obstacles and often you find that what you thought to be a walkable path is blocked by a tree. Move to the North West corner uphill and wait. A guard will come, and when he is leaving the valley, run up to him to pick his Healing Potion and knock him down. From the center of the pile of stones, take a Breath Potion (although you no longer need one). Leave the valley and go North. By the way, did you noice that the trees in the valley are rather short and the river narrow?

Welcome to Lilliput! Nobody is around so visit the houses as you wish. When you are done, mantle the big grey rock on West side to drop into water. Enter the tube on the opposite side, run forward to the end. Dive into water and enter another tube there. Swim forward. The tube will go straight and then dive down. When you reach the big gold ring (it does nothing), swim up to the surface before you suffocate. Swim to the South coast, mantle up to the rim and look around. Welcome to Brobdingnag. What you haven’t read Gulliver’s Travels? Go read it online at Unversity of Toronto English Library.

There are two shelves on top of you. From the rim of the sink, shoot two Rope Arrows, one at each shelf. Climb up the first rope to the lower shelf. Retrieve the Rope Arrow and climb the second to the upper shelf. Note that after you have climbed to the lower shelf, you can no longer shoot at the edge of the upper shelf — that’s why you need to shoot both from the sink below. On the top shelf is a pot of water.

Note also that the ceiling is so high that any Rope Arrow shot there is effectively lost. Instead, retrieve the Rope Arrow and do a running jump and mantle up to the rim of the pot. Dive inside to get a Water Arrow under water. Before reader Michele L. Worley who pointed out to me that such a Water Arrow is sitting there, I didn’t realize that the water pot is climbable. Thanks Michele.

Mantle back to the rim and try to come down. It is not too difficult to climb up here, but getting down is tough. Fortunately, you can drop into the water without getting hurt. Move carefully so you really drop into water instead of at the rim or to the ground.

From the South rim, shoot a Rope Arrow at the table on your South. Shoot high, near the top. Save your game and run towards the rope. Garrett (most of the time) holds the rope and stop the fall. Climb to the top and retrieve the rope. In this whole area, retrieval your rope as soon as you climb up to a surface — I hate climbing down ropes because it is too easy to drop dead. And save your game when you feel like it, because it is not difficult to get killed here. Go to the other (South) side of the table top. Do the same thing to the stool.

From the South West edge of the stool, look up and locate the four shelves. Shoot a Rope Arrow at the nearest you (the lower East one). The rope should be dangling right in front of you nose. So climb it up and retrieve it (I will not remind you to retrieve Rope Arrows next time).

The two lower shelves have nothing to offer. Go to the West side of the East shelf and find a thread there. Climb up to the upper East shelf. Get three Rope Arrows from the pin cushion. Do a running jump to the upper West shelf. Go to the South side of the red box and mantle up to its top to find out what it is. Drop into its inside to collect four Fire Arrows. Do a running jump towards the red outer box to get out (you may need a few tries). By the way, have a good look at the whole room from this vantage point. You should be able to see one of the guards standing idly.

Do a running jump back to the East shelf, but how to get down? Go to the East end, save your game and run North. Dropping into a tub of water on the floor (or else you are dead on the carpet). Get three Water Arrows under water, and mantle up the rim of the tub. Drop down the outside of the tub to the carpet.

Go West a few steps and get a Rope Arrow standing on the carpet. See the sofa on your North, with its bed towards you? Go to the East side of the sofa, and climb up to its arm. Look at the three seat cushions — the one nearest you is moved out a bit. Drop to the seat cushion, and on its South edge drop carefully down the gap. Turn right and locate the two big wheels. Run up to them and grab them — they are two Giant Coins (10;0;0). Climb on the die (no doubt dice rarely appear in the singular), then mantle on the edge of the lower cushion and to the top of the cushion. Time to meet a guard.

Fortunately they are of your size. From the cushion, move to the coffee table. Pull out two Moss Arrows from the cake. Since the guard has nothing to offer, you can ignore him. Otherwise, crawl up behind him (the area is bright, but all you need is to move very quietly) and Blackjack him. Go back to the cushion. Climb up the arm of the sofa using a Rope Arrow, and then climb on top of the back of the sofa. Locate the tub of water and do a running drop into it again.

If you want to, visit the fire place on the North of the coffee table but we can do nothing there. From the tub, walk on the carpet to the West. At the corner, see an opened door on your left. Two guards are on the far South, and one by one they walk towards you (keeping close to the door) all the way into the room. There is no good places to hide, but they only look forward. So crouch at the corner and wait for they to knock them down. If you have not yet got both, you need to walk a bit to the West or to the South to start them.

When they are done (just ditch them anywhere) there are no more guards. Go South to the chair. First climb up to the chair. Shoot a Rope Arrow high at the chair back so that you can climb up and jump to the top of the table (this is the first Rope Arrow you cannot immediately retrieve). Read the big Poster Scroll on the table. It satisfies your mission objective to find some incriminating information about Constantine. In Thief Gold, there are two lettres that can satisfy this objective, and any one of them will do.

From the top of the bottle of ink, get two Water Arrows. Now the tough part — getting down. Run to the rope on the chair (the one you didn’t retrieved) and climb down. To retrieve the Rope Arrow, you need to shoot one more Rope Arrow at a lower position. Climb the lower rope, retrieve the upper one, descend half way, retrieve the lower rope and drop down. Two steps should be sufficient here, if you want it safe, use three.

From the chair, look South East. The inside of the table is also wood. Shoot there a Rope Arrow to descend to the floor. Shoot two more to retrieve them like you did with the chair back.

The East side of the table is empty. Turn North East and run into the gap between the opened door and the wall. After the right turn, you arrive at the bedroom. On your right (South), get a Speed Potion from the skeleton at the mouse trap. There is a Foot Locker at the foot of the bed. Climb up with a Rope Arrow. Shoot a Rope Arrow to the inside of the opened lid and climb down to the inside of the box.

Collect three Noisemaker Arrows and two Rope Arrows scattered in the Foot Locker. Use a Rope Arrow to climb back to the rim of the Foot Locker. Getting out is difficult. Walk along the rim to the West side and face South. Lean right and shoot a Rope Arrow on the outside edge of the opened lid. Save game and climb down. It is ok to retrieve the Rope Arrow halfway and drop to the floor.

Go near the Southern end of the bed and climb up from West side of the bed. Look towards the opposite (North East) corner of the bed and find a Moss Arrow near the center line of the bed. To the East is a Sewer Spider (the small ones you saw in the tunnel under the Thieves’ Guild). It is too small for your Sword, so shoot Broadhead Arrows at it. And if you miss, the arrow is retrievable because the bed is soft. If you find it too difficult to aim at, you can get nearer to it, because usually it cannot see you. After it is dead, get the Moss Arrow it is guarding. Go North and from near the North East corner of the bed get another Moss Arrow. There is another Sewer Spider near the North West corner, but you may as well ignore it since it is not guarding anything.

From the North end of the bed, use a Rope Arrow to climb up to the bed frame. Save your game and run towards to open lid. You land safely on the slope of the lid. Walk down to the rim of the Foot Locker. Shoot a Rope Arrow at the bed frame so that you can climb down to the floor (and retrieve it midway). Turn left (East), there is a mouse hole on the wall. Get inside to a long narrow hall.

Look up, there is a ledge on the opposite wall. Shoot a Rope Arrow and climb up there. Turn around and find another ledge above you on the opposite (West) wall. Shoot a Rope Arrow, save game and do a running jump to it. If you successfully grab the rope, you can climb up to the ledge. One more jump and you arrive at the top ledge on the East wall. Turn right and at the far South end is a doorway. It is safe here, so just run along the path (no options here) until the dead end. Press the red button on your right and you arrived back to the room under Sideways Room.

Pass the sideways doorway near the bottom of the East wall. Crouch and drop through the floor-door down. Follow the dark path to the 8-point Star Garden, turn left to the bath house, leave via right exit to the Rose Garden.

Garden West (continued)

Now both versions arrive at the Rose Garden. There is a guard patrolling the courtyard on your East. Walk quietly to the opening on North East. Hide at the opening (it is dark enough) and wait for the guard to walk near you. Pick his Purse (100;0;0) and Blackjack him. Now all the area is yours.

The big tree root has nothing. Enter the doorway on South East into Hanging Rose Bed Room: a tall room with a hanging rose bed. Go to the other side (East) of the rose bed. Shoot a Rope Arrow at the edge of the hanging rose bed to climb up on it and get a Moss Arrow. Drop back down and leave the Rose Bed Room via a tunnel on the North.

When you arrive at a T-junction, go right and follow tunnel until you reach a big tree. Look down at the plant in the middle of the path. Get the Gold Nugget (100;0;0) inside the plant.

Walk around the tree if you like, and into the tree to pick the growing mushroom. From the Gold Nugget bearing plant, look North and you can see light through a short tunnel. Go there. Here is where you would have been if you had turned left at the T-junction. On the other side of the short tunnel is another big tree. Go to the North East side of the tree to find a tunnel (on the stone around the tree, not the big hole on the tree). Near the end of the tunnel, find a Moss Arrow hidden under the plant. Go to the other side of the big tree, where you find another tunnel. From there, go West two steps and you more or less step on some roots. Look up, there is a hole up there (difficult to see, move about to locate it). If you shot a Rope Arrow into the hole, you will find that the rope doesn’t extend to your eye level. Yet you can jump and grab it, and climb up there (I used to think that it were impossible, because I kept shooting at the tree instead of into the hole). It is from a tunnel near the Fun House and we will see it in an excursion later.

Leave via the tunnel near you (not the one you came from, but the one with part of the grass inside the tunnel brightly lit). It leads you back to the big tree root (garden outside Hanging Rose Bed Room). On the opposite (South) end of the courtyard you will find the other end of the river. Jump down to collect a Water Arrow and swim back to the bridge. Before you swim under the wall, pick up another Water Arrow from the river bed. This part is optional: we are going to the other pools to get more Water Arrows. The entrance is below the wall — swim forward and dive into the entrance. It leads to a hidden opening under the big pool (the pool under the big tree) and gather two Water Arrows (on opposite sides outside the central round thing). On both East and West are rivers: each of them ends at a well. Swim to the two wells to collect two Water Arrows (one from each). I have never succeeded to climb out of the well. So dive back to the Rose Garden.

Mantle back to dry land. Go West towards the bath house and turn left to pass the well to a dark area. You can now see the big tree and the big pool on your left ahead. Look up, there are three niches high up there surrounding the tree (on South, East and West), but they are small and empty. On your right a corridor faces the tree. This is the East Corridor. The last Garden guard is patroling this area. Wait till he comes and goes and does a right turn into a doorway. Sneak into the tiled corridor.

Building East Side


Now we are going to wipe out all the guards in the Level 1 of the Main Building. Then we can safely explore Level 2 where we get a key required at the Green House (in the East part of the Garden). To reduce backtracking, we will go further up and leave the Garden East till the end of the Mission. So from Level 2, we go up to the top to collect the Sword, and then back down to the Garden and finally leave via Front Gate.

Level 1 East

Walk quietly. Listen carefully before making a right turn. After the right turn, peek into the doorway on your left. Use Water Arrows on the two torches at the Level 1 East Stairwell. Hide in the shadows and wait for the guard to come back. Pick his Guard Key and knock him down. Go downstairs to have a look. Yet another door we cannot enter, not until in a future mission. Back to 1/F and leave the stairwell via other doorway (on the West) and enter the door in front of you to enter the Bar Room.

Move behind the bar. Grab two Bottles of Fine Wine (0;0;50) on the shelf on the far (South) side. Turn around and crouch down to find a secret door in the bar to find three Gold Goblets (25;0;0).

Now a Short Short Excursion to complete Level 1 North East.

Leave via the North door. We came from the right earlier. Go to the left, it leads to the third Kitchen door (its East door). Then come back to the Bar. Enter the doorway on South West into the Courtyard where you find the Level 1?2 Central Staircase. Just to have a look. Beyond the Courtyard is the Dining Room.

Leave the Bar Room via the East door and turn right. There are two more doors ahead. Enter the left one first. It is a long room with a table on the far side. Take the Indigo Vase (0;0;100) on the table and leave the room. Enter the last door on the East Corridor. It is the East Coffin Room. Grab two Purple Goblets (0;0;15) on top of the coffin (note that while Looking Glass Studios called it purple, it looks more like gold and black; reader RampagingKestrel told me the black is actually a purple, with the color of red wine).

Save your game and leave via the other door into the South Corridor. We are now for the final guard in the Main Building. No loots here, but if you do not knock him out, he will hear you when you explore Level 2. Opposite you is a doorway leading to a small room with stone walls. Walk very quietly to the doorway. Put out the Torch and enter the South Doorway very quietly. Turn to the right to see the small Front Gate Guard Room. A guard is on a very short patrol path. Do not bother with the Torch in his room. Time your hit and Blackjack him. Get a Healing Potion from the Chest.

Leave the Front Gate Guard Room and go further West towards the Front Gate. Examine the brazier on your right. Get the Fire Arrow at the fire. Go back to the Level 1?2 East Stairwell. Go upstairs to Level 2. Unlock the double door to enter the Level 2 East Corridor.

Level 2 East

Be very careful because there are traps everywhere. From the double door, go South and open the first door on your left. Collect two Purple Goblets (0;0;15) from the table on the left, one on each side of the plant. The Papyrus on the other table isn’t interesting, but the other door is — opens to a face on the wall (there are several such doors in the house). Leave the room and enter the doorway on your left.

Don’t rush to the Chest on your right. Look around first. The face on your left does nothing other than distraction, but the other one facing the Chest fires when you open the Chest. So stand at an angle and lean to open the chest for a Gold Nugget (100;0;0). And turn around. You have seen fireplaces in this game before, haven’t you? Get into the fireplace but stick to the left wall to avoid being burnt. Once inside, turn left and mantle up to get the hidden Gold Nugget (100;0;0).

Now time for a short Excursion to Level 2 South, where you will get a Healing Potion en route.

Go down the East Corridor to the southmost and turn right. Go to the first door on your right. Stay away from the center line of the South Corridor, crouch and open the door. The face on the East shoots a fireball down the South Corridor. There is nothing in the room, except a barrel of explosives. What do you think the next fireball will be shot at? Well not this barrel, leave the room and continue West.

On your right you can look out of a window to see the fire downstairs (where you got a Fire Arrow). If the guard at the Front Gate is still awake, he can always hear you when you get here. Enter the doorway on the left. There are two Foot Lockers in the room, both locked, neither trapped. Get something to eat (there are plenty in this house) in one chest, and a Healing Potion in the other. Leave the room to continue West.

This room is nasty if you need to enter this way. Open the door but do not enter. This is the South door of the Two-Face Room (South of the Music Room). Just inside the door is a pressure plate, step on it and a fireball is shot at the explosives on your left. That is, if you have not disarmed it. Enter just for fun, because we have already been inside before.

Now turn North: there are three doors on your left. Enter the first door, it is the Bedroom. Collect a small key next to the bed (for original Thief only). This key opens the Cellar in Green House. See two gems on the right side of the bed? Hope you see the face on the wall as well. Stay clear of the face to grab two Silver Nuggets (50;0;0). And in Thief Gold, the face fires at you when you get near, stay alert! Enter the door on the South to get a Papyrus on the table to read: a hint that something is hiding the in Green House in the Garden. In Thief Gold, the Cellar Key is on the table and the Papyrus beneath the table. Enter the door on the North to enter the bathroom. Strange that no Water Arrow is here. Take the boulder in the bath tub and leave via the door there back to the East Corridor.

One last door on the left, and a tilted window before it. And before the tilted window is a strange object on the wall. Examine it and sometimes the face on your right will send three fireball down the corridor.

Peek inside the room through the tilted window next to the door. See the face? When you open the door, it will shoot at the door, and the face on your right will shoot 3 fireballs along the East Corridor. Stay next to the door while avoiding the corridor center line. Drop the boulder for use later. Lean and open the door. Wait for the fireball to come out, and the three fireballs from your right had past. Then walk inside. The room seem empty. Run up the slope on the right side of the face. Keep trying until you see something on top of the face. Grab the Silver Nugget (50;0;0) there. The room has two exits on the West, both going to the central area of Level 2. The North one goes to the the Level 2?1 Central Staircase; the South one goes to the big octagonal hole overlooking the Courtyard downstairs. Just go and have a look and come back to the East Corridor.

Carry the boulder to go north till the end. Turn right up the ramp, and the traps will wake up. A face is shooting two lines of fireballs towards the North from your right, and one shooting West from the far corner. Look at the floor, there is a pressure plate near the ramp. Place the boulder on the plate to stop the trap. Pick the lock to get the Gemstone (0;100;0) from the Foot Locker. Take the Flash Bomb lying on the floor next to the Foot Locker. Backtrack to the East Corridor.

One last door we have not yet opened. Use the Guard Key to unlock the first double door on your left. It is Level 2?3 East Staircase. Ride it up.


Open the double doors to enter Level 3. Nobody is around. Turn left and again left at the corner. There is one more left turn where the corridor goes South to a dead end, with a tunnel opening on the floor. It just loop back to the double doors, and we will visit that tunnel on our return trip. Follow the tunnel in front of you to continue go East.

You have probably already noticed this before entering the tunnel. Ahead of you slight to the right is the starry night sky. When you exit the tunnel you see the Fun House on your right. Let’t do a short tour having fun: short Excursion from Fun House to Vine Corridor.

Turn left to enter the colorful tunnel. When you exit from the other side, down the small ramp and turn right. Near the end, find a tunnel on your left. Climb into the tunnel and up. At the end of the tunnel, you find a vine dangling in front of it. Down there is the Vine Corridor. You are on the South Tunnel leading from the vine. You can jump to the vine, and proceed to any of the destinations connecting this nexus, including the North Tunnel going up to the Level 5 Exhibition Area. However, we will get there via another route.

And when you are done, go to the area on the right where you can see the starry night sky.

Follow the walkway and you are in Outerspace. A lovely sight, but deadly: fall and you die beyond rescue. Walk slowly to the end of the walkway: it is so easy to fall forward when you are descending the last few steps. Look down and get a hard-to-see Gemstone (0;100;0). Turn to your left: there is another walkway floating the Outerspace. Save your game and do a running jump to the other walkway (if you are afraid of jumping, you would see an alternatvie shortly). On the new walkway, find a Gold Nugget (100;0;0). Take the walkway and enter the tunnel ahead. Turn left and crouch to get back to the tile area.

Nobody can hear you so just run forward. Soon you see a ramp and the Fun House on your left. So if you wish to avoid the Outerspace jump, go through the Fun House, turn right and crouch pass the tunnel to get the nugget on the second walkway. For now, just follow the corridor.

After a right turn, there is a window and a doorway on your right. Look down: below is the Hanging Rose Bed Room. Turn around to continue on the corridor into a tunnel. There is a big barrier from lower right to upper left, the tunnel is behind. Another short tour into some narrow space: short Excursion to Garden West.

Enter the tunnel behind the barrier. After a left turn, you arrive at the 4-way junction. Left and forward both lead to dead ends, so turn right. At the end of it, you see a vine dangling at the end of the tunnel. If you have joint the Level 4 North Area excursion, you have come here before: Tunnel Over Tunnel.

Do not go to the corridor, because three guards are nearby. Instead, save your game and climb on the vine (save because I always have trouble climbing things and dropping on the grass repeatedly makes enough noise to attract the guards). On the vine, turn around and you can see the upper tunnel on top of the tunnel you arrived from. Jump to the upper tunnel and mantle up to it (the jump is easier if you do not climb to the top of the vine). Follow the upper tunnel to the end, where you see another vine dangling from above.

The Sword

Climb up slowly until the guards start talking about the boss, then climb down to avoid being seen. When they are dispersed, climb up and look around you. There is a small grass area in front of you. There is a tunnel on the right (going West), and another tunnel a little ahead on the left (going East). We will visit both later. Use Water Arrow on the Torch in front of you (ignore the one at the end of the corridor) to create more shadows.

Look at the corridor ahead. You are at the North East corner of the Level 5 Exhibition Area. The corridor wraps around the Exhibition Area, and two (Normal Difficulty) or three (otherwise) guards are patrolling. For Expert Difficulty, two of the guards are bowmen: they use bow and arrows instead of swords; for others, only one of them is. For Expert Difficulty, a Bowman has a Healing Potion to pick, while for Hard and Normal Difficulties, the Potion is on the belt of a normal Guard.

Crouch and move a little forward so that you can see a little of the right corridor (going West). On the right corridor, locate the first opening on the left side. Actually, any opening towards the center will do, but that is the one I have chosen. You had better recognize its location now, because when you have put out the torches, it is not as easy to see. Now for a Level 6 Excursion, and alternate way to get the Sword.

Enter the tunnel near the rope going West. It goes upward and brings you to the top level. But Level 6 is so small. You cannot do much here other than force yourself into the hole and drop down directly to Level 4, making a lot of noise.

Alternatively, you can hit the upside-down bell-shaped thing above the Sword. A few hits with your sword will break it. This stuff provides the magic to hold the Sword in mid air. Break it and the Sword will drop to the pedestal on Level 4. If you want to get the Sword like this, you had better first cleared Level 4, and forget about Level 5 guards. After you have dropped the Sword, go back to Level 4 Exhibition Area. Get the wooden box from a niche to help you climb up to the pedestal to get the Sword. However I have little success with this method becuase:

If you get the Sword by hitting the black “bell”, then you should come back up to Level 6 for a look (after you have collected the Constantine’s Sword). Your old Sword will be floating in mid air (over the green carpet, not over where the black bell was). You can save game and grab that Sword as well (easiest done with your back towards where the black bell was). In Original Thief, you find that you can still switch back to the Constantine’s Sword (by switching weapons normally). After that, the old Sword will be lost forever. In Thief Gold, grab the old Sword and it will stay with you — the Constantine’s Sword will disappear forever (fortunately, you mission objective is still considered completed).

Douse the Torch on your right. Sneak to the tunnel on your front-left, turn around to look at the corridor going West. Douse two more Torches, and your corner is dark now. When nobody is watching, shoot two moss arrows to cover the tile between you and the chosen opening. Otherwise you will be heard as soon as you start to move. When it is dark enough, now Blackjack time.

Sneak into the opening. You can see the Sword now, but handle the guards first. Wait till a guard walks by and knock him out. You may carry his body quickly back to the opening (not really necesssary). When dark enough, guards walk on corpses without getting annoyed. Save often and repeat until you got all the guards. Sometimes one of them really disappeared — in that case, save your game and proceed as if he did not exist, hoping that he will not pop up in the wrong time. While that is my preferred way, you may choose to operate from the grass area instead. But the grass area is a little bit more exposed and I feel less secured there. And it is more difficult to run out from there because the ground is not even.

When all guards are out (listen carefully for their footsteps, distinguishing carefully between noises from Level 5 and 4). Turn around to face the Sword. Shoot a Rope Arrow up to the wooden ceiling, somewhere between you and the Sword. Jump on the rope and grap the Sword. Jump and mantle back to your hiding place (if you are a perfectionist, grab your arrow at the same time as you jump). Since Level 5 is secured, just walk around if you wish. It has a circular corridor surrounding the walls of the Exhibition Hall, with several openings like the one we hide ourselves. On the West side is a tunnel connected at two places to the corridor, but there is nothing in the tunnel. Now it is time to leave.

Go back to the grass on the East and examine the ground. Your old Sword is lying on the ground. You can save game and try to pick it up. In Original Thief, you find that you can still switch back to the Constantine’s Sword (by switching weapons normally). After that, the old Sword will be lost forever. In Thief Gold, grab the old Sword and it will stay with you — the Constantine’s Sword will disappear forever (fortunately, you mission objective is still considered completed).

Reader Roman pointed out that in his game, the old sword is nowhere to be found. So bear in mind that it is not always possible to find the old sword.

Getting out


Although we have got the Sword, there is one very interesting place we have not been to. So we will visit it in in transit. And more important, one of the mission objectives is still outstanding. You nee some incriminating evidence and it is to be found in the Green House of the Garden.

Vine Corridor

We are leaving via the tunnel on the East side of the grass area. Descend slowly until you see the end of the tunnel and a vine is dangling ahead. Here is the Vine Corridor again, and we are arriving from the fourth way now (other three are Exhibition Hall, tunnel from OuterSpace, Level 4 North Area in three different excursions). Save your game here, because in case you miss the vine you will be heard.

Jump to the vine and listen carefully: there is a guard patrolling the corridor on your left (West). For Thief Gold, the corridor under the vine is also part of the patrol path so be doubly careful. Wait till he comes and goes (leaving the Vine Corridor before moving. He has a large patrol path so more often than not he is not near by. Drop to the floor quietly and walk slowly to the wooden floor on your East. If the exhibition area guard is returning, just stop moving and crouch. Although it is brightly lit here, the guard out there is unlikely to look this way. On the other hand, he is very likely to hear you if you continue to move (or try to hide).

At the end, turn right and you are rather safe by now. Walk slowly (you are still on hard tile) and reach a wooden door after two more turns.

Four Corridors

An interesting location. Go throught the door and close it. You can make all sorts of noises now. Go all the way through the straight corridor there. Before you enter the tunnel, turn around. There are three more corridors connecting from here. Visit them all and see where they lead. I told you there are six doors you cannot open, did I?

Back to Level 1

Follow the tunnel and when you return to tile, turn left to go back to the double doors of the Level 3?2 East Staircase. You may notice that the tunnel has a side branch on your left (which is even brighter than the main tunnel going straight forward). If you follow that, you emerges from the floor at the end of a corridor. Follow the corridor and after two right turns you also arrive at the double door. In short the corridors and the tunnels form a closed rectangle.

From the double door, descend to 2/F, and go through the other double door on your left to descend to 1/F. Save your game here, because we are going to meet the last guard. Turn right to leave the wooden floor area via the North doorway. Walk very slowly and stop at the left turn.

Peek past the corner and listen carefully. Wait for the guard to come and leave. When the guard is far enough away (some 10 seconds after he appeared: his footsteps will change from grass-walking to stone-walking), walk quietly North into the Garden. Once on the grass, turn right There is a doorway far away on our East. The area behind the doorway (where the Eastmost well is) is brightly lit so you can easily locate it. Stand on the left (North) side of the doorway to wait for the guard to walk through the doorway to pick his Purse (100;0;0) and knock him out. Now the Garden is all yours.

Garden East

From the doorway you are hiding, go West and turn left into the doorway the guard entered. This is the North Green House. Past it and go South to the South Green House. If it didn’t occur to you that you should look up, you are not yet a very good thief. Shoot a Rope Arrow up to the wooden rafter above the pool. If you shoot at the plank just above the water, it is not easy to jump from the rope to solid ground. On the other hand, if you shoot at the beam near the ceiling, you may have difficulty jumping up to the rope. You may consider using two Rope Arrows: one at the plank, one at the beam.

Climb up and jump to the floor above to get a Green Vase (0;0;50) on a table. Look up. The beams meet at the center, and there hides three crystals. This isn’t easy, so save your game first. Retrieve your Rope Arrow at the plank and shoot one at the side of a beam (is not easy, because they are so thin) near the center (too near and you cannot pop up your head there). Do no mantle up to the beam, from the rope collect a Fire Arrow, a Water Arrow, and a Moss Arrow lying where the beams meet. Climb down and retrieve the Rope Arrows half way, dropping to the floor. Climb the Rope Arrow above the pool to the ceiling, retrieve and drop to the pool. Dive and drop back below.

In a patch of shadow at the rear left (South East) corner, find two Stacks of Gold Coins (25;0;0). Go back to the North Green House. Turn right and when you meet the East wall find a Green Vase (0;0;50). Leave via the arch on the North East into a stone corridor running towards North.

Get inside the opposite arch into the East Green House. Immediately have entrance, look down on the ground on your left to locate a Moss Arrow. At the opposite corner to find stairs going down. The door down there cannot be picked, but the key you found in the Bedroom of Level 2 opens it. The cellar is unguarded so you can explore it yourself. Turn right and enter a star shaped area. Leave on the East, turn right and enter a second star shaped area. Go pass the barriers to the center of the area.

Collect a Purple Goblet (0;0;15) and a Bottle of Fine Wine (0;0;50) on the left (East) table. On the other table, read the Trickster Book on Tome of Magic. Under that table, read the Papyrus, which is a letter from his architect. This is the incriminating information you needed (that Constantine has a large unexplainable supply of gold). Thief players must get this to complete the mission, while Thief Gold players can fulfil the objective by reading one of the two increiminating information (the other is at Brobdingnag).

Leave the East Green House, turn right, and there is a wooden door a little ahead on your left. Use a guard key to unlock the door to get two Gold Vases (100;0;0). Now we completed everything. Go back to the Main Building and leave via the Front Gate to end the mission.

Total total loot, and total.


Isn’t Lionel Karthman (the architect buidling this mansion) amazing? Among all the missions, I rated the Constantine’s Mansion as the most entertaining place to visit.

Look at “Relativity”, a lithograph by M. C. Escher. Maybe Escher has visited the Constantine’s Mansion as well. Look also at this webpage by A. S. Lipson: Relativity in LEGO®! If Relativity isn’ bind boggling enough, go visit ASL LEGO page to see his mavelous collection of impossible constructions: Belvedere, Ascending and Descending, and Waterfall.

As if it weren’t sufficient, Looking Glass Studios move on and add Lilliput and Brobdingnag to this crazy house in the Gold version. Gulliver’s Travels is a book I like. It is also a book widely misunderstood by many. Basically if you have only seen the toon version of it, you would have thought that it is just another fairy tale. Gulliver’s Travels is a serious polical satire, one that you should read with George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. For instance, do you remember why Lilliput was at war with her neighbour, and what was the conflict between the two polical parties of Lilliput? Go read it to get amazed. The book is available online (and free) at Unversity of Toronto English Library. To fully appreciate the book, go and buy Gulliver's Travels: A Case Study in Contemporary Criticism (ISBN: 0312066651) While the analysis is good, it unfortunately only contains the first two stories of Gulliver — Lilliput and Brobdingnag. The trenchant cautionary tale is a witty, allegorical depiction of people at their worst.

Also available are 1984 (ISBN: 1595404325) and Animal Farm (ISBN: 0451526341).

Similar to Gulliver’s Travels, a number of books surprised me. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: And through the Looking Glass (ISBN: 1593080158). turned out to have much more substance than a girlie story as seen on the motion picture. Satire, allusion, and symbolism weave deeper and mysterious meanings, lending a measure of immortality to Carroll's remarkable fantasy. Cliffs Complete Alice in Wonderland (ISBN: 0764587218) is a good alternative with its full annotations and explanations. Moreover, the game American McGee Alice is good game (try it).

Besides Alice, neither is Peter Pan (ISBN: 0140366741) the same story as I thought to be. While I don’t rate them as high as Gulliver’s Travels, both of them are somewhat worth reading (with Alice being the more entertaining of the two).

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