Thief — an All Difficulty Level complete-loot walkthrough (Original Thief and Thief Gold)

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Mission 7: The Haunted Cathedral

List loots at Difficulty Level for .

Version History

1.6(Aug 2011)
1.5(Sep 2002)
1.4(Nov 2001)
  • Now uses a new script so that the loot count now shows in three components (gold;gem;goods) for easier tracking.
  • You can select the game difficulty level (normal/hard/expert) and the cumulative loot counts will adjust automatically.
  • Finally, total loot are displayed near the end of the mission.
1.3(Apr 2001)
  • New section (Afterwards) added at the end to answer to age old question: what if I killed the guards inside the Cathedral?.
1.2(Mar 2001)
  • Reader MSB suggested another way to handle the a better way to handle the armed Land Mine at the Upper Residential Area.
1.1(Oct 2000)
  • The Potted Plant introduced a better way to get inside the Keeper’s Library.
  • Provide details on the emitter traps of the Keeper’s Library.
1.0(Jun 2000)
  • Initial release.

Before you start

About this walkthrough

This mission uses a version number (starting with 1.0) independent of the main document.

At several places, additional information is available as tool tips. Move the mouse on the words looking like these to see them.

A few places are worth visiting, but is not needed to achieve your objectives. They do not even get you any powerups, so it is up to you whether to follow them. I will describe the main route like a regular walkthrough. Then at certain points I will mark excursion routes. At these points, if you want to have a look (and you should), save your game and follow the route. Click the excursion heading in this color and style to expand the route. After the voyage, just reload the game you saved at the Excursion starting point to continue the main route (note that excursions may not bring you back to the starting point). For those who don’t bother to go (I do not understand why anybody should want to skip the excursions), just ignore the milestone and continue straight on.

There is nothing to pick (that counts toward the pick count in the mission statistic) in this mission.

In this mission, different difficulty levels have access to very different amount of powerups. This walkthrough has included the powerups and loots for all three difficulty levels. The cumulative loot count is computed for Expert Difficulty. Therefore, players of Normal or Hard Difficulties will get a different cumulative treasure value than the one displayed.

Although this walkthrough includes treasures for all Difficulty Levels, it is in its heart meant for Experts. I haven’t seen any walkthrough doing this mission my way. The path I’ve chosen is excellant for Expert and Hard Difficulty. Yet in Normal Difficulty, you need to refrain from fulfilling one of the mission objectives or else the mission will be completed before you can get all the treasures. I will mention it when you get there. As a side effect, Normal Difficulty players will find that, after collecting everything, they have to re-visit a place in order to fulfil the omitted objective.

In this mission, Hard and Normal difficulty levels have access to a little more treasure than Experts. In this mission, different difficulty levels have access to different amount of loots and powerups. This walkthrough has included the loots and powerups for all three difficulty levels. If you correctly set the difficulty level in the drop boxes above, the cumulative loot count will be adjusted accordingly.

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Do you think it is arrogance or greed that drove Garrett to continue to deal with Constantine, who asked Garrett to steal his own Sword? Most likely greed. For a hundred thousand, I wouldnt mind dealing with an idiot even if he drink green wines.

The Order of the Vine are strange people, but they are just another bunch of superstitious idiots — so thinks Garrett at least. He already learnt from the Mansion of Ramirez (mission 5: Assassins) that Viktoria is associated with the Order, but still decided to steal the Sword for her client. So it is not time to get scared.

It sounded like just another easy mission. Yet nobody seems to know why the Cathedral is sealed. Except that everybody agrees to evacuate a large part of the city surrounding the Cathedral and build walls to isolate the whole area. Doesn’t sound a hospitable place, does it?

Purchase Recommendations

Starting with this mission, you are equiped with the Constantine’s Sword instead of the regular sword. If you ready your old sword, it will make you visible even if you are in the dark shadows. Drawing the Constantine’s Sword will not affect your visibility.

You will be back to the horror of Burricks and Undeads. And you will meet a new friend, the Crayman. Playing Thief Gold, you will also meet a Fire Shadow, but he is not as annoying as he was in the Bonehoard (which was not available at Normal Difficulty Level).

Don’t spend money on the tips for I am giving you here. The tips means you can attract Burricks to Zombies (or vice versa) and watch them fight, giving you an opportunity to get away. Yet, for the very reason that they start fighting nearly instantaneously, their patrol path are far apart. You really need to do some work to bring them together. Since full looters are rich, I do not bother with this advice in the walkthrough. BTW, you will later be able to generalize this tip. All your enemies fall into groups, and those from different groups fight against each other spontaneously, if given the chance.

Buy all the Water Arrows and Vials of Holy Water. For the rest, spend them on Fire Arrows, Flash Bombs and Land Mines. Among these three, I prefer Flash Bombs to Fire Arrows because they can do massacres.

Residential Area

Getting Started

Refer to the annotated map, you start at a somewhat safe corner of the city. On the map are several green arrow, showing the more obscure paths. We start moving as indicated by the thin green arrow at the lower left corner of the map. Read the Papyrus in front of you, explaining what the gear symbols on the map mean. You are near the southern Rubin Street yourself, about where the crossing swords on the map are. The Power Grid Control Box is inside the building on your left (North). Go inside and have a look.

There are five Control Boxes in the city. Pull down the lever (only one of the two levers moves) and the section of the city will light up. It is not really necessary: thieves do not usually turn on lights, but this time you should think about it. Many places are very dark, and without light it is very difficult to move or take aim. Also, Zombies have bad eye sight, and additional light makes little differences to them. I played in both modes and my conclusion is this: playing in the dark provides a better mood, but you run a higher risk of getting lost, unable to locate where to climb, missing doorways, falling into holes, etc.

The best way is to play the game twice: first with lights on, then in darkness. You will be surprised that the mission becomes so unfamiliar to you in the second time. If you only want to go through it once, I suggest you to turn on the first Control Box (the one here) because only one Zombie is in this region so it does not matter much. In the next region, I will let you move in the dark. Partly so that you can experience the difference, and partly because the Control Box for that region is not at a convenient location. For the remaining regions, decide whether to pull the lever yourself.

While Zombies have bad eyes, they have good ears. Try to walk even when no Zombie is in sight. Otherwise, you will attract the patroling Zombie to wander into area that he normally would not access.

Leave the building back to where you start the mission. Go forward (East) and note an ugly pile of leaves on your right. Yes there are several such green pyramids in the city. Just try to believe they are leaves. The Dark Engine does have its shortcomings despite our praises. Walk clockwise on the leaves (climb on it and keep turning to the right) till at the very end where you can find a Gold Plate (50;0;0) under the tilted building. Get back out and continue East.

You have a large open space on your left, but just continue till you are stopped by a wall. On your right is a locked door waiting for you to pick, but first look left and find a Poster Scroll partially hidden by the leaves on the ground. So the rumours are real. The wall was built in great emergency. Workers were killed by the undead. It is not time to hesistate now. Turn around, pick the door. Before you enter, turn left and look up. Take the Healing Potion on the ledge above. Enter via the door and close it behind you. Now you can relax a bit (but be quiet, or the Zombie will open the door to pay you a visit).

Lower Residential Area

I named the area we start as Lower Residential Area, because the other parts of the Residential Area is of a slightly higher altitude. In front of you on the floor are 12 Broadhead Arrows. If you want to, go back to turn off the Control Box and see what this room looks without the light.

Go to the left, mantle up the broken wall and turn around. Jump from the broken wall and mantle up to the floor above the door. There are two Foot Lockers there. The one closer to you has two Flash Bombs; pick the other one for two Land Mines. Drop back down to the floor below.

Climb the broken wall again. This time, mantle forward to the floor ahead. Look through the window on the left. The Lower Residential Area can be further divided into the Lower West and the Lower East, separated apart by a row of buildings and walls. You started from the Lower West, and the streets there were somewhat chaotic. You just crossed the (imaginary) boundry and arrived at Lower East. It mainly consists of two parallel streets going to the North. Outside the window, you can see one of the two streets, which I call Lower East Street (because it is the street in Lower East and is without a name). Further to your right (not visible) is Rubin Street, connected to Lower East Street via a short street not far away from you.

A Zombie is patroling the two streets (and part of Lower West). It is the only Zombie in the Lower Residential Area, so you can move around easily. Yet remember to be quiet, or he will expand his patrol path to where you make noises. When he is away, drop quietly down and proceed forward. At the junction, take the Rubin St Excursion.

Turn into the short street on your right. At the end, turn right and hide in the darkness there (it is a dead end). Through a metal grate on the ground, you can see water flowing beneath. We cannot climb through the grate, but I will show you where this hole is when we get underground.

Look North along the street. This is the main part of Rubin Street (the street sign is just ahead of you). At the far end, a wall blocks your view. Sometimes, the Zombie of the Lower Residential Area gets stuck at the wall, which is good news for you (because the whole area will be free from AI). Otherwise, wait for him to leave Rubin Street (go via the short street to Lower East Street) and walk forward to have a look.

Climb on the leave pile to see the other side of the wall. Beyond the wall is a doorway on your left and the East Ramp (there are two more ramps nearby) going up to the East Residential Area. Undeads sometimes walk across the top of the ramp. Later, we descend this ramp from above and enter the doorway on your left. For now, go back to the hiding place.

When the Zombie comes back to Rubin Street, move through the short street to the main route.

Hole Room

At the Lower East Street, continue North and enter the first doorway on your left into a room with a big hole on the ground.

The Hole Room has a doorways on both North and South. Normally the Zombie does not enter this room, but if you make noises, he will come here and visit both doorways. So be quiet. Enter the doorway on your left (South) to the next room. There is a locked door on your right. It opens to the Lower West. Pick it and close it. Do not go out now: we visit the Lower West in an excursion soon.

Walk up the fallen beam and jump to the roof at its upper end. Collect the Green Vase (0;0;50) on your left. The roof gives you a good look at the Lower West. The starting area is between the red building and the green one on your West, and the first door you picked (not the one you just picked) is down below on your left. The platform you are standing on is the ledge holding the Healing Potion you took before entering the door. When you have seen enough, go back to the fallen beam.

Listen carefully, and go back to the Hole Room only when the Zombie is not nearby. By the way, did you climb the other beam to see what is at the window? Unfortunately, nothing is up there (although it looks as if a vial is standing at the window sill). Yet it is good practice to examine such places without being told.

When it is safe, go back to the Hole Room and enter the opposite (North) doorway. Be careful when in this room, because you could be seen through a window on your right. Turn left and move quietly through the doorway on your left. Walk on the leave pile at the end, and take the Purple Goblet (0;0;15) on top of the broken beam (note that while Looking Glass Studios called it purple, it looks more like gold and black; reader RampagingKestrel told me the black is actually a purple, with the color of red wine).

Before you leave the room with the broken beams, listen and check through the window that the Zombie has passed from North to South (because we are going North ourselves). Move back to the Hole Room. We shall visit the hole later, for now leave via the doorway on your left (East) back to Lower East Street. At the doorway, look at the other doorway on the opposite side of the street. On its left, a beam rests at the wall. Climb on the beam and walk to its top. Turn right and look at the upper window (those above the top of the beam, not those you can see from ground level). If you cannot see the Moss Arrow resting there, you have not climbed far enough. Inch forward and before you fall you can locate the arrow. Grab it and descend to the ground.

Go North to the end. As the map suggests (well there is only one map in this mission so all the references to annotated maps refer to the same picture), the street ends there; yet you can turn left and follow a narrow path to the West (along the green arrow). At the beginning of the narrow path (the East end), there is a small area on your right. It is not dark, and contains nothing. So just give it a brief visit and leave. Go West past some bricks and at the left turn is a pile of leaves. If you stand on top of the leaves, the Zombie will not notice you even if he walks under your nose. After the left turn is an immediate right turn, leading to more bricks.

West Ramp

Now on your right is the West Ramp, going up to Western Residential Area. Time for Lower West Excursion.

There is not much to see in this excursion other than broken buildings. Walk slowly or you will attract the wandering Zombie.

Turn left and go South. After passing the red-top tower on your right, you come to a wall in front of you. Turn right to walk along the wall. In front of you is a short lamp post. Notice that a green wall is running to the South, parallel to the grey wall behind it. Between the green wall and the grey wall is a dark path, whose entrance is partially obstructed by the short lamp post. Since the path is dark, it is useful for hiding, especially when you have attracted the Zombie to the Lower West. For now, ignore the dark path walk on the left side of the green wall.

On your left are walls cutting the area into several triangles. Have a look around and continue South to a wall (running roughly East West) blocking your way. On your right, you can see another short lamp post, marking the way into the dark path behind the green wall. Look left and you see a door. It is the one you picked earlier, in the room with a fallen beam. Open it and have a look. Note: if the Zombie hears you, it may emerge from this door (whether you picked it or not)!

Go further South past the walls and you are back to an open area. Look around (a door on your left, and the starting area on your right) and go back. This time, walk towards the short lamp post and use the dark path behind the green wall, just for a change. Go back to where you start the excursion or just reload the game.

Before you go up the West Ramp, listen carefully. A Zombie is patroling a large area above. Make sure you are not running into him. When it is quiet, go up the ramp to leave the Lower Residential Area.

Note a cart on your right, and a pile of leaves behind it. Behind the pile of leaves is a doorway to a building. Turn left and see another ramp (the Upper Ramp) between two towers. Above the ramp is the Upper Residential Area, higher than all the places. Standing near the cart is a street post, telling you that it is de Perrin Street. Refer to the annotated map, the de Perrin Street consists of three parts. You are at the junction, and the Upper Ramp goes West (left) to the Star and Crescent Moon symbol. Another part of the street is somewhat disconnected and is on your right, running to the North. The gear symbol there marks the Power Grid Control Box for this area.

We are not going to turn on the lights till very late. First because I do not want to go there to turn on the switch and come back (I seldom repeat paths in my walkthroughs). Also it is a great oppotunity to see how dark places are. Note that the short street lamps are lit no matter whether what you do with the Control Boxes. It is only the tall street lamps and in-room lighting that matters. If you really want to light up this part of the city now (instead of later), follow this Power Grid Control Box Excursion.

Check carefully and go North. Turn right and find a hole in the wall. The Zombie and the Apparition came to this area via this hole, so move carefully. Through the hole to the Central Residential Area.

Your position is rather dangerous. Undeads come from the East towards the wall hole, and a Burrick is roaming on your left. If you can wait till the Burrick is away, turn left and move pass the two green pillars (keep them on your right). There you find a dark recessed area on your left (your hiding place) and the Power Grid Control Box on your right. Turn on the power, and hide in the dark recessed area. Go back to the top of the West Ramp to continue.

If you cannot spend any time at the hole to wait, then instead of turning left, go right. There is a small niche at the wall there, where you can wait for the area to quiet down. Then you can head towards the Control Box again. This time, you can go directly to it, keeping the two green pillars on your left. Then go back to the top of the West Ramp to continue.

Since this excursion has side effects (lights on), you need to come back without restoring the game.

Through the darkness, you can make out that one of the towers is connected to the building on your right. We will visit the building and the tower later. First we will explore the Upper Residential Area.

Hiding in the shadows near the cart, locate the patroling Zombie. Not countint the Zombie down in the Lower Residential Area, there are a total of five Zombies and two Apparitions (four and one in Normal Difficulty) in the whole residential area. Since they are scattered all over the area, I am not going to take them out. This early in the game, only one of the Zombies comes this West, the rest will visit this area later. He arrives from the North, go to about where you are, turn left and go up the Upper Ramp. After wandering around the Upper Residential Area, he will come back down, go North and disappear round the corner. It is best to wait for him to come down the ramp and disappear on the North. Even if you are impatient, don’t rush up the ramp when he is up there.

Save game and walk up the Upper Ramp.

Upper Residential Area

A wall is blocking your way, so turn right. Ahead of you are two barrels where the ground is a bit depressed. Go there and at the corner find a vial of Healing Potion. Turn left and move forward. Turn left (South) and pass through a broken wall into an area with wooden floor. Go ahead and pick the locked door there. When you are inside, click here.

Are you still alive? There is an armed Land Mine right behind the door. Walk on it and kaboom! You have to carefully locate it (nearly impossible in the dark, not easy even with lights on) and avoid stepping on it.

Reader MSB suggested to trigger the Land Mine with a Broadhead Arrow. Just stand back and shoot at it. This saves you lots of trouble getting into and out of the room. The only catch is that you will arouse the undead nearby. It is up to you.

This place is perhaps where a thief used to live. You will read about this thief later. The evidence is not very solid, but that explains why an armed Land Mine was waiting for you. On your right are two Foot Lockers where you get 3 Rope Arrows and 3 Land Mines. Go past the bed to get 3 Flash Bombs and 3 Noisemaker Arrows on its left. Open the door, listen and leave. Go straight forward (North) through the broken wall again. In front of you, you can see a stone arch behind a short lamp post: walk through it.

Notice that on your left is a large pile of leaves, which we will explore a tiny bit later. Beyond the arch, find a locked door on your right. Above the door you can see a flag drawn with the Star and Crescent Moon matching the annotation on your map. Picked the door and get inside.

Without city lights, this room is pitch dark. At the far end is a Chest holding a Breath Potion. Turn left and find a niche on the wall, holding three Fire Arrows. Listen carefully before leaving the building.

Instead of going through the arch again, go straight forward up the large pile of leaves. Climb on it and find a Tiara (75;50;0) at the top (or more accurately the “saddle”). That’s all for Upper Residential Area. Check again for the Zombie and go back down the Upper Ramp into the building behind the cart.

West Residential Area

Now is an oppotunity to see what darkness means. Into the building and look up. Above the big hole in the ceiling, locate the two wooden rafters. Difficult to find? Wait and see.

Save your game first. Shoot a Rope Arrow at the rafter. Make sure the Zombie is not near by, climb up and drop to the floor above. I always find it difficult to climb ropes, and make lots of noise. That’s why I told you to save the game.

Orient yourself and find the dark hallway on the West. Walk very quietly to its end. You are now inside the tower on the right side of the Upper Ramp. And this is darkness. Look down and search for a Noisemaker Arrow at your feet. Look forward and somewhere to your front right is a Gold Vase (100;0;0).

Carefully peek through the window slits (don’t let the Zombie see you!) to look at your surroundings. Check where the Zombie is, and go back to climb down the dangling rope. Midway, retrieve your arrow and drop to the ground.

Check carefully, save game and leave the building. Go North and turn right to find a hole in the wall. The Zombie and the Apparition came to this area via this hole, so move carefully. Through the hole to the Central Residential Area. You see two green pillars in front of you, and to their right a fallen road sign saying de Perrin Street. Turn right and keep the pillars and street sign on your left. Run to the far wall and sqeeze yourself into the dark niche there. Turn around to have a look.

Central Residential Area

There is nothing central about this area. The main area is actually still further to the East. However this open space is between the West Residential Area and the East Residential Area, what else should I call it?

Zombies and Apparitions pass through this area from your right (East). In front of you is a fallen building, partially blocking the hole leading back to West Residential Area. Behind the building are the two green pillars, beyond which you should find a lone Burrick wandering around.

You can try to persuade the Burrick to fight with the Zombies. Since it is easy to Blackjack the Burrick yourself, the only advantage of initiating a fight among them is to distract them. So do not do this now. Preserve the Burrick till the moment you really need a distraction.

Remember (referring again to the annotated map) that de Perrin Street consists of three parts. We are now on the Eastern part, just a straight road starting from you niche and goes North. If you take my advice and continue to play in the dark, continue with the next paragraph; but if you really want to turn on the lights now (there is one more dark building we are now going to visit), pass between the pillars and the wall on their right. You can then see the Power Grid Control Box at the dark corner ahead of you. Note that while it is easy to sneak to the Control Box, once the lights are on it is not as easy to come back. Before you flip the switch, look around. There is a dark recessed area on the other side of the street (on your West). Wait for the Burrick to be away, flip the switch and go hide there. Find an opportunity to get back to the small niche on the South.

From the niche, wait till it is safe to move. Since we are now moving to the right (East), it is best when the Zombie and Apparition have travelled to the left (West). From the niche, save game and go East till the end of the wall. Turn right. Keep alert, because you are now walking on patrol paths. The is a long blind alley on your right going back to the West. There is nothing there, so you decide whether you want to go in for a look, or hide inside when an unexpected undead appears round the corner ahead. Find an opening on your left, leading back to the top of East Ramp.

East Residential Area

Continue moving East across the top of the ramp. Turn left and move to a street corner: a street goes right and another goes forward. Slightly ahead of you is a street post. Don’t bother to read the street name now. Move ahead, and before you reach the street post, two walls on your left stand at an angle and offer a dark corner for you to squeeze into.

If you have turned on the lights, you can easily find your way to the room above. In the dark, took me quite some time to realise that I am not at just a wall corner! Anway, find and enter the opening on the North wall. Turn left and get inside that building. Move forward until you reach the opposite wall, with a fireplace slightly on your right (you can barely see it because it is light grey in color). Turn right (North) and move forward to the far wall. Find the ladder there, and climb up. When you find a window on your right (opening also to the North), look at the East wall (on your right) to locate a lamp. Climb up till the lamp is at your eye level, and jump towards it. You should then land safely on the upper level. If you miss, you will drop back through a big hole down to the ground below. Fortunately, even with the loud noise the Zombies are unlikely to find the way here.

When you land safely upstairs, turn right (South) and move slowly with the wall on your left. You soon arrive at a doorway on your left. Get through the doorway into a dark room with a broken wall (finally with a little light from the outside). Find the Papyrus on the floor (on your right hand side) and read it. Fortunately, you have no problem reading in the dark! So the Control Box at Market Street is locked and you need to find the key from the Pub. Refer to the annotated map, you can find the icons for graveyard and the pub on Market Street. However it does not show you where the Control Box is (the gear symbol near the middle of the map is the Cathedral Street Control Box, not far away from us).

Move carefully to the wall hole and have a look at the streets below (don’t fall!). Under you is the Rubin Street going North to a wall. On your right you can see a street going East away from you. A block ahead is a short lamp post (with lights on), beyond which is a street junction (that you probably cannot see) where the street intersects with Cathedral Street (which runs N-S). We visit these streets a little later. After you have a good look of the area, we are going back to the Lower Residential Area.

Save game and leave. There are two ways to reach the East Ramp. You either go back down the ladder and leave via the dark hole, or just drop outside the wall from here. If you want to drop, look down first and locate the street post. Drop there and then to the ground. Without lights on, you can safely leave without arousing any attention.

Hole Room Again

Down the ramp back to Lower Residential Area. At the bottom of the ramp is a wall that you have seen in the first excursion. Just before reaching the wall, turn right through a doorway into the Four Pillar Hall. If you are playing this area in darkness, beware. The hall has four pillars arranged at the corners of a big rectangle, and between the pillars and the far (West) wall is a big hole. As an excursion, you can drop into the hole and Burricks will greet you below. Therefore, move along the center line of the hall (between the four pillars) and leave via the doorway at the opposite corner.

Now you are back to Lower East Street. Opposite you is the Hole Room. Get inside. Since you have been moving around for some time, the Zombie may have already extended his patrol path to this room. Be careful when entering, and stay quiet. Also, there is something else under the hole making a clicking noise when he comes near. Don’t arouse him.

Although we have visited the two rooms on either side of the Hole Room, we have not exmined this room itself. Upon entrance, turn right and go to the near (NE) corner. Look up and locate the beams: one go from your corner to the center of the opposite wall, two more broken beams goes N-S (BTW if you have played in the dark, the beams are not easy to locate despite the starry sky). Turn around (face the corner) step back and shoot a Rope Arrow at the vertical surface of the beam above your head (don’t shoot too near the corner or you do not have the space to climb up). Climb up the rope, and at the top mantle up the beam and retrieve the arrow.

Crouch: if you can’t, it means you are not standing steadily on the beam — move a little to retry crouching. Turn towards the (NE) corner and find a Gemstone (0;100;0) on the beam. Turn around and walk carefully to the other end of the beam. Do a quick safe because you don’t want to fall down and retry all this. You want to hop beam to beam to the one on the North West side.

Actually you can climb down to the ground and climb up that beam using a Rope Arrow. However, I find it more difficult to climb down a Rope Arrow and to do this hoppong. You be the judge.

At the end of the beam, turn right (West) to locate the next beam. Just run forward and you will arrive there, no need to jump. However you must stop in time (backpaddle if necessary) or you will fall over the other side. Turn right again and move North to where the beam breaks. Turn left (West) and face the last pair of broken beams. Again run and stay there.

If you find the second “run” more difficult than the first one (and indeed it is), here is another way. After you “run” from the first beam to the second one, continue and run forward to the last beam while you are next to the wall. With the wall on your left, it is easier to target and stop. After you land on the last beam (near the SW corner of the room), turn right and walk to the broken end. Do a running jump forward (to the North) so that you can catch and mantle up the other half of the broken beam.

Either way, you arrived at the NW beam. Turn West and look carefully at the window to find a Gold Goblet (25;0;0) lying sideways at its corner. Crouch and drop carefully to the floor, and save your game.



We are now leaving the Lower Residential Area for good, and heading East via an underground passage. First, hide in the dark and listen carefully. Locate the clicking noise below and assure yourself that he is not nearby. Crouch at the SE side of the hole and drop down. Hurry into the shadows at the South East corner of the room below.

In fact, there are plenty shadows below (too much, if you have not turned on the lights), but since the entrance of the room is on the West, you had better stay away from that side. Orientate yourself. There is nothing useful in the room. Just wait till the Crayman arrives. It looks like an insect made of clay, and I always have difficulties in telling which side is front and which is back. Finally I noticed that Craymen behave like Swordsmen. Their right hand is placed slight higher as if they were holding a sword, and the left hand usually placed farther to the side (away from the body). Incidentally, they only attack with their right arm (and I think the same applies to Spiders). When he turns his back to you, walk up and knock him down.

If you do not wish to wait for the Crayman, you can proceed as below, but watch out for the Crayman. Keep a keen ear on his noises, because most of the areas here are narrow and without hiding places. So you must be able to detect him well in advance to retreat and quickly find a location to ambush him.

Leave via the only exit and immediately arrive at a T-junction. Turn right (North) — we will soon come back to continue the forward journey. After going right, you soon arrive at a room, which is pitch dark if you did not turn on the power for Lower Residential Area. Turn right and go to the far (East) end of the room to find two Water Arrows on your left (North). Go back towards the West and you can see two exits. You arrived from the exit on the left (SW) so now take the one on the right (NW). The tunnel soon has a right turn — if you came at a dead end, it means you have missed the turn. After the turn, you arrive at a pool.

Walk around the pool: there is a Moss Arrow on your left and one on your right (under the two glowing mushrooms at the ceiling). And on the opposite (North) side, there is a Gold Hammer (75;0;0) among the remains of the skeleton. Dive into the pool to find two Water Arrows. By the way, once in Thief Gold I gave up waiting for the Crayman and later found him standing at the bottom of the pool! Nice that he is out of my way, but it is quite difficult to snatch the Water Arrows from the pool without being killed by the Crayman.

Leave the pool area and retrace your steps back to the T-junction. Turn right (West) to continue your journey.

Burrick Cave

After two left turns, you arrive at a room with wooden floor (instead of rocky ground). Lighting now changed to glowing mushrooms and no longer affected by the Power Grid above. Find a Gold Goblet (25;0;0) on the floor in front of you. Turn right and leave via the doorway to descend into a West going tunnel.

Follow the long and narrow tunnel. If the Crayman is still wander around, you will probably meet him here. Somewhere along the tunnel is a dark niche on the left: a hiding place for you. After a right turn, the tunnel slopes downwards to a big cave. Now you should start to watch out for Burricks. It is uncommon for the Burricks to come this far but I have seen them here.

Enter the great cave and the first thing you see is the great column in front of you, blocking most of the view. This kind of columns appear in many missions. It is formed by a stalactite joint with a stalagmite. See MSN Encarta for a reference.

Move along the wall on your right. The cave has many corners. At the first corner you come to, there is a glowing mushroom. The second one is dark, and there you will find a Purse (100;0;0) next to a piece of bone. From there, turn and see the two great columns. Walk to the area between them.

Between the columns, find a a Rope Arrow, a Noisemaker Arrow and a Gold Key. Turn to the South. Go forward to the corner to get a Gold Goblet (25;0;0). Turn right and follow the wall clockwise (if you followed the wrong direction, you would go back to the entrance). At the next corner, pick up a Gold Vase (100;0;0) at the wall. Turn to face North. You can see two glowing mushrooms leading towards the cave exit now. Follow them and find a Purple Goblet (0;0;15) on the left side of the exit. Leave the cave.

Burrick Tunnel

While it was unlikely to meet Burricks back in the cave, it is much more likely you would see them now in the tunnels. Follow the tunnel to go up towards the North. Notice the niche on the right. There are plenty of these along the tunnels. Hide there when you run into Burricks. After a right turn, the tunnel slopes down. After another turn slightly to the right, the tunnel becomes somewhat horizontal. Finally, a left turn takes you to the long, wide, horizontal tunnel.

Go straight forward till the end. Before you leave the tunnel to go towards the water on your right, look up. There is a hole on the ceiling. Remember the big hole in the Four Pillar Hall? It drops here.

Save game and go towards the water, and listen carefully. Very often (especially if you have been quiet), a Burrick will now arrive from your left. So when you reach water, look left and check. If you are having company, go back to the wide tunnel and hide in the nearby niche. When the path is clear, go to the water again.

When you reach the sewer, there is a circular section on your right. Stand at the centre and look up. See the metal grating at the ceiling? Remember at the beginning of the game we were at the South end of the Rubin Street. There we found a metal grating on the ground. This is the grating we saw, but we can neither climb up from here, or drop down from there.

Before leaving the circular area, take the Purple Goblet (0;0;15) under the water. Turn around and follow the sewer to go North. After a right turn, you arrive at a T-junction. The way ahead (East) is just a dead end, but would be useful if you have head on traffic. Note that you cannot use any weapons where wading in the sewers.

At the T-junction, turn left (North) up the water slope. It is one way now: turn right to wade through the water, and up the dry slope to arrive at a big machine. Hurry to the left and climb up the ladder there. Locate the Power Grid Control Box on your right. It is sitting on a metal platform. Climb to the very top of the ladder and then shoot a Moss Arrow there. Jump off the ladder to the moss on the platform.

Cathedral Street South

Flip the switch: you probably do not want to move in the dark any more. Turn around and you can see a hallway leading to a metal gate. Do a running jump across the gap. Find the switch next to the gate, flip it and peek outside.

Outside the gate is a small dark room (at least the left side is dark enough to hide). The wall on the right is gone, and opens to the street of the East Residential Area. Move past the gate and hide in the shadows in that room. Turn right (North) to face the street, save game and gather your courage for some running. The Cathedral Street comes from the South (Cathedral Street South) and is on your left (West). Then it continues North (Cathedral Street North) all the way to the river. We will be moving on the Cathedral Street South towards the South.

Most of the time, few AIs are around when you arrive here. Listen and leave the room. Turn left and go West until you arrive at the street corner where you can turn left. There is a short lamp post and a street sign telling you it is the Cathedral Street. Turn left into Cathedral Street South and keep moving.

AIs seldom come inside this street, but do not make excessive noises to attract them. Move forward and locate the barber sign (refer to the annotated map,) on your left (just before another street sign on your right). The barber wall is broken so you just walk through it. Inside the shop, examine the ruins on your right to get an Indigo Vase (0;0;100).

Although the map looks as if you can travel along Cathedral Street all the way to the Cathedral, you find out that the street is completely blocked. A separate part of the street (Cathedral Street East) ends at the Cathedral. Since we are already at the end of Cathedral Street South, turn around and go back to the small dark room.

Sewers again

Pass through the gate back to the ladder leading down to the tunnels. Check for the whereabouts of the Burricks and climb down. There are three Burricks wandering among the caves, tunnels and sewers. I prefer not to knock them down, because you cannot hide their body. Therefore, watch out when moving.

At the T-junction, go forward (ie do not go back down to water). After a left turn (a dark dead end is ahead where you can hide) is a metal section where you must walk slowly. Then you arrive at a hexagonal room. It is dark here (no lights even after turning on all Power Grid Control Boxes) but I am sure you can tell a room from a narrow tunnel. Turn right and go to a strange lamp: instead of mounting on the wall, it is mounted in a niche; and the bottom of the niche is about the height of your forehead. There is something at the niche, but you need to jump to see or grab it, making quite some noise. So save game and jump and grab. You should look downwards and then jump, or else you will not be facing the Gold Plate (50;0;0) when you are in mid air. After you got it, turn left to continue your journey.

The sewer tunnel goes a bit uphill and after some winding you arrive at a 90° left turn followed by another metal section. Move carefully across the noisy metal and look up near the dead end. It is dark up there, but you can locate a wood beam above the hole. Save game and shoot a Rope Arrow at the side (vertical face) of the beam. Climb and mantle up on the beam. Consider leaving the Rope Arrow at the beam: I sometimes fall down the hole and need to shoot and climb again. Look around, you emerged to surface again.

Market Street

Hole Street

Let me call this Hole Street, because of this hole on the ground. Study the annotated map: Market Street consists of three parts. Market Street North goes from the Pub to the East. Then it turns around a sharp corner towards South East. Starting at this corner, I call it Market Street South. You will find that you cannot see Market Street North when you are at Market Street South and vice versa. On the Market Street South is the Watchman’s Grave and then the street turns South. At that point is a side street going West. We are on that side street.

From the beam, turn left and mantle up to a wall. Study the street below. Three Burricks are patrolling on the right (two when playing Normal Difficulty), and from time to time they come into this street. Avoid being seen by them.

Look left and see a room (higher than where you are) with a missing wall. We cannot access there directly. Instead turn back to the North, and notice that the building opposite you (slightly to your left) is not as tall as its neighbours. Do a running jump and mantle to the roof of that building. Turn left and mantle into the room there. Turn left again and move to the end to collect three Fire Arrows on the floor. Read the Hand Written Ledger on the floor. The thief probably lives in the Upper Residential Area, in the house with an armed Land Mine. However, the bit about the thief is irrelevant, because the Torc is not yet stolen. The important thing is where the Serpentyle Torc is housed.

From the safety of the building, study the Burricks. They follow four different paths when they enter the Hole Street. They can enter either of the two empty buildings on each side of the street, or continue forward. If they continue forward, they may turn around near the wall (where you jumped from) or to nearly the far end. Since you cannot move an unconscious Burrick, you should avoid hitting a Burrick at a location where the other will later walk on. If you hit a Burrick near the wall, the other Burricks will easily see his body and get angry. Therefore you should try to hit them in the buildings or at the far end.

Save game and hide inside one of the buildings and wait for a Burrick to enter. If he enters, knock him down when he is deep inside the room. If he continues forward, consider chase after him to knock. In any case, beware of the other Burricks. Hide yourself if more than one Burricks are around.

When all three are down (sometimes the third never comes and you can consider giving up on him), go West to the dead end. Pick the door on your right (the only pickable door on the street) to get a Breath Potion inside. Time to leave this street now. If you have left a Rope Arrow at the beam when climbing up to this street, go behind the walls and retrieve it.


Emerge from Hole Street into Market Street South. On your right, note a big pile of yellow leaves. We will go back to it later. Turn left and move carefully. While you have wiped out the Burricks (they used to come from the South), ahead of you (on the North) is the Zombie area. Refer to the annotated map, notice that the street forms a figure of “7” ahead. Most Zombies wanders in Market Street North, but from time to time (especially when you are noisy) they come around the corner to your area.

Pass through a stone arch-like structure and move past the building on the left. There you find a small lane branching off to the left. Do not go into the lane, just look. Beyond the street lamp and the metal grating, there is a door at the end of the lane. We will get inside via another way. Continue along Market Street South and the first shop on the left (the entrance is in the lane behind) was a dairy (read the sign overhead).

Continue forward and the next shop on the right sold vegetables. The doorway is blocked by planks: you can break inside with your Sword but that will arouse the Zombies. Better use another entrance. Continue along the street and find a street sign on your right. Then you arrive at another grating in the middle of the street. On your right is a street lamp and the Butcher’s. On your left is the lovely gear symbol mounted on a red brick building. Get inside the dark corridor under the gear sign.

Move forward and arrive at a T-junction. The Dairy is on our left; for now, turn right to the Armory. The long dark corridor soon bends left and arrives at a small room. It is not that there are lots of weapons to collect here, instead, it used to be a shop for armors. Anyway, you can hardly see anything other than the fire place right in front of you (because its frame is white in color). Crouch and move into the fire place. Follow the passage and right turn into a room in ruins.

Maintenance Cell

Provided that you are quiet, it is rather safe in this room. Get a Purse (100;0;0) from the Foot Locker and peek outside. This room used to be the Bakery, and you can find the shop sign lying on the ground on the street outside. The street outside the broken wall is Market Street North. Five Zombies (four in Hard Difficulty, two in Normal Difficulty) are roaming the street. Our aim is to get out, find the Power Grid Control Box on our right (East) and come back here.

Since the Zombies here are usually clustered together, you can considering killing all of them. Let them chase you so that you can group them together and use Flash Bombs for massive killing. Use Holy Water Arrows to finish the rest. However it is all the more entertaining to leave them roaming around.

Turning on lights is optional. However if you are first time in this mission, I suggest to you turn on the power for Market Street. Try the dark game later: I don’t want you to fall through holes or step on a Spider. If you decide to skip the lights, just stay in this room till we are back from the Maintenance Cell.

On your way to turn on the lights, remember Zombies do not have very good eye sight. Most of the time you can crawl along the wall and Zombies will pass next to you without noticing. BTW do you remember the Market Street Power Grid is housed inside a locked Maintenance Cell? We have not yet found the key from Constable Tule in the Pub! Fortuantely there are three identical Gold Keys for the Maintenance Cell and we have already got one of them from the Burrick Cave.

Save game and leave via the broken wall. Before turning on the lights, join the Draw Bridge Excursion.

Make sure you have a saved game, because we are not sneaking around, and are going to have lots of Zombies at our tails. Run forward to the bridge ahead of you. There is nothing but a small patch of water under the bridge. If you fall into the water, there is a ladder next to the bridge for you to climb back up to the ground. However, it is not easy to escape from the ladder without being surrounded by Zombies.

Cross the bridge and a ramp goes downward to the left. At the bottom, you see the Draw Bridge lifted up. On your left is the control panel for the bridge. First go inside the building on your right (West). This building is now lighted up because you have turned on the power for Cathedral Street (not the Market Street Power Grid that is stil locked). There is nothing inside (except a Zombie at times), but when playing Normal Difficulty, there is a Gold Key on the leftmost window.

Leave the building and back to the bridge. Go to the control panel and press the second button to lower the bridge. Forget about the river: we will do the swimming later. Cross the bridge and you are back to the Cathedral Street North in the East Residential Area. Actually we will come here near the end (to get the Serpentyle Torc), so you may stop the excursion at any time now. Keep going South and you arrive back at the Cathedral Street Power Grid Control Box.

After you restore game, turn right and move forward till you find the metal gate on your right. Inside the gate is the Maintenance Cell. Just past the gate is a lock box at the height of your nose (when you are standing). If you have the time, look further ahead to the East along the street and you will find the sign of the next shop: Armory. However, the Armory does not have its own entrance. If you continue to go forward, you reach the corner where the street turns right into Market Street South.

Anyway, use the Gold Key to unlock it (you can pick it as well, but that takes a lot of time). Get inside and switch on the machine. This room is not safe from Zombies, so hurry back to the Bakery and crawl back to the fire place.

From the fire place, you can now see two corridors on the other side of the room. Take the one on the right, it is the one you came from. Before you leave this room, look towards your right and locate the niche in the wall. Take the Land Mine sitting there. Go back to the T-junction, turn left to go through the dark corridor back to the gear sign of Market Street (East). Check the street and sneak into the opposite doorway (the Butcher’s) — but be careful of the grating in middle of the street!

Spider Cavern

Once inside, you arrived at a T-junction. Turn left and go to the end to get a Gold Ring (100;0;0) inside a Chest. Turn around and go to the far end.

Turn left and find corridor leading to a room. Ignore the other corridor on your right and go forward to the room for a look. The doorway on the other side of the room is blocked by a metal gate that would not open. Peek inside: it is the Watchman’s Grave. We will have to get inside via the roofs later. Listen and note the hissing sound, so you know what to expect when we get inside.

Go back to the corridor we ignored. Walk carefully to the end and find a big hole on the ground. Save game and drop down to an empty room.

If you did not turn on the lights, you can move around here without being seen, but in return you can hardly see anything. In front of you slightly to the left is a corridor going East. Go there (ignore the other corridor behind you). At the end, climb the ladder on your left.

At the top of the ladder, draw your Broadhead Arrow and aim forward. If you cannot pull your arrow, you have not climb to the top: move further up. Wait till the Spider appears in the cave ahead. When it turns over, the whole area is yours.

Jump forward to land on the upper level. As you move forward, examine the wall on the right. Part of it isn’t real — you can walk into it, see strange things drawn by a confused game engine, and fall through to the level below. Climb back up the ladder. Walk forward to the end of your corridor, where it joins two other passages. Ignore the corridor on your right, which we will explore later. Continue forward (East) towards the dead Spider. The cavern consists of two parts. On the ouside is a crescent shaped outer cave where the Spider was patrolling. Then further ahead is an inner cave surrounded by the outer cave.

The outer cave has a ground level lower than where you are. First drop into the outer cave. Turn left and go to the extreme. Look down and find a Purple Goblet (0;0;15) and a Healing Potion. Turn around and go to the other side of the outer cave. At the wall corner, find a Green Vase (0;0;50) on the ground. Before return down the ladder, you can go for some sightseeing in the Spider Cavern Excursion.

Walk up the small ramp into the inner cave. There is nothing there, but you can move forward to an area when you can see the sky above you. When it is quiet outside, mantle up to find out where you are. You are now on top of the big pile of yellow leaves where Hole Street and Market Street South intersect. If you have good shooting skills, you could consider entering the cave via the pile of leaves while the Spider was alive.

Drop back down to the inner cave, down to the outer cave and mantle back to the corridors. While the corridor in front of you (slightly to the right) goes back to the ladder, follow the one on your left. A few steps ahead is a niche on your right, but you have no need to hide inside. Continue forward to the planks. Remember this doorway? Yes, you are inside the shop selling vegetables. You can break the planks and get back to Market Street South, but you get the same noise problem with Zombies. Therefore go back to the ladder.

Back to Surface

Go back down the ladder. Turn left and go back to the room with a hole in the ceiling (where you dropped from) and continue forward carefully. Sneak to the shadow at the corner where the corridor turns left. Beyond the corner is a room. On your right is a ladder going up. If you are playing Original Thief, then this room is empty. In that case, just get inside, find the Rope Arrow near the far left corner of the room, climb the ladder, and skip the next paragraph.

If you are playing Thief Gold, a Fire Shadow is waiting for you. Save game, wait for a good shot and give him two Water Arrows. Note that he will not yet run away, because you are blocking his way. When he stops moving and you see a Fire Arrow appears at his feet, you have done enough damage to him. Run past him (don’t run into him) to the far left corner to find the Rope Arrow. Once he is out of your sight, he will disappear. Take the Fire Arrow and climb the ladder up.

In either version, you climbed from a big hole up to an empty room with a door. Jump to the floor and open the door for a look. Outside is the small lane leading past a metal grating to Market Street South. Come back and leave via the other exit (at the South West corner) of the room. Move forward to another empty room, and leave via the only exit on your right. The corridor bends left and then arrives at a T-junction you have seen before. Market Street South is on your right. Ignore the side brance on the right, and continue forward to a room with a fire place in front of you. You are now back at the Armory.


Turn around and leave via the other corridor (the one at North East, not the one you came from). The corridor soon ends at a staircase going up. After two right turns, you arrive at a dead end. Look up and shoot a Rope Arrow at a wooden beam (reader Roman suggests this can also be done without the use of a Rope Arrow, by simply running up to the ledge and jumping as you always would, though all the running space must be utilized and it may not happen on the first try, choose yourself). Climb up and drop on the upper floor.

Retrieve the Rope Arrow. Your noise probably has attracted some Zombies to gather under the windows. Never mind, they cannot get upstairs. At the North West corner of the room, find a Fire Arrow behind the chair. Look outside the left window.

Save your game, because the jump is not easy. Locate the ledge on the opposite side of the street. You can see a door at the ledge, that is the entrance to the Watchman’s Grave. Do a running jump to the ledge.

Watchman’s Grave

Save game (to avoid repeating the jump) and pick the door. Go inside and follow the corridor to another door. Enter and walk on the beams. Locate the two Spiders below (inside the building ahead of you). Shoot Broadhead Arrows at them from the safty of the beams.

One is easier to shoot, but the second is rather difficult. A good way to handle the survivor is to throw a Land Mine at the wall near him. The noise of the arming mine will attract him to his fatal destination.

Then drop to the ground (using Rope Arrow or along the fallen beam). Actually you can first drop to the ground first and then kill the Spiders: all depends on your style.

If you are playing Expert Difficulty Level, you came here to leave coins on the Watchman’s Grave for good luck. Go to the grave stone and examine the Gold Plaque in front of it (near the ground) to confirm yourself that you have found it. Take out your coins and use it at the tray. Actually it doesn’t make you any more lucky, but you cannot complete the mission without fulfilling this objective.

If you are playing Hard or Normal Difficulty Levels, you don’t have coins with you. Instead, climb the fallen beam to the 2/F of the building (the one with Spiders). Turn right, go to the end and get a Necklace (100;100;0) from inside the Foot Locker.

In either case, climb back up the beams using a Rope Arrow, and leave.

Leaving the Grave

When you have past the two doors and back to the ledge, look across the street. On the other side of the Market Street South, you can find the Armory (the room you jumped here from) on your right. Next to it (nearly directly in front of you) is a red brick ledge on the 2/F above the gears sign. Save game and prepare for a jump.

It is too far for direct jumping. Look at the two windows of the Armory and locate a wooden part above each window. Shoot a Rope Arrow at the wooden part of the left window (the one farther away from you). Do a running jump at the rope. It is not easy, buy you should be able to grab the rope (and stop yourself from falling) before you hit ground. Climb and jump on the red brick ledge.

On the ledge, try to retrieve the Rope Arrow. If you can’t, either forget about it (you have plenty anyway) or do it later from the street below. Walk along the ledge to where it meets the Armory. Find an Indigo Vase (0;0;100) at the dark corner, Walk away from the Armory and find 12 Broadhead Arrows on the ledge.

Wait for the street to be empty and drop down carefully (you may drop to the street lamp and then to the ground softly). Climb and retrieve the Rope Arrow if you have not yet done so. Players at Expert and Hard Difficutly will now continue with the next section and go to the Cathedral. However, players at Normal Difficutly must not go there before collecting all the treasures (or else the game ends prematurely). Players at Normal Difficutly should now enter the doorway marked with the gears and skip forward to the Back to Residential Area section.

To The Cathedral

Power Grid Control Box

Now we head to the Cathedral, and I will point out the last control box on our way. On Market Street South, go South and past the Hole Street junction. On your left is the big pile of yellow leaves, and in front of you a building resting on its side, blocking your way. Climb the leave pile to pass the building and hide at the shadows ahead. Turn around and look.

After the road turns East, there is a bridge and then the road continues straight ahead until it is blocked again. If you have not knocked down all the Burricks in Hole Street, then you should now lurk the survivor to Hole Street to get rid of it first. With all the Burricks away, locate the Spider wandering along this part of the street. Sometimes it stands still under the street lamp and takes me quite some time to locate it. Sometimes it walks around and you can easily track its location by its noise. Anyway, send it a Broadhead Arrow before it sees you.

When the Spider is down (in one game I didn’t notice that its dead body dropped into the river and it took me quite some time looking for it to hunt it down), this part of the street is safe. There are two more Burricks in the next section, but they rarely come here at this point of time (not until later). Walk on the bridge and look to the right to locate the Control Box. You can either jump there from the bridge, or climb from the river below using the ladder behind the Control Box. Either way, you have to jump back to the bridge. I suggest you not to turn the lights on: there are two Apparitions at the Cathedral, and you will much appreciate the darkness.

After you passed the bridge, turn around and look up. There is a wooden structure above the bridge. Save game (because I often fail this jump), climb up with a Rope Arrow and jump inside. When inside, turn right and find a Necklace (100;100;0). Retrieve your arrow and drop back down. Turn around and continue forward.

Note a short passage (actually a stone bridge) on your right leads to a big round cavern called the Keeper’s Grotto (for the first time you run into something built by the Keepers since you left them). Ignore it for later. Continue forward to the end of the street, where the wall on your left is broken. Save game and enter the broken wall.

Auldale Street

You are leaving the streets of the map and enter some chaotic ruins. Two more Burricks (one at Hard Difficulty, none at Normal Difficulty) are ahead. Therefore, wade across the water and note another wall hole ahead. Ignore the area on your right for the time being — we must handle the Burricks first. Pass through the second wall hole and you arrive at a road sloping up towards your right. Right in front of you is a fallen building. Crawl rapidly into the fallen building via the window opening towards you.

Once inside, hide in the far left end. Take the Gemstone (0;100;0) there if you have time, but the more important task is to locate the two (or one or none) Burricks. One of the Burricks will very soon descend down the slope. It will leave via the wall hole and cross the water. Follow it and knock it down (it is not easy because it is too easy to get stuck among the walls or water, and even if you don’t you can easily arouse the Burrick by making too much noise) and get back.

If you are playing Expert Difficulty, then you need to handle one more Burrick. Move carefully up the slope (inside the fallen building) and you should see where it is. Very often, it is stuck at a short lamp post ahead. If that is the case, congratulations — you can easily sneak behind it and knock it down. Otherwise, do what suits the situations. Without lights, you should not have too much trouble with the last Burrick (I found it definitely easier to Blackjack it than to plant Land Mines for it). And it is usually much easier than the previous Burrick because it seldom moves throught the wall hole.

When all Burricks are gone, and you have picked up the Gemstone inside the fallen building, go back past the wall hole. Instead of going past the water again, turn left. Pick the Foot Locker there to get a Gold Ring (100;0;0). Have a look around this area if you wish. You can climb the plank to arrive at a roof top for a nice view of the area. When you are through, past through the wall hole to where the fallen building is.

Turn right and move up the slope. You are now at Auldale Street. Walk past the street sign and continue forward. The street turns right and arrives at a dead end. So instead of turning, move forward through the broken wall into a small room (it is not easy, because the ceiling is low and the hole is narrow). Turn left and exit the room. Refer to the annotated map, you have passed from Audale Street to the street on its North (parallel to it).

Cathedral Street East

Turn right and move carefully up the slope. Without lights, shadows are everywhere; otherwise, you need the niches on the right side of the street. Two Apparitions are waiting for you in the the Cathedral Street East ahead. One of them is patroling to and fro, and the other one is standing on the fašade: turn left and look up to locate him.

Sneak up to Cathedral Street East and find the street sign on your right. Turn right (South) and move to the blocked end. Find a Gemstone (0;100;0) near the fallen lamp. Turn around and move back to the road junction. Turn right (East) and move quietly to that blocked end to find two Fire Arrows at the window of the building.

Go back to the road junction and turn right again to go up the slope to the Cathedral. Move up to the front door and read the Gold Plaque at the door. Seems it is worse than just “haunted”.

Since the front door is sealed, explore around. There is nothing on the left, but you may go there to have a look. From the front door, go right (East). Just before you reach the transept (the widest part of a cathedral), find two Fire Arrows on the ground. Continue forward to the back of the cathedral. Look up and note a small window.

Mantle up the boulders and look into the window. You can see three Hammer Haunts in the hall, with a Zombie Possum lying on the floor. There is also another Zombie walking on an upper level. Yet all these are irrelevant. The Eye is floating in front of you, and starts talking to you. Try figure out what it means.

If you are in a great hurry, you can start leaving. You can hear him clearly no matter where you are, and the Apparitions are not disturbed by its voice. Sneak past the Apparitions again and find you way back to the Keeper’s Grotto (next to the last Power Grid Control Box).

Keeper’s Grotto

Before you cross the stone bridge and get into the grotto, I suggest you to turn on the power first. You are alone in this area and there is no point to move in the dark any more. The Control Box is just on your right. You can either swim or jump there.

Enter the grotto. Do a running jump to the island in the center of the circular pool. Besides the Keeper key-shaped pedestal, take the Healing Potion on the ground. Pick the Chest to get a vial of Holy Water.

Stand on the pedestal and look South. Shoot a Fire Arrow at the statue (shoot between the torches) and both torches will light up. Then a secret door on your left will open, showing the entrance to the Keeper’s Library. Do a running jump back and get inside.

Turn left and then right to descend to the gate. Notice that the two statues on the sides are damaged. Try jump on the remaining pedestal and see what happens. It is not easy, because you cannot mantle onto them. Do a running jump and land on them.

When you stand on the left (North) pedestal, the gate opens; when you stand on the right (South), the door opens. However, both closes quickly as soon as you left the pedestal. So what to do? Among the remains of the statues, three of them can be picked up by you. Ignore the head, because it is not heavy enough. Drop the other two body parts on one of the pedestals (you must place them on the pedestal — stacking them up sometimes doesn’t work). Then jump on the other pedestal (not easy) and rush through the door before it closes again.

Better way to enter the library: Everybody I knew use the above method with the pedestals, but reader misterhaan discovered a much better method that does not involve jumping or running. First, place two body parts of the broken statue on the North pesdestal as before. This opens the gate. Note which side the gate opens to. Locate the head of the statue and use it to jam the opened gate. Now the gate cannot close. Take the two body parts to the other pedestal to open the door. Walk in at your own pace. Cool, isn’t it?

Keeper’s Library

When you are inside, turn right to flip the switch behind the door to prevent it from closing again. Save your game: Keepers do not like visitors.

Move down the steps slowly, and keep yourself to the center line of the corridor. If you are playing this in dark, you hardly know what is going on. Arrows will probably be shooting at you. I have never been hit by the arrows, but reader Chris reported he has. So I did some more research on the traps here, and added the next few paragraphs.

When you arrived at the bottom of the steps, stand still. Stay at the middle between the left and right walls, turn around to face the door you just entered. Turn left to look at the wooden pillar on the South. The Emitter Trap is on the left side of the pillar, about your eye level. Turn right to look at the other pillar: the Emitter Trap at the North pillar is obscured by the shadows, but you can locate it when you know where to look for. Turn around again (your back towards the door, facing the corridor ahead). See the hole on the far wall? It is an Emitter Trap pointing right at your head. However I have never seen it fire. Perhaps it is there to fighten you off the center line.

With lights on, you have no difficulty in noting that the corridor is trapped with three pairs of pressure plates. Stand on them and the corresponding Emitter Traps will shoot. The corridor has three pairs of wooden pillars: one pair behind you, one pair in the middle, and one pair at the end. The two pressure plates in front of you controls the two Emitter Traps you have located. Two more pressure plates lies between the two middle pillars, and the remaing two beyond them. Since they are symmetrically arranged, you can walk pass them safely if you keep yourself to the center line.

Save game and try step to on the pressure plates. The Emiter Trap on the left often get stuck, and the arrow will stay at the mouth of the trap, and you can pick it up for your use. Do it repeatedly and you get lots of arrow. The Emiter Trap on the right shoots at the middle pillar on the left hand side, but sometimes hit the wall instead. If it hit the pillar, then you can retrieve the arrow as well.

Now that you have located the first trap on both sides, continue forward carefully and crouch between the two middle pillars (and therefore between the two middle pressure plates). Look left and locate the pillars on the left. One third of the way between the middle pillar (on your North) and the far pillar (on your North East) is a Emitter Trap (2nd trap of left hand side) at your eye level (when crouching). Turn to the right to locate another Emitter Trap between the middle pillar (on your South) and the far pillar (on your South East). This time, it is farther away (nearer to the far pillar than the middle pillar), but at the same height. After you located that Emitter Trap (2nd trap of right hand side), look farther away. Touching the far pillar and a tiny bit higher then the 2nd trap of right hand side is the 3rd trap of right hand side. It is partially in the shadows, and is less easy to spot. Step on the pressure plate on your left, and the 2nd trap of right hand side will shoot at the middle pillar on your left. Step on the pressure plate on your right, and the 2nd trap of left hand side will shoot at the middle pillar on your right.

Move forward carefully to the end of the corridor, where steps start to go downwards. Since you have already located the 3rd trap of right hand side, the remaining one is on the left. Standing on the topmost step, strafe left. When your left shoulder reaches the wall, turn a bit to the left and the 3rd trap of left hand side is nearly in front of your nose (it is on the blue part of the left wall a few inches from you; it is not on the white part, and not on the wall far away). Now that you know where it is, go back to the third pair of pressure plates to give them a try. The pressure plate on the left triggers the 3rd trap of right hand side. The arrow always hits the wall and disappears. The pressure plate on the right triggers the 3rd trap of left hand side (the one on the blue wall). The arrow usually hits the middle pillar and you can retrieve it.

After playing with the traps, descend the steps at the end of the corridor. There you descend further to a hallway leading to the South (right). If lights are on, look left and you know something is going on there. Turn right and walk up to the South Door at the South end of the hallway. Before you reach the door, note the floor pattern in front of it. If you are in total darkness, stick to the wall on your right (West) while moving towards South Door. Avoid it while you lean and pick the door. Move quickly inside.

The above is how I usually get pass the South Door and enter the Keeper’s Library. The Potted Plant showed me a more interesting way. Instead of picking the door, look up. Notice that the South Wall (the one in front of you, with the South Door) does not extend to the top. Shoot a Rope Arrow to the wooden ceiling and climb up. Jump on top of South Wall. To avoid overshoot, you should aim yourself at where South Wall joins the wall on the East. Standing on top of South Wall, retrieve your Rope Arrow. Then move to the East end and walk towards South East. You drop on an area higher than the ground and receive no damage.

Inside Keeper’s Library

Inside the South Wall, there is a room on each side of you. Enter the one on your left (East). Grab the stuff on the table in the clockwise direction. First read the Poster Scroll on your left. It is a letter from Keeper Lukas (probably the central administration) to the Keeper Andrus (responsible for this city). From the letter, you learn more about what happened to the city (disastrous enough to make Keepers take action!). That is the “ancient corruption” referred to by Keeper Annals back in the mission briefing of Mission 5: Assassins. Notice that the section quoted inside [] is only available in Original Thief. In Original Thief, two of the Talismans are stored at the Hammerite Temple, while in Thief Gold, only one of them is there.

Then read the Poster Scroll on the far side of the table, which is a reply from Keeper Andrus to Keeper Lukas. Again, the sentence inside [] is only available in Original Thief. Then take the Portal Key (the strange object) on the table, and finally the Bronze Key. There is nothing more here. Leave the room.

Now go to the South Door (on your right). If you have climbed over South Wall, you can use the Bronze Key to unlock the door now. Step on the pressure plate outside the door and you will trigger the trap. If you feel you are in danger, step back through the door again. If you are curious like me, shoot a Rope Arrow to the ceiling so you can climb up and explore what is on top of the trap. And also drop on the other side to explore what is behind it. I expected some powerups or even Easter Eggs, but there is nothing. Back inside the South Door to explore the other room.

Unlock the remaining door on the West with the Bronze Key and get inside a similar looking room. Read the Red Book on the table. Note that the content shown above is from Original Thief. When playing Thief Gold, the Red Book reads like this. Both version tells you where the four Talismans are. In Original Thief, the Talismans are stored in two groups, while in Thief Gold, they are stored at four different places. Yet you don’t really need to remember where they are. Just a glimpse into the future.

Look at the surface of the hexagontal table (highlight it and use as usual). Shows you a map of the city, divided in ways similar to in Assassin (Mission 5). Again the two game versions show different maps. Yet the map is useless. You will be brought to the right places without your finding the way through the city.

If you are playing Normal Difficulty, your mission ends here. You will start collecting Talismans in the next mission. Proceed to read Afterwards. But if you are playing Hard or Expert, we will now return to Residential Area to find the Serpentyle Torc. Jump over the trap at South Door, walk carefully past the corridor with Emitter Traps and leave the Keeper’s Library.

Back to Residential Area


Move back to Market Street South (before of Zombies!) and get inside the corridor with the gear sign. Turn right to move to Armory and crawl via the fire place to the Bakery again. Save your game. We are now moving to the Pub: it is on our left.

Before moving, something for your to decide. You may go first to turn off the Market Street Power Grid (in the Maintenance Cell on your right). Again, it is easier to move around without lights (unless you have killed all the Zombies), but also easier to get lost. I think the coming journey is easier done without lights, but it is up to you.

Leave the room in ruins, turn left (West) and crawl along the wall. Without lights, you are safe from the Zombies. At the end of the street is a door marked with the shop sign of beer. Pick the door (this is the most dangerous part if lights are on and Zombies are around) and enter the Pub.

The down side of darkness is the diffculty to move around this empty shop. Go forward and turn left twice and find the doorway on your right. You arrive at a largely broken second floor. Walk on the beam running along the left (East) wall.

When you reach two beams running East West, intersecting your beam at right angles, stop and turn right. Below you on the right is a Crayman (Hard and Expert Difficulties only) and the remains of Constable Tule. Don’t disturb them. There is nothing in the whole Pub of any value to you, other than a Gold Key beneath you. Below you is a pool of water — drop into it (if you want to play safe, descend using a Rope Arrow and then retrieve and drop — this avoids getting hurt in case you land on the shore instead of the pool).

On the shore (nearly directly under where you were) is the Gold Key. Since you already have got another Gold Key from the Burrick Caves, and have used it to unlocked the Maintenance Cell, you actually do not need the key. If you want to get the key, mantle to the shore, grab it and drop back into water. Although the splashing water has aroused the Crayman, I have never seen him moving to where the key is. At least not before I am long gone.

Underwater tunnels

Make a quick save and prepare for diving. You should have sufficient breath for all the underwater activities. Just in case, keep your Breath Potions ready.

First go West (no choice any way). Turn right and dive forward at top speed (avoid the walls — they slow you down). Midway in this long tunnel is a Moss Arrow. If you miss it, forget about it, you have two more chances at it. Near the end, ignore the side tunnel on your left. Press to the end and grab the Purse (100;0;0) at the skeleton there. Turn around and hurry back to where you started diving. Grab the Moss Arrow on your way if you haven’t yet done so. Resurface to breath.

When you have caught your breath, save again and dive again. If you still have not grabbed the Moss Arrow, do it this time, or forget about it (not much use anyway). When you get near the skeleton, turn left go to into the side tunnel you ignored last time. After a right turn, it goes upward and at the (North) end, resurface for air. Turn left (West) and dive past the last leg of the journey. You leave the tunnels and surface at a river. Before we swim downstream (West) along the river, join a short Upstream Excursion.

Turn right (North) and swim to the corner ahead. Turn right again and swim to the end. The Draw Bridge is on your left. Since you cannot mantle up on either side, there is nothing you can do here.

Go downstream and soon you have two big wall openings on your left (if you miss the openings, you would arrive at the end of the river). Mantle up the opening and listen. You arrived back at the North part of the Central Residential Area.

Central Residential Area

If you have already turned on the lights for the Central Residential Area before, then just stay on the ledge while we go to turn it on. Others should wait for the Burrick to go away and drop to the ground. Since the area is very dark, you should have little difficulty hitting the Burrick with your Blackjack. In case you need shelter, there is a dark recessed area on your right (West). Now turn on the Power Grid Control Box (not the machine near where you climbed from river). Remember where it is? It is opposite the niche, near the two green pillars. With power on, go back to the wall on the North with two openings (towards the river). Do a running jump on the machine on your right (East). Then turn left and jump/mantle back to the ledge on the wall.

Now that everybody is on the ledge, walk West along the ledge to find a switch. Flip it and turn around: a door above is opening. Go there and climb the ladder to get inside. If you have not turned on the lights, you could hardly have seen anything here. Collect two Fire Arrows, two Water Arrows and a Breath Potion.

Leave the room and climb back down the ladder. Drop from the ledge to the ground, and go South past the two green pillars. If you have not yet knocked down the Burrick, it is time to use the Blackjack on it (but with the lights on, you would really need the dark recessed area on the West). Remember that you are moving into the land of the Undead now. Locate the dark niche ahead (South) and flee into it. Turn around and wait till the area is quiet enough for your next run.

Refer to the annotated map. Last time we were here, we go due East to the East Ramp. This time we take another path. Ahead of you slightly to the right is a tilted building, and there is a passage between the building and the wall on its left. A short lamp post marks the entrance of this passage. When the area is clear, run into it.

Follow the wall on your left to go North. At the lamp turn right and go through narrow opening. Immediately on your left is a doorway. Enter it for a look and take a breath. The room has a big hole on its roof (something you would never notice without the lights). The roof is made of rock, what to do with it?

Turn right (South) and note where the hole touches the wall. Shoot a Rope Arrow above that point and climb up. If you succeed in pulling your head above the roof, you can see the vial of Breath Potion on your right (West) sitting on the upper floor. Even if you don’t, just turn right and right click at the roof anyway. Turn to one side and the other until you successfully grab it.

Leave the room and turn left to continue your journey to the East. Move quietly past the hole in the wall. At the corner, peek right. You are looking down Rubin Street and the East Ramp is straight ahead. You have come back to the East Residential Area.

East Residential Area

Note that there is a doorway (only one) in the building on the opposite (East) side of the street. Move into it. Once inside, turn right to find the ladder. Since there is nothing else downstairs, climb up. Drop to 2/F and move South to find three (rock looking) beams. Walk on the middle one to get the Gold Plate (50;0;0) there.

Now mantle up the (South) wall in front of you and look down the street. Cathedral Street South (where you found the barber) is on the left. On the opposite side of the street is another building, and you can see a vase through its (left) window. How to get there? All walkthroughs will tell you to pick the door from the street below. That is a valid options, and probably better than my way. However, there are quite some undead wandering around, and you have to be very alert. Run away when they come near, and continue when they are away.

My method is, jump across the street! From the top of the wall, walk left to the corner and turn left. Walk till the lamp blocks your way and turn around. Save your game. Aim so that you can run a straight line towards the window (you may need to walk forward a step or two for proper aiming). In other words, do not just run along the wall. Cut the corner at an angle so that you target towards the window. Jump and mantle. It is not any easy jump, and if you miss you would be half dead. However, I prefer this to unpicking a door with so many undeads behind my back.

Once you are through the window, immediately step back. Otherwise, your momentum will drive you forward and drop to the floor below, taking quite some damage. When you successfully stand on the 2/F, save the game.

At your feet are 10 Broadhead Arrows. Turn around and take the Indigo Vase (0;0;100) at the window. Turn around again and look forward. Three quarters of the 2/F are gone, and you are standing on the remaining part near the window. On your left is a fallen beam leading to 1/F.

Look at the two other beams. Focus on the left side of the far away beam. Something is there. Jump (do not run) and mantle on the first beam. Turn right and walk along it to the other end. Jump and mantle to the second beam. Turn left and walk to the other end to collect two Water Arrows. Alternatively, you can descend to 1/F and climb up the last beam using a Rope Arrow.

Now we need to go back to the 3 Beam Building. You can either go through the door downstairs, or through the windows upstairs. To go through the door, pick the door from the safety of the inside. Listen, open and leave. Turn left (West) and turn at the first right to find the doorway on your right. Enter the doorway and climb the ladder again to the second floor of the previous building.

To go back via the window, save your game first. Do a running jump out of the window. Look up when you are running. You must keep you jump/mantle key while in mid flight. Mantle up the wall, drop to the beams and walk back to the solid part of the 2/f floor.

Draw Bridge

We are going North now, to the Draw Bridge. Find an exit at the North East corner of the 2/F. Enter, and at the end, drop half a meter down to a short hallway going right, opening to the exterior.

From the opening, you can see a tilted building in front of you. You cannot get inside that tilted building, and it is empty, so just ignore it. Through the space on the lower right, you can see the street lamp of Cathedral Street South. Turn left and move (East) along the ledge (outside the building), and you can see a street lamp on the opposite side of the Cathedral Street North. When the area is clear, drop to the ground. Turn left and move NE along the wall on your left. At the (NE) corner ahead, there is a small patch of shadow where you can hide yourself.

Turn West and ahead of you are two beams between the two intersecting walls. Walk up to the lower beam, turn right and look up at where the upper beam joins the West wall. You can see a Purple Vase (0;0;50) sitting on a wall ledge. Just grab it from where you are (walk a step or two if necessary, you don’t have to mantle up the beam).

From the beams, go further North to a big but empty area. Ahead on the right is a large pile of leaves. One can use it to climb over the wall to go to the river. Ignore the pile of leaves (or go have a look) and enter the doorway on its left. Inside, there is a doorway on your right and a door on your left. Pick the door on your left.

Inside this room, find a Gemstone (0;100;0) at the wall on your right. Leave the room and pass through the other doorway (ie not the one you came from). Now you arrive on the other side of the wall, and the Draw Bridge is on your left. Look at the opposite shore. Through a hole on the wall, you can see two buttons. Draw a Broadhead Arrow and aim at the lower button. Shoot at it and the bridge lowers.

Cross the bridge. Usually nobody is around (you need to run fast if Zombies are around). There is a doorway on the left. Ignore it, we visited it in Draw Bridge Excursion. Or go inside anyway, it is up to you.

Turn right and see the short L-shaped wall with the two buttons controling the bridge. If nobody is around, push the upper button to raise the bridge; otherwise forget about the buttons.

Reader Commander Robey taught me an effective way to gather the Zombies for killing. Similar to in mission 4 (Down in the Bonehoard), you are safe when on this L-shaped wall. Climb on top of the wall and move to the inner corner. You will drop a little bit downwards, but not to the ground. The Zombies in the neighbourhood will gather under you, so that you can kill them in one go.

Walk up the ramp so that you can mantle on the the short wall (from the East side). Turn left (South) and move to the tall wall. Strafe as much to your right as possible (without falling), and mantle up to the tall wall in front of you.

On top of the tall wall, turn right (West). If you have raised the draw bridge, then you can simply walk along the top. Otherwise, do a running jump across the bridge to the other side of the wall top. Move forward to the West and note a wooden door ahead on your right. Do a running jump into the space in front of the door. Pick and open the door. Very often, you will not hear any picking sound. At first I thought it was because the Zombies used up all the sound channels, but reader MSB pointed out that the door is silent even when all Zombies have been wiped out. So it is “normal” for this door, just watch the moving handle.

A barren sidestreet

Enter the empty room and leave via the opening on the opposite side. Drop carefully down to the street below. Move around, the street is emtpy.

Go West and find the only building with a real door. You can pick it, or professionally, find the key under the doormat. Stand in front of the door and look down. Moving it aside (just right click it) reveals a Silver Key below. Crouch to take the key. Save game, listen and open the front door.

If you are playing this area dark, then you have nothing to fear. Unfortunately you just turned it on (near the Burrick). Therefore, you should hide on the side of the door when opening it, as you always should. The foyer behind the front door has two more doors. The two (one if playing Normal Difficulty) Hammer Haunts patrol between the foyer and through the room behind the door on the right (West) go upstairs and back down.

When the foyer is empty, move inside and plant a Land Mine in front of the door on the right. Go back to the front door. Turn around and plant another Land Mine at the doorway (don’t plant the second mine if you are playing Normal Difficutly). When planting Land Mines, remember to use the drop key instead of right clicking. Now step back and watch.

When the Hammer Haunt comes back through the door, he will get killed. The noise will arouse the other Hammer Haunt, who will come and have a look. Of course, if he doesn’t, it is your duty to make sufficient noises to attract him. Let him see you, and he will walk to the front door to trigger the second Land Mine. Make sure you do not stand too close to the mine.

Serpentyle Torc

Now the whole building is cleared. Enter the empty foyer and open the door on the left with the Silver Key you just got. Take the Green Vase (0;0;50) on the table, and two Moss Arrows from the Chest.

Leave the room and enter the door on the other side of the foyer. Follow the ramp upstairs to the bedroom. Go to pick the Chest on your left to get a vial of Holy Water. Go to the opposite corner to find another chest. Pick it and get the Serpentyle Torc (100;50;200) from it.

For players at Hard and Expert Difficulties, your mission completes here (the story will continue in the next mission). Proceed to read Afterwards. The next section is only applicable to players at Normal Difficulty.

Market Street

For players at Normal Difficulty, you still need to find the Eye. Normally, all walkthroughs will get the Torc before the Eye. However, I find it easier to do this in reverse. So I led players at Hard and Expert Difficulties to the Eye first, but at the Normal Difficulty, you have no choice. If you get the Eye, the mission completes and you do not have a chance to find the Torc (the Torc is a mission objective for Hard and Expert, but not Normal).

Go back to the barren sidestreet and retrace the path you came. Mantle back to the empty room, and leave via the door on the opposite side. Now how to move back to the Armory at Market Street South? You have three choices.

First you can drop into the river and go back to the Central Residential Area (where the lone Burrick was). From there, you can go back to the Hole Room (beware of the Zombie in Lower Residential Area). Go through the Burrick caves and find you way back to Hole Street.

The second method is to cross the Draw Bridge and run South to go back to the Power Grid Control Box at Cathedral Street. From there, you can also climb down the ladder and follow the sewer tunnels to Hole Street.

Finally you can run directly there. In front of you (at the Draw Bridge) is a ramp going up towards the West. Run up the ramp and turn left. Cross the wood bridge and you are back to Market Street North. Rush into the Bakery ahead of you and crawl through the hole back to the fire place. Leave via the corridor on your front-right. To go back to Market Street South, You can either turn left at the T-junction (to leave at where the gears sign is), or continue forward to the room above the Fire Shadow and leave through the door.

In the first two method, you have to sneak past the Burricks again, but it should still be easier than the third, which is much more exciting (unless you kill all the Zombies there). When you are back at Market Street South, jump back to the section To The Cathedral.

Total total loot, and total.


Now you know you are not entering the Cathedral in this mission. And through the small window at the back of the Cathedral, you have also seen the Hammer Haunts inside. Everybody is asking the question: what will happen if I kill them now?

On this question, lots of people have voiced their opinions. None has facts. The question becomes more important because you have plenty of ammunition in this mission, and when you really enter the Cathedral, you would really hope that those Hammer Haunts have already been disposed of.

A reader is kind enough to do the experiment, to settle the question once and for all. The result is this. No matter what you do now, kill them all or leave them there, you will face the same number of Hammer Haunts when you enter the Cathedral. In other words, if you kill them now, they will reappear and you have to fight them again. So, kill them for fun, if you want to. And face them later once more.

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