Thief — an All Difficulty Level complete-loot walkthrough (Original Thief and Thief Gold)

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Mission 11: Return to The Cathedral

List loots at Difficulty Level for .
In this walkthrough, you can follow a large variety of different paths (OP and LH etc, refer to this section). And later in the game you still more choices (OPLH). I found out that it is near impossible to trace which path you are following. So, the cumulative loot total in this walkthrough only follows the OP path. If you are following LH or OPLH, please ignore the partial totals.

Version History

v1.6(Mar 2006)
  • Reader Joe Grocott-James reported a problem in the walkthrough concerning the paths. When the LH option is chosen (refer to this section for an explanation of the paths) and the player is at Hard Difficulty, the walkthrough failed to visit the Alchemy Laboratory, leading to incomplete loot. Now fixed.
1.5(Nov 2002)
  • Now uses a new script so that the loot count now shows in three components (gold;gem;goods) for easier tracking.
  • Total loot is displayed near the end of the mission.
v1.4(May 2001)
  • Fix the lists of Murus tasks at Normal and Hard Difficulties.
v1.3(Mar 2001)
v1.2(Jun 2000)
  • Added powerups for Normal and Hard Difficulties.
v1.1(May 2000)
  • Added Thief Gold information
v1.0(Jan 2000)
  • Initial release.

Before you start

About this walkthrough

This mission uses a version number (starting with 1.0) independent of the main document.

After the easiest mission in the whole game, you are now facing the longest and most difficult one. I am a slow player, but you can expect to spend a very long time on this mission. Look at the statistics to find out how much time you spent on the previous missions: add them together and divide by two — that is roughly the time you will spend in RTC! However since you are following my walkthrough, you will probably need only half as much time as without.

At several places, additional information is available as tool tips. Move the mouse on the words looking like these to see them.

RTC is a mission you will have difficulty to survive without a walkthough. Yet there are many different ways to complete the mission. I have considered two different approaches:

  • Long and Honest (LH)
    In RTC, you have an ever growing list of things to do. With this method, I will bring you around the cathedral in the sequence they are intended to be. In fact, I will lead you go the longer way so that you can see things in a logical order. You will only learn about the next task after you have competed the first task. And go to places to do things only after you have read about it. That means you will be running around more times than necessary, but when I tell you to do something, you know why you are doing it.

    This is the method I like, but unless you also like it, you will start to curse me half way in the mission. Because honesty can easily become stupidity in this mission.
  • Optimized (OP)
    By this, I will tell you the whole story in advance: what will happen, and what tasks will be added. Then when we are travelling around, I will tell you to do things that you will have to do later. In system software technology, this is Elevator Seeking: you will be doing everything at a place when you happen to be there. The walkthrough will be less logical, but you walk much much less. Believe me, walking around the Cathedral is not going to be easy.

To further complicate matters, there are tasks you do not need to perform at Hard/Normal. More about it when we come to those tasks.

Most walkthroughs I found are somewhere in between. They ask you to do something in advance, but not all. You will still repeat a lot of trips with them. After a lot of thought, I have chosen the second (OP) approach. Yet I will provide information and links for you to follow (jump back and forth in the walkthrough) if you want to play it LH.

The mission in Thief Gold is identical with the one in original Thief, but with a different game engine, AIs in Thief Gold behaves a little differently.

A few places are worth visiting, but is not needed to achieve your objectives. They do not even get you any powerups, so it is up to you whether to follow them. I will describe the main route like a regular walkthrough. Then at certain points I will mark excursion routes. At these points, if you want to have a look (and you should), save your game and follow the route. Click the excursion heading in this color and style to expand the route. After the voyage, just reload the game you saved at the Excursion starting point to continue the main route (note that excursions may not bring you back to the starting point). For those who don’t bother to go (I do not understand why anybody should want to skip the excursions), just ignore the milestone and continue straight on.

There is nothing to pick (that counts toward the pick count in the mission statistic) in this mission.

In this mission, different difficulty levels have access to very different amount of powerups. This walkthrough has included the powerups for all three difficulty levels.

Browser Compatibility

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Now that you have got all four Talismans, you can return to the eerie Haunted Cathedral to get The Eye.

Rumours about the Haunted Cathedral are just stories invented by people who haven’t seen the real thing. The Eye had attracted evil spirits into the Cathedral, and now it is filled with Zombies, Hammer Haunts and Apparitions. For eons they having been waiting for a living thing, for your pour mortal soul.

The concentration of the undead is maddening, but you will later find out that all of them added together are not as annoying as Brother Murus.

Purchase Recommendations

Interesting that you start your mission with two serious omissions. First experts do not have any Holy Water. Fortunately you are going to get 3 of them inside the Cathedral.

Your favorite Blackjack is gone — anyway there isn’t anybody inside the Cathedral on whom you can use the Blackjack.

You are going to meet only undeads, the direction is simple. You have exactly the money to buy all of the Water Arrows, Fire Arrows, Flash Bombs and Land Mines. Even that isn’t a lot. From the previous mission in The Haunted Cathedral, Garrett already knew the rumours are real, and he has already peeked at what is inside the Cathedral. Why on earth should Garrett enter the Cathedral this time with so little ammunition?

Mapping the Cathedral

Before we start moving around, study the annotated map here. I will give name to all the places to be used throughout the walkthrough.

You start outside the front gate on the South. Catholic Churches always open on the West, but Hammer ones open on the South.

I call the main building the Cathedral. That is, it excludes the Garden and buildings behind it. Moreover, I usually mean to exclude the Basement as well. So be careful when I say Cathedral.

Inside the Front Gate is the Foyer, and beyond the locked doubledoors is the Main Hall (ie the nave). No matter what the shape appears to you, it is meant to be a hammer-shaped hall. On your left are two hallways: behind the door is the SW Hallway, and on its North the NW Hallway. The door on the North of the NW Hallway opens into the Main Hall. On the West side of the NW Hallway is the West Room which is small and square in shape.

Things are pretty the same on the East: SE Hallway, SE Hallway, and East Room.

On the North East corner of the Main Hall is the NE Room which is small and square in shape. On the North West corner of the Main Hall is the NW Room, giving you access to the spiral stair case. Also, the North side of the room opens into the Garden (also known as Upper Cloister).

On the second floor, most of the rooms are the same, but there is a ledge over the transept area on both sides. The West Ledge joins the 2/F NW Room to the 2/F NW Hallway, while the East Ledge joins the 2/F NE Room to the 2/F NE Hallway. The is also what I call the South Ledge, which is actually the roof of the Foyer. It joins the 2/F SW Hallway to the 2/F SE Hallway.

On the third floor, the rooms are still the same. Above the three ledges are three beams that you can walk on, and one that is inaccessible.

That is all for the main building. I will cover the Garden and the Basement when we reach them.

Mission Summary

Spoiler warning!

I know walkthroughs are spoilers, but this section in particular gives away the whole story. Decide for yourself whether you want to read it. Since the walkthrough shows the optimized approach, we will be doing things to fulfil objectives that you will only learn later in the game. Knowing these objectives gives more sense into why we are doing what.

The first big surprise is, after you get the Eye, the Front Gate will be locked. You have to leave via the Garden. To make things worse, the Cloister Gate is rusted and cannot be openned neither. Fortunately you will run into the ghost of Brother Murus, who offers to help you. But unfortunately he asks you to help him back: to perform the Ritual of Consecration to free his soul. You have little choice but to collect the stuff required and perform the ritual at his grave in the Cemetery down in the Cloister.

At Hard and Expert Difficulty, he then asks you to bury Brother Renault, whose dead body is lying in the Basement. Since it is rather painful to get back from Cloister to the Cathedral, I carry the body to the Garden early in the game. After you have buried Brother Reanult, you will be rewarded with the information of how to open a secret room. Of course, in the OP approach I will tell you to open that room at a time that is convenient in the journey, long before Brother Renault teaches you how. Then Brother Murus asks you to bury Brother Martello, another of his friend lying on 3/F NE Room. Similarly I decided to carry him out early.

After you have buried both his friends, he thanks you but asks something more if you are playing Expert: to kill all the Hammer Haunts. Therefore, in the walkthrough I kill them on the way so that we will meet less obstacles during the game. After you have killed all nine Hammer Haunts, Brother Murus gives you a key. You then have to go back to 3/F NW Room to unlock the Armory and get the explosives. Finally, you can use the explosives to blast open the Cloister Gate and complete the mission by leaving.

Into the Cathedral

Patrol and Plan

First you must understand the patrol system here. Initially, 6 of the 7 AIs stay in the Main Hall, so you are free to visit nearly everywhere. In particular, the NW Room and the Stairwell is the most important nexus of the building, and is difficult to access later in the game.

The only wandering AI is a Zombie patroling 2/F. He walks between West Ledge, 2/F NW Hallway, and 2/F SW Hallway. If he hears you when you are downstairs, he may extend to Full Patrol: by adding 2/F NW Room, Stairwell, 1/F NW Room and Main Hall into his path. Though he is easy to bypass, it is troublesome.

Although you are safe, move quietly. If you arouse the Hammer Haunts when you are upstairs, they will join the Full Patrol path as well. Then it will be much more difficult to move around, because there will be traffic jams at the nexus.

Here is a summary of what we intend to do here.

  • Loot all the rooms.
    This has very low priority, since most of the rooms can be accessed easily. We just visit the rooms when we happen to get near them.
  • Get the Eye.
    This is done last. Once you get the Eye, everybody wakes up. An Apparition will also join the fun.
  • Move a wooden box.
    In 1/F East Room, you need something to climb on, and on 3/F NW Room there are five wooden boxes. So we take a box there.
  • Get a corpse from the Basement.
    Later we need to carry two corpses to the Cemetery and one of them is in the Basement. OP players better do it now when the nexus is not yet blocked. Note: this is not needed in Normal Difficulty.
  • Start the Power Engine in the Basement.
    This gives power to the elevators of the Cathedral and the other buildings. I don’t know whether LH players should do this or not. I would leave it up to you. I prefer to start it early, but you can wait till you really need an elevator.
  • Get a corpse from the 3/F NE Room.
    The second corpse is here. The path is longer, and is more affected by the Full Patrol (than the visit to the Basement). Therefore OP players should do this first. Again, this is not needed in Normal Difficulty.
  • Kill the Hammer Haunts.
    At Expert Difficulty, you need to kill all Hammer Haunts. OP players had better kill the three Hammer Haunts when they are still in the Main Hall. It will be more difficult after they have started the Full Patrol. Unfortunately, once they are down, the three Zombie Possums will wake up, and may take up the Full Patrol. Therefore, it should be done just before getting the Eye. For Hard/Normal, it is not necessary, but killing them definitely makes your life easier.

Front Gate

As an excursion, walk around the area outside the Cathedral. You find that the road leading away from the Cathedral has been blocked, so you are confined to the area around the building. If you walk around, you will find the the opening through which you saw the Eye last time has disappeared. There are plenty skeletons and broken swords all around but none is useful to you.

Reload the game and use the four Talismans on the corresponding wards and the front door will open. The Eye starts talking but just ignore him. He seems surprised that you really came to rescue him. Hammer Haunts are making lots of noise inside but you are safe from them, for the time being.

Inside the front doors is the Foyer. In front of you is another set of double doors leading to Main Hall. As a precaution, you may pick both of them. However it is dangerous because you may accidentally open them as well: your location is not dark enough, and the Hammer Haunts inside will see you. With both doors unlocked, you have more options in case things later go sour inside the Main Hall. Decide for yourself, I opted not to pick them.

I suppose you have already noticed an annoying feature of the building. Doors close automatically. Enter a room, and a few seconds later you get the unnerving noise of the closing door behind you. Another annoying feature is that they open in one direction. That is, sometimes a door opens towards you. And if you are standing too near, you block the door and need to retreat and open it again. This can be deadly when you have an AI after you.

In Original Thief, there is a quick way to complete this mission (bypassing most of the AIs and missing most of the treasures). You start this by picking up a skull, use it as door stop and keep the front door from closing. I will talk more about this after we’ve got the Eye. As for now, I suggest you not to do it, since we do not come for a quick finish. Note that this trick no longer works in Thief Gold. The front doors slams shut forcefully no matter what you use as door stopper. The only way to keep the doors from closing is to keep opening it: Like all other doors, this door may vanish after having been opened a lot of times (not that Garrett can break it, but the game engine has a bug that doors sometimes just disappear when it is opened).

Read the Hand Written Ledger on the floor (near South West corner of Foyer).

West Side

At the Foyer, leave via the door on the West to enter SW Hallway.

Half of the ceiling here has gone. A Zombie patrols as far as the half ceiling above, so be quiet. He patrols West Ledge, 2/F North West Hallway and up to the door above. If you make noises, expecially when you are above or below him, the he will change his patrol to look for you. And this will give you lots of trouble on the Stairwell.

Reader MSB told me that one can climb upstairs from here. Save game and give it a try. Face East and do a running jump at the floor above, and mantle yourself up. Remember this manoever, because it will give me more options when running around. You had better succeed, because otherwise your noise is going the annoy the Zombies.

Instead of going up, go through the other door. It is empty, but move very quietly for the Zombie is directly above you and can hear you clearly. Midway in NW Hallway, there is a locked door on your left. Pick it and enter West Room.

Continue to stay quiet. On your left, pick up two Gold Candle Sticks (50;0;0). Climb up the ladder. Ignore the eerie sound (nobody is making the noise, it happens every time you climb into this room). The 2/F Zombie at times open the door of this room. In case you meet him, remember AIs do not climb ladders. However, if he sees you, he will start patroling downstairs to the room below, giving you additional trouble. So you had better stay on the ladder (keep you head below the ground) and wait till he closes the door.

In the room, read the Poster Scroll on your left. The re-engineering never took place. The bad news is that no mechanical devices are working at this moment. The good news is you can enable them once and for all from the Machine Room in the Basement.

Consider hiding back on the ladder and do a quick save here. A single Zombie is patroling the West Ledge and the 2/F NW Hallway and the 2/F SW Hallway. Listen carefully to determine the location of the Zombie. When he closes the door, he may walk South (right) or North (left). When he is going South (right), you leave the room, go North (left) and enter 2/F NW Hallway. Go left to West Ledge. On the ledge, do not bother with sight seeing. Take the Purple Vase (0;0;50) on the floor. Move forward into 2/F NW Room.

From here you can oversee part of the 1/F NW Room, including the Cathedral Exit. Note that there is a wooden bench on the right of the Cathedral Exit. If one day you need to jump down from here, jump to the bench: you will drop quietly and without taking damage. There is nothing useful here, so leave via the door on your left to the Stairwell and move all the way up to the top.

On the Third Floor

3/F NW Room

Enter the door. Collect a Moss Arrow from the Foot Locker. There are two other doors here. The steel door on the left locks the Armory. You cannot open it until you get the Armory Key near the end of the mission. The wooden door on the right leads to the West Beam.

There are five boxes in the room. Open the South door and take a box with you. I know it is clumsy to carry it around, but we will need one in 1/F East Room.

Walk carefully on the narrow West Beam. Once on the beam you are very safe, but avoid making noises or the AIs will start the Full Patrol. Note also that Zombies sometimes look up and can spot you, especially when you are noisy.

Later in the game, the AIs may chase you up to the 3/F NW Room. Yet they are not capable of walking on the beam. So you just have to stand on the beam, open the door and watch them go away.

While you are here, note that from the Transept below, you can use Rope Arrow at this beam and climb up to the safety here. Moreover, reader MSB pointed out that the rope will dangle all the way to 1/F (if the rope is stick near the center, not on the North side or South side, of the beam). Therefore, you can use this method to climb up from the Main Hall. This method become useful later in the game when the stairwell on the North West corner becomes too dangerous to use.

While we are on the topic of climbing, you can actually shoot a Rope Arrow from the Main Hall at the “floor” of the Transept. This make it even quicker and easier to climb from Main Hall to the 2/F.

Wooden Box

Go South, and have a good look of the Main Hall while you are on the beam. Above the Hammer Altar you can see the Eye floating. A Hammer Haunt is standing in front of the Hammer Altar, and two others are patroling the hall. There are three Zombie-possums in the hall: one behind the Hammer Altar near the NE Room, one on the far end of the East Transept and the third near the middle of the hall.

Open the door at the South end of the beam. When you drop the box when opening doors, look down and aim well: do not drop it downstairs. Through the door into 3/F NW Hallway and pick the Foot Locker to get a Gold Ring (100;0;0). Continue to 3/F SW Hallway and collect a Gold Goblet (25;0;0) from another Foot Locker.

Leave via the other door and walk on the South Beam. Save your game and drop (not throw) the box to the South Ledge. Then crouch on the beam and drop quietly on the South Ledge.

The East doorway of South Ledge is blocked. You can break the blockage with your Sword, but the noise arouses the AIs to go after you. Beyond the blockage is the an elevator shaft connecting 1/F and 2/F.

Since you cannot climb up the Hammer Altar, the only way to get the eye is from 2/F NE Room. There are two ways to get there: either ride the elevator from 1/F SE Hallway, or drop down from the East Beam on 3/F, but we will worry about it later.

BTW, notice that there are two beams running in the East-West direction. The one on the South is the South Beam that we dropped down from. The other one is inaccessible.

When the 2/F Zombie has left, take the box into South West Hallway and drop it (the box, not yourself) down to 1/F. Look left: at the window is a Gold Hammer (75;0;0) for you. Take it and get back to the ledge.

Brother Martello

Climb back to the beam with a Rope Arrow and retrieve it back. Enter the 3/F SE Hallway and leave via the other door.

The next room, Bell Tower, is the 3/F NE Hallway and 3/F East Room merged together. Collect two Water Arrows from the Foot Locker. Walk around the bell. At its South West side, crouch down and look at the ledge below. 2/F East Room consists only of a thin ledge on its perimeter. There is no doors for the room, but you can see something on the thin ledge near the North East corner. When we get there, we shall climb up there from 1/F, using the wooden box.

Leave the hallway and walk on the East Beam. Note that light falls on the middle part of the beam. And note that the shadow of this beam casts on the hall below near the standing Hammer Haunt, providing one of the ways to get to the 1/F North East Room. Save your game, and wait till the Hammer Haunt (the standing one) turns away before attempting to move forward. Near the middle stop down to pick up a Gemstone (0;100;0). Proceed rapidly to the end of the beam. If the Hammer Haunt (or other AIs, which is less likely) sees you, then everybody wakes you and will give you lots of trouble. Also I hope you have not fallen to the East Ledge below, because that will trigger things we do not yet want to see. Pick the lock and enter the door into 3/F NE Room.

In the Attic (both 3/F NE Room and 3/F NW Room are called Attic in the game so I do not use Attic for naming), take the Purple Vase (0;0;50) and note the body on your right. When playing Hard/Normal Difficulties, get one/two Fire Arrows from the table. That is the late Brother Martello. How glad it is to find somebody dead but yet without no desires to kill you! OP players playing Hard/Expert, should pick him up and go back to the 3/F NW Room via the beams (we shall carry him to the Garden, so don’t leave him behind even though I stopped talking about him). Others (OP players at Normal Difficulty and LH players) just forget about Brother Martello and go empty handed back to the 3/F NW Room via the beams.


From 3/F NW Room, follow the stairwell to go down two levels to 1/F NW Room (do not go to the bottom of the stairs — that is the Basement). Unless some AI has taken up Full Patrol, the Stairwell and this room are safe. You must move quietly though.

LH players should first visit Wine Cellar before leaving the Cathedral.

Read the Hand Written Ledger on the bench near the Cathedral Exit. You are supposed to read it after you got the Eye, but by then you may not have the leisure to do so. Notice that Martello was still alive when Brother Murus start haunting the Cathedral, and that they were good friends. That is why some of us are carrying Martello to Murus.

Do a quick save and open the Cathedral Exit (door on the North). Listen and look outside. When it is safe, drop the body outside and hide yourself at the shadows on the right side of the door. The Eye will get worried and start asking why you leave without him. Just ignore him.

An Apparition, two Zombies and a Hammer Haunt patrol the Garden. The North East part of Garden is where you are, and the South West part has a tiny pool in it. The Apparition always stay in the Garden, while the others enter St Yora’s (the building on your North West) periodically. You are at one end of a stone walkway, which first goes North and then turns West into St Yora’s. BTW do you remember who St Yora is? You have played with his skull in the Hammer Temple.

Ahead of you there is a set of broken stairs on the right. Remember one thing: whenever you walk down on the broken stairs, do not stay on the left (West) side. Or you should save your game and try it. Walking very slowing along the left side, and just before you reach the end of the broken steps you might suddenly get killed. I never figure out what killed me, but it is an instant death and it is repeatable most of the time.

The rest of this section is for OP players only. LH players should ignore the broken stairs and skip forward to Fountain.

When nobody is around, Hard/Expert players take the Brother Martello to the broken stairs (OP players at Normal Difficutly just sit still for this and the next paragraph). Carrying Brother Martello, you have to do a quick save, walk down as far as possible without falling, lean forward and throw him to the level below. Throw, not drop. If he dangles in mid air, grab him back and move walk another small step. If you fall down, you cannot climb back up. You had better reload your game (or read the whole walkthrough to find out how to get back via St Yora’s).

From the broken stairs, save your game and listen carefully. When it is safe, go back to the shadow in front of the door. Save game.

Now all OP players should wait for the Hammer Haunt to be alone in the stone walkway and plant a Land Mine ahead of him. You have to sort of guess who is coming out of the St Yora’s door next, but remember Hammer Haunts walks much faster than Zombies. That is, when a Zombie enters St Yora’s, you are pretty sure it takes quite some time for him to come back out. To plant a Land Mine, remember to use the drop key so that you are not throwing it away. To avoid arousing the Hammer Haunt, you may cover the corridor with a Moss Arrow before planting the mine.

When the Hammer Haunt is dead and the other AIs quiet down, sneak back into the Cathedral. If you take the time (now or later) to move the dead Hammer Haunt to a dark places), it will prevent the Zombies from getting upset when they walk by. Do not however throw him down the stairs — it frequently irritates the Apparitions down there.


Wine Cellar

Use the Stairwell to descend to the Basement. At the bottom of the stairs is a door. Open the door and move inside.

There isn’t any map for this floor, but it is easy to find your way. The main corridors roughly form a rectangle and you start at the North West, facing South. The switch on your left turns on the lights so don’t flip it. Proceed to the flooded room with four pillars.

An Apparition and a Zombie are patroling the Basement. Watch and listen carefully because they often take sudden U-turns in the middle of the corridor. There is a corridor ahead (to the Machine Room) and a very dark one on the left. When neither AI is in your way, get into the left corridor. Move forward until you see a lamp in a niche on your right. Near the lamp is a side branch on your left. Turn into the side branch. You are safe here because they do not patrol the side branch.

Go to the end, turn right, pick and enter the door. I hope at this mission you have already learnt how to distinguish a bottle of Fine Wine (gold) and a useless bottle (green). In Wine Cellar, take three bottles of Fine Wine (0;0;50) (one near the entrance, two near the end). OP players at Hard/Expert Difficulty should pick up the dead body (it is Brother Renault), take his body to the Stairwell, and come back to the Basement (we shall carry him away when we are leaving the Basement).

Power Generator

If you have left the Wine Cellar, go back to the flooded room with pillars, and again take the East (left) corridor and hide in the side branch. Otherwise, leave the Wine Cellar and move along the side branch back to the junction. From the side branch, you can see the next flooded room to your South East. When the path is clear, enter that room.

Still facing forward (South), press your back against the wall on your left and strafe left till you reach the (North East) corner of the room. The AIs will not see you now. Look around. In a niche of the wall on your left is a piece of treasure. But in front of it, the floor has a paler color. Walk on it and a boulder will drop on your head. Without moving away from where you are, grab the Gold Candle Stick (50;0;0).

Beyond the trap is a small area partially enclosed by waist high wooden walls. Get inside while avoiding the trap. Collect another Gold Candle Stick (50;0;0) on the shelf on your right.

Opposite the wooden walls are two Water Arrows on the floor (under water). When it is safe, leave this room via the exit at the South end. After two right turns and a left turn, you are on a West going corridor. Midway, there is a side branch to the left.

Once I found a Zombie stuck at these two turns and refuse to go away. As a result, I have to access this side branch from the other side (since the corridors form a close loop: read forward to see how). Turns out it is not a bad news, because the Basement is much quieter with one less walking AI. Fortunately the Apparition is seldom stuck, or else they will succeed in blocking off part of the Basement.

Go to the end of the side branch. The machine in the center does nothing useful. And it operates even though the Power Engine is off (and so does the machine in St Tennor’s). Collect two Silver Nuggets (50;0;0) from your right. Then on the other shelf pick up three Stacks of Silver Coins (12;0;0) and five Stacks of Copper Coins (5;0;0). Save your game, go back to the main corridor and continue West to the Machine Room.

Nowhere is dark enough here, so you need to hide behind the machines at the South East corner. On the North is a corridor going back to the first room (the flooded room with four pillars). On the East wall of the Machine Room, just next to the corridor you entered from, is the power switch. Save your game for a short short excursion to the toilet

Leave the room via the North corridor, and in the corridor take the first right turn. Go all the way to the wooden door. Open it and have a look inside. Just a simple toilet inside.

When you hear that both AIs are on the East side, flip the switch and all machines in the Cathedral are enabled.

Unfortunately, the noise of the machine has attracted the two AIs. Leave the Machine Room via the corridor on the North (the one leading to the toilet). Go straight forward (ie do not take the side branch to the toilet) and run back to the Stairwell: you are safe once you get outside. For OP players at Hard/Expert, pick up Brother Renault and take him to Brother Martello (down the broken stairs in Garden). Othre OP players (Normal Difficulty) just continue with the next section. For LH players, go upstairs to Cathedral Exit.


Move to the South West half of the Garden. There are ample shadows all around so you should not have much problem getting there. There is a tiny pool of water they called the Fountain. When nobody is around, grab the Water Arrow under the water. If playing Normal or Hard Difficulties, go behind the tree on the West (near the North West corner) to find a vial of Healing Potion. Note that, in return, only Experts start with a Healing Potion. Normal and Hard Difficulties start without any Healing Potions.

When I came here in Thief Gold, I have some trouble locating the Apparition. It is not until much later that I found the Apparition partially fused with one of the trees in the Garden. I don’t know whether it is a piece of fortune to find AIs trapped this way — if every AI went out of order, the mission would no longer be worth playing.

While you are here, look at the building on your North. That is St Yora’s. Upstairs on the right is a cross-shaped hole on the wall, and when we later visit the building we will look again at this pool through that window.

Sneak back to the shadow near the Cathedral Exit.

Leaving the Cathedral

Under the bell

Now we only have two more things to do: the Hammer Haunts and the Eye. And a few rooms on the East not yet visited.

Go back to the Foyer via the 1/F NW Room, Main Hall and 1/F NW Hallway. Do not use the Main Hall double doors yet. Collect the wooden box your left in 1/F SW Hallway, and go East to the 1/F SE Hallway, which is an elevator. It means metal floor, so move very quietly. Since you have turned on the power in the Machine Room, you can use it to ride upstairs. But we are not going upstairs.

Continue forward to 1/F NE Hallway. Unlock the door on your right to enter the 1/F East Room. Pick up the Purple Goblet (0;0;15) on the floor (note that while Looking Glass Studios called it purple, it looks more like gold and black; reader RampagingKestrel told me the black is actually a purple, with the color of red wine) and read the Poster Scroll on the floor.

Look up. Remember the thing we saw from the bell? Drop the box on the floor and climb on it. Then jump to grab the precious Necklace (100;100;0). Or mantle up to the ledge to get it.

Well it is very diffcult to jump on a box. And noisy. Unless you know how. Stand at where you want your box to stay. Look down. Drop (not throw) the box and jump. The box will stay there, and occupies the same space as you!

Fortunately the box didn’t frag you (in case you don’t know what the verb “frag” means, just take it to mean “kill”). Jump again and you are standing on the box. Mantle up the ledge to get the necklace.

For LH players, skip this paragraph and proceed to the next section. For OP players, since you are done with the box, take it out to the 1/F NE Hallway. Leave via the North door into the Main Hall. It is noisy here, but safe. Locate the Zombie Possums and do not get near them: one is behind the Hammer Altar (North East of it), one at the East end of East Transept, one between West Transept and the Southern part of Main Hall. Avoid the lit areas and enter the 1/F NW Room and take the box to the Garden. Go to the broken stairs where you dropped the two corpses (players at Normal Difficulty don’t have corpse there, but go there anyway). Drop the box down, do not throw it (because that is noisy). Near the end of the mission, we can use it to climb back up from the Cloister.

Reader Roman found that it is not necessary to use a box to climb back. I never succeeded, and I recommend you to drop the box there anyway, in case your mantling skill is comparable to mine.

Before you drop the box down, consider one thing. There is a second way to complete the mission quickly (skipping many places and treasures). I will talk about it when we got the Eye. The method requires all five wooden boxes you find in 3/F North West Room. If you want to try that, do not drop the box down: instead, take all five boxes to the Garden now (where the Cathedral is still quiet and you can move around freely).

The Fountain Room

Go back to the Main Hall. Proceed to the 1/F NE Room quitely. There is a small strip of shadow next to the standing Hammer Haunt (it is the shadow of East Beam) and is good enough for you to crawl through. Beware of the Zombie Possum behind the Altar — it is next to the door and you may wake him up if you walk on the steps leading to the Hammer Altar. There are three steps up to the Hammer Altar, and it is OK to step on even the highest step as long as you keep to the (South) edge of it. Therefore, you can also access the Fountain Room directly from the 1/F NW Room. However, near the middle the Hammer Altar is actually not dark enough (unless you move Northward and wake up the Zombie Possum). Choose for yourself: I prefer the dark strip of shadow because it is more exciting. If you choose the top of Hammer Altar, make sure you keep to the South and do not wake up the Zombie Possum.

Inside the room you find your first vial of Holy Water. And a fountain as well, emitting some light effects and music around it. It is NOT a holy water fountain. Instead, it is a Healing Fountain. Use it and your health recovers. And the fountain can be reused, although it needs some rest between consecutive uses. When playing Normal or Hard Difficulties, take the Water Arrow under the fountain.

Leave the room, passing the narrow strip of shadow or the Hammer Altar again. Then go to the East Beam. You can go there via 3/F NW Room or 2/F NW Hallway (climbing up from the South Ledge to the South Beam). Drop quietly to the furnitures of the East Ledge. From where you shot the Hammer Haunts, shoot a Rope Arrow up to the East Beam. When we are leaving, we will climb up and go without delay.

OP players now prepare for the killing. LH players skip the next section and continue with The Eye.


Save your game first. Before you start, you may choose between doing it now, or after getting the Eye. The difference is, an extra Apparition appears (Hard and Expert only) after you grabbed the Eye, so by doing in reserve you can kill him together with other AIs. The bad thing is, Apparitions have range attacks. So he will give you extra trouble during the slaughter. Therefore I prefer doing the killing first.

Stand at the southmost part of the ledge, right in front of the door to 2/F NE Hallway (go inside and have a look: we have never been inside, but it is empty). Edge towards the North till you cannot move further (if you are too far from the edge, you cannot shoot AIs who get close to you). Use your Holy Water and shoot at the Hammer Haunt in front of the altar. As soon as you launch the attack, everybody is agitated. The other two will rush to him, giving you some more archery exercise. Remember that your Water Arrows splashes and deal damages to nearly AIs, do keep shooting the one in the middle.

With 12 Water Arrows, you have little difficulty shooting down everything. Yet don’t waste your Water Arrows on the Zombies. If they are already hurt during the slaughter, consider give them a second Water Arrow to finish them. Otherwise, just kill one or two of them (three is luxurious, four is unnecessary). Confine yourself to 9 Water Arrows, leading a handful for the Cloister. And remember to stay in the shadow: if they spot you upstairs, they will start the Full Patrol, giving you lots of trouble.

An alternative is to backstab (with an overhead stroke of the Sword) the standing Hammer Haunt when you were downstairs. If you have the nerves, finish the Hammer Haunt with a second stroke after the backstab. Run immediately to the East Ledge (via the beams for example). This agitated all the AIs, but hopefully they would not yet start the Full Patrol. Then you use Holy Water on the remaining two Hammer Haunts, plus a Zombie or two as you see fit. This saves some Water Arrows, and is more exciting.

Of course you can try to kill the AIs from the Main Hall. It is really exciting, but also very demanding. As soon as you kill the first one, the rest converge towards you so quickly that you may not be able to use your Water Arrows because they are too close to you.

Another useful way to handle them is to use Flash Bombs. Wait till the two Hammer Haunts come near and give them a Flash Bomb. This will wake up everybody and the will tend to move together. Unlike Holy Water, you do not have a time limit, so you can wait for a good opportunity to throw the second one. I suggest you to confine to two Flash Bombs, and leave the remaining two for later. Finish the rest of them use up to 7 Holy Water Arrows.

No matter which way you prefer, conserve ammunitions. Surprises are still waiting ahead.

Notice that the extra Apparition (Hard and Expert only) may arrive during your slaughter. It is more likely to happen if you use Flash Bombs and attack slowly. If you use Holy Water, it is more probably that you will finish the killing before he shows up. If you succeeded in killing him, fine; otherwise just forget about him.

Finally you can choose to leave them alone. This gives you more ammunition for the Cloister, but more trouble when you return. By the time you come back, all AIs will have taken up the Full Patrol — the more AIs survives, the more difficult it is to sneak through the nexus.

The Eye

On the East Ledge, pick the door on the North and enter the last room we haven’t yet covered: 2/F NE Room. By this time an Apparition has been teleported into the Cathedral (Hard and Expert Difficulty only), guarding the Cathedral Exit in the 1/F NW Room. We will need to go round him later. Read the Poster Scroll on the floor (do not confuse the scroll with the bedroll next to it), giving you the news that the it is possible to enter the Cathedral by the Cloister.

Save game and walk to the West side of the room. Walk carefully through the doorway, inching forward as much as you can. The Eye is hovering above the Hammer Altar. I have seen people jumping to the Hammer Altar (which is not bad, see alternatives below), and people climbing Rope Arrows there. Yet you only need to lean forward to grab the Eye.

Once you get the Eye, all the AIs are aroused. Retreat quietly before they can see you. Instead of being glad that you rescued him, the Eye seems to be giving you a new challenge. They will make a lot of noise down there. Now you have two alternatives.

Before evaluating your alternatives, let’s take an excursion to the Foyer

Foyer? An Excursion? Think I am kidding? Anyway, make sure you have a saved game and leave via the door to the East Ledge. Continue South and drop down to 1/F. Go to the Foyer. Open the double doors on your left to leave the Cathedral.

Except that you usually can’t. The doors are locked as soon as you get the Eye. And when you attempt to open the front door, the Eye teases you again and challenge you to take another way to leave. Unless you tried the trick I mentioned when you enter the Cathedral.

In Original Thief, there is a quick way to complete this mission. If you used a skull as a door stopper before you get the Eye, then you can leave now. And you will finish with very little treasure. It is possible to complete the mission this way in under two minutes (go directly to the Eye and rush away).

In Thief Gold, the loophole has been fixed. No matter what you use as door stopper, the front doors will shut close forcefully. Therefore when you have the Eye, the doors are always locked.

Remember the scroll about the Cloister? That is where you need to go.

Cathedral Exit

You have two alternatives here. Remember that, whenever I talk about an Apparition here applies to Hard and Expert Difficulties only. In Normal Difficulty, you won’t meet the extra Apparition.

First is to jump to the Hammer Altar (do not overshoot and fall below!) and wait. The AIs will see you, and gather around the altar. The Zombies and the Hammer Haunts below cannot harm you, so stay until the real danger arrives. The Apparition is guarding the Cathedral Exit, but soon he will come in the Main Hall after you. When he is well inside the hall, drop a Flash Bomb among the AIs and jump down. Run into the 1/F NW Room and leave via the Cathedral Exit. This method is straight forward, but the Apparition will be right behind your heels and the next part will be a little bit messy.

The other method is to get back to the East Ledge and climb up to the East Beam. Soon, the Apparition should enter the Main Hall as well (you can clearly hear him). Follow the way back to 3/F NW Room. Do it quickly but quietly. And if they AIs see you, they will start the Full Patrol. When you arrive at the West Beam, check where they are. If they are still in the Main Hall, congratulations! I usually find that even the Apparition is there — it means the Stairwell nexus is empty! Carefully enter 1/F NW Room via the Stairwell. If the Apparition isn’t there, you can leave peacefully. If you find the Apparition guarding the Cathedral Exit, finish him two Fire Arrows and leave the Cathedral. This way, you can stop at the shadows outside the door to catch your breath and do the next bit neatly.

If when you arrive at the West Beam, they have already taken up Full Patrol (that means they saw you during your trip back), something else is needed. Save your game first. Check where the Apparition is. Wait till he is safely inside Main Hall. Check where the other Zombies are. Drop down to the West Ledge, rush into 2/F NW Room, jump down to the wooden bench near the Cathedral Exit and crouch into the shadow near the door. Turn around: if Zombies are inside the 1/F NW Room or 2/F NW Room, they will be aroused by your noise, but they should not be able to spot such a rapidly moving target. When they go back to their normal business, save again. When it is safe, open the exit door and move to the shadow outside.

If for some reason the Apparition refuses to leave his guarding post (at Cathedral Exit), then you have to finish him with two Fire Arrows. Does you some good later, because he is annoying.

Ritual of Consecration

Brother Murus

Standing in front of you is Brother Murus. Depending on how you get here, you may be leisurely waiting in the shadow, or being chased by an Apparition behind. Anyway, let Murus see you (remember there are AIs patroling the Garden as well so avoid them if possible). He starts the daily speech he used to give the the Hammerite Initiates when he was alive. He believes you are a novice, probably because you haven’t changed clothes since the last mission (Undercover).

Now there is an alternate way to complete the mission quickly, bypass most of the tasks and missed most of the treasures. From the walkway in front of Cathedral Exit, look up. Using five wooden boxes, you can climb on top of this roof. Stand on two boxes and throw the rest to the roof. Mantle up there, and use the remaining boxes to help you mantle to the roof of the Cathedral. Find your way and drop down to the outside.

However I don’t like to leave without all the loots. If you can wait, listen to his full speech. You can hide in the shadows on his left (your right). He will turn towards you to speak, but the other AIs will ignore him. He tells you to find him in the Cloister if you need help. When he is finished, he disappears. Sneak to the broken stairs (where you have dropped two corpses and a box) and drop yourself down to the lower level.

If you are running for your life, then you have to run past Murus (it is not easy, because he is a solid ghost occupying a large part of the walk way) and drop down immediately. Yet, you have to make sure he sees you, or else you have to do it again.

Now you are on the lower level. On your right is an arch with a plate telling you that it is the Cloister. Noisy AIs are roaming in the Cloister, so do not make any noise yourself. Move forward (North) and around corner to stay under the shadow.

When Murus has completed his speech up there, he reappears at this corner. Again, you have to let him see you. He then knows you are in trouble, and offers to help. In return, he asks you to help him back, and you get this as a new objective. Now you are committed. With the new objective, you can no longer just climb away. You must do everything he asks before you can complete the mission.

Noting that you are a collector (the first time you see a Hammerite saying such kind words to you in such politeness), he asks you to collect something for him. It is his Rosary Beads inside his bedroom in the dormitory. He used to live in St Yora’s, and he says he can see the fountain (the one on the South West part of the Garden) from his bedroom. This is not very informative but he is gone now.

Things required for the Ritual of Consecration

Actually, Brother Murus need you to consecrate his tomb. It is because the Hammerites had shamefully forgotten to perform the Ritual of Consecration for him and his soul cannot get free. And for this, he will ask you to collect a lot of things. This section explains what one does to collect the stuff needed for the Ritual of Consecration.

As I mentioned before, this walkthrough uses the OP approach. Trips were rearranged to reduce your time and effort. It also means you will not be able to listen to all the conversations by Brother Murus (eg if you already have the Rosary Beads, he will not ask you to collect it). If you want to hear every sentence he can make, you must do it in LH in this part of the game. It will be a bit confusing, because we now have three different ways to play this part:

  • OP: OP throughout the game. You will miss most of the conversations by Brother Murus.
  • LH: LH throughout: you will walk a lot more than OP players.
  • OPLH: OP elsewhere, but LH for the Ritual of Consecration (to hear all Murus conversations).

For OP players, read (optional) the current section to have an idea how the others will be jumping around this guide, and then proceed to the following sectsions in sequentiel order. For LH and OPLH players, read the current section paragraph by paragraph. After reading each paragraph, follow the link in the paragraph to jump to the sections referred to. After you completed the section, links there will bring you back to continue with the next paragraph here. Before you start, first read the Cloister Map section to orient yourself.

If you follow LH/OPLH, I believe you also want to listen to everything Brother Murus can say to you. Instead of going to St Yora’s (where the Rosary Beads are kept), go to St Jenel’s. Once inside, open the door on the left and get inside. Brother Murus is there, and will tell you to look elsewhere. After listening to his advice, do a quick save, open the doors and judge whether the outside is empty. When OK, leave and go to St Yora’s to get the Rosary Beads.

When you come back with the Rosary Beads, Brother Murus tells you to get a Holy Symbol, without saying what it is. He suggested you to make one for yourself at the Tennor Factory. In St Tennor’s, there is a machine that casts molds. To listen to him, you should first go the the Bath House to meet him. This is no where to hide inside the Bath House so keep your saved games. Then go to St Tennor’s and use it to cast a Holy Symbol, which is a small Hammer.

Come back with the Holy Symbol and Brother Murus tells you he has lost his Prayer Book and have no idea where it is. You should now go to St Vale’s to get it, but it is easier to get there via the Bath House. However, this time Brother Murus is in his bedroom (remember his Foot Locker in St Yora’s, where you found his Rosary Beads?), so you should first greet him there. Besides the Prayer Book, there is a papyrus inside St Vale’s. If you want to listen to everything, read the papyrus but ignore the content.

Now that you have his Prayer Book, Brother Murus wants you to get his Candle. He remembered using it on the day he died. He believes that it is at his Working Area near the Well. LH and OPLH players have seen the Well when visiting St Yora’s. Refer to the map: the Well is in St Tennor’s Backyard. The only way to get there is to via St Tennor’s 2/F. Before going there, go back to St Vale’s to meet Brother Murus outside the entrance of the building.

After you have got the Candle, Brother Murus says all is ready and tells you to meet him at the Cemetery. Go there and find out that, unlike Brother Murus, you need the Cemetery Key to open the unpickable gate. And you need to go to St Jenel’s to get it.

Finally go to the Cemetery, and at his grave, he will tell you what to do.

Cloister Map

When Murus is gone, save the game and walk through the arch leading to Cloister. It is frighteningly noisy here, but there are ample shadows everywhere. When it is safe, leave the arch and move to the shadow on your right. This corner has the biggest patch of shadow in the whole area. The shadow on the left side of the arch is also a good hiding place.

An Apparition, four Hammer Haunts and two Zombies are roaming around. If you are playing lower difficulty levels, you will have an easier life, because there are less AIs here. The Apparition is unique to Expert Difficulty. In Hard Difficulty, two of the Hammer Haunts are replaced with Zombies. And in Normal Difficulty, those two Hammer Haunts just disappeared without addition of Zomibes.

In Original Thief, a Hammer Haunt is nearly always trapped in the elevator of St Jenel’s, so effectively reducing the number of Hammer Haunts here to three. In Thief Gold, he is sometimes trapped there, sometimes wander around the Cloister like other Hammer Haunts (in that case you have four wandering Hammer Haunts). Therefore, you may have three or four Hammer Haunts patroling around.

While physical weapons are not very useful on Zombies, remember you can backstab Hammer Haunts and Apparitions with your Sword. With a surprise overhead stroke from the back, Hammer Haunts die instantly, and Apparitions require a second side stroke to finish. Even Zombies will likely drop down to become a Zombie Possum.

Study the buildings around you and look at annotated map. The building on the South is the Cathedral. The one on the West is St Yora’s, and the space in between is the Garden. You should recognize the inverted L-shaped walkway joining Cathedral to St Yora’s. And now you are in the area among the four Cloister buildings. I will call this area the Cloister Central Area, because it is the center of the Cloister.

On your East is St Jenel’s, the place for worship. On your North West is St Tennor’s, the factory. Besides these two buildings, you can see AIs going in and out of two metal gates. The North one leads to the Cemetery, and the South one to Bath House. The AIs also go along a foot path towards the North East, there is another metal gate leading to St Vale’s, the place for study. Outside St Vale’s is the Cloister Gate. You can go and have a look, but the Cloister Gate cannot be openned without the help of Brother Murus.

Notice that the three metal gates operate like doors. You have to use them to open them. Yet they slide very slowly, and you may be seen when waiting for it. To pass a gate, stay away in a shadow, lean to open the gate, wait till it is lifted high enough and rush through to a shadow beyond the gate. Another interesting point is that they block sounds like solid doors. Therefore, you can easily tell the whereabouts of AIs near you and will not be confused by faraway ones.

The next few sections visit all the buildings in the Cloister to get the required stuff before going to the Cemetery. LH players should return here to start working. When OP and OPLH players are running around, you will also be busily killing Hammer Haunts. Therefore, they should continue with the next section.

Hammer Haunts

You can do this at any time. OP and OPLH players at Expert Difficulty should try to kill Hammer Haunts as soon as the opportunity arise (unless for one Hammer Haunt that I tell you not to kill). For Normal and Hard, killing them also make your trips easier.

If you find a lone Hammer Haunt or Apparition, consider a backstab (remember you need an extra strike to kill an Apparition, even with an overhead backstab). If the area nearly empty, sneak into the next building according to the walkthrough. It is it high, see if it is the right time for a kill. An early kill has the advantage that fewer AIs will be in your way in your remaining journey. On the other hand, doing it later means you have gathered more ammunitions to guard against accidents during the fight.

Wait for all three or four Hammer Haunts to appear before you. You can kill all of them with as little as two Flash Bombs. If you have four Hammer Haunts roaming around (that is, none is stuck at the elevator), consider taking action when you have two Hammer Haunts plus some other AIs (like a Zombie, or better still the Apparition). After you make the kill, how to continue depends on whether surviving AIs are looking for you. If you are fortunate, nobody else nearby survives and you just sit at the dark corner for a while and continue with the next building. If they are actively searching for you, it is still a good gamble to sit idle. With the Hammer Haunts out, the rest is unlikely to locate you if you stay at the corner.

A good place to backstab Hammer Haunts, suggested by reader MSB, is outside St. Tennor’s. Hide outside the door. When a Hammer Haunt tries to enter St. Tennor’s and nobody else is watching, give it an overhead strike of your Sword from behind.

No matter how you killed them, hide the corpses of the Hammer Haunts when possible, or else the Zombies will be unhappy everytime they walk past one.

If they have seen you during the fight, then you had better run away. Cross the arch, turn right and then left. Run up the long flight of stairs and enter St Yora’s. It is noisy but safe there. Come back when things quiet down, or take the opportunity to visit the building. Or you can use some Fire Arrows on the survivors. Count your ammunition below: don’t deplete it, but you will be much happier with less AIs roaming aournd the Cloister Central Area.

Since you can do this at any time, and you may need additional ammunitions to handle any passer-bys, I must give you information on the related powerups.
Holy Water01: 1/F NE Room
1: Winter Tunnels
1: Alchemy Laboratory
1: Cathedral
1: St Yora’s Dining Room
Water Arrows54: Cathedral
1: Garden
4: Winter Tunnels
3: Bath House
3: St Yora’s 2/F
9: Cathedral
8: St Yora’s Dining Room
Fire Arrows42: Cathedral
1: St Yora’s Kitchen
2: St Tennor’s 2/F
1: St Jenel’s Basement
Flash Bomb402: Cloister Central Area2
Land Mine31: Winter Tunnels1: Garden
1: Alchemy Laboratory
Broadhead Arrows20020: St Jenel’s0

The initial column is the amount of the powerup you have initially, after performing my recommended purchase. Collected is the amount and location of the powerups you will collect during the game. If it is from the Cathedral, I give no more details because you have already got them by now. Used is the roughly the amount of powerup we will use in the walkthrough; free is the amount you are free to use anywhere you see fit. Note that you may use more than the amount indicated than used and should adjust accordingly.

Note that the table assumes that a Hammer Haunt is staying at the bottom of the St Jenel’s elevator. If he is roaming the Cloister, you probably cannot use Broadhead Arrows on him and need to finish him together with other Hammer Haunts in the Cloister. Or actually you may try to use Sword to backstab Hammer Haunts if a lone one walks near you.

In Thief Gold, I failed to sneak undetected from a Zombie in St Jenel’s Basement. Therefore, be prepared that you may need to use a Fire Arrow there (you will pick up one in the basement just before visiting that Zombie).

Moss Arrows and Noisemaker Arrows are not shown in the table because I do not find them very useful. For players at Normal and Hard Difficulties, the ammunitions amount is sometimes different from the Experts as shown below:
Holy WaterinventoryN:2, H:1, E:0
Winter TunnelsNH:2, E:1
Water ArrowsinventoryNH:5, E:2
1/F NE RoomNH:1, E:0
Fire ArrowsinventoryNH:2, E:0
St Yora’s KitchenN:3, H:2, E:1
3/F NE RoomN:2, H:1, E:0
Flash BombinventoryN:3, H:0, E:1
storeN:3, H:5, E:3
Land MineinventoryN:0, H:2, E:1
storeN:3, H:2, E:2
Winter TunnelsN:2, HE:1
Healing PotioninventoryNH:0, E:1
GardenNH:1, E:0

N: Normal
H: Hard
E: Expert
NH: Normal and Hard
HE: Hard and Expert

Note also that in the table, the treatment of the three Hammer Haunts in the Cathedral is only applicable to OP and OPLH players. For LH players, it is impossible to kill them with a single Holy Water Vial. I suggest using three Fire Arrows instead.

Remember that you can use Land Mines to kill Zombies and Hammer Haunts. For maximum effects, use Flash Bombs and Holy Water Arrows only when you have lots of AI nearby.

LH players now returns to St Yora’s Dining Room or to deal with remaining Hammer Haunts, depending on where you come from. OPLH players should return here to start working. OP players proceed to St Tennor’s.

St Tennor’s

Before entering, look at the plate outside the door. In Original Thief, it reads “St Tenor’s”, which is inconsistent with maps and other places. This is fixed in Thief Gold, and is now referred to as “St Tennor’s” everywhere.

Let us first enter St Tennor’s. Save your game, and move to the shadow on the North side of the arch. When it is safe, enter the door of the building. BTW do you remember who St Tennor was? St Tennor pioneered the casting of hammer from molds. It is he who casted “The Forge’s Child” you have seen in the Hammer Temple.

The foyer of St Tennor’s is large and empty, except for a big metal hammer. On your right is a dark niche where you can hide yourself in case of need.

On your West is a long corridor running North South through the whole length of the building. When it is quiet enough (and when you have the courage), sneak into the corridor, turn left and move forward (South) into the only room on your right (West). Once inside, you are safe as long as you walk quietly. Read the Poster Scroll on the wall.

Study the molds. Most are useless. One of them can be used to cast the key to Wine Cellar, but you no longer need it now. The one on the bottom right is what you need. Use it on the machine to cast a Holy Symbol and it is already cool enough to grab.

It is now time for LH and OPLH players to leave St Tennor’s the way you come in, and get back to Murus for the next item. OP players should proceed to the next section as usual.

St Tennor’s 2/F

Follow the North-South corridor in the 1/F of St Tennor’s all the way to the North. There are side branches on both sides of you: on the left side branch there is a machine you can try to hide behind (not a very good shelter), and on the right side branch is an elevator down to the Winter Tunnels. The Winter Tunnels is a set of underground corridors and rooms where the Hammerites hide from the cold during the winter. Ignore them for now. Go to the North end of the corridor, which is a big room with machines. Hopefully nobody is inside, but usually a Zombie is waiting (because once inside he will have difficulty finding his way out).

If nobody is here, you can leisurely (and quietly) climb the stairs at the North end of the room to visit the whole of the 2/F. If a Zombie is here, you can still do the same, but you might also be killed before you succeed in exploring 2/F.

If a Zombie is chasing you, and you failed to outrun him, do this. Run past the Zombie on the 1/F to rush up the stairs. Once you are on the top, you will be running on a metal ledge lining the East side of the room. On the West side (on your right), you can see a similar metal ledge. Run forward a bit and jump to the West side (best done at the place where there is a structure midway between the two ledges: the jumping distance is shorter). You are temporarily safe now, because it will take a millennium for the Zombie to arrive at your ledge. Turn right (North) and walk pass a box and forward till you see a chute going out of the building through the West wall. Run and drop to the chute. You may considering taking the box with you, which will help you climbing back (but you do not really need to climb back in). Crouch and move down the chute. Remember to come back to revisit the 2/F later in the game: you will miss some treasure if you forget. Skip to the next section (St Tennor’s Backyard).

If you can explore the 2/F fully, do this instead. Move up the stairs to the top. Once you are on the top, you will be walking on a metal ledge lining the East side of the room. On the West side, you can see a similar metal ledge. We will tour the whole floor and end up at the metal ledge on the West side.

Move all the way South, to a dead end behind a machine. Turn around and look down to find a Silver Nugget (50;0;0) near the machine. Come back out to enter the room on your left (West). On the left side of the golden sarcophgus, get two Fire Arrows (3 when playing Normal Difficulty). There is nothing left here on 2/F. Just wander around the 2/F (not much choice in walking around) and end up on the metal ledge you saw earlier.

Behind the small wooden box, you can see a chute leading through the West wall. If you find the box too obstructive, just carry it with you till you are outside. Drop to the chute, crouch and move outside. Proceed to the next section.

St Tennor’s Backyard

The backyard is safe. There is a shed (the Working Area of Brother Murus) here, with nothing inside. With a Rope Arrow (or just do a running jump), mantle on its ceiling to get a Candle and a Purse (100;0;0). Retrieve your arrow and drop down. It is possible to climb back up the chute, but it is noisy and we do not need to go back inside.

In St Tennor’s Backyard you can also see the Well that Brother Murus mentioned, but there is nothing inside. From the well, there is a narrow path going South. Look up and you see cross-shaped holes on the wall. That is near the entrance to St Yora’s. We will be able to see the well from that hole when we are up there.

Go to the North East corner of the St Tennor’s Backyard and you find a wall on the East. Climb up the ladder to the top. When it is safe, crouch and drop down. A road on your right goes South to a metal gate. It is the metal gate on the North side of the Cloister Central Area.

On your left is the Cemetery. Move to the other (East) side of the road, where there is a much large patch of shadow. Save your game.

For LH and OPLH players, it is now time to get back to Murus for the next item. Otherwise, move back South via the metal gate to the Cloister Central Area and proceed to the next section.

Bath House and St Vale’s

For OP and OPLH players who haven’t killed the Hammer Haunts, reconsider it now, or postpone it and move on. Sneak from shadow to shadow and pass the metal gate on the South side to the entrance of the Bath House. Listen carefully, open the door and peek inside. If it is empty, enter.

The room has one big pool of water. Collect three Water Arrows under the water. Near the entrance is another elevator: each building has an elevator down to the Winter Tunnels, so you can actually go from one building to another this way. Yet it is very dangerous to do so, becuase when you ride an elevator up from below, you may find an AI staring in your face and you have no place to hide.

The room has also another door, with a toilet behind. Leave the Bath House.

On your right, there is narrow gap between the building in front (which is St Jenel’s) and the surrounding walls. Walk into the gap. Go all the way to the corner, turn left (North) and continue to the end. AIs do not patrol here, but they can follow you through the gap if they are chasing you.

On the other side of the L-shaped gap, you have St Vale’s in front of you. On your right is the Cloister Gate. On your left is a metal gate going back to the Cloister Central Area. The narrow gap you just passed is an excellant way to accessing St Vale’s and the Cloister Gate.

Save your game. When the area in front of you is quiet, move North East to the dark area beyond the entrance of St Vale’s. Listen carefully before rushing into the building. On the table inside, you find a Poster Scroll explaining to a Hammerite Novice how to bless a holy symbol. If you bring the unblessed Holy Symbol to the Cemetery, Brother Murus will tell you it needed blessing. If you bless it (by going to the Observatory as suggested in the papyrus) before going, then you will not have a chance to hear that line.

Use a Rope Arrow to climb up to the wooden ledge on the left side of the entrance. Go West and around the corner find The Prayer of Consecration, a book lying on the floor. Read it only if you want to — it is just a prayer to the Master Builder for the dead.

Notice that there is a room on the North side (on ground floor). When safe, drop down and go there. At the foot of the golden sarcophagus (the South East corner of it), find a vial of Healing Potion sitting on the ground. In the room is another elevator to the Winter Tunnels, and nothing else. Leave the building when it is safe (listen and you can tell whether anybody is on your side of the metal gate).

If you are LH or OPLH, it is now time to get back to Murus for the next item. Otherwise, go back to Cloister Central Area (via the narrow gap) and proceed to the next section.

St Jenel’s

For OP and OPLH players who haven’t killed the Hammer Haunts, reconsider it now, or postpone it and move on. When nobody is around, rush into St Jenel’s. Note that while it seems there is a patch of shadow on the left (North) side of its entrance, that place is not good enough — sometimes Zombies will find you there.

Once you entered, you find a door on your left leading to a room: ignore it till we leave. On your right is some treasure among the bones, but they can also wait. Go straight forward to the elevator shaft.

There are two small patches of shadow on either side of the doorway. However, AIs will patrol all the way up to the doorway, and Zombies can smell you when they get that close. Therefore act fast.

Look down the shaft: a Hammer Haunt is usually standing on the elevator. If he is not, that means he is roaming the Cloister. If he is down down, he has jammed the elevator: it will not come up even if you press the button next to the shaft (the button inside the shaft moves the elevator down). Look to the left side of the shaft. Another doorway opens to stairs going down to Ceremonial Area. A Zombie down there is making lots of noises, but he will not start moving until you walk near him.

Since you have 20 Broadhead Arrows, spend it on this Hammer Haunt — he is the only sitting target in the whole mission. You can shoot either from where you are (West side of shaft) or from the stairs (North side of shaft). To get to the stairs, shoot a Rope Arrow at the wooden shaft, jump and jump and retrieve. However, the part under the doorway is metal: you must jump beyond the metal part into the stone stairs, or you will make a very loud noise. On the other hand, shooting from the West is dangerous because AIs may enter the building from behind you, and you have no where to hide.

Anyway shoot him from either location. I find that it is better to aim low: at his heart or belly. Many arrows that I shot past his head are completely ignored by him. There must be some problem with collision detection in the Dark Engine.

The first Broadhead Arrow aroused him of course, but he is not going away (because he cannot see you). 20 should be enough to finish him. If not, drop down to send him a quick stroke of your Sword.

Once down there, pick up his body and throw it away (or it will continue to block the elevator). If you are playing LH or OPLH, ride the elevator up and proceed to the Ceremonial Area to get the Cemetery Key (if the elevator failed to work, probably you haven’t started the Power Generator back in the Cathedral Basement). OP players just continue with the next section.

St Jenel’s Basement

We continue from the bottom of the elevator in St Jenel’s.

On your right are four doors to four praying cells. Open the first one to have a look. The 1st, 2nd and last are all empty. The third one has a Zombie guarding something. Keep to the left (far away from the doors) and we will handle him on return.

On the South West side is a gold sarcophagus. Get 3 Moss Arrows on the floor next (West of) the sarcophagus. Pick and enter the door nearby (not the four praying cell doors). Enter the follow the staircase up, picking up a Fire Arrow and a Moss Arrow on the way.

At the Observatory read the Hammer Book on how to bless your Holy Symbol.

Drop your Holy Symbol into the Lunar Pool to have it blessed, and pick up the Blessed Holy Symbol.

Come back down to the cell with a Zombie. Save game, crouch and move all the way up to the third door. Open the door: the Zombie is right in front of your nose. Never mind, he will not notice you as long as you do not try to move or stand up. Locate the hammer behind him, slightly to your left. Lean forward and grab the Gold Hammer (75;0;0). Close the door, stay crouched and move away. Warning: I cannot do this in Thief Gold. I was so surprised when I opened the door and he started moving. Therefore, be ready to run away and use a Fire Arrow on the Zombie.

LH players at Hard and Expert Difficulties now get back to Murus to complete the ritual. All others proceed to the next section.

Winter Tunnels

Starting from the St Jenel’s Basement, we are going to the Winter Tunnels and the secret room indicated by Brother Renault. Opposite the gold sarcophagus is a hole and a ladder going down. Climb down and study hand-drawn tunnel map. I draw it from memory, and free handed. The general directions are correct, but do not trust the details like sizes and lengths.

We arrived at the South East side of the Winter Tunnels, supposedly built for the brothers to hide from the winter cold. The tunnel is dark, and is patrolled by only one Zombie. Along the path are several niches where you can hide, so you do not need to attack the Zombie.

After three left turns, you arrive at a T-junction, and the patrol path. Turn right and head towards the room next to the secret room. The button to open the secret door is well hidden, and you need Brother Renault, or me, to tell you where it is. Stand on the top of the steps on the East side of the room, and refer to this screen shot to locate the button.

When the Zombie is away, lean forward to press the secret button. A secret door (not the fancy gold one, but part of the stone wall) will make a clicking sound and slide backwards. Get inside the secret room to collect a vial of Holy Water (two when playing Normal Difficulty), a Land Mine (two when playing Normal Difficulty) and two Moss Arrows from the table, and also four Water Arrows from the Foot Locker.

LH players at Expert Difficulty should continue with Getting Brother Martello. OPLH players at Expert Difficulty should skip the laboratory and get back to Murus to complete the ritual. All other players continue with the next section. Why so complicated? Because if you want to listen to all conversations, Experts must avoid killing the last Hammer Haunt too early.

Alchemy Laboratory

Go back to the T-junction of the Winter Tunnels, referring again to the annotated tunnel map. Move West to go to the Alchemy Laboratory. To kill this one, simply plant a Land Mine on his patrol path when he is away. Note that planting Land Mines is noisy and incurrate unless you drop it on moss.

You can also wait for him and backstab him with your Sword, but better Moss Arrow the floor beforehand. When it is dead, move along his patrol path to collect a Gemstone (0;100;0) and a Silver Nugget (50;0;0) at the inidicated locations. On the table at the North West corner, get a Healing Potion and from inside the Chest take a vial of Holy Water.

Actually it is possible, but not advisable to sneak by the Hammer Haunt without killing him (when don’t spare him if you are playing Expert Difficulty). Enter the room and move to your left (to the South East corner). Push the barrel so that you can move into the next aisle. When he walk past you and proceed North towards the room entrance, sneak into the third alley (the one with gemstone) but do not waste your time picking up the treasures (get them when you come back to kill the Hammer Haunt). Move to the North end and turn West and then South. On the end of this zigzag path is a rectangular area sheltered by waist high walls. Hide there and wait till he is moving away again. On the table at the North West corner, get a Healing Potion and from inside the Chest take a vial of Holy Water. Hide again, save game and wait for the time to leave the room (it is much harder to sneak out than sneaking in, try covering the aisle with Moss Arrows so that you can run through it back to the barrel).

Anyway, leave the room now. Retrace your steps to climb back up to the St Jenel’s Basement. Where now to go depends on who you are:

St Jenel’s Ceremonial Area

From St Jenel’s Basement, ride the elevator up. Enter the doorway on the North to the Ceremonial Area.

Since there is a Zombie waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs, do not follow the steps. Instead, move to the ledge on your left. Drop noiselessly down to the wooden bench just under you. Get the Cemetery Key from the Chest next to you, and quietly grab the Purple Vase (0;0;50) on the table. Sneak (while crouching) past the Zombie and up the stairs, or just run up and leave.

Listen for any AI and walk through elevator shaft back to the foyer. Get inside the side room whose door is next to the entrance of St Jenel’s. OP players will probably get a shock like me (I nearly jumped, for I didn’t expect it). Click here if you want to see the surprise.

Brother Murus is standing behind the door. You see, he looks like an Apparition, especially when you are rushing through a door into a presumably empty room. He thought I failed to find his Rosary and told me to find it elsewhere.

On top of the shelf at the end of the room is a stack of Gold Coins (25;0;0). Listen, crouch and open the door. When it is safe, move to the main room. There are two piles of skeletons in the room, and from the pile farther away from you (on the South East) get a Gold Hammer (75;0;0). Rush back into the side room.

Again, listen and crouch and open both doors (of the side room and of St Jenel’s). Judge from the noise and wait till the Cloister Central Area is empty. Rush out and hide in the shadows.

If you are playing LH or OPLH, get back to Murus to continue with the ritual. For OP players, proceed with the next section.

St Yora’s

For OP and OPLH players who haven’t killed the Hammer Haunts, reconsider it now, or postpone it and move on. If you are playing OP, pass through the arch to leave the Cloister Central Area to where you last met Brother Murus, otherwise, you will be standing at that location already.

From there, go North round the corner and West up the long flight of stairs to St Yora’s. Before you enter the door, look right: through the cross-shaped (it is not a very convincing hammer) hole, you can see the Well of St Tennor’s Backyard.

When you open the door to St Yora’s, you get a horrible noise. Never mind, it is like the ladder in the Cathedral West Room — nothing is behind the door.

You have just entered the North Foyer. Try look through the broken wall on your left. On the other side of the wall is a similar room (the South Foyer) with a similar door opening towards the East. That one opens to the Garden (remember you saw the Zombies and the Hammer Haunt entering St Yora’s using that door). With these two doors, St Yora’s provides a way to get back to the Cathedral from the Cloister.

Refer to the hand-drawn map. I draw it from memory, and free handed. The general directions are correct, but do not trust the minute details (like sizes and lengths). There is a doorway ahead and on the left. Quietly crouch through it and peek into the St Yora’s Dining Room.

In the middle of the room is a table with a book and a Healing Potion. However, two Zombies are waiting at two niches (the two red Z marks) so do not get out. On your right is a doorway to St Yora’s Kitchen. Sneak inside.

Walk to the end and turn around. Pick up the Gold Plate (50;0;0) on the floor. Look very carefully at the fire place. It is hidiously hidden. Crouch and look inside it, toward the left. A Gold Goblet (25;0;0) is lying there!

Shoot a Rope Arrow up to the rafter. Climb up to locate and get a Fire Arrow from there (when playing Hard/Normal Difficulties, you get 2/3 Fire Arrows respectively). Quitely get down and retrive your Rope Arrow. Leave the kitchen.

Now do you have a vial of Holy Water with you? OP players have two, LH players one, but OPLH players have none. If you have at least one, then we will kill the Zombies now and cleanse the Dining Room in the next section. If you don’t, we will do it next time we come back so jump forward to St Yora’s 2/F.

St Yora’s Dining Room

From the shadows near the doorway to St Yora’s Kitchen, wait till another Zombie comes in. Remember two Zombies patrol up to here (refer to the hand-drawn map on its patrol path). Not infrequently, one of them will get stuck in the corridors of St Yora’s so probably only one is moving around. When one arrives in the Dining Room, use your Holy Water and shoot the patroling Zombie and the two hiding in the niches. Now the last Zombie is optional: check the powerup table and decide whether you want to spend more Water Arrows here. If yes, go South and see if you can run into the last Zombie and finish him within your 30 seconds.

After clearing the Zombies, save your game and read the Hand Written Ledger on the table. Now you know how you can force open the Cloister Gate.

Take the Health Vial next to the book, and from the niche on your South West pick up the Gold Plate (50;0;0) a Zombie was guarding. Leave via the South corridor and near the end listen. If it is safe, turn left at the end and enter the St Yora’s Office. Or if necessary, you can rush to the right to hide in the shadow at the dead end of the corridor. Inside the Office, take the Indigo Vase (0;0;100) from the shelf on your left. Go back to the North Foyer and save your game.

From now on, you can easily pass from North Foyer to South Foyer via the Dining Room.

If you have not got the Rosary Beads, proceed to the next section to go upstairs and get it. Otherwise, go back to where you came from:

  • OPLH players now leaves via the North Foyer and take Brother Renault back to the Cemetery.
  • LH players on their way to getting Brother Renault should leave via South Foyer to continue their trip.
  • Any person on his way to the Armory should leave via South Foyer to continue their trip back to Cathedral.

St Yora’s 2/F

From St Yora’s North Foyer, move up the stairs to 2/F. Refer to the hand-drawn map and remember as usualy that it is not too accurate. The green path on the map is what you should be following. On your left is a room with a golden sarcophagus. On the lid find three Water Arrows and save your game. This is going to be dangerous.

Go South through the hole on the wall into a darker room. Beyond the door roams the three Zombies. Before we go for the real thing, have a short excursion first.

Open the door and turn right. You arrive at the West Corridor running N-S. On your right (North) the corridor ends at a big hole. If you drop through there, you arrive at the Dining Room below. But you will get hurt and arouse the Zombies (if they are still there), so don’t

At the hole, walk forward as much as you can. Lean forward and via the hole in front of you, you can see part of the ceiling on the Kitchen below. If you have not yet taken the Fire Arrow down there, you can barely see the Fire Crystal from here.

Your first target is the Good Hiding Place I marked. Open the door and attract a Zombie towards you. Retreat and play hide and seek around the sarcophagus. Make him go to the side away from the door, so that when you rush through the door again, you will have a good lead time over him. Rush through the door and rush to the Good Hiding Place as marked.

It is safe here. Zombies enter the first room (the room to your North) but never enter the second one by themselves. From the Foot Locker of the Good Hiding Place (not the other room) get a Purse (100;0;0). Save your game and when you find the courage, take another short excursion.

Just outside the two rooms is a corridor going N-S (East Corridor). Go South and you will arrive at an empty area on your left. Turn right into a corridor going West, and enter the first room on your left. Nothing much here, except a Hand Written Ledger about the burial of Brother Murus on the floor.

Return to the East Corridor and have a look at the big empty area in front of (East of) you. I didn’t notice this in Thief so I am not sure whether it was there, but in Thief Gold, there is a pressure plate near the center of this area. Stand on it and a boulder drops on your head.

Again leave the Good Hiding Place, to go South on the East Corridor past the empty area. Enter the only doorway on your left just before some rubbles blocking the corridor.

This the the bedroom of Brother Murus. If you turn right and go to the South end, you can see a cross-shaped hole on the wall through which you can see the Fountain below. Look at the wall behind the Foot Locker. Between the two windows, you can stand at the wall and stay in complete shadows. Unfortunately, you cannot pick the Foot Locker from the shadow.

When it is safe, move out and pick the Foot Locker. This one takes a long time to pick, and you may very well be killed before you can finish. Unless you listen attentively. When Zombies get near, hide back in shadow until they are away. Remember Zombies can smell you even in complete darkenss, so save game when you made progress. If necessary, run away and come back to continue.

The only way you can survive here is to continue playing hide and seek with them. Of course you can kill the three Zombies with Holy Water but I feel it is a waste. Also, the noise of massive killing may attract the Apparition in the Garden to come up to 2/F, giving you more trouble.

When you got the Rosary Beads in the Foot Locker, save your game (better under a different name). If you are playing OPLH, you came to get the Rosary Beads and you have got what you want. Leave St Yora’s the way you came and go back to Brother Murus.

Otherwise (OP and LH), you have cleansed the Dining Room. Leave the bedroom of Brother Murus via the other (South) doorway. You will arrive at the other side of the rubbles. Enter the door in front of you to an L-shaped room. It is dark, but Zombies can smell you so do not risk hiding here. Emerge from the other side of the L-shaped room turn left and move West into the West Corridor. Turn left again to go South and descend the stairs down to 1/F.

Refer back to St Yora’s 1/F map. The corridor is blocked on your right (West), and on your left only one Zombie is still patroling St Yora’s and the Garden. So you will have no problem moving back into the Dining Room and leave. LH players now go back to Brother Murus. For OP players leave St Yora’s back to the Cloister. You will meet Brother Murus again near the Cloister arch and he will tell you to meet him at the Cemetery So continue with the next section.


Now you have everything, move to the Cemetery. But for OP and OPLH players who haven’t killed the Hammer Haunts, reconsider it now, or postpone it and move on.

Leave the Cloister Central Area, via the metal gate on the North (next to entrance to St Tennor’s) and go straight North to the Cemetery. OP and OPLH players at Hard or Expert Difficulty should carry Brother Renault with you. Hide on the shadows on your right. Use the Cemetery Key to unlock both gates. The Zombies are not worried by people opening or unlocking doors, as long as you stand far away in the shadows and lean forward to work on the gates. And unlocking both may save your life if you need to run away.

Refer to yet another hand-drawn map with the same quality and precision. Four Zombies are roaming the Cemetery, and fortunately the place is separated into four sectors by high walls. You do not have to kill any of the Zombies — just wait till they gather on the right sectors and you can move freely. Moreover, each sector has ample shadows, usually on the outside (away from the center) of the Cemetery. Yet killing them saves you quite some waiting time, because you will get in and out several times. So review your ammunition, especially for OP and OPLH players who now have seen everything. OP players can use all remaining powerups among four places: here in the Cemetery, in the Cloister (the two Zombies shouldn’t matter, but the Apparition is a bit annoying), Garden (hardly worth the trouble to kill them) and the Cathedral (it is more difficult to kill them than to sneak past them). OPLH players need to reserve a Land Mine (or something you choose to use) to handle the Hammer Haunt in the Alchemy Laboratory.

I name the four quarters by what we find there. We enter by the Gate Quarter. Once inside the gates, move to your left into the shadows. Move along the wall towards the North into Martello Quarter.

The area South of the grave that is dug for Martello is ample shadow for you to move to the Murus Quarter, where you can immeidately see Brother Murus. Hide in the corner and save your game. Go to the grave at the North West corner of the Murus Quarter. Stand right in front of it and look down to get a difficult-to-see Gold Hammer (75;0;0).

Go before Brother Murus so that he can see you, and immediately hide back in the shadows. The ritual takes some time, so hide well in shadows and perform the ritual from there, or the Zombies will come and interrupt you. Brother Murus then starts to tell you what how to perform the Ritual of Consecration (as before, he speaks loudly but the Zombies will ignore him):

  • wave his Rosary Beads over his tombstone (just use the Rosary)
  • place the candle on the tombstone (again use the item)
  • pray to Master Builder (use The Prayer of Consecration)
If you are playing LH or OPLH, Brother Murus will suddenly find out that your Holy Symbol has not been blessed by the Master Builder. He tells you to find a way and come back to him. You should have read in St Vale’s that there is another way to bless a Holy Symbol, so you go back to St Jenel’s Basement to do it before coming back to continue.

Now that you have a Blessed Holy Symbol, Brother Murus will tell you to touch the tombstone with it (again use it). The soul of Brother Murus is finally freed. For Normal Difficulty, the remaining tasks are not required. Before you jump forward to Armory, read this section to locate the last piece of loot

For Hard and Expert, Brother Murus is not yet satisfied. He is concerned that his friends are not properly buried. Therefore you are not yet done. Skip forward to the next section (Really Leaving).

Really Leaving

Getting Brother Renault

Now Brother Murus tells you to bury his friends (Hard and Expert only).

Brother Murus asks you to bury Brother Renault, and tells you he lies in the (wine) cellar. OP and OPLH players already have Brother Renault with you, so skip this section.

So you are playing LH. First you need to pass through St Yora’s, becase that is the only way back to the Cathedral. Go to St Yora’s Dining Room. If you haven’t already done it, cleanse St Yora’s Dining Room now.

From St Yora’s Dining Room leave via the South Foyer back to the Garden. The AIs in the Cathedral has already taken up Full Patrol. All of them are passing through the Cathedral 1/F NW Room, up the Stairwell and then the 2/F NW Room. You will have a hard time waiting for them to leave a gap for you to sneak into the Cathedral Basement.

Once there, save your game, get Brother Renault out and save again. Getting out from the Stairwell is even more difficult, because you have to rely on your ears to tell when it is safe to rush back to the shadows next to the Cathedral Exit. Feel free to open the door to listen, since they are not annoyed by opened (or opening) doors.

Once you get Brother Renault to the exit, take him to the Garden and then drop him down to the broken stairs. Take him to the Cemetery.

Burying Brother Renault

It is easier to go there via the Murus Quarter (as indicated by the green path in the hand-drawn map) instead of going directly from the Gate Quarter (because of the exposed area in between). At the Renault Quarter, throw him into the grave. If you were being followed, you can jump in yourself. Zombies cannot hurt you while you are inside, and it is not too difficult to climb back out.

Brother Renault will thank you and tell you a secret (actually it does not matter whom you bury first: the first brother will tell you the secret). Down in the Winter Tunnels is a secret room with some good stuffs for you. Let Brother Murus see you (this is important), and he will tell you to get Brother Martello, who is in the Attic (Cathedral 3/F NE Room).

Before you leave the Cemetery, go to the grave at the South East corner of the Renault Quarter. Again stand right in front of it and look down to get another difficult-to-see Gold Hammer (75;0;0).

OP and OPLH players have already visited the Secret Room and can proceed to the next section. LH players should now go to Winter Tunnels via St Jenel’s Basement.

Getting Brother Martello

For OP and OPLH players who haven’t killed the Hammer Haunts, reconsider it now, or postpone again. OP and OPLH players already have Brother Martello at the Cloister so they can take the body directly to the Cemetery and skip this section.

LH players proceed like before via St Yora’s Dining Room back to Cathedral. Wait till you can climb the Stairwell up to 3/F, and walk the beams to the Attic. Get Brother Martello and take him to the Cemetery.

Burying Brother Martello

Again go to the Cemetery and refer to the the hand-drawn map. Bury Brother Martello, and he thanks you without any gifts. For players at Hard Difficulty, you can skip forward to Armory. For Experts, it is not yet over.

Let Brother Murus see you, as usual. Hammer Haunts are said to be dead bodies of Hammerite possessed by the spirits of the Trickster (it is a rumour amoung gamers, never mentioned in Garrett’s world). Brother Murus is unhappy with this and asks you to kill all Hammer Haunts. If you have killed all Hammer Haunts, Brother Murus will not make this request. In that case, skip to the Armory section.

Killing Hammer Haunts

For OPLH players, there is only one surviving (or undying) Hammer Haunt. Go to the Alchemist Laboratory to kill the last one and you can skip to the next section.

There are altogether nine Hammer Haunts and LH players have only killed one of them (the one at the elevator of St Jenel’s). So LH players now go back to kill the remaining eight. First via the St Yora’s Dining Room to the Garden. Wait till the Hammer Haunt appears enters St Yora’s and plant a Land Mine for him.

Then proceed to the Cathedral. Decide for yourself how to kill the three Hammer Haunts here. I find it too risky to attack from the Cathedral Exit, so I climbed to the beams and snipper them with Fire Arrows.

When you are finished with them, go back to the Cloister Central Area. With 5 down and three at the Cloister, only one of them is outstanding (in the Winter Tunnels). Reserve a Land Mine for the last one, and be ready to use all you have for the three here. Jump to this section to kill three Hammer Haunts at the Cloister.

Now you are back, go to the Alchemist Laboratory to kill the last one.

When you have finished, go back to the Cemetery. Brother Murus is waiting for you Gates Quarter. Let him see you, and he will thank you for all you have done.


Finally the end? No! Brother Murus says he cannot open the Cloister Gate for you!! At least not after he has lost the key.

Yet there is another way to leave, as suggested by Brother Murus. Most of you have read the Hand Written Ledger at St Yora’s Dining Room. The Brothers used the Alchemy Laboratory to make explosives that can force open the gates of the strongholds of our foes. But since the device is quite dangerous, it is locked up in the armory in the cathedral attic.

All Brother Murus has is the Armory Key. Remember the metal door in Cathedral 3/F NW Room that we have not yet opened? Before you go, check whether you have cleansed the St Yora’s Dining Room. If you haven’t yet done so (and hence haven’t read the Hand Written Ledger mentioned above), take this opportunity to cleanse St Yora’s Dining Room on your way back to the Cathedral (or you will end up missing some loots). If you already have, LH players still need to go via St Yora’s Dining Room for they have no other choice. Yet OP and OPLH players can choose to go back to the Garden via the broken stairs and climb up the broken stairs using the wooden you dropped there (place the box at the center of the stairs using the method you used it to climb under the bell). Climbing the box is easier when Zombies still roam St Yora’s; if St Yora’s is empty, you may as well go via St Yora’s. So you are free to choose.

Reader Roman added that it is very possible to jump directly up the broken steps without using the box. Do try and see how your jumping skill fares.

Back in the Cathedral. Now only two groups of AIs are in your way: those inside the Cathedral, and those in the Cloister. Granted some are in the Garden, but they pose no threat to you. Review your ammunition and use them wisely on these two groups, since there are no more enemies to handle.

Everybody has taken up Full Patrol by now, so the more AIs remains, the more trouble you have. Wait till you can sneak up the Stairwell to 3/F NW Room, or you can get there via the East Beam by taking the elevator next to the Foyer. Use the Armory Key to open the metal door and get inside. Collect the Explosives and read the Hammer Scroll. They are even nice enough to leave two Fire Arrows for you, in case you have used all of yours. Save game.

Leaving one Fire Arrow for igniting the Explosives, you have one more Fire Arrow as weapon now. Listen carefully, Zombies now can follow you up to the 3/F NW Room. When it is quiet, get outside to the West Beam, and wait for a good opportunity (when the Apparition is away in the South) to drop down to the West Ledge and jump from 2/F NW Room down to the bench on 1/F NW Room. Since the Zombies are slow, the most important thing is to wait till the Apparition to get out of your way. Leave the Cathedral for the final time. In the Cloister Central Area, pass the South metal gate to sneak to the Cloister Gate via the narrow gap. Throw the Explosives near the gate, walk to a far corner (remember to hide in shadows because Zombies are still wandering around!) and shoot a Fire Arrow at it. Run past the broken gate and you have a few seconds to see the tiny piece of land outside. Nothing can stop you from rushing to Constantine to collect your well deserved hundred thousand credits.

The Eye will ask you what you want to do with him. You will learn the answer very soon.

Total total loot, and total.


Now that you are safe, relax a bit before you proceed to the next mission. Come to think about it: what happened in the Old Quarter? The big events are clear:

  • Hammerites got hold of The Eye, and placed it inside their Cathedral. They keep it in the storeroom of the Basement, but notice that every morning The Eye floats above the Altar.
  • Brother Murus died, and his grave was not consecrated.
  • An apparition of Brother Murus was sighted by a novice.
  • Undeads took control of the Cathedral.
  • Keeper Andrus believed that if they did not involve themselves in this matter to oppose the Trickster, he could bring destruction upon the entire city. Therefore, he decided to use the Elemental Wards to seal the Cathedral.
  • Zombies roam the Old Quarter. Lord Whitsimmon of the City Council appointed Iendros and his men to urgently build a great Wall, to shield them from the dangers behind it.
  • The story either did not spread out, or that it happened long ago. Lord Ramirez thought of the tales as crap and wanted to take over the properties.
However, what happened here in the Cathedral? For example, why didn’t they consecrate the grave of Brother Murus? When I first played the game, I thought it was their oversight. However, note the Hand Written Ledger we found in St Yora’s 2/F:

I am wracked with the agony of guilt. The Master Builder cannot spare the cursed coward that I have become. If only I could bring myself to confess what I know about the death of Brother Murus. His soul will never rest unless we perform the Ritual of Consecration upon his grave. But the priests will surely ask why such a thing need be done, and I am too weak a Builder’s servant to face their wrath.

It is evident that the writer knew of something that he did not tell others. Not knowing this secret, the priests thought that it was unnecessary to consecrate the grave. The writer knew that if he let go of the secret, the wrath of the priests will be on him. It can only mean one thing, that Brother Murus did not die a natural death, and the writer was responsible for it. The last night of Brother Murus was at the shed next to St Tenel’s. Did the writer murder him using conventional means (such as poisoning) or did he uses magical forces? Is this event related to the arrival of The Eye, or the invasion of the undead?

I have heard an amusing reason for the death of Murus: he asked a lot of people to do a load of pointless quests for him; then one day, one of his victims said no…

Finally, note that the word “murus” means “wall” in Latin. For the Hammerites, “wall” has a special meaning, that a wall “will stand always as a shield against evil”. So perhaps the death of Brother Murus actually leads to the rise of evil powers inside the Cathedral and subsequently into the Old Quarter.

There are even more questions without answers. What did Brother Martello and Brother Renault died of? Why weren’t they buried? Even their graves were “prepared” by Brother Murus. Anybody want to suggest how a ghost could prepare a grave? In the Cathedral, there are plenty rotten body parts, but they two are the only complete body, fresh as alive. Does it mean they are the last two survivors hidden in the less accessible parts of the Cathedral, and died not very long ago? Perhaps they hid away from the undead and eventually died of hunger!

Too many question? Forget about them and proceed to the next mission!

Before you proceed, think about Brother Murus. Pretty annoying, isn't he? Keeps on demanding this and that. You have probably met similar people in your life. And you are forced to pacify these demanding people who keep on jagging you. But do you have to be a victim? Take a look at this article: Have to vs Want to.

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