Thief — an All Difficulty Level complete-loot walkthrough (Original Thief and Thief Gold)

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Mission 13: Strange Bedfellows

List loots and picks at Difficulty Level for .

Version History

1.4(Apr 2005)
1.3(Nov 2002)
  • Now uses a new script so that the loot count now shows in three components (gold;gem;goods) for easier tracking.
  • Total loot is displayed near the end of the mission.
v1.2(Jun 2000)
  • Added powerups for Normal and Hard Difficulties.
v1.1(May 2000)
  • General revisions and added Thief Gold information
v1.0(Mar 2000)
  • Initial release.

Before you start

About this walkthrough

This mission uses a version number (starting with 1.0) independent of the main document.

At several places, additional information is available as tool tips. Move the mouse on the words looking like these to see them.

The mission in Thief Gold is identical with the one in original Thief, but with a different game engine, AIs in Thief Gold behaves a little differently.

A few places are worth visiting, but is not needed to achieve your objectives. They do not even get you any powerups, so it is up to you whether to follow them. I will describe the main route like a regular walkthrough. Then at certain points I will mark excursion routes. At these points, if you want to have a look (and you should), save your game and follow the route. Click the excursion heading in this color and style to expand the route. After the voyage, just reload the game you saved at the Excursion starting point to continue the main route (note that excursions may not bring you back to the starting point). For those who don’t bother to go (I do not understand why anybody should want to skip the excursions), just ignore the milestone and continue straight on.

There is nothing to pick (that counts toward the pick count in the mission statistic) in this mission.

In this mission, different difficulty levels have access to very different amount of powerups. This walkthrough has included the powerups for all three difficulty levels.

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When Constantine learnt of your escape, he wrecked havoc on the city. The Keepers knew about it in advance, but of course they will not do anything to jeopardize the Balance.

So you decided to sneak into the Hammerite Temple to warn them about the Trickster. At worse, they throw you into Cragscleft. But it seems the Temple has changed quite a lot.

Now it is up to you to find the surviving Hammerites and help them fight against the Trickster.

Purchase Recommendations

You will run into all your friends from the Lair: Ape Beasts, Insect Beasts, Spiders and Frog Beasts. Plus a new one: Spider Beasts.

You do not have Broadhead Arrows to start with but you will be picking up lots of them (69 for Expert difficulty, even more for Normal and Hard). With your Blackjack and Broadhead Arrows, you hardly need anything else other than one single Gas Arrow. Anyway, get all the Gas Arrows, they will be the most useful thing in the mission. You do not need Speed Potion, Rope Arrows or Noisemaker Arrows. I spent my money on Gas Mines, Land Mines, and Water Arrows, though I did not find many occasions to use them. Whether you want to buy Healing Potion (I would rather not), Flash Bomb or Moss Arrows is up to you.

If you have several Gas Arrows, see if you can keep two of them until you see the High Priest. Save you some time because you can force your way into the cave instead of going there through a longer path.

Hammer Temple

Getting Started

You start in a familar location, though the street is not as clean as before. As an excursion, you can visit the lower city (and the upper city on the East side of the Temple). However there is nothing to see or to collect. Since you may trigger some events, so you had better reload the game after trying. Note that the walls between the Garden and the East Lower City is lower than before. You can actually climb into the Garden this way, but not much benefit to do so.

Therefore proceed directly to the Temple entrance (at the corpse with Fly Swarm, keep right and when you arrive at the T-junction, turn left to enter the Temple). Next to a dead Hammerite just outside the entrance, get 15 Broadhead Arrows from his quiver. Note that the statue on your right is standing on his head!

Approach the Temple and you hear the tune of New Objectives. You no longer need to sneak past the Hammerites because there aren’t any in sight, and actually you now have to find out to where they have gone.

Upper Floor

Enter the Barracks on both sides of the Foyer (I hope you remember the naming of places, you should be very familiar with the Temple by now). Nobody is stopping you this time. From each Barrack, collect 6 Broadhead Arrows (3 pairs, most Broadhead Arrows in this missions are in pairs — you see one but pick up as two). From the East Barrack, there is also a Flash Bomb for you. When playing Hard Difficulty, you get instead 10 Broadhead Arrows on the East and 8 Broadhead Arrows on the West. When playing Normal, you get instead 14 Broadhead Arrows on the East and 12 on the West.

Now move slowly into Level 2 Corridor via the door on the North. While you find nothing at the Expert Difficulty, players at Hard Difficulty will find two Broadhead Arrows on the right. Those at Normal Difficulty will find two more Broadhead Arrows on the left.

The door on your right (East) is gone, and the one on your left (West) can be picked but cannot be opened. Ignore both and crawl quietly into Main Hall for a look.

Since the tile is noisy (something you didn’t mind last time you were here), so step on something soft as soon as the opportunity arises. For example, on your right is a banner fallen on the ground — walking on it is noiseless. See the two beasts and your new objective (sometimes the objective didn’t appear, but you need to get past them anyway)? The red thing is a Spider Beast. They are much tougher than regular Spiders. The trouble with these two beasts is, when you kill one, the other soon discovers. Therefore, note their patrol path and leave the Main Hall to the Level 2 Corridor.

Back in Level 2 Corridor, go left (East) through the doorway (ie through the missing door) into East Chapel. Take the two Broadhead Arrows near the entrance and hide behind the pillar on your left. It is not dark, but the Insect Beast only patrols the other half of the room and will not notice you. Listen. When she comes in and turns around, bring her down with a Gas Arrow (you will need to draw the arrow in advance). You suddenly get yet another mission objective. Note that you can finish the mission if you do not attack any of the Insect Beasts; but if you attack any one of them, you must kill all four. Attacks means dealing any damages, including the use of Blackjack. The only exception is that you can use Flash Bombs to blind them and is not counted as attacks. Choose your goal now, because you won’t want to skip past three Insect Beasts, attack the fourth and come back all the way to kill the first three.

Go back to the Main Hall via Level 2 Corridor. Wait till the Spider Beast walks near you and give it a Broadhead Arrow.

Although Upper Floor is now cleared, walk quietly or their friends below will hear you. Enter the doorway on the East into East Chapel to find the Insect Beast you gassed. Slash it with your Sword, or else she is not dead (and you cannot fulfil the mission objective to Destroy all of the insect-beasts). Listen to the noise and stop when (after three or four strokes) your Sword no longer produces the meat cutting sound. Collect 4 more Broadhead Arrows (6 and 8 more for Hard and Normal respectively) and go to the East Balcony.

Walk quietly on the balcony. Collect 2 Broadhead Arrows and go to the Reliquary for another 2. Come back to East Balcony and look South — the wall is much lower than in the previous mission. Do a running jump from the balcony to the top of the wall on your South. Drop quietly into the Garden.

Lower Floor

Move to the shadows on the East. When it is clear, move into the East Novice Quarters on the North. There are two Ape Beasts patroling the floor. Wail till one walks past your doorway (towards the Garden), turn around and walks past on return trip (leaving the Garden). Move out to knock him down. Bring his body into the East Novice Quarters.

Once I have seen him even walked inside the East Novice Quarters (perhaps I was too noisy), but it is still OK to knock him. By the way, listen for the other Ape Beast before you expose yourself to take action. In rare cases, both Ape Beasts are nearby and the second one may see you! Also, you can instead wait till he walks into the Garden and follow him inside. Knock him and keep him near the East wall.

It may take a very long time for the other Ape Beast to come your way. Therefore you can bravely rush through the Sparring Area (noting on your way that the stairs leading down to the Crypts have collapsed) to the West Novice Quarters on the North of the Graveyard. Do the same to the other Ape Beast. If you are playing Normal Difficulty, then go to the North West corner of the Sparring Area to find a Gas Mine.

Go from the Sparring Area to the East Corridor (avoiding the West Corridor) and quietly enter the doorway into Priest Quarters E1 (the first one room). The room is empty, but you can spy on the North Corridor from here. A Frog Beast is happily jumping along the West Corridor and sooner or later it will see you. It will approach you along the North Corridor, shoot it with Broadhead Arrow when it takes a rest. If you have been noisy, the Frog Beast may come to East Novice Quarters to investigate. Be prepared to shoot it down when you are ambushing the Ape Beasts.

Now go to the West Corridor and start from the North. Crawl quietly because there are several friends you do not want to wake up. Pick the locked door of the first room (Priest Quarters W1) and find a Land Mine in front of the table next to the bed. Pick the locked door of the second room (Priest Quarters W2) to get a Flash Bomb near the end of the bed. Move very quietly to the door on the East (left) side of the corridor. Pick the lock and enter the room. Get 12 Broadhead Arrows from the floor (behind a box on the East), a Land Mine (two or three for lower Difficulties) behind a box on the South, and a Healing Potion underneath the red shelf. Save your game and continue.

You must have heard the noise by now. Move slowly South along the corridor. Prepare your Broadhead Arrows and shoot the Frog Beast when it leaves Priest Quarters W3 to find you. Enter the doorway there to find a Water Arrow (3 for Normal and Hard Difficulties) inside the water tanks. Do not yet start making noises because two more AIs wait for you on the East Corridor.


Follow the South Corridor to the Talisman Corridor. Last time in the Talisman Hall, you find a bridge extending to the cage containing the Talisman(s). Now you cannot extend the bridge but you can still save game and drop down to the hall below (crouch and drop to avoid damage). It may take a few tries to land without getting hurt, or you may get here via the Basement through the route below for the return trip.

There are no AIs in the Basement, so make all the noise you want. Leave the hall via the only exit. Note that this time you can open the iron gates of the prison cells, but there is nothing to be found inside (except one of the cells has a corpse). The tunnel down to the Crypts is again blocked. Prison cells on the other wing offer nothing neither. Your only way out is the via Inquisition Chamber to the bedroom of the Inquisitor.

Just before you leave his bedroom, turn right. You can see that the table (on which you found a stack of coins last time) is upside down. Go there and turn around. Behind the pillar on the floor is a Healing Potion waiting for you.

Leave the bedroom and turn right to enter the East Storage Room. Again the stairs down to the Crypts collapsed, making the area totally inaccessible. Leave the East Storage Room and go North. Around the corner and enter the Treasury, but nothing is left now. Leave the Treasury, turn left and continue along the corridor. After a left turn, go straight South. Ignore the first doorway and enter the next one into the West Storage Room. On the floor near the opposite end of the room is a Flash Bomb. Take it and leave via the doorway on the North. At the South West corner, climb the stairs up to South Corridor.

Back to Lower Floor

Back to quiet zone. Have a quick look at the Dining Room and the adjoining Kitchen. Not much to see. Save your game and enter East Corridor from the South.

Pick the lock of the first door and enter Priest Quarters E3. There is a Purse (100;0;0) inside this room, and this is the only loot of the whole mission. I will let you find it yourself. It is not covered up or stored inside something else. It is plain before your eyes though not very visible. Just look for it. Click here to see the answer.

The Purse is on the carpet right in front of the pot of flower. Took me a long time to find that dark purple purse on the dark purle carpet. Seems it is easier to spot in Thief Gold becuase the position differs by an inch or so.

Leave the room and proceed North. On your left is the doorway to the High Priest Room. Hear the hissing? The Spider here and the Spider Beast inside are annoying, so if you wish, you can use your Gas Arrows on them, which will ease the task a lot. As I said, I completed the mission using only a single Gas Arrow (plus Blackjack and Broadhead Arrows) so use the rest of your ammunitions as you see fit.

Crawl quietly. Lean and peek into the doorway. Move North until you can locate a Spider in the outer room. Don’t move till you can see the whole Spider. Just strafe till you can see its legs, and a little more so that you can see its belly when it spins to the right direction. Then you can finish it with a Broadhead Arrow before it sees you.

Do not celebrate yet, there is a Spider Beast in the inner room. Continue to move quietly, and lean to locate the Spider Beast. If you succeeded in get there without arousing it, then you can finish it with a simple Broadhead Arrow. Otherwise, shoot at it anyway. It will get afraid and run away, giving you enough time to raid the room before it comes back.

Get a Land Mine (2 for Hard Difficulty, 3 for Normal) from the Foot Locker just outside the inner room. Enter the inner room and find a Healing Potion on the floor (next to where the Spider Beast was). Leave.

There is one more room on East Corridor you have not visited: Priest Quarters E2 in the middle. It is locked. Get inside only if you want to, because there is nothing useful inside. Leave the Lower Floor via the central staircase on the North Corridor.

Upper Level again

Enter the doorway on the West into the West Chapel. Go to the far (South) end. Near the end, look down: the Healing Potion is right under your feet. At about the same place, look at the standing statue (only the one on your right is still standing) and fine a Land Mine in front of it. You now see why you cannot open the door from Level 2 Corridor. Proceed to the West Balcony to get 2 Broadhead Arrows. Reader David Mulvihill informed me of the possibility of an interesting rooftop excursion here.

A broken door is lying in the West Balcony like a ramp. Walk on it. When you are near the outer end, turn around. Jump up and mantle onto the roof.

Just walk around. There isn’t anything secret here, but the scenary is good. To go to the North, follow the contiguous blocks — you do not need to do any serious jumping. Going to the South is a bit more difficult.

Go to the South end of the roof of the Temple. You can see a pyramid shaped part of the roof near the center of the South end of the roof. Walk towards the West end of the pyramid. Turn left (South). In front of you is a big gap, beyond which is a tall wall with a window right in front of you. Quick save, aim at the window and do a running jump towards it. Keep pressing the jump/mantle key. You won’t be able to get inside the window, but will mantle onto the top of that wall. From there, you can travel around nearly all buildings in the town. Notice in particular a interesting block of void. It is a rectangular black block, with stars inside it, but can obstruct your view of the buildings behind it!

Restore game to go back to the West Balcony.

Enter Library. If playing Normal Difficulty, two Broadhead Arrows is waiting for you near the entrance, and a Rope Arrow among the planks. The door to the inner room is gone, so enter to find two Broadhead Arrows (four for Normal Difficulty), and then get the Flash Bomb next to the Foot Locker.

From the North East doorway of the Library, enter the opposite door into Main Church. Once inside, get a Rope Arrow on your right. If playing Hard/Normal Difficulty, get two/four Broadhead Arrows nearby. Note the other door is locked and need picking. Walk along the central aisle. Read the Hammer Book on the floor about The Builder’s Chisel and get 10 Broadhead Arrows from the quiver (in Thief Gold, you see a single Broadhead Arrow but picks up as 10) next to the dead Bowman. Notice that the altar is now opened. The Hammerites in their hurry failed to close the secret passage, leading to their rapid defeat. Climb down the ladder.

Trickster Temple


Aren’t the Hammerites crazy? They have built their temple right on top of the Trickster Temple! No doubt the battle ended so quickly. Now we descend to the Trickster Temple to see what happened there.

Upper Rooms

The Upper Rooms belonged to the Hammerites but now are dominated by the beasts. You arrive near the intersection of two dark, empty caves (they look more like caves than room). Together with the cave on your West, these three are the South Caves. Refer to Upper Room map. The ladder we climbed down is in the South Caves near the bottom of the map. Note that it is not easy to climb back up (because you need to jump from the top of the ladder to grab the edge of the coffin), but we do not have to anymore.

Move forward to the West. Once you pass into the next cave, stick on the right wall so that you remain in dark shadows. Find two Broadhead Arrows on your left. On the West you can see a short tunnel with two exits both going to the right (North). Four Ape Beasts are wandering around this level and all will pass in front of you sooner or later. Get your Broadhead Arrows ready: if you find a lone Ape Beast walking away from you, shoot him and carry his corpse back to the ladder. Or plant you Land Mines and Gas Mines in the tunnel ahead, because I have no other use for them anyway.

This will take an eternity to kill all of them. When no footsteps are heard, sneak forward (don’t step on your own mines!) into the tunnel and turn right to take the first exit. After a right bend, you arrive at the Central Cave with a pillar right in front of you. Hide yourself on the right side of the pillar.

Lean left to extinguish the torch on your left. This cave is the center of Upper Rooms and the Ape Beasts will enter from all sides (South West like you, North West which you cannot yet see, and East). When your neighbourhood is dark enough, move to the West side of the other pillar (at your North West). The South side of it is darker, but all the Ape Beasts walk on that side also. Use Blackjack on all Ape Beasts until all four is down. Go to the North wall, and under the hammer emblem find a Moss Arrow behind the rocks.

Leave Central Cave via the tunnel you came, and back to the T-junction (where you were shooting Ape Beasts). Turn right and follow the tunnel to another cave with a Fly Swarm over a dead Hammerite. Get two Broadhead Arrows between the first pillar (the one facing you) and the toppled table on the right. Move forward to the pillar with a torch and find another two Broadhead Arrows between it and the glowing mushrooms near the wall.

The East exit is a tunnel going to the Central Cave (go and have a look, it goes to its North West entrance). The West exit leads to a small cave with a toppled Holy Water Fountain (useless) and another Spider, so do not bother to enter. If you really want to, get prepared in the entrance and peek at the spinning Spider. When it is looking away, sneak into the shadows near the entrance. Shoot it down with a Broadhead Arrow and come back out. Avoid the Fly Swarm and leave via the North exit (behind the Torch) to a small cave with a pillar in the center.

Move via the only exit (North East) to North Cave, which is very long. Between the dead Insect Beast and the pillar, find 2 Broadhead Arrows (a little off to your left). Move forward to the next half of the cave. Ignore the stairs going down, and from the fire next to it get a Fire Arrow. There are four statues on your left. Find two Broadhead Arrows on the ground beyond the last statue. Move quietly now, through the exit behind the stairs to a small cave with a sarcophagus.

Builder’s Chisel

Loud hissing ahead. Near the other exit of the sarcophagus cave are shadows. Move there and peek ahead. You should be able to locate the Spider from here. Inch forward if necessary. Shoot it down with a Broadhead Arrow.

Save game and crawl forward. Near the T-junction (ignore the right branch — it goes to the Central Cave) you can better see the Spider Cave ahead now. Locate the Spider Beast. Sneak along the shadows and shoot it down. Again the task is much easier if you shoot it with a Gas Arrow. Yet remember to save a Gas Arrow for an Insect Beast we will soon encounter.

Even if your Broadhead Arrow missed the Spider Beast, it will very likely frighten it away. Move into the cave. At the opposite wall, locate an overturned bench and lean forward to the space behind. Find a small piece of stuff and take it. While it is just called a chisel, it is actually Builder’s Chisel you read about earlier (in the Main Church). However, your Chisel object will not yet be checked. It is checked when you get close to the Hammerites, and cleared again when you are away from them.

Leave the Spider Cave and go back to the stairs in the North Cave. If you have not yet killed the Spider Beast, move carefully and avoid running into it. The Spider Beast loves to rush down the stairs, but sometimes comes back to the Spider Cave again. If you are curious where it is, save your game and repeat your path: leave via the East exit to the cave with a sarcophagus, and carefully down the corridor to the Spider Cave. Do you see the Spider Beast inside? If yes, then all you need to do is to move downstairs quietly and never see the Spider Beast again. If no, it means you will meet it downstairs.

Anyway, descend the stairs quietly, and after the right turn into the next level.

Main Shrine

You arrive at a huge cave, with a big hole in the center. Or put it the other way round, the footpath is just a ring (or ciruclar ledge) lining the inner wall of a big oval cave. You can see the two lower levels, but your friends down there can see you also, so be careful when moving around.

If the Spider Beast (who guarded the Builder’s Chisel) is still alive and hears you, it will descend the very same stairs to go down to Second Floor. Therefore, do not stay at the center of the stairs. Move down to the big ring and to the areas on your left (it is not dark, but the ring is thicker here and less prone to being seen) behind the barrels.

You have arrived at Main Shrine Third Floor from the North. Refer to map of Main Shrine 3/F. On your right near a dead Hammerite is a short passage to a locked but unpickable door. On the South West West side of the ring is a Fly Swarm, and on the South South West a tunnel going down to Main Shrine Second Floor. Look down. You can see the pair of Intersecting Bridges of Main Shrine Second Floor, and below that is Main Shrine First Floor where several beasts are roaming. An ApeBeast is patroling the Intersecting Bridges, and the rest are on Main Shrine First Floor.

By now the Spider Beast, if still alive, should have settled down in Main Shrine Second Floor (or will not come down anymore because it has not heard you). Move to the North side of the ring (near the metal door passage) and look South. The Ape Beast is wandering along the Intersecting Bridges, so you wait here until he walks North to the end. At the North end, he will, like at all other ends, turn and walk inside a few steps. He will sort of pause there, giving you the best opportunity to use a Broadhead Arrow (you still need to draw your Broadhead Arrow well in advance or he will have gone before you are ready to shoot).

When he is down, lean and look down. An Insect Beast and three Frog Beasts are wandering on the First Floor. Another Ape Beast is frozen in the Eastern part of First Floor — move East a few steps, lean to locate him. Frozen AIs cannot be killed, so do not bother to shoot him. There is also a dead Ape Beast lying on the ground, killed in earlier battles.

Shoot a Gas Arrow at the Insect Beast, who is usually on the West side. This is the only Gas Arrow I used. If you are concerned about enemy bodies discovered, you may attack her later, but runs a higher risk of being attacked by the Insect Beast. Of course, if you skipped past the first Insect Beast in the Main Hall, do not try to attack any of the remaining three!

If the Spider Beast guarding the Builder’s Chisel has settled on Main Shrine Second Floor, then you should kill it now. Move West along the ring and look at the East end of the bridge. You should the red Spider Beast. From here, you can also finish it with a single Broadhead Arrow.

Go clockwise around the ring (avoiding the Fly Swarm) to the tunnel opening. Enter and after the left turn follow it down the slope. And midway you should hear new foot steps. Time to turn around and go back to the ring.

The Ape Beast have been defrosted and now you can deal with him. He will be wandering in the Main Shrine First Floor — shoot it down with a Broadhead Arrow. In Thief Gold, I find that sometimes the Ape Beast freezes again and I have to repeat the procedure to revive him. Shooting from above isn’t easy, but still better than facing him downstairs. Now you can really go down a level.

Second Floor

Go around the ring again and descend quietly. Refer to map of Main Shrine 2/F. Nobody is on Main Shrine Second Floor but do not arouse the Frog Beasts down in Main Shrine First Floor until you are ready. At the bottom of the ramp turn left. On your right you can see a red doorway, and in front of it you may find a dead Spider Beast. The hallway of this level also forms a ring, but is blocked off by walls at several places so it ends up to be four arcs connected to the four ends of the Intersecting Bridges. We just arrived at the East arc.

On your right find the Earth Altar and the Fire Altar. Before you enter the altars, check the bridge behind you. If the Frog Beasts have heard you earlier, they might have arrived at the bridge. Shoot them with Broadhead Arrows before exploring further.

Inside the Earth Altar are two Moss Arrows and inside the Fire Altar two Fire Arrows (you only see one crystal although they are multiple arrows). Note that all four altars (two now, two later) have the Constantine’s Eye symbol on the ceiling. Save your game. Move along the bridge to the intersection point, turn left and rush to the South arc (where you shot an Ape Besat). Turn around and prepare your Broadhead Arrows. Listen and lean to see. The Frog Beasts have likely noted you by now. If they have, then they will climb the stairs to the North arc and appear at the opposite side of the bridge. As soon as they sit still, explode them with Broadhead Arrows. Since the three of them usually crowd together, you may even be able to finish them all with a single Broadhead Arrow. If after some waiting they are still having fun downstairs, make some noise to attract them.

After they are disposed of, the whole of Main Shrine is secured (for you at least). If some of your arrows missed the Ape Beasts when you were shooting them from above, they may be near the South Arc. So look around and retrieve them. Cross the bridge to the North arc. There is nothing but a spiral stairs going down so follow it to where the beasts were.

First Floor

Down in Main Shrine First Floor, collect any Broadhead Arrows you have missed the beasts and sent to the ground. Most important, slay the Insect Beast you have gassed, like what you did with the one in the East Chapel.

Through a crack in the wall, you can see the Hammerites on the West but they will not see you. Go back to the Intersecting Bridges and turn right to visit the West arc. There are three openings here. Start visiting them from the right.

Dive into the Water Altar and then into the air well in the center. Get three Water Arrows, jump up back into water, and dive back out. The next room leads to the outerspace. It looks disconnected, but there is an invisible bridge between the entrance and the Air Altar so walk straight to get your (single) Gas Arrow.

The last opening is a spiral staircase leading down to a cave with several barrels. Ignore the barrels and go to the hammer shaped hole (although the shape looks much more like a key hole than a hammer) in the wall. From the Hammer Turf, a Hammerite will come and tell you the story. They needed the Builder’s Chisel to defeat the beasts. It was lost but you have got it anyway. Yet the chisel can only be used by the High Priest, and worse, the beasts have kidnapped him. Notice that your chisel objective is checked when you get near the hole.

Take the scroll of maps and the Blue Key. Now you can see the extra map pages of the Tricker Temple. The Blue Key opens the unpickable door on Main Shrine Third Floor, so go there. Before you leave, notice that here is one of the few places you can kill Hammerites (and your mission).


Upper Hostage Level

Getting Oriented

Refer to the map for Upper Hostage Level. The red lines are patrol paths and the green line your main route. There are nothing else to collect in this mission, other than the High Priest. In the first room, ignore the Fly Swarm on your left. It looks as if the room has two doors behind the Fly Swarm but both of them are ornaments. Go to the doorway in front of you.

Despite the noise, you are safe here. Refer to the map. The corridor in front of you is circular and you are on the South side. Check your left for a patroling Ape Beast, and go to the dead end on your right. Peek into the window opening: you can see a tunnel on the right leaving the circular corridor. That is the path to the Lower Hostage Level .

Turn around and move quietly to the first corner (which is dark enough). An Ape Beast is patroling ahead, and enters periodically the doorway on your right. He is whom I named the West Ape Beast. There are three Ape Beasts on this level: one on the West, one East, and one North. When the West Ape Beast is away, move ahead to the left side of the next corner. When he walks past you, knock him down.

Peek into the doorway: an Insect Beast is walking between this cave and another one on your right. When she is away, move to the dark corner on your right. When you are looking at her back, knock her down with Blackjack and slay her with your Sword.

Get Moving

We are heading directly to the Lower Hostage Level now, bypassing nearly all of this level. Of course, we will get around in an excursion before we leave.

From the initial cave (with the now dead Insect Beast), go East and move quietly into an empty cave (South Cave, because it is on the South). Hide in shadows, and move forword until you can douse the torch on the wall behind you. In Original Thief, I think the East Ape Beast ahead will not enter this cave, but in Thief Gold it does. Anyway, wait and see, and if he enters, knock him down. If the East Ape Beast does not enter your cave, go to the exit on the East and sneak into shadows on the next cave when he is not nearby. Knock him down in the next cave and come back to South Cave.

There is a Spider Beast hissing on your left. Shoot down the Spider Beast if you want to, but it is not necessary. Except of course when we visit places we skipped in excursion on Upper Hostage Level.

Locate the Spider Beast in the cave on your left (North). Shoot it with a Broadhead Arrow before it sees you. Move quietly into its cave, and on the left side find a doorway where you can proceed to the next cave.

At the doorway, douse the torch and shoot down the Spider. Not that you cannot shoot the Spider with the torch buring, but the North Ape Beast will soon find its corpse if you do not extinguish the torch. Move to the other exit of the cave. When the North Ape Beast has gone to the West (left), move into the shadows of the next cave. When he comes back, knock him down. In Original Thief, I think the North Ape Beast does not go this far to the West. In that case, move to the next cave (a cave with plants growing) on your West and ambush him there.

The whole level is now yours. If you have not already done so, move West to a small cave with several plants growing. Continue to move West to a big cave, the Big West Cave (there is another big cave on the East). Move past two pillars and avoid the Fly Swarm. Leave via the South and you are back to the Initial Cave (with the dead Insect Beast).

Leave the Initial Cave on the South West to the surrounding corridor. Turn right to mMove clockwise along the circular corridor. After the first turn, you find two dark openings on your left. They lead nearly immediately to a dead end. Perfect niches to hide yourself in case you run into a beast. Opposite the two doorways is a doorway to the right (East), into the Big West Cave.

Continue on the corridor and go North. The section after the turn has nothing other than a doorway on your right, also entering the Big West Cave. Continue on the corridor and find two more dark openings on your left. On your right is a doorway to the small cave with plants. Continue on the corridor, and the next section has completely nothing. After the next turn (now you go South), you find a tunnel on your left. There are only two tunnel openings on your left (this one, and the last one which is at the dead end of the circular corridor) so you cannot be mistaken.

Descend along the tunnel to the Dock. Took me quite some time to figure out what it is for: you only use it if you are playing Normal or Hard Difficulty. After you got the High Priest from the Lower Hostage Level, you can climb up to here and use the handle to release a raft. Riding it along the river, you will drop down a waterfall (actually a water slope) and take him to the Hammerites. At Expert Difficulty, the raft does not exist, only the dock and the handle remains (to make you wonder what they are for). In Thief Gold, it is a little better, because even the handle will disappear at Expert Difficulty, leaving you with an empty dock. Notice that if you try to swim down the waterfall with the High Priest (without the raft), you will drown him.

Turn around and you find another tunnel on your left going down. Follow it to the Lower Hostage Level. This entrance is more exposed than the one we will be using in main route. Anyway, quench the fire opposite you, and sneak to the doorway on your right.

Three Ape Beasts are in the cave on your right (Hostage Cave), guarding the unconscious High Priest (if he were conscious, you would have had to knock him down to carry him away!). If you were playing Normal or Hard Difficulty and have several Gas Arrows left, you can gas the Ape Beasts (two should be sufficient) and carry the High Priest back to the raft. But we are experts, so go back to the dock and then to the Upper Hostage Level. Back to the circular corridor, turn left to continue your trip clockwise. After the next turn (now going South West), there is one more doorway on your right, enter it.

It is the Big East Cave. The exit on the West goes to the South Cave (from where you shot the Spider Beast). There is not much to see in this cave. We have visited all six caves inside the circular corridor.

Leave the South Cave and go East to the Big East Cave. There is nothing here worth watching, so leave via the opening on your right into the surround corridor. Turn right and find a tunnel going down. Via the window at the dead end, you can see the starting point of your journey on this circular corridor. Enter the tunnel — it is noisy but you are safe as long as you are quiet.

Lower Hostage Level

The Lower Hostage Level is more confusing. Refer to the map for Lower Hostage Level. Do not place too much confidence in the accuracy of this map — since the walls are not aligned with the compass directions it represents more what I feel it looks like than what it really is.

You arrive at a big cave (Entrance Cave) with a camp fire in front. There is no need to put it out. The High Priest is in the Hostage Cave on your right (North), but an Ape Beast is always looking at the South cave opening. If you have two remaining Gas Arrows, you can knock them out and take the High Priest now. And with the High Priest, you can skip some of this whole level and carry him back to the Hammerites. You can either carry him back to the Hammer Tuff where you got the map and Blue Key, or at Normal and Hard Difficulties, you can carry him to ride the raft. However, the last Insect Beast is in this level, so if you have triggered this mission objective, you have to at least hunt her down before you can leave. So for those who have sufficient Gas Arrows and have not triggered the Insect Beast objective, they can leave right now. For those who have triggered the Insect Beast objective but have sufficient Gas Arrows, the plan is like this: if you can gas the Ape Beasts and take the High Priests now, you have two choices depending on which exit you take. If you want to take him back to Hammer Tuff, it means you will go back to the Upper Hostage Level, so you can just leave him here. If you want to take him to the other exit (which is nearer), carry him with you. In either case, we are heading to the Insect Beast, but the second approach is better since you will visit more new places.

Leave the Entrance Cave and go South. There are two Ape Beasts in the next cave standing in front of a fire. Do not try to douse the fire or knock beasts (knock one and the other will see you) unless you do it in rapid succession. Stick to the left wall and crawl slowly across the room. Near the exit, you can see a big plant with ample illumination. Leave the cave on the West side into the Exit Cave.

There are two Ape Beasts here facing another fire. In Original Thief, do not try to douse the fire or knock beasts. However in Thief Gold, you can easily knock them down one by one. Notice a metal door near the North West corner of the cave — that is the exit of this level. Unlock it with your Blue Key, and leave the door open. Ignore the tunnel beyond the door: we will leave the level a bit later.

If you already have the High Priest with you, drop him here before moving on. Sneak into the doorway on South East (that is, the only other doorway not yet mentioned) and stop there. Behind the Fly Swarm you can see a Insect Beast in front of a fire. Four rooms here are arranged around a brazier (at eye level when you are standing) in the middle (to your West) where the walls meet. We have to move through the two other rooms to access the room with the Insect Beast.

Your room (Fly Swarm Room) has four exits. You entered via one, and through another you see the Insect Beast. A third exit (on your left) goes to a cave with a single Ape Beast and nothing else. Visit it if you want to. His cave leads no where else. Take the last exit (on North East) to the Skeleton Room. It is dark here, but you can still see the skeleton on the floor, under some plants. This room has two more exits: one on your left, and one on your right. The exit on the left will be our next stop, after slaying the Insect Beast. Take the exit on your right to continue moving around the central brezier. The next room is empty (Empty Room) except for a few bones. It has only one exit. So carefully move West to douse the fire and Blackjack the Insect Beast there. Remember to cut her with your Sword. Check your mission objectives — you should have ticked the one about Insect Beasts. Or else you failed to kill one (or more) of the four Insect Beasts and you have to go back to kill them.

If you have already got the High Priest, you can go back to pick him up. If you dropped him at the Exit Cave and continue witj the next section (Leaving). If you dropped him at the Entrance Cave, leave the Lower Hostage Area by going back up the tunnel. Then, you either take the raft (Normal and Expert only) down the waterfall, or carry him back to Hammer Tuff, where the mission ends. Otherwise continue here.

Move East to the Empty Room and North to the Skeleton Room. This time, take the right (North) exit into a cave with two Ape Beasts. They are on your left and will not interfere with you as long as you remain unseen. Stay on the strip of darkness and move forward (avoiding the glowing mushroom on the right) till you see the doorway at the far right corner. Enter the doorway and you finally arrive at the Hostage Cave, after travelling a large circle round the level.

Move along the left cave wall to the barrels with the High Priest without alerting the three Ape Beasts. Carry him and backtrack:

  • Cave with two Ape Beasts: following the shadows to leave via the only exit on your left.
  • Skeleton Room: turn right and leave.
  • Fly Swarm Room: continue forward through the middle exit (that is, neither the exit on your right or the one on your left).
And you are back to the Exit Cave.


If the two Ape Beasts are still standing, move quietly to the South corner, stick to the left wall and sneak North West to the opened metal door. If they are down, of course you just rush to the door directly. Say good bye to the beasts and carry the High Priest down the tunnel.

At the bottom of the tunnel, drop the High Priest. Again, open the door with the blue key. Out to the rocky shore.

Ignore the Insect Beast on the ground — you do not need to kill him, he is already dead. On your right is water — if you have swam down from the Dock pass the waterfall, you would have arrived here. Turn to your left where there is a hole on the wall (again looking more like a key hole than a hammer shaped hole). It is yet another window into the Hammer Turf. If you have the Chisel with you, then the mission objective of getting the Builder’s Chisel will be ticked when you are close to the hole. The box will be cleared again when you move away, interesting.

Go back to pick up the High Priest and take him near the hole. Although you are still underground and in the middle of nowhere, this completes your mission (if you have killed all four Insect Beasts).

Total total loot, and total.

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