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Mission 15: Thieves’ Guild

List loots and picks at Difficulty Level for .

Version History

v1.3(Mar 2003)
  • Now uses a new script so that the pick and loot count now shows in three components (gold;gem;goods) for easier tracking.
  • A total loot/pick is also displayed at the end of the mission.
v1.2(Mar 2001)
  • Reader Leslie McBay inspired me to a new way to handle the guards in the Reuben’s Mini Casino. The procedure also reveals some interesting properties between guards and doors.
v1.1(Jan 2001)
v1.0(Jun 2000)
  • Initial release.


About this walkthrough

This mission uses a version number (starting with 1.0) independent of the main document.

At several places, additional information is available as tool tips. Move the mouse on the words looking like these to see them.

Some places are worth visiting, but is not needed to achieve your objectives. They do not even get you any powerups, so it is up to you whether to follow them. I will describe the main route like a regular walkthrough. Then at certain points I will mark excursion routes. At these points, if you want to have a look (and you should), save your game and follow the route. Click the excursion heading in this color and style to expand the route. After the voyage, just reload the game you saved at the Excursion starting point to continue the main route (note that many excursions do not bring you back to the starting point). For those who don’t bother to go (I do not understand why anybody would want to skip the excursions), just ignore the milestone and continue straight on.

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Story Background

This mission does not really belong to the main storyline. The Downwind Thieves’ Guild has pulled off a daring job, stealing Lord Randall’s Sapphire Vase. However, they are now squabbling among themselves about how to share the loot. They have to lock it up until they can determine the value of the vase. So it is your time to help them out — no vase, no dispute.

The Guild is located beneath Overlord’s Fancy, a gambling den they operate. The casino is hidden under a restaurant, and that is the place to start with.

The Mission Briefing indicated that if you were seen, then they would be able to conclude on what happened to the Vase. It led me to think that the mission is failed if anybody sees you. Fortunately it is not so. Just treat people like usual, and knock them as you always do. Even if they see you, it is OK if he knock him down (so he will not keep on running and screaming). I suppose your Blackjack has the same effect has the Neuralyzer in Men In Black.

The Guild is a big mission, spanning a large area. You have more than 60 heads to Blackjack (if you wake up all four sleepers, you have a total of 69 humans to knock in Expert and Hard Difficulty, eleven less in Normal Difficulty). Yet the layout is well designed so you won’t feel completely lost. The whole area is devided into many small areas, and you will know which small areas to handle first. Unfortunately, a side effect is that many of the small areas are rather small and therefore a bit simple.

Purchase recommendations

Since you are going to meet human beings, most of the stuff are useless. As usual, buy all Water Arrows. What to do with the rest of the money?

Buy Moss Arrows and Noisemaker Arrows, both are not really useful but sometimes can save your time and patience. Get a few Flash Bomb if you want to. Although you will lose one of your two Rope Arrows early in the mission, I don’t think you need to buy more because you do not have a chance to use Rope Arrows anywhere else.

Getting into the Guild


Since this is a rather straight forward mission, you should try to do it yourself. Read the overview of each section to find out where you should go to. Then explore each subsection yourself before reading the walkthrough for that subsection to find out if you missed anything.

The entrance of the Guild is at the casino called Overlord’s Fancy, which is beneath the Restaurant. So we start from the Restaurant and see if we can find a way down to the Overlord’s Fancy.

Once you get there, you need to find the secret entrance to the Guild, which you would much prefer over the Guarded Entrance marked on your map.


Subsection objective: from your starting location, find the back door to get inside the Restaurant that is used as a cover for the Overlord’s Fancy.

You start at a street corner. Lean forward and listen to the farce. An interesting thing to try is to quicksave your game during the conversation, quickload it, and quicksave again. Repeat as many times as you can. Doing so will delay the end of their conversation, and sooner or later the patroling guard will arrive. A fight will break out!

When the thieves are gone, move up to the front door and read the Poster Scroll next to it. So you know what to look for in order to get inside. Also, refer to your map. This door is the door on the North side of the Restaurant.

Feel free to move around the streets. A Sword Guard is patroling the streets, but you can leave him alone (I prefer to knock him down). Move East and at the South corner find a door you can pick. Enter the Restaurant.

Move to the only doorway, save your game and peek ahead. A Female Servant is on your right; another Thief Guard patrols into the room periodically from the doorway opposite. When the Thief Guard is away, move quietly forward to Blackjack the maid. Take her body back to the room outside. When the Thief Guard is leaving again, sneak to the left side of the fire place opposite your doorway. Next time he walks near the fire place, knock him down.

There is still another guard in the next room. Go South. At the wall you find something like a metal carbinet. Guess what it is? We will see later. Turn right and go West to the end. Crouch and carefully open the door. When the guard is not around, sneak inside and douse the fire on your right, giving you some comfortable shadows. When he comes back, knock him down and the Restaurant 1/F has no more guards.

Enter the doorway on your left into a small room. From the table on your right, get two Stacks of Copper Coins (5;0;0) and the Restaurant Key. Open the Money Box to get a Stack of Silver Coin (15;0;0). In original Thief missions, each item usually have a fixed value. For example, a Stack of Silver Coin is always 12. In this mission, the value of many items are non-standard.

Before we move on, leave via the (East) doorway and go back to the room with the fire you extinguished. Explore this (empty) hall. Besides the doorway on the East going back to where you hit the Female Servant, there is another door on the North. Open it with the Restaurant Key. See where you are?

So where are the three person who entered earlier via the front door? The one who opened the door (to greet the other two) is the guard you just knocked. Among the other two, one goes up to the floor above and one goes down to the Overlord’s Fancy. We will see both soon.

Go back to the room where you found the Restaurant Key. Next to the table is a wooden door you cannot open. It goes down to the Overlord’s Fancy. Leave via the doorway on the South to a short corridor. Open the only door there with your Restaurant Key and climb the stairs up.


Subsection objective: since the direct path down to Overlord’s Fancy is not accessible, see what you can find in the Attic.

When you approach the top, slow down and listen. Peek round the corner and check. In front of you is a wide hall with two doors opposite. One of the Thieves we saw earlier at the front door had gone here, and he is patroling the whole floor. Wait for him to enter via the door on your right, and knock him down before he disappears into the door on your left.

Since this hall is empty, move very quietly into the North door (the one the Thief intended to enter). You must have heard the noise of the sleeper. Crawl quietly to the Foot Lockers on your left. The one closer to you contains a Rope Arrow, and the other one a stack of Gold Coins (25;0;0). Leave via the other door (near the South East corner) into an empty hall.

Once you entered this hall, close the door behind you, and find two Broadhead Arrows in a niche on your West. This is the last hall of the Attic. The door on far West goes back to the stairs. So where else to go?

See the metal well on the South? With a Rope Arrow, climb down the well. You will pass through the “metal cabinet” you saw in the Restaurant, and continue down to the Overlord’s Fancy.

Overlord’s Fancy

Subsection objective: secure the peripheral parts of the casino before you tackle the central part.

Since is a deep descend, you won’t be able to retrieve the Rope Arrow. If you don’t want to leave behind the Rope Arrow, shoot a Moss Arrow at the bottom (before you start climbing the rope!). Climb as far down as possible (while you can still highlight the Rope Arrow), then retrieve the Rope Arrow and drop quietly to the moss you prepared. However, you don’t have any other chance to use Rope Arrows in this mission.

As soon as you hit ground, move quickly to the shadows on either side (North or South) of the well shaft. On your North, a guard is patroling East-West. Refer to the map: there is a long (sideways) U-shaped area. It is actually a U-shaped (waist-high) wall, will a long, staight wall sandwiched in the middle. The Thief Guard is walking around this long wall in a much elongated circle. So listen and move North. And take the time to study the overly simplified map.

Douse the two torches near the beginning of the U-shaped area. Wait for the Thief Guard to come back and knock him down. He is the last of the three person you saw at the front door. Find two Water Arrows on top of the straight wall between the two extinguished torches. Go back quietly to the well shaft.

Move South to the end and enter the door on your right. In this corridor, you find a doorway and two doors, all on your right. Ignore the doorway and crawl to the door closer to you. Save game, crouch and open the door.

Did you remember not to stand in front of any door you intend to open? A Thief Guard is inside, and he may be staring at the door! When he turns away, pick the Casino Key from his belt and knock him down. His guard post is empty, but you can see a table right outside his front window. If you want to, you can grab two Stacks of Copper Coins (5;0;0) by leaning to the table outside, or you may get them later. Leave via the only door back to the corridor you are from.

After a short short excursion,

Use the Casino Key on the remaining door of the corridor. Climb the stairs up, and use Casino Key to open the door there. Find out where you are.

enter the only doorway of the corridor. From the table on your right, get a Stack of Silver Coins (12;0;0). If you have not yet done so, get the two Stacks of Copper Coins on the table on your left (a little ahead). Move quietly North to the carpet and go West.

Overlord’s Fancy — South

Subsection objective: decide what you want to do with the humans near the Guarded Entrance to the Guild.

Two Servants are standing in front of a table. On the South are a Thief Guard and a Thief Bowman inside their guard post, and a door behind them (the “guarded door to Guild” on the map). Take the three Stacks of Copper Coins (5;0;0) and a Stack of Gold Coins (25;0;0) on the table. Now you have to decide what you want to do with them. If you want to pick all pockets, you had better knock out the South-facing servant, because he may see you when you sneak into the guard post. If you want to knock down all people, then of course you need to knock both servants and both guards. Otherwise, you can leave all four here and forget about them.

To knock down the servant facing South, walk to his rear right side. Save game and Blackjack on him. Most of the time, the Female Thief won’t notice his body and you can then carry his body to the South East part of the Casino. If all you want to do is to pick all pockets, then that’s all you need to do. We will come back later via the door behind the guards, where we can pick their pockets without knocking them. You can now retrace your steps to the well shaft and skip forward to explore the North side in the next subsection.

If you want to knock both, knock the Male Servant like above. Then attract the Female Thief to investigate the East side to give you a knocking chance (the guards will see you if you try to knock her directly). Go towards the East, and when you are at the narrow portion (at the wall divding the East and the West halves), jump and make noises. Rush to the shadows on the far East side of the carpet and wait for opportunities to knock her. If you have a Noisemaker Arrow, this part may be easier (I didn’t bought any).

If you want to knock the two guards as well, then you need to repeat the same trick. More noises and they would come out to investigate. You still need the South East side for ambush.

Retrace your steps back to the well shaft. We are now exploring the North side.

Overlord’s Fancy — North

Subsection objective: clean out the North side and locate the secret entrance to the Guild.

From the well shaft, go North to the end. The North East side is a big dark room. Locate the long carpet on the floor running towards the West. Somewhat outside its North East corner, shoot a Moss Arrow so that you can run a few steps away from the carpet (towards the table) noiselessly. Then go West to find a table with a Thief and a Servant. Beyond them is another guard post, with a Thief Guard and a Thief Bowman.

From the top of the table, take two Stacks of Copper Coins (5;0;0). You can get the coins later, since we are knocking down all four right now. First, knock down directly the servant who faces North from behind him. The others should not notice this. Take his body away quickly, the room on the North East is dark enough.

The others are not as easy to handle. You need to make some noise (great if you have a Noisemaker Arrow). Then rush back to the East to where you shot the Moss Arrow. They will explore the room but should not notice you if you stay crouched and press yourself at the table. Wait for the opportunity to knock one down when others are not watching. Usually, you need more noise to attract the two guards, so you should start quietly to handle the servant first. Then more noises and the two guards will come together, and you need some patience for the right moment. Remember to pick the Casino Keys from both guards before knocking them.

A reader suggested an interesting alternative in handling these three guys, making use of a silly bug in the Dark Engine. Walk slowing along the shadows on the South side until you are aligned with the metal door. Run towards the metal door and hit the servant en route. Press against the metal door, so that the guards inside cannot come out. The two guards will press themselves from the other side, trying to open the door. While they cannot walk through the door, you can find their head or hands sticking out from the door! Look down and right click, trying to pick the Casino Keys. When you have got both, start swinging your Blackjack. If it hits the door, it gets a metalic sound, if it hits a guard, you can recognize the sound. After two hits, you will find both guards lying on the floor, sometimes on your side of the door! The bad thing is they often recognize you before you can knock them down. Although this does not fails the mission, it is actually against the “logical” objective of this mission.

When all four are done, take the coins stacks if you have not yet done so. Go to the guard post (where the two guards were) of the North West area. Open the door and get inside. Go to the right (East) side, and near the end, find a Purse (50;0;0) on the shelf. Then turn around and go to the other end. On the shelf, find a Healing Potion on top, and two Water Arrows on the bottom. Get outside the guard post.

Go West to the wall. Do you notice anything special about the stone wall? What can you do with it? Turn around and go to the table between the wall and the guard post. Take the Stack of Silver Coins (12;0;0) on the table, and turn the roulette. This opens the secret door.

Moving to Reuben’s Mansion


Down from the Overlord’s Fancy, you will soon learn that you should go North. Therefore, pass through the Middle Sewer, North Basement, and Upper Sewer to go to Reuben’s Mansion.

Middle Sewer — Lower Level

Subsection objective: clean out the lower part of Middle Sewers before proceeding further North.

The door closes automatically, so move in (or turn the roulette again). Once inside, note a switch near the door — in case you need to go back to the casino. Save game and down the ramp quietly to a room.

Beyond the wall on your left are two Thief Guards. Since the wall has a hole on it, they will notice you if you walk across. So hide quickly to the shadows on your left. You are now inside a storage room of the Middle Sewer joining the North Basement and South Basement of the Guild. Note that your mission objective about “getting into the Guild” have been checked.

When you arrive at the bottom of the ramp, the guards start talking. Listen carefully, reloading the game if necessary. This is the most important conversation in the whole mission. Since the Guild could not determine the value of Lord Randall’s Sapphire Vase, Donal kept it in his Master Safe but Reuben took his Safe Key away. Strange that Donal doesn’t even have a spare key.

Now Reuben is trying locate where the Master Safe is, Donal is trying to get back his Safe Key, and you are trying to do both. And so you need first to get the Safe Key from Reuben and then find where Donal’s Master Safe is. After the guards finished talking, they start walking. One of them will enter your room briefly. If you are quick, rush forward when he turns (and follow him turn left) to knock him down. Hide him in the room, and you have one less guard to worry about. Leave the room and turn left (ignore the ramp in front of you). Rush forward and hide into a dark region.

Both guards patrol past the area in front of you — the one who entered the storage room does it regularly, the other somewhat infrequently. The one who do not enter the storage room will come from your left, going across to your right. And he carries a Purse (10;0;0) on his belt, so pick before you knock. When you knock one of them, make sure the other is not nearby — you need time to hide the body.

The area consists of two rooms, with the dark region you are at in the middle. When both guards are down, go to the room on the West to find a Flash Bomb, a Land Mine on the floor. In Original Thief, the Land Mine is behind the cart, in Thief Gold, it is in front of (South of) a barrel. Read the Poster Scroll that tells you what Reuben does and where Reuben lives. Note that both spellings (Reuben and Rueben) are used in the game, I stick to Reuben because this spelling appears on the maps.

The East room has a long corridor going South to the Lower Sewer and the Guild. We will go there after paying our visit to Reuben. So ignore it and get back inside the storage room. Find two Moss Arrows on the shelf at the North wall. Leave via the door and go West up the ramp (not the East going tunnel back to the casino).

Middle Sewer — Upper Level

Subsection objective: go straight through the upper part of Middle Sewer and leave Gate 13 till we come back.

At the top of the ramp, stay crouched and hide in the shadows. In front of you is a big rectangular area, with a water pool in the middle. A Thief Bowman (Hard and Expert Difficulty only) and a Thief Guard patrol the area. Note their patrol path. Pick a vial of Healing Potion from the belt of the Thief Guard, and knock both down when they provide the opportunity.

When they are down, look around. The pool has nothing inside, and leads nowhere. On the West side of the rectangular area is a corridor going down towards the West. That is the Gate 13 area and we will save that for our return trip.

Go to the North East corner of the rectangular area to find a door. Enter a narrow tunnel leading to another door. Save game, open and enter carefully.

North Basement — South rooms

Subsection objective: clean out the South part of North Basement to proceed further North.

Here is the Southern half of the North Basement of the Guild. The map is useless here because it shows nothing except your location relative to other areas: the rectangular area of the Middle Sewer is on your West, and a separate part of the North Quarters is on your North. Beyond the door is a short hallway. The hall on your left is unguarded, so leave it till later. A Male Servant is walking in and out of the bedroom on your right. Wait till he turns and run up to knock him.

At times the servant refuses to enter the bedroom. In that case, you need to get inside the bedroom, douse the fire and the torch in the next room, and ambush him there. When he is down, go to the hall in the North (the hall on your left when you arrive at this area) to find two Foot Lockers. The first one (on the West) is empty, the other one has two Moss Arrows. The barred door behind the second Foot Locker is inacessible.

Go back to the bedroom to grab the Land Mine on the floor (near the foot of the bed), if you can figure out what to use a Land Mine on. Leave via the other doorway to a bigger room with a fire place (and a fire inside if you have not doused it). Enter the doorway on your right to another bedroom. Go to the (North) end, turn around and look. There is something glittering on top of the shelf on the South wall. Walk towards it, jump and grab the Gold Goblet (25;0;0).

Leave the bedroom and back to the big room. The big room is empty, carefully leave via the only doorway you haven’t passed through before. The room you arrive at is also empty, but has a corridor on your right. Save game and peek into the corridor. Two Thief Guards are inside. When you get close enough, they start talking about the burglary at Lord Bafford’s Manor.

After their discussion, they walk away from you. On the other end of the corridor is a big cave with two doors. Each of the two guards will enter one of the doors. When their footsteps are away, get inside the big cave and hide in shadows (there are ample of it).

Only one of the guards will come back, via the door on the East wall. So wait for him and knock him down when he walks across the cave back to the corridor. Ignore the door he uses (we will be there on our return trip) and go North to find the other door on the West wall. Enter and after a short bending tunnel arrives at another door. Save game and open it.

North Quarters

Subsection objective: clean out the North part of North Basement to access the Upper Sewer.

The guard who talked about Lord Bafford is patroling in the area in front of the door. Yet he has a rather long patrol path. When he is away, get out and find a good shadow on your right. However note that the wall on the right has holes so move carefully. Knock him down when he comes back.

Move North along the only hallway, dousing all torches there. Find a door on the West (there are two and neither is very visible, find the one nearer you) and open it. A Thief Guard is patroling inside this room. The room is well lit and the guard difficult to handle. Note his patrol path, and I suggest a Moss Arrow on the floor (and a saved game). Knock him down and explore.

The South section of the room is empty. Go North are there are two Foot Lockers to pick: the left one gives you a Silver Nugget (50;0;0) and the right one a Land Mine. Also find a rock plaque on the wall displaying the Creed of the Guild. On the far (North) end of the room is another door (in the dark shadows), but it is too dangerous to enter. Leave via the South door back to the hallway.

Crouch and move North along the hallway. At the North end, a waist high section of the wall is actually a secret door. Slide it open and watch the Thief Bowman behind. He is walking to and fro around a pillar on your front-right. Save game and knock him down when he turns his back towards you.

In the area behind the secret door are doors on both sides of you. The left door goes back to the previous room (with the Creed of the Guild). Open the right door carefully, consider first dousing the torch near the door.

The Female Thief in this room is rather difficult to handle. She will be somewhat aroused not matter how careful you are. Wait for her to quiet down and crawl inside the room. Stick to the left side and move slowly. Sneak behind her, pick her Purse (30;0;0) and knock her down. Turn around: behind her are two Chests on the floor. Pick the left one for a vial of Healing Potion, and pick the right one for a Flash Bomb.

The North Basement is empty of guards now, so move freely. Get back to the hallway via the secret door. Follow the passage East and then turn and turn and downstairs to the sewer.

Upper Sewer

Subsection objective: Find your way through Upper Sewer to enter the Reuben’s Mansion Maintenance Area.

You just arrived at the Upper Sewer Gate 66. Upper Sewer is not “higher” than the Middle or Lower Sewer. Upper Sewer is on the North, connecting to Reuben’s Mansion; Lower Sewer on the South, connecting to Donal’s Mansion; Middle Sewer in between, connecting the two basements (North Basement and South Basement) of the Guild.

Go East and you soon arrive at a T-junction. The sewer tunnels on the right goes back to the North Basement (to the big cave via the door we have not yet explored). So continue forward (East) and after a left turn, arrive at another T-junction. Take the left (West) branch first, we will soon be back to continue going North.

The left branch turns right and up a slope. Listen carefully and mantle up. Here is the southmost part of the Reuben’s Mansion Mainentance Area. A Female Servant is wandering around, so hide in shadows and wait for her. Knock her down when she comes back.

In the center of the center is a big hole leading to some caves and tunnels. Do not drop down there. Leave via the way you came and back to the T-junction.

Turn left to continue North and at the end is a big round metal gate on your left. Open and get inside.

Reuben’s Mansion


Locate the Lord Randall’s Bracelet, and find your way into the mansion. Clean the building floor by floor, starting from the Basement. On First Floor, there are several ways to cover the floor, but I am doing it counter clockwise, making use of a secret path on the South of the starting room. Also, there are two ways to ascend to Second Floor, and I will use the secret path because the path starts at the end of my counter clockwise trip on First Floor.

Maintenance Area

Subsection objective: get the Lord Randall’s Bracelet and find your way into the Reuben’s Mansion.

The mansion has a maintenance area connected to the sewer. Carefully move up the ramp on your right. Stay crouched in shadows and locate the guard.

A Thief Guard is patroling the corridor on your left. He comes from the North along the Reuben’s Mansion Mainentance Corridor, turn West into a door you can see, come back out and go back to the North. Next time when he enters the door, start moving. Go North like he does, and turn right up a ramp. Near the top of the ramp (stay on the ramp, not the walkway it leads to), press yourself to one side and stay crouched. The patroling guard will also come up this ramp from the Mainentance Corridor below. However, if you hide well, he will not notice you, and you can knock him when he is going down the ramp. Take him down to the gate connecting to the sewer.

Come back to the top of the ramp (the upper ramp, where you just ambushed the guard). You can see a stationary Thief Bowman on your far left, and a wandering Thief Guard patroling a rectangular walkway. When the guards are not watching, douse the two torches near the Thief Bowman, making the area a bit more comfortable. Sneak to the shadows on your right, and wait for the Thief Guard to walk near you. Knock him when the other guard is not looking your way. When he is down, save game and move carefully towards the Thief Bowman. It is not dark enough, but if you stick to the wall and crawl slowly, you can sneak behind him to knock him down.

Behind the Thief Bowman is an unpickable door and a Poster Scroll you should read. So you know Thom is an important man under Reuben. Let’s go to his room.

Go back down the ramp to the Mainentance Corridor. Turn right and at the North end find a door on your left. Open the door and knock down the Merchant inside. Go to the table and read the Poster Scroll. Reuben’s threatening letter tells you one important thing: Thom has the House Key to Reuben’s Mansion. You had better find out where he keeps it!

If playing Normal or Hard Difficulty, the House Key is inside the Money Box on the table, for experts, you have to look elsewhere. Under the table, take the Stack of Gold Coins (25;0;0). Search around this room and see whether you can find both the House Key and the Lord Randall’s Bracelet (50;0;25). If you really cannot find them, click here to see their hiding place.

At the Expert Difficulty, the House Key is kept on the shelf on the East wall.

Walk around the fire pit and examine closely. On the West side of it, you can find a secret panel revealing the Lord Randall’s Bracelet, which is surprisingly inexpensive.

Save game and leave Thom’s room via the other door. For Hard and Expert Difficulty, a Thief Guard is standing right behind the door. Knock him down.

Behind the door is the Maintenance Room. Nobody else is here, so wander around for a visit. The other door goes back to the corridor (the one the Thief Guard uses). Go South and arrive at a familiar area. With an unconscious Female Servant and a hole in the center of the room.

This time, drop into the hole. There is no way to get back, so follow the only tunnel to go to a large pit. Climb up the ladder to find out where you are. If the guards had been around, it would have been impossible to climb this ladder undetected.


Subsection objective: find the stairs to access First Floor.

Use the House Key on the door to the Reuben’s Mansion. Get in the dark room, and peek through the other door to the hall ahead. Two Servants are patroling this floor. Although there is a lamp lighting the hall, dousing the torch on your right helps. When it is safe, sneak out and knock down a servant. Bring his body in your dark room and wait for the other.

The hall is empty. Leave via the North to a hallway running East/West and turn right. Move to the room with the fire, and it is again empty. If you are interested, pick the locked door on the South East corner of this room to find out what is behind. Go back to the hallway and go West. On your left is another empty hall adjacent to the first hall you saw. On your right is a doorway to a larger area.

The prison cells are largely empty, except for the noisy Spider on the second cell on your left. If you so wish, you can open its gate (the switch is just next to its cell) and have fun with it. This Spider is one of the few non-human AI you have in the mission, so for Experts it is one of the rare targets for your Land Mines and Broadhead Arrows. Go through the doorway on the far (North) end and turn left to the (West) end of the cell to get a Land Mine on the floor.

Open the door facing the Spider cell to access the stairs. Climb up.

First Floor

Subsection objective: loot the nearby cells and find a secret path going South to the Reuben 1/F Sitting Room.

You start at a comfortably dark room. Douse the fire on your left to make it even darker. Two Thief Guards patrol into this room (from the doorway on the North) from time to time. Knock both down and explore the nearby area. Go West and find two cells. Near the end of the cell on the left (South), find a Stack of Copper Coins (5;0;0) (since it is very dark, you really have to find it). Near the end of the other cell, find a Gold Goblet (25;0;0), also on the floor.

Get back to the initial room and examine the fire place. What! You haven’t yet done so? Open the secret panel and douse the fire on the other side. Move into the Reuben 1/F Sitting Room and hide in the shadows.

There is a door on the East, next to it a double door on the South. Open the double door. Two Thief Guards enters by the East door and leave via the double door. And one of them has a vial of Healing Potion to pick. Wait for them to enter, and knock the second one. Wait for the first one to come back and knock him down as well. Don’t forget picking the Healing Potion before you knock.

First Floor — East

Subsection objective: loot the East side of the floor, and go to the West via a courtyard outside the building.

After both are down, leave via the double door. Ignore the ramp on your right, we will get upstairs via another way. Past the ramp is a dining table on your right. Grab the Gold Candlestick (50;0;0) at the centre of the table (the other two are regular candles).

Enter the door closest to the dining table. Go forward and the kitchen is ahead, with a Female Servant there. Sneak up and knock her down. There is nothing useful in the kitchen, so leave via the door on the other side to a corridor going North. At the end of the corridor, you find a hall on your left. The tile floor is noisy, and you must move quietly so that you do not arouse the guards upstairs.

Take the Gold Candlestick (50;0;0) on the table at the West wall. Turn around and enter the door in front of you (on the East side of the hall). To see what is behind the door on the South, join the Reuben 1/F East Short Excursion.

Leave the hall (where you got the Gold Candlestickvia the door on the South. Pass through the short corridor and leave via the other door. At the end of the hallway is the Reuben 1/F Sitting Room and on the left of it the dining table with candlesticks.

On this hallway, there is a door on your right we haven’t tried before. Open it. It leads to an external area. There are three doors opening to this area. We will soon come here again via the door on the right, and pass this area to enter the mansion again through the door on the left. For now, get back to the main route.

At your far right hand (South East) corner, get a Bottle of Fine Wine (0;0;50) and two Purple Goblets (0;0;10) (note that while Looking Glass Studios called it purple, it looks more like gold and black; reader RampagingKestrel told me the black is actually a purple, with the color of red wine). Take the Indigo Vase (0;0;25) on the other table (at North East corner). Leave via the other (North) door into the Bathroom. Jump into the bath tub to find a Water Arrow under water. Leave the bathroom via the other (West) door.

From beneath the table on your right, get a Land Mine. On the South wall is a door going back to the hall with noisy tile. Move to the other (West) door, and get another Land Mine from the shelf next to it. Open the door and get outside. There are three doors opening to this external area. We have seen the door on the left during our previous excursion. Go to the door on your right, which opens towards the North, and get inside.

First Floor — West

Subsection objective: loot the remaining parts of the floor and find the secret passage to go upstairs.

Leave this empty room by the door on the opposite corner. In the second room, gnore the door on your left and enter the doorway in front of you. In the third room, ignore the door on your right and go towards the doorway on your left. Be careful now, a Thief Bowman is patroling nearby.

From the doorway, douse the torch on the opposite wall. When the Bowman is not around, sneak out and douse the torch just outside the doorway. Now this area is dark enough. The Bowman is walking East and West along a path on your North. Wait for him to go East near you, and knock him down.

Go through the doorway on the South (between the two torches you doused) to a large room with beds on the right and bookcases on the left. For a quick excursion, leave via the doorway on the South side of this large room, and pass through the empty corridor to find out what is on the other side. Back at the large room, there is one more doorway on the North. It leads to a kitchen with a Female Servant inside. Crawl slowly towards her and knock down the last human on this floor.

Turn around and find a Water Arrow an the South wall. Leave via the doorway on the North to a hallway going left and right.

There are two doors in front of you, one on the left and one on the right. Pick both and enter the two rooms. The left room has a Fire Arrow and a Gemstone (0;80;0). The right room has two Water Arrows. Things are placed high on the shelves: you either jump or use the wooden boxes to locate and access them.

Back to the hallway and go East to the hall where you knocked the Thief Bowman. Enter the first door on your left. Get right and go through another door into the inner room. Under the table, get a Tiara (35;25;0) from the Money Box. Leave the rooms back to the hall and continue East.

Enter the door in front of you. On your left, pick the Foot Locker to get a Stack of Silver Coins (12;0;0). Turn around and go to the South. Near the far door, get two Stack of Copper Coins (5;0;0), one on each table.

Pass through the door into the washroom. Leave via the other door into a room you have been before. Leave via the doorway ahead back to the hall with two extinguished torches. Turn left and go through the doorway back to the large room with beds and bookcases.

Examine the bookcase. Like the one in the Library of Ramirez, pressing one of the books opens a secret door on your right. Enter and take the stone stairs quietly up to 2/F.

Second Floor — West

Subsection objective: loot the West side of the floor.

There are two sleeping Thief Guards (only one when playing Normal or Hard Difficulty) in this room, so crawl very quietly. Pick the Foot Locker on your right to get a Flash Bomb. Go further West and find a Land Mine on the floor at the other side of the bed. Go pick the Foot Locker at the West wall to get a vial of Healing Potion. Leave via the door on the South into the Library.

On your right, you see a ramp going down. It is the ramp we ignored earlier, leading to the area between the Reuben 1/F Sitting Room and the dining table. On the bookshelf in front of you, find and read a Papyrus telling you where the Safe Key is. Incidentally, it also mentions that Lord Reuben intends to meet Lady Vallerius for information on Lord B. You will meet both Lady V. and Lord B. in a later mission. But by then, her name spells with a single “l” instead.

The Library has a double door at the East wall. However, the corridor outside is too exposed, so leave via the door you entered, back to the two sleeping guards. This time, save your game, open the door on your immediate right and get into the Reuben U-shaped Corridor. You find that while both this door and the double doors of the Library opens to the same corridor, it is much darker here.

A Thief Bowman is patroling the Reuben U-shaped Corridor. Look down and identify which room is below. Two more Thief Guards [only one if playing Normal Difficulty] are patroling the East side (you can see them from time to time on the other branch of the Reuben U-shaped Corridor). When the Bowman gets near you, lean to pick his vial of Healing Potion. Note his turning point and shoot a Moss Arrow between the point and your hiding place. Stay in the shadow, and when he turns, run up to knock him down if the two other guards are not watching.

Second Floor — East

Subsection objective: handle the two patroling guards.

Now the tricky part, save your game first. There are few shadows anywhere, but none of them is too useful. The two guards may stay close together, or they may be separated apart. Note their patrol path: they arrive at a door on the North East, and leave via the hallway on the North. They will enter a double door on the left side at the far end of the hallway. Then they come back out and enter a door on the other side of the hallway. Finally they reappear at the door on your North East.

You aim is to get into the hallway. Your path is exposed during a short period after either of them leaves the door on your North East. If they walk together, it will be easier. Just wait till they enter the hallway, when you can move forward quietly to the hallway. When you get there, they should have entered the double doors so the hallway is clear. If they walk separately, then time them well. Make sure both of them do not spot you when you are rushing into the hallway.

Once into the hallway, take the first left branch. It is a side corridor where you can overlook the hall below (recognize where it is?). While it does not look dark enough, the two guards do not look into this corridor.

Save your game again, keep it until I tell you why you need this saved game. So you crouch at the corridor junction (stick to the right side) and wait for them to walk from your right to your left. Grab a silver key from each guard. In version 1.1 of this walkthrough, I told you to go ahead and knock them down. Reader Leslie McBay led me to an interesting idea. Just sit and wait. Do you notice something happened? They entered the double doors at the end of the hallway, and will never come back out!

Now do a quick save and move to the end of the hallway. Enter the double doors and see for yourself what happened. Behind the doors is a mini casino with two more doors. The two guards are standing there for your knocking, as long as you move quietly enough. After they fall down, save game and examine the two doors. Both are locked by the silver key you picked from them. See what happened to the guards?

Normally, the two guards enter the mini casino, and enter the door on the right. Then they come back via the door on the left. Guards always unlock and lock doors automatically if they have the key (having a key does not imply you can pick it, but these two happen to be pickable). Now that you have picked their key, they can’t enter the room, and just stand there! You can do some experiments with the game saved before picking their keys (that’s why I told you to keep that saved game). If you just pick from one of them, he stops but the other guard will continue patrolling. If you go to unlock the two doors, you will find out that the guard will always lock a door back when he closes it. Finally, you can get inside the doors and hide in a dark place, wait for him to come and go (and lock back the doors), and then wait for him to come again. When he comes again, pick his key when he is still inside. Then he will stay inside, not being able to come back out. Or you can try to pick his key before the door (through which he enters) closes and locks, in which case he turns around and leave through the (not yet locked) door. Or you can open just the left door and then pick his key. He will then enter and leave from the left. Lots of variations you can play with them, as long as you have a game saved before picking both keys. When you have played enough, you can overwrite that saved game when you need to.

When both guards are down, congratulations! You have secured the whole floor (except the two sleepers, that is).

Second Floor — free to roam

Subsection objective: loot the rest of the floor and get the Safe Key.

If you are inside the Master Bedroom, get back out to the mini casino. Otherwise, enter the double doros at the East end of the hallway and arrive at the mini casino.

This time, the roulette wheel does nothing. Walk past it and at the far (East) wall, find two Gold Goblets (25;0;0). Turn left and find two doors facing the mini casino.

Use either of the silver keys you got from the two patroling guards to open the door on the right. Sometimes the doors are unlocked. It depends on when you knocked down the guards. If they are inside the mini casino, they might have unlocked the doors for you and you can just open the doors directly.

The right door leads to the bathroom. On the left corner of the pool find a Bottle of Fine Wine (0;0;50). Leave the bathroom via the other door into the Reuben’s Master Bedroom.

Among the dark area on your right, find a silver key under a table. It is the third key to unlock his bedroom (so you don’t really need it). On the other side of the Master Bedroom is the bed. On each side of the bed is a table.

From the table on the right (at the North West corner), read the Purple Book (I didn’t include the content here because it is not that useful) and get the Healing Potion next to it. For Experts, the other table is useless (with an emtpy Money Box). Players of Normal and Hard Difficulties should however go to the other table and read the Poster Scroll telling you how important the Safe Key is. Open the Money Box on the table and find the Safe Key. For Experts, these two items are placed elsewhere.

Turn left (South) and study the wall. There is a hidden panel that you can slide open. Inside, find a Gold Nugget (60;0;0) and a Silver Nugget (25;0;0). When playing Expert Difficutly, the Poster Scroll and another Money Box (this one with the Safe Key) are placed here.

Leave the Master Bedroom and the mini casino, back to the hallway. There are two doors on the other side of the hallway, leading to two connected rooms. Enter the door closer to you (the one on the left). On the far end of the room, get a Purple Goblet (0;0;15). Leave via the other door into the second room. On a table on your right, find a Green Vase (0;0;25). There are two other doors in this room. The one on the right goes back to the hallway. Leave via the one in front (West) back to the Reuben U-shaped Corridor.


Subsection objective: leave the mansion and go back to the sewer.

Now that we are finished with the mansion, we are getting back to loot the Guild. Walk along the Reuben U-shaped Corridor and enter the double doors on the other side. In the Library, go down the ramp and turn left into Reuben 1/F Sitting Room. Crawl through the fire place and descend back down to the basement. Leave the way you came back to the Maintenance Area, and then to the Upper Sewer.

Moving back to the Guild


Go back South and visit all the places we skipped on the forward journey.

North Basement

Subsection objective: visit the last room of North Basement on your way back.

You should be entering the Upper Sewer via the round door, turn right and go South. But you can also drop down there via the Maintenance Room (where you hit a maid long ago), go South, turn left and then turn right to continue go South. In either case, after a right turn you arrive at a T-junction. If you continue to go forward, you will go back to Gate 66, up to North Quarters. Instead, turn left to go further South. After a few turns, you arrive at another big round door you can open. Go through and go all the way up.

Open the door and you enter a wide room full of shelves. It is a room in North Basement, and there is no more guards nearby. Immediately on your left side, look hard to find a Necklace (25;25;0) on the shelf. You can walk around and find lots of useless items on many shelves. Go North and find a Gold Candle Stick (50;0;0) on the last shelf. Leave via the other door back to North Basement.

Go West and leave North Basement via the wooden door. Through a winding tunnel to another door, and you are back to the Upper Level of Middle Sewer.

Middle Sewer

Subsection objective: visit Gate 13 on you way back through Middle Sewer.

Now you are back at the big rectangular path around a pool. Go to the West side and find a corridor going down to the Gate 13 on the West. This part can be considered a big excursion, because there are not much to collect. And it is not easy. But that’s why you should give it a visit!

Move quietly down the corridor and enter the first room on your right. Inside are levers for Gates 12-14, flip all down (I don’t remember which are useful). Leave the room and continue quietly down (West). Now that three gates are open the guards can hear you easily.

Turn into the doorway on your left. From the small dark room, turn right, save game and crawl up the ramp carefully. Hide carefully in shadows, and locate the wandering Thief Bowman. When he gets close, knock him down and bring him to the dark room below. Crawl back to the top of the ramp.

Move carefully around to locate another Thief Bowman on your right. He is stantioned at a post lower than your level, but still above the ground. Also locate two torches in front of him and two behind him. Carefully douse them all. Crawl along the walkway towards him. Many areas are rather bright even with torches out. So move slowly and hide behind pillars when available.

When you arrive at the walkway behind him, get two Water Arrows near the (extinguished) torch. Do a quick save and crawl quietly down the ramp towards him. Knock him down and take him up to the walkway (I don’t like to see him suspended in mid air). Explore the area around his guard post if you wish, but there is nothing. On the walkway and go to the North West corner. There is a door there, but you cannot open it. Read the the Poster Scroll next to the door. So you know Magrin is the head man of Donal. Probably he has a way to enter the House. Similar to Reuben’s Mansion, Donal’s is called Donal’s Mansion on the map, but is called Donal’s House on this poster. I will also stick with the more visible name on the map.

Move quietly back to the ramp at the opposite corner and descend back to the small dark room. Turn left back to the corridor and turn left to continue go down (West). Save game and move carefully through the two round doors, because one final Thief Guard is standing ahead (in Expert Difficulty only). While the area is bright, you can crawl slowly behind him without dousing the torches. Knock him down and go to the dark area on the North East (under the guard post of the Bowman above). Find a Rope Arrow on the ground. Go back to the rectangular pool.

At the South West corner of the rectangular area, go down the ramp to the Lower Level of Middle Sewer. At the bottom of the ramp, turn right. You have already visited the rooms nearby, so cross the room and find a long corridor going South.

Lower Sewer

Subsection objective: loot the rooms on the North part of Lower Sewer and find an entrance to the Guild.

On the South end of the corridor is the Lower Sewer. Move quietly because a maid is wandering in the room ahead. When you can locate the maid, stick to the wall of the corridor and stay crouched. It is very unlikely she can notice you. Wait till she leaves the room. Get into the room and hide at shadows on your left. Wait for her to come back and knock her down. If she doesn’t come back (she can easy get stuck), move West to the base of the ramp where there are plenty more shadows. From there you can locate the maid and see what happened to her (and whether you need to walk up to her for a knock).

From this room, you can go East, West, South (and of course North also, going back to the Middle Sewer). The ramp towards the South (like the maid) goes up to the Guild. We will go there after looking at the two rooms on the side.

Go West into a big room. Behind the pillar near the entrance is a torch. If you douse that torch, the room will become very dark, and poses more danger to yourself. So do not. There is a hole in the center. Do not fall into it. The bottom of the hole is noisy metal and you need a nearby box to help you mantle back out.

Locate the Thief Guard (with the torch out, I nearly think the room is empty). He is near the far end of the room, but he is quiet and not very visible. Since he is facing the wall, just walk quietly up to him. Knock him down if you wish, but remember to take the Purse (20;0;0) on the floor near him. Leave the room and go East, cross the next room to a room with noisy machines.

Before visiting the machine, go to the South East part of the room and note a small dark ramp going East, blocked by a gate. Go to the machine on the East side (the 37/38 machine). On the machine are six levers, turn all down (one is already down, and only four of the five are useful). Go back to the dark ramp, and find that you have lighted it up and lifted the blocking gate. Go down the ramp and on the other side, find Two Stacks of Silver Coins (10;0;0) and a Fire Arrow.

Go back West to the room you hit the maid, and notice on your left that a big round door labeled 38 has been opened. That goes to the Southern part of Lower Sewer, and we will explore it after visiting the Guild. Continue forward (West) to the short corridor and turn left (South) up to the top of the ramp.



Get inside the Guild and loot the whole South Basement. Leave the Guild for the Donal’s Mansion.

From the Sewer

Subsection objective: enter the central part of the Guild from the Lower Sewer.

It is not too dark, but good enough. Turn left and look forward. In front of you is a big hall with a large rectangular hole occupying nearly the whole area. A brick wall divides the hole into two, with a torch on each side of the wall. Down the hole is the Lower Sewer, right behind the big round door you saw earlier below (next to the ramp you jump climbed up here). Look straight ahead and on the other side you see a short tunnel. Wait till you see a Thief Bowman walk across (from right to left). Time to move.

The Thief Bowman is patroling nearly the whole West side of the Guild. Now that he has past the spot in front, it will take him a long time to come back. Move straight forward (nobody other than the maid you have knocked down ever enters this hall) into the short tunnel ahead. In the tunnel, you find a T-junction with a branch going to the right, leading to a sleeper. Ignore that for now, and go straight ahead into a hall with red carpet. In front of you are two pillars: hide in the shadow of the pillar on the left. Turn around and press your back against the pillar.

Let’s study the map. It does not show a lot of details, but is not bad. First there is a rectangle marked Overlord’s Fancy. It is the casino, now one level above us. You see a tunnel connecting from the casino to the central part of the Guild. From there, it has an attachment on the South East, which I called the East Side.

Note that South Basement refer to the whole area here, together with the North Basement (that we visited on our way to Reuben’s Mansion), they belonged to the Guild. There are three rooms on the South, which I called the South Side. On the West is a semicircular hall connecting to Donal’s House via Lower Sewer. Then there are two more rooms on the map. An L-shaped one on the North (North Rooms) and a rectangular one in the middle. We started at that rectangular room (with a rectangule hole) and proceeded East via a short tunnel not shown, to the central part of the Guild. On the map is also a long corridor going North to the Middle Sewer. It is one level below us, the corridor is the one connecting Middle Sewer Lower Level and the North part of Lower Sewer.

So much about the map. When you passed through the short tunnel, a Male Thief and a Thief Guard started talking. Listen, they are talking about the Safe Key and the Vase. After they finished, the Thief Guard will start patroling the East (you will not see him till later). The Male Thief patrols the West, and will soon appear on your right. After he disappeared, the Thief Bowman who has always been patroling the West is about time to come back. The Thief Bowman will emerge from the short tunnel you used, so keep you eye there. When he walks in front of you, knock him down and hide him in the shadow near the wall. Wait for the Male Thief to come back, pick his Purse (25;0;0) and knock him down.

Guarded Door

Subsection objective: visit the Guarded Entrance from inside the Guild.

Now turn around. From the shadow of your pillar, look South East and see a doorway opening towards the South. The Thief Guard who talked with the Male Thief earlier will enter that doorway regularly. Wait for him to go South through that doorway, and start moving.

Move North, leaving the carpet, to a hallway running East West. Turn right and proceed to the next hall, with a fire buring on the right. There is a tunnel opening on your left, enter it. Go up quietly and save game.

In front of you is the “Guarded Door to Guild”, and on the other side of the door is the Overlord’s Fancy (the Casino under the Restaurant). It is not necessary to come here, and if you have not knocked down the Male Servant outside the Guarded Door, he will see you crawl behind the guards. If you are ready to pick the pockets, crouch and open the door using a Casino Key. Behind the door is a matel gate. Open it.

It is OK even if the Maid is out there. Move quietly forward, lean and pick the Casino Key from the Thief Guard on your left. For Hard and Expert Difficulties, you have also a Thief Bowman on your right. Crawl along the wall to get near him. Lean forward to pick his Casino Key. Crawl quietly back to the tunnel and close the door.

East Side

Subsection objective: loot the East part of the South Basement.

Walk down the tunnel and at the end, hide on the right side, which is darker. Locate the wandering Thief Guard. When he is away, re-enter the hallway and turn left to continue East. After some small bends, you arrive at a dark corner where you can peek into a room with a fire place. Wait at that corner, and when the Thief Guard comes to you, pick his Casino Key and Blackjack him.

A Thief Guard patroling between this room (the two pillars in front of the fire place) and the next. Shoot a Moss Arrow between you and the far pillar. When the Thief Guard start walking away from you, run on the moss to catch up with him. Pick his vial of Healing Potion and knock him down.

In Hard Difficulty, you have an additional Thief Guard standing in front of the fire, and he has nothing to pick from. Since he is just gazing the fire, simply go and knock him down. This is the first time I find more AIs (at a particular spot) in Hard Difficulty than Expert. Perhaps he is meant to be a hint (see next paragraph) for you.

Study the fire place, note anything? Open the secret door (no need to douse the fire) and get a Gold Goblet (50;0;0). Leave the room and go South to the next. In the next room, locate the Merchant on your left. He is concentrating on the fire so walk quietly behind him. Pick his Purse (100;0;0) and knock him down.

On your right, get two Water Arrows from the Foot Looker. Further right, take the Stack of Sliver Coins (15;0;0) on the table. Finally, go beyond the table to the far right, take the Purple Goblet (0;0;15) and the Purple Vase (0;0;20) from the shelf at the wall.

Turn around and go to the shelf facing the fire place (the one in this room, not the fire place with the secret door). Read the Papyrus showing you how to get inside Donal’s House (Magrin works for Donal like Thom works for Reuben).

Leave the room, back to the previous room with two pillars. Leave that room via a dark exit on the left (at the South West, not the one you used to enter this room).

Go West and you arrive back at the hall with a fire burning. Go to the fire and pick up a Silver Nugget (25;0;0). Turn around and take the Speed Potion on the shelf. Go South and find the doorway there (earlier, you have seen a Thief Guard enter that doorway from a pillar in the next hall). Peek through the doorway: from time to time, another Thief Guard enters this hall from another doorway ahead. When he has left, get inside.

South Side

Subsection objective: loot the South part of the South Basement.

You are in the right side of the hall, which is higher than the left side. Two ramps go down to the left side, but ignore them for now. Stick to the wall on your right, and move forward towards the doorway. Do not stay too close to the doorway, or the Thief Guard will see you even though your crystal says it is dark enough. Wait for the Thief Guard to enter and pick his Purse (25;0;0). When he leaves, follow him (walk, not run) and knock him down.

If you want to, go back to the hall and down the ramps to have a look. There is a round metal door leading to tunnels of the Lower Sewer. The door is opened when you flip the switches at the 37/38 machine. Do not enter the tunnel, go back up the ramp and leave via the doorway on the South (the one you followed to hit the Thief Guard).

It is bright, but OK. Walk carefully and do not wake up the sleeper in the room on your right. Bypass the sleeper room (we will get inside just before we leave the Guild) and go forward through a doorway to another corridor, still going West. Douse the torch on your left (not really necessary, but make it easier to enter the next room). There is a doorway opposite the torch, and inside is a Female Thief patroling in a room with a fire. Move near the doorway, lean and douse the fire.

Locate the Female Thief. And the Foot Locker (it is more difficult to find it when it gets darker). When she walks to the left, sneak inside the room. Wait for her to come back, and knock her down. Locate the Foot Locker (opposite the doorway) and get the two Moss Arrows inside.

Leave the room the way you entered, back to the corridor. Turn right to continue West into an empty room. You may have heard spider noises, but they are in the Lower Sewer beneath us. In the emtpy room, locate a metal grating on the floor. Look down and see what’s beneath. When we are there, remember to get them.

If you are fortunate, a Sewer Spider (those small grey ones) may wander beneath the grating, and you can shoot it from here. If not, don’t bother to wait for it. Leave the room and go back to where you hit the Female Thief.

West Side

Subsection objective: loot the West part of the South Basement.

Leave the room via the other doorway on your left (near the lamp). After a right bend, the tunnel ends in a large hall. The hall has a tunnel going left to the Lower Sewer, but you will arouse the two guards there. Therefore, keep to the wall on your right and move slowly North.

After you have crossed the exit on the left, you will soon find a metal grating on the floor on your left. You can open it and look, but it is too narrow for you to fall through it to the Lower Sewer below. Leave via the tunnel on the North, and after a right bend, you arrive at a small room. The small room is joint via two doorways to a bigger room on your right. These two rooms form the L-shaped room you found on the North West part of the map of the Guild.

From inside the small room, go to the shelf on your right to collect lots of things. On the upper level, get a Noisemaker Arrow and a Fire Arrow. On the lower level, get two Water Arrows and a Broadhead Arrow. The designer placed four Broadhead Arrows here, but three of them are always lost long before you arrive. Read the Unrolled Scroll showing the relationship between Donal and Reuben.

Leave the small room via the far doorway (the one on East) to the large room. At the doorway, look down to find a Purple Goblet (0;0;15). Turn right, and near the middle of the wall (standing behind the shelf of the small room), find another Purple Goblet (0;0;15) on the ground. Turn around. Notice that there is a doorway at the South West corner. Go there and have a look, it leads to the rectangular room with a big rectangular hole looking down to Lower Sewer.


Subsection objective: go back to the Lower Sewer.

Ignore that doorway and leave the large room via a third doorway on the East. After two bends in darkness, you arrive back at the hall with red carpet. Go to the opposite (South) wall and study the tapestry hanging there. Cut it with your Sword and find behind it a vial of Healing Potion and a Gemstone (0;25;0). Turn around and find a Broadhead Arrow on the carpet. Like the previous room, the designers placed four Broadhead Arrows here, but three keep disappearing.

Leave the red carpet hall by the doorway on the West into the short tunnel you used when you arrived here the first time. At the T-junction, turn left. Walk quietly and do not wake up the sleeper ahead.

Just before you enter the room with the sleeper, turn right and examine the tunnel wall. Find two Stacks of Copper Coins (5;0;0) in a small niche (at your height of your knee). Without entering the room, lean and open the Foot Locker to get three Moss Arrows. There is nothing in the room. If you want to go in for a look, do it quietly.

Go back to the T-junction in the short tunnel, and turn left back to the rectangular room with a big rectangular hole. Climb down the ladder to Lower Sewer.

Moving to Donal’s Mansion


With the Safe Key, pass through Lower Sewer to locate Magrin’s arch. Find and open the back door at Gate 47.

Lower Sewer Tunnels

Subsection objective: past through the tunnels.

Listen carefully, because a Sewer Spider is ahead, though I haven’t seen it advanced to the rooms here. Have a look outside the big round metal door on your right to determine where you are. Come back in and go through a doorway on the South.

Once you passed the short short tunnel and arrive at the next room, look down at your feet. A Land Mine is sitting on the ground, but is not easy to make out. Take it and leave via the other doorway at the opposite corner.

Now you start to have good chance of running into the Sewer Spider. There are two Sewer Spiders in the tunnels, and for some reason, one of them always kill the other. Move forward to the junction and go for a short tunnel excursion,

Turn left to go East and soon arrive at the end. The big round metal door is open (again by the 37/38 switches), get out. Climb ramp on either side to find out where you are. Go back to the junction.

At the junction go West. Listen carefully, and shoot down the Sewer Spider when you can locate it. At the fork ahead, take the left one. It soon ends at a cave you have seen from above. Take the Water Arrow and the Gemstone (0;50;0). Go back to the fork and take the other branch (now on your left).

At the next turn, pick up the Moss Arrow and the Water Arrow. Go all the way to the end. There is another big round metal door on your right. This time it is closed. Just open it like a normal door.

Pool Area

Subsection objective: find Magrin’s arch.

Behind the door is an empty room. Move across it and leave on the opposite side. Ignore the ladder on your left and turn right. Go all the way to the East where it widens to a dead end. Move to the walls and you trigger the conversation of two guards above. Listen to them.

Go back to the ladder, climb it up to the top and look around. You are in the middle of a pool. There are two buildings connected to here, a dark window on the North East and a bright window on the South East. The two guards are at South East.

Follow the planks to go to the North West corner of the ledge surrounding the pool. Walk along the ledge going South and left turn to the bright window. From the window-sill, take the Moss Arrow, Fire Arrow and Water Arrow. Save your game for a knocking excursion,

A Thief Bowman and a Thief Guard are patroling the structure. From the North West windows of this tower, you can see half of the room. Behind the wall is the other half of the room, connected to your half via a doorway on the South. Since the whole room is brightly lit, you have to wait till the guard leaves your half, sneak into it and be fortunate enough to hit him before he sees you. When the first one is down, it becomes much easier. Hide in shadows and knock down the second one. Enter the wooden door there.

Behind the door is an L-shaped hallway. Go forward and find a blocked metal door (nothing behind). Go the other way and you see some machines through three small windows. That is all you can see here. Go back to the two half rooms.

From the second half room (the half connected to the wooden door), climb out of the window on your right. The floor is metal here, but you can follow the planks. Follow the path and it leads back to the semicircular hall on the West Side of Guild. Go back to the pool.

Back Door 47

Subsection objective: open Back Door 47 and enter.

Drop into water. Swim West, and notice an underwater ridge where you can stand on. From this ridge, you can mantle back to the structure in the center of the pool. Continue swimming West and when near the corner, dive to the bottom to find a Water Arrow under water. Resurface and swim North. Turn right and swim East, leaving the rectangular pool via a tunnel.

Continue to swim and dive along the sewer until you arrive at another pool. And ahead are the machines you saw earlier in the excursion. And on the wall you see the markings 47 and 48.

Mantle to dry land and go to the machine. Flip all switches to the down position. If you have not knocked down the guards in the excursion, they may hear you now. Yet nevermind because they are imprisoned in their rooms and cannot get at you.

There is a door nearby, but it cannot be opened. Swim back to the main pool. Swim back to the underwater ridge and mantle up. Walk along the top of the wall to the North East, where some planks allow you to jump into the dark tower at the North East corner of the pool.

Nobody is here, and nothing to rob. Run around the tower and find another pool inside the building. Drop into the pool and find a ramp going up to the back door 47. Turn left and find a metal gate on your right. Behind it is the Donal’s Mansion.

Donal’s Mansion


Like in the Reuben’s Mansion, explore floor by floor to loot everything. Donal’s Mansion is much smaller than Reuben’s Mansion, and you should have little difficulty getting around. Find the Randall’s Vase and completes the mission by going back to the outside.

Basement East

Subsection objective: visit the East half of the basement in Donal’s Mansion.

Save game, since entrance is not easy. Open the gate and crawl a bit up the ramp. A Thief Guard and a Male Thief will start talking somewhere on your right. Midway on the ramp, turn left and mantle up to the floor. Stay in the shadows, listen to the conversation and study your surroundings.

When the two finished, they start patroling the basement. Fortunately, they walk at different speeds, so eventually they will pass in front of you separately. However, the path in front of you is not under shadows, and a stationary Thief Guard is standing on your far left. Therefore, you need to time the hit and quickly take the body back to your shadows before the stationary guard notices you.

When both patroling guards are down, save game and start travelling. Crawl East (away from the stationary guard). Since he is on a slightly higher level than you, he usually cannot notice your crawling. When you arrive at the corner, turn left and have a rest. There are no more guards on this level, so we can move safely around until we go back to the West side.

You should have noticed a dark tunnel on your East (you would have walked into it had you not turned left at the corner). No point to go there, because it leads to a metal door you cannot yet open. Move North along the corridor. On your left are two cells with metal gates. Both cells are empty.

Open the door on your right. Pick the Foot Locker to get a Land Mine (what do you do with so many Land Mines?). Take the Gold Nugget (50;0;0) in the narrow gap between the bed and the wall. Leave the room.

Turn right to the North East corner of the basement. Nothing here, so turn left to go back to the West.

Basement West

Subsection objective: visit the remaining parts of the basement.

Go West and turn right when you can. At the corner, there are several sand bags. Ignore them. From the sand bags, turn left to continue West. Near the end, you find a stone ramp on your right. After we are finished here, we will climb this to Donal’s Mansion First Floor For now, pick the metal door in front (West) of you.

Enter the room and on the far side there are three Chests. The two on the right are empty. From the Chest on the left (East), get a Speed Potion. Leave the room.

Open the wooden door on your right and enter the dark room. Leave via the other wooden door. Pick the metal door on your right (West). On the far side, again there are two Chests. This time, the one on the left is empty. Get a Necklace (25;25;0) from the other Chest. Leave the room and save game.

Open the wooden door on your right (South) and locate the Thief Guard (on your far left). He is looking through a window down the corridor. Actually you do not need to hit him, but why not? Crawl behind him and knock him down. Give you more freedom when you come back to explore the dark tunnel on the East side.

Go North back to the stone ramp and climb up to First Floor.

First Floor

Subsection objective: visit East half of First Floor.

Move slowly when you are about to enter the Kitchen. The left side is not dark, but provides adequate shelter for you. A Femaile Thief is ahead, more important, a Thief Guard is patroling nearly the whole of First Floor. Wait till the Thief Guard enters the Kitchen from your left (North) and disappear at the far (North East) corner. When he is gone, it will take him quite some time to come back. Your turn to move.

Crawl along the wall on your right up behind the Female Thief. Knock her down and turn around. On the far (East) side of the (South) wall is a Poster Scroll for an important hint as to where the Master Safe is. Turn left and find two Gold Goblet (25;0;0) inside the washing basin. Now hide yourself in the dark area next to the door through which the Thief Guard will enter. Wait for the Thief Guard to come back and knock him down. Nobody else comes here, so don’t bother about the bodies.

Donal’s Mansion is much smaller than Reuben’s, and there are surprisingly few number of guards. There is only one more stationary guard at the other corner.

We are on the South East corner of the building, and are traveling in counter-clockwise direction to explore the floor. Leave the Kitchen via the doorway at the North East into an empty room. Open the door opposite to visit the storage room ahead before continuing our journey to the West. In the storage room, go to the far wall and jump up to grab a Land Mine (again, what do you want to do with Land Mines?). Turn around and go to the shelf now on your left (East) to take the Bronze Key. It opens several metal doors of this building, including the one at the end of the dark tunnel down in the Basement.

Leave the storage room back to the empty room and leave via the door on your right. This hall is empty, so give it a brief look and leave via the other door to the West half of the floor.

First Floor West

Subsection objective: visit the remaining half of First Floor.

In this room, take the Green Vase (0;0;50) on your right. Leave via the door on the West. In the next hall, carefully open the double doors in front of you (on the West). When you try to open one, both doors open towards you. The last guard of the floor is inside, and he is looking away (towards the South). Sneak behind him to pick the Purse (50;0;0) from the belt of the Thief Guard before knocking him down. On your right (West) get the Gold Vase (100;0;0) on the table. Leave via the other double door to a similar hall. Leave via the doorway on the far left.

Here you have a metal door on your right. While not really the streets, you finish the mission by getting outside. Open it with the Bronze Key and have a look (at the end, you do not have much time to look around before the mission completed screen appears). Come back and before you climb the stairs on your right, join the Basement Excursion back down to the dark tunnel we skipped.

Back from the outside, ignore the stairs on your right and continue forward through the arches. Turn right through another arch into a corridor going East. The door on your left opens to the the room where you took a Green Vase. Continue forward and after a bend, you have a wooden door on your right. Open it and have a look at the toilet. Turn around (to West) and find a window on the wall. When you are climbing up to Second Floor, you can see through this window down to this corridor.

Turn around again (face East) and continue the journey. Open the door there, and find yourself back at the Kitchen. Leave via the doorway on your right to go back the stone ramp to Basement.

Turn left 180° and go East down the corridor. If you have not knocked down the last guard here, remember to move quietly. Run past the corner with sand bags and continue East to the far corner. Turn left and go South to the South East corner of Basement, where you find the dark tunnel on your left. Enter it.

It goes down slightly and soon arrives at an unpickable metal door. Open it with the Bronze Key. Recognize what is outside? It is the “no entry” door in the Gate 13 area at Middle Sewer. Restore game or go back to where we started the excursion.

Second Floor

Subsection objective: visit the last Floor.

Climb the stairs next to the metal door leading to the external area. At the first turn, look through the window and you can see part of the corridor leading to the Kitchen. Continue up carefully and stay in the shadows (without leaving the stairs) when you arrive near the top.

You are at an elbox turn of the corridor. Only two Thief Guards are patroling the whole floor. Neither of them has anything to pick. When they arrive from the right and leave by going ahead, they may or may not return very quickly. Therefore, you had better wait for both to go towards the right before moving.

A few steps ahead of you is another patch of darkness. When safe, sneak there and wait for them to approach. When both are down, go East and turn left at the elbox turn. Turn right again to go to the North East extreme of the floor.

Open the door on your left to enter the last room there. On your left is a Green Vase (0;0;25) waiting for you. Get back out, turn right (West) and enter the next door on your right (North). From the table on your left, get another Bronze Key and read the green Printed Ledger. It is a ledge of their recent activities, which includes the Randall job.

On the opposite corner is a grey Printed Ledger showing more of their business. It mentioned funds spent on digging up information about Viktoria. We’ve already read about her in the dossier of Ramirez’s Counting Room (the mission Assassins). We’ll learn more about Viktoria in later missions. The Ledger also mentioned a bribe to Captain Pearsall, who is also mentioned in a Thief 2 mission (Framed). Steve Pearsall one of the Lead Designers of Thief Gold, and also the Project Leader of Thief II.

On the West are two doors leading to two connected rooms. Enter the door on the right (North) to the Bathroom. Near the far left corner, locate a Gold Nugget (100;0;0). Leave via the other door to an empty room.

The door on the left goes back to the room with two tables. So leave via the door facing you to the Banner Room.

Banner Room

Subsection objective: find Randall’s Vase and get away.

Remember what Donal said about this room? I think I don’t need to tell you what to do. On your way, smash every banner you can see with your Sword.

The room coils like the letter “C”. Three doors on the “inside” all goes back to the dark corridor where you ambushed the Thief Guards. Go West and turn left. At the South West corner, the banner on your right (West) is hiding an empty niche. Yet, in Normal Difficulty you find a Flash Bomb inside. The banner facing you (on the South wall of the South West corner) is hiding a Gold Goblet (200;0;0). It is more valuable than any goblets I’ve found. The developers must have run out of time and just lump all the remaining loot value into this last piece of treasure.

Slash the next banner on the left reveals the Master Safe. Unlock it with the Safe Key you got from Reuben’s Master Bedroom. Inside hides the quest object: the Sapphire Vase of Lord Randall (200;300;0). Take it and leave via the door behind you. Turn right and run forward to the stairs. Go downstairs and leave the mansion via the metal door on your right. Once outside, the mission will soon complete.

Total total loot, and total.

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