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Mission 18: Blooper Reel

List loots and picks at Difficulty Level for .

Version History

v1.4(Mar 2003)
  • Now uses a new script so that the pick and loot count now shows in three components (gold;gem;goods) for easier tracking.
  • A total loot/pick is also displayed at the end of the mission.
v1.3(Mar 2001)
v1.2(Jun 2000)
v1.1(May 2000)
  • Adding information about the visiting the city streets.
v1.0(Apr 2000)
  • Initial release.

Before you start

About this walkthrough

This mission uses a version number (starting with 1.0) independent of the main document.

At the time of writing, this is the only walkthrough (of Mission 18) I know of that is available on the internet. Of course, it also ranked first in showing all the loots and explicitely lists all the picks.

At several places, additional information is available as tool tips. Move the mouse on the words looking like these to see them.

Some places are marginally worth visiting. They do not meet objectives, get you any powerups, so it is up to you whether to follow them. I will describe the main route like a regular walkthrough. Then at certain points I will mark excursion routes. At these points, if you want to have a look (and you should), save your game and follow the route. Click the excursion heading in this color and style to expand the route. After the voyage, just reload the game you saved at the Excursion starting point to continue the main route (note that many excursions do not bring you back to the starting point). For those who don’t bother to go (I do not understand why anybody would want to skip the excursions), just ignore the milestone and continue straight on.

Browser Compatibility

The walkthrough is written to make use of the advanced features of IE4 and IE5 browsers. IE4 and IE5 show the same effects, but IE5 rendering much faster.

Since your browser is not compliant with Dynamic HTML Object Model, you have lost lots of things:
  • The hierarchical expansion/contraction does not work and all the sections are visible to you at once.
  • Tool tips showing additional information are not visible.
  • Cumulative loot count cannot be computed.
  • Cumulative pick count is not available.
  • Offline reading is not possible.
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Starting the mission

This is a secret mission. To enjoy the mission (and not to spoil your regular game), you should have at least completed missions 02 (Lord Bafford’s Manor), 03 (Break from Cragscleft Prison), 11 (Return to Cathedral), and 12 (Escape!).

To access the secret mission, you need to edit your dark.cfg in your Thief Gold directory. Open it with a text editor such as notepad, and add the following line to the end:

  starting_mission 16

Run Thief Gold as usual, and start a new game. It starts with Blooper Reel instead of Lord Bafford’s Manor. Remember, you are licensed to kill in all Difficulty Levels.


This mission is a substitute of the Bafford mission (mission 02). The mission briefing sound track is the same as the Bafford mission (nearly made me think I started the wrong mission), but from the video you will be sure you get the right thing.

In case you don’t know (I looked up several dictionaries to find out), blooper means amusing mistakes.

In the mission, you will come across lots of interesting things. I try not to spoil your fun. I will just take you there and let you see for yourself. In case I need to add something, they will be hidden until you ask for them. For instance, click here to see the hidden message.

Of course, it only works in IE4/IE5. BTW I am deeply disappointed that 24% of my readers are still using Netscape. Why don’t they get a better browser?

Note: the 24% was an April 2000 figure. The statistics as of March 2001 is 14.18%, and that of March 2003 is 8.23%.

The best way to use this walkthrough is to browse this page and play the mission. Swap to the browser and see the hidden details only when you have seen the real thing in the game.

Purchase Recommendations

Like the original Bafford mission, you start with 300 credits. You will run into nearly everything, but most of them are not hostile. Buy a Healing Potion and spend the rest on Broadhead Arrows.


You start near the Front Gate of the Bafford Manor. Avoid getting near the Front Gate. Look at the portraite of Lord Bafford on the wall next to the entrance. Listen, hear something familiar? See what is marching down the street from the South. Click here after the party arrived.

Fortunately, they ignore you, so you do not need to hide (there is nowhere to hide anyway). Look carefully at the smaller beasts. They are actually Frog Beasts! You probably have never seen them walking like this before. Have fun hitting them with Blackjack and Broadhead Arrows (the former does not explode them).

It is difficult to imagine that Frog Beasts decended from Burricks. No wonder they are so ugly.

Notice that the AIs generally moves somewhat faster than they usually do. The only exception are the guards, who moves at their normal speed.

Move carefully towards the entrance while still hiding on the outside of it. When you get close, the guards will start talking. Ignore them because the speech is the same as in mission 2. Look around and note the brightly colored triangles. Note that on the narrow (South) surface of the entrance is a Gold Plaque that you can read from your position to find a message from the developers.

Have a good look at the guards and then click here.

Their pose is the default initial pose. When you add human to the game editor, they all look like this. So if you failed to ask them do something, their arm will remain stretched.

After their conversation, make them notice you and run after you. Run back to the streets. Turn around and look at them. Usually two of the three Front Gate Guards came after you. Knock down one of them with your Blackjack and kill the other with your Sword (to see some variations). Click here after you have settled them.

Wow! None of the scripts related to their motion is working. They try hard to attack you, but their arms won’t move.

Notice that they even fail to drop dead. Try carry (one of) them on your shoulder and drop him down again to see what happens.

The streets on the North are like before, blocked off by a metal gate. The two streets on the South are now blocked by a stone wall, so you cannot get inside the manor via the well as in last time. Go have a quick look and enter via the front door.

First Floor

1/F West

Approach the Front Gate. Knock down the remaining Front Gate Guard and have a look at the button there. It is the button mentioned in the Mission Objectives. Read the Gold Plaque next to the button. Note that the gate is not closed so just enter.

After you enter the Foyer, you will hear the Bowman. See what he is shooting at you. Don’t bring him down, we need him later. Just try to make him come with you (that is, don’t shake him lose). If he is lost, forget about it — no big deal.

You can hardly miss the welcome party right in front of you. Take the opportunity to try Blackjack on them, you seldom have such a chance. Then, give them a left or right wipe of your Sword, and finally an overhead strike of your Sword from behind. Look for stains of blood on the ground — sometimes they do bleed, but the stain disappears within a few seconds. You get a backstab in your statistics each time you bring one down, so you can end up with big numbers.

The dark doorway at the center leads to a spiral stairs going up. There is nothing worth looking there (we will go up later). Turn right and enter the door there (there is only one door in the right (South) half of the Foyer) into the South Lounge.

See that guard here in plaids? Probably not. He starts from here, and walks past the welcome party, into the dark doorway at the center and up the spirla stairs to 2/F. We will meet him later. Past through the opposite door into the 1/F South Hall.

1/F South

We shall be running around here, and the Bowman from the front door probably won’t be able to catch up with us. It is fine, leave him in the big hall and there is where we shall need him.

On your right, the first doorway go back to the Foyer (nothing to see). The next four doorways leads to a small side hall, which is again useless. Enter the doorway next to them. Climb the stairs, and it leads to a round and empty room. Go back down, and notice more pieces of Jorge on your way out. Note that back in mission 2, there was one more doorway here, going to a round room and then up to 2/F. Now, the doorway is gone.

Enter the next doorway on your right (last doorway on the South wall). Leave the empty room via the door on the other end into the 1/F South L-shaped Corridor. There are two L-shaped corridors and the other is symmetrically on the North.

After the left turn, turn right at the junction to go East all the way to the end. The corridor at the end (going North) is the 1/F East Corridor. Connected to the 1/F East Corridor are four corridors going East/West, two of them joins the 1/F East Corridor to the 1/F South L-shaped Corridor and the other two to the 1/F North L-shaped Corridor. Go North and stop at the first doorway on the left.

Look inside and listen to them. Let them see you and click here after you find out how they react.

Both will attack empty handed (karate!). The maid may also scream with her usual “help! He has a sword!”. Knock down both.

Leave the room and continue North to the junction. Before we go back to the West via this junction, first move forward to visit the next doorway again on the left. You must have heard the noise. Just opposite the doorway is a Gold Plaque on the wall on your right (East). Arouse the Burricks and enjoy their suicidal attack. It take some time for them to die, so be patient.

We will come back (in an excursion) to the Northern half of 1/F East Corridor later. For now, go South back to the junction we passed a moment ago, and go West back to 1/F South L-shaped Corridor. At the end, enter the wooden door on the right.

In the kitchen is a servant on your left. See what is on the table in front of the servant? Look carefully at his waist and click here before knocking him down.

Yes, he is the holey servant.

Ignore the doorway on the North (it goes to the Northern half of 1/F) and go South into another room. Play with the bottles on the table, and leave via the door on the West. You are back in the 1/F South Hall.


Locate the Bowman, but forget about it if he is gone. Past through the doorway on the North and go into the 1/F Courtyard where the Pool is found. See what is in the Pool. If you have invited the Bowman here, make him shot his projectiles into the Pool (that is, you have to stand between him and the pool and make sure he misses). Or just pick up stuff on your way here and drop them into the pool. Any observations?

Go to the East end of the Courtyard to find a Gold Plaque on the wall and click here.

Things like apple sit above the top of water and guards drop to the bottom like a stone. Nothing floats like an iceberg.

Knock down the Bowman if you are annoyed with his noises. Leave the pool via the doorway on the North side to the 1/F North Hall.

1/F North

There are two guards patroling here. Have a look at how they respond to your presence. Since they are noisy, you had better kill them (with your Sword) when you have seen enough. And then click here.

They are the burning guards. As soon as they see you, they start to feel pain. I never have the patience to wait and see if the pain can kill them.

There isn’t much to see in the North East part of 1/F, so join this excursion if you want to do some running.

Walk past the section of wall on your East and enter the door on the far East side. These few rooms have nothing to see, so just run through them. Pass to the next dark room via the doorway on the far right side, and leave via the door on your right. This takes you to a big empty room. Ignore the doorway on the South leading to the Kitchen, and leave via the door on your left (East) into the 1/F North L-shaped Corridor.

Enter the East going corridor slightly on your left. Go to the end, which brings you back to 1/F East Corridor. On your right is the Burrick room you have already visited. Go North, there is nothing here: the room that used to house the spiral stairs to the basement is gone. At the end, turn left and go towards the West back to the 1/F North L-shaped Corridor. Turn right to continue North on the corridor. At the end, turn left and open the door at the end.

Have a good look at the drunken guard and leave via the doorway on the other end of the room to arrive back in the 1/F North Hall.

Now time to examine the doorways along the North wall of the 1/F North Hall.

The first doorway (start counting from the East) on the North wall has been covered in the excursion above. Get inside the second (dark) doorway to go up the stairs, to a small round room without anything. Come back and look at the next four doorways on your right, leading to a small side hall. The hallway leading to the building side exit is no longer here.

Beyond the four doorways, enter the dark hallway and go upstairs.

Second Floor

2/F West

You arrive at a round room where you can find your friend Cutty. Read the Gold Plaque on the wall behind him to find out what happened to him. Leave via the other stairs to go up to another round room. Descend via the other stairs onto Second Floor.

Turn right and go West along the corridor. Near the end, stairs on the right go up to a small round room, which is empty. Come back and round the corner into 2/F West Corridor.

Enter the first doorway on your right. Have a look at the fireplace on the left wall, and quickly climb the stairs on your right to avoid the guard literally at your heel. Avoid engaging them or you would wake up your friends upstairs. Up on the attic, pay a visit to the Foot Lockers. If you are a good thief and move quietly, you have to open the Foot Lockers to notice what is wrong with them. When you’ve found out their secret, click here.

After you have wakened them, they move to you like a pack of dogs. But what kind of sound are they making? Familiar, but can you remember? Click here to see the answer.

They are Cray Beasts.

Leave the attic and come back down. Go to the tenant living in the fireplace. Save game and try to attack it with Broadhead Arrows, Blackjack and your Sword. After you killed it, leave the room and back to the 2/F West Corridor.

Continue to move South. The next doorway goes down to the Foyer and there is nothing special about it. Sometimes (depending on how noisy you are, I suppose) some members of the welcome party at the Front Gate have come up here for a rest. Just ignore them.

The next (and last on this corridor) doorway opens to a big room with casino tables and drunken guards and many fallen ones. The white guard in plaids who started walking from the South Lounge downstairs has likes arrived here. He is standing on the right (North) side of the room, near the doorway. Save your game, enter and Blackjack him, since he is the guard who can harm you. Take 17 Bottles of Fine Wine (0;0;50) from the table. Blackjack one of the drunken guards to see what happens. Restore your game if you have trouble getting rid of them.

Leave the room and round the corner on your South to turn left into 2/F South Corridor. The stairs on your right (near the corner) leads again to another empty round room. Continue South. Ignore the doorway on your left, which opens to the 2/F South Garden. We will go there on our return trip.

Continue the 2/F South Corridor to the end.

South East

Do a quick save and enter the door into the Sitting Room, but keep an eye on the door. There is nothing in the room, so leave via the other door on the East. Look carefully this time if you missed the last one.

As you remember, you have a rectangular corridor here, surrounding the Bathroom. You are on the South end of the Bathroom East Corridor. Two guards are patrolling the Bathroom Corridor in counter­clockwise direction. Move forward to the North, while staying in the shadows, to get near the corner. When they move past you, grab their Bronze Keys on the belt.

When it is safe, move forward to enter the door on your right. There is nothing to see in the Dining Room, except the thing on the dining table. Go back out and hide in the patch of shadows on the right (North) of the door. Close the door. Do you note anything strange about the door? Click here to see the answer.

The door leaks light so the corridor outside it is not dark. However, the same bug appears in mission 2!

Save game, and wait for the guard to appear.

Knock down one of the guards, and note how he behaves. Hide him inside the Dining Room. Save again, and stand in front on the Dining Room, leaving the door open. When the second guard arrives, let him see you and lead him into the Dining Room. Close the door first, and then fight with him with your Sword. Keep calm, note anything special? Click here to see the answer.

He cannot deal any damage to you. He can only keep on shouting and swing his sword, but you are unharmed. Actually the two guards are the same, but if you fight with the first, you attract the other. Worse, they will arouse other guards to come — those guards can kill you. Better do two different things to them for fun.

Well if you have forgotten, they freeze when you knock them out (or kill them). If you pick one up and throw him down again, he will reduce in height but his posture remains.

I make you fight here to avoid making too much noise in the corridors. Let’s hope that we have not aroused the inhabitants of the Bathroom and Throne Room.


Back to the corridor and move North quietly. First enter the doorway on your left into the Bathroom. Do you know who is having a bath? You must have heard his noise. Initially he is sitting in the water, but if you are noisy with the guards, he will climb out to find you.

Even if he is quietly sitting in water, it is not easy to ambush. I suggest you to use your Sword and fight him the hard way. When he is down, look at the Fire Arrow on the East rim of the bath tub. Then read the Gold Plaque next to it. Pick up the Fire Arrow and click here after you see what happened.

What we think to be an object is usually a complexe structure in the game engine. For example, a torch has the torch itself, the flame, the smoke and the light. Maybe you have noticed in some mission that torches continue to emit light after you have doused them. This is rather annoying because you have no further way to darken the area.

By the way, have you ever seen a Fire Arrow lying there like an arrow (instead of a crystal) before?

Leave the Bathroom via the West doorway. Note that the Bathroom West Corridor is empty. And even the corridor leading down to Ginny’s room has disappeared. Go back and leave the Bathroom via the East doorway down the steps.

Throne Room

You have two doors in front of you, one on each side. Use your Bronze Key to open both and see how they behave (this time, they behave in different ways so save your game if you want to see it more than once). Enter either door.

Note some new additions to the Gong Room. Do not bother to dousing the torches because this time the room is not dark enough even with all four torches extinguished. Move forward and let the Gong Ringer see you. How does he respond? Too obvious for an answer this time. Notice that he has two types of responds. It is fine if you arouse him directly, but if instead you arouse somebody else (such as the two patroling guards in the Rectangular Corridor), their noise will attrack him, in which case he will attack (and kill) you.

Even if he rings the gong, nobody pays attention to him, so don’t panic. Go pick his Bronze Key and knock him down. Enter the Throne Room after you have enough fun with the new gadgets (too bad the Bedrool isn’t here as well).

Unfortunately, the Scepter is no longer here. The Throne itself has received some renovations: try the switch next to it. See the box behind the Throne, and read the bad news on the Gold Plaque next to it. Leave the Throne Room and go back to the Bathroom East Corridor.

North East

On the corridor, go North to the next door on your right. Read the the Gold Plaque on the wall next to the door. Save game and meet them.

Click here after you have seen them.

Are you dead? They are supposed to be ignorant to your existence, but somehow they fight fiercely with one another in their face off and sometimes want to kill you as well. The original design is, eh, rather sexy when I first look at it. It is hard to image how they could have designed such a beast. So the undeads and beasts we have been facing could have been even more horrible.

As I mentioned before, developers call them Bug Beasts, but mission objectives call them Insect Beasts so I stick with the choise more visible to gamers.

On the left inside the room is a table. If you are playing Normal Difficulty, on the table the last Bronze Key. Go take it if you wish — I can’t stay alive in that room. It is not counted as a pick after all.

A reader taught me how to kill those two inhabitants inside this room. Ready your Fire Arrows (actually Broadhead Arrows will also do) and stand on the left side of the door. Open it, draw your arrow and lean right to aim. Shoot at the guy you see. Once or twice or three times, it doesn’t really matter. Turn left to run North. At the junction, turn left and run West. At the far corner, turn left again to run South. Stop when you arrive at the doorways (to Bathroom on your left, and to stairs on your right). Turn around and get ready.

Prepare your Broadhead Arrows and stick with the left (West) wall. Move slowly forward (North) and listen carefully. The green guy will be moving towards you. Your aim is to see him round the corner. With the corner standing partially between you and him, he cannot shoot you but you can shoot him. Just keep on sending him Broadhead Arrows. Even if he made it around the corner to face you, just keep on shooting. As long as you at a high frequently, he won’t have the time to recover to strike back,

After the green one is down, move carefully back to the junction. Near the junction, look left (North). The grey one will be stuck at a door there. You can finish him with a Broadhead Arrow or two. Now turn right and go back the room for your tourism.

When you are through, close the door and proceed North to the last door on your left (past the corridor going West). Open it and enter Library. The doors here opens normally. Grab the Gas Arrow (actually 5 Gas Arrows) in front of you and read the Gold Plaque on the table. Can’t understand what it says? Shoot a Gas Arrow and click here after you see what happens.

Of course you can see. Just grab it back, but they are useless anyway.

It seems that displaying elementral arrows as arrows is a new feature (or habit?) in the enhanced Dark Engine. It has never appeared in Original Thief. But in Thief Gold, you have Fire Arrows and Gas Arrows here, and also Gas Arrows in mission 17 (Song of the Caverns).

Go to the table on the far (North West) corner to read the Papyrus there. Leave the Library via the door on the West, back to the 2/F North Corridor (the place where you first arrived on 2/F).


Go West and enter the (only) doorway on your left into the 2/F North Courtyard. There is another one symmetrically on the South. In the courtyard are only a few trees. Go South and find a balcony overlooking the Pool below. Climb the stairs to the Upper North Courtyard.

The North and South Upper Courtyards each has a balcony on the East. They two courtyards are connected via a hall on the West side, which also has a balcony of its own. All three balconies looks down to the Pool below. Midway on the Upper North Courtyard, you can find a switch. What does it do? Try a few times and then click here after you have seen what actually happens (or has given up finding).

When you move the switch to the right, 8 Fire Arrows will shoot from a tree down in the 2/F North Courtyard (the one closest to the switch). They go directly upwards, hit the sky (yes! all starry skies in Thief are just the rooms painted with stars) and explode. Move it to the left and the tree with shoot 8 Water Arrows to splash the sky.

On the East side is a banner, and on the West side stairs going down. Save your game here for a City (North) Excursion.

It didn’t occur to me to try getting out until I read it from another walkthrough. Go to the West side. Next to the stairs is a banister raised from the ground. Jump/mantle on it, raising you a few more centimeters above the ground. Face the wall on your North (beyond the stairs) and do a running jump to it. Keep facing upwards (around 45) and you will be able to mantl on the wall. Save your game again (under a different name), you do not want to do this jump a second time.

Move forward and you drop to a ledge you can barely see in the dark. Note: once you drop down, there is no way to get back. Look down and make out what is in front of you. Remember down in 1/F North Hall, there are two short stairs going to two round rooms. From here, you can see two round towers, housing those round rooms. And you can see two “bridges” connecting to the towers. They are the ceilings of the short walkway leading to the round rooms. Drop down to the space between the two “bridges” and have a look (you can walk beneath the two walkways). Again, once dropped down, there is no way to get back to the ledge.

Since there is no way to get out from among the walls, restore you game saved after the jump. Go to the left (West), mantle up and look down at the street (city North West). It is dark there, and you need to jump quite a distance to reach the streets (or else you will drop inside the walls like last time). We can access this street from the other side, so turn back to the East. The street here (city North East) is connected to the street on the other side. Moreover, the street is just below you so you can simply drop down.

Note: once you drop down, there is no way to get back. It is the North part of the City, and there isn’t much to see. These are the houses and streets you see through the windows from inside the Manor. First, go to the East end (go clockwise around the Manor). There, you find a metal gate you cannot open. Look through it and you can see the hut that used to provide a back door into the Manor in mission 2. Go back to the West (counter closewise around the Manor). At the end and you find another gate that cannot be opened. Behind it is City West, where you started the mission.

If you had tried the same thing in mission 2, you will notice that a third gate is missing. In mission 2, you leave the Manor via the 1/F North Hall. You flip a switch to open a gate there and leave. The gate opens to the streets here. But in mission 18, the same location has nothing but walls.

Since there is no way to get away, restore game now.

Pass through the hall on the West to the Upper South Courtyard. On the East side is a banner, and on the West side stairs going down. Save your game here for a City (South) Excursion.

Like the previous excursion, go to the West side and jump on the banister. Do a running jump/mantle to the wall on the South. When you land on the top of the wall, save your game again.

Move forward and again you drop to the dark ledge. Look down and again you can see two towers, two “bridges”, and streets on both East and West. Although you can access only one of the two round rooms in 1/F South Hall in this mission (in mission 2, you accessed both), the unreachable round room actually exists and so you still have two towers on the South. Again, drop between the “bridges” to have a look and restore.

Like before, you can drop down on the left (East) or do a running jump beyond the walls on the right (West). Although they access the same street, it is better to do the running jump. Go to the right (West), turn left and mantle up, turn right and locate the wall in the darkness. Do a running jump towards it. I'd suggest saving the game first (but remember to keep the one saved on the banister), because the jump is not easy. You should land on the wall and drop outside, taking a little damage.

Orient yourself. On your right, the street arrives at a dead end quickly (if you arrive at road junctions, turn around and check the dead end). Back in mission 2, this street goes back to your starting place, but a wall is blocking it now. Turn around and go forward. The first junction you meet is on your left. Ignore it for now, we explore the right side first. Continue forward a few steps and in the bright area ahead you can turn right. Follow the road to turn another right and then turn left down a ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, pass through a stone arch. At the arch, look right to locate the arrow cache with 12 Broadhead Arrows and 4 Water Arrows.

Continue along the road and it arrives at a dead end also. This street also used to go back to the starting place, but is also blocked by a wall. Now turn around and go all the way back to the two junctions. This time, turn right to follow the path you ignored last time.

Follow the streets winding towards the East. Notice that all the sewer covers on the streets are now gone. Near the end, a guard greets you. When he walks past you, knock him down from behind, or he will interfere with your next action. Watch the guard dance and drop, and continue forward to the hut. By the way, if you have dropped from the dark ledge on the East side, you would have arrived at about this location.

At the hut, the drunk guard is missing, so you do not have a key to pick. Use your Sword to hack at the door, and open it. It is compeltely empty inside, without a trace of the well. If you did not knock down the guard, he will hear your noise and come to stop you. And surprise, he is capable of killing you!

Go behind the hut to the North East corner and find a metal gate there. Behind the gate is City North, where we visited in the previous excursion. Turn around and study the lamp post (the one with open flares, not the one with glass-shielded lamp) between you and the hut. It is floating in mid air (I suppose you already know it is very difficult for stuffs to stay on the ground).

From here, there is no way to leave. So restore your game to continue the main route.

This excursion has much more to see than the previous (City North) one.

In the Upper South Courtyard, go to the East end and cut down the banner there with your Sword to reveal a secret passage. Enter. Try notice anything special before reading the Gold Plaque in front of you. The bug is already fixed in v1.33 and v1.37 so you can only enjoy it here. Follow the tunnel to the end and find yourself above the Gong Room.

Descend by dropping to the ledge/wall on the South West corner of the room and then to the ground. Actually you can come here this way to ambush the guard here, but first he does not need ambushing, and more important, he may run away and open one of the two doors. I made you come here via the doors to make sure you can open the two doors yourself.

Leave via Library again. Go West and enter the doorway on your right and go back to 1/F via two small round rooms


Back on the 1/F North Hall, ignore the doorway on the right. It is an empty hallway going to the Foyer. Enter the door opposite (on the South) for a look at the Gallery. Some of the paintings here are different from what you saw in the Bafford mission.

The other door of the Gallery on the South goes to the 1/F South Hall, but turn around and go back through the door you entered. Back in the 1/F North Hall, open the door on your left (West). Enter the North Lounge and see what they are doing before clicking here.

Yes the developers intended what you think they are doing. They should have added a PG label to the door. Unfortunately they look more like siamese twins to me.

Leave the North Lounge and back to the Foyer. Go outside the Front Door and press the button that told you not to. And this completes the mission.

Total total loot, and total.

Click the bold text to expand/collapse the details. When your mouse is over them, the text color will change to red, and the mouse pointer will change to a hand. When the details are expanded, you may also double-click the detail lines to collapse them (so you don’t need to scroll back to title line to collapse the details).

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