Hexen II Mission Pack: Demoness Game Guide for Portal of Praevus

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Raven intended this hub to have a Tibet atmosphere, and actually called it Tibet. However, the name never appear within the game. And I don’t find the area very Tibet looking neither.

Since this hub is big (bigger than HexenII hubs), I divided the walkthrough into three sub-hubs for better organisation. You would notice one shortcoming of PoP, that the sub-hubs are not strongly linked with one another. While the levels within each sub-hub are tightly knitted, the sub-hubs are not unlike Doom levels: you pass sub-hub to another with only one purpose — to finish the game.

False Temple


Get pass the False Temple to find Parevus.

You start in Tulku. The False Temple is right in front of you, but you need items from Ice Caverns to enter and leave the False Temple.



You need the Dagger of Ajanti from the Ice Caverns to unlock the False Temple. Besides finding the entry, you also have to melt the ice layer before you can dive to the Ice Caverns.


You start facing the False Temple. To start your journey towards Praevus, you must gain entrance to the False Temple. Walk forward to the pedestal to learn how to enter the temple: Get the Ajanti Dagger from the meeting room in the Ice Caverns.

Go read the message next to the archway on your right. Enter archway to a building with a wooden canopy and several Archers on the top. You have little choice. Enter the building and follow the only way till you arrive at a room with the Orb of Dakini at its center.

Grab the Krater of Might first, and then take the Orb of Dakini. This collapses the floor and drops you down below. Now, you are told to Use the Orb of Dakini at the temple to break the ice on the frozen lake. It is nice that Raven Software give you this hint. The first time I arrived at the frozen lake I had no idea how to get beneath the ice.

Down below, you find both pieces of your Tempest’s Staff, as well as a teleporter taking you upstairs. Leave via the only exit and follow hallway to a long hall with a statue on your left. Break the statue for a Tome of Power.

Leave. Note the diamond ornaments on the stone walls. Follow the hall to find a diamond with a different color. Hit it to open a tunnel.

On the left of the tunnel is a cave. The teleporter there takes you to the wooden canopy and you have no reason to take it. Grab the goodies while watching out for the Pentacles. Leave the cave and follow the only other path to a frozen pond.

Break the ice and dive below to get a Force Cube, a Krater of Might, and a Helmet. Surface and look carefully at the rocks around you. You can climb and jump to the openning above.

Follow the canyon until you can take a side branch on the left. We would continue forward after we visited the Ice Caverns on the left.

You arrived at another frozen lake. Notice the big icicle above your head. Enter the building and ride upstairs. Use the Orb of Daikini to concentrate a beam of sunlight to melt the icicle, breaking the ice surface of the frozen lake.

Before you jump down, go left and look down to find an Mystic Urn. Now jump into the pond and dive downwards to an underwater tunnel.

Ice Caverns


You came here to find the Ajanti Dagger to unseal the False Temple back at Tulku.

The entry to the Altar with the Ajanti Dagger is frozen solid. Somewhere there is a hint but I forgot where this hint is. Anyway, you need the Stone of Seldoot to melt the ice to gain entrance to the Altar.


Go outdoors to the stoarge room to find the hidden Stone of Seldoot.

Come back and go downstairs to use the Stone of Seldoot to heat the boiler.

Come back and go upstairs to look for the Ajanti Dagger.


Surface and follow the tunnel. Once you pass the floor plate (even if you fly over it), the gate will close behind you: Find a way to return to the Gates of Tulku. You would not be able to leave Ice Caverns until you get Tien’s Key.

You would descend into a room with three exits: the front exit goes up, the left exit goes down, and a third exit to the right. Follow the third exit into the snow. Still missing the boss of the previous hub? Another Yakman is just round the corner.

Before entering the only building ahead, look at the pond on your right. Break ice and dive for an Amulet below.

Explore the ground floor of the building, there is a room with a jammed door. This is the storage room and Ameis had locked the Stone of Seldoot inside. How to get inside? Climb the stairs. Hit the rope and let the anchor drop to the room below.

Jump down to collect the Stone of Seldoot: Take the Stone of Seldoot to the Cauldron room. Break the shelf to collect goodies and break barrels to unblock the door. Return to the room with three exits.

Just before you leave the room with the Stone of Seldoot, you can try one thing. Reader Carie found an interesting message here. Use ~ to invoke the console, type noclip and press enter. This will allow you to move pass walls, and the floor as well. Move downwards through the ground to discover a room beneath. There you can find a message You've finally found the musical BAR-BE-QUE. However, there is nothing musical down there. What is curious is that, without any hint, how can anybody dig through the floor to find this message?

From the room with three exits, follow the opposite exit (the Left Exit) down the stairs. At the bottom, there is a bench next to a lamp. Jump on the bench and then on top of the lamp to reveal a Tome of Power in the tower (the column the stairs are spiraling around).

Go outdoors and enter the other building. Look upwards and see what is above the openning of the ceiling. Continue forward till the bottom of the steps.

Enter the door on your right. Place the Stone of Seldoot on the pedestal and it would spark a fire to heat the boiler above.

Leave the room. Instead of climbing up the steps to go back, break both vases to reveal two buttons. Jump on both of them to reveal a teleporter, leading to the goodies above the ceiling you saw a while ago.

Drop down and go back to the room with three exits.

Ajanti Dagger


You came here to find the Ajanti Dagger to unseal the False Temple back at Tulku. With the frozen entrance melted, enter the Altar to find the Ajanti Dagger.

You cannot leave the Ice Caverns until you find the Tien’s Key.

Find the Jade Buddha. You would need it in the False Temple.


Follow the last exit. That is, continue climbing the spiral stairs to the top and exit to an open area with another Yakman waiting to freeze you.

There are two doors in this open area. The left one is not yet open, so enter the right one. Descend the stair case. Look up and see if you can see anything above the ceiling.

Suddenly, a Yakman or two will drop down. An interesting trap, there is no reason why HexenII has not used this trick before.

Follow the corridor downstairs and visit the meeting room on the left with a diary inside about how Tien locked away the Jade Buddha. Leave the room and continue to the Altar. Grab the Ajanti Dagger and meet another air raid (which is easier to meet by stay on the Altar because they cannot charge at you): Take the Ajanti Dagger to the Gates of Tulku.

Explore the rest of the indoor area to find the Tien’s Key next to his dead body. You get a strange new objective: Tien’s key has multiple uses.

Return to the outdoor area. With the Tien’s Key, the other door now opens. Enter.

When you arrive at a side branch on the left, ignore it and continue forward. You arrive at a long winding ledge with two floor plates at the two ends. Follow the ledge to the right to step on the first floor plate. Be careful when you are running: if you fall, there is no way to climb up and you need to run a very way back here (through the side branch on the left we ignored). Then go to the other end of the ledge. Face the far wall so that the first floor plate is on your front-left, and then move on to the second floor plate. If you are not oriented this way, you may miss what is moving: a crypt below the ledge is openning, revealing the Jade Buddha inside.

Drop down from the ledge to take the Jade Buddha. Leave via the only way you can, and return to the outside area. Retrace your path back to the starting area. With the Tien’s Key, you can unlock the grate and go back to Tulku.

Staff of Emperor Lo Pan


With the Ajanti Dagger, you can now unseal the False Temple and enter.

This is the most confusing level in PoP, in the sense that it is difficult to build a mental picture of the relationships between the various rooms. The two courtyards of the temple look alike, and most of the time you do not see the outside so you can hardly figure out where you are.

The exit to the False Temple lies behind the Great Buddha. To access the exit, you must Take the Jade Buddha to the offering place in the False Temple. However, you first need to the find the Staff of Emperor Lo Pan: without the staff, you do not have access to the offering place.


From the first courtyard, proceed to the second courtyard via the stone tunnel.

The door on your right leads to the Temple. The Staff of Emperor Lo Pan is there, but the door is locked. Enter the dragon double doors and find a switch, openning the door to the Staff of Emperor Lo Pan.


From the frozen lake, go back to the T-junction. We arrived from the right so now we proceed to the left (uphill). When you get near the dead end, rocks will burst and a Stone Golem will greet you (thanks to reader Carie for correcting me about the type of the Golem).

Leave via the newly broken wall and go back to the starting area. Place the Ajanti Dagger on the pedestal to unseal the False Temple. Enter.

You arrive at Courtyard 1. The two courtyards of the False Temple looks similar so don’t get confused: Courtyard 1 has no doors but has a tunnel on the left, and Courtyard 2 has a dragon double door.

Clear out any enemies on the second level of the courtyard and enter the Pentacle infested tunnel to arrive at the Courtyard 2. The door on your right would open later, so enter the dragon double doors ahead. Proceed to a big room with a Tome of Power floating on a ledge above guarded by an Archer. Continue up a ramp to some zigzag stairs. Climb the stairs and turn around, facing the corridor you came from.

How do you get the Tome of Power you have saw a moment ago? Where is it? Look at the relief (the big head) over the corridor, and the area on its two sides. Notice that at the bottom of the panel on its right, there is a protruded area, narrow but a place you can stand on. Do a running jump to that foothold, and find out that the panel is an illutionary wall. Follow the corridor to the wooden door. Open, run to grab and Tome of Power and come back quickly. If you walk too slowly, the door will shut and you cannot enter the corridor again. In that case, glide down carefully, or you may get some damage from the fall.

Up the ramp and stairs again, to a corridor with Archers. The left side leads to the offering place. If you go there now, you would just find out that you need the Staff of Emperor Lo Pan. So we go right to get the staff first.

Now you are on the upper level of Courtyard 2. Grab some Health Vials on your left if necessary, and enter the wooden door on the far right. Pull the lever at the end of the corridor, openning a door on the opposite side. Glide down to the courtyard and enter the newly opened door.

Finally you arrive at the second level of the Temple. The Great Budha is on your far left. Say hello to the Skull Wizard below, but do not drop down there yet. Grab the Staff of Emperor Lo Pan (looks more like a pillar to me) on the center of the wall facing the Great Buddha: Take the staff of Emperor Lo Pan to the Arcane Sacrarium. You can see a Krater of Might on the left of the staff, but it is too high to jump. Just behind the staff is the offering place, but it is on level 3 and you cannot climb up there from here. Drop down to the ground floor and leave via the main doors out to the upper level of Courtyard 1.

Leaving the False Temple


Use the Staff ot Emperor Lo Pan to access the offering place.

Use the Jade Buddha to leave the False Temple.


Go back to the Courtyard 2, enter the dragon double doors and proceed to the T-junction above the zigzag stairs. This time, go left, to a room with a ramp and a Yakman. Climb the ramp turn right into the Arcane Sacrarium.

Play with the locking mechanism on the floor. Pull the handle: the key-looking thing moves forward for a while, and then moves back. While it moved forward, walk towards the key hole to pin the Staff of Emperor Lo Pan at the hole on the floor, preventing the mechanism from moving back. Look up, there is a button on a ledge above, but we cannot access it from here.

Leave the room (look for goodies in every dark corner) proceed up another ramp to the highest level and to the dead end with the switch. Press the button. The locking mechism moves back, pulling the floor plate with it, and reveals an opening. Drop down.

Follow the corridor, which leads outside to the upper ledge of Courtyard 1. Before you enter the circular openning on your left, grab the Mystic Urn on the lower ledge of your right, and any remaining goodies on the ledges. Enter the circular openning on the upper ledge and walk slowly to reach the resting place of the Jade Buddha on the third level of the temple. If you walk too fast, you would run into the resting place and miss what is happening.

Place the Jade Buddha to reveal the exit behind the Great Buddha. Jump to the Krater of Might on the right you saw earlier, and then down to the temple floor. Leave via the exit.

Shrine of Shiva


Find the Book of the Dead in the Courtyards of Tsok to learn what to offer to Shiva at her shrine in the Temple of Kalachakra. Visit the Temple of Bardo and Temple of Phurbu to locate the offerings.

This is the best subhub of PoP, with a clear mission and works like Hexen hubs. The other hub and subhubs of PoP can often be summarized as: pass the level to enter the next.

Courtyards of Tsok


This level looks like Tomb Raider, except that instead of a enticing Lara Croft you play a sexy Demoness. You have many traps to survive: Avoid unseen pitfalls as you make your way to the Main Temple.

First you need to find the missing sixth Prayer Wheel (like something Lara did).


When you climb the stairs, the blocks above will start falling on you. Don’t look around! Run and jump up the stairs. Keep moving when the game switch to the cut scene or you do not have sufficient time to reach the Archer who is waiting for you at the top.

Hit the switch there to fix the blocks, which is in fact no longer necessary. Save your game after each trap you survived (and probably each trap you attempt). Through a tunnel to a small open area with a Helmet and jumping Pentacles. There are Yakman on both exits of this area, so move carefully and do not arouse both of them at the same time. Take the left exit to a building.

Are you still alive? Probably no, if you had entered the building before reading further. Look up: part of the roof has a different texture. Shoot at it to make a hole.

Enter, grab the Krater of Might. The door shuts behind you; the ceiling is crashing on you. Walk underneath the hole your created: it is not easy, because it is difficult to judge when you are exactly beneath it. It is easier to do in chase view (over the shoulder view, like Tomb Raider). Give it a few tries. When you survive it, leave via the other door.

Follow the only path to go outdoors. Read a misleading sign on the wall Proceed forward until you see your Path of Light. Contrary to the note you read, the light cones are traps (and really are wrought with danger): do not walk pass them. Watch out for Pentacles. Walk carefully across while avoiding the light cones. If you walk into them, Archers will appear from nowhere to punish you.

When you reach the other side, ignore the corridor ahead (but you cannot ignore the Archers there) and turn around. Save your game. Shoot the floor of the light cone closest to you. Look below. Be careful not to walk into the cone or fall into it. Shoot the spikes below. When it is safe, jump down.

Explore all the rooms below. On the long corridor there are six symbols on the wall. They are the names of the six Prayer Wheels. Walk up to them to learn their name in English. Get pencil and paper to note down how their name should be written (or drawn).

Find a button to open a door, leading to the Symbolic Room of Kalachakra. Walk forward and Archers will appear from underground. Kill at least one of them to raise stairs. Climb stairs to grab the missing Prayer Wheel: Take the sixth Prayer Wheel to the Way of the Wheels.

Way of the Wheels


Take the missing Prayer Wheel to the Way of the Wheels. With all six Prayer Wheels in place, turn them in the correct sequence to read the Book of the Dead, which tells you what to do in the next level.


Leave the Symbolic Room of Kalachakra via the other door. Take the Ring of Turning and go out to a courtyard with two teleporters. Take the left one (the one with a Torch nearby) to get a Tome of Power. Read the message on the wall. It shows the sequence of how the six Prayer Wheels should be turned. The corridor beyond the message leads back to the Path of Light so ignore it. Jump down the balcony and take the other teleporter.

On top of a building, give the Yakman below a surprise attack. Drop down. Remember the small open area with Helmet and Pentacles? We followed the left exit at that time. The building here is where the right exit leads to. Therefore, no point to investigate the tunnel ahead (goes back to the small open area). Turn around and enter the building.

Find the five Prayer Wheels. You are at the Way of the Wheels. Place the Sixth Prayer Wheel at its place (just walk up there, do not press space bar), and study the name plate of the six Prayer Wheels. You need to turn the six Prayer Wheels in the correct sequence. And you must do it quickly. If you walk too slowly, you get a nothing seemed to happen and you have to start again. If you make any mistake (such as having started the Sixth Prayer Wheel already), wait till the sound of the Prayer Wheels stops before restarting. After you have completed the sequence, a teleporter is revealed. Take it to a room nearby.

Read the Book of the Dead, showing you what to do next. Leave the room to a hall with two towers. The hall opens back to the Way of Wheels but you need not go back now. Leave via the exit to the Temple Kalachakra.

Temple of Kalachakra


Complete the three trials to continue on your journey towards Praevus.

As you learnt from the Book of the Dead, you need to complete the tasks set by the three Supreme Jewels. After completing each task, you get the Jewel and you should offer it to Shiva. So you end up offering all three Supreme Jewels to Shiva, not an offering. You would then be allowed to enter the Palace of Emperor Egg Chen (what kind of Tibetian name is this?).

First, you have to stop the time to get the Jewel of Buddha.


Climb the stairs to the Shrine of Shiva to meet a Snow Leopard. Because of their high speed, it is not easy to kill them even with the Tempest’s Staff.

In front of Shiva are the three pedestals for the Jewels: Get the Jewel of Buddha by stopping the Wheel of Time. On the left is the locked door to the Palace. Enter the doorway on the right, leading to a corridor running left and right.

Besides the Archers, be careful of a Snow Leopard patroling a bridge on the left. If he sees you, he would jump down on you. Go to the right end of the corridor to read the message on the wall.

Turn left and ahead to a circular room with a Yakman. Through the room to a T-junction with staircase going up and down. Turn right to go up.

Hit the switch on the far end to open a door below. You can see the Yakman below, but it is too difficult to fight him from above (how I miss the Grenades of the Assassin). While others should return to the stairs and go all the way to the bottom, you can glide down, shooting at the Yakman on your way. While the Yakman cannot charge at you when you are in midair, you are also a sitting duck to his magic projectiles. Being a parachutist is both exciting and dangerous.

You can see the Wheel of Time rotating. If you see any strange things on the wall behind the Wheel, they are just rendering problems to be ignored. Enter the room to find another Snow Leopard guarding the gears of the Wheel.

Find the switch on the wall opposite the gear (I kept trying to use and hit the gear without first looking for a switch) and throw it to stop the Wheel of Time. When the wheel is stopped (but unfortunately stopping the time doesn’t stop the monsters), the Jewel of Buddha will appear behind the Wheel of Time: Offer the Jewel of Buddha to Shiva. Take it and offer it to Shiva on the pedestal nearest the gate to the Palace.

Temple of Bardo


For the second trial, go to the Temple of Bardo to find the Sangha Gem.

The Gem is inaccessible to you. You must first wake up the Guardian of the Portal.

To begin with, get the Eyes of Buddha so that you can see the Guardian of the Portal.


Enter again the doorway on the right. Instead of going right to the Wheel of Time, go left. Climb the ramp to the bridge with the Snow Leopard. Go past him to another T-junction: the wooden door on the left would not open, so enter the wooden door on the right to enter the Temple of Bardo.

Climb either stair case and drop down to the red pedestal at the middle (you are looking right at the pedestal when you start the level) to get the Quartz Flask.

Go forward until you find the Eyes of Buddha (looks like the mask in the Phantom of the Opera to me) ahead. Walk towards it, and you would fall through the illusionary floor and be surrounded by Archers. Same if you run or jump.

Come to a room with three wooden doors: two on your right, one on your left. Take the right ones first.

The first one would not open. Enter a cell via the second wooden door. Break the crack to enter the concealed passage, but do not overlook the Krater of Might just behind the wooden door!

Press the button to open the neighbouring cell. Take everything and leave. Enter the third wooden door.

Proceed to a hall with two sets of short stairs on the right and a Breastplate in between. At the corner in front of you (slightly to the left) is a rectangular pillar placed diagonally. It is hiding a teleporter. Get the Breastplate by jump from nearby ledges. Climb the short steps to press a button in the area behind, revealing the teleporter hidden behind the rectangular pillar in the hall. Enter the teleporter.

You arrive at an abyss with Archers shooting at you from the other side. Two Tomes of Power are floating in the middle of nowhere. How to get across? There are two flames on each side of the abyss. An invisible bridge joins each pair of flames, so you can walk from one flame to the one directly opposite.

Getting the two Tomes of Power are more tough. Save your game before giving them a try. The two Tomes stand on a small invisible ledge. You can jump from the invisible bridge to the invisible ledge, and back. That is, if you do not miss or over shoot.

When you arrive at the other side of the abyss, a door will open. Proceed to a button. Press it and you finally arrive behind the Eyes of Buddha.

Take the Eyes of Buddha: Use the Eyes of Buddha to see the guardian of the portal. Now the ground in front of it becomes solid, so go back to the starting area. Walk up to the stone door on the right (you arrived via the stone door on the left, but it will not open any more) to wake up the Guardian of the Portal.

Sangha Gem


Get the Sangha Gem so that the Guardian of the Portal would let you leave the Temple of Bardo.


The Guardian of the Portal refused to let you leave. He opens a new hallway for you: Get the Sangha Gem from its resting place. Climb the left ramp to enter the new hallway.

You have little choice but ample enemies on your way to the resting place of the Sangha Gem. The floor of the resting place looks suspicious, doesn’t it? Nevermind, stick close to the wall and grab the Sangha Gem: Bring the Sangha Gem to the guardian of the portal.

Most of the floor collapsed, but you should be OK. You have to drop down anyway, but you can try locating and killing the Yakman from above. Leave via the only door.

Proceed till a dead end, where you press a button to lower a stone block. Ride it up like a lift and continue. On your way, you can see the abyss (with the invisible bridges) outside the windows.

When you enter a wooden door into a big room with a rectangular pillar at its center, listen carefully and watch out for the Snow Leopard hiding behind the pillar. Leave the room via the opposite door to another dead end, where a button gets you back to the starting area. Receive praise from the Guardian of the Portal and return to the Temple of Kalachakra: Offer the Sangha Gem to Shiva.

When you step back to the Temple of Kalachakra, notice that it is not the same room: you leave via one room and come back via another (remember that you arrive at Temple of Bardo via one portal and leave via another). On your right is a hallway leading to the far right. And there are several Archers inside.

Ignore that hallway for now, and leave the room via the doorway in front of you. You would arrive at a T-junction: if you continue forward, you go to the room with the teleporter to the Temple of Bardo. So turn right and go back to the Shrine of Shiva, placing the Sangha Gem on the empty pedestdal next to Shiva.

Temple of Phurbu


To pass the third trial, you need to Journey through Death and Rebirth in the Temple of Phurbu. To prepare yourself for the journey, you must clear your thoughts, cleanse your soul, and prove your strength.


From the corridor next to the portal from Temple of Bardo, go to Temple of Phurbu.

At the arena, first visit the exit on your right.

Get Oil of Annointment and take it to the Pool of Cleansing to cleanse your soul.

Take teleporter to the Hidden Supplication Chamber to get the Incense of Enlightenment for clearing your thoughts.

Return to the arena.


Go back to the room with the portal where you arrived from the Temple of Bardo. Enter the portal at the end of the hallway on your left.

Arriving at an arena in the Temple of Phurbu. In front of you is a Pillar of Fire: Ready your body for the journey through death and rebirth. Around the arena are three exits (not counting the portal). Take the exit on your right first.

Inside the temple, turn right up to the balcony. Clear enemies and glide down (or follow stair back down) to the hall. Leave hall via only exit to a T-junction. There are two small rooms on each side of you beyond the corner of the cooridor. Together with a bigger room on your right, they make up the Invocation Chambers. First go to the left branch with the two small rooms.

From the first small room get the Oil of Annointment: Take the Oil of Annointment to the Pool of Cleansing. From the second small room, break the book on the table (not the bookshelf). Ignore the teleporter and go to the other branch.

On the right branch, ignore the big chamber on your left. Before visiting the two small rooms on your right, look at the wall next to them. An area is darker: you are going to open it. In the two small rooms, continue to break the book on the table to open a dark wall, revealing a room with a Tome of Power. Enter the teleporter you ignored on the other branch, taking you to the Hidden Supplication Chamber.

Take the Incense of Enlightenment and other goodies: Use the Incense of Enlightenment in the Invocation Chambers. Leave the room. The corridor outside is a bit complicated. If you follow the corridor towards the right, you go to a staircase on your left and a doorway in front which leads to the Pool of Cleansing, and we would get there a little later via another route. So go left to a T-jucnction. The stairs on the right goes down. We would first go left and come back to descend down the stairs.

You would arrive at the upper level of the arena. Grab everything and come back to the stairs at the T-junction.

Down the first set of stairs to an area with a pillar at the front left corner and another set of stairs going further down on your right. Walk behind the column, break the cracked wall to find goodies in the Spider nest. Crawl back out and descend the stairs to a similar room with pillar on the front right corner. Enter the doorway to a small room with a red altar on your left, and a long red hall on your right.

We would come back to the long red hall later. For now, we climb the stairs ahead to two more rooms with pillar at the corners. Look behind the pillars as usual, one of them bearing Mana cubes. Climb back to the corridor. If you turn right, you would go back to the Hidden Supplication Chamber. So turn left to go to the Pool of Cleansing outside. Watch out for Pentacles and walk into the pool to cleanse your soul.

Look behind the structure housing the pool to find some goodies. Go back to the red altar on the bottom of the stairs. Enter the long red hall to a room with torches at the four corners. It is uneventful here, just move on and the path leads back to the arena via an exit different from the one you entered this building (the portal is now on the opposite side).

Death and Rebirth


Clear your thoughts with Incense of Enlightenment, and test your strength. When you are ready, you can be reborn to obtain the Dharma Jewel to offer it to Shiva.


From the arena, enter the exit on your left (ie the only exit you have entered before). Repeat your path to the Invocation Chambers. Enter the large room (ie not the four small rooms).

Place the Incense of Enlightment on the altar. Now the third step is: Ready your body for the journey through death and rebirth.

Leave the chambers and go back to the arena.

Enter the exit opposite (the only exit you have not yet used).

Passing wooden doors to arrive at a bridge over frozen ice. Other than the lone Archer, it is surprisingly boring. Proceed to the button, save your game and take a deep breath. Press the button and the floor slowly descends to the real arena, where your strength will be put to test. The arena is empty. Stay at the center and face the direction towards where the button was. Ice Imp will appear ahead.

Kill it and turn right. Now Archer. Turn right again for an Snow Leopard, and finally turn right again for Yakman.

And that’s all. Do you call it a test of strength? Note that the monsters must appear type by type, or they would start fighting each other. You should have seen the same pattern many times in Hexen (not Hexen II), near the end of each hub. After you have proved your strength, a teleporter opens and takes you back to the starting arena.

What to do now? Look at your new objectives: Enter the Pillar of Fire. A mild surprise to me! I haven’t thought of doing this before. Experience Death and Rebirth and you are taken to a big room. Again, nothing happens here so you grab the Dharma Jewel ahead: Offer the Dharma Jewel to Shiva. Leave via the teleporter back to the arena. Leave the Temple of Phurbu and back to the Shrine of Shiva.

Offer the Dharma Jewel in front of Shiva and she would start dancing. The door on the left is now opened. Enter to proceed to the last sub-hub.

End of the Journey


Praevus and the soul spheres are hidden beyond the Palace Inner Chambers in the Palace of Emperor Egg Chen.

Palace of Emperor Egg Chen


Get the Vajra Scepter from the Palace of Emperor Egg Chen.


You start with the useless objective Gain entrance to the Inner Sanctum of Praevus, which incidentally is not correct because you have to pass throught the Inner Chambers first. Seems the Palace and the Inner Chambers started as a single level and was later broken into two, but the objectives still thought of the two levels as one.

At the starting area, walk forward a little and find the button high on your rear right. Shoot at it to open a door, well, if you are not playing difficulty level 4. Hit the switch on the other side of the pool to open a door right above the pool. If you are playing difficulty level 4, wait till you come to that door and drop down to the pool to hit the switch.

Dive into water, break the crack to get the Ring of Turning behind. Go back to the starting area.

Proceed to the next room where you can see part of the sky through the ceiling. You can also see the floor above (half as high as the ceiling). Spiders there may jump down at you. Even if they don’t, try spot them and kill them from here.

Proceed to a hall with stone dogs on both sides of the steps. Hit the stone dogs till it animates: it then bursts and reveals a Quartz Flask. The double doors behind the stone dogs would not yet open. Instead, turn right and walk carefully to the archway on your right.

Beyond the archway is the room you saw earlier from below. Very probably some Spiders are still inside, and they would jump at your as soon as you pass the archway. So wipe them out carefully and leave the room via the opposite exit.

When you leave the Spider Room, look towards your left. The relief looks conspicuous, but it would not open. Slowly walk away from it, facing the relief. It would open with goodies and enemy inside.

Continue your way to a bridge. On the far side of the bridge is the door you opened earlier by hitting the switch at the pool. If the door is closed (eg you are playing difficulty level 4), drop down to the poolside (taking also the Ring of Turning if you have not yet done so) to throw the switch and come back here.

Beyond the bridge is the Vajra Scepter and two exits on either side of you: To pass the Guardians in the Inner Chambers, you must use the Vajra Scepter and the Bell of Ghanta, because both the Guardians and the Bell of Ghanta belongs there. Again, this objective is for the Inner Chambers.

Portal of Nobility


Get the Emperor’s Key to enter the Portal of Nobility and into the Inner Chambers.


Find a switch to unlock the double doors behind the stone dogs.

Get the Emperor’s Key to pass the Portal of Nobility.

Find a switch to unlock the doors guarding the exit portal.

Enter the Palace Inner Chambers.


From where the Vajra Scepter was, turn around to face the bridge. Take the exit on your left to a hall with three statues and a Yakman.

Break all three statues to get a Stone of Summoning.

Proceed the only way you can to a switch. Throw it to open the double door below (behind where the stone dogs were).

Before you glide down, notice that new Archers have arrived below. Take the Emperor’s Key inside the double doors: The Emperor’s Key will let you pass the Portal of Nobility.

Repeat your journey towards where the Vajra Scepter was. Take the exit on your left (the other exit leads to the three statues you have broken).

Ignore the panel on the wall in front of you. Before you use the Emperor’s Key to open the Portal of Nobility on your right, shoot the button on the ceiling to open the dark wall on your left for a Tome of Power. Open the Portal of Nobility and let the Yakman behind try a few Glyphs.

Descend the steps, and break the two stone dogs there. Turn left into a hallway with an exit on the left and another on the far right. The left exit has a bridge leading to the portal leaving the Palace, but we need first to go to the right exit to unlock the door on the far side of the bridge. So take the exit on the far right to another bridge.

On the bridge, try to look below: you are now on second floor; on first floor is another bridge running left-right near the middle of your bridge; and below that is water. Drop into the water (avoiding the first floor).

Grab the Tome of Power and swim towards the end of the pool with a gap. A teleporter will appear, taking you to a switch. Hit it to open the door guarding the exit portal: notice that the door is right above where you are.

From the switch, take the only way back. You would cross the bridge of the first floor, climb some stairs, and back to the bridge of the second floor where you should recognize where you are.

Back to the hallway, turn left and take the right exit to the bridge leading to the exit portal. Go to the Palace Inner Chambers.

Palace Inner Chambers


Get the Bell of Ghanta to pass the Palace Inner Chambers.


Find three buttons to unlock an opening above several stone ramps.

Find buttons to get the Bell of Ghanta and another secret area.

Wake up the frozen Golems to fight a bloody path to the exit portal.


You start on a balcony overlooking the exit portal guarded by two frozen Golems. As usually, you cannot kill a frozen enemy so do not waste your ammunications. There are archways on both sides of you. Take the right one first.

Descend to a hall with a statue. Look carefull. There is a button behind the statue. Push the statue to press the button. There are two more.

Look more carefully. The ceiling is made of glass. Someday something may happen.

Ignore the big exit on your right. Turn around and descend the stairs to where the frozen Golems are. Examine the big doors between the Frozen Golems. Examine the floor plate in the middle of the room.

Place the Vajra Scepter on the pedestal on your far left. The other pedestal is waiting for the Bell of Ghanta. Go back to the starting area and take the opposite archway.

At a corner, you pass several stone ramps on your left. The ramps climb to the top of a trapezoid: a small platform on the top, a pillar below it and grows bigger below. We would come back to this ledge when we open it. As for the area below (that you can see between the ramps), we would get there by climbing down the stairs so do not jump down from here.

Then you arrive at a hall with the second statue. Push it to press the button behind. Leave via the other exit.

Now you arrive at the area surrounding bottom of the trapezoid. There are stairs on your right and on the opposite corner (but nothing at the corner on your left). Take either stairs down to the third button, this time behind Snow Leopards, which unfortunately are not statues. Press the button to complete the sequence opening the top of the trapezoid.

Go back to climb the stone ramps to the top of the trapezoid. Drop down to a dark room. Leave to cross a bridge. The bridge is a very exposed location so look out for enemies in all directions.

On the other side of the bridge, examine the wall on your left. Find the buttons on the sides of the door to get the Bell of Ghanta behind.

The next step is straight-forward but tough. Continue forward, watching out for enemies. Grab the Invisibility Sphere and turn around (after you have secured the hallway). Look carefully at the two pillars on either side of the hallway to look for the two buttons. One is easier to find than the other, but when you have found one, the other is symmetrically on the other pillar. Press both to open a room at the corner you just passed. Collect the Breastplate, piece 1 of Tempest’s Staff, and a Tome of Power there.

Continue forward to the stairs at the corner. Step on a button near the stairs to open a door upstairs. Go up and follow the passage back to the first statue with a button behind. If no Yakman dropped on you the last time you were here, maybe he would do it now.

Go down to the frozen Golems, save your game, take a deep breath, and place the Bell of Ghanta on the second pedestal near the entrance. The two Golems would come to live. They are very tough. The hallway would also be blocked so that you cannot leave via the way you come.

Fight with the two Golems. Or use the easier way: return to the starting area by the Chaos Device to shoot the Golems from the safty of the balcony. After they were dead, the hallway would be unblocked, and the exit portal will open.

Inner Sanctum of Praevus

The Raven team has altogether forgotten the objectives stuff, because it stays unchanged till the end.

The starting area has lots of supplies. Load up and enter the cylindrical teleporter at the end of the hallway to meet Praevus. Greet him with the Tomed Tempest’s Staff and nothing less. Throw at him all your Summoning Stones, Power Cubes, and whatevery you have at hand. You cannot keep them as souvenir anyway.

When in trouble, use the Chaos Device, or simply run back into the teleporter. Many of the items at the starting area will respawn, so reload your inventory, take a breath and fight again.

Praevus has many modes of attacks: fire, lightning, magic. Some are easier to evade than others. Watch his hands carefully so that you can distinguish which attack he is going to use.

When the earth shakes, he start to disappear and reappear like the Shadow Wizard. Continue hitting him until you reach the penultimate animation. The ending is much better than any other Raven games before PoP (Heretic, Hexen, Hexen II). And it is time to move on to Heretic II (the alternate sequel to Heretic).

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