The Ultimate Walkthrough by CRASH


The Tower Cell
The Innocent Abandoned
The Courtyard and The Chapel
The Circus of Fools
The Laboratory
The Hive
The Morgue and Cemetery
The Lost Village
The Gauntlet
Morgan's Last Game
Easter Eggs


Sanitarium is a unique game that blend thriller and psychology nicely. You play the role of Max. The story is about the journey of Max to discover his tragic story and confront the demons from his past. Slowly, as you gather more information, the pieces begin to fit together, and it becomes clear that much more is at stake that one man's self-discovery. The game is divided into nine episodes, and within each episodes he discovers what has happened to him.

"This way for the sorrowful city.
This way for eternal suffering.
This way to join the lost people."


The story begin inside the mad house after Max's tragic accident .......

Few helpful tips :

  1. Talk to everyone first at the beginning of each chapter. Make sure you have choose all the options available in the conversation. Sometimes this may trigger something later. Whenever you get stucked, talk to everyone !!!
  2. Most objects have to be examined first before you could use them.

Hints correction :


Main Goals : Escape from the Tower Cell


Q : What happened to Max?
A : There are two persons that you could speak with here: Dadon and Martin. They could tell you about your tragic accident. You'll discover another name here: Dr. Morgan.

Q : This alarm sound drives me crazy. How could I turn it off ?
A : There is an alarm switch on the bottom left wall. Examine it and then pull down the switch to turn the alarm off. Note: most of the things here should be examined first before you could interact with them.

Q : How could I get to the control room ?
A : Take the towel from the cell next to Max's. Use the towel with the cable and fly away to the control room.

Q : How could I open the filling cabinet ?
A : Use the video on the desk first. Connect all the cables to their appropriate places (same colors). The short circuit from the video will open the filling cabinet. Inside you'll find out some memos on how to escape from this place.

Q : How to get out from this control room ?
A :
Press the button just next to the chasm (the small green button). The bridge will appear.


Q : How to get out from this Tower Cell ?
A : Get the key from above the filling cabinet. Lenny in the right cell knows the way out. Talk with him. Go to the upper level and examine the locking mechanism below the angel statue. Use the key with the locking mechanism.

Author's Note : From this Tower Cell experience, you'll learn about one important name, Dr. Morgan. Who is this guy ? Why he did this thing to me ? The answer of these questions might lies in upcoming chapters .....


Main Goals : Save the Kids from the curse

Q : Where am I ? What's wrong with these kids ?
A : After talking with several kids in the neighborhood, you'll know that your name is Max and there is a 'mother' who controlled all these kids. You could talk to Megan "Peg leg", Billy, Jessie, Marty (in front of the city shop) and Timmy (down on the beach). Notice the game that Jessie plays. From the file and newspaper in the Church and the City Hall you know that a comet has struck down the city. A father, Jeddah, has killed all his family because he's insane and Reverend O'toole backed him up and says he is innocent. Then 'mother' come and take care of these kids. All the adults are not welcome in this city. From Timmy, you know that Dennis has cut down the rope to ring the church bell so no one could attend the mass anymore.



Q : Who is the leader of these kids ?
A :
Seems that Dennis O'toole is the leader of these kids. You could find him in the cemetery. Talk to other kids in the cemetery: Derek, Eileen, Lumpy, and Marcus.

Q : Where is the key to the town shop ?
A :
Dennis has the key. He'll give you the key if you could defeat his 'Hide and Seek' game. Challenge him to play. You have the choice to play 'Hide and Seek' with the kids after you've talked with Eileen about cemetery.

Q : Where are their hideouts ?
A :
You could find Derek inside the church (in the front row of the seats), Eileen on the tree beside the City Hall, Marcus under the bed in his house (Jeddah farm to the north), and Lumpy inside the barrel near the old fisherman house.

Q : Where does Dennis hide ?
A : Dennis hides inside the abandoned school, in front of the old fisherman house. Get the crowbar inside one of the crypt in the cemetery. Use it to open the barred school door. My GOD, Dennis hides with all of this death body. What a sick boy.

Q : What is Dennis secret weapon ?
A : Ask the other kids about his secret weapon. You'll know that Denis secret weapon is Carol.

Q : Where could I find Carol ?
A : Get Eileen shovel below the angel statue. Use this shovel to dig Carol's grave (the one with C. name on the tombstone).

Q : How could I pick up the metallic cross in the north river (beside the City Hall) ?
A :
This might be a little tricky. Take the small stone from the ground, just in front of the church (near the small garden block below the left mosaic glass). Throw the stone to the church bell. It will called Timmy. Go to his spot at the beach and take his fishing pole. Use the fishing pole to get the metallic cross.

Q : How could I go across the broken bridge ?
A : Try to ride the rockin' house in front of the town shop. One of the horse is broken (the middle one) you could take it. Use the horse on the river. Use it to cross the bridge.

Q : What is the lock combination number of the farm gate ?
A : Ask Maria about the lock (she just stand in front of the Jeddah farm). She told you that 'mother' said the combination connects to Jessie loss. Talk to Eileen and Peg Leg about Jessie's game. Then play the Tic Tac Toe game with Jessie. The result is 451 (Eileen beats her 4 times, Peg Leg 5 times, and you 1 time). Use this number to open the gate.

Q : How could I defeat that scarecrow ?
A : It's no use to chop him in pieces right now. Try different tactic. Destroy all the pumpkin around the wooden pole first. After that, slice him 2 times. That should do it.


Q : How could I turn on this generator ?
A :
First, talk to 'mother' in the barn. When she throws you out, take the wrench from the ground. Open the tractor's machine. Get the jumper cable. Go back to the shop. Unlock the right door with the key from Dennis. Get the gas canister on the counter. Go to the City Hall. Open the rubber hose beside the pond with the wrench. Go to the beach. Open the car's gas tank cap. Use the hose on it, then use the gas canister to hold the gas. Return to the farm and fill the gas tank of the generator. Use the jumper cable on it. You succeed to repair the generator.

Q : How could I destroy this 'mother' of the beast ?
A :
Burn her to death. Stick the metallic cross on the big green eggs beside the generator. Connect the jumper cable to the cross. Turn on the generator. After this, just walk to the left and meet Maria.

Author's Note : Finally the pain has been taken from these poor kids. That ugly slimy monster who called herself a 'mother' has gone forever. From this experience, you'll know that your true name is Max. But who am I ? What am I doing here ? Go on to the next chapter to find out.


Main Goals : Help Vera to fill up the fountain again

Q : I'm back in the asylum again. What should I do now ?
A :
Talk to other patients, especially to Vera Stark. After you talk to her, she'll move away from the chapel's door. The other patients like Elvis, Skippy, etc, will tell you a lot about the strange music and Dr. Morgan's experiment.


Q : Where could I find Preacher Bob's Holy Cross ?
A :
Skippy, the ballerina dancer, hold it in his possession. You have to distract him first. Make him dance. Go to Dr. Morgan's lab near the man with the fish. Get all the CD's on the table. Each CD will affect certain people. Here is the list of the function of each CD: The Ballad of Captain Dick (the fisherman), Belladonna in a Flash (Skippy), Rocky Billy Swing Things (Elvis), and The Donner Party Waltz (??). Play Skippy's favorite CD. Go back to him again and take the cross from the bench. Give it to Preacher's Bob. In return he'll give you and old broom.


Q : What should I do with this stupid broom ?
A :
It's very useful, don't worry about that. Use it to pry open the panel box near the fisherman.

Q : Help me to solve this water pipe puzzle !!!
A :
Manipulate all the valves until only the tube number 3 from the left is fully filled (the circle is the symbol of the pond). You could see the small map on the left of the panel to make sure which one that could fill up the pond. Look at these pictures to help you.

The second pictures show you which valve should you moved (M). After you solve the puzzle, pull down the lever on the right side. The water should flow to the pond right now. Go there and talk to Vera. Someone or something is inside the pond right now. My God, it's a gargoyle. Talk with him and enter .........

Author Note : From this chapter (from Vera) you know that your former profession is a doctor. Max still have a guilty feeling to his sister Sarah. He thought that Sarah has died because of him. Now you enter the fourth chapter as the young Sarah.


Main Goals : Find Sarah's doll and give it to her

Q : Where to begin this chapter ?
A :
Use the binocular and see a mansion at the distance. After Antonio Bandini, the circus owner, gave you a pass to play Squid Squash, go to the game arena and play that game. You'll win automatically 3 tickets. Then talk to everybody in this island, especially Sean, Wilbur Smith (the tattoo master), Martha (Sean's mother), Matt and Ashley (the Siamese twins), and Stuart Limpkin (the freak show master). You'll learn about Iggy the Squid, the unleashed beast that has killed several people in the island.
Q : Meano Gino's love story. What should I do to help him ?
A :
You heard that Gino has written a poem to Inferno from Sean, the young boy at the suburban area of this town. Talk about the poem with him, then try to talk with Inferno about it. Give Gino the idea to make tattoo in his hand (you heard this from Wilbur Smith). After that go visit Gino in Wilbur's caravan. Talk about Inferno and the tattoo. Talk back to Inferno again. This time she'll listen to you about Gino's intention.


Q : Inferno's secret, the Fire Breather skill. Where should I find the oil for her ?
A :
You could talk to Wilbur Smith about the oil. He'll give it to you. Bring this oil to Inferno. She'll teach you her secret and give you the baton.

Q : I don't have enough tickets to see the Freak Show ?
A :
Use your winning tickets to play other game. If you win, you'll get three more extra tickets. You can keep on playing as many as you want. But remember you can only play the Ring Toss and Pig Shooter. The other games will make you lost or won't allow you to play again. Bring 5 tickets to Stuart Limpkin. He'll allow you to get in the Freak Show.

Q : How could I release Timber, the Man Animal ?
A :
Snatch the needle from under Wilbur Smith's nose (it's lying on his counter). Use this needle to unlock Timber's cage.

Q : How to operate the Mary Go Round ?
A :
Pick up the oil can near Sean's house (it's lying on the ground beside his father). Use the oil can to loosen the lever. Pull down the lever and jump in.




Q : The guard won't let me enter the Fun House. I'm too short. What must I do to overcome this problem ?
A :
You have to find a nose for the clown. Get the pin on the ground (next to the Pin Thrower booth). Bring the pin to the main tent and challenge Lefty with it. He'll give you one of his red ball. Take the red ball into the Fun House again and insert it on the clown board. Now the board will say that you're high enough (the clown is very happy so he helps you). Give 5 tickets to the usher and you can step into the Fun House.

Q : Lady Ivanna tells me to bring 3 important items to pass through my problem. Where is the way out and what are those important items ?
A :
If you have released Timber, he'll make a hole near Sean house. Go there and look into the hole. My God, that squid has killed Timber. What an ugly monster he is. By this time, you should have collected the 3 items: the oil flask, baton, and the glass shard (from the Fun House). You could jump in and enter ....


Q : Where should I go, Sarah won't enter the water ?
A :
Prepare yourself first. Use the glass shard to light the wooden stick on the ground. Use the baton with the fire. Now enter the water.

Q : How could I defeat this ugly monster ?
A :
Aim right. Burn his eye (at his belly) 5 times and you should killed him by that time. Just step back whenever he starts to spit the poison. After you killed him, step into the light to .......


Author's note : This is the best section of the game. You could see how Sarah vision about all the conversation between her family. Look how sad the story will be.....

Q : Where is the key for the grandfather clock near the staircase ?
A :
The key is inside the main bedroom on the second floor (it's lying on the nightstand).

Q : I couldn't get into the study room in the first floor. There is another key there. What should I do ?
A :
Remember what the wife said to her husband in the kitchen "Diner will be ready by 6 o'clock" and the husband replies "Contact me at the study room" !?? Move the hand on the grandfather clock into 6 o'clock. After that, the husband will get out from the study room. Get the key on the table.

Q : Where does Sarah hide her doll ?
A :
The information is in the videotape. Take it from the shelf in the study room downstairs. Play it on the video in the living room on the second floor. Watch where Sarah's secret place is (it's in the Attic !!). Unlock the attic door with the key from the study room.

Q : Where is her secret place ?
A :
It's on the other side of that boxes. First, get the key from inside the teddy bear on the corner. Pull the trampoline on the left to the boxes. Then use it to jump across the boxes. Unlock the trunk with the key. Inside, you'll find Sarah's doll.

Q : Where is Sarah ?
A :
Go down to second floor and enter Sarah's bedroom. Give the doll to her.

Author's note : From this chapter, Max learn how he lost his only sister, Sarah. Nevertheless, he loves her very much and he's trying for his best to fulfill Sarah's last wish, finding her favorite doll.


Main Goals : Get into the main room

Q : How to open the gate ?
A :
Use the strange device to the left of the gate. First, you have to get the pipe valve from behind the picture on the right room. Click on the picture on the wall to move it. Then insert the valve to the hexagonal hole near the device. Then spin the valve to activate the device.

Q : What is the solution of the wheel puzzle ?
A :
This is quite straightforward. Just pull up the lever for each different position of A, move according the clock wise. Pull up the lever when you enter the puzzle window for the first time, move A to the right by using the wheel and pull up the lever again. Continue doing this until all the position has been reached.

Q : How to open the locked door inside the lab ?
A :
Use the voice key panel at the wall next to the door. The password is kept on the 3 boards on the wall. The clue for this can be heard from the tape recorder on the desk. After you heard the tape, go to each boards, click on the upper case letters, then re-arrange the letters to build words. The right board reveals "Key Hides To", the middle one reveals "The Youth", the left board reveals "Salvation". Combine this word at the voice key panel to form the password : "Youth hides the key to salvation".

Author's Note : This is a simple and short chapter, basically only contains 2 puzzles. Within this chapter you'll know that your father is a very strict teacher. He only want you to be the best, not only good. With this pressure, you gain your success in the medical school. But ...... your mental is not really stable. As you reach the center of the room someone come by and hit you by the head .....


Main Goals : Destroy Gromna's evil plan

Q : How to overcome this laser scanner ?
A :
Get the harness from one of the insectoid near you (the small red thing). This will help you to overcome the scanner problem and the insects won't attack you afterward.

Q : What is the password to the small house in the south part of the hive ?
A :
That is Gravin's house. Talk to him first in the small house up to the north (the left one). He'll tell you about his password, Grenesir.

Q : How could I make Gravin quit his job ?
A :
Make the machine stop working first. To do this, you've to make the central machine broken. Get the sledgehammer and Gravin's tools from Gravin's house. Go to the big house in front of the Gravin's office. Enter and find the pipe with a patch on it. Hit it with the sledgehammer. Then operate the bellows, it will kill one of the operator. Take his death body (the limb on the floor). Then operate the control panel.

Q : How to operate the control panel ?
A :
This is a little bit tricky but not very hard. Click on the control panel. Look at these pictures to help you to operate the control panel. Operate the buttons A or B to change the color; T, M, or B to move the wings (top, middle, of bottom); and C (left) or D (right) to match the pictures on the wing with the one on the panel.

Panel Buttons to push Color
1 B and M Red (A) and Red (B)
2 T and M Blue (A) and Blue (B)
3 T and B Green (A)and Green (B)
4 M and B Blue (A) and Green (B)
5 T and M Green (A) and Red (B)
6 T and B Red (A) and Blue (B)

Panel 1

Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4

Panel 5

Panel 6

Q : How could I upgrade my ID harness ?
A :
Talk to Chik Tok, the robot first. Then find Gravin. You could find him at his house. Ask him to make clearance for you so you could upgrade your ID harness. Go back again to Chik Tok in Gravin's office. Tell him that Gravin has give you the clearance.

Q : What must I do to trick the clearance machine in Gravin's office ?
A :
Use the operator limb in the scanner hole. That should do the trick.

Q : What proof can I give to Gravin so he could be convinced about Gromna ?
A :
You got to have the baby Cyclops in the bottles in Queen's chamber. First, get the insectoid pincher from Gravin's office (it's at the back side of the office). Use the pincher to cut the bottle loose. Bring this bottle to Gravin. He'll be convinced after this. Follow him to Gromna's hut. He'll give you Gromna's hut password, Immortal. Meet him again later near the Great Machine (it's just next to the portal to nowhere in the south area).

Q : Gravin needs 2 parts for the Great Machine. Where could I find those parts ?
A :
They're inside the Gromna's secret lab. You need the sound generator to enter the secret path.

Q : Where is the sound generator ?
A :
It's in Gromna's safe in his hut. Get the locker key from under the pillow on his bed. Unlock the locker and get the sound generator. Go to the Queen's chamber and use the sound generator with the beast's belly. You'll be sucked out to the secret lab.

Q : How could I open the sound locked lab door ?
A :
Hear the children sing every time you try to talk to them. That is the password. Click on the panel just beside the door. The combination is 133524. Look at this picture to help you.

Q : How could I get the first part ?
A :
Use Gravin's tools to release the part on the panel. Bring this part to Gravin. When you reach him, the bridge collapsed. Throw the part to him.

Q : Where is the second part ?
A :
Go back to the inner chamber where Gritza is. There is a thin rope on the left side. Click on it to climb to the upper lever. Watch how Gromna speaks to his insectoids. That bastard !!! Get the second part from the wall. Walk through the blue portal.


Author's note : Chapter Six tells us about Max's favorite character, Grimwall. He represents his job at the research center. His friend, also as his director of the research center, conducts several experiment by using baby animals. Max doesn't agree with the way of the experiments have been conducted but he got no authorities to stop that. His deepest mind finally try to break out and that's the way chapter six begins by the character of his comic .....


Main Goals : Chase Dr. Morgan

Q : How could I open the steel morgue door ?
A :
This is quite simple. There are 2 wheels on the steel door, central and top right. First, move the top right wheel 3 times until the gear move to the top position. Then push the right lever to the left. Repeat these moves until the gear on the top left reach its right end position. Then repeat all the sequence again, but this time push the lever to the right. Keep on doing this until the bottom left gear reach its right end position. Then spin the center wheel to open the steel door.


Q : How could I open the door to the morgue again ? I found out from the note on the desk in the right room that I've to search the body drawer again .....
A :
It's freezing. You have to heat the door first. Go to furnace room. Get the monkey wrench from the toolbox on the floor. Use it to loosen the gas pipe just in front of the morgue (the left pipe). Go to Dr. Morgan's office. Get Dr. Morgan's bust on the desk. Use it to blast open the crack on the north wall of his office. Do this 2 times until you create a hole on the wall. Walk through the hall and get the U pipe. Use this pipe to connect the gas pipe. Then go back out and turn the gas wheel. This should make the gas flows to the furnace. Pull down the right most switch beside the furnace. This will activate the heat. Go to morgue and open the door.

Q : What should I do inside the morgue ?
A :
Open the body drawer number 5 (top right most one). You'll see Arthur there. What's he doing there ?? Talk to him. He tells you that he often hear a sound from his neighbor drawer. Open the drawer number 7. Try to look inside the drawer. It's too dark. Get the matchbox on the desk inside Dr. Morgan's office. Use this match to light the drawer. There is a strange writings on the inside wall of the drawer.

Q : How could I read the writings, they're making no sense to me ?
A :
You got to have a special glass to read it. Go back to the furnace room. Drag the body number 7 on the left wall to the furnace. Burn him. You'll see a small shiny red thing on the furnace table. Get it. That's the special glasses. Use it to read the strange writings inside the body drawer number 7. That is a strange rhyme.

Q : Where is the talking tree that this writings said ?
A :
Go out to the cemetery. The tree is on the north part of the cemetery. It's the tree with eyes on it. Approach it and start to talk with it using the rhyme.

Q : The tree won't step aside. He only obey his master words. Who is his master anyway ?
A :
One of the tombstone is his master gravestone. It's the one on the south part. You couldn't read it now. Get the brass urn on the filling cabinet inside Morgan's office and use it to hold the body's ashes from the furnace. Use the ashes on the tombstone to reveal the writings on it. Read it. That's it. His name is : Paul Stark. Go talk to the tree again. This time he will step aside.

Q : How could I open the tomb's door ?
A :
Get the green crystal heart from the statue behind the talking tree. Use it to reflect the light (it's the bright spot near the statue). It will reflect and open the tomb's door. Inside you'll see Dr. Morgan.

Q : How could I operate this Aztec time machine ?
A :
This is rather complicated. The clues are separated on 5 sheets of paper. Two of them is on the desk in this tomb, and the other three are on the desk in Morgan's office. The sequence itself is described on the paper on the wall next to the time machine. It is : Mountain - Big Sun - Small Sun - Eye - Pyramid. The time slot is divided into 5 slots (1 to 5 start from the left to the right). Each slot is divided by two side. On the left side of each slot there is 2 buttons to scroll over the picture on the slot. Start from the left buttons and go on to the next slot until all the pictures are set.

Author's note : Dr. Morgan will flee away to another dimension of Max's dream, the Aztec. Max will appear in this dimension as Olmec the hero of the Aztec. This chapter tell us how Morgan use everyway to gain his success even by sacrificing his best friends Max.


Main Goals : Destroy the evil plan of Quetzalcoatl

Q : What should I do here ?
A :
Talk to everyone from the village. They'll tell you about the resurrection of Quetzalcoatl, the evil God. All the temples have been destroyed and it's your duty to restore those temples back. You'll see lots of warrior ghosts also. They have been doomed by him.


Q : Where is the necklace of Tepictoc's wife ?
A :
After you talk to his wife in the burnt village, you'll know that the stone mason hold her necklace. Try to talk to the stone mason. He'll promise to give back Tepictoc wife's necklace.

Q : Where is the stone mason's daughter ?
A :
She is inside the temple of wind. Push the big statue behind Tepictoc. Cross the chasm and push the boulder to enter the temple. Inside you'll find stone mason's daughter.

Q : How could I break the crystal inside the Temple of Wind ?
A :
Talk to Coatlicue, stone mason's daughter. She'll tell you about making the same sound from the music instrument on the wall of Temple of Wind. Look at this picture to help you. Push in order: 4,3,2,6,1,5. The crystal will break and you could take the Wind Totem on the altar.

Q : How could I reach the Temple of Water ?
A :
Climb the stair behind the main altar (you could see Quetzalcoatl on the top of it). At the middle of the stair, turn your face to the right and push the big head statue into the lava pool. This will make the water to evaporate and build a cold lava bridge. Now you could walk across to the Temple of Water safely.

Q : How can I unlock the temple's door ?
A :
You have to arrange the tile on the wall first. Ask Tepictoc about the tiles, he'll tell you something about fisherman's creed. Ask about it to his wife. That will tell you about the sequence. The sequence is: God's eye - Spear - Water - Fish - Basket - Warrior or you could push this in order: 5,3,1,2,6,4 (no 1 is the leftmost tile). Step on the floor panel in front of the temple's door to open the door. Inside this temple you could find the Water Totem and Ruby Fish on the floor.

Q : Where is Tezacoatl, the witch ?
A :
His place is just behind the Temple of Jaguar. Talk with him and discuss about how to defeat the Evil God.

Q : Where could I get the Pod of Might ?
A :
It's at the tree in the middle of the lava pool. To go there, you got to have a special magic to walk on fire. Ask the stone mason about this Rite of the Warriors. After you got this magic, you could walk safely to get the Pod of Might. Bring this pod to the witch.


Q : What is the name sequence of the former warriors ?
A :
You got to ask around for that. Talk to all of the warrior ghosts. Then put their names in order. Here is the order from youngest to the oldest: Xilonen - Ometoch - Tepictoc - Centeotl - Huitzilop - Mixcoatl.

Q : What are the offerings to the Temple of Jaguar ?
A :
They ask for 'Blood from unhealing wound' and 'Heart that has no blood'. The first offering is Tezacoatl's blood. Take the copper urn from the village (it's just next to his death wife, it's a tragic thing .....). Use it to take his blood after he's dead. The second offering could be found inside Tezacoatl's hut. It's the crystal heart. Put the blood in the left basket and the heart in the right basket.

Q : How could I take the Jaguar totem ? It's stuck on the altar ....
A :
You have to operate the key panel on the wall to release it. The sequence is just like the picture on the staircase to the temple. The left most picture is the bottom picture on the stair. Look at this picture to help you. Move the second tile from the left one time, the third tile twice, the fourth tile three times, the fifth four times, the sixth time, and the last one seven times.

Q : Where is the entrance to the underground maze that the witch has talked about ?
A :
It's the base of the Evil God statue. Put all the totem on the base. It will open the way ......


Q : Where should I go first ?
A :
Go down the stair, down again one more time, circle around the corner of the path, and head directly to the control panel with 3 yellow buttons and 1 blue button on it. On the way there, you should avoid the electric floor. Once you get hit by the electric, you'll be zapped back to the start.

Q : What should I do with these buttons ?
A :
Click on the left and the right yellow buttons. It will make the blue button lit. Click on the blue button (this act will raise the big stone that blocked your way to the exit way and the bridge above you).

Q : I see a statue just above the control panel. Is it important ?
A :
Yup, it's your ticket to the way out. Follow the route to get there. Go through the electric scanner and down the stair. Follow the path until you reach the statue. Be careful with this scanner, learn the sequence and walk through it. Click on the statue's arm. This will raise the stone that block your way toward the exit. Follow the path across the bridge. Go pass the starting point to the west and climb down the stair.

Q : Where is the exit way ?
A :
Pull down the lever on the wall. Climb up the stair and pull another lever on the floor (this will keep the gate locked). Go through the raised gate and enter the mouth to .....


Main Goals : Reassemble the angel statue and chase Dr. Morgan

Note : Inside this chapter you have an ability as a shape shifter. Click on the dolls to change yourself into Sarah, the comic book to change yourself into Grimwall, and the statue to change yourself into Olmec.

Q : I click on one of the tombstone and suddenly a ghost appears. What should I give to him ?
A :
He needs his head. Look at those kids that stand around a skull. That's his head. Change your shape into Olmec, the Aztec God, to cross the torned path and open the gate. When the kids disappear, get the skull. Give it to the ghost. This will raise a chest. Change your shape to Grimwall and open the chest (he's the strongest man to do this act). Inside you'll find the angel's head.

Q : How to solve this clown head puzzle ?
A :
Click on his teeth according the color of the rainbows (or ... the color of his hair). Here is the sequence: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Go through his mouth and get the angel's right wing.

Q : What should I do inside this moth's nest ?
A :
You have to cut down the statue's body that hanging with the rope. Take the heater from the wall. Use it with the moths on the floor. It will move several of them away and reveal a manhole. Hit the larva's houses on the left wall. Inside one of those places you'll find an insect manable. This tool is sharp enough to cut loose the rope. Open the manhole. Change your shape to Sarah and climb down. Above the nest, use the manable to cut the rope. Get back again to the nest and take the angel's body.

Q : How could I get across this spider web ?
A :
Change your shape into Sarah and get across the web.

Q : What should I do to move the big head statue ?
A :
Look at those tiles on the floor. Change your shape into Olmec and step on the tile in this order (I name the tiles from left to right as 1 -5): 2,5,3,1,4. Then change your shape again into Grimwall and push the big head statue. A beautiful crystallized pedestal will be raised up.

Q : How could I break this crystallized pedestal ?
A :
This is a little bit gross but you have to do it anyway. You have to push down all the bodies on the spear (Yuck !). Notice how the blood spill out through the holes on the side wall of the cliff. After you push down the last body, the crystal will be break. Get the statue's left wing.

Q : How could I open the locked gate ?
A :
Put all the statue's pieces together one by one to form the angel shape. The gate will be automatically open.

Author's Note : At the end of this chapter you learn how Morgan is trying to kill you by a car accident.


Main Goals : Step out from this dream into reality

Q : How could I solve Morgan's last puzzle ?
A :
This is a timely puzzle. Act quickly to defeat your shadow. The key is to get the globe on the statue (there are 3 globes in total). Find a way to go there and avoid the slimy black oil.

Author's Final Note : This is the most serious adventure game this year. The story wrap up in a good ending at the end. Despite of the inconveniency for the movement control ('cause sometimes your mouse could be freeze at the corner and your system is crashed), the graphics are well done. Morgan's carrier will be ended in a dramatic way. And Max will be living happily ever after with his family, is it .........


There are couple of easter eggs in that game, most of them are in Chapter 4: The Courtyard and The Chapel. Here they are :

1. In the water pipe puzzle, if you fill up the first tube: the fisherman who sit on the bench will get wet.
2. In the water pipe puzzle, if you fill up the second tube, the faucet near Elvis will be activated.
3. In the water pipe puzzle, if you fill up the fourth tube, the manhole near Skippy will be exploded.

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