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Major D.G. Anderson, head of the European desk ORPHIA, has defected taking with him a classified Pentagon files. This files contain detailed blueprints on how to access a number of priceless treasure. The Pentagon suspects that he will use these files to stole the most valuable jewelry in the world, The British Crown Jewel. This act would damage the international political system between the two countries.

You are Raven, a top level CIA agent. The Pentagon wants you to replace the original jewel with the replicas which has a tracking device that will, hopefully, track down Major D.G. Anderson and his companions. You are not allowed to hurt the guards and leave any kind of evidence behind. You are instructed to meet your team at the Traitors Gate after you are being successfully steal the jewels.

This hints will be divided into five sections. Section one will help you to prepare all the things which are necessary to complete this mission (up until you find a way to break in the Waterloo Section where the jewels are kept). Section two will help you to break in and replace the jewel. Section three will guide you to the Traitors Gate after you manage to fulfill your task. The last section will contain the inventory list and Easter eggs of the game.

All places which contain important clues where Raven could use the camera will be marked with red italic text. One more thing, once you get the proper keys, you will be able to open the previously locked door automatically.

Be careful and keep track on the time. Happy hunting!!!

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