Morning starts with a nice little quarrel - every family should have one of those once in a while. And so Adrienne's mind is set, with only one goal in her mind: she has to get some drain cleaner.

What can I do in the house before visiting town?
Adrienne can do most of the things described in Chapter 1. She can knock on darkroom door and have a little chat with Don. While she descends stairs she shall hear eerie music. She can go back to gramophone room to discover activated gramophone. She shall mercifully (for player's ears) turn off that wretched thing and can't turn it back on again. Fortune-teller could be used to retrieve more sinister messages. Absinthe should be checked and big painting on the top floor has subtly changed. As there is nothing more very interesting to be done around here, Adrienne should drive to Nipawomsett and look around for some drain cleaner unless she wants to feel Don's wrath.

What can I do in the general store ?
Why not ask from a men behind counter, he might have some cleaning stuff. Five dollar bill will conveniently satisfy Adrienne's purchasing needs. There are many useless things at store but in the back of the store a soup bone can be obtained. Little talk with a store owner might prove informative.

What can I do at Malcolm's ?
Adrienne is able to tame guarding dog with her
soup bone (so much about the soup, eh?). She can open gate and stroll to front door, but there is another guardian and having run out of bones she has to return to Nipawomsett.

In Nipawomsett Adrienne can dutifully visit charming real estate man's office.

What can I do in antique shop ?
Arienne will shamelessly overhear Lou Ann's private phone conversation about cameos. She can talk with shop keeper until her breath runs out or she can take an active interest in beautiful crucifics after what she can bother shop's owner with questions about it. owner doesn't seem to mind.

What can I do back at mansion ?
Someone has opened barn doors. Adrienne should take a look inside, after all, she OWNS that barn. It seems to be empty so Adrienne decides to take a closer look at stalls. She can also take an interest in crane and there are some pots worth checking out...
Adrienne has several possibilities here. She can offer drain cleaner to Don (he scurries off) or she could just talk with Don (he scurries off).

What can I do to end chapter 2 ?
Adrienne should visit her husband in darkroom.

(C) 1995 Veikko Danilas

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