Hexen II: Game Guide for Assassins

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Hub 1: Blackmarsh

This is the Medieval hub, a land of cold rain and dark decaying castles similar to the ones in Heretic and Hexen. The puzzles are better than those in Hexen, but still with lots to desire. It will improve in the remaining hubs though.


You are going to fight against Spiders, Archers, Skull Wizards, Hydras, Imps, and Iron Golems.

The Red Spiders are the only foe you can safely deal with using your Katar. Knight Archers are the ones you are forced to deal with using Katar.

Knight Archers duck when you shoot at them. Shoot low. When you see them ready to shoot, it’s your time to strafe. If you are using Grenades, aim at the ground near their feet, otherwise you would nearly always miss them. Also remember that Archer Lords takes more shots to kill.

Skull Wizards keep disappearing during the battle. Normally, they are confined to a small area (eg the current room) — they won’t reappear miles away. Before engaging a battle with them, estimate the boundry of the area where they would reappear. Stay at a corner or behind pillars so that it won’t reappear and attack from behind you.

Moreover, it seldom reappears right in front of you. Look at one direction, and when you hear its noise you can be sure that it is reappearing from other directions. Turn, strafe (because it attacks as soon as it reappears) and attack. When it is dead, don’t relax yet! More often than not he has summoned some spiders for you.

Try to kill hydras from land. It is very difficult to evade it under water.

Leave ample space for retreat when attacking a Golem. They walk fast (considering their weight) and take many shots to kill.

On the other hand, Golems usually confine themselves to a restricted area. They won’t hunt you down like the Spiders and the Imps. Therefore, it is usually possible to shoot them from a distance. Or you can use Glyphs to trap them.

There are also sheep around, but you don't earn any experience points by slautering them.

There are two kinds of Ballistas. Most of them are automata that shoot arrows at you. They won't move but would turn to target at you. Takes many shots to destroy. The other kind has a control plate next to it. Step on the plate and you get the message “You are in control”. You then control the Ballista, targeting via a semi-transparent crosshair and shooting its arrows instead of yours. It is more powerful than your Hand Crossbow, and doesn’t use your Mana. There are only two such controllable Ballistas I remember: one at Barican, one at Eidelon’s Lair. If you find others, do let me know.

Barrels and chests won't attack, but remember to smash them to find goodies. Yet watch out for marked barrels, hitting them explodes!

At the end of the hub is Eidelon's first Hoursemen, Famine.

From the country side


This hub is logically devided into several puzzles. You started in the country side of Blackmarsh and you need to get inside the castle to find Famine the Horseman. You need the Castle Key to get inside. In the demo version, you can play all of the first puzzle and ends the game at the castle entrance.

Getting started

Blackmarsh is both the name of the continent and the area you started with.


Explore Blackmarsh and enter Barbican.


Get oriented.

Drop from the room behind your starting position to open access to a passage you would later need.

Get your Hand Crossbow.

Locate the entrance to The Mill.

Proceed to Barbican.

Detailed Walkthrough

You begin under the statue of a praying angel in Blackmarsh. Go up to the wall in front of you and read the message. Many messages reveal important clues. Click here to have the message explained.

Tyranith is ahead of you, battling against the servants of Eidelon. He would leave a number of important notes to you. Each hub begins with a message of his showing the way ahead. You would meet the invincible Crystal Golem before entering Famine’s Lair. Also the Brotherhood of Hunger has some important clues at their Altar, but you cannot approach the Altar without the Amulet of Hunger, which rests inside the castle treasury.

Go back up either ramp open the door and into the room. On the right is a mural with a button on the lower right corner. Press it to open the mural behind you.

Jump down where the mural opened and hit the switch to open a door beyond the bars. You would later need to go through that door to access the Burial Chamber of Loric later, I think it makes little sense to guide you go there, hit the blocked passage, and come back to open the wall. Take the teleporter back.

Proceed through the passage in front of the angel to a wooden door. Enter the room and hit the button on the right column to move the coffin. Step on the floor plate now exposed to open another door.

Follow the hallway. There are stairs going down your right. Go down and examine it. All doors leading to another area shows the name of the destination on the wall next to them. This one leads to The Mill. However, but this door is blocked and can only be opened from the other side. Proceed to the outside area.

Kill Archers and Get the Hand Crossbow. Explore this open area Examine the wall next to the doors on the right. This door also leads to The Mill and is not blocked. We would go to The Mill later. Now take the path leading left through the cave. Cross the wooden bridge and arrive at Wizard's Lab.

Go to the left through the entrance to Barbican.

Fort of Barbican


Locate the Fort of Barbican and get inside.

Get the Mill Key.


Fly across the stone wall to get into the fort.

Break your way into the fort via underwater.

Locate a secret passage leading to a controllable Ballista.

Break the seal of the Old Tower, go inside to take the Mill Key.

Back to Blackmarsh.

Detailed Walkthrough

Follow the cave to a catapult facing a stone wall. Fling sheep on the catapult across the wall (use the fire key to release the spring mechanism). Follow suit yourself.

To get the secret Glyph, press BACK key in mid-air to settle on top the ledge.

Continue through the dark caves to a broken wall. Go through and climb up for goodies. Come back out and enter the stone door.

They got the Drawbridge up before you can dash through. Drop into the moat (watch out for Hydras) and explore the underwater. The right hand side is blocked. The left hand side is a underwater passage and a partially broken grate.

Follow the underwater passage and surface at another moat (the left moat). Explore the shore and kill all enemies.

Opposite the moat are two ledges in the castle. It is too far to jump, even from the tree. No need to worry about the Ballistic on the right ledge, since it would not shoot at you. Note that near the explosive barrels there is a peculiar structure surrounded by colorful banners. This is the Old Tower, but you can't get inside yet. Swim back to the central moat.

This time, break the partially broken grate with your Katar, take a breath and swim through the underwater tunnel.

Take the first opening to your left and swim up for some goodies. There is a circular hole above you but it is impossible to jump up from here. Go back to the tunnel and take the first opening to your right to swim up to a broken wall.

Before breaking the wall, dive again for treasure hunting. This time, swim to the far end of the tunnel and turn left. Grab the Chaos Device and swim back to the broken wall. If instead of swimming back you proceeded forward to surface there, you end up in the Market Area surrounded by Archers. We would get there by land later, fighting them from a better position.

Break the broken wall and crouch through. Read the note on the floor next to the table. Many hints are presented this way. We are going to break the seal and see what is inside.

Leave the room and the Market Area is ahead of you. Do not go there yet. Run up the stairs to your immediate left, then go right up more stairs, all the way around to the Ballista to destroy it. Down the stairs and through the small wooden door at the top left of the first staircase.

Visit the corners of the bedroom and note what the circular hole (the one above your head when you took the first left in the underwater tunnel) actually is. The next room has a sword rack on the wall and an adjoining bedroom. Explore the rooms and proceed to the closed door straight ahead.

Walk up to the lever to lower the drawbridge. Go back to the room with the sword rack.

Destroy the vases to the left of the sword rack to expose a marked wall. Strike the wall to move it, then enter and climb the steps to the hidden Ballista you can control. Opposite you is the left moat. If you haven’t killed the enemies there in advance, you have to do it from here, which is more exposed and dangerous for Assassins. Remember the two ledges you saw from the left moat? You are now on the right ledge with the Ballista, but you still can’t access the other ledge.

Use the Ballista to destroy the sealed Old Tower. Jump down and climb to the Old Tower. Enter the teleporter inside.

The teleporter transports you to the unaccessible ledge. Collect the Mill Key. You need it to unlock the Mill. Drop down into the water and swim back to the central moat.

Leave Barbican and back to Blackmarsh.

Potion of Mithril Transmutation


Find out how to make the Potion of Mithrill Transmutation.

Dig up the Bones of Loric.

Crush the Bones of Loric

make the Potion of Mithril Transmutation


Find out how to make the Potion of Mithrill Transmutation.

From under the wooden bridge find the Tomb of Loric and take the Bones.

Go to the mill and crush the bones to dust.

Find a way back to Blackmash.

Go to the lava pit of the wizard’s lab to make the Potion of Mithril Transmutation

Take the potion to Barbican.

Detailed Walkthrough

Back at Wizard’s Lab from Barbican. The late wizard was in the middle of making the Potion of Mithril Transmutation. Walk up to the bookstand in front of the lava pit to find out how to complete the the potion. Explore the lab for goodies if you haven’t done so.

Leave the lab back to the wooden bridge. Jump off into the water, find an underwater switch ahead on your right. Press the switch to expose a teleporter and take the teleporter to a room with stairs leading down over a grate.

Go forward. Here is the wall you opened long ago. If you hadn’t hit the switch here, you would have been blocked by a wall and have to go back to the switch now.

Proceed into the room with a large wooden spoked wheel and a lever. Operate the lever by moving against it, turning the wheel to open a stone door.

Pressing the switch near the wheel opens the iron bars so you can access the teleporter back to your starting location if you so wish.

Go through the stone door to the Burial Chamber of Loric. Walk to the center of the red spoked platform to raise his coffin and collect his bones.

There are two teleporters under water. The one on your back (towards the passage you came from) leads back to the Burial Chamber entrance (since you can’t climb up from water). Take the teleporter on the left and rise up. Open bars and you are back at the Wizard’s Lab.

Go all the way back to the open area and proceed to The Mill.

Jump off the ledge into the marsh pond. There is no way back to Blackmarsh.

Go forward to a place where a tree grows on a ledge above.

Hop on the bush beside the torch, try jump to the ledge with the tree and Chaos Device (I gave up after twenty jumps). Collect also the Hand Crossbow behind the tree.

Continue down under the ledge to an area with two teleporters. Take the teleporter on the left to go to the mill.

Go up the ramp on the right of the mill. All the way to the topmost ledge to find a secret Urn. Walk back down to the wooden door. It unlocks automatically since you have got the Mill Key. Get inside the mill to crush the bones.

Leave the mill. Beware of newly arrived Archers. Collect the dust in front of the mill. Exit through the teleporter.

Go across the small yard to enter the other teleporter.

Throw the lever near the bell to ring it and open an iron door. Walk down the ramp behind the door, and proceed all the way back to Blackmarsh.

Go all the way to the wizard's lab.

Walk into the lava pit. Collect the potion created.

Leave Blackmarsh and enter Barbican.

Entering the castle


Get the Castle Key behind the Mithril Wall.

Enter the Castle.


Find the room with the cauldron to access another part of the castle.

Find the Wizard’s Lab and the secret passage inside.

Find the entrance to the Castle.

Secure and loot the market area.

Get to the right moat and find the Mithril Wall.

Get the Castle Key and enter the Castle.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go to the fort. Since you have lowered the drawbridge, enter through the main entrance.

Still avoiding the market area, go all the way via the room with a sword rack into the secret passage. Go pass the lever that lowered the drawbridge. and proceed to the next room with a cauldron and a Tome of Power. Try kill enemies below before dropping through the crack in the corner.

Exit the cell and take the hallway left to an open area with a broken staircase. Wipe out all resistance and explore the area, including the two hallways leading to it.

Use a barrel to climb up the stairs and enter Wizard’s study on the left.

Destroy his desk and walk over the floorplate revealed, opening a darkened wall to the left. Climb the steps, through an illusionary wall to an open area just outside the entrance to the castle. Remember which part of the wall is the illusion since we have to go back in.

Kill the Archers with their back to you. Descend the stairs and go through the archway and you arrived at the market area again. Now that all enemies have gone. You can loot the place in peace.

At the market area is a well. If you had surfaced from the end of the underwater tunnel, you would have arrived here with enemies all around you.

Go back through the archway and climb the stairs outside the illusionary wall. Walk up to the doors to see what you need to get inside. Back to the Wizard’s study via the illusionary wall. If you cannot jump back (it is not that difficult but you have to remember where it is), go back the long way.

Explore the study and open the windows, drowning the spiders. Drop into the water below. This is the right moat. Explore the shore and swim left (right if viewed from the Wizard’s study).

Now you found the unbreakable Mithril Wall on your left. Swim up to it to apply the Potion and transmutate it into wood. Break the (now) wooden wall and collect the Castle Key inside.

Continue your underwater journey, watching out of Hydras. Collect the Ring of Water Breathing and swim through the iron door back to the central moat.

Cross the drawbridge to go to the market place. Go through the archway and up the stairs. This you, you opened the doors and learn what is inside. Leave the country side for good and proceed to the castle.

Ending Message

This is the end of the demo version, where you get an interesting message:

You've made it this far, but you are not done yet. Eidolon, the last of the Serpent Riders waits in the darkened castle before you. Surrounded by his legions of soulless abominations, only you can save Thyrion from its plight. All life rests in your hands.
Nothing shall stop you from exacting your bloody vengeance. Nothing will stand in your way.
At least, not after you buy the full version of Hexen 2!
No sheep were harmed in the making of this demo.

The secrets of the Tailor


After the demo levels, now starts the second puzzle.

Discover the secrets of the Tailor.

Obtain the Scroll of Disrupt Magic to break the Magical Barrier at the Entrance to Palace.

The Tailor


Get details on how to proceed from the Tailor.


Read the note at Tailor’s shop

Find the secret Altar in the Shoppe.

Detailed Walkthrough

Arriving at King’s Court, there are three different scenarios ahead of you. Depending on whether you walk past the left (scenario L) or the right (scenarios RY and RN) of the Central Pillar in the Court (and if to the right, whether you walk up to the whitish barrier above the steps [RY] or not [RN]), two important items will be found at three different pairs of locations. The walkthrough is designed so that you found them in the right order no matter which scenario you wished to follow.

Important note: the three-scenario stuff is only enabled in the 1.11 patch. If you are still running the original 1.00 version, follow scenario L because it is the only safe route.

Via either side of the Central Pillar, go forward to the 4-way intersection. This is the most important landmark in King’s Court. In front of you is the Butcher, on your left is the Shoppe, Stables Entrance and the Tailor’s shop. On your right is the Inner Courtyard Entrance and the Raven’s Nest. Behind you is the Court with the Central Pillar. On one side of the Court, are steps leading to a whitish barrier. This is the Magical Barrier guarding the Palace. Try approach it. You cannot pass the barrier but it does you no harm.

Go left past the Shoppe and the Stables entrance, to the Tailor’s Shop on the left. Explore the ground floor and then go upstairs.

Examine his Closet.

Read the note on the table to learn how to proceed. The two sentences are totally unrelated. The tailor is telling you where the Altar is located, and where the key of his Closet (Tailor’s Key) is hidden.

Leave Tailor’s shop. Go back past the Stables Entrance to the Shoppe. Explore the whole Shoppe. In case you still can’t find the Altar, it is near the bed on second floor. Break the chest at the foot of the bed and strike the wall. Try to enter the Altar and see what happens. Actually, Tyranith has already told you that you have to acquire the Amulet of Hunger from the castle treasury.

Tailor’s Closet


Read the last words of Anton the tomb maker.

Find the Forgotten Chapel.

Get the Tailor’s Key.

Open Tailor’ closet and see what is inside.


From the Tomb Maker’s shop in the Inner Court, find the secret passage to Anton’s cell.

Read the letter written by Anton.

From the Guillotine, break the stained glass and enter the Forgotten Chapel.

Move the Altar and drop to a spider nest.

Get the Tailor’s Key.

Drop into a water passage and fall into the worship area.

Leave the Forgotten Chapel back to Inner Court.

Detailed Walkthrough

From the Shoppe, go past the 4-way intersection to the entrance of the Inner Courtyard. Enter.

Go left, turn right at the Guillotine. Note that in front of the Guillotine is an iron grate leading that won’t open.

Follow the hallway (ignoring the Tavern and the Stone Bridge on your left) all the way to the Tomb Maker’s shop. When you are passing the exits to Tavern and the Stone Bridge, move quickly so has not to arouse the Archers inside. We would deal with them later. For now, walk up to the grave at the Tomb Maker’s shop to see to whom it belongs.

Explore the whole shop. Upstairs in the bedroom (with two beds, two corpses, and two Archers), find a small switch next to the books on the left wall. Push the switch to open the bookcase and climb inside.

Following the tunnel down. Collect the Power Cube over the coffin. On your right is a breakable web leading to an Archer and a teleporter. The teleporter takes you back to the Guillotine. Forget about it for now. Take the left door and proceed until you reach a room with a bloody table.

Jump on the table to open the iron grate above (in front of the Guillotine). On your right is Anton’s cell. On your left is a door under a mural leading to another teleporter.

Enter Anton’s cell and find Anton’s letter to his beloved, showing the way to the Forgotten Chapel. In scenario RN, you got a different note from Anton. In this case, the Treasury Key is buried in Anton’s Grave. You already know where the grave is, but you still need a Shovel to dig it up. For the two other scenarios (L and RY), you still have to locate a Diary to find out where the Treasury Key is. Note that the words can separate us is missing in the longer version of the note.

Explore this area. Proceed to the door under the mural. Save your game and go inside the teleporter for fun. Tyranith told you that an invincible Crystal Golem protects the entrance to Famine’s Lair, didn’t he?

Also, noticed that in the Chamber of Crystal Golem, there is a translucent wall blocking your way to a red teleporter. The red Teleporter leads to Famine’s Lair.

Restore your saved game. Use the other teleport to get back to the Guillotine.

Climb up the Guillotine and drop the blade. Doing this is essentiel in scenario RY, or the Anton’s Diary would not appear.

Turn around. Face the broken glass. Break it and hop across. Go left to a marked wall. Push on the wall to move it and follow the passage right to the entrance to the Forgotten Chapel.

In the Chapel, go past the locked door to a door that opens into a dark stairwell. Go up the stairs to the altar. Explore it. On the wall behind it are three steps. Hop up the steps and press one of the angel reliefs to slide the altar back towards you.

Jump down into the spider nest hole and go across into a cell with a body covered in webs. Destroy the body and the Tailor’s Key will appear behind you. Take it.

Break the webbing and drop through into an underground water passage. Follow it around to a door that will open on the right, leading to a teleporter.

Enter the teleporter, falling into the Worship Area with Archers all around you. Run over the plate in the pool, then go above and grab the Power Cube.

I have been looking for a mysterious message for some time, and finally reader Ed Halley showed me how to get it. The message only appears in a network game, that’s why I have never seen it myself. On the level above, there are four very tall stained glass windows facing a statue of praying angel (high above the ground). If you are playing a network game, you should notice an incessant sound of sheep-bleats whenever you're near the central chapel floor. Break the second stained glass window (counting clockwise). Jump inside and find the noisy sheep. Kill it, and everybody except the killer gets the message “You’ve killed Steve”.

Explore the whole area and leave through the door. Go back all the way Tailor’s shop in King’s Court.

Go upstairs to his closet. Open it. Break out the back to get the Disrupt Magic Scroll. Now you are capable of entering the Palace.



Remember what Tyranith told you at the beginning? Now that we have the Disrupt Magic Scroll and can enter the Palace, we still need the Treasury Key to get the Amulet of Hunger.

Find out clues of where the Treasury Key is hidden.

Find a Shovel from the Stables to dig the Treasury Key.

The shovel


Explore the Stables and get the Shovel.

On the way, try to find out where the Treasury Key is buried.

Dig the Treasury Key if located.


Explore the Butcher.

Enter The Stables. Climb up the ledge and proceed to the Forge.

Read a diary behind stack of hay bails.

Climb to secret room on the rafters. Throw switch to open mural.

Collect Shovel, dig Treasury Key and leave.

Back at King’s Court, explore the hallway beyond the Tailor’s shop to access the upper level of the Court.

Detailed Walkthrough

Back from the Inner Courtyard, go back to the Butcher. Explore the shop.

In scenario RY, you would found Butcher’s Diary in the basement. Think for a while why water would run upward. You would run into the place soon.

Leave the Butcher, go right and enter The Stables.

Jump up the hay bails to the left in the start area to get to the ledge above. You can already see the Mystic Urn on your right but cannot reach it from here. Grab glyphs and go around the ledge to the A-shaped frame over the stable doors. Hop on the ledge, then on the A frame, walking over it to to collect the Mystic Urn.

Back across the other side of the A-shaped frame to the wall opening. Enter, turn right and down the ramp. Turn left into an open area in front of a forge. Explore the whole forge, though there isn’t much to see.

Pass the tree, right turn and then left turn. Note the stacked hay bails on your right, blocking an open area behind them. Break through from the left side of the bails using your Katar and get inside. Watch out for the Archer and Spiders waiting to serve you.

In scenario L, you find a diary near a dead body indicating where the Treasury Key is hidden. You have already seen the tree in front of the forge, but you still need a shovel to dig for the Treasury Key.

Back out from the area behind the stacked hay bails. With the bails behind you, on your right and back is a hallway blocked at the end by iron bars that would not yet open. Behind the bars area the real stables. You may go down, have a look and come back. To the right and straight ahead of you is a wooden door. Stay away from that door.

Before reaching the door, there is an area on the right with a ladder behind the hay. Secure the area and climb the ladder.

When you reach the loft, a door to your right will skide open, ignore it. Instead jump away from the ladder, turn around and fight against the baddies who have been waiting for you.

When the loft is cleaned, look around. On the left of the openned door is a mural that won’t open. Look up. There are goodies up there, as well as a secret door. Yet it is too high to jump, even from the top-most bail.

Leave the loft through the openned door. Up the ramp but do not proceed to the room ahead, it leads to a room requiring the Stables Key. Turn around and up the other ramp. Turn right to the dead end. A metal door slides open on your left. Look outside. You are now on the level of the rafters. Collect the Discs of Repulsion out there. Hop from rafter to rafter to access the secret door. Hop towards the door and it opens.

Collect the Helmet inside the door. Throw the switch to open the mural below. Kill the Golem from the rafters. Jump down and collect the Shovel inside.

Again leave through the openned door but this time do not go up the ramp. Immediately on the left of the ramp is a platform going straight forward. It is pitch dark but you can still see what is below. Kill the Archer below and jump down. See if there is another Archer just outside the door. Loot the area, leave it and a door on your left slides open, leading back to the bottom of the ladder.

For scenario L, go back to the Forge, and dig out the Treasury Key near the tree and come back.

Back through the door to continue. The hallway leads back to the big double doors at the entrance of the Stables. Leave The Stables and go back to King’s Court.

Go pass Tailor’s shop to a winding corridor. Up the stairs and kill the stone Golem. Go up all the way till you come back out to the open.

You would be looking down on the King’s Court with the Central Pillar in front of you. Kill your enemies before coming out.

The door to the Central Pillar is barred from inside. Explore the rest of the area. Go back to the 4-way intersection (via Tailor’s shop or by jumping down to the Court).



Continue to locate and dig the Treasury Key.

The Treasury is inside the Palace, and the entrance is protected by a Magic Barrier. Break the Magic Barrier to enter the Palace.

Enter Treasury to collect the Amulet of Hunger.


Go to Anton’s shop if the Treasury Key is buried in his grave.

Break the Magic Barrier to enter the Palace.

Proceed to the throne room, bedroom, courtyard and enter the Treasury.

Get the Amulet of Hunger and return.

Detailed Walkthrough

For scenario RN, take a trip to the Inner Court. Go to Anton’s shop. Anton held the Treasury Key in his grave. Dig it. It is interesting that while the grave says Anton lost his head, all there is inside the grave is his head. Come back to King’s Court.

In scenario L and RN, you now possess the Treasury Key; for scenario RY, we would find the key inside the Palace.

In King’s Court, go to the Raven’s Nest (on the far right of the 4-way intersection, beyond the Entrance to Inner Court).

Explore both floors. Break the kegs downstairs on the left side of the wall to reveal a secret teleporter.

Enter the teleporter, shoot and step back till you have killed the Archer on the other side.

Leave the room and you found yourself exit from inside the Central Pillar. Since we have killed the monsters outside in advance, you are safe here.

Down to the Magical Barrier. Walk up to it and your Disrupt Magic Scroll will break it. Enter the Palace Entrance.

Follow the hallway to the throne room and search the throne for Repulsion Discs.

Enter the royal bedroom via the hexagonal doorway. Jump in the pool for a secret Invisibility Sphere

Leave the bedroom, down a hall to a door opening into the fountain courtyard.

Wipe out the Imps and the Ballista, and go round the upper ledge to a tower housing a Tome of Power.

Kill the Golem below and jump down into the courtyard with the fountain. Here the water flows upwards. In scenario RY, you dig the Treasury Key behind the fountain.

Now enter the door next to the lift. Follow the passage to a spiral staircase leading down to the Treasury. Kill the Golem from above. Remember to collect the goodies between the spiral staircase and the wall.

Enter the Treasury, collecting the Amulet of Hunger, other goodies, then taking the teleporter to the throne room. Go back to King’s Court.

The Crystal Barrier


There is a Wall of Crystal blocking your access to Famine. The Secret Altar of the Brotherhood of Hunger will be your guide.

Secret Altar


Enter the secret altar of the Brotherhood of Hunger to get clues to the next puzzle.

Detailed Walkthrough

At the 4-way intersection, go left to the Shoppe. Enter the Altar near the end of the bed on the second floor.

Read the prophecies of the Brotherhood. Click here to have the message explained.

You need to cross the crystal barrier before you can face Famine. To cross the Crystal Barrier, you need to seek out sand, glass, and grindstone. As a further tip from the Brotherhood, you are told to begin your quest from the Forge.

Still obscure what is happening? If you followed my advise, you would have seen the Crystal Barrier in the Chamber of the Crystal Golem. But what has it to do with sand, glass, and grindstone?

Tyranith said that King’s Mage would know of a way to grant you the power to destroy the Crystal Golem. The same power would let you cross the Crystal Barrier. Let’s pay a visit to King’s Mage first.

The Hall of the King’s Mage


Go to the Hall of King’s Mage to further clarify the puzzle.


Go to the Tavern in the Inner Court.

Go to the Hall of King’s Mage.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go to Inner Court. Go left to the Guillotine and turn right to Tavern.

Be careful of the stone Imp statue in the middle of the main room. If you walk near it, it would suddenly come to life. But before it comes to life, you cannot do it any harm.

Clear the shop and collect the goodies. Come out and climb the ramp on your left towards the stone bridge.

There are Archers on the other side of the stone bridge. They are very difficult to hit because when you shoot, they kneel down and would be under cover. If you rush across the bridge, you would have to fight them face to face, one on both sides of you. No something an Assassin should do.

Instead use the Glyphs. They will duck and the Glyphs will form a chain on the wall behind them. It will also fly back towards you to build the other end of the chain so strafe quickly behind the walls. Stay far away from the chain. When the Archer rises up, he would trigger the explosion. Listen carefully and repeat until he is dead. Then repeat for the other Archer.

Across the bridge, collect the Mana from where the Archers were, and enter the Hall.

This is a bit tough so save your game here. As you climb the staircase and turn at the corner, you can see the Archer Lords in the Hall. One on the long table and two beside each big vase. If you stay at the lower part of the staircase, most of your shots will hit the staircase instead of hitting them. If you climb to the top, you are completely exposed to their arrows.

Climb up and shoot one of them. All will be aroused, but they would not climb down the stairs together. Stay downstairs and wait till one appears. Kill him and wait for the second one. If necessary, retreat back across the bridge to shoot them from the other side. In any case, have Discs of Repulsion ready. Keep moving and watch your health.

In the Hall, break the left vase on the upper ledge at to get an urn.

Walk against the tapestry at the end of the hall. You need to be able to see clearly to pass this translucent wall into the area behind.

What is sand, glass, and grindstone? You cannot find any bead of glass in the game, nor are you able to carry the grindstone around (to throw at the Crsytal Barrier perhaps). What actually is needed is to collect sand from the Stables (remember the part you could not yet enter?), melt it into glass, and find the grindstone to grind into a Lens of Seeing. When the Lens of Seeing, you can pass this translucent wall and receive the power you needed from the King’s Mage.



From the Forge in Stables, find the Stables Key to access the locked area in the Stables.

Collect sand in the Stables.


Find the secret room in the second floor of the Forge. Collect the Stables Key.

Open the locked room on the loft above the ladder. Find the hidden passage to the Stables.

Collect sand from the Stables.

Detailed Walkthrough

You are told to start in the Stables. Go either way (up the bails or through big double doors) to the Forge.

Go upstairs and find a red button beside the fireplace. Even if you have been up here last time you visited the Stables, you wouldn’t have seen the button at that time. It only appears after you have entered the secret Altar of the Brotherhood of Hunger and read the note there.

Push the button and enter behind the fireplace.

Collect the Stables Key on the far end. Remember to crack the crates to see if they contain goodies.

Leave the Forge. Proceed to the area with a ladder behind the hay. Climb the ladder, go through the door, up the ramp and into the room you haven’t yet visited.

After securing the room, enter the door on your left into a bedroom with bunk bed.

Climb up on the bed with the ladder and hop across to the mural to get a Seal of the Ovinomancer.

Jump down and leave the bedroom. On the left of the door is a corridor with a closed door. The closed door requires the Stables Key to open. Since you already got the key, enter.

Destroy the carpet and open the trap door. Beware of the trap door: it opens upwards. If you stand in the way, you would get hurt.

Down the passage and smash through the wood barrier to the double doors. Go through the doors into the real stables.

Find a switch on the wall to your left. Throw the switch and collect the sand from the nearby trough.

You can see a stable with double doors that would neither open or break. Jump inside from the trough to collect the Power Cube.

Proceed to the other end of the stable. The iron bars will open automatically as you approach. Leave via the archway back to the ground level.



Melt the sand into glass


Go to the Forge and melt the sand into glass.

Detailed Walkthrough

This is simple. Go back to the Forge.

Walk up to the forge (the red hot stuff) behind the anvil to heat the sand to glass.

The bead of glass is not very visible but it is immediately in front of the forge. Looks more like a transparent brain than a bead of glass. Pick it up and leave The Stables.



Grind the glass into lens.


Go to the last unvisited shop of the Inner Court.

Find a secret passage on the second floor leading to the Grindstone.

Grind the glass into lens.

Detailed Walkthrough

Inner Court. On your left is the Guillotine you have visited many times. Now turn right.

Go upstairs. The fireplace looks empty. Crouch to its inside and look around.

Hop up the steps in the wall, crouch through the upper opening and find the Grindstone.

Approach the grindstone to smooth the glass to a Lens of Seeing. The lens will be in the doorway behind your back.

Get the armor in the corner next to the grindstone.

King’s Mage


Obtain the power to defeat the Crystal Golem from the secret area behind the Hall of King’s Mage.


Go to Hall of King’s Mage.

Enter the teleporter behind the translucent wall.

Go through the Crystal Arch to gain the power to defeat the Crystal Golem.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go to the Hall of the King’s Mage again.

Get prepared for ambush and walk through the the tapestry at the end of the hall.

Behind the the translucent wall is a pool with a Golem on it. Run to the right and jump away from the pool quickly. The Golem would not leave the small area he is standing on and hopefully you have placed the trees and the Crystal Arch between you and the Imps. Kill the Imps and finish the Golem.

The King’s Mage, however, isn’t here. There is a Crystal Arch in the middle of the pool though. Go through the Crystal Arch and you would be given the power to destroy the otherwise invincible Crystal Golem.

Leave through the teleporter you come from and back out to the stone bridge.

There is a Golem below the bridge but it is difficult to shoot from here. Pass the bridge to the hallway and go down towards Anton’s shop. The doorway on your left leads to the area under the bridge.

Snipper at the Golem, retreating all the way towards the Guillotine as he rushes towards you.

Go the the area where the late Golem was patrolling. On the far end, jump behind the explosive barrels (don’t shoot them!) to get some Glyphs.

The first Horseman

The Chamber of the Crystal Golem


Defeat the Crystal Golem.


Go to Anton’s cell.

Go via teleporter to the Chamber of the Crsytal Golem.

Defeat him and proceed to Famine’s Domain.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go to Anton’s cell either via his shop or the hole in front of the Guillotine.

Go down the stairs to the entrance of the Chamber of the Crystal Golem.

Enter the teleporter. Now that you have the power, the Crystal Golem is not that difficult to kill.

Kill the Crystal Golem. Walk through the Crystal Barrier. The barrier would not break before you killed the Golem (so you cannot just sneak past him and rush through). Enter the red skull teleporter.

Famine’s Domain


You guess.

Detailed Walkthrough

Familiarize yourself with the room. It is a simple room afterall. Soon Famine will join you.

Famine is the easiest of the four Hoursemen to handle. Just keep on shooting and evade or repell his attacks. When fighting, watch your health and Mana. If your Mana drops to zero, you would be switched back to the Katar and would lose a lot of time switching back your weapon.

Use your inventory effectively. Collect the goodies while fighting.

When you see Famine suddenly freezes and start emitting beams of light, he is dying. You have a few seconds left. Run quickly and grab everything in the room. In Quake, you start each dimension afresh with a pistol and 50 health; here in Hexen II, you start next continent with what you left. So boost up your health and Mana, and collect as many inventory items as you can.

Finally, the ending message appears.

Press the fire key (took me some time to figure this out) to proceed to Mazaera.

Click the bold text to expand/collapse the details. When your mouse is over them, the text color will change to red, and the mouse pointer will change to a hand. When the details are expanded, you may also double-click the detail lines to collapse them (so you don’t need to scroll back to title line to collapse the details).

Some other bold text have tool tips instead of collapsible details. Station your mouse over it. The text would not turn red, and the notes will pop up next to the mouse.

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