Hexen II: Mazaera Game Guide for Assassins

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Hub 2: Mazaera

This is the Mezo-American hub, a beautiful land of lush rain forests and nomadic tribesmen, homeland of the Assassin. You make news friends including Scorpions, Were-Jaguars, and Were-Panthers.

New Enemies

Scorpions are similar to spiders. They are not noisy so you have to really look out for them.

Were-Jaguar and Were-Panthers are real headaches for Assassins. I would call them Were-X because they are similar. As soon as you fire, they would run two steps towards you, then jump and roll and is already within an arm’s reach in no time.

Grenades are usually not useful on Were-X because they move too fast (unless you are banging Grenades directly on their body, causing great damage to yourself at the same time). Therefore, while other classes use either weapons #2 or #3 to beat them, you are confined to the Hand Crossbow, and as a result running out of Blue Mana and underusing Green Mana.

I shadowcasted into Necromancer explore the first two areas before I dare to fight my way through as an Assassin. The only weakness of Were-Xes is that they do not have long range weapons. Keep retreating to gain time to shoot them.

At the end of the hub is Eidelon's second Hoursemen, Death.

Perhaps you would start noting bugs in Hexen II with fast moving monsters like the Were-X. You would find your opponent suddenly frozen in the middle of a fight. It would not fall down even if it is in mid air. I have never succeeded in unfreezing a frozen Were-X, nor be able to kill one. The worst thing that can happen is that it blocks your way and you have to noclip through it.

Ornamental Key


This hub is divided into three parts. A short openning puzzle starts at the Plaza of the Sun. You need the Ornamental Key to open the two doors of the Plaza to proceed to the main puzzle.

Plaza of the Sun


Explore the Plaza of the Sun


Raise the bridge and cross it to the Plaza.

Access the Altar to open the door to the upper level.

Get your Grenades.

Proceed to the Obelisk of the Moon.

Detailed Walkthrough

You start on walks over lava outside the Plaza of the Sun.

Immediately ahead of you is a 4-way intersection. The path on your right is not yet accessible. Meet your first Scorpion on the left and proceed that way. Then left again and approach the circular cage.

Defeat the golem and press the sun button beyond the cage to raise a bridge. Return to the 4-way intersection and go straight to the bridge you just raised. Turn left to a switch. Throw it to extend an outside bridge to the Plaza.

Go back to the 4-way intersection, turn right. At the corner, read Tyranith’s message on the wall from your old friend Tyranith. Click here to have the message explained.

Your task is to collect the four Elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) and bring them back to the Bridge of Stars. Only then can you enter the Well of Souls to meet Death.

To collect the Elements, you need to pass the Test of the Elements.

Proceed forward to the opening. From there you can see the building across the bridge. You should also see Archers on top of the plaza. Shoot them from here while you can strafe back to the corridor.

Be careful with the lava, I haven’t found any way to climb back out without using the Chaos Device. Quake slime pools nearly always have ways to climb out; Hexen II lava pools seldom. Cross the bridge but do not enter the plaza.

Go left around the outer ledge to find a torch (what a secret!) and an Archer. If there are outstanding Archers on top, try shoot them now. Go back to the entry of the structure.

Save your game and enter. As you approach the Stone of Summoning, you will be introduced to the Were-Jaguar. Shoot and retreat all the way back across the bridge without falling into the lava.

Back inside the structure. On either side of you is a stone door with ornamental design on them. The left door leads to the Water Element and the right one to the Fire Element. Walk up to them. Both are locked. They need the Ornamental Key to open.

Go through either of the narrow doorways to the altar with another Were-X. Go up the steps near the alter to walk up to it and open the big door on the top of the stairs. If you haven’s finished all the Archers above, time to do it now.

Climb the stairs. You will be visiting first the Grenades in front of you, then a secret on your right, and then the teleporter on your left.

Grab the Grenades and proceed to the secret, ready for a Were-X. After defeating it, collect the Tome of Power behind.

Go to the other side, defeat another Were-X to access the Teleporter.

Obelisk of the Moon


Locate and raise the Obelisk.

Get the Ornamental Key.


Enter building and proceed to room with Obelisk. Step on floor plates to raise it.

Upstairs to the collapsing bridge. Jump down to cross the lava pool using a teleporter.

Collect the Ornamental Key and run back across the bridge.

Back to Plaza of the Sun.

Detailed Walkthrough

Turn left at corner to be greeted by the Were-X. Go around left to the stairs and do not yet approach the stairs. Right ahead of the stairs is an Archer on a ledge above. Shoot him down before investigating the area.

Jump on the rail of the stairs. Below is a Scorpion and Seal of the Ovinomancer. Kill the Scorpion before proceeding.

Back on the rail if you have fallen. Run and jump to the top of the arched door. Steps will pop out from the wall so you can jump up to the ledge.

Collect the urn and read the message about the Bridge of Stars.

Grab the Seal of the Ovinomancer and go throught the doorway. The corridor branching on your right leads to the Bridge of Stars. Go straight ahead for now.

In the room ahead, there are Archers on the far side corners and Scorpions on the near side corners. Try shoot down the Archers without entering the room, and then use Grenades to clean the Scropions.

Walk on both floor plates in the room to raise the Obelish of the Moon and dash to the rear right corner of the room. The three doors of the room will be opened. The rear door and the right door have an Archer inside. They should not be able to see you in the corner. Try bomb them with Grenades.

Enter the rear door and the right door. These are the two skull rooms. They are waiting for a Jade Skull and a Crystal Skull respectively.

Back out and enter the third door. Up a narrow staircase, then left into a hall of Scorpions. Try blast them with well-timed Grenades. When they get too close, retreat down the stairs.

Halfway down the hall on the right is an entrance to the collapsing bridge. If you just rush forward, it will collapse and you would drop into the lava. Just walk out to the first iron support and look down. Try kill the Archer below (may not be easy) and jump down. Enter the red teleporter to arrive at a similar room on the other side of the bridge.

Open the door to get the Ornamental Key. Run across the bridge and hop at the last support to get across.

Go back to the Plaza of the Sun.

Fire and Water

Element of Fire


Pass the Test of Fire to get the Element of Fire.


Unlock the doors using the Ornamental Key.

Proceed to the Test of Fire. Press all three buttons to collect the Fire Element.

Down the lift to the Court of 1000 Warriors.

Detailed Walkthrough

Back to the two stone doors requiring Ornamental Key. Save game and take a deep breath. When you open one of the doors, both will open. A Were-X may jump out of each doors. Touch the door and run back to the altar and upstairs. If you are fast enough, the Were-X would fail to follow you but stay right below you to reduce the distance from you (most AI doesn’t teach monsters to approach you via the long way). In that case, it is a good chance to use your Grenades.

Back to the doors and go through the stone door on the left to the Test of Fire.

Around the center structure is a lava pool. Surrounding the pool is the walls. The jumps are not easy for Assassins so save the game often. The area is left-right symmetric. There are three buttons on the three walls. When you pressed all three walls, the moving platforms freeze. Keep a saved game of the state before jumping because you may end up on the wrong button and want to do it all over again. You can try jumping from each platform to the central structure but the following demonstrated all the ways I succeeded.

Jump to the small moving platform on the left. At its highest, jump to the corner platform. Shoot down the Archer on the Rear corner platform. From the corner platform, jump to the next long moving platform and then the fixed platform with the button. Press it.

Continue clockwise: jump to the next small moving platform and then to the fixed rear corner platform. Shoot the Archer on the other rear corner platform. Jump to the central structure. Walk around it to clean this area of Archers.

There are two more buttons to press and you have two choices. I would first describe the method I think to be easier.

Jump from center structure to the fixed platform on the right with a button (the mirror image of the button you have already pressed). From here you can decide whether to travel to the front right corner to get the Quartz Flask. To get there, jump to the long platform and jump to the front corner. And back.

Then continue the counter-clockwise journey. Jump to the small platform and to the rear right corner. Jump back to the central strcture.

There is a small moving platform on each side of the remaining (rear) button. Wait till at least one of them is gone up near the highest position. Jump to the rear button and press it.

Once you press the last button, all moving platforms stop. Jump to either of the small platforms and then to the corner platform. Then jump to the central structure. If both of the small platforms stopped low, then it would not be possible to jump from them to the corner platform. In those cases, you have to jump down and rush across the lava pool back to the entrance. Or use the Chaos Device, or restore a saved game. You can try jumping from the rear button back to the central structure, but I have never succeeded doing so.

The alternative method is, of course, to press the rear button before the right button. I cannot jump from the right button to the central structure either. It is possible to jump from the long platform to the central structure though. Therefore, you wait till the long platform is nearly at its highest position, jump to the right button and press it. Then jump to the long platform and back to the central structure. This jump is more difficult, but if you decided to rush back to the entrance, this way it is shorter.

After pressing all three buttons, a walkway appears between the entrance and the central structure. Go inside the structure to collect the Fire Element. Save your game (unless you want to do the jumping a second time), push the button and take the lift down. The teleporter below will lead you to the Court of 1000 Warriors.

Jade Skull


Collect the Jade Skull in the Court of 1000 Warriors.


Turn the Sword Wheel to open the main door.

Cross the broken rope bridge to collect some goodies.

Jump down and swim down to find the Jade Skull.

Find your way back to the Plaza of the Sun.

Detailed Walkthrough

Don’t be frightened by the name. There isn’t 1000 enemies here. Just average.

Go upstairs and meet the Were-X. Left the room via the left (both lead outside).

Walk around the outside of the structure and collect the Mana. Go left to pick up the Icon of Defender on the far side of the rear lava pool. Continue your counter-clockwise route and passing by the other openning of the structure and to the front.

Shoot the Were-X on the left side of the front lava pool.

Climb the stairs to fight another Were-X up there but do not step on the Sword Wheel there. Step on the Sword Wheel. It would turn, and a Stone of Summoning would appear in the middle of the front lava pool. Rush downstairs, run and jump to the stone. Run and jump back to shore. If you are daydreaming on the Wheel (or busy fighting the Were-X), the Stone of Summoning will sink back into the pool. I haven’t found any way to raise the stone a second time. If you are healthy, you can even try swam down the lava pool to get it.

When the Sword Wheel turns, a door on the left of the front lava pool also opens. Go through that door, take up more Mana if necessary, towards the Ring of Reflection. Follow either staircase down to a large room with a Golem.

The left doorway is barred and would not open till much later. Follow the right one. Down the stairs and arrive at a broken rope bridge.

Crossing the bridge needs a little precision. If you fall, you would just visit the cave down there a little earlier than you should. It is easier to visit the other side of the bridge first, so try to make it in the first try.

To cross the bridge, walk on the ropes. At each knot, walk to the wooden platform and back to the rope ahead of the knot. Until you arrive at the broken part. Move to the center of the wooden platform and jump, aiming at the vertical rope ahead (so you won’t fall off because of overshooting).

Across the bridge now? Bravo! I fell off rather often. Throw the red switch ahead, but before of the Were-X down the hall on your right. Try not to fall down to the room below which fighting with it. Go inside the hall to collect a Mystic Urn and Mana

Return to the switch. A good opportunity to bomb the Were-Panther below with your Grenades. Jump down and take the Tome of Power and the Seal of the Ovinomancer.

You can see the broken rope bridge from here. Jump down under the bridge.

Enter the cave and jump into water. Hit the circular switch with a red pointer straight ahead to open the grates. Swim down pass the grates into the small tunnel and collect the Jade Skull. Press the switch behind the skull to open a passage above. Swim up and leave water.

Follow the narrow staired passage to the beggining of the rope bridge Up the stairs and bo back to the entrance to Plaza of the Sun.

Hit the button to bring the lift down and take it back up to the Test of Fire. Go back outside the Ornamental doors.

Element of Water


Pass the Test of Water to get the Element of Water in the Square of the Stream.


Jump pass the Stream of Life to enter the Square of the Stream.

Enter the doorway on the right and dive into the underwater maze.

Find the exit to collect the Water Element.

Detailed Walkthrough

Enter the other door previously locked by the Ornamental Key. Remember that there are Were-X here still waiting for you. Read the warning. What does it mean? Shortly you’d know.

Go downstairs. After killing the Were-X, hop over the Stream of Life. If you fall into the stream, you desecrated it. A trap high up will drop on your head.

Enter the Square of the Stream. Descend the stairs and enter the yard.

We would go through the passage on your right. But before doing that, look behind you. On the right side of the staircase you just descended is an Invisibility Sphere. To get it, climb up the stairs on the other side (in front of you before you turn around to look at the Sphere). Hop up to the horizontal red ledge and walk there. Collect the Sphere and jump down.

Go through the passage on the right and arrive at a pool of water. Dive in and find your way out of the maze.

Keep a mental idea of where you start, then go right. Each time you have a choice, go away from where you started. Soon you run into a dead end with a Hydra (I think it is the second Hydra you would meet, but the first one is at a cross junction). Backtrack to the last junction and take the other alternative. When you find an openning above you, swim up. There are more than one opennings, but only the correct one (which you should have arrived at) gives you the message and a door. Enter an adjoining room and grab the Water Element.

A new passage is now opened leading you back to the main yard.

Crystal Skull


Find the Serpent’s Heart to get the Crystal Skull. A Cystal Skull was really found in the ruins of a Mayan Temple and the skull shows fascinating properties.


From the main yard, enter the left doorway to area with an Urn atop an obelisk.

Follow the passage below the staircase to a pool. Collec the Serpent’s Heart.

Back to the main yard and climb the stairs to a room with an altar. Place the Serpent’s Heart there to collect the Crsytal Skull.

Detailed Walkthrough

The left doorway (right ahead of you, since you are return from the right doorway) is now unbarred. Enter it.

Come outside to a large open area with a Mystic Urn atop an obelisk. Kill the Scorpion near the stair case and descend. There is an Archer inside the room between the staircases under the ledge. Try bomb him with Grenades from the outside. Ignore the room for now. There is another Scorpion at a rear corner in the open. Finish it and run to the far end of the area.

The obelisk should have been raised. Nevertheless, climb the platform and jump at the Mystic Urn.

Come back to enter the door under the ledge. The narrow staircase on your right leads back to the main yard. There is a corridor in front of you. To your right is a dark niche with an Archer. Bomb him. The corridor leads to the left. Bomb the Scorpions but retreat fast.

Follow the corridor to a large room with a pool. Go around to the back of the pool and step on the floorplate to lift the Serpent’s Heart in the pool.

Grab the heart and leave, taking the narrow staircase back to the yard. You would arrive behind the staircases that you descended the first time when you came to the yard.

Go across to the stairs leading up. Take the Grenades and follow either side. There are several friends inside waiting for a target.

There is a Tome of Power near an altar. Place the Serpent's Heart on the altar and the Crystal Skull will appear nearby, together with a Skull Wizard. Grab the skull and return to the main square, where two more Skull Wizards are waiting for you.

Return to Plaza of the Sun.

Air and Earth


Open the secret door in the Obelisk of the Moon using the two skulls.

Get the Element of Air and Element of Earth.

Element of Air — gone


Find out where the Element of Air is gone.


Place the skulls in the two skull rooms.

Enter the Palace of Columns.

Find out where the Element of Air is gone.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go back to the two skull rooms in the Obelisk of the Moon. Place the two skulls. Doors will open in both rooms leading to a small ledge overlooking the entrance to the Palace of Colomns.

Drop Grenades to kill the Were-X below before proceeding.

Jump down and grab the Ring of Water Breathing, then go forward through the teleporter to the Palace of Columns.

In the Palace of Columns, there are a pair of entrances, one on each side of you. Each has an Archer inside, so give them several Grenades before they see you.

Follow each entrance in turn. Both lead to a barred doorway peeking into the same room. You should be able to see the Scorpion inside from one of the doorways. See if you can kill it safely from there.

Down to where you start and walk forward. When the hall ends, a hallway leads left and right. There is a Scorpion on each side of you, so use the Grenades again.

Follow the hallway left or right. On either end are staircases leading down to an Archer. Kill both Archers. Both staircases lead to the same open area with a big structure in the mid-rear.

As you approach the openning, a Were-X will notice you and start walking down the steps on the big structure. Use your Crossbow to keep shooting and retreating. Come back out after he is dead..

Look up and search the walls surrounding this open area. There are several Archers up there. Shoot them all down.

Go up the steps of the structure to collect the Mystic Urn. Walk around the ledge to grab the Power Cube on the other side. There, read a note about the whereabouts of the Element of Air. Fortunate of you, you don’t have to pass any Test of Air, because it is now in the tomb of Coatepec. Time to pay him a visit.

Tomb of the High Priest


Collect the Element of Air.


Enter the door between the columns to access the teleporter above the lava pit.

Proceed to the Tomb of the High Priest.

Go all the way down to his coffin to get the Element of Air buried with him.

Detailed Walkthrough

Jump down. Behind you (when you are facing the big structure with steps) are columns and a door between them. Proceed to a room with a red carpet and Scorpions.

There are two doorways in front of you. Take the left and shoot down the Archer. You would be looking down on a lava pit. Right below is a ledge and a Scorpion. Give it some Grenades. Try to locate the Were-X behind the metal structure in the middle of this room to shoot him down. Otherwise, be prepared that he may jump at you at any moment.

Go back to the red carpet room to take the other doorway, leading to the ledge below. Press the button. Cross the bridge to press the second button. It extends the upper ledge, so go back to take the left doorway and cross the lava pit.

Walk around the catwalk to a teleporter behind the Were-X. Enter.

The teleporter took you to the area behind the two barred doorway. If you haven’t killed the Scropion inside, you would now have a bad time struggling with it.

Enter the teleporter ahead leading to the Tomb of the High Priest.

The short corridor leads to a square courtyard on your left that looks pretty the same on four sides so keep oriented. Turn left to face the courtyard. There is an Archer on the right wall waiting. Kill him and explore the area.

Behind the colomned area on the right (where the Archer was) is a staircase leading up. The colomned area on the opposite side has a staircase leading down. The colomned area on the left side has nothing behind them it. In the middle of the courtyard is the rod part of your Staff of Set. It doesn’t look like a beetle, because you do not yet have its wings. Take it. Note the message: it is called Scarab Staff piece two. You would get piece one later. And the Staff used to be called Scarab Staff before it is renamed Staff of Set.

Take the corridor up. There are Archers on your way, and a Were-X on top. Walk around the red ledge overlooking the square to the colorful circular relief. Hit it with your Katar and open it. Behind a wall is a Seal of the Ovinomancer guarded by Were-Panther.

Hit the relief again to open and leave. Jump down. Follow the stairs down to a room. The square platform that bore your Staff of Set now descends to the your room, leaving a big hole above.

Go straight across, down the steps to the room with a Wizard and Tome of Power. Take it, and turn back to follow either of the short stairs, which lead to the same hallway.

It is dark here. There is a Scorpion to the left of the left stairs and another to the right of the right stairs. Bomb them from the stairs. After killing both, follow either hallway forward to a Dark Scorpion.

The wall behind the Dark Scorpion would move back, revealing a greenish staircase downwards. Look carefully at the walls along the staircase. At some parts, the walls will crush upon you. Rush past them.

At the bottom, you reach a balcony with Glyphs overlooking a room below. Shoot the wizard below. It cannot reappear upstairs so it is easy to finish him. There is a Were-X below the balcony but I do not think you can drop Grenades on it. Yet you need a lot of patience because it takes a lot time for it to agree to reappear in front of you. Follow stairs on the right side to shoot it down.

Walk up to the casket where the Wizard was and a Mystic Urn will appear. Collect it. A door also opened behind you, below the ledge.

Enter the door to collect the Element of Air. Explore the room behind it. Walk to the last coffin to open it and collect the Boots of Speed.

Backtrack all your way to the courtyard. New Archers are waiting you there. Shoot them down and return to the Palace of Columns.

Element of Earth


From the Palace of Columns, find a way into another area of the Court of 1000 Warriors.

Endure the Test of Earth to collect the Element of Earth.


Enter the two rooms behind the big structure in the Palace of Columns.

Enter the Court of 1000 Warriors.

Endure the Test of Earth to collect the Element of Earth.

Detailed Walkthrough

Take either of the exits from the teleporter, down the ramp and back to the structure at the outdoor area.

Walk behind the structure, entering the narrow dark passage to the two rooms. Collect Grenades from the room on the rear side (the one under the walls). Then enter the other room (the one under the structure). Take the teleporter there to another part of the Court of 1000 Warriors.

Go up the stairs on your left. You would be on a ledge overlooking a Were-X below. Drop him Grenades.

Jump down. Proceed through the only door to Prove yourself in the Test of Earth.

Take either the left or the right passage. First see whether any enemy is ahead. Shoot him down before proceeding. Wait for the first blocks to close then walk up and press yourself against them. When the walls open you would slip through. Press the back key at the right time so you would not run into the next set of blocks.

At the end, grab the Element of Earth. Return to the midway point between the two comb-like slits and take the lift up. Collect the urn and follow passage back to the ledge.

Here, you may take the passage on your right and backtrack to the Palace of Columns. Or you may take the passage on your left, up the stairs back to a big room. This is the barred doorway that you could not enter earlier. You can leave the Court of 1000 Warriors as usual back to the Test of Fire in the Plaza of the Sun, where you would not have difficulties going back to the Obelisk of the Moon.

If you return to the Palace of Columns, you have to find you way back to the Obelisk of the Moon. Leave the room to the outdoor area, go through either of the doorways to climb the stairs back to the teleporter. Under the ledge is a teleporter that takes you back above the ledge so you can return to the obelisk.

The Well of Souls


Now that you have all four Elements, you can finish the Bridge of Stars and open the Well of Souls.

Bridge of Stars


Place the four Elements on the Bridge of Stars.

Find the way to the Well of Souls.


From the obelisk, go to Bridge of Stars.

Place the Element of Fire at the lowest bridge, and find the teleporter taking you to the topmost tier.

Place the other three Elements.

Find the teleporter leading to the Well of Souls.

Detailed Walkthrough

From the obelisk, follow the short corridor leading to the Bridge of Stars.

Once out of the teleporter, look at the two stones on each side of you (you have to jump to touch them). The one on the right names the other side of the teleporter as usual. The one on the left is a warning for you.

Go up to the stone bridge to the Golem. Archers high above will also be shooting from behind you. Try finish them from here.

At halfway across the bridge between the third and fourth skull sets, carefully drop over the bridge. It is very difficult to drop exactly into the secret platform below. Walk to the side and turn around to face the bridge. Walk back to drop, and as soon as you start falling, walk forward to stay on the secret platform. In case you fell into the lava, jump immediately out onto the platform and the damage received should be reasonably small.

Grab the urn there and take the teleporter to where the Archers were (high above the entrance to the bridge) (if you walk too fast into the teleporter, you may fall off onto the bridge and need to do the jump again). Kill them in case they are still alive.

Jump down and continue over the bridge. Before the center column, you find the wings of your beetle. Your Staff of Set is ready for use!

Follow either left or right to meet an Archer and then into the large room housing the Bridge of Stars (BOS). The BOS consists of four separate tiers of hexagonal bridges, one sitting above another, over a lava pool.

Finish the Archers on the other side of the bridge and walk across the lowest tier to place the Element of Fire.

Leave the room via the far door, leading to a teleporter. Enter. It takes you to the top of the BOS.

Place the Element of Earth on the top tier, jump down to the second tier. It is best to jump towards the below torches because you would not overshoot. Place the Element of Air, down one tier, finally, Element of Water. From there, jump to the top of the door to collect the Tome of Power.

After aligning the BOS, return to the teleporter room. A new narrow stairwell appeared, leading down to another teleporter. Save game and enter the Well of Souls.



Say goodbye to Death.


The Well of Souls is a checkerboard of lava pools. Let the direction you are facing be called North. You start from the South side of the board.

In the center of the arena is a big box surrounded by some goodies. If you approach it, it bursts open (don’t stay too close). A big door on the far north opens, revealing lots of Mana and health.

Behind the center box (halfway to the secret door) is a Ring of Flight. You need it to chase after Death, who is riding a flying white horse. Remember that Rings of Flight regenerates (some 5 seconds after it expires). So what you should do is to grab the Ring, chase him like mad, drop to the ground and run to get the regenerated Ring.

Powered up, the Staff of Set emits a flying scarab that homes to the target. This feature is useful because Death would be dodging your shots. It is better not to shoot him when he is turning at the corners because it is more likely to miss. Also, try the Crossbow. It has a higher hit rate but does less damage. OTOH, the Grenades are totally useless here.

Like before, when he is dying, grab every goodie available and prepare for the ending.

I once found Death frozen like a Were-X. This is bad, because while you can forget about a frozen Were-Panther, you cannot proceed to Thysis until you killed Death. That time, it was frozen in front of one of the pillars near the central box. There is no way to kill a frozen monster. Fortunately, it resumed its journey when I burst open the central box. Otherwise, I would have to load the game again.

Click the bold text to expand/collapse the details. When your mouse is over them, the text color will change to red, and the mouse pointer will change to a hand. When the details are expanded, you may also double-click the detail lines to collapse them (so you don’t need to scroll back to title line to collapse the details).

Some other bold text have tool tips instead of collapsible details. Station your mouse over it. The text would not turn red, and the notes will pop up next to the mouse.

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