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Hub 5: Back to Blackmarsh

Version History

1.1Jul 2002
  • Included info from reader Carie about the empty room near the bottom of the elevator at Mage’s Lab.
1.0Aug 1999
  • Initial release.


I was surprised that I am not yet facing Eidelon after killing War. In Quake, you arrive at the final level immediately after the four hubs. In Hexen II, there is a fifth hub, a smaller one but a full hub nonetheless.

New Enemies

I have always wandered why I didn’t met the Fallen Angels in hub one. The Chronicles of the Deeds said they live in Blackmarsh. Now you know why.

Like other monsters, there are two breeds of Fallen Angles: the normal Fallen Angels and the Shadow Angels. The normal ones are colorful, while the shadow ones are translucent and barely visible. For once, I keep attacking a Shadow Angel and suddenly got a message about critical hit, after which she became a normal Angel. I have not been able to reproduce this feature, and do not know whether it applies to other shadow monsters. If you have similar experiences, please share it with me!

To kill them, sneak towards them to get a clear shot and finish her with a big shot from your Staff of Set. Be careful not to spend too much time aiming and pulling the trigger: otherwise they will somehow sense your presence.

If you do not succeed in your first strike, then it becomes troublesome.

Angels have two modes of attacks. Usually, she raises the right arm and throw red balls of magic at you. The projectiles can turn in mid air, so you had better evade them fast. Fortunately you can use the Disc of Repulsion against them, reflecting the projectile back towards the Angel, making her fold her wings to protect herself. At times, she raises both arms to give you the bolt of bluish magic. The Chronicles of Deeds said it is crimson, and I have no idea why. The magic bolt will follow you even if you run, so you either run away from her sight as soon as she raises both arms, or get ready to use a Quartz Flask after her attack. And the Discs of Repulsion have no effect on the magic bolt.

When a Fallen Angel folds her wings, she is immune to all attacks. Actually, her wings reflect projectiles, and give you an excellant opportunity to witness the golden bettle (emitted from your Staff of Set) flying towards yourself! Usually, her wings would stay folded for quite some time. If you have already pressed the fire button for the Staff of Set, you had better release it immediately. Or else you would boost up the beetle and waste a lot of mana, because your Staff will fire before she would unfold her wings. It appears that her back is also immune to attacks, perhaps because her wings are always there.

When you have to fight against an Angel the hard way (that is, if your first strike failed), stay close to her. Run towards her and press hard against her. Seems she cannot attack if you are too close to her. She would keep on praying, and you can have fun banging her with a Katar.

At the end of the hub you meet, finally, Eidelon himself.

Blackmarsh again


While this hub and hub 1 are both Blackmarsh, they are not connected at all. I used to think that somewhere in the hub I can open gateways back to the Blackmarsh in hub 1, but I am wrong: they are disjoint. They share the same style though: medieval castles.

This hub is logically devided into three parts. You begin in Cathedral, and have access to Tower of Dark Mage. The next part starts with Underhalls, where you could find the passage leading to the last part, Eidelon’s Ordeal and Eidelon’s Lair.

First, we have to find our way to the Underhalls. The entry is below the Altar of the Cathedral, and you need to Holy Relic to open the Altar.

Getting started


Get started, plus an unconventional tour to the Cathedral.


Get oriented.

Visit the cathedral to meet your first Angel.

Detailed Walkthrough

You begin right in front of a message from Tyranith (what else?).Click here to have the message explained.

Tyranith had defeated the four Horsemen before you, but Eidelon has ressurrected them with the Chaos Sphere. In case you do not remember, Chaos Sphere is a great source of power for the Serpant Riders and appeared in the ending of Heretic and Hexen as well. The main purpose of this message is to remind you of the power of the Chaos Sphere, and you would see the sphere with your eyes at the Eidelon’s Lair.

This message also explains why you have to fight the Horsemen, which should have been dead.

When I first read this message, I thought I have to fight the Horsemen again. Don’t worry. Forget about them. Just proceed with what Tyranith asked of you — face Eidelon and destroy him!

Your starting location is rather safe. You are at a T-junction. On your left is the path to the Bell Tower. On your right is the path to the underground level. Straight behind are two things: a translucent cylindrical teleporter to the cathedral, and a metal gate to the Tower of Dark Mage. You must now be familiar with the HexenII convention that cylindrical teleporters transport you within a level, while metal gates takes you to another level.

I hope you have sufficient Mana and Health left, after your battle with War. I am leading you to your first Fallen Angel. A Shadow Angel actually. I have never seen any walkthrough starting the level this way, but trust me, it is the best.

Turn around and walk towards the cylindrical teleporter. Save your game and walk very slowly into it. You will be teleported into the center of the cathedral (to avoid confusion, I would call the level Cathedral, and the place of worship cathedral). Stand still. You should be invisible so they would not notice you for a while. You are free to turn around and look up/down, but do not walk or strafe.

A little ahead on your left is an Archer. Right behind you is another cylindrical teleporter carrying you back. Above the teleport, another Archer stands on the balcony. Also on the balcony is the Holy Relic. We didn’t come for them, look straight ahead of you. She is very invisible.

Right in front of you is a (mildly) raised area. On that area is a coffin like box, which is the Altar. The Shadow Angel is standing in front of the Altar, wings spread, head down, praying.

Once you have located her, shoot her with your Staff of Set (and even if you haven’t, just shoot ahead, but she is good looking so don’t waste the chance). With some experiment, try to find out how much mana you need to boost into the beatle to blast an Angel. Too little mana, you risk failling the first strike; too much boosting, she may notice you before you shoot.

Once you have started fire, the Archer on the left will see you and starts fire. So kill him and walk forward to kill the Archer high up. If you are in trouble, back out throught the teleporter and try again.

After you finished them, examine the big stained glass. Break them (if they are still intact after the fight) and they lead to three outside areas: behind the left and right glasses are Mana cubes, behind the central glass are Quartz Flasks and two Spiders.

Walk up to the Altar. The passage to the Underhalls is right beneath it, but you need to cleanse the Altar before you can access the passage. Leave the cathedral via the teleporter back to the starting area.

So why did we start the level this way? First because there are Mana and Health to collect, but more important is, it is much more difficult to kill them the next time you come here. Next time when you enter the cathedral, you are at the balcony and all three of them would start shooting at you — you would have a tough time fighting the Shadow Angel.

Music Sheet


You would need the Music Sheet to enter the Bell Tower of the cathedral. The Music Sheet is inside the Mage Lab. So we now go to the Tower of Dark Mage to get it.


Go to the Tower of Dark Mage.

On the only doorway you can access, find the secret entrance to the Mage Lab. Read around for a hint on where the entrance it.

Get the Music Sheet in the Mage Lab.

Detailed Walkthrough

From the starting area, go towards the metal doors beyond the cylindrical teleporter. It sends you to the Tower of Dark Mage.

One aspect of this hub is rather confusing. After you arrive at a new level (via metal doors), you are not standing in front of the metal door. So the first thing to investigate is: where the return path is.

This time, it is on your right. Ignore the passage in front of you and turn left instead.

The tower has a spiral staircase. An Archer is waiting on the opposite side so shoot him down carefully.

Descend to the ground floor and kill another Archer. Grab the goodies or save them for later use. There is a tunnel accessible from here, but the iron bars would not open yet. Later, we would come back from the Underhalls via this way. And it is easier to shoot the Archer now than from the tunnel below.

Climb the spiral stairs. There are three doorways along the stairs. The first one is where you come from. The second one opens as you approach and this is the one we came for. The third one has iron bars across it, and you would go there later.

After entering the second doorway, follow it outside. An Archer will be shooting you from across a courtyard. It is impossible to shoot him from here (because Archers kneel down when you shoot them), so try using Glyphs or run across the courtyard to fight him face to face. And watch out for the Spiders in the area around him.

When they are settled, explore the courtyard and then up the ramp and turn around, entering the room. Clean all Spiders and explore. Break the wooden box on your left to get the Tome of Power. Read the opened book on its right.

Look in front of you. Break out the tapestry. Get rid of the Spiders to access the elevator at the end of the tunnel. As soon as you hear the noise of the elevator, walk back. Or else it would hit your head and rise it again without you. Ride the elevator and enter the door above to meet the Dark Mage.

Get the Music Sheet from the desk of the Dark Mage. Take this opportunity to explore his lab. In front of his desk is a big metal device. It is a teleporter leading to the Mage Tome, the thing you needed to enter Eidelon’s Ordeal. The teleporter is yet without power. At the corner next to the teleporter is a large metal shield. It says This door is jammed shut so you know it is a door. Or more accurately it covers a door behind it. Behind his desk are Mana cubes and a Mystic Urn, and two small metal devices. This circuit powers the teleporter, but how to complete the circuit? Read the notes on his desk.

Leave the Tower of Dark Mage the way you entered.

The Holy Relic


Get the Holy Relic in order to open the passage to Underhalls.


The road to the Bell Tower is blocked. Play the organ using your Music Sheet to unblock the road.

From the Bell Tower, go to the balcony of the cathedral. Collect the Defiled Holy Relic.

Detailed Walkthrough

From the start area, turn left and up the steps. Stop before you reach the corner. Sneak ahead.

After the right turn, a Shadow Angel is waiting for you on the top of the steps. Blast her away before she would attack.

Proceed to the room ahead with the Golden Golem. Break the stained glass windows and find the other Golden Golem outside. After finishing both Golems, note that the passage outside is blocked.

Come back indoor and go to the Organ to play the Music Sheet, opening the door outside.

Go through that door to a third Golden Golem. Up the ramp to the Bell Tower.

Inside the Bell Tower are two Archers, behind the bell on your left. Go straight ahead into the dark area. You cannot see anything, but just walk forward until you arrive outside and see the Archer there. Take the Mana cubes and come back. Alternatively, you can break the stained glass to get back. But if you had chosen to break the stained glass when going out, you would have aroused the Archer.

Look down the big hole under the bell. There are two Archers below. Try to bomb them from above with Grenades before jumping down.

Explore the room below. Here you finally met the late Tyranith. Use the Quartz Flasks, take the Power Cube, and walk slowly into the teleporter. Stop as soon as you emerge from the other side.

Since you had killed the Shadow Angel and the Archers here at the beginning, you arrive at the balcony of a peaceful cathedral. If you had continued walking, you would fall down from the balcony and you have to repeat the Bell Tower trip again. The Defiled Holy Relic is right next to you.

This teleporter may be difficult to manage: many gamers repeatedly continued walking forward and fall off the balcony. It seems to be getter worse as computers are running faster and faster. Try walking slowly backwards into the teleporter, so that when you get there your keyboard buffer does not have a “forward” key press waiting in the queue.

Look at it. You would not be able to do it at leisure if you were under attack. The horizontal part of the cross is not horizontal. Because it is defiled. You need to cleanse the Defiled Holy Relic before it is useful.

Grab the relic and jump down. Take the teleporter under the balcony back to the starting area.

Pool of Holy Water


Find the Pool of Holy Water to cleanse the Defiled Holy Relic.


Descend to the room with barrels and crates. Find an exit to the underground water.

Dive and use the teleporter to arrive at Tyranith’s Bedroom. Cleanse the Defiled Holy Relic at the Pool of Holy Water.

Detailed Walkthrough

From the starting area, turn right into the hallway with Spiders.

All walkthroughs I have seen start the level this way. I have little idea why they want to go to the Pool of Holy Water without the Defiled Holy Relic.

Follow the only path available. Round the corner to meet more Spiders and a Golden Golem. Note a door on your left. The Pool of Holy Water is behind it, but the door only opens from the inside. So we have to go there the long way.

Down the corridor to the Archers, and the two rooms with Spiders. If you are playing difficulty levels 1 or 2, there would be many barrels in the room. Don’t know why it is so, since most of the barrels are empty afterall.

Find a hole in the rear left (when you are facing the second room with your back towards the first room) wall of the second room. Try to shoot the Spider on the other side of the hole before you crouch through the hole.

Move quietly and listen. On your right and above is an Fallen Angel. A colorful one, not the Shadow Angels. Anyway, blast her and look down.

The floor below has a square hole in the lower left corner. Beneath it are four horizontal planks. Counting from the nearest one to the farthest, the second one will break if you stand on it. So drop down to the one nearest the wall.

Look around. Part of the wall looks like a door. But it is an one-way door: you cannot enter it from here. Look below.

In the shalow water below, there is an Archer in front of you, and another behind you. So save your game and turn 90 degress and strafe to the second plank. Drop below, move backwards quickly so that you can fire back at the two Archers. Or you can just drop into the ambush, run forward to kill the first one while ignoring the arrows shot from the Archer behind you.

Anyway explore the area. Around the corner ahead is another Archer. Beyond him is a T-junction with goodies on both sides. The metal bars on the right side would open as you approach them, and the room beyond ends with an underwater door. We would open the former shortly so you do not need to explore that side now. The left side ends at a grating: it will stay shut till we are ready to enter the Underhalls.

Go back to your drop down area. Press the inverted triangular button on the raised coffin in the rear center. This opens one of the crypts on the wall. Crouch inside (not jump) the new opening.

After turning around, it leads to a hole. Drop into the water below. Kill the Hydra and swim to the metal door, which would slide open. Swim outside to surface and retake your breath. You arrived at the right side of the T-junction mentioned earlier.

Collect the goods around and dive back into the underwater room. Swim into the teleporter.

You arrived at Tyranith’s Bedroom. Read his lamentation.

The two stained glass windows in front hides nothing behind them. Turn around and examine the toilet at the corner. Break it. Nothing exciting below, but since no walkthroughs mentioned the room below, you may as well jump down to have it look. Come back via the teleporter again.

Leave the bedroom and the Pool of Holy Water is on your left. Step in to cleanse your Defiled Holy Relic. Look at the cleansed Holy Relic, now the horizontal part is horizontal. Grab the Holy Relic.

Go forward and the door ahead will open. You are back to the corridor you started with to get underground. Turn right to go back to the start area.



Take the Holy Relic to the cathedral to cleanse the Altar.

Follow the path to the Underhalls.


Use the Holy Relic at the Desacreted Altar to cleanse and open it.

Drop through and open a mural to get to the shallow water area. Follow the hallway to the portal leading to Underhalls.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go through the cylindrical teleporter to access the cathedral. Walk up to the Desecrated Altar.

After you have cleansed it, it would slide back, revealing a passage below. Drop down and follow the tunnel to a room with a large hexagonal hole.

Examine the walls around the hole. Part of it has a very different color. Hit it and the wall would move back, revealing a room behind.

Take the Mystic Urn, Krater of Might and the Seal of Ovinomancer. Turn left and there are two corridors ahead. The right one is short and empty. The wall at the end of the left one slides open on your approach. Behind the door is the four planks, one of them broken. These are the planks below the Fallen Angel your met earlier.

Go back to the hexagonal hole. Either bomb the Golden Golem below from here, or drop down so that you can get a clear shot at him. Since Golems usually do not notice you until you start fire, dropping down is a better approach.

The cylindrical teleporter here sends you back to the cathedral, so ignore it. Enter the mural opposite.

Kill the Archer outside and explore this shallow water area. From here, follow the tunnel and open the metal grates. It goes back to the T-junction but there is no point to do so now. Turn around and keep right when you have a choice, and you would arrive at the portal leading to the Underhalls.



The portal to Eidelon’s Ordeal is in the Underhalls. It is, however, behind a mural and you need Mage’s Tome to open it.

The Mage’s Tome is at the Tower of Dark Mage. You need a Prybar to enter the tower via the alternate entry to get the Mage’s Tome.

Underhalls is a rather linear level. It is easy to get disoriented, but you do not often run into more than one choices so just keep moving.

The Left Tunnel


Explore Underhalls. In the central area are two tunnels. We would go down the Left Tunnel to unlock the Right Tunnel.


Go to the Upper Sewers. The Right Tunnel is blocked, so enter the Left Tunnel.

From the Left Tunnel, drop to the Lower Sewers. Find the switch to unblock the Left Tunnel. Leave the Lower Sewers via a tower with a lava pit.

From the Room with Three Wooden Doors, go back to the starting area via a secret passage.

Detailed Walkthrough

Follow the hallway downstairs to a T-junction with Archers on both sides. Go ahead to the left for a look. It leads to metal bars, and strange looking things beyond. This doorway never opens, and there is nothing (except those red metal columns you can see) inside. If you are careful (and you should be, having completed so many levels) you would notice a secret door on your way here. We would come back via the secret door, so there is no point to enter it now.

Go back to the T-junction to follow the other branch. When it leads to a ledge overlooking a large cave, stand still and watch carefully. There is an Archer down below, nearly directly ahead of you. Shoot him down before he can see you.

You are at the Upper Sewers of Underhalls. Down below is a waterway joining left and right. It is part of the sewers system running everywhere in the Underhalls. On the right, water enters a tunnel which is blocked by metal bars. You would need to open it elsewhere. We would first visit the tunnel on the left.

On your left is a bridge with a Mystic Urn. There is an Archer right beneath the ledge you are standing on. So cross the bridge, go downstairs, and turn around to finish him.

Since you have turned around, the Left Tunnel is on your right. There is nothing useful in the water, so keep yourself to the bank when following the tunnel. If you need some Health Vials, walk along the left bank instead.

The tunnel soon opens to a room with four tubes, two on each side, and an Archer on the far end. The two tunnels on the left goes up, the two on the right have metal bars on them. Turn the wheel behind the Archer to open the bars of one of the tubes. Jump inside the tube.

Proceed until you drop down, and turn around to leave the other end of the tube into a flooded room. There is a Shadow Sphere in the center of the room, but first take care of the two Ice Imps flying behind the columns on the left. Swim to the small dry area on the left wall to turn the wheel. This opens the Right Tunnel back in the Upper Sewers. Now we need to go back there via another path.

Leave the flooded room via the exit on the opposite end. Follow the tunnel to the inside of a tower. Watch out for the Imps while you walk up the steps surround the lava pit. At the top is an Archer guarding a ledge leading to a hallway.

In the hallway, you would find a water pool on your left, but it is blocked by metal bars. It will open later. When you see the Seal of Ovinomancer, locate the Archer at the end of the hallway. Follow left at the corner to a wooden door.

Open the door to find a room with three Ice Imps. It is the Room with Three Wooden Doors: this room has three wooden doors and one mural. Behind the mural is the portal to Eidelon’s Ordeal. Examine the table at the center of the room. We would leave via a second door, and come back later through the third door with the Mage’s Tome. By then we would be able to open the mural and access the portal.

For now, enter the wooden door directly opposite the one you enter the room (the third door would not open so you cannot be wrong). You should immediately see a Tome of Power and around the corner some Mana cubes. Beyond the Mana cubes is an Archer. It looks like a dead end. Look carefully at the wall and hit on it to reveal a secret passage. Didn’t you find it? Hit the chain.

It is a straight passge with an Archer in the middle. Near him is a Ring of Regeneration. At the end of the passage, you find yourself retuned to the original T-junction. If you had found the secret passage at the beginning, you would have arrived at the room with three wooden doors. However the other two wooden doors would not open from inside the room, so you would have to retrace your way back.

The Right Tunnel


Remember the two places in the Tower of Dark Mage we have not yet explored? We would get the Prybar in the Right Tunnel and force our way through those metal bars to find the Mage’s Tome.


From the Right Tunnel, get the Prybar. Follow the hallway there to enter the Tower of Dark Mage.

Detailed Walkthrough

Follow the way back to the Upper Sewers. Descend and enter the Right Tunnel.

After two right turns, you see a side branch on your left. The metal bars there will never open. And there is nothing behind the bars.

Continue to an area with a ledge on either side of you. On each of the ledge is an Ice Imp.

Climb the steps on your left, turn around and jump to the right ledge to get the Prybar.

Climb back to the left ledge and follow the hallway to the Tower of Dark Mage. On your way, you also receive a message that you are on the right path.

Mage’s Study


First take a visit to the Mage’s Study which has now become accessible.


Go to the Mage’s Lab. A metal door is now accessible. Take the elevator behind the metal door to the Mage’s Study.

Leave the Mage’s Study and back to the starting area of the Tower of Dark Mage.

Detailed Walkthrough

Arriving at the Tower of Dark Mage from the cellar, watch out if you had not killed the Archer on the ground floor last time you were here. Jump from the stairs to the ground, pack any remaining goodies and head up the stairs back to Mage’s Lab. In case you have forgotten where it is, it is at the second doorway.

The teleporter at Mage’s Lab is still unpowered. Go to the far side of the room. The metal cover would open, revealing the door behind.

Enter the door and take the elevator down. Leave the elevator and turn left. The far right hand corner opens to a large room with a ledge on its sides. Move to the corner and shoot down the Archer on the ledge opposite.

Before you continue on the ledge, look around. It is not difficult to spot a hidden room. Push the bookshelf to enter. However, I did not find anything inside the room. I have no idea why the room is there. Reader Carie informed me of what is in the room: a Stone of Summoning that only exists when playing in Death Match.

Walk around the ledge. Do not drop down from the ledge yet: there is no way to climb up and you have to go all the way through the Mage’s Lab again. At the far end of the ledge is a hidden hallway with an Archer guarding an Icon of Defender.

Now back to the ledge and drop down to table with the Discs of Repulsion. Leave the room via the door into Mage’s Study, with the Wizard right in front of you. Collect the Tome of Power and the Glyphs (inside the box at the corner).

Examine the bookshelves. Pull the book at the upper right corner of one shelf to open the other shelf. Run into the area behind the shelves to collect the Power Cube. In case you are trapped inside, press the button there to open the shelves.

Leave the Study via the other door into a familiar hallway. The first time you arrived at the Tower of Dark Mage from Cathedral, you arrived at the opposite end of this hallway. Break the stained glass windows on both sides to find Archers, Discs of Repulsion, and Mana cubes.

Mage’s Bedroom


Remember the teleporter in the Mage’s Lab? We need a good conductor to activate the teleporter, and the research of the Mage states that the best choice is gold.

Cross the chasm to get the Golden Sphere from Mage’s Bedroom.


Enter the remaining doorway. Activitate the mechanism to extend the bridge across the chasm.

Find the Gold Sphere in the Mage’s Bedroom.

Detailed Walkthrough

Return to the tower and climb to the second doorway (three if you also count the doorway from which you enter the tower). Before you enter the doorway, turn around, look up and notice a secret platform. We would be there, later.

For now, enter the doorway. Before you rush to the Helmet, find the Archer ahead. Find also the other Archer on the other side of the chasm on your right.

After they are settled, take the Helmet and examine the area on your left. Break the lanks to enter the alcove. Grab the Quartz Flask and hit the bridge mechanism on the left side.

You just extended the bridge. For four seconds, that is. Rush outside and run across the bridge.

You can see a button on the wall ahead. It extends the bridge from this side, allowing you to run back to the tower. So forget about it and climb the stairs.

In the room, turn left and notice some iron bars with Spiders behind them. Don’t bother shooting them now, we would come back later. Go to the far corner of the room and climb up the ramp, watching out for an Archer at the top.

Turn right and through the door. Ignore the goodies here and proceed near the ramp on the other end of the room. Turn left and peek upwards at the ramp. The Wizard may be right in front of you.

After you have defeated the Wizard, walk up the ramp to explore his bedroom. Take the Krater of Might on his bed. If you did not find the Gold Sphere, you failed. How can you miss such a secret after playing so many levels? And leave the Mage’s Bedroom empty handed like my first trip here?

Break the red tapestry with a dragon design and get the Gold Sphere behind it. Leave the Bedroom. Collect everything in the next room, and back down the ramp. The iron bars under the ramp is now open.

Kill the Spiders and get inside this secret area. Kill more Spiders and crawl down the slope to an Archer guarding a strange teleporter.

Enter the teleporter and find yourself at the secret platform at the top of the tower. Before you grab the BreastPlate, mind the Archer below. He wasn’t there when you went to the Mage’s Bedroom and has appeared from nowhere. Anyway, shoot him down, collect whatever is on the platform and jump down to the stairs.

Mage’s Tome


Activate the Mage’s teleporter to get Mage’s Tome for use back in Underhalls.


Use the Gold Sphere to complete the circuit of the teleporter inside Mage’s Lab.

Through the teleporter, find the Mage’s Tome.

Detailed Walkthrough

Descend the stairs and go back to the Mage’s Lab. Place the Gold Sphere between the two electrodes behind his desk to complete the circuit. The teleporter is now activated. Walk into it.

You are taken to an empty courtyard. There is a door on your left, and a door opposite. The door opposite would open later. For now, get prepared and walk down the to ground level.

Once you touch the ground, the door on the left will open, revealing the Golden Golem inside. Finish him and the door opposite will open. The left door contains a small room with nothing else. So ignore it and enter the door opposite.

Thre is no more enemies here, but save your game anyway. Turn right into the next courtyard with a statue. Look up. On top of the statue is a Ring of Flight. But how do you get it?

You cannot access the ring unless you can fly. Or unless you bring it down. Look at the base of the statue and note that one of the corners is damaged. Hit that corner and run back.

If the statue broke your head, you probably have to reload your game. Or worse, I once bring it down but the Ring of Flight is still beyond my reach. Things just happen.

Take the Ring of Flight and fly up to the ledge surrounding this courtyard to collect the Discs of Repulsion, Quartz Flasks, Tome of Power. And most important, the Mage’s Tome on the far end of the courtyard.

No need to hurry: remember that Rings of Flight regenerates. If its power fades, descend to ground and wait for the Ring to reappear.

When all is done, fly towards the red mural above the entrance to this courtyard. It is a teleporter and will take you back to the bottom of the Spiral Staircase of the tower. Return to Underhalls.

Right Tunnel Continued


Use the Mage’s Tome to open the Mural to the Eidelon’s Ordeal.


Return to the Right Tunnel and continue.

Drop into a flooded room and swim out to the torture chamber.

Place the Mage’s Tome at the center of the Room with Three Wooden Doors to open the mural, revealing the portal to Eidelon’s Ordeal.

Detailed Walkthrough

Follow the hallway back to water. Turn left to continue your journey (you came from the right side some time ago). At the end, drop down into the flooded room below.

You would be facing a wall. Turn the wheel on your left. The metal container at the corner on your left is now opened. Swim inside to get the Icon of Defender.

Note: if you have turned around when you drop, the directions may be different. Yet there is only one wheel on the wall and it is very close to you drop area so you cannot miss it. And the metal cover you want is the one nearest the wheel.

Out from the Icon of Defender container, there are two exits at two corners of the room. The fourth corner has another metal container similar to the one you are in, but it never opens. The exit at the far corner goes to a place you have already visited. It is just outside the tower with a lava pool. Last time when you were there, the water passage had iron bars over it you cannot jump down into this area at that time. However, we do not need to go there, unless you have some Mana cubes to pick up.

Swim up the near exit and climb back to dry land carefully. You are in a room with only a pool of water, and an exit at a corner. The next room is the torture chamber. I hope that the Archer there did not start shooting you when you are trying to climb out of water.

Take him out and enter the torture chamber. Take the BreastPlate and examine the two cells. The first one is jammed shut, so try the second one. Once you enter inside, the right wall breaks and an Archer from the first cell will start shooting at you. In case this doesn't happen, walk outside the cell, and enter it again, walking all the way up to the wall to trigger it.

Enter the first cell via the broken wall. Examine the walls of the cell. Found nothing? I hope not. Note the word HELP on the wall. Hit it with your Katar and it opens, revealing a Krater of Might behind.

Take the steps and leave the torture chamber via the other exit into the Room with Three Wooden Doors. Place the Mage’s Tome on the pedestal and the mural will open. Walk towards the mural and enter the portal to Eidelon’s Ordeal.

The Last Serpent Rider


To see Eidelon, you need the Soul Key.

The level consists of two parts. The first part will open the gate to the second part, while the Soul Key lies at the end of the second part.

With the Soul Key, you can enter the final portal, leading to Eidelon’s Lair.

The Ordeal


Get oriented.


Follow the only path to the stairs.

Detailed Walkthrough

You start at a safe area between two portals. The right portal takes you back to the Underhalls, while the left portal enters the Eidelon’s Lair. Walk up to the right portal to find out what you need to go beyond.

Turn around and follow the only way on your left (the direction you were initially facing). Peek around the next corner to shoot down the Archer ahead.

The last secret of the game is an obvious one. Break the stained glasses to find Quartz Flasks and Ice Imps behind. Read the two messages on the wall. The one on the right explains why you are going to take the ordeal. The one on the left reminds you of the power of the Chaos Sphere a second time (still remember the very first message of the hub?).

The Jumping Ordeal


Endure the first part of the Ordeal to unblock the second part.


Follow the hallway cross the bridge over lava to the Jumping Room.

Go through the Cage Room to climb up to the first openning of the Jumping Room. After activating the switch in each openning to unblock, jump to the next openning until you are back to the Cage Room.

Open the Cage to hit the switch. This unblocks the Lava Ordeal.

Detailed Walkthrough

At the T-junction, go straight ahead. The stairs on your right lead to the Lava Ordeal, which is inaccessible until you find the switch after some jumping around.

After a right turn, you arrive at a bridge over lava, with canons on both sides, and an Archer on the far end. There are three pressure plates. The first and the last one shoot nails at you. The time gap between two nails is rather long. Therefore, walk right up to the plate, walk slowly to trigger the plate and let the nail fly in front of you. Once the nail flies across, run forward and the second nail would not be able to hit you.

The middle pressure plate is little more problematic. I do not know how to avoid the energy balls, so just run and jump over it, taking a little damage. Save one pair of Boots of Speed for the future, and use one here only if you have more.

In the Jumping Room beyond the bridge, an Ice Imp is waiting for you so turn around and shoot it down. Look around. There are many ledges in this room and you will do a lot of jumping. With your back towards the bridge, notice a metal barrier on your right. With the barrier, it is not possible to jump into the openning on the right. We would retract that barrier in the next room.

Since you cannot climb the various ledges from the ground, leave this room via the only other exit. The hallway leads to the Cage Room with an Ice Imp ahead and a Fallen Angel on the second floor of the far right. Blast her out before killing the Imp. When you have the time, look up to see the large cage.

Ignore the Glyphs and rooms on the first level and climb the stairs to where the Fallen Angel was. Activate the switch there to open the two rooms below. Downstairs to kill the Archers in those rooms, collecting the Glyphs on your way.

In one of the rooms is a switch. Activate it to retract the metal barrier in the Jumping Room. Leave via the exit on the second level.

You are now on an upper openning of the Jumping Room. You would be jumping clockwise around the room. With the barrier removed, you can jump into the next openning. Save your game before each jump, or else you would have to redo a lot of frustrating exercise if you miss.

Jump to the next opening (the Right Opening, viewing from the bridge). Note that the Left Opening on the other side of the room is blocked by metal bars. Turn around and follow the hallway to a cylindrical room with a spiral staircase. Go down to collect the Mystic Urn.

Look carefully at the circular floor. Looks like a trap, doesn’t it? Hit the switch and run to the thin outer rim. The circular floor will drop, and be surrounded by Spiders below. If you fall, kill the Spiders and climb the stairs back up.

When you hit the switch, the stairs have also reformed themselves. Climb to the very top to step on the floor plate there, unblocking the Left Openning of the Jumping Room. Drop to the ledge connecting to the openning and back to continue your jumps in the Jumping Room.

Now jump to the metal stuff on the side of the door. It is a difficult jump because it is easy to fall over on the other side. Anyway, jump to the right one, and then to the left one, finally to the Left Openning.

Notice that the next openning (the only one you have not jumped to) is blocked by metal bars. Follow the hallway of the Left Openning. This time, you have a rope bridge with nail canons on both sides. Use your Boots of Speed to rush across to grab the Shadow Sphere. Press the button there to unblock the metal bar of the next openning, and run back.

Be careful when jumping to the last openning because your Boots of Speed is very likely still active. Follow the hallway back to the second level of the Cage Room. This time, you can take the stairs up to the third level, to a room with a big metal cube.

Press the button behind the cube to lower it. Walk quickly to stand on the cube before it has dropped too far downwards. Descend with the cube and notice that the cage has been removed.

Jump towards the ledge where the cage was to activate the last switch. Now you have openned the entrance to the Lava Ordeal. Drop down and leave the Cage Room, the Jumping Room, across the bridge again, back to the T-junction.

The Lava Ordeal


You don’t need to swim in lava. But you would need accurate manuvoers over two lava lakes.

Find your way through the tower until you can jump and grab the Soul Key.


In the first lava pool, raise the ramps to access the switch that opens the exit.

In the second lava pool, ride the platform up to find the Soul Key.

Detailed Walkthrough

At the T-junction, turn left up the stairs. Shoot down the Archer in the way, and arrive at a hollow tower with a circular pillar in the center.

Among the Discs of Repulsion, a Fallen Angel is hiding behind the pillar.

Climb the spiral stairs of the hollow tower and enter the first doorway. This doorway was blocked by metal bars until you opened it in the Cage Room. Notice that the stairs only lead up to the first doorway. You would come back out via the second doorway, climb the stairs to the third and reappear on the fourth one.

This room has lava on your left, and stairs on the right, leading to the exit. The exit is, of course, blocked. Notice that there is a dark cave under the stairs. From the upper level, look down. The ground of the lower level extends farther into the lava lake than the ledge of the upper level. So walk slowly and drop down below.

Kill the Ice Imp inside and grab the Amulet of Protection. Hit the switch at the end of the cave to raise two ramps to the ledge in the middle of the lava pool. Carefully climb the ramp to collect the Tome of Power on the ledge. Hit the switch there to open the exit. Climb the other ramp back, and follow the stairs to the exit.

You are now at the second doorway. Turn left and follow the spiral staircase to the third doorway, which would open on your approach. Turn left and kill the Ice Imp behind the Chaos Device.

Walk around the room to the switch. Save your game: it is not easy here. When you activate the switch, the platform in the center of the lava pool would start its up down motion repeatedly. You need to ride it to the level above. If you do not stay at the center of the platform, your head will hit the ceiling when the platform moves up. So take an accurate jump and move to the very center. If you fall into the pool, use the Chaos Device — much better than trying to climb ashore (I think that is actually impossible).

Once you are upstairs, move aside or you would go down again. Blast the Archer right in front of you and take the Seal of Ovinomancer behind him. Follow the hallway down to the last openning of the hollow tower.

Approach the openning and the metal bars will open. The central pillar descends and you can see the Soul Key on its top. Run and jump to get it. Go back to the starting area.

Eidelon’s Lair


Grab goodies and face Eidelon.

Destroy the Chaos Sphere and finish the last Serpent Rider.


Load up with the goodie in the starting area.

Ride the teleporter to the courtyard to meet Eidelon.

Weaken him till he summons the Chaos Sphere.

Break the Chaos Sphere, and continue to fight Eidelon, till death — hopefully his.

Detailed Walkthrough

Gather whatever is left in the Eidelon’s Ordeal.

From the starting area, enter the portal leading to Eidelon’s Lair.

The level starts with a goodies room without monsters. Take as much as you can. The red teleporter at the other end takes you to the final battlefield.

Stop and think. This is the first time you see such a design. And use it to your benefit. Remember that Chaos Device always brings you back to the starting area of a level. And at the Eidelon’s Lair, the starting area is this goodies room. That means you can teleport yourself back here in the middle of the battle, grab more Health and Armor and Mana and jump back to continue.

Save the game now. Walk through the red teleporter to a big courtyard. Stay at that spot and look around.

In front of you are four pillars and a roof. Here is where the Choas Sphere will appear. Notice that there are many goodies on the ledge surrounding the courtyard, but you cannot yet access them. Also, on the ledge behind you is a Controllable Ballista (forgotten what it is? step on the control plate next to it and you can fire from the Ballista). So if you run out of ammo, you can continue to shoot Eidelon, well, as long as you are still alive.

Note the exact location where you are standing, if you want to make use of it. The quickest way to kill Eidelon is from here. Still didn’t get it? With a Chaos Device you can go back to the goodies room; and from the goodies room, the red teleporter brings you to this location. If you lure Eidelon to stand on this location, you can telefrag him using the teleporter, making an instant kill. If you prefer a heated battle, then read on.

Like many Horseman, Eidelon is behind a big wall in front of you. Approach it and the wall will break, and your battle begins. Needless to say, you must have already assigned the followings to easy-to-press hotkeys: Quartz Flask, Krater of Might, Staff of Set, and Tome of Power.

I was told that Tomed Grenades are more powerful than the Tomed Staff of Set. While I feel that it is true, I have not really compare their power. Afterall the Tomed Grenades have definite advantages: it is a higher firing rate, and more important, it uses less Mana. That is, you run out of Mana slower with Tomed Grenades. Moreover, the Grenades give hit points to stuffs inside a large volume, and therefore should be most effective against big targets. To use Tomed Grenades properly against Eidelon, you should run close to him to shoot. Then back away quickly: by rapid movement Eidelon can hardly bring his more forceful attacks on you.

Anyway Eidelon is not difficult to defeat: fast moving enemies like Famine and War are tough for Assassin, but Eidelon moves slowly. Play hide with seek with him. Hide yourself behind the Chaos Sphere to attack him. Sooner or later he would be trapped by the pillars around the sphere and would not be able to chase after you.

When he is weakened to a stage, Eidelon will summon the Chaos Sphere to draw life and grow even bigger. Earth will shake and some of the pillars will break. From now, you can jump on one of the broken pillars to access the ledge surrounding the courtyard.

Now your goal has changed. Attack the Chaos Sphere at all costs. You can never defeat Eidelon (unless you telefrag him) with the Chaos Sphere intact. Whenever he gets weak, he would draw new life from the Chaos Sphere.

Therefore, keep attacking the Chaos Sphere, walking around it to avoid Eidelon. If you are fortunate, he would be stuck at one of the pillars and not able to approach you any more (most monsters do not have the AI to get around corners properly, because they want to get at you in a direct line). Anyway, stay alive and break the Choas Sphere. If necessary, go back to the goodies room to take a breath and grab whatever is left there. Half a dozen Tomed Grenades should do the job quickly.

After you have destoryed the Chaos Sphere, the rest is plain. Climb the ledge and run around, collecting goodies to continue your battle. Send Eidelon your best weapons while using Quartz Flask and Kraters of Might. If you really run out of everything, use the Controllable Ballista.

When he is done, watch the show: it is much better than in Heretic and Hexen, but still a little disappointing. If you cannot read the text that scolls out, it is a problem with OpenGL drivers. Fight the battle again with software rendering and you would be able to see them. The three parts of the text form the conclusion of the Chronicle of Deeds:

  • With the destruction of Eidolon and his four Dark Generals,
      Thyrion is once again free from the darkness that had enshrouded it.
    As the news of Eidolon’s defeat spreads like wildfire throughout the land,
      the cries of victory rise from millions of lips.
    Narrowly, we have avoided genocide.
  • Given time, our nations shall grow strong again and our people shall prosper.
    Once the last vestiges of Eidolon’s foul machinations and troops are swept from Thyrion,
      the world shall return to normal.
    Even now, our most powerful magicians are weaving spells
     &bnsp;to forever entrap the root of the Serpent Rider's power,
      the remains of the Chaos Sphere.
    For if even mere shards of the Chaos Sphere still exist, so does deadly evil.
    Fortunately, its masters have all been destroyed.
    And so, the final chapter is written in the Chronicle of Deeds.
    It is with a light heart that I set down my quill and close the tome that lies before me.
  • For with the fall of Eidolon, there is nothing left to fear.

When all is finished, reload the game to play the battle again. I found that there are very many variations in this battle, sometimes Eidelon will forgot about some weapons and sometimes Eidelon is very easy to defeat. Try a few times so you are not missing anything.

When you are finished with the game, go ahead with the Portal of Praevus (addon to Hexen II) and Heretic II (the alternate sequel to Heretic)!

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When the details are expanded, you may also double-click the detail lines to collapse them (so you don’t need to scroll back to title line to collapse the details).

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