Hexen II: Septimus Game Guide for Assassins

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Hub 4: Septimus

Version History

1.1Oct 1999
  • Included info from reader Lucky Starr.
1.0Aug 1999
  • Initial release.


Septimus is the Roman hub, consisting of cities and gardens.

Being the most heavily populated of Thyrionís four continents, Septimus is a land of urban decadence. Its citizens are cosmopolitan, sampling the best that Thyrion has to offer from the comfort of their richly appointed palaces. Unfortunately, the wealth and comfort of Septimus bred complacency and sloth. Aside from the ascetic devotees of Kravnos, Septimus’ citizens were ill prepared for the coming of Eidolon. Septimusí grand structures fell within hours of Eidolonís initial assault: the grand Forum, the multitudinous temples, the famous bath houses and hanging gardens. All these grand locales were conquered in record time, and Septimus’ citizens were forced to watch their carefully built cities reduced to ruins overnight. Eidolon’s minions keep a particularly strong vigil over Septimus, due to its wealth and importance in the workings of Thyrion. Led by deadly Medusas, these armies will present a formidable challenge to even the mightiest champion.

New Enemies

Medusas look what the real Medusa looks like. They throw green magic towards you doing great harm. She can also turn you into stone. If you are stoned, you can do nothing: cannot attack, cannot move, cannot use inventory. I think the magic will fade over time, but you are usually killed long before you can move again.

Wizards are your old friends. Now that you can use the Staff of Set, it is so easy to finish them by a first strike. However, some wizards pops up when triggered by some events and in those cases they will have the initiative. In those cases, use the Hand Crossbow instead, because the Staff of Set takes too long to fire and would not reach the wizards before they disappear.

At the end of the hub is Eidelon's last Hoursemen, War.

Tithe 1: Gold Bar


Learn about what to do.

Gather gold and silver bar for paying the tithe. Tithe was originally meant to be a tenth of what you earned, donated to the church or for other charity purposes. In Septimus, you need to pay the tithe to enter temple at the reflecting pool.

Getting started


Explore the starting area.

Detailed Walkthrough

You begin in a safe place with goodies around you. Grab them and proceed forward to read the message from Tyranith. Click here to have the message explained.

This time, you have little details. Only that you need to enter the Reflecting Pool, which is gateway in the middle of this hub. You are confined to the first three area (and part of the Reflecting Pool) until you enter the temple at the Reflecting Pool. And to enter there, you need donations.

You need to give a Silver Bar and a Gold Bar as Tithe.

As for what to do after that, he says nothing. Not even what those items of import are.

Proceed to the shallow pool ahead. Shoot down the Archers on both sides of the pool. Walk behind the statue of Neptune (right in front of you) to get the Ring of Water Breathing.

The Hedge Maze


Explore the Hedge Maze and find the way to the next area.

Meet the first Medusa.


Through the archway on the left to the fountain area.

Through the gold teleporter on the ledge above the fountain to the Maze. Explore the Maze and find the way to the Gardens of Athena.

Detailed Walkthrough

The archway on the right (from where you entered the pool) leads to two closed doors. Enter the archway on the left instead. Go up the stairs on the left to shoot down Archers overlooking a fountain.

We would visit the fountain below when we come back. For now, collect the Glyphs and enter a room with an Archer and a gold teleporter.

Enter the teleporter to find a very similar room. If you are unfortunate, the Archer there may be right in front of your nose. Leave the room and enter the Hedge Maze.

The maze is not big, but keep oriented. Let's call the corner you enter the maze South East. You would be facing North when you first enter the maze. Your target is to arrive at the button at the South West corner, and the button is being guarded by a Medusa. Just keep going west and turn around obstacles. On your way, you would kill an Archer on your right.

Stop before you reach the Medusa. You don't have to face her: the hedge is just 2 meters high so locate the Medusa and throw grenades at her over the hedges.

When she is done, find the button on the South wall and press it. It opens the two closed doors on the right side of the shallow pool.

Turn around and locate a dead hedge. It has a different color. Break it. Maybe it is already brown away during your bombing. Either case, collect the Power Cube thus exposed.

Now go to the North end of the maze. Turn right and face East. Strafe right towards the South. After a few steps, the hedge becomes a little farther away from you and you can walk forward. Walk straight into the illusionary hedge here and turn left into a secret area. Hit the button inside to get your first Mars Prize (Krater of Might) There are 9 prize holders in the Temple of Mars, and each of these secret buttons gives you a prize item.

We should be proceeding to the Gardens of Athena, but let us side track a little bit first.

Go to the North East corner of the maze for an exit there. It leads to an open area with a small building in front of you. Kill the Archer in front of the building. Here is an important crossroad and we would be back to this Courtyard with Three Exits later. For now, retrace your steps back to the Hedge Maze.

Go to the North West corner of the maze and proceed South to find an exit. It leads to a wide room with an Archer on your left. Read the two messages on the wall. The left one shows where the door is leading to, and the right one gives you a hint for later use. Enter the door.

The Gardens of Athena: pool and courtyard


Find your way through.

Side track to the Forum of Zeus.


Arrive at a ledge overlooking a shallow pool. Find the button in the dark room ahead to open the door to the house beyond the pool.

Through the house to the courtyard. Take the wooden door to visit a small part of the Forum of Zeus.

Detailed Walkthrough

Arriving at a familiar looking room. Read the messages. One shows you the name of the level on the other side of the portal, and the other a hint.

Proceed to the room with barrels and stairs and Archer. Some barrels are explosive. If you can seduce the Archer to come down, shoot the explosive barrels from a distance to finish him. Kill any surviving spiders and collect goodies inside the barrels. However, this would also break the stairs: in that case, jump on the unbreakable barrel to climb the stairs.

Before climbing the stairs, jump inside the small pool on your left. Break the cracked wall and follow the tunnel to a button. Press the button to lower a pillar inside a fountain. Leave the pool and climb the stairs now.

More Archers on your way. There are two small trees ahead. I nearly thought they are monsters, so just ignore them. If any place here can be called a garden at all, this area is already the most garden like place. On your right below the ledge is a shallow pool. On the far side of the pool is an Archer. Kill him now.

Jump down. Jump into the fountain right under the ledge. This is the fountain with a pillar you lowered a moment ago. Dive to the bottom to collect the Glyphs and hit the button there for Mars Prize #2 (Boot of Speed).

Climb from the pool and explore the area. Look at the house in front of you on the other side of the shallow pool. On its roof is a Krater of Might. Behind you on the right, get the Ring of Flight and fly to get the Krater. Fly back and land on the ledge. Go through the doorway (not the one you came from) to a dark room with a few Spiders. Press the button to open the door to the house. Jump down, collect the Amulet on the bridge and enter the house.

Inside the house is a Medusa on the stairs. It is not difficult to bomb her with Grenades from outside the house.

Continue up the stairs. Kill the Spider on the way and arrive at a courtyard. This level has three outside areas and this is the second one.

In front of you is a Mystic Urn, but Ice Imps are on a ledge above you in all directions. Kill them first.

Get the Urn and enter the building ahead. Get the Seal of the Ovinomancer on your right and follow the corridor on your left. After a right turn, continue and enter the wooden door on your left. There is an Archer on your right. Shoot him down before exploring.

Explore the right side first. It has a small ledge around a small open area, with Archers on the ledge. Clean them out before jumping down to collect the Grenades, Glyths and Quartz Flasks. Take the lift back up to collect the Boots of Speed and go back to explore the left side.

The left side leads to a familiar room with messages on walls and a portal in the middle. Read the messages. The right one shows where are you heading, and the left one another hint.

Forum of Zeus: Choices


Make your choice wisely and go back.


Choose the right button to press, and collect the gift for your correct choice.

Detailed Walkthrough

You should now have the habit to, arriving at a level, check for enemies on the stairs on both sides, and read the two messages there for a hint.

Go forward and follow the corridor to the left. Kill the Archers there and examine the two rooms.

The first room has three inaccessible shelves containing a Mystic Urn, a Stone of Summons, and an Icon of Defender. When you enter the next room, you receive a message. You can do this only once, so be careful.

The three buttons in front of you correspond to the three shelves in the previous room. Press the button to access the corresponding item. But which button?

Remember to choose life above all others (you got this hint when arriving at the Gardens of Athena from the Hedge Maze). So choose the Mystic Urn, that is, press the leftmost button. Go back to the previous room.

A new passage appeared in the room. Take it and up the stairs to the Urn and hop down. If you had chosen other buttons, the room would be flooded with lava and you got nothing.

Go back to the Gardens of Athena.

Gardens of Athena: Temple area


Learn important messages from the temple.

Gain access to the Altar


At the end of the corridor, press the button to activate the lift in the temple area.

Read the messages inside the temple.

Take the lift. Open and enter the door leading to the Altar.

Detailed Walkthrough

Continue your journey.

Kill the Archer on the way and arrive at a large red-framed mural on the left. Continue past the mural to a stair case with Spiders.

Collect the Tome of Power and press the button which lowers a lift outside.

Return to the red-framed mural and take the exit opposite the mural. There are spiders on each side of you. After taking care of them, go to the outside area. This is the third outdoor area of the level (temple area).

Walk around to the entrance of the large temple. Step back and look up. There are several unreachable Manas floating above. We would fly up and get them later. Break the vases on the outside for Quartz Flasks and meet the Medusa inside.

Collect the Chaos Device in the temple, and read the two messages on side side. The left one is about the altar, and the right one applies here.

Look up for a button. If you had looked up before reading the messages, you found that the button was dimmed at that time. Shoot the button. A Stone of Summoning appears in front of you. Collect it and leave the temple.

Turn left and go to the end. Take the elevator on your right to the ledge above. The button you pushed earlier activated this lift.

First, kill the Archer on the ledge. From the ledge near the lift, look at the temple. You should see an Invisibility Sphere on the right. You can easily jump across to the half-circle temple roof, but the Sphere is still unreachable. Jump down to the ground. Find a button opposite the lift to press. Up the lift again. Now you see small steps have appeared next to the Sphere.

Jump to the temple roof. Hop up the small steps to get the Invisibility Sphere. Jump back to the ledge.

Remember you were told to follow the ledge to hidden rewards? Even without the advice, you would follow the ledge all the way to the other side. From there, look at the temple and note the Bracers. Jump to get it and jump back to the ledge.

On the wall is a button. Press it to open a door accessible from the ledge. Doing so also summon wizards to greet you. If you fall to the ground below, ride the lift again to come back to the door.

Gardens of Athena: the Altar


Get the Gold Bar in the Altar of Athena.

Detailed Walkthrough

Enter the door, pass the Spider to the ledge above the Courtyard area.

Collect the Discs of Repulsion and enter the door between the pillars. Kill the Archer and follow either way to the Altar.

Look inside. First there are stairs, with a crack. Then there are pillars on both sides with stone Imps on them. On the far side is a statue of Athena.

Remember the advice not to draw weapons before the altar of Athena. Do not fire when you are inside the Altar, or the stone Imps will come to life and surround you.

While outside the Altar, use Grenades to break the cracked staircase to reveal a floor plate. Climb the stairs and step on the floor plate to reveal a secret room behind the statue.

Grab the gold bar. This is the first of the two tithes you need to enter the temple at the Reflecting Pool. Walk or crawl or jump past the statue (don't try to break it with a weapon!). Press the button there to get Mars Prize #3 (Stone of Summoning)

Leave the Altar. Drop from the ledge down to the courtyard. Go back through the house to the pool area.

Remember the unreachable manas? Take the Ring of Flight which has already respawned to fly to the temple and get them. Fly back and leave the Gardens of Athena.

Tithe 2: Silver Bar


Gather Silver Bar from the Forum of Zeus.

Power Crystal


Collect the Power Crystal

Charge it up to power the bridge


Back through the gold teleporter to explore the fountain area.

Get the Power Crystal guarded by a Medusa.

Cross the initial shallow pool to access the room that charges up the Power Crystal.

Detailed Walkthrough

Back through the Hedge Maze to the gold teleporter. Through the teleporter back to the ledge. Follow the stairs all the way down to the fountain.

Collect the Breastplate and explore the area. On the far end are stairs going down. Follow them to a long hall with red carpet. While the level names in this hub have Roman looks, they hardly ever reflect anything about the level. This hall is perhaps the only thing in the Hall of Heroes that resembles the level name, but it is not a particular important room in the level. Get your weapons and Discs of Repulsion ready and meet the Medusa face to face.

When she is gone, grab the Power Crystal in the center of the hall. On the far end of the hall, examine the left wall to find a crack. Break the wall and jump inside. Hit the button for Mars Prize #4 (Mystic Urn).

Go back to the fountain, climb the stair back to the shallow pool at the start. Go straight to the opposite archway where the two small doors have opened (by a button you pushed inside the Hedge Maze). Behind each of them is a Spider. Kill both and enter either door.

Follow the hall to a room with stained glass windows and a pedestal. Place the Power Crystal on the pedestal to charge it up. When you are told it is ready, pick up the charged crystal.

Courtyard with Three Exits


Find the quick way to the Courtyard with Three Exits.


Break window and drop to the Courtyard.

Explore the building beneath the Crystal Charging Room.

Detailed Walkthrough

Break a window ahead and look down. You had been here before. Jump down to the Courtyard with Three Exits. If you had not killed the Archer earlier, you would have to do it now, under somewhat unfavorable conditions.

Get oriented: with the building (and the broken window) behind you, the exit on the left leads to the Hedge Maze. The exit on the right leads to the Reflecting Pool, we would be there when we have got both Tithes. Before exploring the exit ahead, let us first pay a visit to the building behind you.

Turn around. Find the entry to the building on the left. Bomb the Spiders inside with Grenades before walking in. Collect the Bracers and the Mana cubes. Carefully shoot down the Archer down the steps and descend.

Do NOT break the barrel on your right: it must be left intact! Notice a crack at eye level on the wall behind the barrel. If you break the barrel, you can never access the crack.

Before you break the wall, examine the two small cells on either side of you. After breaking the barrels inside the cells, notice a crack on a wall in one of the cells. Break the wall with a Katar and run back. Kill the Spider inside and grab the Chaos Device inside.

Now break the eye-level crack on the wall. Push a barrel beneath the hole to climb and crawl into it. Examine the area behind to find a Seal of the Ovinomancer.

The Seal is also a trap: the four stones adjacent to the Seal is a false floor and you would fall through and be surrounded by Spiders below. Kill any Spiders in sight. Run across the stones to grab the Seal without falling through. There is a crack on the wall, but there is nothing inside, other than Spiders. Or if you want to play it safely, run across a corner of those stones to reveal the ambush. Drop Grenades to kill as many of the Spiders as possible from above. There is nothing useful below so there is no point to explore.

After you get the Seal, climb back out the way you entered here. Leave the house and back to the Courtyard.

Rotating Bridge


Access the Forum of Zeus via another entry.


Power up the Rotating Bridge to access the alternate entry.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go straight ahead to explore the exit in front of the building.

After killing Spiders from both sides, go left up the stairs to kill the Archers there and the Golem below.

Go back down the stairs all the way down to the area below. There is some machinery with a rotating bridge above, but it does not have any power. Place the Power Crystal on the red shelf. Now you can press the button to rotate the bridge.

Go back up to cross the bridge. On the other side, there are two buttons. Press the left button to open a door on the wall. You cannot enter the door until the bridge rotates again.

Press the right button and run back to the bridge. Enter the door and kill the Archer inside. Do not press the button on the other side of the bridge: it rotates the bridge, and you would have to do the running one more time.

Follow the corridor to the room with the gate to the Forum of Zeus. You should be already accustomed to these rooms. Spiders on both sides and messages on the walls. The left wall says Forum of Zeus, and the left wall a hint for the Throne Room of Zeus

Forum of Zeus


Access the Forum of Zeus via another entry.

Explore the Main Pool.


Explore the Main Pool and activate the bridge.

Follow the way to the Fountain.

Detailed Walkthrough

As usual, examine the messages on the walls. The hint applies to the Throne Room of Zeus.

Walk forward to the corridor ahead. After killing the Archers on both sides, go towards the left. After getting round a dark corner, kill the two Archers below the stairs. You can try to drown them by pushing them into water with Discs of Repulsion.

Walk towards the water and see if you can shoot Archers on the opposite side and the Hydras below. Look at the left end of the upper ledge on the opposite side. You would find that the walkway on the ledge is blocked and there is no way to access a cave there. That cave leads to the Throne Room of Zeus. We would unblock the passage later.

Go back and follow the other side of the corridor. After taking a few turns and Spiders, you arrive at the opposite side. Kill the Archer ahead if he is still alive, and collect the Glyphs.

Shoot any Hydras below and jump into the water. Hope the Hydras on both sides are now dead. You will soon activate the bulk of metal in front of you to become a bridge.

Swim forward under the ledge into a passage. Press the button to release the underwater bridge. Climb the stairs and kill the Spider to press the second button which extends a platform by the pool.

Read the hint on the wall and return to water. Go to the underwater lift on the right and take it back to the upper ledge. Walk forward. Stepping on the floorplate activates the underwater bridge and opens a door below.

Go back to the starting corridor, dark corner and the arch. Cross the bridge and kill the Archer ahead. You can also drop on the bridge from the upper ledge, but the Archer will not be as easy to kill.

The Fountain


Find your way to the fountain.

Locate the button to unblock your passage to the Throne Room of Zeus.


Proceed to the deeply recessed windows. Climb out to look for a Mars Prize button.

Go through the fountain and find a pushable wall to find the button unblocking your access to the Throne Room of Zeus.

On the way back to the Main Pool, find another Mars Prize button.

Detailed Walkthrough

Follow the corridor to collect the Power Cube. Continue on either right or left, they lead to the same place, and each of them has a Spider on the way.

After killing both Spiders and collecting the Breastplate, continue to the far end. There are Health Vials on the left side, a stair case going down, and windows on the wall.

Kill the Spiders on the stair case but do not go down to the lower level yet. Come back to the windows. Climb and look down.

The fountain is below, also accessible by the stairs. Below is also a Medusa. Usually she will stay directly beneath you, or near by. Locate her and drop Grenades: there are ample things down there for bouncing Grenades back towards the Medusa below.

After she is dead, climb out of the window and drop to the narrow red ledge outside. Look to your front right and locate a crack on the wall. Follow around the ledge all the way to the crack. Break it to collect the Quartz Flask and find the button for Mars Prize #5 (Tome of Power).

Jump down to collect your Staff of Set. Facing the windows, the left side goes up the stairs back to the windows. For now, proceed to the right side.

Get the Mystic Urn and kill any Spiders in this corridor. Turn right and go to the end of the corridor. Push the left wall (in the direction away from the fountain).

Go forward and find the button on the wall. Press it to lower an extension to the upper ledge of the main pool.

A stair case has developed behind you, leading downwards. It goes to the area where you chose "life above all others" so no need to go there once more.

Go back through the wall you pushed. Two Spider nests are now opened, one in front of you, one symmetrically on the end of the corridor. Go to the Spider Nest on other end of the corridor. Break the cracked wall and follow the passage revealed to get a Ring of Turning. Press the button for Mars Prize #6 (Seal of the Ovinomancer).

Retrace your way back to the fountain, up the stairs to the Main Pool.

Throne Room of Zeus


Make use of Zeus' lightning blast to access the Throne Room.

Collect the Silver Bar on the throne.


From the upper ledge of the Main Pool, proceed to the outer room. Go past Zeus' lightning blast to the inner room.

Align the lens, climb up the bridge to activate the lightning blast through the lens.

Make your way to the throne and collect the Silver Bar.

Go back to the Hall of Heroes.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go back to the upper ledge using the underwater lift. Now that the end of the upper ledge is unblocked, you can access the corridor leading to the Throne Room.

Collect the Bracelet and follow the corridor, taking care of Archers on the way. In the center of the next room is a Tome of Power. Above the ledges on your left and right are noisy Ice Imps, but take care of them later if you have difficulties aiming at them from below.

The other end of the room leads to Zeus' lightning blast. First, bomb the Spiders that would otherwise be your obstacles. Then, dash to the right and get behind the mural at top speed to survive the blast.

This room has several big lens and also a Medusa. The far end leads to the Throne Room, but it is blocked by a huge stone. You need the lightning to blast through your way.

Step on the two floorplates to align the lens. Turn around. Facing the outer room, leave via the right side. Stop before you reach the lightning blast. Notice that a new staircase appeared. Dash up the narrow staircase, but watch out for Spiders on your way.

You arrived above the ledge where the Ice Imps were. Clean them out if you haven't done it earlier. Also take care of the Archer in the cell ahead.

Collect the Sphere of Invisibility and continue along the other ledge. More Spiders and you arrive at the ledge above the room with big lens.

Walk up to the center bridge and step on the small floorplate. It releases Zeus' lightning blast, concentrating it through the lenses. The stone blocking the entrance is thus blast open.

Jump down and go through the new entrance. Collect the Amulet but watch out for the Spiders on the stair case leading down. Follow either side to enter the Throne Room.

Your have received many hints related to this room:

  • The guardians of Zeus hide from normal vision: you cannot see them. But if you trigger the alarm Archers would suddenly appear. If in case you want more experience points, you can repeatedly trigger more to appear for your killing.
  • Spells of illusions can deceive unknowing eyes: you may think the room is empty. Yet it is filled with sort of sensers. Block the beam and you would trigger the alarm. First a lightning would hit you (mild, compared to in the previous room) from the ceiling, and then Archers appear from nowhere to shoot at you. Finally a door opposite the throne will open revealing an Archer Lord and Health Vial inside. Do give it a try, but better save your game first. I am not completely sure this hint refer to here, but I cannot find a better meaning for it.
  • Be penitent before the throne of Zeus: crouch all the way to the throne and back. This way, you can avoid the triggers. When you reach the throne, you can see the sensors with your own eyes.
So follow instructions to get the Silver Bar on the throne.

Go all the way back, climbing the narrow staircase again to avoid Zeus' lightning blast. Jump back down and go back to the Hall of Heroes.

Back at the Courtyard with Three Exits, take the right exit (the only one not yet visited, the one on your left) to the Reflecting Pool.

Reflecting Pool


This is the central gate of the hub. You cannot pass here until you got both Tithes. Yet, you need two items of great power to advance further: Diamond Scepter and Crown of the Kings.

These two items are kept in the Bath of Demetrius.

Reflecting Pool


Offer the Tithes to access the inner pool.

Find your way to the Bath of Demetrius.


Proceed to the hollow tower at Reflecting Pool and descend to the outer pool.

Offer Tithe to the temple to access the inner pool.

Cross the bridge to travel to Bath of Demetrius.

Detailed Walkthrough

Before passing the teleporter from the Forum of Zeus, remember to read the hint on the wall about the Reflecting Pool.

After you arrived at the Reflecting Pool, you should hardly be surprised by the Spiders on the sides, and the hint on the wall. The hint is too late to be of much use, but it explains why so many goodies are hidden inside cracked walls.

Follow the hall to hollow tower. Ice Imps are flying inside so shoot them down before you grab the Discs of Repulsion.

Below is the outer pool (a term I invented). Outer because there is another pool inside the temple. You got there after you offered the Tithes.

You can either following the circular corridor and the staircases to descend down. Or you can jump from ledge to ledge in the central hollow area till you arrive at the pool. Taking the stairs get more Mana cubes, but also would be greeted by Spiders and Archers.

You should remember being told to Search the pool for aid in the future (when you arrived at the Forum of Zeus from the Gardens of Athena), and just recently that the solitude of the pool is known to heal the pain of many. There are many Health Vials in this pool, and more important, they are said to regenerate: use them and later they reappear to heal you again. But is it true? I was told they do, but I have waited for a very long time and didn’ see any regeneration. Reader Carie also confirms me that he has never seen any regeneration. My conclusion is that they never regenerate. If you have seen a regeneration, do let me know.

On the ground floor, find the exit to an open area with a Gold Golem. Beat him and take the Helmet opposite.

Walk up to the temple door to learn how to open it. Thanks to Lucky Starr who pointed out to me how to get this message.

Remember donation is the key to charity (on entry to Gardens of Athena), so together the two hints mean you can pass only if you make a donation. Offer your Tithes to the two shelves on each side of the temple door. The door will open, with a Medusa inside.

Kill the Archer and arrive at a stone bridge that crosses the inner pool. Teleporter to Bath of Demetrius is straight ahead, but let us clean the snippers upstairs first.

Climb the stairs on the left, cleaning Archers on the way. Continue till the end of the ledge (on the right side of the pool). Remember to shoot down including the Archer on the opposite side (the left side) of the pool.

Come back down and cross the stone bridge. We would explore the pool when we come back. For now, follow the path straight ahead, and read the hints on the wall before you enter Bath of Demetrius.

Bath of Demetrius: Alignment of Elements


Bath houses were very common in Roman times. Besides for people without private bathrooms, it was also a place for rest, message, and other social activities like chess and ball games.

Demetrius means "of Demeter" (Greek). Demeter was a Greek goddess (Roman Ceres) of fertility and planned society.


Learn the sequence of alignment.

Find the bridge and press the four buttons in the correct sequence to get the Diamond Scepter.

Detailed Walkthrough

As usual, study the messages on the wall. This time, a surprise awaits you. The location plate erroneously states that the other side of the teleporter is the Hall of Heroes. The other plate specifies the order of alignment.

Go forward to the first room. The room has doorways to a room on the left and a room on the right. Each of them has a Spider so do not let them surround you when you get the Tome of Power.

With the three rooms secured, explore them. The right room has a locked door. The room ahead of the mid room has two Quartz Flasks and a locked door. We would later come back via these two doors.

The left room leads outside. Follow it. Straight ahead is a wall with a painting. I spent sometime trying to bomb it, but it is just a regular wall.

Around the corner, an Archer is ahead. At where he was, study the wall on your left. Break the crack at the corner and crawl inside. There you would find a Ring of Regeneration and button for Mars Prize #7 (Power Cube)

Come back out and continue your journey into a room with a Wizard and several vases. Ignore the grate and the lava beneath it, kill the Wizard and break the vases.

Continue downstairs, collect the Bracelets and to a bridge with Discs of Repulsion, and an Archer straight ahead. From the bridge you can access the four buttons representing the four elements. You already knew the sequence, so press them in order. The somewhat difficult part is to guess which symbol represents which element. Fire is obvious, steam consists of four smooth vertical sinusoidal lines, water is a single horizontal wavy lines (with vertices), air consists of four smooth horizontal sinusoidal lines. Took me some time to believe that the horizontal sinusoids were not water.

Press them in the correct sequence, and the Diamond Scepter would appear at the end of the bridge. If you make a mistake, Wizards would appear. Take care of them and try again.

Bath of Demetrius: Crown of the Kings


Get the Crown of the Kings by aligning the clock and finding the Crown.


Go to the pool to study the alignment of the three clocks.

Align the clocks to cross the pool and open the archway.

From the fountain area, jump into the room ahead to get the Crown of the Kings.

Go back to Reflecting Pool.

Detailed Walkthrough

Locate the Spiders below the bridge and bomb them from above. Walk to the end of the bridge (the Scepter end), jump down. Beware of any remaining Spiders and proceed forward (away from the start of the bridge) until you reach the pool.

On the opposite shore is a button and Roman Numerals I II and III, each within a triangle. Note the direction the three triangles are point to.

Under the bridge are the same three numerals with a rotating triangle. Go back all the way towards the start of the bridge to find the three numerals. Remember to collect the Breast Plate on your way. Turn the three numerals so that they point at the same direction as the ones on the other shore (I is upwards, II to the right, III downwards).

Return to the pool. Look for the Hydras in the pool. Kill them now. Take the Helmet and step on the floor plate. Several barrels will break free from the pool floor and float on the surface. Do not try to shoot Hydras at this point of time. If you break the barrels, it is very difficult to get to the button. If some are surviving, shoot them after you have pressed the button.

Walk/jump on the floating barrels to get across. If you fall into water, turn around and look for a lift and a button near the floor plate.

Press the button under the Roman Numerals. It opens the archiway to the left, and also a door behind you, revealing an Archer. Turn around fast and kill him. Come back either over the barrels (if they are still intact) or via water. Enter his room to get the Icon of Defender.

Swim through the newly opened archway, watching out for surviving Hydras. Surface on the left side to climb up the steps. An Archer is waiting for you on the right side, so climb quickly to seek cover and couter-attack.

The path ahead is peaceful, collect the Staff of Set piece 2, Quartz Flasks, and Boots of Speed. On your way you would also meet a wall with paintings. Just ignore it and proceed until you reach a corridor (towards a fountain) with a door on your right.

Get ready to shoot. The room has a pool with a platform in the center. Around the pool is a Spider and an Archer. When they are down, there are no more enemy inside these set of rooms. Take the Chaos Sphere in the middle of the platform and dive into the pool on the right hand side (when facing the platform from outside the doorway). Follow the underwater tunnel until you can surface. If you run into bars, you are diving into the left tunnel: take another breath and try the other one.

Take the Staff of Oinomancer and press the button for Mars Prize #8 (Chaos Device). Leave via the wooden door to a long corridor. This corridor just run behind the pool and platform room. The two statues bear no secrets so go to the end to find another similar room at the end of the corridor. Get the Glyphs. Come back out to the pool and platform room and leave.

Back to the main corridor and proceed to an open area with a fountain (front) and a Medusa (front left corner) ahead. Climb the stairs on the left. The door on the left would open, leading back to the starting area (via the right room).

From the stairs, look towards the opening above the fountain. You can jump inside, but an Archer is patrolling the area. Try shoot him down before you jump.

You can either jump from the steps, or jump from the fountain. Once inside, confront the Archer if he still survives. Take the Mystic Urn and the strange looking Crown of the Kings. It doesn’t look like a crown at all, because it is actually a laurel wreath (made of gold) like what the caesers wore.

Approach the door and it opens, leading you back to the starting area (the mid room). Go back to the Reflecting Pool.

Temple of Mars


Now the end is near. Reap your Mars Prizes.

You need to collect more items of great power: the Sunstone, the Shadowstone and the Voidstone. With them, the passage to the Coliseum of War will open.

Reflecting Pool


Use the items of great power to gain entrance to the Temple of Mars.


Raise the bridge in the inner pool.

Place the Diamond Scepter and the Crown of the Kings to gain access to the exit teleporter.

Detailed Walkthrough

Jump into the inner pool. There are fishes but there are not harmful. Dive into the underwater tunnel and ride a lift up to a Shadow Sphere and a button.

Press the button to lower a bridge across the pool. If you have not yet killed the Archer on the right side of the (new) bridge, he would now step on the bridge and start shooting at you.

Jump down to the stone bridge below. Leave the pool and climb the stairs on the right to go to the upper ledge.

Follow the ledge to cross the bridge. Watch out of any surviving Spiders on the other side.

Proceed along the corridor. Near the Spider are two pedestals. The teleporter is right ahead, but it would stay barred until you placed the Diamond Scepter and the Crown of the Kings on the pedestals.

Once the items are placed, the pedestals will turn and you can continue. Kill the Spiders on both sides and read the hint on the wall.

Enter the Temple of Mars.



To collect the Sunstone, the first of three stones you needed to open the gateway to the Coliseum of War.

To press the first of two Pendulum Buttons to open a path.


From the Courtyard with 3 Wooden Doors, explore the left door. Take the lift upstairs and explore the whole floor.

Go to the room overlooking the noisy Pendulum Blades and press the first Pendulum Button.

Go to the first Altar Room to get the Sunstone.

Detailed Walkthrough

This time, on the wall is not a hint but a warning. The other wall again erroneously marks Hall of Heroes as the other side of the teleporter.

Follow either side of the corridor to the outside. There is a Spider on other corner, and an Archer out there in the middle of the open area.

Descend the steps to collect the Krater of Might and the Breastplate in the Courtyard with 3 Wooden Doors. We would first visit the left door, then the right door, finally the front door.

Go downstairs in either direction into a room with a Tome of Power on a pedestal. The Pedestal is protected by lightning, but before rushing onto it, try shooting down the Archers on the upper ledge because you would be defenseless for a little while.

Run to the Tome of Power, jumping above or tolerating the lightning. By stepping on the pedestal, the lift is activated. Run to the lift and ride upstairs. Quickly turn around and check for any surviving Archers.

On the opposite side you can see a button. Go press it. This center button turns off the lightning down stairs, as if it would do you any good.

Visit the left side of the center button. You must have noted the noise for some time, now you see the Pendulum Blades down there. Press the button next to you. We would find the second Pendulum Button later.

For now, visit the right side of the center button. It leads to an Altar Room with a Wizard. Kill him to get the Sunstone on his altar. Return to the Courtyard with 3 Wooden Doors.



To collect the Shadowstone.

To collect your Mars Prizes


From the Courtyard with 3 Wooden Doors, explore the right door. Press the button on level 3 (top of the ramp) to open two corridors on level 2.

Go to the Mars Room where the Mars Prizes are waiting for you.

Go to the room overlooking the noisy Pendulum Blades and press the second Pendulum Button.

Go to the second Altar Room to get the Shadowstone.

Detailed Walkthrough

From the outdoor area, enter the right door. After taking care of the Spiders on both sides of you, go left. Round the corner and look up: you can see a ledge with an Icon of Defender above. Right over your head is a similar ledge, with an Archer waiting. We would get there later, for now, slip into the main room.

In the center of the room is a set of big stairs leading from the level 1 (where you are) to level 3. On the far end of the room is a Wizard waiting for you.

Climb the central stairs right to the top. On both sides of the Helmet is a Spider waiting for you. Grab the Helmet and press the button on the top of the stairs, opening two doors on the first floor.

Jump down to level 2 and grab the Glyphs at the two corners below. Collect the Stone of Summoning in the middle of the bridge and go to the far left corner (far left when viewed from the button on level 3). Follow the corridor to the Mars Room where your Mars Prizes awaits. There are nine pedestals in the room, with one prize on each of them. If you find less prizes than what you deserve (eight), try jump on the pedestal anyway. Sometimes it would be added to your inventory although you do not see it. But for me, I usually find only one prize, and nothing happens when I jump on the other pedestals.

From Ramborc, I learnt about a few things related to the prizes. First, there are 9 pedestals but only 8 buttons. The reason is, the Icon of Defender is always there, without a need to press any secret buttons. Then about the missing prizes. He said that saving your game inside the Mars Room will make all prizes disappear, so don’t. Also, saving your game outside the Mars Room will make the prizes invisible.

Leave the Mars Room and go to the far right corner of the main room (again, far right when viewed from the button on level 3). At the end of corrider, there are steps on both sides of you. Go up the left side first.

Up the left steps and you arrive at the Archer from his back. Back stab him and jump across to the Icon of Defender. Jump back to proceed to the right steps.

There is a altar room on your right, but first kill the Spider on your left and press the Pendulum Button there. You have already pressed both Pendulum Buttons, and the walls in the room below are moving away from the pendulum blades.

For now, turn around and enter the altar room. Finish the wizard and grab the Shadowstone from his altar.

Now we proceed to the Pendulum Blades. You can either jump down from the Pendumlum Button, or go back to the Courtyard with 3 Wooden Doors and enter the center door.



Get pass the lethal Pendulum Blades.

To collect last of the three stones you needed, the Voidstone.


From the Courtyard with 3 Wooden Doors, explore the last door. Sneak past the pendulum blades and go outside.

Follow the staircase opposite the Statue of Mars to the last Altar Room to get the Voidstone.

Detailed Walkthrough

The walls should have receded and the gaps between the wall and the Pendulum Blades are wide enough for you to walk through. Walk forward. Align yourself with the gap between the blades and walk carefully to collect the items between them: Krater of Might, Chaos Device, and Seal of the Ovinomancer.

Go to the far end of the room, kill the Spider to get outside.

You arrive at a ledge in a courtyard, overlooking the Statue of Mars. From the top of the stairs, finish the Archers below.

Descend to the courtyard, collect the Torch and turn around. There are stairs below the ledge. Follow them and shoot down the Archer on your way.

Down there is the last Altar Room. Get the Voidstone from the Wizard and come back to the courtyard.

Gateway to War


Open the gateway to the Coliseum of War.

Detailed Walkthrough

Walk around the walls surrounding the Statue of Mars and exit on the rear into the final courtyard.

Shoot down the Archer in the courtyard, but beware of the Ice Imps. One of them is above the ledge over your head when you enter the courtyard. It would not yet see you, but the one opposite would commence fire immediately.

Collect the Amulet and jump on the center stone to collect the Mystic Urn.

Place the Sunstone, Shadowstone and the Void stone on the three pedestals to open up the center stone.

Save your game. Take a deep breath. Drop into it.

Coliseum of War

This is going to be tough.

As you arrive at the Coliseum, look around and get familiar with the area. Locate the big stone wall and avoid it for the time being. Collect goodies and get prepared for the finale. Remember where in the coliseum goodies still remains: you are going to run out of everything very soon.

After you have saved your game, approach the stone wall. It will break open and War would appear with his horse.

When the wall breaks, run to a side and hide behind the opening. Wait till War comes out from his room. There is nothing in his room so don’t bother to investigate. Activate your stuff and attack War from behind. Remember that starting from experience level 6 (you must have acquired level 6 by now), backstab delivers twice as much damage.

You just commenced a horrible battle, hope you had made a good start. There is no way to escape his flying blades. So just use all you have in your inventory to kill him as fast as you can while trying to stay alive. Keep attacking. Move around the coliseum to collect any remaining goodies when you are depleting your stock. When he is finished, press the fire key to proceed.

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