Resident Evil Complete Walkthrough

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The walkthrough is based on the PC version of the game. Other versions have differences in names of keys and objects, but the story line should be the same.

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Story Background

Resident Evil allows you to play as Chris Redfield the Marksman or Jill Valentine the Machine Expert, leading to different story lines. Chris and Jill belong to the Alpha team of Raccoon City Special Tactics And Rescue Squad. Together with Barry Burton (Weapons Specialist), Albert Wesker (Mission Leader) and Joseph Frost (Vehicle Specialist) and Brad Vickers (Pilot), you arrive to check out the Bravo Team who disappeared during their investigation of mysterious deaths in the Raccoon Forest. The Bravo Team consisted of Kenneth J. Sullivan (Field Scout), Rebecca Chambers (Medical), Forest Speyer (Vehicle Specialist), Richard Aiken (Communications Expert) and Enrico Marini (Mission Leader). After landing, Joseph was killed by a beast, Brad lifted off the Helicopter without you. So the rest of you escaped into a mansion where the story takes place.

Chris Redfield versus Jill Valentine

Resident Evil allows you to play as Chris or Jill, leading to different story lines. If you are new to Resident Evil, I suggest you to play Chris first. It would allow you to play the full game. In particular, this walkthrough makes you see almost everything. After you have completed the game and the bonus play, then play Jill with or without a walkthrough.

To use the Chris walkthrough, select Chris at the start of the game.

Game Play and Tips

During the game, press A to get the configuration screen (where you see nearly all the available keyboard commands), and Z to the inventory screen. Two F9 to quit game back to title screen and two more F9 to quit Resident Evil. At the inventory screen, you have access to Map (more on it below) and File (books you have picked up) and Radio (if you got it). When in front of an object, press SPACE to examine it (get description of what it is) or unlock/open it.

Chris has only 6 slots to carry items. There is no way to drop an item. You often need an open slot or two to carry the puzzle pieces around, to get a better weapon, or to get healing stuff. Keep counting the number of open slots.

There are several mansion keys around. Chris needs them to open doors of the mansion. All of them are called mansion keys when you pick them up - check the pattern on its back. They open different sets of doors. If you to unlock (press action key) a door and you have the right key, you are told that you unlocked the door. If you try to unlock it without the right key, you are told the door is locked, sometimes together with a hint as to which key is needed. After you have unlocked all the doors corresponding to a key, you are asked whether you want to discard the key. Discard it. It is an excellent opportunity to get rid of the item. At times, you should go around unlocking doors just to get rid of the keys. The mansion keys are referred to by their unique name (Shield Key, Sword Key, etc) in the walkthrough.

It’s up to you if you want to just run past the zombies or go ahead and kill them. After all it is not an action game. If you seek out and kill every monster, you run out of ammunition real fast.

I haven’t seen any cheat codes for Resident Evil. There are saved game editors and trainers around the internet. Yet, the most versatile way is to edit the saved game directly using a hex editor. The inventory slots and the items in the chest are stored respectively after and before offset hex 0324.

Walkthrough for playing with Chris


The game isn’t divided into levels. But in the walkthrough I break it up into sections so you can have a better idea what you are getting at. If you are adventurous (and you should be), try read only the outline and play the game.

Many mansion doors are locked by mansion keys. There are four different mansion keys: Sword Key, Shield Key, Armor Key and Helmet Key. In the two Crest sections, I would indicate the key required for the door in {} after the first time you open it. Some doors are locked in one direction. That is, you can unlock and open it from one side of the door without any key, but you can’t open the door from the other side unless it is already unlocked by you. They are marked as {oneway}. Doors not locked are marked with empty brackets {}. With this door-key relation, you could easier plan your route when you are not following the walkthrough. Other sections aren’t marked, because you can hardly change the sequence of visiting the rooms in those sections.

Compass directions are used in the walkthrough when it is confusing otherwise. The top (as shown in the maps) is called North.

Getting Started

  • You are confined to the 1/F and 2/F of the Mansion.
  • To keep alive, you need a Beretta instead of your knife, plus a lot of Clips for it.
  • To get better oriented, you need the 1/F Map.


In the Dining Room, you are safe and should practice the keyboard controls. If you can run around the dining table smoothly, you have already doubled your chance of survival. Examine around but don’t pick up anything.

From Dining Room, open the NW door into corridor. If you had tried to get back to the Main Entrance instead, Jill and Wesker will make you go inside the Dining Room again. So enter corridor, go left and see Zombie.

I don’t think you can kill the Zombie with your Combat Knife. Run back out to Main Entrance. Jill and Barry now have disappeared. Pick up Jill’s Beretta. Examine the typewriter, it will tell you what it is for. Remember their locations. Get Ink Ribbon from beside typewriter.

Go back to first Zombie. Shoot it down. Wait till it climbs up and give it one more shot. The blood on the floor only appears after it is dead. All monsters are visibly dead when they die. If your enemy just lie on the floor motionless without breaking apart or bleeding, stay on guard!

Get 2 Clips from dead body of Kenneth. I’d call this corridor Kenneth Corridor. Clips are the ammunition for the Beretta. The Beretta can hold 15 rounds. You can reload it manually by combining a Clip into the Beretta. Or you can let it reloads automatically, but it would cost you a little time and can be lethal during combat. However, you can press Z during combat and reload manually, or even switch to another weapon: your enemies will wait patiently while you are busy on that screen. In general, load your weapons before big fights. Try other doors on the Kenneth Corridor. All are locked, but the message you get depends on whether it needs a mansion key or the door is locked from the other side.

Go back to Main Entrance. Go to Blue double door at the SE corner and move stairs to get 1/F Map. Be careful when pushing things around. You can’t push an object unless you can stand behind it. It is easy to push something to the wall, and then find out that you can’t get it away from the wall. In those cases, leave the room and come back, the objects will automagically reset to their initial position. Corollary: if you don’t want the positions to reset, don’t leave the room.

The maps keep you from disoriented. If you haven’t yet found the map of your current floor, the map function still shows you the current room and areas you have already visited. It also gives you a good idea of the shape of the room you are in. Now move chest and get Ink Ribbon in small room at NE corner. Beware of Zombie.

First two Crests

  • You can’t leave via the Main Entrance so you need to find other ways to leave the Mansion. You need to get 4 Crests so that you can open the door at the Outside Passage.
  • The Star Crest is in the Crow Gallery. The Wind Crest is at the Small Tiger and you need the Blue Jewel to get it. The Blue Jewel is on the statue in the room above the Dining Room.
  • To get the Crests, you need a few Mansion Keys to unlock doors. Get Sword Key from Rebecca Room and Shield Key from Dining Room (revealed after exchanging the two emblems in the Dining Room and in the Bar Room).
  • To stay alive, keep collecting ammunition.
  • Meet Rebecca and get a chance to arrange inventory and save game.
  • Since you can’t carry that many items, store the two Crests at the Outer Passage before looking for the rest.


From Main Entrance go up stairs and to the right of the 2/F. Go to SE door{} (right above blue double door). Get Small Key. There are many Small Keys at various locations. All of them are identical. They are used to open desk drawers. Proceed North and enter room{} to your East. Go East and then turn right to South to examine Forest on the terrace and get clip. Quickly leave to avoid Crows.

Back out to opposite side of 2/F (right above Dining Room) into Blue Jewel Room{}. Kill Zombies and push statue holding the Blue Jewel over the edge. Collect the Blue Jewel later. For now go through far door{} on NW into West Wing Upper Corridor. There are 3 Zombies ahead. Try run past them (or some of them): you probably don’t have sufficient ammo to shoot every Zombie you would encounter. Down the West Wing Staircase. There is a Zombie on each side of you. They are slow so just rush into room{} behind stairs (the only door you would see when you arrive downstairs) and meet Rebecca Chambers. Get Sword Key on bed; store Combat Knife, Small Key and F-Aid Spray (it recovers your health completely, so use it only when you are in red danger status) in chest, get Clips from Chest and combine them. There are several chests around the game area. You can store your collected items inside. Take the opportunity to get rid of useless items. All the chests are curiously connected together by wormholes. Whatever you placed in one chest is retrievable from others. Save game. Carry the Beretta, Clip, Sword Key only, keep 3 slots open.

Say Yes to Rebecca and leave room. She would stay behind to prepare chemicals. Saying Yes leads you to a fuller game. Outside Rebecca Room back to hallway (let’s call it Rebecca Hallway). If you haven’t shot them, there are Zombies on your left and right. Run to end of hall (first go N then E) and through door{}, avoiding Zombies.

Immediately turn to the right and run to the South end of this F-Shaped hallway. Go through door {oneway} into Kenneth Corridor. Proceed to the far left. Enter Bar Room {Sword} that is next to double doors. Move around piano and push case away from bookshelf. Get Music Notes and use them at piano. Chris can’t play the piano; Rebecca will show up. She knows a bit, but she needs some practice. Let her.

It would take her a variable amount of time to practise, and the secret door won’t open till she can play the Moonlight Sonata. So go through Kenneth Corridor to the Dining Room. Get Blue Jewel from Statue ruble. Get Emblem from above fireplace. Return to Bar Room to see her. If she is not yet ready, either wait for her here or get the Chemicals (see below) and come back to check. If still not ready, go to the Small Tiger Room and the Greenhouse (also below) and back. Remember to keep an open slot.

When Rebecca plays the sonata, a secret door will open. Go into Secret Room and take Gold Emblem. Replace it with Emblem.

Arm your Beretta and go back to the F-Shaped Hallway to shoot away the Zombies. Go half way North and turn right (East) into the short hallway. Enter the Small Tiger Room{}. Examine the Small Tiger. Use Blue Jewel to get Wind Crest.

Go across (West) to Small Bedroom {Sword} to get Clip, examine desk and kill surprise Zombie. Get and file Keeper’s Diary to see what happened in the Mansion. Get Shells for your next weapon.

Back to Rebecca Room, store Shells and save game. Don’t carry the Ink Ribbon around. Most typewriters have a chest next to them, so you can get the Ink Ribbon from the chest. During the game, try to create a ribbon with only a single use remaining. It would be useful later on.

Go to Dining Room and place Gold Emblem above fireplace and get Shield Key from behind clock.

Go to Main entrance and go through the Double blue doors{} at SE. Go to door {Sword} on other side and unlock it. Sword Key should now be discarded.

Through door and run East and then North to avoid the Cerberus (dogs) jumping from window. Through door{} at far end into the Winding Hallway. Go back to Dog Hallway and take out dogs. Move chest and get Clip.

Back to Winding Hallway again. Get and use green herb if needed, but keep one slot free. Green herb improves your health. Move to the end of Winding Hallway and go through the double doors{} at the end. Get ready for two Zombies.

Go to West end of hallway and enter door on the left{} into Crow Gallery. Ignore the noisy but peaceful crows. Examine the 1st picture It is called "All living things are destined to die", the theme and hint of the gallery. Examine the pictures and hit the switches in order from youngest to oldest. New born baby (3rd), infant (5th), lively boy (6th), young man (4th), tired middle-aged man (2nd), bold-looking old man (7th), and finally people mourning for the dead (last). Get Star Crest. Leave Crow Gallery and back to, let’s call it Crow Hallway.

Go into Grey Door {oneway} in middle of Crow Hallway and get ready to fire at Zombie. Get Green Herb. In front of you is the East Wing Staircase. Turn right and go into Storeroom{} (the only room under the staircase). Store Small Key and Herb, get Wind Crest and save. Whenever you have the chance (and free slots), grab herbs and store them into the chest for later use.

Out of Grey Door back to Crow Hallway. At West end (near Crow Gallery) turn right and proceed to far North. Enter door{} into Outside Passage. Get ready for a Cerberus. Notice that it is very difficult to shoot at a dog when it is pulling its head backwards and downwards. Better wait till it rises up to shoot it. Examine board at end of passage and store Wind and Star Crests.

The other two Crests

  • Get the Armor Key to find the Sun Crest in the Armor Room. Armor Key is guarded by a nasty plant so get Chemicals to use against it.
  • Before the two Crests, get the shotgun, but get the broken shotgun first.
  • Rather late, but now you get the 2/F Map.
  • Meet the Snake and get the Moon Crest.


Get Chemicals and Small Key from Storeroom. Keep Beretta, Clip and a free slot. You may choose to take the Shells also. Proceed to the F-Shaped hallway. Near the NE corner of the F-shaped hallway is the Green House{}. Try approach the fountain and have fun fighting with the nasty plant. Use Chemicals in pump to kill it off. Go to the area behind the plant to get the Armor Key. Get and use Herb if required, but keep the last slot free. There are Red Herbs here. They can be combined with other Herbs to triple its effect. When you have time and free slot, move them to the chest for later use.

Leave the Green House and go back west, through the door at the NW end back to Rebecca Hallway. If you haven’t killed them, there may be three zombies waiting. Go to the door immediately on the left into the Ammo Room {Armor}. Get Broken Shotgun, Clip, and use Small Key to unlock desk to get Shells.

Keep one free inventory slot and proceed to the Winding Hallway. Unlock the second door (the first door in the Winding Hallway is the one you just entered from the Dog Hallway, the second one {armor} opens to the East; the Bathroom{} is the third door, which opens towards North). Don’t enter room yet: the Patio outside has lots of Herbs plus two Cerberus. You don’t need to go inside to solve the mystery. Don’t go there before you’ve got the Shotgun; better not until you come back from the Guard House, at which time the dogs would be replaced with Zombies and are much easier to kill. Enter the Empty Room{} that is opposite to the double doors at the West end of the Winding Hallway. Go through it into the Shotgun Room{}. Take Shotgun and leave. A trap is activated and the outer door is now locked. So rush back to the Shotgun Room. Use the Broken Shotgun to deactivate the trap. Now leave. With the Shotgun, one shot at close range beheads the Zombies. Shells are the ammunition for the Shotgun. The Shotgun carries 7 rounds and needs reloading like the Beretta.

Now that you have the Armor Key and the Shotgun, time to get more ammo. With one slot open, go the Bathroom{} (third door of the Winding Hallway). Drain the tub and get Small Key. Leave Bathroom.

Proceed to 1/F Main Entrance and enter NE door {Armor} next to blue double doors. There is a Zombie on the left of the T-junction. Get Shells using Small Key.

Proceed down hallway into Mirror Room. There is a big mirror here. The Zombie here is slow so avoid him if you can. It takes very many shots to kill a crawling Zombie. If he grabs your ankle, you lose a little health and would then automatically give it a head stomp. Keep at least one free slot so don’t get the Ink Ribbon and Herb unless you want to use them now (or if you get them, store them at a chest and make 2 free slots). The SW door of the Mirror Room leads to the Closet, which you can’t enter without first winning the game.

Back to Main Entrance and go to 2nd Floor. Go to the right and into first door{} at NE. Get ready for 2 Zombies in U-Shaped Hallway. Go through double green doors {Armor} in the middle of the U-Shaped Hallway into Armor Room. Carefully move two statues over the circular grates on the floor. Hit switch to open the showcase. Poisonous gas will leak via grates if not properly covered (do give it a try). Get the Sun Crest.

Go to NW end of U-Shaped Hall and into Small Library{}. Get Botany Book to file. Now you know all about Herbs. Particularly useful combinations are two Greens, Red plus Green, and 3 Greens (displayed as silver). Out opposite door into Antler Hallway (reason for name will soon be apparent). On your right is a one-way door back to the U-Shaped Hallway. Unlock it now so you can later open the door instead of going through the Small Library. Get ready for two zombies and one waiting at far end of the Antler Hallway.

If you don’t have any free slots at all, go down to Storeroom store make one or two free slots and back to Antler Hallway.

Enter door {Armor} in the middle of the Antler Hallway (a little East of the East Wing Staircase, on your right) into Antler Room and have Shotgun ready for Zombie.

Go to Small Office on your left (top of screen). To push the chest, you first need to push the aquarium to the right. Try push it. Examine insect display and hit switch to drain aquarium. Push aquarium and then move chest towards it. Get Shells. Get Researcher’s Will on the desk. Now you know what went wrong here.

Go to Bedroom, which is on the other side of Antler Room. Get Lighter. There are also Shells and Red herb. Leave Antler room.

Proceed to SE end of Antler Hallway and through Blue door{} into Fireplace Room. Use the Lighter on fireplace to reveal 2/F Map. It is a bit late since you have already been to most of the places on 2/F. Anyway, get it.

Go down the East Wing Staircase and into Storeroom. Make sure your life is replenished. Take the Shotgun, Shells, Lighter and Shield Key with you. Keep two slots ready to collect Clips and a Crest.

Make you way back to the U-Shaped Hall upstairs and into door {Armor} that you haven’t entered (the one facing South). Move round the corner and examine Richard. Get Clips.

Now leave this Richard Hallway through the East door and get ready for a Zombie popping out from the narrow hallway on your left. Move upstairs, unlock door {Shield} and discard Shield Key. DO NOT enter yet.

Back down the short staircase and down narrow hallway to the far North. Enter room on your left. Find Clips. Use the Lighter on the candles to reveal secret room behind case. Move case and get Shells in secret room.

Now proceed back up the short staircase and enter the unlocked door into Attic. By exploring you will encounter a Big Snake. Blast away and it will retreat. When I played the game, I thought that the Big Snake is not killable. Later reader Jenn told me that you can kill it with the Rocket Launcher. Shoot it three times and it is down.

Examine the hole where it came and went to get Moon Crest. If you want to save ammo, you may try run to get the Crest and then run away without shooting it, avoiding the snake all the way. Shells are also available. Leave room. If you are poisoned, you will collapse on the short staircase. If you are too good at shooting (not easy without the Mini Mi), you would come out unharmed and won’t collapse. If you are defeated, you may get swallowed by the Snake (a great sight to see).

If Chris collapses, and since you have said Yes to Rebecca in the Rebecca Room, she would arrive to save you. You now control Rebecca and need to get Serum (from the Rebecca Room) to heal Chris. Rebecca has only a Beretta with her, but it is OK because she won’t run into anything dangerous (she can’t open the chest to store the Beretta though). Get the Serum and back.

If Chris collapses and you had said No, Chris just wakes up in the Rebecca Room recovered.

We are leaving the Mansion now. You should store everything but guns and ammo. Get the Two Crests and move to Outside Passage and place in final spots there. The door there will now open.

The Guard House

  • The story is speeding up. Get through the Courtyard and enter the Guard House.
  • Visit Dormitories 001, 002 and 003, including a trip to the Control Room. Go meet Plant 42.
  • Get Helmet Key and back to Mansion.


Through the now opened door, push stairs to shelf. Climb up and get Square Crank. Get the Small Key on the one of the barrels.

Move through double doors and be ready for three nice Cerberus. Don't walk too near them and they would leave you alone. Get the Map of the Courtyard on the wall next to defunct elevator at the far West. Go through gate at the North end of Courtyard. Read the map and note the symbol for elevators. Since this elevator doesn’t work, you have to go to the other one.

Move to West of pool. The elevator is on the other side of the metal panel. You can only access it from the other side of the pool. The pool is full of water and Chris doesn’t swim. Use Square Crank on square hole. Water will drain from the pool, forming a small waterfall on your left. A passage is revealed through the pool. Go across passage and run for the elevator on the West or the snakes will poison you.

Down the elevator and prepare for Dogs. These can easily be bypassed. Move through gates on the West end and look out for three more Dogs. If you have ample ammunition, kill them and go back to kill the Dogs behind you. You would be passing this area several times and wiping them out saves some trouble. With the dogs out, take some time to look at the small waterfall on the North that you created, and go to the South end to see why the defunct elevator doesn’t work.

Get Herb and Proceed to Guard House 1/F.

You are now at the Guard House Entrance Hallway. Guard House Save Room is first door on the right. Enter Guard House Save Room and save game. Get ready for Zombie hunting. Store the Square Crank. Keep at least 3 open slots besides Shotgun, Shells and Small Key.

Back to the statue at the entrance. Push it to the East and then South to cover hole on the floor. If you don’t cover the hole, Plant 42 will grab you from there (try walk close to it, only hurts a little). Go into door opposite Guard House Save Room and look out for 2 Zombies. This is the Dormitory 001. Through door on your left into bathroom (there are three dormitories in the Guard House and all of them look alike in layout) and drain the tub. Get Control Room Key from tub. Explore the bedroom to get Small Key and Shells. Get Red Book on bed.

Keep the Small Key and Control Room Key and with at least 1 open slot, enter door at the South end of the Guard House Entrance Hallway. You now arrived at the Guard House Central Hallway. Follow hallway East and then North and go into first door on the right into Wasp Hall. Move down passage to the far left. Next to Wasps Nest grab Dormitory Key 002. Run and leave Wasp Hall.

Continue down Guard House Central Hallway to the North and arrive at Dormitory 002 door. Use and discard key 002. There are Herbs hidden behind Statue on your left. Push statue to get and use if needed, but keep a slot free. Enter Dormitory 002.

Inside bathroom will be a Zombie and a Clip. Leave clip. You will come back later. Back in Dormitory 002, get Dorm Map and Plant 42 Report. Now you know what came out from the hole of the Guard House Entrance Hallway. Open desk drawer using Small Key, but leave Shells and take them later. You need one free slot, but more is better.

Push chests to reveal ladder down. Go down to Lower Passage. Push the three boxes into water to create a walkway. The first box will have to be pushed backwards at first to clear it from the wall. Walk over boxes. Collect the Herbs if you have lots of free slots, combining them together to save space. Wade to the SW end.

Through double doors. Right in front of you is the big water tank. If you don’t know why this hall is flooded, re-read the Plant 42 Report. Now run to the right. Neptune will be on your tail soon (if you had turned left, you might have run into it)! There are two doors on the NW corner of this Shark Hall. The Weapon Storeroom on the right is locked. Enter the Control Room on the left. Discard Control Room Key. Flip the lever to drain water. Hit button next to door to unlock Weapon Storeroom.

Go to Weapon Storeroom next door. Get the Dormitory Key 003. Two Clips and Two boxes of Shells are also here. Load up on all that you can carry but leave one slot free.

Leave room and enter the room at NE of the Shark Hall. Look at the Plant 42 roots, and get the Small Key next to it. Head back up the ladder. Take a look at the sharks. Don’t bother to kill them unless you are using the Mini Mi. Collect ammo that you left in Room 002.

Move back to Guard House Entrance Hallway. Save game and adjust inventory. Enter red Double Red doors at the East end. Have plenty of Shotgun Shells to take on the two Giant Spiders. Shoot the body, not the legs. Leave room and re-enter this Spider Room and the small spiders will disappear. Get Ribbon, Clip, and take a look at the pool table. The cue sticks give you a clue to the solution of the keypad puzzle locking the Chemicals Room in the Wasps Hall. If you are poisoned in the fight with spider, remember that Blue Herb is available at the Guard House Entrance Hallway.

Save game, get Red Book from chest, and stock up the ammo for a big fight. Take the Small Key and Dormitory Key 003, and leave one open slot if possible. Navigate back to Wasp Hall. Dormitory 003 is on the mid-East of the hall. When in front of its door, you would be facing East. Behind your back is the Chemicals Room with a numeric keypad lock. There is a double door to your right (on the far SE) that you can try first. Unlock 003 door and discard Key 003. Enter room, enter bathroom and kill Zombie. Get Clip from the floor. Back into bedroom. Get Ink Ribbon from desk using Small Key. Go to bookcase and replace V-Jolt Report with Red Book.

The other bookcase will move to reveal a door. Enter and meet Plant 42. If you had said No to Rebecca, you would have to kill the plant on your own. Since you said Yes, you would be grabbed by Plant 42 and Rebecca will arrive. You now control Rebecca. Go to the Chemicals Room (even without any clues, it is not difficult to turn all 9 LEDs on; but the pool table says 12:45) and prepare V-Jolt according to hints on the wall and the V-Jolt Report. Go to Shark Hall. Go to NE room with the Plant 42 roots. Use V-Jolt on it. Plant 42 will release Chris. Now you control Chris, but Plant 42 isn’t dead yet.

In either case, you end up facing the Plant 42 with your gun. Keeping running and shooting to avoid the falling ceiling. A trail of white will tip you off to where it will drop. You’ll probably only get one or two shots off before you’ll have to move again. When it withers and pulls up to ceiling, it isn’t dead yet. Stay on guard. Shoot until it drops to the floor.

Having killed Plant 42, Rebecca (if she is here) would give Chris a Radio. Get Helmet Key from fireplace. The door to dormitory 003 is again blocked by the bookshelf. Leave via double doors. Back to Guard House Central Hallway and meet Wesker. You have now visited all of Guard House, so save game, load up the ammo and head back to the Mansion to visit the rest of the rooms as suggested by Wesker. The radio (if you have it) will beep on the way: select Radio from the Z screen and listen to the message from Brad.

Mansion Again

  • With the Helmet Key, you can now enter the remaining rooms in the Mansion. Your objective is to get Battery to activate the defunct elevator and an MO disk for the finale.
  • What you thought to be empty corridors are now inhabited by Hunters. They are fearsome, fast, and much more difficult to kill.
  • Rebecca may need some help, but get the Colt Python from the Small Tiger first. And for that, you must get the Red Jewel for the right eye of the Small Tiger.
  • Get more ammo on the way.


If you haven’t yet got the Radio, you would pick it up in the Outside Passage.

When you get near the Crow Gallery door, a Hunter will follow your back. Take it out.

During your combat, you might hear Rebecca scream. She is being threatened by a Hunter. She can wait. You need a better weapon against the Hunters all around the Mansion.

If you have been jumping around by giving yourself emblems and keys via editing the saved games, note that you must kill Plant 42 and meet Wesker before the Mansion is crowded with Hunters.

Enter door you have never opened (left of the Grey Door) into Doom Room. Turn on the light on the desk. Get the Magnum Rounds on the Desk. They are for your next weapon, the Colt Python. If your slots are full, leave the Doom Book I for collection later.

Go to Grey Door that leads to the Storeroom. Look out for the Hunter. Read the note behind the stairwell and enter Storeroom. Store the Magnum Rounds. Store Doom Book I if you have collected it.

Now you need to go to the West Wing Upper Corridor to get the Red Jewel. Go via Winding Hallway (with a Hunter near the Bathroom), run past the two Spiders in the Dog Hallway, go upstairs at the Main Entrance. You may also try to go there via the Antler Hallway and the U-Shaped Hallway, but there are three Hunters on the way. Anyway, don’t go near the Rebecca Room until you get the Python! Then go to the Blue Jewel Room where you’ll be greeted by two Hunters. To conserve ammo take one out quickly and run in that direction to avoid the other. Proceed to the far door. One Hunter is on your immediate right when you enter the West Wing Upper Corridor, another is on the other side of the West Wing Staircase.

Move around staircase and enter first door on the left. This is the Red Jewel Room. Pick up Orders. Now you know why STARS is involved. Get Shells but leave the Magnum Rounds for later collection if it is the last slot. Turn off lights by hitting switch next to door. Look at the stag head above the fireplace. Push the stairs in front and climb to get Red Jewel.

Now that you are here, go to the North end of the West Wing Upper Corridor. Try the door there. It is locked by a security keypad that Chris can’t open. Study the map. By now, there are few rooms on the 2/F you haven’t visited. Most of them are behind this door. But there is an elevator inside. That’s how you are getting there.

Now the Colt Python. Go to the Small Tiger Room without getting near Rebecca Room: West Wing Upper Corridor, Blue Jewel Room, down stairs to Main Entrance, Dining Room, At the Kenneth Corridor, rush to the door into F-Shaped Hallway fast, because there is a Hunter on each side of you. In the F-Shaped Hallway, kill the Hunter near the Small Tiger Room quickly so that you can enter Small Tiger Room before other Hunter arrives. Use Red Jewel to get Colt Python.

Now go to rescue Rebecca, killing Hunters on the way. Outside Rebecca Room, you might see a Hunter threatening Rebecca. It appears to be a random process because I sometimes see her being threatened and sometimes don’t. If she is under threat and you rush into Rebecca Room, she would die (try it to hear Rebecca screaming to death, then come out and examine her, see the reactions from Chris) and you will get a bad ending (more on this later). If she is not being threatened, you would meet her inside Rebecca Room.

Anyway, kill Hunter and enter Rebecca Room to visit the chest and the typewriter.

Now go kill the two Hunters in the Kenneth Corridor. Saves you some trouble later. The best way is to rush into Kenneth Corridor from the Dining Room and move to the left. Quickly kill the Hunter there before the other Hunter arrives from your back.

If you haven’t yet visited the Patio on the Winding Hallway, now is a good time to do it with the shotgun. The shotgun seems to be more effective in Zombie killing than the Colt Python.

Make you way back to the Storeroom near Outside Passage. Grab the Colt and head upstairs. You should see a Hunter on your left, facing away from you.

Proceed to the East end of the Antler Hallway and into Fireplace Room. Two Zombies might be there. Save Ammo and go to next door. Unlock the door and discard Helmet Key. Enter room. It is empty other than the piano.

Look at the map: this room is adjacent to the hole in the Attic. So you know what will happen soon. Try to play the piano and it comes (even if you have killed in the Attic). It takes numerous rounds to kill, so have plenty of health and ammo. Once you have taken care of the Snake, make sure you have the Shotgun before you drop into the hole. Consider saving game and adjusting inventory now. You need at least two slots free, and there is neither chest nor typewriter below.

Once you’re down the hole, you can’t climb up again. And it is an isolated room without doors. Move to the gravestone, examine it and hit the switch to activate trap door. Go down the ladder into Mansion Basement. There will be 2 Zombies in this area. One is around the corner on your right, guarding a box of Shells. Get the Shells and proceed to the far door. Keep two slots free: one is for the Battery and one for the MO disk. Don’t use these two slots to collect anything you can’t throw away.

Two Zombies are feasting on another and behind them are 2 Green Herbs. If you are in dire need of health, move toward them but don’t attack until they stand. Move down to door, which takes you into Kitchen.

In the Kitchen you’ll find a Small Key on the counter. You can use it soon, so collect it even if you don’t have extra slots. Avoid getting near the door on the left. On the right, there’s a dying Zombie lying near an elevator the far right. It is best to let him grab you ankle. Proceed up the Elevator.

The elevator skips 1/F and takes you to 2/F. Now you can roam the rest of 2/F. When you exit the elevator, a Zombie will be on your immediate right. Take him out. Proceed in that direction (South and then West) now if you’re low on ammo. Go into closet that is directly ahead. Two boxes of Shells and a Battery are here. Take the Battery later, but remember to reserve the slot for it.

Leave closet. Run forward fast. Back to Elevator and look for a Zombie at the North end of the hall. There’s also Green Herb in a small nook on your left. Go into Blue double doors near the North end and get ready to shoot.

Take care of first Zombie inside. Go to the desk in the right corner. Use the Small Key and get the Magnum Rounds, preserving two empty slots. Move forward to the NE corner and shoot the Zombie coming from your left. You’ll also find a Scrapbook to file. Move through door at SW corner. The door leads to the inner room. The outer room and the inner room are shown as a single room on the map.

In the inner room, move straight ahead to the West. You will run into a statue. Push it only just enough to get around it. Go to the other statue and hit the Red Switch. A small area is lit. Push the first statue to the lit area and Secret Office will open. Get the MO Disk. Leave inner room.

At the North wall of the outer room, push bookcase to the top of the screen (West). Enter the Secret Observatory. Get Ink Ribbon and Clip, but remember the Battery. Look outside the window. Return to Closet to get Battery.

Leave Closet. There is a Zombie on your left. Turn left to kill it. Continue to explore the West. There is another Zombie and more Herbs behind the door. At the end of the hallway are 2 Zombies feeding down. Finally try open the door on the far side. You are now on other side of the door with security keypad, but you can’t open it from either side. Chris can never open this door.

Move back to Elevator and return to Kitchen. Move to door on the opposite end of the Kitchen. A cut-scene brings you a Zombie to kill. Move to 1/F via stairs.

Move around Elevator and unlock one-way double doors into Kenneth Corridor. If you haven’t killed them, you would be greeted by two hunters. You are soon leaving Mansion for good. So pack every Herb around (especially those in the Green House) into chest.

There is only one more room in the Mansion that you haven’t visited. It is the Closet behind the Mirror Room. You can’t go there without winning the game first

Secret in the Courtyard

  • The waterfall you created in the Courtyard is hiding a passage behind it. You need to stop the waterfall while still be able to get to the Lower Courtyard. So you need to use the defunct elevator.
  • Power up the defunct elevator and explore the passage.


Get the Square Crank from Storeroom. Go to Outside Passage. There is a Hunter in the middle of the Outside Passage. With some quick movements it can be avoided. Move through the Courtyard and across pool, past snakes, down elevator to Lower Courtyard. Use Battery to activate the defunct elevator and ride it up. Move back to large pool and Square Crank panel. Use the Square Crank to stop the water.

Collect Doom Book I from the Doom Room if you haven’t yet done so. Store Doom Book I and Square Crank into chest at Storeroom. Leave at least two free slots. If you have an Ink Ribbon with only a single use remaining, take it now. We are heading to the Typewriter without a chest. Since this Ink Ribbon would disappear as soon as you use it, you may have a minimum of one free slot plus that ribbon. However, it is better to have more free slots.

Move back down to Lower Courtyard using now activated elevator. Go behind waterfall and down ladder now revealed.

Courtyard Basement

  • Explore the caves and meet Enrico.
  • Pass the rolling rock and the Spiders.
  • Pass the second rolling rock and get the second MO disk for the finale.
  • Get Doom Book 2 from the secret room.
  • Locate the entrance of the Arkley Laboratory at the Fountain Area.


The Typewriter without chest is directly ahead and around corner. For now, enter door directly on your right.

There is a Flame-thrower on the wall. Leave it alone, unless you are very low on ammo (it is not a very effective weapon, but you can have some fun with it). As you expected, the door behind you is locked as soon as you take the Flame-thrower.

Go forward and the cave forks. There is a door at both the left end and the right end. A U-shaped Cave connects both doors. Enter the left (North) door.

Go straight ahead and at the NE corner there is F-Aid Spray and Shells on the far side. Get those but keep the minimum slots required (one free slot, plus a one-use Ribbon or the Frame-thrower). Move toward SE and enter door at that corner.

Follow the cave behind that door and listen to Enrico. He has a Clip but keep the minimum slots required.

Move back to out and you’ll immediately be attacked by two Hunters. Pick up the Hex Crank dropped by the shooter. It uses up one of your reserved slots. Move out door back to U-Shaped Cave and be ready for two more Hunters. Run past them if possible.

Exit U-Shaped Cave via its South door. Yet another Hunter will await (same if you had left through the North door). Run out. Replace Flame-thrower (if you had taken it) to unlock door and back to ladder. Move down to the Typewriter. Save game if you have Ink Ribbon. The next part can be lethal. Make sure you have one free slot now; otherwise, go back to the Storeroom to make one.

Go forward. There is a gap on the cave and you can’t cross it. Use Hex Crank on panel to revolve the corridor. Enter door. Get Flamethrower. Go to the Rock. Run back and the Rock will start rolling. If it catches you, you die instantly. Hide yourself at the entrance. Go to the area where the Rock came from. There is some ammo. A hunter may follow your way through the door. Take it down. Now move to area where rock has gone. A Hunter may be here (you always see exactly one of these two Hunters but not both). Proceed through double doors to meet the Giant Spider.

Run around the Giant Spider and shoot him. Four or five rounds with the Colt should be sufficient. Leave and reenter to dispose of small spiders. Use Flame-thrower or Combat Knife on the barrel to clean the webs on the other door. Go out and to the room on the far left.

In this Courtyard Basement Save Room there is typewriter and chest, Blue Herb, F-Aid Spray, and Ink Ribbon. Use the Blue Herb before F-Aid Spray if you’re poisoned. Save game. Take Hex Crank and Flame-thrower with you. Leave one free slot.

Move out and run to opposite end of hall, avoiding snakes. Replace Flame-thrower on panel to unlock door. Leave.

Move to your right (up). Use Hex Crank three times on crank panel to access small passage on the left. Trigger rock and run into small passage. There is a Map and MO Disk in area where the rock originally was. Take them. It is your second MO disk. You need three MO disks before the end of the game.

Move into secret room. There is a panel on the wall, a lit area (try to stand there), a statue, and a hexagonal hole on the wall. Figure out what to do with them. Grab Doom Book 2.

Return to Courtyard Basement Save Room across the snakes. Store Hex Crank and MO disk into chest. You only need the two Doom Books and nothing else. Proceed back to other end of passage, through door. Move to the left (down) and go up elevator to Fountain Area.

Check both of the Doom Books. Turn the books and use the action button to inspect them. The books will open to reveal an Eagle Medal and a Wolf Medal. Use these on the ends of the Fountain to reveal stairs. Before you go down acquire take the Green Herbs. Take the Blue Herbs if you have space. Mix Herbs if necessary. Go down Fountain Passage


  • Get the third MO disk.
  • Get the three Passcodes from various places using the three MO disks.
  • Activate the elevator from the Power House. Ride elevator to meet the Tyrant.
  • Save Jill and escape.
  • Kill the second Tyrant and fly away.


Down stairs and elevator. Once out of elevator, move around corner and examine the door there. You are at level B1 of the Arkley Lab. Down ladder to B2.

There is a chest here on the B2 Corridor. Save the Herbs, take the Shotgun, Colt Python, and ammo. Reserve one slot for Slides and one for the MO Disk. Have more open slots to pick up Herbs on the way. Proceed through door and be ready for 3 Zombies. Zombies here spit acid at you so don’t get too near. Take them out and get MO Disk from desk in nook in front of double doors. This is the third MO Disk you needed.

There’s also Green Herb in this passage. Pack them if you have space. Down to B3.

You are now at the NW corner of the B3 Main Hall. Go directly through double doors on your right into the Prison Corridor. The Prison is right ahead of you. For now, enter the first door on your left. Hit Red Switch to turn on the lights. Get Researcher’s Letter, read to get Login and Passwords. Look at the painting on the other side of the room to decipher the B2 password. Still have no idea? Push bookshelf away and use blue switch to decode painting. Clip is in box next to sink but forget about it. Hope you are not depending on the Beretta any more. Green Herb is available at the corner. Leave room.

Move back out double doors and run straight ahead to NE corner of B3 Main Hall. Enter door into Small Lab. Use Computer, enter user ID and password to unlock B3 (john:ada) and B2 (mole) doors. Now you get all the maps as well. Get Slides from floor. Leave and back up stairs to B2.

At the top of the stairs move straight ahead to double doors. Enter Visual Data Room. Use Slides on Projector to acquire Security System File. Have a look at Cerberus, Neptune, Hunter and Tyrant. Any familiar faces among the researchers? Open panel and hit switch to get the Lab Key II. Return down B3.

Run to Lab door at SE corner of B3 Main Hall. The Lab has a big red emblem painted on the floor in front of the entrance. Beware of the slow but deadly naked Zombies. If you kill them, they will re-appear next time you cross the corridor so try avoid them. Use Lab Key II on Lab Door. Lab Key II is now discarded.

A Zombie will be directly ahead. There is also one around each corner. Read the words on the floor to identify which room is which. Go directly ahead to Lab Storeroom. On your left is the B4 Elevator, on your right is the Power House. In the Lab Storeroom, there is an Ink Ribbon, Magnum Rounds, and Herbs. Save game.

Bring MO Disk, Colt Python and health items and go to the Power House. First study the area map and look for the doors. The Power House consists of three rooms. When you enter the first room, run to terminal in SW corner to activate power for doors. Avoid the Lab Monsters (ugly and with spider legs) who slash you from the ceiling. Shoot them only when they descend to the floor and you cannot avoid them. Run to door on SE to enter second room. In the second room, go straight ahead to the Passcode Machine and get Passcode 3 using MO Disk. Enter third room via door on the SW. Third room is the main generator room. Examine the terminal on your right. Activate the terminal on the left to supply power to the B4 Elevator. Run out. Save game and catch your breath.

Take Shotgun, Colt Python, ammo, two MO Disks with you, leaving an open slot. Go to Operating Room (the first room inside Lab door). Get Shells and Red Herb. There are boxes, stairs, circular grates, a red button, and an air duct on the wall. Guess what to do with them. Move boxes over grates and avoid the button. Move stairs to access air duct. Get through and enter the Morgue. Use MO disk to get Passcode 2, get Magnum Rounds from shelf. Leave via door back to B3 Hall. Be ready for Zombies.

Run to the Prison Corridor. Enter door in the middle of the corridor (this is the B2 room you unlocked from the small lab). 4 Zombies await. It is possible to kill three Zombies with a single shot. Get Fax File from wall and use MO Disk on Passcode Machine to get Passcode 1. Leave and go to West end of corridor.

Use Passcode Machine to enter codes and proceed to prison cell to talk with Jill. The door is locked so return to Lab Storeroom. Save game. You should have at least three Magnum rounds or six Shotgun rounds. Go to B4 Elevator. Hit switch to activate it. If Rebecca is not dead, she would now join you.

Follow cut-scene and encounter Wesker. He will introduce you to the Tyrant. Run and shoot him from a distance. Be careful as he sometimes runs towards you. Kill it. If Rebecca is killed in the Mansion, get the Lab Key I from Wesker. Door is locked: use the computer terminal to unlock the door. Go back to B3 via elevator. Go back to Lab Storeroom to save game. Exit via Lab door into the B3 Main Hall.

If Rebecca is with you, she would start the Self Destruction Trigger in the Power House. Noisy announcements (nearly drowning all subsequent conversations) will start on the PA system. The trigger has unlocked all the doors.

There is a Lab Monster immediately in front of you. Kill it fast! Look out for the Lab Monsters all around the B3 Hall. Go and free Jill from the prison cell. If the Self Destruction Trigger is not activated, you need the Lab Key I to unlock the prison cell.

Move upstairs and Zombies are everywhere! If you have shotgun shells, shoot them all. Otherwise, run past them. At the B2 Corridor, adjust inventory. Forget about your weapons. Leave one open slot and fill all the rest with your best health items: F-Aid Sprays, Red-Green Mixed Herbs, Silver Mixed Herbs, or Green-Green Mixed Herbs and Green Herbs if you have really nothing better. Up ladder.

Through Emergency Door. Follow corridor. The Radio will sound again. This time you are forced to listen to it (among the noisy announcements about the self destruction). Brad is telling you that he won’t wait much longer. Ignore him, you can't reply anyway. Pick up the Battery and use it on the elevator. The countdown is now started. The game will be over in three minutes. Up elevator.

Get flare from box next to elevator. There is no map for this area. Take a few seconds to walk around and familiarize yourself with the Heliport. Use flare at the center of the Heliport (actually any where you choose) to signal to the awaiting helicopter. Once you signal the flare, the cut-scenes takes over. Chris will wait for the Helicopter.

If Rebecca is dead, you have a boring but disturbing ending. Sit back and watch the video clip and the ending credits. The Helicopter just touch down and carry you away. The monsters are still there, lurking in the Raccoon Forest.

Otherwise, at around 1’40”, the second Tyrant will arrive. The shape of the Heliport is sort of a fat L. The elevator is at one end, the Tyrant appears on the other end. On the left side when you are facing both corners of that end. When it appears, control is back to you. The second Tyrant is quicker and very difficult to kill. Just run around to avoid him. Whenever he hits you, check your health. If it drops to Caution or Danger, use health. Hang on for a very long minute. At around 29", the Helicopter will drop you the Rocket Launcher. Pick it up, equip it, aim and fire! One shot is sufficient. In case you miss him, aim and fire again quickly. If you haven’t kill it when the countdown completes, the laboratory explodes with you.

If you prefer less excitement, you shorten the chase by delaying using the flare till the last minute. Also, if you use the flare on the area where the Tyrant will appear, cut-scene won’t take over. So you can stay there until very late, walk away to allow the Tyrant arrive, only running a little before getting the Rocket Launcher. But if you overdo it, the laboratory explodes with you.

Now sit back and watch the video clip, the ending credits. Then a nice picture of yourself.

After the end

You are then allowed to save the game. Do so. Load that game and you start again at the Mansion Main Entrance.

  • If you successfully rescue both Jill and Rebecca, you have the best ending, flying away with Jill sleeping on your shoulder. You also get the Special Key. Remember the Closet on the Mansion 1/F in the Mirror Room. That is the only place you haven’t yet been to. The Special Key opens the Closet. Yet you still need the Armor Key to get inside the Mirror Room.
  • If you only have Rebecca with you, you will miss Jill a lot but still get a good ending, albeit without the Special Key.
  • If Rebecca is dead, then the Self Destruction Trigger would not be activated and you get a bad ending. If Jill is with you, both of you are deely sad, about Rebecca, and if you are alone, you look worse. You fly away with the Helicopter with the knowledge that the monsters are still active down there.

If you complete the game within 3 hours (very unlikely for Chris, impossible if you are following this walkthrough), then you also get a Mini Mi (a big machine gun) with unlimited ammo. Have fun shooting around with the machine gun!

Since you have already played the game before, you may as well cheat to give yourself the Mini Mi by editing the saved game.

So play the game as before. You may forget about the various reports. If you have the Mini Mi, forget about the weapons and ammo also. When you finally come to the Mirror Room, unlock the Closet with the Special Key and enter. Go to the end of it and examine. You can now change your clothes. The new jacket looks nice. Notice that after this, all the cut-scenes correctly reflect your new costume, as it has always correctly reflected the weapon you are carrying. That is why the cut-scenes are not video clips. Video clips are constant and shows the same thing every time. Cut-scenes are rendered when you view it. Chris nearly never appear in video clips, except once: when you first have a good look at the Tyrant on level B4, there is a video clip including a hind view of Chris wearing the regular uniform even if you have changed them.

Jill Walkthrough


The Jill walkthrough only highlights the general direction and the differences from the Chris game. Since you have followed the Chris walkthrough and completed the game, you don’t need a spoon fed guide anyway.

The Jill game is less tough. She can carry 8 items, is better armed and can pick some locks (so she doesn’t need the Sword Key and the Small Key, but still need other mansion keys). Jill also receives some help from Barry at times.

Since Jill has the Bazooka, she got various Bazooka Rounds at various places where Chris would get something else. And she won’t find the Sword Key or any Small Keys since she doesn’t need it.

It is not difficult to finish within three hours with Jill (I took 2 hours 16 minutes). Ignore irrelevant things like reports, files, and even clips. Run fast.


Start in Dining Room, get Emblem. Go to kill Zombie in the Kenneth Corridor with your Beretta. Out to see Barry. Out to Main Entrance. Wait till Barry gives you the Lock Pick.

Barry would ask you to explore the East Wing. So go to Map Room, Dog Hallway, Winding Hallway. Go directly to the Shotgun Room. Get Shotgun and leave. Barry will save you from the trap. Warning: if you have collected the broken shotgun, you need to put it down here like Leon because Barry will leave you alone! To behead Zombies, Jill need to aim high.

Get the Crest from Crow Hallway. Pick up Chemicals from Storeroom. Get rid of the Combat Knife. Go upstairs and head back to 2/F of Main Entrance via Antler Hallway and U-Shaped Hallway. Barry will meet you and give you an Acid Round for the Bazooka.

Go to visit Forest and get Bazooka. The Bazooka carries six rounds and needs reloading manually. It can be filled with three different types of rounds: Explosive, Flame and Acid. It can hold one type of them at a time, so you can only switch content when the Bazooka is empty. It is an excellent weapon, except that it can be evaded by the faster enemies. I found that it is easier to shoot the Dogs with the Shotgun or Colt Python, while the Bazooka is good for all other enemies.

Go to Blue Jewel Room and push statue over edge. Down to Rebecca Room, except that Rebecca won’t appear in the Jill game line.

Go to Greenhouse to get Armor Key. Get ammo from Bedroom opposite Small Tiger Room. Go the Bar Room. Get Music Notes and play the Sonata yourself. Exchange emblem in secret room. Go the Dining Room to place Gold Emblem and get Shield Key. Collect Blue Jewel. Get Crest from Small Tiger Room. Out to Rebecca Hallway and get Shells from Ammo Room.

Consolidate inventory. Take Armor Key, weapon and ammo. Get ammo inside the door on the NE of the Main Entrance. If you have the Special Key, enter Mirror Room and then Closet to change your clothes. Now you look gorgeous! Kick the top off the crawling Zombie so you can admire yourself in front of the big mirror.

Go upstairs to the Armor Room to get Crest. Then to the Richard Hallway. He is wounded but alive, so talk to him. Rush to Rebecca Room to get Serum. Save game if you need to. Save the Armor Key but keep the Shield Key with you. Get the Radio from Richard and enter Attic (or first get clips from the room on the narrow hallway). Kill the Snake and get the last Crest. If you are poisoned, Barry will save you and you awake in Rebecca Room. Anyway, get all Crests, arm yourself and leave via Outer Passage.

Guard House

During your trip, the Radio will beep and you can select the Radio and listen. But if you want to end it within three hours, forget about everything irrelevant.

In the Guard House, the game is nearly the same as Chris. In the Spider Room, the cue sticks will read 3:45 instead, so the code for unlocking the Chemicals Room is different.

Since Jill can handle chemicals herself, you can go to the Chemicals Room and prepare V-Jolt and use it on Plant 42 roots when you are in the Shark Hall. Then the fight against Plant 42 would be much easier. Otherwise, face Plant 42 boldly. Anyway, it will wither on your attack, and then grab you. Barry will save you.

Back to Mansion

Back to meet the Hunters in the Mansion. There is no Rebecca to save. Visit the Doom Room and the Storeroom. If you prefer, you may forget about the Colt Python also. Saves you a lot of time. With or without the Colt Python, go upstairs to meet the Snake.

Kill the snake yourself. Examine the hole. Barry will arrive and help. Climb down. The rope drops. Barry says it is an accident. Wait for Barry to come back. This decides the story line. If you don’t wait for him and proceed down the ladder, he will die in the ending.

When Barry come back with another rope, he would also give you a pass code. If you want to explore the basement like Chris, you can. After you get the MO Disk and the Battery, you can follow Chris by leaving via the staircase in the Kitchen, or better still come back and climb up the rope and avoiding the two Hunters in the Kenneth Corridor.

On the other hand, you can avoid the basement altogether. Go to the North end of the West Wing Upper Corridor. The door there has a security keypad that Chris cannot open. With the pass code from Barry, you can unlock and open this door. Wipe out the Zombies to get the MO Disk and the Battery.

Either way, leave Mansion for good

Courtyard Basement

Proceed to the Courtyard Basement like Chris. Enter the room on the right side of the ladder to meet Barry. He will offer to help you. Trust him and say yes. Otherwise you get the bad ending. Then he ask if he should go first. If you let him go first and don’t meet him on the left door, you would soon find him dead at the ladder. If you go first yourself, he would kill a Hunter for you. The rest is similar to Chris.

One difference is Jill doesn’t have the Flame-thrower. Leave an open slot to pick up the Combat Knife at the Giant Spider to unlock the web door.

Proceed to the Lab under the Fountain

Arkley Laboratory

Proceed like Chris. If Barry isn’t dead, he accompanies you down the elevator to B4. If you have waited for him at the gravestone, he would knock Wesker out. You two go inside to see what the Tyrant is. Barry fiddles with the computer terminal and let the Tyrant out. Otherwise, Wesker escort you to the Tyrant like he did with Chris. In either case, kill the Tyrant.

If you come in with Barry, talk to him. Wesker has activated the Self Destruction Trigger. If you come in with Wesker, the lab will not be destroyed. Get the Lab Key I. You would find Barry die before your eyes on the B2 Corridor.

In either case, get away with or without saving Chris.

If Wesker has activated the Self Destruction Trigger, meet and kill the second Tyrant

After the end

You are then allowed to save the game. Do so. Load that game and you start again at the Mansion Main Entrance.

  • If you successfully rescue both Chris and Barry, you have the best ending. On the helicopter, you sleep on the shoulder of Chris with Barry reloading his gun opposite you. And you get the Special Key for the nice cloth change.
  • If you only have Barry with you, you would miss Chris but still get a good ending, albeit without the Special Key.
  • If Barry is dead, then Wesker won’t activate the Self Destruction Trigger and you get a bad ending. Next time, trust Barry.

If you complete the game within 3 hours, then you also get a Uzi (a small machine gun) with unlimited ammo.

If you complete the game without doing any saves, then you get a Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammo. Note that Rocket Launcher is not a very effective weapon because it only shoots horizontally and is terribly slow. While superb for the Tyrant, it is useless against Cerberus because they are too fast.

So play the game as before. If you have the Uzi, forget about the weapons and ammo also. Visit the Closet like Chris. The new outfit is marvelous!

Questions awaiting answers

It is reported that sometimes you finished the Jill game under 3 hours but get the Rocket Launcher instead of the Uzi even with games saved. When exactly does one get which weapon?

Has anybody killed the snake in the Attic? Reader Jenn answered this one: you can kill it with the Rocket Launcher.

Anybody knows when Rebecca would be threatened by a Hunter and when not?

Has anybody killed the second Tyrant without using the Rocket Launcher?

Anybody knows how to change the time elapsed stored in the saved games?

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