Thief II — complete walkthrough

All loots, all picks, all secrets, all easter eggs, at all Difficulty Levels…
but not yet all missions…

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Version History

  • New mission released: .
  • New mission released: .
  • A Summary of Collectables is added to each mission to show the total amount of powerups that one can collect during the mission.
  • New mission released: .
  • Patches are made much smaller because by making the shared DLL a separate download.
  • Patch released for   to make the lost Gemstone reappear.
  • Patch released for   to open up the Karras Chamber.
  • New mission released: .
  • Some walkthroughs are now sensitive to Playing Style (Cleaning or Ghosting) in addition to Difficulty Level (Normal, Hard or Expert) and Game Version (1.07 or 1.18). Select the options via the drop boxes at the start of the walkthrough. The text irrelevant to you will be greyed out. Missions with this feature include: and .
  • Third mission released: .
  • Table of contents now include index of books and conversations. You don’t know where the TOC is? Read the User Interface Guide!
  • Patch released for  (v1.18) to make the Lucky Coin (which disappeared after the v1.18 patch) reappear.
  • Patch released for  (v1.07) to make the missing Gold Hammer (which remains invisible before the v1.18 patch) appear.
  • Never published before! A fourth Easter Egg unearthed in  (in version 1.07 unpatched game only).
  • All missions enhanced to vary walkthrough according the game version (v1.07 unpatched, or v1.18 patched), in addition to Difficulty Level.
  • All missions enhanced to grey out AIs and weapons that do not appear in the current Difficult Level or Game Version.
  • Never published before! Three Easter Eggs unearthed in .
  • Second mission released: .
  • The Prophecy cutscene added to .
  • First mission released: .
  • All information that is not mission-specific are moved to a separate document for easy maintenance. This document now serves as a link to all missions.
  • Revised release, with all AIs, still without any missions.
  • Initial release, without any missions.

Thief 3 released May 26, 2004

Have a look at the official web site: Thief Deadly Shadows.



To use any patch, you need to download the patch itself (listed below) and the shared DLL (also listed below). For the HTML documents included inside the packages.

The patch programs make changes to the Thief 2 mission files after making backups.

Apply the patch before you start the mission. If you restore a game saved in the middle of a mission, things inside that mission are already fixed and will not be affected by the patch.

Get My Public Key

For your safety, use PGP to verify my digital signatures in any patches you get. My public key is available here.

Shared DLL April 2005

The shared DLL is used by every of my patches. In the past, each patch package includes a copy of the DLL. It is a big file, and you have to download the same file again with every patch.

Now I made it a separate download. Do it once, and use the file with any of the patches below. Read the “t2patchdll.htm” inside the zip file for instructions.

Download the shared DLL

Running Interference May 2004

The walkthrough is not yet available, but I already wrote a patch for it. In v1.18, one of the Lucky Coins disappeared. This patch will make it reappear. Read the “t201coins.htm” inside the package for instructions.

Download the patch

Eavesdropping May 2004

In v1.07, one of the Gold Hammers is not visible. The hammer will reappear in v1.18, but if you are playing v1.07, you need this patch to make it appear. Read the “t206hammer.htm” inside the package for instructions.

Download the patch

Kidnap April 2005

In both v1.07 and v1.18, a Gemstone is not visible, so you can never get all the loots. You need this patch to make it appear. Read the “t215gemstone.htm” inside the package for instructions. The documentation was updated on 13/9/2007 to correct a mistake in total loot value.

Download the patch

Sabotage at Soulforge April 2005

In the mission, you are not allowed to enter the Karras Chamber. This patch opens his door to let you in. Read the “t216chamber.htm” inside the package for instructions.

Download the patch


The list of missions above is generated by XSLT from an XML file. If your browser does not support XML, nothing will be listed. But if your browser does not support XML, there is no point to list anything, for it cannot display the walkthrough of the missions anyway.

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