Hexen II: Thysis Game Guide for Assassins

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Hub 3: Thysis


Thysis is a continent dominated by desert: only the land adjoining the coast shows signs of abundant vegetation. Within this barren desert, several great empires have risen and crumbled–despite the apparent hardships of living in such a hostile climate. The distinctive culture of Thysis has always seemed unusual to denizens of other continents, and is shrouded with even more mystery since the coming of Eidolon. The great pyramids of Thysis, both whole and ruined, have been conquered by hordes of Mummies and Golems. The fantastical Palace of Horus and the forbidding Temple of Set have likewise fallen to Eidolon’s inexorable onslaught. Only the mightiest of heroes will succeed in this strange, hostile land, where Scorpions run rampant, and sealed tombs conceal horrors beyond mortal imagination.

Notice that the Sage of Mur refers to places by their original names. There are plenty evidences that Raven changed many names at a late stage, and caused a few confusions because documents and messages stick to the original names. The Palace of Horus is now called Palace of Pharaoh, probably because they realize Horus is a god and his palace is not down here. The Temple of Set has been renamed to the Temple of Nefertum.

Although it never says Thysis is Egypt, you would meet Pharaohs and references to Egyptian gods, and the treasures included Crowns of Egypt. It contains a number of references to historical and mythological figures. Move the mouse on (or click) the bold words to know more about the background just like in other hubs. Yet don’t be too serious, because they just play around with names and are unreasonable at times.

Come to see my home page! I went to the Mediterranean in May/June 1999 and my pages will include many of Egypt’s monuments and myths. From my home page, go the the Photo Album under My Favorite Things. Or go directly to this URL.

New Enemies

Mummies are interesting. Down to a single head, it still moves and does harm on you. Note its gestures. It has habits in raising his hands before stamping their scepters upon the ground to give the powerful earth fire attack, so it is the sign for you to strafe away. Stay away from the earth fire, because it burns for a while, and at times can penetrate wall corners (well I believe it probably is a rendering problem).

One interesting thing about the Mummies is their appearance. They are wrapped like mummies, but has the head of a jackal.

Real mummies do have a mask fitted over their head and shoulder. It is intended to help the soul of the dead (to be exact, his shadow) to identify its body so as to re-enter it.

While it is certainly Egyptian, they have mummies and jackal head are incompatible: mummies are the dead bodies of humans, while jackal head represents Anubis, a god. Anubis is the patron deity of the mummification ceremonies, but not a mummy himself.

The Mummies are meant to be representation of Anubis, the ruler of the underworld. Not just a mummy.

Although not mentioned in the Chronicle of Deeds, Mummies seem to come in different types, just like other monsters. Some have brown eyes and other have brightly colored eyes. Their behaviour look the same though.

Stone Golems here are smaller than Golems elsewhere.

At the end of the hub is Eidelon's third Horsemen, Pestilence.

Temple of Horus

Getting Started


You begin at the Temple of Horus. Enter and learn about your mission.

Detailed Walkthrough

In front of the Temple of Horus, first walk behind the ramp to find more mana before going up the ramp. At the base of the ramp are two obelisks.

Obelisks are very common in Egypt. They are a modified form of pyramids, reduced in size and carved on top of a tall shaft of granite. These spires of stone represented rays of light. Pharaohs often place pairs of obelisks at the temple gate in praise of the sun god. Obelisks are of a hundred feet and were formed from a single piece of granite, one of the hardest stones to work. The base of the obelisk balances on top of a pedestal stone, supported by nothing more than its own weight. When Egypt offered Paris and New York an obelisk as a gift, the French and the Americans used 20th century tools and yet took more time to erect the obelisk than that needed by the ancient Egyptians!

There are two stone Imps on the ledge. They would come to life when you climb the ramp. Retreat and shoot them down.

Pass the ramp and arrive at a stone door with a big scarab and and eye painted on it. Behind the door is a corridor. Bomb the Dark Scorpion on the left. Read the two messages on the wall in front of you. The left one welcomes you, and the right one is another message from Tyranith To have the message explained, click here.

This time, you have to return two great treasures of Thysis, the Lower and Upper Crowns of Egypt.

It is real. Pharaohs are called King of Two Lands, meaning the King of Upper and Lower Egypt. They have two Crowns, which are worn together at the same time, representing the union of the two lands. Before Egypt was united, the King of Lower Egypt wore the Red Crown, while the King of Upper Egypt wore the White Crown. The Red Crown has a larger circumference, while the White Crown is taller. So you sort of first wear a Red Crown and then put the White Crown into the central hollow area of the Red Crown.

To find the Lower Crown, you must first find the Four Canopic Jars and enter the Afterworld.

The Four Canopic Jars are very important in Pyramids. Central to ancient Egyptian religious beliefs was the need to preserve the body for use in the eternal life after death. Mummification, developed by the ancient Egyptians, was a complicated and lengthy process which lasted up to 70 days. In preparation, the priest in charge would wear the mask of a jackal representing the god Anubis. At this point, the brains were removed through the nostrils, since they thought the only purpose of the brain were to produce snot (the Greeks were wiser, they thought the brain was used to cool down the blood). Then an incision was made in the side of the body, from which all of the major organs were removed. This is because the organs rot too fast and cannot be preserved inside the body. There were four organs to be removed, and there were four Canopic Jars to guard them. The jars themselves were made of stone calcite, and the stopper was made of wood. The wood stoppers were shaped like the heads of the four sons of the god Horus. Each son protected the organ placed inside his respective jar.

Major Organgod protecting the jarshape of head

To get the Upper Crown, you would need to advance the Wheel of Ages. To do so, you must first find the Staff of Nefertum.

Nefertum is the god connected with the rising sun; depicted as a youth seated upon a lotus blossom. The Wheel of Time actually represents where among the stars the sun rises at different dates of the year, so it is natural to have Nefertum associated with it.

Added Nov 1999: I accidentally discovered a plausible link between the two names. The father of RamsesII is Sety I, also known as Set. He has built many temples, but in the South Wing of the Temple of Abydos, there is a Chapel devoted to the god Nefertum. Unfortunately, I have not found any reference to a Staff in the Nefertum Chapel, or to any particular staff used by Sety I.

Have a look on the corridor on your right. It leads to two barred doors to be opened by the Eye of Horus.

Back to the wall with the two messages and start your journey from the corridor on your left.

Eye of Horus


To find the Eye of Horus in the small pyramid.


Find the obelisk providing a hint as to what you can looking for.

Enter the small pyramid to find the Eye of Horus.

Detailed Walkthrough

After the right turn, go up the ramp to meet your first Mummy. If you try to shoot him from the ramp, you would be at a disadvantage because your arrows would probably hit the ramp instead of the Mummy, while his fire can easily burn you. It is better to rush up the ramp and fight him face to face.

Look upwards. Above the door is an Amulet. There is no way to climb up from here. We would later find the teleporter leading to it. Break the vases by the door to get a Mystic Urn. Enter the door.

The area behind the door has a big status of a Pharaoh, probably of RamsessesII to whom the story referred rather often. On the ground is a drawing of a falcon and a sun-disc. Collect the Glyphs on your left and Repulsion Discs on your right. Turn left to enter the building.

After a right turn, meet your second Mummy. This time, he is below the ramp and it is much easier to bomb him. Continue to a balcony overlooking a stone obelisk.

Before descending to the obelisk, locate the Ice Imps and shoot them down. Down either ramp or jump down. Walk up to the base of the obelisk to find out what it commemorates.

Jump up to the obelisk and break the obelisk with your Katar (haven’t you got the habit of trying to break everything you can touch?), revealing a Krater of Might. If you have difficulties jumping up to collect it, climb the ramp and jump down at it.

Go through the entrance under the ledge till you find a small pyramid. There are more Mummies on the way but I would leave them to you, just like with other monsters.

Locate the ankh button on the right wall. Jump to press it. It opens the door of the pyramid.

I think I do not need to point out that pyramids do not usually have doors.

Pyramids of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. To Egyptians, it is not a tomb, but the starting place for the pharaohs’ travel to the after world. The destination of the travel is at the constellation of Orion, from where the god Osiris descended rule over Egyptin an ancient period called the First Time. Osiris was later ambushed by 72 conspirators, and his son Horus come to revenge. Since then, the Pharoahs were identified with Horus.

The Great Pyramids of Giza were also positioned to show the relative positions of the stars in the belt of the Orion. Perfect alignment is, incidentally, only achieved in around 10,500 BC, where the belt is pointing at 45o from the meridian. Read about the Orion Mystery at AA&ES

Crouch and enter. The snake statue starts firing at you. Rush to the right wall and push it back until you can see the Eye of Horus on your left. Grab it.

If you try now to go back to the corridor with two barred doors at the entry of the Temple, you found that you still cannot enter those doors. You have to place the Eye of Horus inside a secret room before the two doors would open. You can access that secret room when you get the Amulet high above the doorway you saw earlier.

Chamber of the Sun


Find the Key of Anubis and enter the Chamber of the Sun.

Find out how to get the Staff of Nefertum.


Find the secret passage down the pyramid.

Find a hidden room below the bridge containing the Key of Anubis.

In the Chamber of the Sun, read a message about the Staff of Nefertum.

Detailed Walkthrough

Behind the Eye of Horus is a big button on the wall. Press it to stop the fire trap. The button also opens a door behind you.

Go through the opened door, left down a steep ramp (that looks really inside a pyramid) to an open area where a red-carpeted bridge and Ice Imps flying over a pit.

Walk across the bridge and up to the tall door on the other side.

Turn around and look down on your right. Below is a beam with red Manas ending at a wall with a crack.

Jump down to the beam and break the wall with your Katar. Bomb the Scorpions inside and enter.

In front of the great statue of Anubis (the jackal head god), collect the Key of Anubis. Read a sign on the wall.

Summer Solstice falls in the constellation of the Hippopotamus.

If you are well versed with all 88 constellations of the sky, you would be yelling that there isn’t any constellation of the Hippopotamus. Well, it doesn’t exist now, but ancient Egyptians really had such a constellation. They call the Big Dipper (the Plough, The Great Bear, Ursa Major) Hippopotamus.

However, the constellation is far to the north and therefore unlikely to be a sideral constellation as implied by the message.

The message seems unrelated to you. Yet it is. Remember that you will be advancing the Wheel of Ages? The Wheel is marked with sideral constellations and one day you would need to advance the Wheel to Summer Solstice.

Go back to the beam over the pit and jump down. Follow the alleyway to a room on the right with Dark Scorpions and a blue teleporter. The Scorpions cannot climb out to you, because the ceiling at the entry is too low for them. Standing at the entrance, you can kill them safely with the Katar.

Each time you step into the teleporter (leading you back to just above the steep ramp), new Scorpions will be spawned in this room. Come back to kill them and gain experience points without much risk. This can be repeated some 20 times.

When you are tired with the Scorpions, cross the red-carpeted bridge to the tall door. Since you now have the Key of Anubis, the door opens, leading you to the Chamber of the Sun.

The Chamber is disappointingly small. There is a blue teleporter in front, and a door on your left that would not open. Read a message on the wall on your right. Explanations:

Set (better known as Seth) is god of war, the god your Scarab Staff is named after. Gods usually don’t prophesy things, but both prophecies in HexenII were made by gods. Perhaps both were actually made by Pharaohs, because Pharaohs were identified with gods.

The second part of the prophecy tells you that the Staff of Nefertum that you needed is here, inside the door now behind you. The first part tells you when the door will open.

You will be going to the Palace of the Pharaoh, and there hopefully you can ask RA to ride his chariot highest in the heavens. And you would be disappointed, because Ra lives in the Temple of Light, not in the Palace of the Pharaoh.

The Ankh Platform


Gain access to the Anhk platform leading to all other areas.

Detailed Walkthrough

Enter the blue teleporter. You are taken next to the Amulet above the door. Grab it. Also, you hear a wall openning, on the side of the court without the pharaoh statue.

Jump down and enter the newly opened door. Follow it to a room with Tome of Power guarded by a Mummy.

Go up to the Bust of Anubis on the right wall, placing the Eye of Horus there. Yes, you are going to travel a lot.

The other door of the room opens, and you get another message. Go through the door. You found yourself in the corridor you have been before, except that you arrived from one of the barred doors, and the other can now be opened.

Go through the other barred door and meet a Golem up the stairs.

You reached a stone platform with an ankh carved on it. On the platform, there are four torches and two pedestals. Walk up to the pedestals to find out what they are meant for. You can see the floor below the Ankh Platform. One day, you would be able to go there.

On the three other directions (other than the one you came in) are three small rooms with a teleporter each. Look at each and mark them down: the left one goes to Palace of Pharaoh, the mid one to Pyramid of Anubis, the right one to the Temple of Nefertum.

Palace of Pharaoh


One problem with this hub: there is no indication where the Canopic Jars are. In fact, they are everywhere. So you actually have to visit every place to get them.

Let’s start at the Palace of Pharaoh. It is an interesting name. The word Pharaoh rooted from words that meant the Great House. It originally meant the palace the Pharaoh lived in, and later used indistinguishably with the Pharaoh himself.

We would collect the first Canopic Jar, and a Scarab of Time for use in the Wheel of Ages.

Scarab of Time


If you go directly to find the Wheel of Ages before coming here, you would run into a wall with a message. To save you some travelling, you had better find the Scarab of Time first.

Perhaps Raven expected you to hunt everywhere to find it. I would instead take you to the Palace of Pharaoh directly.


At the Palace of Pharaoh, enter the right tube.

Find the box underwater and get the Scarab of Time inside.

Detailed Walkthrough

Take the left teleporter to the Palace of Pharaoh.

Forget about the staircase in front of you. We would get the Scarab of Time first.

Examine the area. Break the vases. There are two big metal tubes. The left tube is a dead end. The right tube is barred. Push the small square button on the wall to open the right tube.

Jump inside and follow all the way. Water ahead: be prepared with Imps above and Hydras below. Collect the Boots of Speed and swim around.

On the right are Discs of Repulsion above the water. You cannot get them unaided. Look up. High up on the left is an openning. When we get there, we can jump at the Discs. Another way to get the Discs: swim beneath the Discs, use the Boots of Speed, swim up and jump.

On the left is a box under water. Dive beside it and hit it with your Katar to get the Scarab of Time. If you are above the box and diving downwards to hit it, you may run into the Scarab of Time (and collected it) before you have a chance to look at the pretty beetle plate.

Straight ahead is a mural underwater with a bird design. Open it and enter.

The Gemini Pool


Explore the pool, openning access to the Qebehsenuef Canopic Jar.

In all the walkthroughs I have seen, after getting the Scarab of Time, they proceed to the Temple of Nefertum. Therefore, they would not see the message in the Gemini Pool. More about this difference when we arrive at the Ancient Wheel of Ages.


Break the wall to enter the Gemini Pool from another room.

Leave the pool and back to the start area.

Detailed Walkthrough

The room has two twin Statues, and some dry land behind them. However, that area is protected by magic. You cannot walk up to the wall yet (give it a try). There are also Imps high in this room. If they fly behind the magic barrier, they can shoot you but you cannot fire back. Therefore shoot them down quickly, or rush past this room.

Swim/dive along the left wall of the room. Before you reach the rear wall, the underwater wall has some cracks on your left. Break the wall and enter.

In the underwater tunnel, swim up your first right. Wade to the red wall which opens. You come back to the Gemini Pool again, but now you can access the dry land behind the twin statues.

Shoot down the Imps if they are still flying. Grab the Krater of Might behind the statues. Step on the floor plate. A door high above opens.

You cannot jump that high. The door there leads to the Qebhsenuef Canopic Jar. Another door is opened at the same time, also leading to the jar.

Walk up to the wall and read the message. Now you know the constellations for two different dates.

Jump back into the water and swim through the underwater tunnel again. This time go straight up a ramp towards a blue teleporter.

Turn left to have a look. It leads to the openning overlooking the Discs of Repulsion. If you haven't got them, try jump from here and retrace your steps back to the start of the Palace.

Otherwise go back to the blue teleporter, enter to travel back to the start of the Palace.

Throne Room


Climb the stairs and explore. The Bedroom is locked. Get the Pharaoh’s Key in the Throne Room.


Enter a secret room behind the big Bust of Anubis.

Proceed all the way to the Throne Room.

Access the secret passage under the Throne to get the Pharaoh’s Key.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go upstairs and follow the hall to a room with a Bust of Anubis, a Golem and an Imp.

Break the bust to open a room behind the wall for goodies. It is easiest to hit the bust from its behind, but watch your back!

Leave the secret room and climb the ramp opposite. The hall has two doors ahead: an open doorway on the right and a locked one on the left. Plus a Mummy on your right.

Enter the open doorway the Throne Room.

Walk along either side of the room to the throne, avoiding the Sun Beam emitting from the two giant statues.

Collect the Helmet on the throne. You can see that there are two dark areas behind two ledges on either side of the throne. Do not bother about them. It is empty. Jump to press the button on a pillar next to the throne, sliding back the throne.

Drop Grenades to the Mummy below and descend along the ramp under the throne. Collect the Pharaoh’s Key and a Mystic Urn. Leave the Throne Room and head towards the locked door on the left side of the hall outside.



Find the passage to the Burial Chamber.

Get the first Canopic Jar


Enter the Bedroom and find the secret passage to the Burail Chamber of the Dark Pharaoh.

Climb the ramp to locate the Qebhsenuef Canopic Jar and store it in its final resting place.

Detailed Walkthrough

Enter the locked door and enter the Bedroom.

Grab the Tome of Power next to the bed. Proceed to the bath pool. Collect the Health Vials below water if needed.

Hit the scarab button on the left wall over the pool to open a secret passage.

Take the passage to the Burial Chamber of the Dark Pharaoh, then go down the ramps to where the sarcophagus in the boat is waiting.

Burial sites were on the westside of the Nile because Egyptians believed this desert area where the sun sets was the land of the dead. Funeral always involved crossing the river (well tradition changes. Always means always but during the period when the tradition prevails). After the mummy and the Canopic Jars are ready, they are transported across the river on a boat-shaped sled called a bier.

Examine the 4-faced pedestal. This is the resting place for the four Canopic Jars.

Go through the door on your left. This is the second door you opened when you were at the Gemini Pool. Climb the ramps to the collection of vases and jars.

Outside the openning ahead, you can see the big statues of the Gemini Pool. Turn around and break the vases. Grab the Qebhsenuef Canopic Jar behind them. Go back down the ramps to the boat.

Place the Qebhsenuef Canopic Jar on the pedestal. Only the correct pedestal will accept it so you just try it out.

The boat would not start until all four jars are placed. For now, leave the area and go back to the Ankh Platform in the Temple of Horus.

Wheels of Ages


Now that we have the Scarab of Time, time to find the Wheel of Ages. But where is it?

We are told to use the Staff of Nefertum to advance the Wheel of Ages. One of the teleporters at the Ankh Platform leads to the Temple of Nefertum, they may be related too.

We would collect our second Canopic Jar, and a Rough Cut Gem for use in the Pyramid of Anubis.

Temple of Nefertum


Find the Wheel of Ages.

Enter the Portal of Set to go back in time.


Explore the Temple of Nefertum and locate the blue teleporter leading to the Wheel of Time.

Access the Portal of Set to travel back in time.

Detailed Walkthrough

The teleporter to the Temple of Nefertum is on the opposite side of that to the Palace of Pharaoh. Enter and be surrounded by Archers. They are shooting at you behind the broken columns so it is not easy to locate them. Dash to your rear right and start shooting at the other corners. Keep moving so they cannot aim at you easily.

After killing the Archers, look around your. Many parts of the Temple are broken. Remember what the Temple now looks like. This would be useful when we go back in time to see the Temple in its original shape.

Go down the broken corridor and finish the Spiders. Note that down here, there is a collapsed corridor on the left. Pick up the Glypn in the crevice. Back and continue on the hallway on the right.

Before the hallway turns left, there is an eye-button above, and with fallen columns nearby making it look climbable. Forget about the eye. It is not easy to jump there, and the button does nothing. It is just a decoration that looks like a button.

Proceed to an open area with Golem and Archers waiting for you. There are ramps on both sides of the temple, and there are goodies on the outside side of both ramps.

Grab the Stone of Summonning and enter. Notice that again there is another collapsed corridor on your left.

Enter the blue teleporter on your right to arrive at the Wheel of the Ages with a few Archers.

Walk on the of the Wheel, and you would be told that you need the Staff of Nefertum. Search the walls and find the one with a message. Since you have got the Scarab of Time, a door opens on your right. Enter corridor and enter the Portal of Set.

Ancient Temple of Nefertum


You have travelled back to the time where the Temple looked good and the Wheel of Ages was in working order.

Remember we actually came to locate the Canopic Jars. So explore everywhere.


Find the hidden passage that has collased in the present date temple.

Open the gates barring access to the second Canopic Jar.

See where the new teleporter leads to.

Detailed Walkthrough

You arrived at the Ancient Temple of Nefertum.

The Ancient Temple looks pretty the same as the present-day temple, except that it looks good and not in ruins. And you do not have a welcome party.

Move slightly and you learn that Raven has changed the name of the temple during the past millenium. Raven forgotten to rename the portal, so now the Portal of Set travels from the Present-day Temple of Nefertum to the ancient Temple of Nefertum. However, it would mean that the Staff of Nefertum was once called Staff of Set, same as the current name of your weapon #4. Probably the reason for that wide-scale renaming exercise is this. First, Raven does not want both a Scarab Staff (your weapon#4) and a Raven Staff (weapon #4 of Necromancer), so they rename the Scarab Staff to Staff of Set. Then the name of your weapon#4 conflicts with that of the staff to be used at this Wheel. As a result, the Staff of Set and the Temple of Set are renamed to Staff of Nefertum and Temple of Nefertum resepectively. But they forgot to change the Portal of Set, or the messages about Set looking for the Scarab of Time.

Go down the ramp as before. Watch out for Mummies and Spiders this time.

Note that the collapsed corridor on the left disappeared. Locate the crack near the corner on the yellow wall there and break it. Follow the secret passage to an opening overlooking a room with a statue.

Shoot the waiting Imp and jump down. Go left when facing the statue into the room with the 4-Snakes statue.

There is a hidden room next to the 4-Snakes, but it would not open till you come back. For now, go straight past the 4-Snakes, up stairs and then a ramp to a barred doorway with a Canopic Jar behind the bars.

We cannot get it from here. You can see that on the other side of the hallway is a wall. Hit the button on the raise that wall for access from the other side.

Return to the 4-Snakes statue. A new teleporter appeared on the right, Instead of going directly to get our second Jar, let’s first explore what is behind the teleporter.

Shrine of Naos


Explore the whole area.

Get the Guardian Key and the solution to the puzzle guarding the second Canopic Jar.


Push button under vase to open big sarcophagus.

Enter door between the feet of the big sitting statue.

Find hidden button to enter the small house-like structure, to gain access to the Guardian Key.

In another hidden area, get the solution to the Imsethy Caponic Jar puzzle.

Detailed Walkthrough

You arrived at an empty area with four large vases. You know what to do with them.

Climb up and step on the exposed button to open the big sarcophagus and be received by a Mummy waiting behind.

Enter door and climb either ramp up. They lead to the same place: a ledge overlooking the area outside the sarcophagus, and a blue teleporter.

Take a breath and get inside. A Golem is immediately in front of you. Shoot and step back into the teleporter, so the Golem does not have time to hit you. Repeat. If you are fortunate, the Golem would try to approach you (and therefore the teleporter exit): when you enter the teleporter from the other side, you would telefrag it.

At where the Golem was, turn left and look. You are on a ledge with a big sitting statue in front and a ramp to your right. Drop bombs at the Mummy down below the ledge.

Walk down the ramp to arrive at the foot of the statue. Read the sign on the wall. What does it mean?

You are going to align the Wheel of Ages, both the present-day wheel and the ancient wheel. And you should set each Wheel to a different equinox (fortunely there are only two equinoxes) to fulfil the same yet different times.

Walk down the ramp to arrive at the foot of the statue. Press the button between the statue's feet. Enter the door opened.

Up the ramp to a room with a Golem. The room has a small house-like structure in the center and another exit on your right.

Look carefully at the walls of the room for a tall button camouflaged by the the painting. If you have difficulty locating it, walk close to the wall opposite the room entrance and look towards the left. The button is about 10 centimeters thick so it is easier to notice this way. Press it to open a door into the house.

Step into the house and the lift takes you up to a small room with a blue teleporter.

Enter teleporter and arrive at the lap of the big statue. Grab the Guardian Key and other goodies. Drop to ground and go back to the room with the house.

This time, follow the exit on the right down a ramp to a room with Scorpions.

Find the small button on the right wall and press it. The wall moves open, revealing an open area with a Golem.

On the wall opposite there are three Tic-Tac-Toe patterns beneath an eye symbol. Copy the patterns of the green dots. That is the solution to the Imsethy Canopic Jar puzzle.

Take the blue teleporter on the left to go back. Return to the Ancient Temple of Nefertum.

Imsethy Canopic Jar


Time to get the second Canopic Jar in the Ancient Temple of Nefertum.

Pick up the Rough Cut Gem for the third Canopic Jar.


Enter the temple and find the that left corridor was intact 1000 years ago. Enter the door at the end of the corridor.

Get the Rough Cut Gem and go to the puzzle guarding the Imsethy Canopic Jar.

Pass the Tic-Tac-Toe test to collect the jar.

Proceed to the Ancient Wheel of Ages.

Detailed Walkthrough

You are back to the 4-Snakes. Go right back to the statue on your right. Press on the wall to open a secret door (the door may have been opened during your previous combats). Enter the secret passage.

You come back to the hallway outside the broken wall. Continue your way to the outside area where several monsters are waiting for you.

Climb either of the familiar ramps to enter the temple. Notice that this time, the left corridor is intact. Go there.

At the end is a door with a bird design. The Guardian Key you got is used to open this door. Enter.

In front and on the right are two sarcophagi.

Egyptians made anthropoid coffins. Like the funeral masks, these coffins had faces that resembled the person inside to help the soul recognize it. Many of these were made of cartonnage because it was cheap, light, and easy to shape and paint.

And for even more protection, some mummies were placed in a sarcophagus. A sarcophagus is a coffin made of stone.

Walk to the sarcophagus on the right. Touch it and rush back outside the room.

The sarcophagus now opens its door, and a fire trap is started firing at it from the left. Run towards the sarcophagus (still the one on the right) again, pressing the button inside to stop the fire trap.

Now go the the other sarcophagus. Climb the steps and the outer coffins opens. Climb again to open it. The Rough Cut Gem appears from inside the sarcophagus. Also a laser trap is started, firing at you from in front. This coffin has very many different behaviour patterns. Anyway, climb on it until the Gem appears.

Step back immediately. Hit the button under the laser to stop it. A new passage is opened at the end of the coffin. Grab the Rough Cut Gem and enter the passage.

Now you arrive at the iron bars you lifted earlier. The Imsethy Canopic Jar is on the bridge ahead but it is not easy to get.

There is an invisible teleporter guarding the jar. If you try to jump or fly at the Jar, you would be sent outside the temple.

To get the jar, you must use the three Tic-Tac-Toe patterns. Choose one of them and step on the floor plates corresponding to the three green squares in the pattern. The correct one is chosen at random. Remember to walk slowly, wait for the floor plate to sank before proceeding. If you lean forward too much, you might hit the invisible teleporter before the floor plate sinks. If you fail, you will be sent outside the temple and you have to climb back for another try. If you want to finish the silly thing within a guaranteed time, save your game and try each of the three patterns.

After you get the Imsethy Canopic Jar, walk forward to the iron bars ahead and it will raise. Instead of getting through them to the 4-Snakes, come back and drop beneath the bridge (you are not allowed to drop below until you passed the test).

Collect the Boots of Speed down there and find a crack on a wall. Break it and leave. You would come out of the temple via an illusionary wall.

Go back to the room with the two sarcophagus. Enter the room and a Mummy and a Scorpion will greet you from each side. A new niche has been opened on each side of the door. Grab goodies inside.

Go back to the temple and enter the blue teleporter leading to the (ancient) Wheel of Ages.

Ancient Wheel of Ages


Align the Ancient Wheel of Ages to Summer Solstice. Or choose not to align it.

Detailed Walkthrough

Arriving at the Wheel of Ages, you are immediately under attack by Archers from various directions.

After settling them, examine the wall to find a message. Message explained here.

Find the eye button on the perimeter of the wheel, and press it to advance the wheel. You don’t need to look at the drawings on the wheel, it would tell you which constellation the wheel is pointing at. Step back and allow time for the button to unpress itself. But advance the wheel to where? All walkthroughs I have seen told you to set it to Hippopotamus. Why Hippopotamus? Or why Summer Solstice? Nobody knows. In those walkthroughs, they come here before visiting the Gemini Pool so Summer Soltice is the only date they know how to set.

I found that whatever you do here does not matter. Set the wheel or not, you proceed in the same way. At least, it is so with HexenII version 1.11.

Reader Joe confirmed that the setting is required if you are playing Hexen II version 1.03. Therefore, remember to set the wheel to Hippopotamus unless you are sure you are playing version 1.11.

Remember where the hidden corridor in the present-day wheel is? Turn around to face the wheel from the button. Walk to the scarab plate on the right wall. Hit the wall open a secret passage leading to the Portal of Set. Enter to go back to the Present-day Wheel of Ages.

Go out to the Present-day Wheel and take the blue teleporter on the right back to the Present-day Temple of Nefertum. Find your way back to the Temple of Horus.

Pyramid of Anubis


Explore the Pyramid of Anubis

Collect the remaining two Canopic Jars.

Serpent’s Eye Gem


Prepare the Rough Cut Gem to ready it for use.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go right at the Ankh Platform to the red teleporter leading to the Pyramid of Anubis.

On the ramp behind you are Glyphs and a Mummy in a dark corner. Fortunately, it doesn’t start shooting you until you are on the ramp so you have ample time to locate and kill it.

Down the ramp and through the door. Turn left to a ramp. Note the mural above the ramp: it is an obvious door. We would enter there later. Down the ramp through door to the Snake Fountain.

There are Spider on the left and Mummy on the right. Secure the hallway.

Go left at the Snake Fountain. More Spiders. Turn left again and a stone door opens. Enter the door, there is a barred door on your right. Climb up the ramp and the door ahead opens, leading back to the starting area.

Come back down to the barred door. Approach it and it opens. In the middle of this room is a square pillar. Walk carefully around it to kill the Mummy on the other side. Collect the Seal of the Ovinomancer and Krater of Might.

Place the Rough Cut Gem on the pedestal in front of the square pillar. The pillar breaks and the Gem is ready to be cut.

Press all four buttons on the four sides of the pillar to cut the gem. Jump and grab the Serpent’s Eye Gem.

Hapy Canopic Jar


Defeat the Giant Cobra to get the Hapy Canopic Jar.


Use the Serpent’s Eye Gem to raise the bridge.

Wake up and defeat the Giant Cobra.

Collect the Hapy Canopic Jar.

Detailed Walkthrough

Leave the room and go left, straight down the hall to a door on the left. Enter and Mummies greet you from both sides.

Read the message on the wall.

Walk down the steps, placing the Serpent’s Eye Gem on the pedestal to raise the bridge.

Below the bridge is water, and an invisible teleporter. If you fall into the water, you would be carried outside the room.

Save your game, ready your weapon and Discs of Repulsion. Walk across the bridge, touch the Giant Cobra to wake it up. Run back outside the door. Shoot him down while trying to stay alive. It is a tough battle. The Giant Cobra is as fierce as a Horseman, except that it is would not run around.

The Hapy Canopic Jar appears where he was. Pick it up. Go back to the snake fountain, then turn right up the ramp.

Dark Pharaoh’s Scepter


Collect Dark Pharaoh’s Scepter.


Jump across the pillars to enter the mural above the ramp.

Lower and get the Dark Pharaoh’s Scepter.

Detailed Walkthrough

Jump across the three pillars on the right side. Touch the mural above the ramp and it breaks open.

Spiders behind are waiting for you, but if you retreat, you would fall down the ramp and have to start the pillar jumping afresh. Therefore, dash in and kill them.

Go down into a large room with four pillars around a red carpet. And Mummies across. Avoid the carpet. Walk around it towards the rear wall.

Look up and find the Scepter. It is a long rod floating high up. Unfortunately, there is no way to climb or jump up there.

Find the bloody handprint on the wall of your right. Press against the bloody wall until you see (and can enter) a new passage on your right. Press the ankh button at the end of the passage: it lowers the Dark Pharaoh’s Scepter. Go grab it.

Behind the Scepter is a message telling you what to do with the Scepter.

If you are less adventurous, you can leave the room and go back to the Snake Fountain to continue the next step. But in that case, why do you want to play HexenII?

Go to the edge of the red carpet farthest away from the bloody handprint wall. Try to run and jump at the Icon of Defender. The red carpet is a trap. You would fall below. Hopefully, you got the Icon of Defender, and more important, you fall on the side nearest to the bloody handprint, avoiding the spikes below.

Wade through a tunnel up a ramp to a room with imps and two tunnels. The right tunnel is a dead end. Take the left tunnel to a room with Discs of Repulsion and Mummies.

Explore and leave the room to a short hall on the right, down steps to a pair of Boots of Speed in front of a stone door.

Enter the stone door and kill the Mummy behind it. On your left is a barred door. The Canopic Jar is behind it. Look at the painting on the wall behind the dead body. A standing woman is painted on the far left side of the picture. Walk towards her. It is just an illusionary wall.

Climb the stairs, push the bloody handprint wall, you are back to the hallway with the Snake Fountain on your right.

Duamutef Canopic Jar


Re-unite the Dark Pharaoh with his Royal Scepter.

Learn the most important piece of information about the alignment of the Wheels of Ages.

Collect the last caponic jar.


Go to the hall on the right of the Snake Fountain. Press the wall in the right sequence to open a secret passage below the coffin.

At a room with big hole and a beam over it, drop down and locate the Bust of Anubis.

Read the messages on the wall.

Re-unite the Dark Pharaoh with his Royal Scepter to open up the way to the last Canopic Jar.

Pick up the jar and go back.

Detailed Walkthrough

Down the ramp to a big hall. Climb the sand on the right to access the ledge behind the coffin.

The legs of the statue, together with the wall on each side, are actually panels you can press. There is no indication which sequence you should press them. If you press the three panels in the correct sequence, the coffin will open. Otherwise, nothing would happens (well, you did get a message that nothing happened).

There are only six combinations, but the correct one is middle (the legs of the statue), left (far away from the sand slope), and finally right (just behind the sand slope).

Jump down. Left turn at the corner to meet a Mummy and some Spiders. Left turn again and up the stairs.

On both sides of you are recessed reliefs and vases. Break the vases and find a Tome of Power.

Arrive at a room with a beam going across another area below. Drop Grenades to kill the Spiders below.

There is a Health Vial on the other side of the beam, but it is unlikely you can get it. Run towards the Glyth at the middle of the beam and fall down as it breaks.

A few more Spiders would enter from the doors at the four sides of the room. Explore the room and the surrounding corridor. At one of the corners is a staircase back to the illusionary wall with a standing woman painted on it. Go up to have a look and come back.

There are two floor plates and three unbreakable barrels. Move two of those barrels onto the two floorplates to open a door with a Mummy inside.

Enter the door, climb the steps and kill the Mummy ahead. Collect the Mystic Urn at the far end.

On your left is a big shaft of light enclosing a bust of Anubis. Turn left to face it. Behind it on the rear end is another ledge. Shoot down the Mummy on the ledge before it sees you.

Before walking towards the light shaft, note that there are messages on the left and right wall. Go to the right wall and read it. That is why the room has no way out. The ledge in front is not jumpable. Not until you have placed the Scepter in its place. So in case you got here without the Scepter, leave via the staircase at the corner of the corridor outside.

Read the message on the left wall. It is the most important message in Thysis. Explanation here.

Have you watched the Raiders of the Lost Ark? While the Nazis were busily digging at the wrong place, Dr Jones found the more important half of the message. So instead of aligning wheels with Hippopotams and Gemini, you fould that all are irrelevant. Set the Present-day Wheel of Ages to two steps past Gemini and all is done.

Although it is not the planet’s shift over time in the Zodiac, the vernal equinox really moves with respect to the constellations in the Zodiac. This is due to the precession of Earth’s rotation axis. The vernal equinox used to be in Aries (or so the astrology books imply), but it is already leaving Pisces and will be entering Aquarius soon. It takes about 26000 years to make a full rotation (the Great Year), and is divided into 12 ages named by the constellation where vernal equinox resides. We are therefore entering the Age of Aquarius. Read about precession from the University of Tennessee Read about the Great Year (or Platonic Year) from Revealer.com

The Egyptians were well aware of all this, and were capable of doing the said calculations. Except that the drift is much slower than two steps in a mere 1000 years.

Another effect of the precession is that all constellations moves up and down in a 26000 year cycle. It is believed that Egyptians considered the Great Year to start when the constellation of Orion is at the south-most location. When did that happen? In the Age of Leo, about 10500BC. It is possible that the Sphinx were built to represent the Constellation of Leo, and is gazing at its own mirror image in the sky at the dawn of Vernal Equinox. Read about the Sphinx at AA&ES

Walk up to the Bust of Anubis in the pillar of light to place the Dark Pharaoh’s Scepter.

A ramp appears on the other side of the bust. Climb up and a door slides open. Pass door. Collect the Duamutef Canopic Jar on your left. Approach the barred doorway and it opens, leading you back to the illusionary wall.

Again, go through the illusionary wall and back to the snake fountain, and return to the Ankh Platform of the Temple of Horus.

Crowns of Egypt


Now that you have all four Canopic Jars, you can ride the boat to the Temple of Light to find the Lower Crown of Egypt.

Ask Ra to ride his chariot highest in the heavens (that is, make it High Noon) and get the Staff of Nefertum back at the Chamber of the Sun.

By advancing the Present-day Wheel of Ages according to the message read in the Pyramid of Anubis, you get the Upper Crown of Egypt.

Four Canopic Jars


Set sail to the Temple of Light.


At the Burial Chamber of the Dark Pharaoh, place all four Canopic Jars on the pedestals to start the boat.

Ride the boat to get access to the teleporter leading to the Temple of Light.

Detailed Walkthrough

Take the left teleporter to the Palace of Pharaoh. Go through the bedroom to the Burial Chamber of the Dark Pharaoh. Place the Canopic Jars on all four pedestals to enable the boat.

Jump on the boat and it starts moving. Drop into water to collect health vials.

As the boat proceeds, the gates would open to let it through. Get ready for the Imps flying ahead.

At the end of the trip, shoot down the Mummy on your left and climb the stairs to collect the Helmet.

In the hall are two portals. The blue teleporter on the right leads back to the pedestals holding the Canopic Jars. Enter the red teleport to go to the Temple of Light.

After the boat journey on the Nile, the royal barge typically arrives at a Valley Temple. A long causeway connects the Valley Temple to the Funeral Temple (right next to the Pyramid) where the mummy is prepared for burial. The Pharaoh would then meet Ra in the Funeral Temple or in the Pyramid.

Lower Crown of Egypt


Set the sun dial to High Noon.

Get the Lower Crown of Egypt inside the treasure room.


At the pit, drop to the lower level to find the Key of Ra.

Enter the Sun Door and set the sun dial to noon.

Obtain access to treasure room and get the Lower Crown of Egypt inside.

Detailed Walkthrough

As soon as you arrive, a Mummy in the front starts firing at you. Finish him. Turn right and climb the steps.

The room ahead is actually ledges around a big pit, with a house-like structure in the middle. On the far side of the room are Mummies, so use the structure as shelter to kill them one at a time. Behind the Mummies is ramp going down. Kill the Mummy down the ramp to a Sun Door which is locked. Go back to the pit.

You have no other place to go but down. Before you jump, try to locate the Imps below and bomb them.

Down below, kill remaining Ice Imps and go through an archway, up a ramp left to a trench with a Golem.

At the end of the trench, there are small steps on the right. Climb up to get to the glyphs.

Throw the switch to open two doors, then jump to the Quartz flasks on the other side of the trench. Drop into the trench. One door leads to a big statue and the Key of Ra. Take it. The other passage goes up a small ramp to an illusionary wall, leading back to the stair case of the starting area.

Upstairs to the pit again, this time down the ramp on the rear side to the Sun Door which now opens.

Grab the urn. Ahead is a shaft of sun light shining on a sundial. Push the sundial button (and watch the eye blinks) to advance it (have you ever seen a sun-dial that can rotate around?!). Walk back to allow it unpress itself. Repeat till it reads 12 o’clock (High Noon). Ra now rides his chariot highest in the heavens.

Take the ramp on the right down to the level below. Go through the exit, down ramps to a barred treasure room. Now you hear a door open.

Go back all the way to the pit (be careful not to upset the sundial). Walk to the opposite side of the structure and jump inside it, falling down into the treasure room.

Grab the Lower Crown of Egypt and other goodies. Approach the barred door and it opens. Yet ignore it and leave via the blue teleporter to the start area. Return to the Palace of Pharaoh. Take the blue teleporter and go back all the way to the Ankh Platform in the Temple of Horus.

Upper Crown of Egypt


Get the Staff of Nefertum from the Chamber of the Sun.

Advance the Present-day Wheel of Ages to get the Upper Crown of Egypt.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go back all the way to the Chamber of the Sun. Walk towards the door. Ground shakes and the door breaks. Sometimes nothing happens. It is a bug, in which case you need to use cheat code to get inside. Since so many people doesn’t know how to use cheat codes, I have added a few lines to the main page. Go back to the game guide and navigate to General ? Game Play and Tips.

The chamber is so small that it holds nothing other than the staff. Get it.

Go back to the Ankh Platform and take the teleporter to the Present-day Temple of Nefertum. Proceed to the Present-day Wheel of Ages.

Walk over the wheel and the Staff of Nefertum will be set floating over the center of the wheel. A button appears, like the one in the Ancient Wheel of Ages. Press it to advance the wheel to two steps beyond Gemini (that is, Isis. Forgotten why? go back to the room where the Scepter of the Dark Pharaoh now lies).

The Upper Crown of Egypt will appear. Collect it and go back to the Ankh Platform.

Pestilence’s Lair

At the Ankh Platform, place the two crowns on the pedestals. The ankh floor will lower, allowing you to access the red teleporter below.

Save your game now. The entrance to Pestilence’s Lair is right below.

Te platform starts to rise up as soon as you step on it. Therefore, wait for it to go down, jump down and forward. Keep pressing the forward key so you end up landing on the hallway ahead of platform, instead of being lifted up by the it again.

Enter the teleporter.

The lair is dark. When you walk around, it would light up and Pestilence would soon appear on the far side. The room from which he comes is empty so do not bother to go there.

Pestilence is the only Horsemen who is not riding a horse. He is also escorted by flies that also hurt you. So keep running in circles to evade them.

Do not be misled by the size of the lovely pet Pestilence is riding! It moves fast and so use your Boots of Speeds if you have them.

In the center of the room is a big obelisk. On the sides of the room are various goodies for you.

Behind you on either end are entrances to a long hallway. There are a few Health Vials and Mana inside. and, Pestilence never follows you to that hallway so you have time to regain your breath.

After you have killed him, press fire to proceed to Septimus.

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When the details are expanded, you may also double-click the detail lines to collapse them (so you don’t need to scroll back to title line to collapse the details).

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