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Harry Potter, the Apprentice Sorcerer, can hardly wait for his second year of studies at the Hogwarts Academy...

And we all have been anxiously waiting for a sequel to the wonderful game of Harry Potter and the Philosopher�s Stone!

So, here it is: The Chamber of Secrets!  Enjoy!

Harry still controls a number of magic Spells that he practiced last time: Flipendo, Alomohora, etc� and instructions of how and when to use them will be provided in the first levels.

The game Manual is very elaborate and all is clearly explained. There isn�t much to add here. 

Anytime press ESC to see the Menu featuring a number of options.

The Menu


Among these you�ll find a handy Map: click on the Map Icon in the Menu or press TAB for a direct access while in the game.


This game has no levels in the strict sense, but I divided the walkthrough into 12 �levels� and an introduction. Each level contains a number of chapters.

Check the menu on a regular base: Harry�s objectives are mentioned in the lower window.


Save Games are either made by a Save Book or automatically. When you see a Save book in the game, just walk into it and your game will be saved. This is an optional save point. You may use it, or not.

While playing, the game will often load and you never know whether a save point is then automatically made or not.

The disadvantage of this system is the fact that you have only one save game at your disposal, namely the save game that has last been made. And all previously made save games are simply gone!

That is why I have divided the levels into �loading blocks� which are mentioned between colored square brackets:

[7.3] means Level 7 � loading block 3.

This means: wherever you are playing within this block you�ll return to that save point when Harry faints or when you re-load the game.

That is, provided that you have voluntarily saved by a book should such a loading block have thus been made. If not, you�ll return to a previous automatic save point.

Often a door closes behind Harry�s back when a save point has been made. Hence, you are prevented from back-tracking, which may be troublesome should you have forgotten something.

However, since this game is partly linear you may always re-play certain sections. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check where you are. Be aware of these automatic save points. They are clearly indicated in the walkthrough.

There is a trick for classifying and enumerating all save games corresponding with the loading blocks though. But you will need some experience with administering folders and files in your Windows Explorer.

You must copy certain files and preserve them in selected folders that you�ve made. A technical explanation is available on request.

That way, you would be able to start from any save game you�d like. There are 6 defaults slots for independently played games.


You�ll find these colored Beans throughout the game. Walk up to them and they�ll automatically add to the account of Beans in Harry�s inventory. They represent Harry�s �money� in this game.

On various places you�ll run into students that are continuously tossing such a Bean. Those are the traders: they�ve got something that they may offer in return for an amount BB Beans.

If a trader has something to sell, he or she will spontaneously call Harry when he is nearby. Next, Harry will ask: what do you have? The trader will specify the available item.

A window will then pop up stating the price quoted in BB Beans, the amount of Beans Harry currently owns and whether you would like to trade or not.


Each bronze, silver of gold Wizard Card has a specific number and carries a name. Each card has a unique location and the walkthrough provides all the information for each of the Cards. This information comes with a color code for each kind of card.

Recovering all of the cards is almost like a game of its own. Some are meticulously well hidden!

Most of the bronze and silver Wizard Cards are hidden in chests, and many of these chests are to be found inside Secret Rooms.

At any point in the game the menu offers all information on Secrets and the number you have so far uncovered in a section. Always look in the upper right corner of the menu.

The gold cards are to be found elsewhere. The walkthrough will reveal of how and where to get them.

At the end of this walkthrough an appendix will be provided with the location of each Wizard Card. The classification is done by save blocks. If you like you can take a look at the appendix right now of course. Just click on the appendix to do so or just click on the image Wizard Cards on top of each page...

Should you have missed any cards, you�ll easily check the number of the Card in the table and find out where that Card is located.

At the end of the game you�ll have the option to walk around freely and re-play any part you�d like. You can always recover the Cards by then.

The game offers the option of completion of your Wizard Cards by trading as well. Each time when you miss a Card in a quest you�ll find some trader that will offer you that particular Card for sale.

They�re expensive though! But somewhere in the game you�ll get the opportunity to earn loads of Beans! That will be with the Wizard Duel which will be explained in Level 5.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is not a linear game by definition. Which means, there is not a unique sequence of play game.

However, there is a certain order to be followed. Harry will get missions to accomplish. Missions are provided by students who will meet Harry and give suggestions of what to do next.

You�ll have to check the map often and find out of where your next presence is supposed to be.

At any point the menu provides that same information.

Before attempting any mission you have the opportunity to freely explore the premises and look for Secret Rooms or go play a Quidditch game.


The Story

Harry Potter lived at number 4, Privet Drive with his horrible Uncle and Aunt and their hateful son, Dudley.

Harry�s house in London Town


Harry was often locked in his room and even though he was a Wizard, he couldn�t escape because he wasn�t allowed to use magic when he was away from school.

Like in a prison


One evening, a house-elf named Dobby appeared and said:

Harry Potter must not return to Hogwarts!

If Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts, he will be in mortal danger!

Dobby warns Harry


Dobby disappeared and shortly after, Harry�s best friend, Ron Weasley, and his brothers, Fred and George, arrived in a flying �58 Ford Anglia to rescue Harry from his prison.

A cute vintage Car arrives


They flew him to their home, the Burrow, where Harry spent the rest of the summer, before traveling by Floo powder to Dragon Alley.

Harry met up with Ron�s sister, Ginny, and went with her to Flourish and Blotts where the famous Wizard Author, Gilderoy Lockhart, was signing his latest book.

They all head for the bookstore


Great Scot! Is that�? No, surely not! It is! It�s Harry Potter!

O my� it�s Harry all right!


Gilderoy: Ladies and Gentlemen! This is the perfect moment for me to make an important announcement!

I have the great pleasure in announcing that I will be taking up the post of Defense against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts!

Old buddies


Bet you loved that, didn�t you, Potter? Famous Harry Potter! Can�t even go to a bookshop without making the front page!  Obviously not every guy sympathizes with Harry as much as Ron and Gilderoy do!

Just a jealous guy


Leave him alone, he didn�t want all that!  Now that�s one lady with guts!

Don�t mess with Harry!


Potter, you�ve got yourself a girlfriend!  Yeah, that�s for sure, but this guy hasn�t!

Mr.Blotts approaches Ginny and whispers in her ear: I suppose your parents will go hungry for a month to pay for all the books you�re going to need at Hogwarts�

It�s the least I can do to help out the poor and needy.

Now that�s a lousy thing to say


The kiddies  are all getting involved in a discussion Harry just realizes that the Hogworts Express should be leaving any minute now. He runs outside and meets Ron.

Harry meets Ron outside the store


Ron: Harry, we�ve missed the train! The Hogwarts Express left five minutes ago!

Harry: Oh, no! What are we going to do?

Ron: Well, I know that dad took the flying car to work this morning�It�s parked in Charing Cross Road.

Harry: Okay. It�s our only chance to getting to school on time!

Harry and Ron are making plans


Being sure to check that no one was watching, Ron and Harry took off in the old Ford Anglia.

Ron: Now all we�ve got to worry about are Airplanes�

Harry: I think we�re almost there...

But they end up in a storm: I can�t see anything in there! Suddenly an Airplane appears out of the blue and almost hits the car.

Get out of the way!

Phew! That was close!


Uh-oh, I think the car�s cutting out. But it�s too late: the car begins its descent� C�mon, car� c�mon!

Stop! Stop! Stoo-o-ooop!


�and is bound to crash near a huge willow tree.

Oh... Oh... there�s no seat belts in this old car!


 Let�s all join Harry and�

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