The hotel manager, Felix Smetana, won't allow you to go beyond the reception, nor will he permit you to speak to Helena Romanski. You have to find a way to distract him away from the reception desk. While he's watching TV, open the cleaning closet and remove the detergent. Did you notice the fountain outside the hotel entrance? Pour the detergent into the fountain causing the water to foam and spill over the rim. Go back into the hotel and open the curtain so the manager will be able to see the fountain. Ring the bell on the reception desk to get his attention, and when he sees the foam in the fountain he rushes out to clean the mess.
There are a number of important items on the reception desk. In the guest register you'll find entries for Helena Romanski and Hans Voralberg. Take note of Helena Romanski's resident code (1270). The hotel pamphlet has the names of some hotels and a telephone number written in red. Press the red button on the edge of the desk to unlock the gate leading into the main part of the hotel.
Go to the left when you enter the main part of the hotel. You find James, the automaton valet, at the bar. When you select the 'Mission' dialog topic he tells you Helena is out on the pier.
The door to the pier is locked. Try Helena Romanski's resident code (1270) in the locking mechanism. It won't work, but after doing this the door to the safety deposit room (previously locked) is now open. Inside the safety deposit room you'll find a temporary access card. Enter the code on the temporary access card (0968) into the locking mechanism to unlock and open the door to the pier.


Before going out on the pier take the mask hanging on the rack next to the door. Note the bell post on the right. You'll find Helena Romanski at the end of the pier. She won't want to talk to yet, but asks you to call her valet. Although you can ring the bell hanging on the bell post at the end of the pier to call James, he won't hear it. Instead you must remove the bell and hang it on the bell post nearer the hotel. After ringing the bell from this bell post go back inside the hotel to check why James didn't come.


Talk to James and suggest that he wear your mask to go out on the pier and fetch Helena. Note that you must first have rung the bell from the nearer bell post to trigger this response from James. After James brings Helena Romanski to the bar, talk to her about 'Hans'. She tells you about a cocktail mixed for her by a barman named George at the Hotel Meuritz. Does the hotel sound familiar? It appears on the pamphlet you got from reception, albeit spelt incorrectly. The telephone number written on the pamphlet (464 33643) is for the Hotel Meuritz. Use the number to telephone George (on your cell phone). Unfortunately he no longer works at the Meuritz, but the current barman gives you the recipe for the Blue Helena Cocktail:
1 measure of vodka
1 measure of blue caraηao
1 measure of honey
a dash of lemon
ice cubes
Shake it all together
Examine the the top shelf on bar carefully. There's a rolled up set of instructions (near the middle) and you also note that 3 of the dispensers are empty. In the fridge below the bar you find a lemon and a bottle of crystallized honey.
Before you can mix the cocktail you'll need to get the honey into liquid form. Go to the steam bath on the other side of the hotel. Turn on the steam by turning the wheel on the wall, then put the bottle of honey into the bath. While you're at this end of the hotel you should also take the crystal glass from the table in the corridor leading to the rooms. Now return to the bar to prepare the ingredients for the cocktail.
The first thing to do is replenish the empty dispensers. Note that the second dispenser (on the left) and the one on the extreme right are shorter than the others, i.e. not for bottles. Put the lemon in the second dispenser (on the left) and the honey in the one on the extreme right. Fortunately you still have a bottle of vodka from Colonel Charov, so place it into the remaining empty dispenser.
If you study the instructions carefully you note that the fourteen drinks are divided into two parts - the top seven are associated with a treble music note and the bottom seven with a bass music note. Did you notice the lever on the bar that switches between these two musical notes? To correctly 'activate' the drinks you should look at the instructions sideways (bass note on the left and treble note on the right), as they appear next to the lever.

Now follow the recipe exactly - click the icon below for a detailed solution.

If you mix the cocktail correctly Helena will drink it. Although her voice is restored, she won't accept it. Talk to her again and James tells you that she used to break crystal tableware and decorations with her voice. Put the crystal glass on the edge of the bar and talk to her again. She'll sing and her voice will crack the crystal glass. Convinced about her voice, she agrees to come back to Komkolzgrad with you. Return to the airship.
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