Your next stop is in Komkolzgrad. Disembark (to Kate's left) and head towards the front of the train to the giant automaton. Climb up the metal staircase at the end of the platform to enter the giant automaton.


Inside the cupboard (above the bed) you find the Komkolzgrad voice cylinder, a set of plans that show the train winder on the giant automaton's right foot (marked with a red 'X') and a handle. Insert the handle into the slot on the console. Push the handle to move the giant automaton forward. It stops alongside a metal ledge. Climb out onto the ledge and note the hole in wall that leads into the factory. Unfortunately the hole is too small for you to climb through. Go back to the automaton and again push the handle forward to move the automaton. This time it stops next to the train. Does the emblem on the red button look familiar? It resembles the 'cross' on the train winders. Press the red button to activate the train winder. Next pull the handle (twice) to reverse the automaton back to where it was initially. Exit the giant automaton and return to the train.


On the way back to the train you see a man running from the train and disappearing into the factory. You can't follow as the door to the factory is locked from the inside. On board the train you find Oscar bound and gagged, the assailant having stolen his hands. Untie Oscar and pick up the metal sheers dropped by the assailant.
View the Komkolzgrad voice cylinder (insert it in the centre pedestal in the luggage compartment) to learn that Hans was working for the Russians. Return to the giant automaton.


Push the handle on the console forward to move the automaton to the metal ledge. Using the metal sheers, cut out the entire wall panel (where the hole is) to enter one of the rooms inside the factory.


Take the spark plug you find on a shelf and, again using the giant automaton, return to the train.


Continue along the platform toward the rear of the train. Take note of the crate marked as containing explosives on the platform - it has relevance later in the game. Pull the lever at the mine entrance and the cage lift comes up. Get in the lift and go down to the mine shaft. The shaft is too dark to walk through, so you need to first turn on the lights. There's a generator to Kate's right. Fit the spark plug onto the generator and then slide the handle on the generator to the right. Note the ventilation duct on the wall of the mine shaft - it also has relevance later.



Walk along the mine shaft until you get to a second cage lift which takes you back up to the factory. To Kate's left (as she enters the factory) is a giant organ. Take the screwdriver that's lying on the organ.
On the other side of the factory (to Kate's right) a ladder leads upwards. Examine the metal plate on the ladder, then unscrew each of the four corner screws with the screwdriver to remove it. Climb up the ladder and enter Serguei Borodine's room on the left. Serguei Borodine tells you that he's converted the factory into a theatre. He needed Oscar's hands to complete his automaton pianist. Select the 'Mission' dialog topic and he tells you that he's hoping to get Helena Romanski, a famous opera singer, to return to Komkolzgrad. He promises that he'll return Oscar's hands if you can get her here. He tells you about the shrine he keeps for her and lowers it into place on the metal platform below.
Go back down the ladder to enter the shrine. In a drawer in the shrine you'll find a scrapbook containing various press cuttings about Helena Romanski and some undelivered love letters. In one of the press cuttings you see the name 'Franck Malkovitch'.

 Do you recall hearing this name previously? Kate's mother spoke about him when she phoned in Valadilene.
Use your cell phone to phone Kate's mother. She asks Franck Malkovitch about Helena and you learn that she went to a spa in Aralbad about 15 years ago. This activates the 'Aralbad' dialog topic.
Return to Serguei Borodine's room and talk to him about your 'Mission'. He tells you about the drunk soldier at the space compound, who may have transport to Aralbad. He'll suggest that you use the monorail to get to the space compound. Enter the monorail (next to Serguei Borodine's room) and go to the space compound.


When you arrive at the space compound climb up the stairs and head to the right. Continue past the old space capsule and approach the airship. This triggers the 'Airship' dialog topic. Go back to the old space capsule and you'll find Colonel Boris Charov inside. He's too drunk, so don't talk to him yet. Pick up the bottle of vodka lying on the floor and he'll get up, goes outside for some fresh air and falls into a trough. Go back inside the capsule and take the key and space project cancellation letter that are in his cupboard. In order to sober up the Colonel you have to manipulate the trough into position and then spray him with water.

Now that he's sober, you can talk to Colonel Boris Charov. When you select the 'Hans' dialog topic he tells you that he was going to be the test pilot for a rocket Hans Voralberg built. From the 'Bird' topic you'll find out about a golden eagle, Soyouz, that chases birds away. When you select the 'Aralbad' topic he tells you the airship is programmed to take visitors to Aralbad. Lastly, talk to him about the 'Airship' and he'll give you the airship key.
Enter the airship (using the airship key) and pull the auto-pilot lever. Although the auto-pilot mechanism doesn't work, it triggers the Colonel entering the cosmodrome area. Talk to him and he offers to tell you how to operate the airship in exchange for you launching him into space in the rocket.
Climb up the metal staircase to get into the launch control room. You need to do quite a bit of experimenting to figure out how to operate the launch control console. There are two launching processes and detailed solutions are provided for both. Click the icons below to view these solutions.


Use the blood testing apparatus to get a blood sample from Colonel Charov. Note that if you raised the capsule in the launch control room Colonel Charov will be inside it and you need to lower it for him to get out. Return to the launch control room (with the blood sample) to complete the launch procedure.


Before launching into space Colonel Charov tells you that the airship needs to be cranked. If you watch closely you'll see him toss the crank handle to the ground. Find the crank handle and pick it up.

Go to Soyouz's cage (left of the stairs you climbed to enter the space compound). Insert the crank handle into the slot on the siren box in front of the cage to release Soyouz, who flies off and chases away the birds around the airship. Now you know why the airship's auto-pilot wouldn't operate!
Return to the airship and pull the auto-pilot lever. Sit back and enjoy your trip to Aralbad.
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